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imagine your otp

Person A: *walking up to Person B and Person C in sunglasses and a dark, long trench coat* hey. you got the stuff?

Person B: *also in sunglasses and trench coat* yeah, i got it. you got your stuff?

Person A: *nods and opens the coat where there’s cartons of chocolate milk in multiple pockets*

Person B: *nods, examining the milk* good, good. *they open theirs to reveal pockets filled with candy canes*

Person A: *takes a candy cane out of the pocket and opens it. they take a lick before nodding. they look over at Person C* do you have your stuff?

Person C: *sighs while pinching the bridge of their nose* do we have to do this every time we have movie night?

Person A: yes! now, do you have the stuff?!

Person C: *sighs deeply before raising a bag with a bucket of ice cream* i, have the stuff.

Person A and B: YAY! Movie night time!!

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 Lucy WASN’T one to usually have trouble sleeping. 

 Maybe she wasn’t that tired. Maybe it was the horrible enviroment. Or maybe because the horror stories she’d heard over the fire had MIXED IN with the fear over the new information for her biological father that had been twisting her gut for days. 

 It was everything and nothing and she was slowly going INSANE, cooped up in a fucking sleeping bag.

 She couldn’t stay inside any longer.

 As quietly as possible, so as to not awake her sleeping tentmates, Lucielle ESCAPED her kind-of-comfy prison and snuck outside. The zipper on the entrance decided to be a little bitch when she fiddled to close it and she grit her teeth. Come on, come on, the blonde whispered and finally it worked. Maybe she’d have to ask Ches for advice on sneaking out when someone near you was asleep; her roommate was an EXPERT, after all. 

 Stupidly enough, she’d gotten no flashlight and she was definitely going to freeze her butt off in just her sleeping shorts and hoodie. Lucy was dumb but she was NOT dumb enough to fight that damned zipper again. 

 Huffing, she fished her pockets and luckily, found her phone in there so she could at least use that for some light. Her feet carried her away from the tents, away from the WEAK embers that had once been a mighty fire. Her mind was busy but it was as though, she couldn’t fully grasp a signle thought that passed through it. So that would explain WHY she hadn’t noticed the noise earlier.

 Who’s there, the blonde called out, her body tense. Fuck, she DID NOT want to die like this. Lucielle flashed her phone in the direction of it and when she finally managed to focus she found a familiar face. Ah. The fear melted away in a second (way too quick, a part of her brain screamed) and she felt a smile forming on her face at the sight of Ian. A sight for sore eyes, Lucy teased and removed the light from him, stepping closer. Too wrapped up in her HAPPINESS to see the boy, she’d completely forgotten he was probably still mad at her for accidentally ditching him Hey. What are you doing here?

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鈩 (nerdie)

Sendand my muse will do a poor imitation of yours

“Fëanáro, no! Fëanáro for Eru’s sake, you can’t do that! No, no, no, stop that this instant…! Put that hammer down and listen to your smarter, kinder, wiser wife or she’ll not have sex with you for the next decade! Actually that’s a lie, she can’t ever resist you, stunningly handsome and amazingly charming as you are. Just take me now, Fëanáro. Take me right here, right now. Tear my clothes off, pin me down against your anvil take me hard, oh Eru, please, do it, now..!!” *throws a sculpted dick*


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Ok guys, I need to explain something to you. I really hate to talk about this, but I think I have to. Some time ago I used to post on this blog quite a lot of things glorifying being thin and some pro-ana shit. I used to have problems with myself and with accepting my appearance and on some point I started to struggle with eating disorders. This blog was kind of like diary to me. Some people are still reblogging this shit and all I want to tell you is that I am so sorry. I know that a lot of people have told you this before, but you have to at least try to love yourselves the way you are. I know that sometimes it is extremely hard, but I beg you; do not even try to starve yourselves. Do not try to throw up after meals, because once you try it will never really leave you. There are a lot of healthy ways to loose weight and even if it doesn’t work you can always talk to a dietitian. I know how it is when you look in the mirror and hate what you see, but your health is way more important, believe me, I know what I an saying. I have better and worse periods in my life but I am constantly trying to cope with it. So once again; I am sorry for what I have posted here, please, please do not try doing this. YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

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So here we go! SOWWY…I blame tumblr staff for not alerting me

1. How did you start watching Supernatural?
This lovely/evil/horrible/bone breaking person by the name of aquasiv got me into it…I agreed to watch ONE episode.
…………………………….NINE SEASONS LATER…………………………….
And here I am…soul ripped out and emotionally un-ok because of this show. THANKS BRO. BREAK MY FOOT AND NOW MY HEART…WHY AM I STILL FRIENDS WITH THIS CHICK?!?!?!? 

2. What are your top 5 fandoms? (in order)

  • Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron for above reasons
  • NFL (New Orleans Saints to be exact)/College football….at this point it’s more of a religion than a fandom…I need help
  • Batman/Supernatural/Arrow
  • Paranormal stuffs 

3. What is your biggest ship?

  • OTP goes to Spirit and Rain yes they’re ponies shaddup.  
  • Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon for shizzle. 
  • Meg and Cas….think that’s it.

4. What is a ship you don’t like that everyone loves?
Jason Todd and Starfire….I dunno my posse be like HELL NAH but I be like BUT GAIS. 

5. Are you Misha Collins?
Yes *shows dollar* not really no

6. Episode of any TV show that made you cry the most?
I don’t cry much for episodes…so can’t give you an answer on that.

7. Cat person or dog person?
BOTH! Three cats three dogs, I’m half and half.

8. Would you read a fic with a Dean, Meg, and Cas love triangle?
NOPE…I hate love triangles. 

9. What is your view on fan fiction?
LOVE IT. I have not read a legit book in maybe a year because of it. No regrets. At all. MOAR FANFIC PWEASE.

10. Can you dig Elvis? 
Maybe…depends on the day.

11. Boxers or briefs?
I have a lovely pair of football boxers that I wear for bed, they’re freaking awesome. Besides that, typical girl here and stick with sweatpants for that sleeping activity.

I have things to do, stuff to reblog, ponies to look at, homework

so if you are bored feel free to answer same questions bla bla bla. 

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The bright midday sun screamed through the thin cotton curtains of the bedroom window forcing Ambrose to open her eyes. She couldn’t remember what had happened the night before, only that now she felt like her head was going to implode. An empty bottle of liquor crashed to the floor as she thrust the bed sheets of her, forcing her unsteady feet to the bathroom. She daren’t look in the mirror, if her face reflected any of what she was feeling it wouldn’t be a pleasant sight. Instead she threw on a pair of dark sunglasses in the vain hope that they would mask her crippling hangover. Much to her surprise she found herself clothed, to some extent; in her eyes ripped shorts passed as suitable clothing. She pulled a leather jacket over her aching shoulders, groaning at the drum beat playing out in her temples. She would have preferred to remain in bed to sleep off the hell of last night and leave Roxas to fiddle around with measurements. But the frequent influx of roses at her door reminded her that she had to at least attempt to do her job.

The streets were bustling at this time of day and citizen after citizen brushed past her about their ridiculous business. She kept her head low; ignoring any calls of her name from people she’d met and wished she’d forgotten about. The tributes weren’t the only ones who were waiting for these fucking Games to be over. She tried to internalise her mounting hatred for everyone here, although, this was becoming increasingly difficult. The collection of pins in her pocket were becoming dangerously close to finding themselves in someone’s neck. Forcing herself to the front door she braced herself for the torment of the training centre, not to mention the people in it. Even through the darkness of her glasses the bright electric lights stung the back of her aching eyes. She kept them fixated on the floor, determined to get in and out of this place as soon as possible. She sighed with a relief as she found herself nearly at the elevator doors when she crashed straight into someone walking in the opposite direction. Nearly losing her footing she yelled. “Fucking hell! Watch where you’re going!” She grunted an insult at the figure as she rubbed her palm against her already pounding head. Whoever it was she hoped it wasn’t a Peacekeeper. She had already been in enough trouble with them and God knows what that Toby kid had been spouting about. But the familiar shine of the pristine Peacekeeper uniform sealed her fate. “Fucking hell,” she repeated under her breath, expecting a pair of handcuffs on her wrists any second. 

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