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The window was left open all through the night and into the early morning. I had not gone to bed. Heard the usual voices and night time rustlings of the AC and pipes. Maybe some spirits trying to get a midnight stroll around? I guess I don’t know what I expected, but the deer did not show up. Maybe he’s not following me anymore, or maybe he lost track of where I am since I’m not in my parents house now. (Duh, I am twenty two.) These were all thoughts I’ve had until it was six AM. Time to get up. I went over to the window to shut it and there was a note stuck in between the screen and window. When I picked it up, I noticed it was a long strip of silly photos like those you would get from a photo booth in a mall. They were all just photos of an empty booth until about the third one. A woman was there. Not a scary woman or a creepy one like you would expect- she was Latina with some very oddly bright green eyes and wearing a tan sweater with a weird design I couldn’t quite make out. Embroidered with orange and red. I flipped the strip over where the note was written.
“Is this your way of inviting me?”
I took a pen and responded on the paper.
“It depends on if you take it or not.”

I’m going to work.

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#365daysofbiking Gimme shelter:

March 11th - Going to work via a call in Aldridge on a wet day, I sheltered under Northywood Bridge near Snubbers Green.

It gave me an opportunity to study the boats in the yard nearby.

I noted the one closest to me - a handsome, large craft - was loaded with junk. Perhaps someone was clearing it out. 

I couldn’t help but wonder if the halloween pumpkin was to ward off evil spirits deliberately, or was just where it happened to land…

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I got a buddy, that texted me: “ everything beautiful has hurt me” we ft’d and he was high on the porch. Got no idea how to take that, he said it so like sage like been thinking about it since.😂😂

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