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#Obey Me

20 pulls and i got all of the cards available for this event. I am screaming

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Waaa-! I’m doing fine, thank you! And to answer the other questions, yes. UwU, I hope you too as well <( ˘ ³˘)/🌹

Hope you all like it, especially you anon ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Rich, Rich, Rich.

“…Are you sure about this?”

The raven haired demon asked in disbelief at the smiling person in front of him.

“You might get bankrupt because of these..brothers of mine., especially Beel.”

Mc smiles brightly as they both watch the large demon eat and order in a repeating cycle that it made the avatar of lust to be a bit.

“I’m getting heartburn..”

“Mc, Mc! The dessert here is really good that I’m even getting inspired!”

Luke, the small angel exclaims in a very happy andd excited tone while chewing his sweets as Simeon smiles brightly beside him, along with Solomon whilst he drinks his beverage.

“The food here is really good that I can’t stop myself from eating!”

Beelzebub chimes, completely happy as Belphie dozes at the moment, knowing his twin will take a while to eat as.

the waitress and the other staff stares at the orange haired guy and the stack of plates sitting beside him as they were getting cleaned as the guy in charge get confused each time he gets back.

The plates doesn’t seem to be decreasing despite him going back and forth and with the help of some of his friends as well.

“I pity them..”

Barbatos mumbles beside his lord with a smiling face, since he had also experienced the same thing many times in his life.

“Lolol. Beel eats really well.”

Levi chuckles while he takes a couple of pictures of Beel eating to post them on Devilgram.

“Just eat to your heart’s content, Beel.”

Mc said with a big smile on their face, making the eldest brother, Lucifer to shake his head and let out a sigh.

“And the food here is good, but no food can compare to Barbatos’.”

Mc said with a straight face and voiced it in a serious manner, making the butler to smile at them, completely happy by their compliment.

“You flatter me. Thank you, Mc.”

The white haired demon among the group hums after looking around the place in his seat.

“Why aren’t there any other humans—customers here?”

Mammon asked while Satan watches in amusement at the people’s reaction inside the restaurant.

“That’s right.”

Diavolo joins in with a smile as he stares at the staff, who were all watching them curiously behind the kitchen doors, while the cooking staff suffers.

They were still cooking because Beel’s order just keeps coming up, and it was chaos.


Mc sneers and glances at the employees, who bowed their heads with a smile.

“The restaurant is closed today.”

They simply replied before taking a sip of their drink as the other female humans inside wonders who the handsome men may be.


Luke ask with his head slightly tilted to the side at the nodding Mc.

“You must be some kind of a special customer for them to open their doors and serve you, despite the restaurant being closed.”

Solomon chuckles while Levi groans at the sound of the females whispering about how handsome and cool, and also cute for Luke.

“Of course I am.”

Mc replied, face still straight as Lord Diavolo and Barbatos both takes a sip of their drinks, complimenting it as well.

“I own this place.”

Mammon chokes on his own spit, along with a few of them as Some of them doesn’t know yet, but now they’re about to know how rich the person they like.

“S-So, you own this 4 star restaurant? And you’re rich enough to own one???”

Mammon tries to confirm with a confused look as he remembers himself laughing at the human’s proclaim that they’re very rich as he thought they were joking, despite having a straight face.

“I told you I was rich.”

The white haired chuckles in a nervous manner while he takes a drink at the smug comment of his favorite human.

“Then how come there’s people here despite being closed for today?”

Diavolo ask this time while waving his hand at the female humans with a bright and charming smile on his face, who let out a squeal as they were some type of fan girls.

“I’m giving them a challenge, especially my chefs.”

They simply replied with smile, somewhat looking proud at their employees.

“We’re currently aiming to be a five star.”

They all stared at Mc in awe and admiration while Beelzebub finally announes that he was full while caressing his stomach with a satisfied smile on his face.

“Beel is finally done. Let’s go shopping boys.”

Mc announces as well after standing and waving their hand as a signal for them that they’re about to leave.


Belphie ask while rubbing his eyes and letting out a yawn.

“What do you mean by already?”

Satan lets out a chuckle while Asmo fixes his hair and takes a couple of more selfies and posting it on Devilgram, saying that they’re finally leaving.

“Man, I’m so full right now.”

Beel happily said while they exit the restaurant after Mc had paid their gratitude for their hardwork and that they’d get paid handsomely.

“Of course you are.”

Levi deadpans, along with Asmo who let out a huff.

“You really ate a lot.”

Mc smiles at the tall demon brightly, completely happy to see him satisfied and is also happy.

“You’re welcome to come here anytime, and that goes for all of you.”

Lucifer lets out sigh with his arms crossed while they all walk.

“You’ll bankrupt, especially with Beel.”

The human laughs at the raven haired’s statement and pat his shoulder.

“Oh, please. I won’t go down that easily.”

• • •

“A-A-Are you sure I can get all of these?!”

Levi stutters out with a complete look of disbelief on his face, while watching the cashier swiping the human’s black colored credit card as he holds all of his favorite anime figurine characters, and mangas that can only be found up at the human realm.

“Of course you can.”

Mc simply replied with a hum while taking back their card back from the female cashier.


He shouted while bowing half of his body as his face goes red at their smiling face and laugh.


Asmodeus gasp out before hugging Mc and letting a squeal.

“Thank you!!”

Asmo takes the clothes he picked, which was quite a lot and quite expensive but Mc simply said that they’d buy it as gifts for him without an ounce of hesitation, which made Lucifer to feel a headache coming.

You’re spoiling his brothers too much.

“…I’m included as well?”


Mc replied with a very straight face after giving Barbatos a very rare and expensive tea set that it’s only available to purchase at the human realm also.

“Thank you, Mc.”

Barbatos pats their head with a smile making them to nod their head, feeling satisfied once again.

“What’s this?”

Lucifer ask while he opens a dark colored blue box as his brothers takes a couple of pictures with the gifts they received, completely looking happy while Beelzebub eats once again, because that’s the only thing that makes him most happy.

“A gift.”

Mc simply replied while staring at the demon straight in his eyes.

“A pen, and this seems to look very..expensive as well.”

“Of course. You, me, and Lord Diavolo. I got us the same thing.”

Lucifer glances at Diavolo as he waves his hand and points at his pen, looki very happy just like the rest of the group.

“I’m afraid this is too—”


Lucifer stares at them with a surprised face :0

And so, Mc being persistent and just won’t take Lucifer’s no, he ended up taking the gift at the end.

“Woah! Seriously?! I can have all of these money?!”

Mammon cheers with a big smile on his face as his eyes sparkles at the sight of the credit card in his hands.

“Is it not enough?”

The white haired demon let out a gasp.

“Are you kidding me?!”

He exclaimed while looking at the machine to see how much money was in the credit card, and there were so many zeroes that he couldn’t help but be shocked and happy at the same while Lucifer’s head aches, knowing that his brother would just spend it until it’ll end up with just one zero in it.

“I love you!!”

The human blinks their eyes then flashes a big bright smile and a joyful laugh, while the others face palms as he starts to stutter out incoherent words with a red face..

“Where do we go next?”

Everyone halted and stared at them with wide eyes, disbelief written all over their faces.

“We’re still going..?”

Simeon questions with a small laugh, which was replied quickly by Mc.


“…You’ve given us enough, Mc.”

Satan comments, still shocked that they would spend, or waste their money on them.

“That’s right.”

Luke joins while hugging the stuffed toy brown bear to him, which was about the same size as him, while Simeon holds his second gift that you gave him, because why not?

It was a cute looking baking set that he kept staring at, which Mc, with no second thoughts, hesitation, they quickly purchased it and persuaded Luke to have it, using their puppy eyes.

Mc just won’t take no for an answer.

“Just seeing all the price tags on these things is making me dizzy.”

The little angel announces with his head shaking.

“Why don’t we call it a day for now, Mc?”

Solomon joins in as well, now knowing the situation.

Mc didn’t bought anything for their self, not even once.

They bought all of these gifts for them, just for them and would look satisfied just by that, and if they won’t take it, they’ll persuade for them to.

Quite amusing actually.

Mc was spoiling everyone in the group, no exception.


The other human among the group stands up, completely fired up.

“I’ve been waiting for this day to happen.”

They announced with fire in their eyes, making some of them to laugh a bit.

“You were?”

Belphie questions while they follow them to a book store inside as Satan excuses himself and leaves to check out a book that has quickly caught his attention.

Although, no one heard nor notice the blonde leaving, the conversation continues among the group while a few female customers, employees, admires the males and their charming looks.

“Very much.”

Beel laughs and caress his tummy once more, pleased that he gets to have another delicious food at the human realm.

“I’m fine as long as I get to eat.”

“Of course you would.”

Levi remarks while thinking that he was inside a manga that he had read a couple of months ago, before Mc’s return to the human realm and them visiting them.

I’m the most richest person in the entire world but I waste my money on a bunch of wholesome males and spoil them too much.

Mc’s so cool!!

“I’m gonna ask this time instead of Lucifer.”

Diavolo clears his throat and smiles sheepishly.

“Are you sure you’re fine spending this large sum of money, Mc?”

The human stands up and covers the little Angel’s ears, while he eats his ice cream and looks at them with a confused look.


After that, Satan comes back with a book in his hand, wondering what they just talked about.

“Are you all done? I’ve already bought a—”

“You should’ve told me.”

Mc cuts him with dark expression, making him flustered at their sudden change of expression.

“…It’s fine.”

He says with a sheepish smile while they start to take out their phone.

“They have lots of interesting books here.”

Simeon hums after returning a brown colored book back.

“Then I should probably purchase this entire shop, so you could take as many books as you can, Satan, Simeon.”

Both of them laughs first at their serious comment.

“Mc, no.”


“You added money in my credit card.”

Mammon spoke out, with a hint of shock in his voice.

“Yes. There’s nothing much you want, but money. That’s why I did that.”

The demon starts to sweat, wondering why this human’s money isn’t going out, despite the large sum that has been spent just for a day.

“Isn’t this too much..??”

“Just shut up and take my money.”



The butler calls out with a smile on his face at Mc as he approaches them.

“Why aren’t you joining in?

They flashed a smile at the charming demon and gave a soft pat on his shoulder as the others occupy their selves into playing some games in the arcade.

Which Mc had to rent just for all of them so that they won’t have to wait for their turn to play a game.

"I’m thinking of what I should give you all next.”

They hum as they start to be deep in thoughts, and soon got one.

“How about I buy an entire mall for you all so that you could just come and go, take whatever you want?”

“Mc, no—”

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Android!Satan fic chapter 1 coming soon to an irlmammonn tumblr near you.

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how do some of yall still find my angel diavolo I would’ve bet it got lost in the depth of tumblr by now like my most of my other drawings o_O

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I got unnecessarily excited seeing Belphie’s new SSR, because I happen to have a clingy bunny boy of my own… and he loves to sleep too

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Does anyone have some good references for the new bunny outfits? I can’t get a good photo without any obstructions.

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*Barbatos shudders at the memories of Solomon’s food*

Well it is hard to say, I would have to say the birthday cake he made for me once. He summoned me to the human world for it and everything. For some reason it had meat in it, or at least I think it was meat.

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[ Go alone ]

(Satan’s affection -15)


> approved

> displaying capture targets

Mammon: 85♡/100♡

Satan: 70♡/100♡

Barbatos: 0♡/100♡

Lucifer: 5♡/100♡


>approved }

Lucifer looked surprised to see you by your lonesome. His eyes scanned at the empty space beside you, seeing no one.

“It sounded urgent and—“ you paused, considering if your explanation sounded like excuses. Was he testing you? For what reason? Or were you overthinking all of this?

“…I got lost on the way. The map you sent me was confusing…” You sighed in relief to see his expression lighten, urging you to sit with “them”.

Who were them?

It almost felt like a job interview. Barbatos was sitting at his desk, sitting across from your sofa. Lucifer was on the other, scanning pages of documents, while Solomon contented himself with the view outside, looking elsewhere.

“Uhm…” What a weird combination of personalities. Lucifer seemed to read your mind and answered for you.

“I’ll cut to the chase.” He showed you the documents and urged you to read it. “You were in danger.” Barbatos nodded, elaborating. “The person responsible for causing you harm had been apprehended quite recently. We wish to share this announcement to you now that the issue had been resolved.” He didn’t expect the serenity on your features, which caused him to react. “You don’t look surprised.”

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Hate-Love™ #10

You: *being way too nice and happy* Heyyy Belphieee

Belphie: *squints*… What?

You: Heard it’s your birthday~

Belphie: So? What’d you get me?

You: The only thing you don’t have: A life.

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Gross Otaku

Character: Leviathan from Obey me

Reader: Male


Word count: 3,797



Tags: degrading, humiliation, topReader, BottomLevi, teasing, slight FootJob, swearing, reader kinda of a ass

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MC, I'm home.
Welcome back!
MC suddenly remembering Asmo's advice
D-Do you want lunch or... do you want me?
Lucifer, unfazed
I'll have lunch.
*mumbles angrily*
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Cow costume belphie to bless your eyes drawing boys is hard:) click to see the image in full quality pls

10 notes

*Barbatos stay near the room for the hour doing small chores and checking on like every ten minutes or so. During the time he also waiting for Simeons text*

Barbatos: yes he is sleeping at the moment.

Barbatos: of course, I am worried about you at the moment but I am keeping a close eye on him

Barbatos: what happened with Michael, Luke mentioned he called you a harlot.

Barbatos: did he figure out about us?

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Reassurances did little for Satan to forgive his own blunders. You were at his side, attentive to the slightest changes of his expressions, intent on making him realise that he had not been at fault for what happened. The Purgatory Hall members did not comment on what they saw, and instead ushered everyone to their living room, asking for their preference of refreshments. Mammon seemed shaken by his brother’s outburst and was strangely quiet until Solomon sat next to him and enticed him to form a pact.

“An equivalent exchange for a moment of my time, don’t you think so?” The sorcerer smiled, any emotions or thoughts unreadable on his face. Mammon frowned, then looked at you as if he were betrayed; the sorcerer did not mention any catch on his agreements last night, attributing his generosity to drunkenness. You should have known better to believe him.

“Oh, you couldn’t take a joke, Avatar of Greed~ At least I tried~”

“Didn’t sound like a joke to me.”

You mouthed a sorry to Mammon, hearing him shout something about notebooks before your attention returned to Satan. Perhaps due to his outburst earlier, everyone’s eyes were focused on him, notes on their hand along with looks of expectation—no one was willing to speak first even if they wanted the study session to start. Lucifer’s warning was received in varying degrees: from indifference to outright opposition. You even heard Asmo say something about how unfair their firstborn was, expecting everyone to study together when he couldn’t even go. Then, you turned your attention to someone across from you.

“Simeon says he has an ice pack, Levi.” You tested. You weren’t sure if you were forgiven yet. He had defended you and seemed worried about you last night, but you would honestly do the same for him if you had ever switched roles. Just because you are fighting doesn’t mean that you stopped being friends. Thankfully, he did not ignore you this time, and instead let out a soft hm, as he stood up. No words, but there was acknowledgement at least.


Now…how do you deal with this situation?

The air was too thick and awkward. Satan was spent. Was it a good idea to continue today’s group study? But everyone didn’t seem to have any intentions of leaving either. You waited and waited, the sound of quill pens hitting paper almost deafening. They might as well just study alone!

“What the—how am I supposeta understand this? Yer handwriting’s chicken scratch!”






Well. At least Mammon and Solomon were having a more productive time. You squeezed Satan’s hand from under the table, catching him off guard. “Something the matter?” His eyebrows were knotted and he looked so solemn while reading paragraphs of human realm info dump.

“So, got any ideas on how to start?”

His tense expression relaxed. “You were worried.”

“Of course.”

“Not scared?”

You blinked at him. “Scared?”

He leaned his head to your side, unbothered by the public display of affection. For an unlabelled relationship, he never gave you the time to doubt his sincerity towards you. “You were the last person I ever…” He paused, making circular motions on your palm. “I didn’t want you to be afraid of me.”

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I just realized something. You know how in the “Do I terrify You?” chat, if you say “You’re scary,” Lucifer gets defensive and denies it? Well, I was thinking about the defense he gives.
At first, I thought he was using it sort of as proof that he couldn’t have been doing anything to frighten MC, because “word would reach Diavolo, and he would stop me! So I obviously haven’t done anything wrong!” And that is certainly the way it is written, on purpose. Early Lucifer does everything he can to hide that fact that he feels empathy and kindness.

You see, what Lucifer’s actually doing here is trying to assuage MC’s fears. He’s too prideful to acknowledge the fact that he scares MC; he would have to acknowledge that he’s flawed in some way. This pride, combined with the pain of hearing that he actually scares her, is why he initially lashes out.

“I thought I said no games.”

Denial of the truth of MC’s statement as a measure of self-defense. But even if he won’t openly acknowledge MC’s feelings, he’s not just going to leave things like this. He cares too much. Since this is early Lucifer, the reassurance comes indirectly.

“If I put that much fear in you, then word would reach Diavolo, and my treatment of the exchange students would be called into question.”

Think about what he’s saying here. “If I were to treat you poorly so that you have a reason to fear me, then Lord Diavolo would hold me accountable.”
Lucifer is a smart character. Whether this early chat is meant to take place before or after the grimoire incident, MC has no reason to trust him. Lucifer knows that. Lucifer knows that MC knows she’d be powerless to stop him if he one day decided to take advantage of her (in any way; eating, soul-taking, sex, etc).

Lucifer knows that if MC fears that happening, then there’s really nothing he could say or do to make her trust him. So instead, he hopes that MC at least trusts Diavolo’s authority over him. He’s trying to remind her that, as powerful as he is, he still has accountability. MC has someone to appeal to if the worst happens.

To summarize what I’m saying, an MC that is scared of Lucifer won’t be any less scared if he just says, “I’m not going to hurt you.” So instead, Lucifer tells MC that he would have to answer to Lord Diavolo if he did anything to hurt her. If MC has at least that baseline of security, then she could start to feel safe.

I’ve had this chat stewing in my mind ever since I first read it. I keep peeling back new layers and understanding it better than I did before. But I think I understand it completely now. The irony is, the answer was staring me in the face the whole time.
The name of this chat is literally “Do I Terrify You?”
That’s what the entire chat is about. Lucifer isn’t worried that Levi thinks he’s coddling you, he’s trying to sneakily find out if you’re scared of him. Because, you see, he’s worried that you are. Look how he reacts in the second part of the conversation:

“I am glad to have heard your perspective on the matter.”
“I may have to reconsider my treatment of you.”
                                                      “I like our relationship just the way it is.”
“That puts my mind at ease. Thank you.”

That’s quite a vulnerable and honest reaction for early Lucifer. In three lines, he admits that he’s surprised, he admits that he was anxious, he admits that he’s grateful to MC for their words, and he reveals that he cares what MC thinks.

Lucifer is very good at hiding his true feelings. So good, that I and many others were fooled. But man, looking back at the old stuff with the hindsight of what I know now, I see that all the clues were there. I just couldn’t see it.

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Out of curiosity which obey me brother do you guys ship me with?

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