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#OUR canon now. let’s use it well ❤️
kirstinetheartist · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
“Mel em su tarasyl, vhenan...”
I told you all I would flesh (heh) this out, and here we are.
Check below the cut for details shots and me being an art history nerd, because I put way too much thought into a pin-up of an elf.
Commission Info
First, wanna get this out of the way right away, because I am a Grade A Weenie:
Tumblr media
You’re goddamn right she’s covering her junk with a copy of Hard in Hightown, I’m a man of culture goddammit.
Tumblr media
Besides the fact that angling Solas’ necklace just right to make sure the shadow of it cupped Mellan’s breast (we love a visual metaphor in this house, folks), it might look a little funky with the leather straps at first, and that would be the point! It is actually a reference to cultural practices I grew up with (which I love putting into art, and I really love seeing other people do it, too. Its actively my favorite thing in the community.) as well as a practice from across the globe that became especially popular in the houses of well-to-do people in the Victorian Era.
What Mellan has done is taken one of her own leather straps and intertwined it with Solas’ in a sudo handfasting band. I had it not fully tied to show a few things:
Obviously its not around anyone’s hands, lol. But, it is still an offering. We can reach that step in our relationship someday, if you would be open to it as I am.
This would be the first canonical time we’ve seen Solas’ necklace untied. This was done with purpose to show a willingness to let go and be himself around Mellan. She knows he is Fen’Harel, but she only sees Solas. He is able to let his guard down without fear of her judging him; there’s a safety there.
Mellan has a phobia of things being tied around her neck, to the point wear she could not even wear a turtleneck shirt. By dangling the necklace like this, she too is showing her trust in Solas, because he is well aware of this phobia and she knows he will not use it against her. In a way, the laying of the necklace/handfasting band is exposing Mellan a lot more than her nudity is.
Now, for the Victorian Nerdry! 
Across the globe, over the course of... well, forever, flowers have meant different things. But, in the Victorian Era, this became a huge fad. I mean, people were obsessed. Think passing along memes that contained notes for your friends, extreme mode.
Different flowers meant different things. And the colors of those flowers changed the coding entirely, too! And if you paired one flower with another? Oh, my god, the things you could imply.
Take for example, you just had a lovely evening with a suitor. You want to send them a flower to tell them what a great time you had! So, you pick a carnation. Better pick the right one, though! If you pick white, that’s great; you’re expressing the pure, innocent love you feel budding for them. But, you pick yellow? Congrats, you loath them.
And if you pair either with pink? Well, pink on its own means “I’ll never forget you!” Pink with white? “My heart will never forget this innocent love that I feel for you, hopefully it will continue to blossom.” Pink with yellow? “I will never forget how much I fucking hate your guts you absolute piece of shi--”
So, yeah. There’s a lot you can say with flowers! On @little-lightning-lavellan there plans to be more writing about flower politics in Dueteragony, because the possibilities for Orlesian politics, don’t get me started... but I digress.
The flowers on Mellan’s band are red tulips. Tulips are generally associated with budding (HA) passion, and red ones specifically refer to a declaration of love. Well, at this point, Solas already knows she loves him, but it never hurts for your sweetheart to remind you, does it? 🌷❤️
Tumblr media
And then just a last close-up of my baby girl, because I’m really pleased with her smirk (and her little hair wisps. She clearly tried to get a little bit more put together... but, come on. Its Melly.)
Big thanks to @fenxshiral​ for the Elvhen translation, which means: “Take my to the sky, my heart.” Which I had to use for the obvious Mel pun. ❤️
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stronger13 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Neji: Are you ready to meet our wedding guests?
Tenten: Oh. Yes! I am excited to celebrate our marriage with them.
And they get ready to walk down the reception area. 😂😂😂
Well, well, just my NejiTen imagination. Now, on a serious note, Neji and Tenten were always together in most of the episodes in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden (even though mostly are fillers). For me, of all the Naruto couples, they are the most wholesome and this ship has the greatest potential to sail back then (of course before Kishi decided to make Neji use his body shield no jutsu).
Some say that this fandom is already dying, some even saying that this ship should have never been sailed because Neji or Tenten didn’t even like each other (probably because they did not explicitly said it in the series). But hey, don’t their actions show otherwise? Some even said that theirs was just friendship and there were no hints that they are a couple. My point is that, if that is the case, then, doesn’t being close friends one of the ways to a romantic relationship?
Try to compare them to other canon Naruto couples. I mean I am not trying to hate or bash (but for example purposes and point of comparison). Let’s take Choji and Karui, Ino and Sai. Don’t hate me, I actually find the family dynamics of said couples adorable.
Now tell me that Neji and Tenten should not have been shipped! Or maybe others are just hating on this ship because they think that Neji is too good for Tenten, and she is seen as weak. Well, we can rant on that on Kishi for making other characters lack some backstory or development.
Or perhaps, Kishi thought that Neji and Tenten’s kids (say a byakugan and gentle fist user adept with Ninja tools) would be awesome and that might be a problem for the main characters in Boruto (just kidding) 😂. Or they could be that childless couple content on looking after Himawari and Boruto.
But then, it’s not gonna happen, and although I love Neji and NejiTen very much, I think it would be impossible for the creators to raise him from the dead and make babies with our lovely Tenten. 😂
All I am hoping for though is a filler or perhaps a backstory to these two teammates (if not couple). I’m likeeee if he is not meant for her, then why is Tenten single? And for the haters, don’t get me started with “she is the mother of Metal Lee”. C’mon guys, I’ve never even seen her or Lee with Metal together (but I stopped watching Boruto after the Time travel arc in which I think the last time Neji appeared aside from his picture held by Hinata on Memorial day). If you have proof that Tenten married Lee, then feel free to say so here. 😀
But again, as long as my eyes are black, I will not fail to ship these two (I hope you see the Neji reference here 😂).
That would be all for this post! Thank you for reading, folks! NejiTen lives on.
P. S. :
Screen caps of Naruto Shippuden Episode 184: Deploy! Team Tenten
For those NejiTen lovers who have not watched this, you should! 🥺❤️
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aquanova99 · a month ago
Big Sister (Jane & Alec x reader)
A/N: I mean platonically you lil nasties. Thanks to @avyannadawn for requesting this, I love these freaking twins so much!!!
A/N: i do see the twins being aged up here but if you canon age nothing really changes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jane entered y/n rooms tentatively. She had heard Heidi in and hated feeling like she was interrupting. She hated more so that y/n was hanging out with anyone besides her or Alec. Besides Felix that was their human.
Heidi and y/n turned to see Jane standing by the door.
“Hey Janey!” Y/n greeted
“I’ll let you be y/n, this discussion is not over yet!”
“Sounds good Heidi, see you later!”
“Bye,y/n!” She nodded at jane. “Jane.” She smiled
“Heidi.” It had taken a lot for Jane and Alec to trust the other guards and even now all of her relationships were formal. Both her and Alec hadn’t been excited for a human to begin living in the castle. Y/n was persistent though. She had broken through to the twins quicker than anyone had imagined, and she had all but decided to adopt them.
“Come on in Jane.”
Jane sat down warily next to y/n. “What were you guys talking about?”
“Oh just heavily discussing who the best avenger is. We were betting who dies in the new endgame movie” Y/n noticed jane clasping her hands together, “Uh oh, what’s wrong?”
“Jane you only sit that formally if you’re upset.” She gestured towards Jane sitting on her knees and hands crossed. “Come on, you can tell me.”
“Why don’t they like me?” Y/ns face grew serious but Jane continued “everyone avoids us. Even with our gifts.”
“Jane, from what I’ve heard everyone thinks you guys don’t like them. Plus you guys tend to use your gifts on the guards, even when they don’t really deserve it.”
“Does that make us bad? We know they still call us the witch twins.”
“You guys aren’t bad jane, but you can’t let those dummies get to you. When you use your gift on them you prove them right. Besides their just mad two littles can own them in a fight.”
Jane nodded, but didn’t seem convinced. “Come here jane.”
“I’m okay y/n.”
“That’s fine I still want a hug.” Jane reluctantly scooted over but the second y/n started hugging her dry sobs came out.
“I don’t like being a witch twin.”
“You’re not. And i promise there are a lot more people that like you then you think.” Jane was trying to calm down so y/n continued “you know Fe, Demetri, Santiago, and Heidi for sure would all go to war for you two.”
“No they wouldn’t.”
“Look if I tell you something can you promise to keep it a secret, you can Alec but that’s it.”
Jane looked up at y/n with glassy eyes filled with venom.
“I told Felix and Demetri about you guys not liking the witch twin thing, and apparently they heard a couple guards using that nickname and they tore them apart. Figuratively and then literally.”
“They—they did?”
“Yeah, they see you as their family jane. Both of you, you just have to let them in.”
“They don’t act like you do.”
“Well a lot of them have never been around kids, and remember they don’t think you like them either.”
Jane pondered this for a moment as her sniffles settled down. “Do you think you can do my hair like you did that one time?”
“Sure hun.”
Felix came into the room to see y/n and Alec doing a puzzle together with Jane reading in the corner.
“Hi love! How did training go?”
Felix sat down next to y/n and kissed her cheek, “hey tesoro, it went okay. Weeding out the ones unfit for the guard.”
“You guys gonna weed me out if I’m not good enough?” Y/n teased
“Obviously.” Felix winked at y/n. The two laughed
“You wouldn’t actually though, right?” Alec asked quietly
Y/n nudged Felix, “don’t worry A, I’m not letting y/n go unless she wants to.”
“And I don’t. So nothing to worry about.” Y/n ruffled alecs hair. He seemed to calm down.
“Come brother, we should leave them alone now.”
It was Felixs turn to nudge y/n, they seemed to share a silent conversation. Felix called out to the twins before they walked out the door.
“Hey do you two want to join us for a movie? Y/n is determined to show me every Disney movie possible, and I need backup.”
“You actually want us to stay?” Alec asked
“I think that sounds like fun, do you guys want to invite the others or would you guys be more comfortable with just us for now?” Y/n checked with them before pressuring them to do to much too soon
“Would they be okay with us being here?” Alec asked again
“If they aren’t they can don’t have to be here, we asked you guys first.” Felix offered he wrapped his arm around y/n
“They can join.” Jane said quietly.
Everyone piled into Felix and y/ns shared room. Felix and y/n cuddled up together. Alec stayed close to y/n, still unaware of her and janes conversation. It felt safer that way. Jane made an effort ask Heidi
“Is it okay if I sit next to you?”
“Sure sweetie, as long as your okay with me touching you. I tend to get excited and I know I’ll grab your hand every once in awhile. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”
“You won’t.”
Finally, Demetri sat next to Felix and Santiago went next to Heidi. Then the movie marathon began.
After a few movies y/n began getting tired and the vampires all retired to their own rooms. Once they were out of hearing range Felix jumped to question her.
“Alright what did you do to the twins? They were way too nice to me today.”
She chuckled “I just told them that the only reason they’re isolated is because they isolated themselves. They are tired of being looked at like they’re evil.”
“I can’t imagine it’s easy, they really haven’t gotten a chance to be kids.”
“Yeah it makes me sad, thank you for asking them to stay.”
“What can I say you’re rubbing off on me, I hope this exposure therapy makes them see we like them for being Jane and Alec, not the twins with arguably the scariest gifts ever.”
Y/n yawned, “I hope so, they deserve to be happy too.” She mumbled as she nodded off.
“Goodnight little one.” Felix carried y/n to bed and snuggled up next to her until she woke up.
The twins were slowly but surely getting more accustomed to the physical attention from the other guards but still tended to either cling or hide behind y/n. Felix was close behind seeing as if he was her mate, then he couldn’t be all bad. Plus they liked that she couldn’t be harmed if he was around her. The twins didn’t count on y/n wandering the castle when the tours were happening. Especially, since Felix and Santiago were away in a mission at the moment.
Y/N had tried to sneak out of the castle, she liked to explore the city when the vampires were busy. This time she ran into a lower member of the guard who was running very late to Heidis tour.
Apparently he hadn’t eaten in awhile because his eyes were black. He didn’t care who the human was at this point. “You seem to be lost, why don’t I get you back on the tour.”
“Look I’m Felixs mate. I’m not here on the tour. I’m just going out for the day, go find a human you can eat in the throne room.”
Y/n tried to walk past him but his hunger was his driving force right now instead of his brain. He hadn’t heard what she said. When she walked by him he grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm behind her, covering her mouth with his other hand.
“I don’t think you heard me. You really shouldn’t separate from the group. It is so much more satisfying when you humans struggle.”
“Drop her.”
Suddenly the grip on y/n fell. She fell to the ground and held her wrist to her chest.
Y/n turned to see the guard writhing in pain next to her. Alec was next to her in an instant.
“Brother take her back to her room. And let Felix know what happened. He will want to be informed of what this one did.”
Alec gingerly led a still shocked y/n to her room.
“Y/n what were you doing?”
“I’m sorry. I always leave the castle on tour days, everyone is always in the throne room. I-I didn’t think anyone would see me.” Tears began falling.
“Let me see your wrist.”
“No it hurts.”
Alec sighed and left to get things to wrap up her hand “I’m going to use my gift to help take the pain away okay?”
“Okay” she sniffled
Alec bandaged her up quickly “do you need anything else?”
“I want Felix.”
“I already sent him a message he was already on his way back now Santiago is trying to keep from jumping out of a plane and running here.”
Y/n was still shook up, she didn’t respond
“You need to rest. Felix will probably be here when you wake up.” Alec stood to leave but y/n grabbed his hand
“Alec can you stay with me, please?”
“Okay, go lie down I’ll set next to you until Felix comes.” Y/n nodded and curled up on her side. Alec sat next to her. He rubbed her back until she fell asleep. A few hours later jane and Felix came to the room.
“Is she okay?”
“I think she’s scared more than anything but yeah she’s okay. She’s lucky we just got back from a mission and had already eaten, otherwise we might not have made it in time.” Felix winced at the thought of that, Alec looked to him and his sister “and the guard?”
“Taken care of.” Jane answered “come on brother, let’s let our human rest.”
“Thank you.” Felix said as they were on their way out. The twins turned to him. Felix was already at y/ns side and began petting her hair, “I don’t know what I would have done… so thanks I owe you.”
“No you don’t.” Alec responded “she’s our family now.”
“Alec is right. She’s done too much for us for us to let her down. Same goes with you, you two are a package deal so you’re our family now too.” The twins turned and left the room, leaving Felix stunned and grateful his mate had changed all their lives around.
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kakairu-rocks · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
We are excited to introduce our next shining star for the Creator Spotlight… @cyhyr​​!
This is a member’s only activity where we reach out to one of the  talented people in our community each month to find out all about them and their kakairu creations, and then show them off to the world!
We hope you enjoy learning about Sarah & her creations as much as we did. Please give her some love ❤️
Pronouns: She/ Her
Type of Creator: Writer
Where to find her:
Read the exciting interview below the cut, or on the forum!
If you would like a chance to be in the spotlight too, the only thing you have to do is be a member of the kakairu rocks forum, and be a creator; and we will contact you, ourselves!
1. How long have you been creating KakaIru fanworks?
I’ve been actively creating for KakaIru for about 4 months as of the typing of this interview.
Although, I first dipped into creating KakaIru way back in late 2012 with two fics I posted on I took those down a few years ago, along with the rest of my early works. I never lost my fondness for the pairing and always wanted to create more, and so after a quarantine rewatch of the series in May 2021, I finally just dived right back in and I’m so very glad I did.
2. What are you working on right now?
My current WIP is Branding, a whumpy marriage-to-avoid-a-worse-fate fic set in a canon divergence where Danzō takes over the Hokage seat after the Third dies. It had originally been a oneshot for my Summer of Whump series I did in June 2021, but I had a few readers interested in a continuation and I also had a few ideas I felt I could develop within the ‘verse.
3. What is your favourite trope to create for?
Favorite?! Do I have to pick just one??
Because my favorite fluff trope to write is The One Where They Are Both Disgustingly Devoted To Each Other—it gives me happy butterflies and I get to pull a lot of inspiration from my relationship with my spouse in order to write those scenes.
Buuut, my favorite whump trope is Defiant Iruka. Love that man telling his captors to get bent, only to get hurt in retaliation!
4. Which of your creations is your favourite, and why?
Right now, my favorite of all my works is Branding. I’m excited to see where the story goes and I’m hoping we’ll all get to see the ending I have in mind. It helps immensely that it feels like everytime I turn around the kudos, comment, and/or bookmark counts go up! Recognition is always nice as a creator, am I right?
5. Do you have any WIPs you’re excited about?
I have an omegaverse fic in my WIP folder that I’m excited to get a chance to work on. I’ve also got a few AU adaptations that I’m also slowly plugging away at. But for right now, I’m just trying to focus my energy on Branding to keep that momentum going!
6. Do you have any original characters? If so, tell us about them!
I have my dear ANBU OC, Otter. They do not yet have a name outside of their codename, but I’m working on finding one that fits them. They’re a medic on Yamato’s squad who finds Kakashi’s and Iruka’s relationship absolutely adorable. They have made appearances in a couple of my fics so far, the earliest I believe being in a whump oneshot titled Death. I do have an idea for a oneshot staring them and Yamato, but I really gotta figure out that name first…
7. What was your hardest piece to create, and why?
Hands down, The Scrolls of Freol. I fought the self-doubt monster hard with that one; it would have never made it past the first 3k words if not for my friend reading it and demanding to know what happens next. There’s some fluff and whump, which I’m good at writing, but also a lot of mystery and suspense which I have always felt very weak in. But it was well received and what’s better is that I had fun writing it and I now feel more confident writing suspense. Not mystery, though; I’m still not secure in that yet! Ultimately, I’m glad my friend had me finish that story, because it’s now one of my favorites—and it’s the piece that let me complete the Maze Challenge!
8. Do you have any favourite scenes from something you’ve created?
If I had to pick just one, it’d be the soul-marriage scene from The Devil’s Bridge. In it, Kakashi follows Iruka to a cursed bridge and pledges his soul to Iruka, and Iruka makes the same vow back. In doing so, Kakashi’s soul becomes a beacon for Iruka when he ultimately travels across the bridge and into a different dimension. I hadn’t planned for this to happen when I started writing the fic, but once it happened I realized that the story was leading itself to that point the whole time. It’s a very emotionally charged scene and I love it.
9. Where does your inspiration come from?
If not from a prompt list, then from music—usually from musicals, but I have been known to branch out into other genres. Other than that, a lot of my inspiration usually comes from @atereal​. She comes up with so many great ideas and is gracious enough to let me run around and play with them too!
10. Which of your creations is the most meaningful to you, and why?
Storms. It was… very cathartic. I don’t particularly want to go too far into the why’s behind this answer, but if you can safely read Storms, I think it speaks for itself.
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aftgficrec · 6 months ago
Hiya! I finally caught it open!! Can you rec me your softest fics possible of any ship. I want to cry over some adorableness!! Thank u for all the hard work you guys do the fandom appreciates you ❤️❤️
We can’t be certain that we have the same idea of what constitutes a soft fic, but we’ve done our best to give you a nice selection (by no means complete) with various pairings here to start you off, both in the previous recs, and in the main body of the post.  Really, we could have listed so much more adorableness in fic form! - S
Previous recs:
Long soft fics here
Cute and happy andreil here
Fave super fluffy andreil* here
Long-distance soft Nerik here
Short fluffy Jerejean here
Post-canon Jerejean fluff here
Fluffy kandreil here
Soft high school aus here
Less well known soft andreil/kandreil here
Dan/Matt & soft renison here
... and for fics with a romcom feel look here
‘his elastic life’ here
‘Foxhaven’ here
‘This Complicated Life’ here
‘Change of Scenery’ here
‘coming loose’ here
‘Point Nemo’ here
‘waiting up for better things’ and ‘00:00 (Zero o'Clock)’ here
‘best thing’ here
‘Petal-shaped epiphanies’ here
*NB: check out our new staff faves tag to see other asks for our faves!
(lift me higher) let me look at the sun by MmArgent, queersardonicrat [Rated T, 18936 words, complete, Aftg Mixtape Exchange 2021]
A rustling noise, followed by the tschick of a lighter. Beyond the netting, the flame lights up a face for a short moment, igniting a cigarette. Andrew pushes down. Click. He already knows it’s a good picture.
Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action
Soft Andreil headcanon by @smol-midgets [tumblr, 2021]
The first thing that comes to mind when I think of soft andreil
Andreil & Kevaaron
Life's a Beach by Stjosten [Rated T, 17984 words, complete, 2020]
Kevin comes back to Palmetto after two years away with a familiar face in tow. Aaron is a mess, Wymack is trying his best, and Andrew really doesn't want to have to see Neil Josten's face ever again. It's too bad he doesn't have much choice in the matter.
or a surfing/beach town au with a whole lot of pining
tw: implied/referenced abuse, tw: drug use
the one with all the ships series by Welikesandalwood [Rated T/E*, Collection, Incomplete, Updated 2021]
Part 1: The one where Andriel get Cats [T, 3696 Words, Complete]
"We did not canoodle for at least the first year," countered Andrew.
“you were the little spoon" Neil wasn't backing down on this.
"big words coming from a bottom," a smirk in Andrew's voice.
Neil’s cheek’s flushed, “Power bottom.”
Andrew smiled at this, "shh, not in front of the kid's," he said quietly, gently stroking the now sleeping kittens.
Part 2: The one with Kevaaron [E* (we say T) 29161 Words, Complete]
“I’m asking,” Aaron says confidently
“what?” Kevin asks quizzically
“you promised Andrew you wouldn’t touch me again unless I asked” Kevin makes eye contact with him at that, his pupils dilating, “I’m asking”
tw: alcohol, tw: violence, tw: knives
Some kevaaron headcanons by @whatareyoudoingwithamaserati [tumblr, 2020]
For the amazing @leoisgayforwriting because he gave me an idea and then next thing you know here I am!
since we've no place to go by justadreamfox [Rated T, 8430 words, complete 2020, AFTG Exchange]
Neil is already regretting the decision to spend his winter break alone at The Snarky Fox Inn, but then a snowstorm blows in along with Kevin and Andrew, and, well - maybe there's some Christmas magic to be had after all.
The Smell Of Honey by lilaliacs [Rated T, 11601 words, complete, 2017]
Martha's was a cozy little coffee shop that always smelled of honey, lilacs and something that couldn't be described as anything less than home.
And that's what it was to Jeremy, who had spent his childhood sat on a stool at the tiny bar, coloring in the patterns of the menus, or watching his mother creating the most beautiful cakes and pastries that he had ever seen.
tw: panic attacks
Jerejean fake dating au part 1, Jerejean fake dating part 2 and Jerejean fake dating part 3 by @wesawbears [tumblr, 2016]
Jeremy Knox is a bad idea.
Jean knows this because all Jeremy has to do is smile at him and Jean is prepared to hand him the entire world on a platter. It’s an exaggeration of course- Jean has lines, things he can’t or won’t give. He just knows Jeremy would never cross them, knows that Jeremy is so different from everyone who’s hurt Jean in the past.
Love You a Latte by ceilingfan5 [Rated G, 8465 words, complete, AFTG Exchange 2017]
Allison's favorite barista is adorable Renee, so when she gets the news that she has to go on a terrible family vacation and bring an "appropriate plus-one", she decides to finally get herself uninvited from the rest of those events for all eternity. She and Renee go together, pretending to be a very much in love couple, stir shit up, and leave a lot closer than they ever expected.
tw: homophobia 
make me a cradle, hold me instead by IzzyAguecheek [Not Rated, 26135 words, complete, 2021]
Of course, being the nice rich aunt was still being an aunt, so Allison got the boring stuff too, like babysitting so Matt and Dan could have a date night, and changing diapers, and picking David up from school every now and then, but she didn’t mind it as much as she’d expected to. It seemed like a fair price to pay for the undying and devoted love of a five year-old.
She specially didn’t mind picking him up at school.
Specially with his kindergarten teacher looking the way she looked.
tw: alcohol, tw: past drug use
Soft jerejean aesthetic by @palmettofoxden [tumblr, 2017]
Renison art by @secondus [tumblr, 2017]
casually comfortable andreil by @midgart [tumblr, 2019]
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meetmeatthecoda · 3 months ago
Well... A few days out from the Terrible Awful™... things have settled (a little) in my mind & in my heart & - if I may - I wanted to share some hopeful & encouraging thoughts with my fellow Lizzington shippers... ❤️
The finale was awful. It was not what we expected or deserved & we feel rightfully betrayed. We were denied the Lizzington ending we always wanted, the fantasy we thought we would get, & the happy ending we should have gotten. After as long as most of us have been invested in this ship & show, it hurt us deeply. But, more than that & thanks to the behind the scenes drama, the finale was weirdly out of character in every way. And, while we don’t have much to console us, I think it is somewhat comforting that our heartbreak isn’t as simple as a sad ending or not having our ship canon. It’s more than that: everyone hated it. General audience members, D*ddygaters, K**nler shippers, Lizzington shippers - everyone (except maybe R*darina supporters but I refuse to entertain the helltheory so who cares.) I think the fact that everyone was shocked & angered by the finale is proof enough that we are justified in our feelings & that helps a little. Regardless of the BTS drama, there were other things they could have done & everyone is confused about why they chose to do what they did. We aren’t alone.
And listen, as the writers, showrunners, & TPTB, it is their job to sell their story. If they’re doing their job well, they should be able to convince the audience of their mythology, plotlines, & characters beyond a reasonable doubt. But I think it’s pretty clear that they’ve failed to do that. Whatever story they were telling in the beginning - whether it’s still the same now or if they decided to change it at some point - they have failed to convince us of it. Whether it’s a lack of consistency, lack of attention to detail, or lots of poor planning, they haven’t convinced us (or in most cases the GA either) of D*ddygate, R*darina, or that Lizzington wasn’t the original endgame. They haven’t convinced us of anything except this: they are floundering & have lost their grasp on the show & its story.
With these things in mind - the OOC nature of the finale & their overall failure to persuade us they know what they’re doing - I think it’s important to remember one crucial fact: the enjoyment of media is centered around interpretation. That has always been especially true with this show, as evidenced by the fact that the audience splintered into so many passionate subgroups, each convinced their interpretation was the only correct one (i.e. D*ddygaters, K**n2s, K**nlers, R*darinas, Lizzzingtons) And as Lizzington shippers, our enjoyment of this show & our ship has always been based on the assumption of certain mythology, plotline, & character relation - & we’ve certainly gotten our fair share of grief over it. The concept of interpretation is nothing new for us. So, whatever they chose to present as truth in the finale - especially the things that have no precedent in non-subjective canon - are equally open for interpretation &, in many ways, nothing at all of consequence was confirmed or denied in that finale, aside from perhaps the ending.
However, we have always thrived on creating more & different from the little & bad that we’ve been given, whether in the form of fanfiction, fanart, theories, headcanons, or simply our love for these characters & this ship. The fact that we’ve lasted this long tells me one thing: we are more than capable of taking what we like & ditching the rest. So, let’s do that with the finale. From the first half of the episode? Let’s take the Red & Agnes interaction, the fact that Red tells Agnes stories of a Russian princess, the fact that Liz couldn’t seem to take her daughter & leave him. Let’s ignore the abrupt & disturbing concept of assisted suicide & unnecessarily withheld answers. From the park fantasy? Let’s take those gifs & parallels & symmetry & run with them. Let’s ditch the preceding content, the background music, & the context. And from the last scene? Let’s take the fact that Liz still could not manage to harm Red & he was overjoyed, a love confession was implied if not imminent, & the fact that Red would still burn down the world to protect Lizzie - and let’s forget the rest. Because that’s not what happens to our ship - that’s not how their story ends. That was a weird, rushed, influenced, tragic character death AU that was presented by inconsistent, unconvincing, & OOC writing that is therefore open to interpretation. TPTB have proved through so many different examples that they’ve lost a grasp on the original concept of this show & by extension this ship, whether they meant to originally create it or not.
So, it’s up to us now. We can be sad about how things turned out, we can mourn the loss of the show as it should have been & the loss of our chance to see our ship canon. We have a right to be let down & feel sad & grieve bc it’s so suddenly & violently over. But guess what? We also have the power to recreate Lizzington as we want to see it. We can create different worlds & AUs & headcanons & a future that we - the audience - wanted to see, bc we have the right to do that. And we can do it together, in this fun, loving, welcoming community that is passionate about these two characters & their love. So, let’s accept the sadness & hold onto it for as long as we want to, even if it’s forever. The finale was an undeserved tragedy & we’re allowed to be sad for what was lost... but we can also rebuild, create, & enjoy what we know to be true: Lizzington is beautiful & worth holding onto ❤️
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inhuman-obey-me · 22 days ago
Hi I know you see me yell in the tags about 90% of the time (unless my brain’s like ‘oh I love but too tired to think of wordz to yell) but I do wanna thank you guys for writing the demonic fics I’ve been aching to see AND having an MC that’s into that shit 💖✨✨ (because I know mine would def be Into It) Wanna have so many of your fics, analyses, and headcanons tattooed into my brain so I can never forget them (tho honestly I don’t think I will since I’ve kinda just adopted some of them into my own personal canon for the game + lore so— >.>;;)
Anyway have a nice day I just wanted to drop in to let you know (I wish I could find the very first fic I liked from you guys but it’s so buried deep in my Likes now grr if only there was a way to sort them)
HI HELLO yes we absolutely LOVE all of your tags, they make us incredibly happy!!!! <33333 Seriously it puts such a smile on our faces in general when people bother to comment or do tag commentary on our stuff, and yours are always so great so we really really appreciate it!!! ;//o//;
But ahsldfjasdf ahhhhhh thank you so much!!! We're so glad that there are others who enjoy the kind of content we make (as we just really love exploring the more horror/demonic/supernatural side to things), as well as our analyses and headcanons because we do put a lot of heart into it and perhaps think too much about like every single scene but ,,,,,, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ OH WELL.
And hmmmm could it possibly be "Beautiful in Death" ? It wasn't posted directly to this blog at first but you were one of the first few likes on it, and one of our very first followers!! So thank you so much for sticking with us and we hope we can continue to make content that you enjoy!!! ❤️💕💖 o(≧▽≦)o Hope you have a great day too!!
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sugarplum-senpai · 2 months ago
i just wanted to say thank you.
i began reading the wings of freedom series when sparrow was still in its original workings and fell in love with the little pocket of the canonverse you carved out for all of us- you, us as readers and of course our beloved boys. waiting for the updates until i got the notification of new chapters, there was many times i’d save up a dozen or so so that the refuge you’ve written could last just that little bit longer. i’ve even gone in and reread the whole thing, not wanting to let go of the stories. the joys, victories, bitter defeats and hardships. the real struggles and loneliness.
knowing the story would soon come to an end, twenty five chapters or so sat in my inbox waiting to be read- i couldn’t bring myself to do it until it was finished. even then, i needed to wait just a little bit longer. i’d shed many tears over the course of this journey you’ve given us all the joy of being a part of- knowing there would be more was too much. i didn’t want to accept the fact that everything would be over.
fan fiction is a term so incredibly far from what you create. there’s been only one other story, a published, on paper, honest-to-god piece of fiction i’ve read thats moved and enticed me the way yours did. you have a truly beautiful mind, a way with words in which is so spellbinding, has such a vice grip on my heart.
all in all, i just wanted to say thank you. thank you for allowing us into this world you’ve created, this refuge from such an ugly real world and canon world alike. thank you for every word you wrote, every shred of joy you gave to these characters that more than deserved it. i hope all is well with you and that parting from the story brings the sense of accomplishment and pride along with the grief of it coming to an end. thank you for giving me something to look forward to. <3
Hello there!
And aw, what a sweet message, I’m so touched, thank you! And what an honour to meet such a loyal reader. ❤️
It makes me so happy to know my story accompanied you throughout the years and that you wished for it to last as long as possible. I must admit, it’s still odd to part from the verse on my end too. It helps to stay in its proximity with the Tom&Red story I’m working on now, but it is different. And it is wonderful to read other people still look back to the story so fondly as well.
Thank you so much for reading, for following the verse so loyally through so many years, and for your sweet message! ::big hugs::
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bobsie · 3 months ago
hello <3 congratulations on 200 followers; i hope you don’t mind me sending in an ask :)
I. my favorite hq character is asahi
II. my favorite color is either cinder or sage green
III. song lyric: “somewhere in these eyes, im on your side’’, -space song by beach house
IV. my name is sofia, and my preferred pronouns are she/her
thank you for writing if you get to it <3
Thank you for sending an ask i hope you like it🥺❤️❤️
Ps the match below isn't accurate in canon
Tumblr media
The air was so thick that you could barely breathe you stopped your self from bitting your nails from the stress and anxiety you have been feeling since you heard about it
"we're playing against date tech"
Ever since your boyfriend told you think you were stressed maybe as much as he was or even more but you couldn't help it
I mean how can you not feel anxious when your boyfriend is playing against the team that made him quit
"don't worry I won't quit this time I learned I am not alone" Asahi's words yesterday made you smile you were so proud of him and you gave him a kiss on his cheek right next to his lips and watched him become a red mess
It was a match point for both teams now the ball has been going here and there and the tension was high
Asahi managed to score points but he still failed again the iron wall of date tech
Karasuno weren't loosing the fire inside them but neither were date tech
Kageyama found this a good opportunity to pass to Asahi but when you looked at Asahi he seemed to be small and you knew what that means he was doubting himself
"Asahi go for it break the wall" you screamed on top of your lungs which made everyone look at you, you met Asahi's eyes for a moment and with a wide smile you continued "show them who is karasuno's ace"
Asahi smiled back at you and asked for the ball and with a back attack he managed to break the iron wall of date tech and get the winning point for his team
You cheered excitedly Asahi looked at you with a sweet grin on his face and it made your heart melt
You waited impatiently by the doors for them to finish and come out the door opened but you were greeted by Suga and Daichi first
"there she is our ace's saviour"
"you did well cheering for Asahi"
"thank you guys and you all played well"
As much as you wanted to stay and chat with the two boys but you saw Asahi so you ran to him and jumped and because Asahi is used to this he cought you
You wrapped your arms and legs around him tight not caring about his sweat
"you did it Asahi you broke the wall"
You adjusted your face to face him and he showed you a genuine smile you never saw since he quit the volleyball team
"it's because I saw your eyes Sofia because in your eyes i always see that you believe in me"
"and i will always believe in you"
You shared a kiss before you got down and let him change so you two can continue celebrating later
200 special event
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vikingstrash · a month ago
I’d love some commentary about this part from Chasing Away Ghosts ❤️
"I have to avenge her and Ivar is our enemy, I have to kill him," Hvitserk said, his brows creating a deep furrow on his forehead, "It has to be me."
"You remember that we have been enemies too at some point and we stood face to face in battle," Ubbe stated, earning a confused look from his brother. "The question is, would you really kill him, when the time comes, or would you await your own death like you did with me?"
"That is not fair to ask, you never killed someone I loved, I had no reason to take your life," Hvitserk argued, finally pushing his own hair out of his face. "Ivar was right, I regretted jumping ship from the moment I did."
"I don't understand," Ubbe said, "Then why didn't you stay before the battle?" he asked, but Hvitserk's face spoke of it all. Pride- it had been his own pride that held him back and Ubbe could relate to this, had it been the only reason that held him back from rekindling with Hvitserk much earlier. He made a sound low in his chest to let his brother know he got why.
Hvitserk's eyes- still so red even in the low light of the single oil lamp burning- were downcast again, "Thank you," he said quietly, "For giving me a chance."
Aww ❤❤ I did need a moment to go back into the right headspace for this fic, but I'm here now! Let the rambling begin under the cut xD
For this particular scene I envisioned s6 Hvitserk in his manic, drug induced phase, but obviously clean. He did say those words in canon too- avenging Thora, wanting to kill Ivar and that it had to be him who killed their little brother, which is important to me to weave into stories that I want to keep as canon complaint as possible up to a specific point at least.
Since I don't believe in the s6 Ubbe that Hirst created- because that one is a contradictory mess of actions- I tried to keep Ubbe the way he was in s4 and part of s5 but maybe a bit more mature and helpful when he talks to Hvitserk, you know, a realistic version. I wanted him to be aware of what was going on with his little brother and acknowledge it too as well as help him move past his demons.
He reasons with Hvitserk, because of course Ubbe still loves their youngest sibling too. He does not want to see Hvitserk fall into another deep hole of grief once he took his revenge. However deserved it might be for Ivar, Ubbe knows it would tear further into Hvitserk were he to succeed.
But Ubbe also remembers Hvitserk standing in front of him, neither axe nor shield raised in defense or attack, when he went in to strike him. He was unnerved by Hvitserk's passiveness and fears it would happen again with Ivar- only their youngest would not hesitate when threatened, Ubbe is sure of it and that would mean Hvitserk's secure death. He can't fathom even thinking of his younger brother dying.
When Hvitserk answers him, I had him take this long to fix his own appearance (hair in face) to underline just how little Hvitty cares about himself- which is another reason for Ubbe to fear he might want to die at Ivar's hands too to be with Thora. And as much as he can understand wanting to reunite with loved ones, dying like that was not the answer for him, if it meant he was once again alone.
It baffles Ubbe that Hvitserk regretted jumping ship, but also refused to come back and stay at his side. Until it finally clicked- in my head he remembered Hvitserk's stubborn face when they talked, but his current expression is telling as well- that it was as simple as pride and the refusal of giving in to admit the mistake that was made to everyone out loud. Much like Ubbe's pride had stopped him from forgiving Hvitserk the moment they saw each other again. A childish you didn't want me, now you don't get me on top of it.
I didn't think Ubbe would be able to word it without slipping out of character and he does communicate a lot with grunting, sniffing and humming. Hvitserk is used to that and definitely able to understand it easier than too many words that could get confusing in his current state.
They're both really vulnerable here and it shows in Hvitserk's red eyes from crying, constant drug use and lack of actual sleep, as well as his shy attempt to physically connect with Ubbe later- afraid to be pushed away when he asks out loud. Also, there's the fact he thanks Ubbe for giving him a chance Hvitserk thought he didn't deserve, when in reality he didn't deserve to be ignored.
In my opinion they really needed this conversation to happen to even get anywhere near to what relationship they had before and that was definitely where I wanted to take them. Have my babies be bro's again :D
Thanks for flying with rambly airlines!
If anyone wants to send in something and does not know what this is about, you can find it here!
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lordbhreanna · 4 months ago
I’m loving all the questions about LO&W and your answers - it makes me even more excited about the future chapters! I honestly never thought I’d be shipping Jill and Nikolai so hard! The way you created their relationship is so absorbing, multilayered and well-paced. I swear each time Nikolai lets his facade slip when he’s with Jill always tugs at my heartstrings 🥺😍 What’s your favourite moment(s) in LO&W?
Thank you! That makes me so happy 😊 I hope I can start updating again sooner than later, gotta take advantage of my current surge of inspiration. And I mean, I'm over the moon that you guys even ask me stuff - this has never happened to me before with any fic, and it is super touching seeing people's investment in LO&W 😭 I mean I could talk nonstop about the ship and the fic, so write whenever you want!
I'm so glad you enjoy the relationship; I'm adding some of my favorite romance tropes into the mix, and it's made me appreciate both Jill and Nicholai even more. I'm just having a blast fleshing out the relationship, story and this whole new canon ❤️️
Now to your question. I'm not gonna be able to choose just one moment, so I'll go over the ones I may treasure most in chronological order:
1. From pick your poison: That moment when Jill asks Nicholai what he wants out of their deal, just to hear it out loud even if she clearly knows it, and he gives her the most straightforward answer of all - her. I also tried to keep the language in terms of wanting each other, in a more physical way if that makes sense? Because it felt more appropiate for this moment and to see the difference in how they regard each other later.
I also think it’s sexy of him to say that, and there’s no better reason to write something.
2. From put your money where your heart is: Two scenes here. From chapter 1, when Jill is about to leave and Nicholai stops her just to cover her shoulders with his jacket. I’m basic and I LOVE THAT SHIT.
And since he knows she's seeing Carlos right away, Nicholai is the kind of bastard who would enjoy the added layer of that. (I'm not adding any kind love triangle here, but it does fit Nicholai to be the kind of man who feels smug about that, because he's an asshole and we love him for it.)
Then, from chapter 2, the ending when Jill receives the note.
I wanted to signal that they’re both very well aware this has gone beyond their physical attraction or using each other for sex and blowing off steam basically, and are repressing all of that so hard it hurts, but they’re also unable to be the first to let go. So they end up where they were at the start. And I don't know why, but the phrasing of his message felt right to me and I enjoy how it turned out in the end.
3. From cause that's not our deal: The end of chapter 1, when Jill is simply watching him as he lies in bed beside her. I'm a total sucker for those moments of intimacy, and in their case I wanted it be poignant because it's a new way in which they engage. Since their whole thing started in a physical, sexually-charged affair, I find that adding these little details feels more rewarding? But that's just me being incredibly indulgent, because that's what this whole fic is about tbh.
Then of course what's probably my favourite scene so far, I think? CHAPTER 2. Wounded and emotionally constipated character lets himself be treated by the character they feel most vulnerable with? Character who has a contentious and complicated relationship with the enemy can't help but help them in the end, because compassion is key in their character, and they have grown to care for them even if they know they shouldn't? Then they are emotionally vulnerable together and kiss with more resembling of love and touch foreheads but it's left unresolved because they're conveniently interrupted? Sign me up. That's why I wrote it, and I won't say it turned out good, but it came out the way I like to read those scenes ❤️️
I'd love to hear what are some of your favorite moments are too, if anyone wants to share! 😊
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blazingstarship · 9 months ago
✨Hay! Welcome to my blog!✨
✨Let me introduce myself✨
✨My Interests✨Things I like
Yu-Gi-Oh!• Cards• Dragons• Pandas• Blue Roses• Writing• Editing • Drawing• Art• Space Aesthetic• Fried Shrimps• Milkshakes• Cake• Baking• Stars• Disney• Cartoons• Anime• Plushies
I love to meet new people! Tho I’m a bit insecure about my english grammar, I’m always up to talk about my f/o or hear people gush about theirs! So dont be shy to send a message! Tho Im really a ygo mess post 2018, I like to hear about other fandoms too!
Asks: I love getting asks! It may take some time I answer them cause I can be overwhelmed and wanna blabbing whole pages of one thing. Please know I see them, love them and answer them asap💖💖💖💖
✨My Main Romantic F/O✨
❤️Yusei Fudo
Tumblr media
Status: Hubby ⭐️💍💖💍💫 7/2/2020
Tumblr media
This blog is not spoiler free from Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds! Yusei is 18 by the start of the series and 20 by the end of the series. I was 22 when I fell in love with him.
Orgin story: I started watching Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds and didnt got into Yusei until episode 15. He catched my eye and from then the butterflies began to grow. The realization I was in love with him, was in episode 32. One scene hit me so hard and boom. Post April 20th/21th 2019. I was an emotional wreck, since I loved another f/o and I can fockhous only on one, I know I would drop the other fo for Yusei. Since then Im madly in love with him, sometimes its amazing and sometimes well.. Through good and sad feelings he gives me (more good I promise!) I really wanted to marry him and so I did❤️💍 I hope to celebrate our first anniversary here! Our ship: Spaceshipping
✨Platonic F/O’s✨
🖤Kyosuke Kiryu (my emo bff)
Tumblr media
🧡Crow Hogan (my “kids are the future!” bro)
Tumblr media
💛Jack Atlas (my coffee sipper bro)
Tumblr media
✨Familial F/O✨
💜Martha (Mama in law)
Tumblr media
✨For not going into uncomfortable situations. I suggest you dont follow if you are a minor since Im a major.
✨I dont post much NSFW or rare but, I always tag with ✨milk and cookies (yes with this emoji too)
✨This is a safe place, have respect for each other.
✨DNI if you fit standard criteria: ie homophobic, transphobic, racist, pedo etc.
✨Dont reblog my gushing
✨Canon ships really upsets me, gives me negative feelings and makes me feel I wouldnt be enough. So please no tagging to them.
✨If its not clear to me what kind of blog you are and I feel uncomfortable about you following me. Dont take it personal but I will block you.
I always liked to see arts and stories of others with the ones I love, and how they see them. You would think Im okay with sharing my f/o. Since I never interacted with someone with the same main f/o, Im gonna give it a try and see how it goes and how I feel about it. So do I share my f/o? Im not sure yet. But I like to talk about him! You can always send a message and we will see how it goes🤗 If you text me or send me an ask or message, know I always like to see and like to answer! But I may take time to answer, cause I dont wanna sound akward. I can be overwhelmed from time to time.
✨Important Tags✨
Post: ✨blazing text
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Just random texts or stuff I wanna post: ✨blazing junk
I can somtimes feeling really down and insecure and involves negative feels. So if I have ever this feeling please dont reblog it. I would also put it in the tag as reminder.
✨Negative feelings: drama mama, ✨blazing vent
I dont know if I ever will use this tags but just in case if Im gonna use them, if I miss a tag pm me. But for now, block the following tags for:
✨Alcohol: alcohol mention, drunk mention
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✨Blood: blood mention, blood
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jsosa08 · a year ago
Well what a year it has been especially with us reylo’s we have gone through so much we’ve had our ups and downs and people also saying that reylo isn’t and wasn’t gonna ever be canon well now we can officially say that it is and I couldn’t be more happy about it but the thing that still gets me is the whole Ben thing I’m still very very disappointed in Disney, JJ, Chris terrio and lucasfilm they did our baby boi dirty and I will not stand for that ever Ben and Rey both deserve the ending they should’ve got not this BS and I’m gonna be sending some people very nice new year letters or emails.
But I’m continuation is reylo’s have gone through so much shit this year and how did we get through it you ask? By being positive not giving up not giving in to antis and their hateful negative thoughts or comments or even actions we don’t let that bother us or bring us down if anything we get back up and keep going strong cause that’s who we are and I’m so happy to have met all my great reylo friends in 2019 and you guys are strong, courageous, hard working and passionate about the things you believe in especially the rise of skywalker that fiasco of a movie and I know and believe that they will bring our baby boi Ben back and if not like I said I will send letters
But other we’ve had a hell of a journey and we are gonna have another great journey ahead of us this is our year to stand up for what we believe in and to get the ending we deserve to the rise of skywalker so no matter what we are gonna keep going strong keep donating to Adam charity and daisy’s to if you want that’s up to you but we are gonna keep going headstrong not gonna back down because we are strong and we got this so that being said fellow reylo’s
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