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Luz and Amity walking together through inside the Hexside school hallway

when suddenly the two stops and noticed something posted from the Newspaper club  on Hexside school bulletin board and the looks and read it

 And it says as the two read it.

Luz & Amity: Hexside News Weekly, Luz Noceda, the Human Girl and the Top Student at Hexside Academy becomes partner and a pair “Lumity” 

while at the same time Amity said blushing 

Amity: What the heck is this?

Luz is nervously laughing and blushing

and the two continues reading quietly

Luz & Amity: There are even rumors, the two are a couple and dating! 

then suddenly at the same time, Amity burst in anger screaming flustered as she read that part covering her body in bright glowing red light.

while Luz looks at her nervously in shocked as she looks at her frustratingly angered, blushing and screaming

Luz: Amity?

and then Amity instantly disappears beside Luz heading somewhere fast

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Luz: Huh? Why are you suddenly being nice to me Amity?

Luz: It’s not going to rain is it?

Amity: No, of course not Luz! 

Amity: But you know, like a weather a witch can change!

Luz: Wow, I’m lucky then Amity!

Amity: Oh, what makes you say that Luz?

Luz: I was thinking, you’ll be one deadly yet pretty cute weather (smiling and blushing)

(While Amity is in shocked space out blushing as she smiles at her at the same thinking in deep thought flustered screaming)

(Amity: OH MY, OH MY, OH MY) I got struck by Luz charms again)

Luz: Amity you okay?

Gus: Way to go Luz, you broke Amity again.

Willow: Oh, she did it again Huh? (while in her inner thoughts good thing, I’m keeping count( # 1 Lumity Fan)

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Everybody knows!

Amity: Luz

Luz: Yes, Amity!

Amity: I have a thought.

Luz: I see.

Amity: No, I mean, I’ve been thinking it for quite some time now.

Luz: Oh, please tell  me then!

Amity: and I have decided Luz, What if we make our relationship public.

Luz: That’s great, I like that Amity!

Luz: Wait a minute, Is out relationship supposed to be a secret?

Amity: Huh? You already told anyone about us Luz? (blushing)

Luz: No Amity!  but it seems,everyone knows about us already.(nervously smiling and blushing) 

Amity: EVERYONE! (shouting) (at the same in her deep thought screaming while her face all red and flustered) 

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Luz: You know last time I was here, and saw someone belittling others and goes above them

Luz; Things didn’t go as planned and he ends up in a bang.

Warden: The human girl from another time

Luz: You’re the one who’s out of time!

Luz uses a freeze glyph spell on the new warden immobilizing it and Luz saves the day

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Chitoge: You know what it’s feels like right! Raku, honey.

Chitoge The difficulty in leading a gang…

Raku: Of course, I know it pretty well my dear Chitoge!

Chitoge: And it much more difficult being a housewife!

Raku: : I know and I love you for it, being together with you

Raku: Makes  easier doesn’t it Chitoge, my love!

Chitoge: You’re right, it does makes it easier, as long we’re together! Honey.

Chitoge: I love you…

Raku: I love you too…

then the two came close looking at each other eyes and the two kiss…(blushing)

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“A Part of the Team”


There comes a time where Weiss Schnee burned things through her extreme training  for a new technique that led to that 

an incorrect Team RWBY quotes comic special thanks to @jacketizer007​ cool art for the drawing and making it happen

source of the quotes is under here

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