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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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(This was Inspired by the Ness Pile)
Lets do a Cookie Pile! Cause fuck it, You Can add Original Characters or simply a png of the Cookie if you can’t draw. I’m Starting off with Kumiho, Go Nuts.

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lol I would actually pay to get a video of Joey and Henry hugging at the Witcher premiere in Warsaw. Like, I want this in moving pictures.


I mean come on, there must be video of this! Someone filmed this and is hiding this most precious moment from us! I want more of this (that was from the premiere in London):


Originally posted by tragic-cranky-porcelain-doll

Press camera person: Yo, pssk, I might have something you want..

Me: Is.. is it the good stuff? Like, good angle, no obstruction?

Press camera person: Best quality you’ll find on the market. None of that nasty cut stuff. Pure undiluted Bromance.

Me: *trying to play it cool but internally screeching* I’d have to see a sample first, check if it’s real HD and shit, you know..

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The first name that crosses your mind now will be the name of my porcupine!

I instantly thought Cauliflower???? I am so sorry fjsksks

But for a more serious name maybe Virgil

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bakugou,,,,,, but hes irish

when i tell you i s c r e a m e d when i read this

i now have an overwhelming need to hear bakugou yell “ya fuckin eijit” in a galway or cork accent now

anon you absolute genius, think of the possibilities

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Oboro's got you on top of him, his very obvious erection pressing on your soaked panties, because of-fucking-course you had to wear a skirt and tease him all night long, didn't you? Sinful little thing you are, not even caring about all the people at the party watching such a shameless display. He watches you lick two of his fingers into your mouth, just to drag them softly down the side of your neck to put salt all over the slick patch. /1.☁️/

His cock throbs against your pussy, and the slice of lime you put on your mouth does nothing to conceal the way your lips stretch into a pleased smile. Next thing he knows, you’re cupping your own breasts to push them together and asking him in a breathless whisper to put the shot glass between them. When he does, not without spilling some liquid on your cleavage in his enthusiasm, he latches onto your neck. /2.☁️/

His mouth lands on the tender skin over your carotid first, feeling your pulse thrum, before his tongue drags against your neck carelessly. His breath is hot, and when his pants reach your ears you feel the imperious need to grind yourself on his cock, but he grabs your thigh in a bruising grip, the other hand coming up to brush your hair out of your neck and grasping the back of your head, “Stay still, baby”. /3.☁️/

He’s leaving hickeys, you just know it, but you can’t bring yourself to care, not when he’s praising you so sweetly while kissing down your chest, “Such a sinful little thing you are, so obedient, so good for me, aren’t you? God, I wish I could fill you up with my cock right now”. Hearing the needy whine you let out, he chuckles from deep within his chest, both hands now playing with the hem of your skirt and teasing the inside of your thighs, /4.☁️/

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Fucking yourself on my cock? Or I could use you like my very own personal slut, using this pretty cunt over and over again, until you only remember my name”. His head dips then, and he’s licking all around the soft valley of your breasts for the alcohol that he spilled, wet kisses and little nibbles rain down on you like a blessing before he’s burying his face between your boobs and messily drinking every drop from the glass. /5.☁️/

You don’t have time to react before he throws the lime between your lips away and devours you mouth with his. He seems to have lost all control, tipsy and horny and wild, he starts saying things he wouldn’t normally say, “He’s looking at you right now. I bet he wishes he could have you like this, blushing, moaning, begging for his cock to stretch any of your holes”, you can’t ask what he means, he continues on his delirious rant, only stopping to suck on your tongue and bite your lips, /6.☁️/

“Just fucking imagine it. We could share his cock, right? Using our mouths at the same time, sucking him off together, letting him come in our faces?”. Somehow, in a moment of clarity, you know he’s talking about Aizawa. You knew he had the biggest crush on him before you started dating, but you didn’t know he still had feelings for him. Not even caring about the ramifications of this revelation, or feeling insecure about his love for you, your clit throbs at the image Oboro is describing./7.☁️/

“Fuck, yes, please. He could— oh, fuck— he could fuck you, pound your ass nice and hard while you fuck my pussy, right?”, he seems to get even more desperate after that, and his hands getting under the fabric of your skirt to run over the lace of your panties, cursing and panting and grinding his hips up against you. Looking to the side, you see Aizawa, eyes sharp and focused, and he seems to be chatting with someone you can’t see, but his eyes never leave you two for long. /8.☁️/

You lock eyes, and you’re pleased to see his face go slack with surprise when bite your bottom lip and wink at him. Oboro incorporates until you’re chest to chest, and he also smiles at Aizawa before sticking his tongue into your mouth. You laugh, debauched, and stand up, taking your boyfriend with you, “What’s the plan, babe?”. Instead of answering, you turn to look at Aizawa, and mouth “Follow us”, before disappearing upstairs with Oboro. /9.☁️/ (I’m so sorry this is so bad omg😭)


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