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literally no one asked but here are my hc’s for the frozen characters’ sexualities

• elsa: lesbian (but y’all knew that)

• anna: Power Bi

• kristoff: id’s as straight but like, lowkey bro? like lowkey? he’d let ryder ryde-him any time

• honey: lesbian (but y’all knew that part 2)

• ryder: see kristoff😳

• oaken: he literally has a husband and they have a beautiful family and that is all that matters

• olaf: are you kidding me he’s a sentient pile of snow he doesn’t even have genitalia what the fuck am i supposed to say

• sven: furry

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Oaken in the sauna at the Frozen Ever After ride.  During the line, you eventually go through “Oaken’s Tokens,” and Oaken puts his face up to the sauna window and does various silly things, like drawing a snowflake, singing “Let it Go,” offering free lutefisk with every purchase, drawing a picture of Olaf on the condensation, telling you that going to see Elsa’s ice palace will be a real hoot and a half. 

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After a third rewatch of Frozen II:

The Arendellian soldiers still had their uniforms except their hats. What happened to the hats? Did their heads grow but not the rest of their bodies? Were they repurposed as cisterns? I must know.

Olaf burping out a fish into the cave is hysterical.

When Elsa stops the wave from destroying the castle/Arendelle, Oaken hugs and lifts up the guy next to him.  Is that Mr. Oaken? A friend? Stranger? Sauna enthusiast?

There is snow at the last scene in the forest when Anna is queen.  So maybe three months have passed?

There is a Halima Hudson in the credits.

Anna shushes Olaf right when he says “You’re such a good listener,” and it’s pretty funny.

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