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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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I’m going to invest in a little notebook and use it like my dad used them - when i find a quote I like or think of something that’s good jot it down and credit some so when my kids go through it 20 years later they  don’t know what’s original and what’s not. 

But also I’m thinking of really good sentences and I’m not writing them down. 

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“The Marvelous Duo”

Oleander and Loboto as Poople and Rookie (respectively) again because of course I love these designs that I gave Oleander and Loboto >:) I really love how this one turned out and it is beautiful and I had fun with it and am proud of this :) It is funny!!! :)

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@slytheris​​:   “ who did this to you? ”


          “  Nobody. 

           Her denial was given much too quickly,  and she knew this.    As soon as words quickly fell out of her mouth in an effort to ease the other’s nerves,  she felt her stomach churn.    Ava’s words would not be convincing in the slightest,  and she wasn’t quite sure how to make them even more convincing.    The Slytherin’s concern was endearing,  but she didn’t want anyone in trouble.

            Hastily brushing dirt off her robes,  she moves to stand,  holding a hand out in an effort to provide peace.     “  Nobody,  Nim.   I just fell,  I’m okay. 

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Among Us (dir. Jordan Peele)

Based on the sensational game, a team of astronauts on a high-stakes mission to save the planet has been infiltrated by an imposter set to kill them all. Engineer Reva and pilot Harry are the first to find out. Will they work together to find the imposter, or will they turn against each other despite their shared history?

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Okay guys listen up



The unused boss for luigis mansion.


There’s data in the files for elemental cores, and I THINK

The fight would have three stages, for three different elements.

And the cores would fit in that open middle section!

WHY has nobody else made this connection??????? I feel like I’m going crazy here lads.

Or it could just be an early model for a different boss, like the other people say… But I don’t think so!!!!!!!

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Zane: When have I ever done something stupid, irrational or illogical

Pixal: I have a list

Pixal: Would you like to hear it chronologically or alphabetically?

Pixal: Not even a year ago you got teleported to the never realm and became the Ice Emperor just because you took the staff Master Wu said not to touch

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