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fuck a title! i don’t know! 

it’s the last day of lv au week and i’ve failed you all. [thom yorke voice] who’s surprised? nobody. 


this exists in the same universe as, something so magic about you, don’t you agree?, and is therein part of that same bigger au fic that may, eventually, perhaps, see the light of day. maybe. 

summary, again: Keith becomes Logan’s legal guardian & Logan and Veronica, are, you know, epic. eventually. 

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Top 5 original characters (your original characters)

Honestly I don’t even have 5 OCs on here but when my ADD decides that I’m cool to finish them all I’ll have like 7 fics to upload here. AND YOURE GOING TO MAKE ME PICK MY FAVORITE OUT OF MY CHILDREN? But okay so out of all of the OCs I’ve ever written for Tumblr:

  1. Mavis Clifford (Jet Black Heart, coming soon)
  2. Maverly Hemmings (Wrapped Around Your Finger)
  3. Eve Sanchez (New Persepective) <<< Shes a QUEEN
  4. Monique Daniels (Teeth! The Musical, coming soon)
  5. ARIUS PRESTON (MELODRAMA, coming soon)

So I just realized that I have a thing with A and M names 👉🏻👈🏻 because all names either start out with an A or an M and I force myself to change them LMAO

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whoops apparently my previous supervisor (who I’m still in daily contact with and adore, shes kind of in a mentor like role now) being incredibly worried about my safety and telling me to limit or eliminate my time on the floor, due to my health status, was the straw on the camels back for my anxiety. cause i’ve been in Debilitating Freak Out Panic Mode all morning ever since. it’s Great. this is Totally Sustainable. 🙃

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i hate sooa so much i just do 

it was hate a first sight but i tried giving her a chance and thought that everyone is different and that she’s not bad but actually she is bad and her face annoys me more than anything

also i want to punch saeroyi’s face

i think only character in this drama i won’t get mad at is tony bc i already saw a spoiler and know i will be angry with baby geunsoo

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Cloud   is   absolutely   that   person   who   refuses   to   upgrade   to   a   smartphone   until   he’s   forced   to,   asks   Tifa,   Marlene,   &   Denzel   how   to   do   every   little   thing   a   dozen   times   once   he   does,   &   then   takes   a   billion   accidental   pictures   &   keeps   forgetting   to   turn   off   bluetooth.   He’s   also   not   sure   how   the   fuck   it   keeps   getting   turned   on,   but   he   bitches   about   how   it   drains   his   battery   every   time   he   has   to   ask   Tifa   to   turn   it   off.

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Who else is going to the Tacoma show in October? I’m a big dumb canadian and even though I’m like a couple hours from the border I’ve been to the states like twice as a child so like idk what to expect when I’m down there.

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