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Lean on me

A/N: I wrote this at 3 in the morning. Spare me some mistakes along the way if there is. Haha. I was going through a tough week this week and wrote this to comfort myself. I hope you like it. 😊

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Best friends to lovers au


A sigh escaped from your lips as you tiredly took off your shoes and tossed your bag on the living room couch. You then head up to your room to shower. You had a rough day, no scratch that, a few rough weeks going on. It’s one of those moments where everything seemed to pile up and you’re lost and just feeling frustrated and irritated.

From financial issues to family issues to personal issues, life never seems to give you a break. You’re mentally exhausted and physically tired from having to deal with your new job as a waitress. During your off days, it was always chores to do, errands to run and things to do. It might be great if you’ve some alone time to yourself.

After finished showering and feeling a bit better than before, you decided to try and write down your thoughts on your journal since life has been really hectic these past few days and people say it works. Your mind was running wild but the paper in front of you remains blank. You put down your pen and sighed and just blankly looked at the wall

You were thinking so much at the same time. You recently broke up with your boyfriend of two years a few months ago. It was your first heartbreak, of course you know it’s going to hurt but you didn’t expect to hurt this bad. On the side note, you were struggling with your new job as a waitress. The pay’s low but the workload was a lot. 

Add to that, you just moved in to this new mini apartment and you’re trying to pay your mortgage in time. Home isn’t a good place to go to because you and your family just had a huge argument a few days ago. 

You were always trying to be strong, if not for yourself, then for the people you love. You’d always have a smile on your face and generally just being happy. When friends asked you if you were okay, you simply replied with a yes and just shrugged it off. But deep down, you know you’re not okay. It gets lonely and sad.

At times like this, a call with your best friend, Yunho, always helps. But he’s busy with his work as well. You then went to your bed and lay down. That’s where the tears came.. Tears of all this pressure and stress, from your heartbreak to your family, to your work. It’s all too much for you to bear. You just let it all out. You need this. You clutched your hands to your chest, asking yourself when will  the tears stop because it…hurts…a lot

You kind of wish you’ve a shoulder to cry on or a simple hug would do. But you’re alone…Not that you don’t mind but with everything that’s been going on, it’d be nice to have some company with you.

As if on cue, your phone rang. With tears blurring your vision, you just answered without looking at the caller id. But you recognized that voice anywhere. It was Yunho.

“Hey y/n. Came to check up on how you doing cause my instincts are telling me you’re not. Call me stupid but my instincts were never wrong”, he chuckled 

You didn’t answer as you were still crying. Nothing is coming out from your mouth. You didn’t want him to worry so you bit your lip and covered your mouth with your hand as tears continued trickling down on your face, staining your pillow.

He’s your best friend. He knows everything, when you’re not okay, when you’re being yourself. Right now, there’s no denying that he knows you’re crying because his tone became serious after that

“Y/n? Are you okay? I know you’re crying. You don’t have to hide it.” 

Before you could reply, he said “That’s it. I’m coming over.”

Your eyes were red and swollen when you opened the door for him to let him in. You were looking down on the floor, not wanting him to see how bad you cried. Not that he has never seen you cry, but he has never seen you cry this bad before.

Without a word, he carefully pulled you in for a tight hug and stroked your hair. “Shh, y/n. It’s okay. Just cry it all out. I’m here for you. Here, why don’t we sit down on your couch and then you can tell me what happened”

You’ve always loved his hugs. Yunho’s hugs are always warm and welcoming and even though he’s really tall, he’s always gentle around you. His hugs are those type of hugs where you instantly felt safe and relieved, like you’re protected and nothing can harm you.

Upon hearing those words, you were bawling again. Both of you sat beside each other on the couch. There were no tissues in your living room so he softly wiped your tears away with his thumb. 

After a few minutes, you tried to calm your sobs down and told him what happened. Every single thing that’s been bothering you.

You were a crying mess but he didn’t judge. Instead, he listened intently without asking any questions nor interrupting you. By the end of it all, what he said caught you off guard.

“Lean on me, y/n. Lean your head on my shoulders and cry it all out. I’m so sorry I couldn’t always be there for you as I’m always busy with work and all. But here, I want you to rely and to lean on me right now, okay? 

He patted on his shoulder, signaling for you to lean on him. And you did. It feels relieving and comforting. It feels like most of the burden was off your chest. You closed your eyes for a while, enjoying this tranquility because it doesn’t happen often. He must have thought you fell asleep because you heard him said something, ever so softly.

 “Hey y/n, you don’t have to carry all this burden yourself. You don’t always have to be strong, you can be vulnerable with me. You know I’m your best friend, right? I’m not sure if anyone has told you this, but you’re one of the most strongest, hardworking and possibly the most kindest person I’ve met besides my mom. Haha. But yeah, I want to let you know that I’m not going to leave you behind. You were never alone. I’ll always be by your side. I’ll always be here for you. I’ve seen you at both your lowest and highest points in our years of friendship and I want to say I’m really proud of you. How far you’ve come and how strong you are despite everything that’s been going on right now. I know you may not notice, but you’re beautiful both inside an out, y/n.”

You were surprised to hear this because he likes to joke and play around with you. He never fails to make you laugh or smile but today wasn’t one of those usual days. He never says things like these. 

You opened your eyes and lifted your head up to see that he was staring at you. He was taken aback. “Y/n….I….You….Did you hear all of that?” he stuttered. You searched his face to see if there was anything suspicious or if he was joking but all you could see was concern and sincerity written on his face. 

No one has said that to you before. Not even your parents because nobody knows what you’re going through. You’ve always thought as an older child, you’ve got to learn how to solve your own problems, how to be independent, how you’ve to carry out responsibilities and duties for both you and your sister’s future.  

But lately, your sister was busy with college so you don’t really have the time to hang out with her as much like it was back then. Times have changed. She mostly hangs out with her friends, leaving you pretty sad and lonely. 

Both of you were staring at each other. But then, you felt his hands slowly coming in contact with your face as he slowly caress it. 

Here’s another thing he doesn’t know, you like him a lot. Like a lot. But you never worked up the courage to confess. It was way before you and your boyfriend broke up. He always has this childlike persona in him yet he knows when to be serious. He feels like home and his presence makes you feel calm and warm. 

And here’s another thing, he’s feeling the same way about you as well.

Strange how you both liked each other for quite a while but none of you had the courage to admit that until now.

In your ideal world, both of you would cuddle and you’d traced his veins on his hands and to just look at him all day. You’ve always wondered how would that feel. He may be playful but he’s always there for you whenever you need him. 

You closed your eyes, and leaned in to his touch, surprisingly enjoying it.

He was smiling, knowing you’re enjoying his touch. He was being really gentle and careful with you today.

“I like you y/n. Like a lot. Like a lot a lot. I know you just broke up not too long and that’s okay. You don’t have to give me an answer right now. I understand.”

To that, you smiled what felt like a genuine one for the first time in weeks and replied “Yes, I do too. I like you a lot. Like really a lot, Yunho. Thank you”

You closed your eyes and carefully brought your lips to his. Both of you were smiling, realizing this is it. From best friends, to partners in crime and here you are, to now each other’s homes.

As you had cried so much that day, you felt awfully tired and drifted off to sleep, he gently carried you to your room and cuddled with you while gently planted a kiss on your forehead. To that he whispered,

“Good night, my love”

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So I was thinking about what Stray Kids would have for Halloween costumes and thought I would share my ideas with you.



Originally posted by flyukieee

He would choose a pirate. He would probably choose it because it is a mixture of cool and daring. Besides, he wouldn’t have to wear anything unqiue.



Originally posted by realstraykids

Minho would choose a film character. His choice would be the doll Billy. He would want something that is creepy, but not too much effort.



Originally posted by strayteensehun

He would decide to do something funny. Maybe imitate someone from a tv series or something. Maybe Sherlock Holmes or an anime character. It depends on his mood.



Originally posted by luvknow

He would choose a cat. The outfit would be something else that none of his members would wear like that and he would look good in it. He would also feel very sexy



Originally posted by luvknow

He would take something classic, like a vampire. It’s pretty and very easy for him to do. He would feel very good being dressed like a classic vampire.



Originally posted by lavender-kills

Felix would come as a zombie. But he would not only come with makeup, but with everything that goes with it. The slow walk and the deep noises he can imitate well with his voice



Originally posted by kim-woojins

He would also choose a film character like Minho. He would probably also choose something where he only has to put on a mask. Maybe Jason from Friday the 13th.



Originally posted by kim-woojins

He would come as a fox. Many say he looks like one and he knows it would make Stay happy. But he would also ask the others for advice.

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k im sorry but all day ive been thinkin abt this picture the ateez account tweeted:


bc my First thought when i saw it was that woo and san are in the center looking like theyre posing for some kind of prom photo ahhdjfka

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Chan: Now, it’s okay to like boys, Bin. No need to feel weird or feel like it’s unnatural to like them, okay? So when we have feelings for them, we say it’s that it’s okay.

Changbin: * nods *

Chan: So.. What do we say when we have feelings for other boys, Changbin?

Changbin: No homo.

Chan: ..No—

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