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#OMG bestie it's been forever...
happi-tree · a month ago
HIIII!! <333 hiii this isn't rly nosy but how are you, happi!!?! its been forever agsjs sbfls are you out of school yet!!? if you are have you done anything nice for the summer so far??
Hello, lovebird!!! Aaaaa thank you for asking it's definitely been awhile! The semester is over but I'm technically still in school bc I'm grinding out some additional summer classes 😤😤😤 They're a lot of work but the ones I'm taking are both really interesting to me so they're not too bad.
Honestly I haven't done too much yet since I've been keeping busy between my classes and my summer job, but I went out with one of my best friends for ice cream and listened to some live music in our hometown last week! Catching up with them was really nice 🥺
Anyway, I hope you're doing well and that you get to do some fun/relaxing stuff this summer!
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