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#Obey Me Headcannons
the-mexican-writer · 11 hours ago
You cannot tell me mammon and asmo co-parented baby satan. All the brothers would be still in mourning. Mammon just threw himself into work because if he's too busy he can't think about Lilith right? And asmo would notice the bags and how worn down mammon is since asmo is the king of self care.
Extra HCs under the cut
Mammon originally was the one to set up everything for the brothers to live in the house of lamentation, not lucifer. Lucifer was still in too much grief and was having to control his sin.
Witches heard early on about the brothers falling so they would try to summon them. Mammon answered all the summons even when it wasn't his and took on the debts of all his brothers. He felt like he deserved to take them all and he would just give them what they wanted to get it over with to be able to go back with his brothers faster.
Baby satan didn't have a room for the longest time since mammon refused to have him sleep in another room for fear something would happen to him.
The reason why mammon is the fastest is because of dad reflexes. Satan got into e v e r y t h i n g
Baby satan HATED not being able to see mammon so mammon had to use a baby sling for him. Also the crows used to babysit satan when mammon had to take care of things. The crows still baby satan til this day.
There was a huge learning curve for him when raising satan, he was used to baby angels not baby demons. Baby demons can be creepy af, their eyes glow and crawl on walls, mammon has a pool noodle to smack satan off the ceiling.
Mammon is the reason why satan loves books and stories. If Satan is already bored with the books he has mammon just makes up a story about a detective cat and his crow sidekick.
Mammon still has war flashback to when satan went through the terrible two's
When asmo saw how bad mammon's stress level was and the bags under his eyes that helped him kind of "snap out" of his mourning and self-hate
Baby satan did not like asmo at first, he would bite, hit and spit at asmo. He would screech so loudly that glass would break.
Asmo tried to charm him ONCE, it did not go well.
Baby satan only began to trust asmo when diavolo and barbatos tried to take away baby satan away from them. Since satan was a born demon and need to be raised by other born demons. Asmodeous practically destroyed half of the palace in order to keep satan.
Asmo makes all of Satan's toys, satan has a small stuffed cat that is a detective. Satan takes him everywhere and constantly needs it patched up. Asmo even has a toy hospital corner in his room because of it.
Whenever Satan goes into a tantrum asmo rolls him in a blanket burrito until he calms down
Asmo for the longest time could NOT bring home anyone for a night. Satan had a sixth sense and would just appear in asmo's room or would just destroy his room because he didn't like the smell of an unknown demon.
Asmo has a baby leash for satan, satan has no choice but to wear it since satan can and will run as fast as he can away from asmo and mammon
Asmo almost strangled mammon when he let satan eat a whole cake by himself and satan was on a sugar high
Satan's hatred of lucifer started when lucifer tried to take over caring for satan. He claimed since satan came from his anger he's his responsibility. It lasted for only a month before lucifer said he was "too busy" with work to watch satan and "ordered" asmo and mammon to babysit satan
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obeythebutler · 17 hours ago
AAYY i made it :D Can we get an MC who's part of the mafia and the brothers reaction to finding out about it. Like they over heard MC talking on the phone like "if they don't pay up by the end of the day they'll be in a body bag if they still don't have the money" and after it they go back to their original selfs when the brothers are there. It'd be a fun one ^ _ ^ P.s i really love your work 💖💖💖
Brothers React To MC Being A Part Of The Mafia
He never knew MC was a part of the Mafia. It wasn't mentioned in their profile, despite having the latest information on the candidates...
Well, they're used to murder and killing. The Devildom won't come with as much of a shock that it should now! Although he's concerned for their safety.....
But more surprising is their casual attitude at threatning to kill someone! Even Lucifer isn't this casual....
And where did they get the human world phone from...?!
His own phone dropped on the floor hearing those words come from MC's mouth....
They're a part of the Mafia?! Imagine the money MC would have! Sure they don't mind making a little deal with him now, would they?
But no murder! Not here when Mammon will drag them away! There's a high chance of death and he ain't letting that happening!
Mammon is making a mental note to always return the money he owns MC, because then he'll be in a body bag!
They're a part of the Mafia?! That's so cool!!!!
He was squealing internally because MC is in the Mafia, and they look so cool while threatning to kill someone! Just like that anime!
And they're so casual about it, murder's something they see everyday! Totally gives that badass character vibe!
MC said they'll be in a body bag by the end of the day.... Levi's looking at you, Mammon....
They're a part of organised crime? How interesting. What do they mainly deal in? Drugs, kidnapping.....he wonders.....
How exactly do they work? Devildom has a few crime groups on the outskirts of the city. From the books he's read, crime runs rampant in human world.
Take care not to leave clues for the police to catch ya, MC!
He'll be curious, wanting to know about their mafia and goals.
They're a part of the Mafia?! MC never told him! How rude!
He overheard them talking, and it definitely raised some questions in his mind. Why didn't MC tell him sooner-? Why hide it? Why be so casual about it?
Drop the act, hon, you ain't fooling him.
Please, please, take a bath after killing, blood isn't suitable for his skin! Also take care to dispose of the body properly-
They're in the Mafia? That's a dangerous organisation to be a part of...
Beel was worried when he heard them talking about murder so casually. MC was in the Mafia, and they never told anyone.....
He wants them to stay safe, please don't get injured, Beel will get worried.
Belphegor on the other hand-
They're a part of the Mafia? Cool, he's going to sleep now.
Belphegor wasn't sleeping, just thinking of the crimes they had committed in the human world. They weren't caught by the police, not yet. MC knows how to not leave clues.
When he heard the threat of being in a body bag, his eyes immediately darted towards Mammon's worried ones.
The human sure is something else, huh?
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obeythebutler · 23 hours ago
Brothers React To A MC That Looks Exactly Like Them But Is The Opposite Of Their Sin
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This human looks exactly like him, expect for their demeanour...MC is so calm! Unlike his wrath which is just begging to be tipped over...
The demons in the Devildom steered clear of MC because they are identical to Satan, and now you don't want the Avatar of Wrath to be angry at you...
But, imagine all the pranks that could take place! Satan's outfit and his hairstyle, and now MC is practically Satan! He's going to give Lucifer a headache now!
But he always knows whose the real Satan...*sigh*...where's member number three of the Anti-Lucifer club?!
Does MC likes reading too? Do they like cats? Are they also thirsty for knowledge? He's just curious, that's all. It's not everyday you see a polar-opposite version of yourself...
How can MC be so calm? Satan is on the verge of flipping over the table whenever Lucifer starts sprouting nonsense....
But Satan has some excellent self-control, that is something MC complimented him on.
Just don't mention that time when MC went to the attic...
My, my, they look exactly like him! It's like staring into a mirror! Come along with him, MC!
But then MC pointed a finger at him and muttered about how demons wont stop running after them.....
With great beauty comes great fans dear! Join him and he'll introduce them to his fanclub! They'll be thrilled to meet MC!
Asmodeus tried to get them into his bed but they refused. Innocent and chaste, just like the old him, eh?
Demons were confused as to why the normally seductive Asmo was saying no to their advances. Asmodeus has to now accompany MC whenever they go outside, because demons are attracted to the pair! The more attention, the more Asmo's happier now, isn't he?
His Devilgram is going to be spiced up with new photos! Oh, the photos and clothes that could be taken and worn...
Though Asmo would get on their nerves to maintain their skin, for he can't have them going around with dry skin!
The new human looks exactly like him, height, voice, demeanour, except their virtue-Temperance.
MC had pointed a finger at the brothers and muttered about how demons kept confusing them with Beelzebub. Even he was fooled for a moment...
They don't have Beel's ravenous appetite though. When Beel is caught snacking MC never indulges much, no matter how delicious the treat is. They're missing out on so many delicacies....
But on the bright side, whenever MC goes out demons avoid them, and in restaurants they get extra-large meals! Which they can't finish, but can always get packed!
Beel will finish their meal, after all, it would be a dreadful waste otherwise!
And when MC went to the attic....
When MC came into the attic Belphegor had to do a double take, because is that him?! HIs identical twin which he never knew he had?! Did Father create another child again?!
But when MC pointed a finger and lamented about how people keep mistaking them for Belphegor, he could only imagine how Beel would have felt when MC came out of the portal.
It's a bit hard to manipulate someone who looks exactly like you, but minds are different!
And MC is diligent! Reminds him of his Celestial Realm days...
Lucifer' always on his case to be more like MC-diligent and completes their chores on time, but he doesn't care.
MC can even attend classes in Belphegor's name, just a sloppy posture and sleepiness, and voila, they're now Belphegor!
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Okay fucked up little hc
The demon Bros birthdays aren't the days they came into existence (except Satan he's Luci's rage baby) but a rebirth as demons.
Like Lucifer fell and it takes months to years for each brother to make a decision to keep their lives or start a new with their siblings.
Plus a decent explanation to why Satan is both the youngest and middle child. Luci popped his ass out after Mammon and Levi fell but before Asmo and the twins. Or Satan popped out the same day Lilith died and Luci fell, but no one found his feral ass till after Levi fell.
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obeythebutler · a day ago
Could I request something fluffy? Headcannons of the brothers with a very shy MC who faints everytime they tried to kiss them? 😅
MC Faints Everytime They Try To Kiss The Brothers
He assumed it was a good idea to kabedon and kiss MC. After all, the whole move suits him, dominating and intimidating, but alluring, regardless.
So when he cornered their flustered form and titled their chin to look into his eyes, he leaned down to kiss MC, closing his eyes as he imagined the feel of their lips against his own.
Only that it never came....because MC fainted in his arms....
Poor demon thought he was killed them until he realised they had fainted....
Lucifer will have to tone it down on his moves...take it a bit slow.....He tried to kiss them again, but they fainted again....
It took him a lot of courage to ask MC for a lot kiss, and then his tsundere ass tried to make it seem like MC was the one who wanted a kiss!
So when he leaned forward, hands trembling from excitement, instead of lips he felt a weight in his arms. MC had fainted.
For the first few minutes, Mammon panicked as he ran through the house-"Did I kill them?!"
But when he came to know they were flustered, well....his own blush was difficult to hide....
When they both tried to kiss again, MC fainted.
It was finally happening. MC and him had been taking and now it was time for their first kiss. As MC grabbed his hand and he leaned in, blushing wildly, and just as when their lips were about to-
MC fainted. They fainted in his arms as Levi panicked, hyperventilating because he thought he held them too hard-
It took a minute for MC to recover from their fainting spell, and when Levi found out they were just very shy about their kiss, he could relate.
Because when MC gathered the courage to kiss him, Levi fainted.
He'd read about lovers kissing under the moonlight, in the rain, in dark alleys, obvious to the world as they drowned themselves in their love for each other.
And he wondered if he would get any moments like these too. But then they came, dying his world with their colours and stealing his heart.
It was time now. MC's hand in his and foreheads touching, a moment of peace finally gotten. MC and him leaned closer until their lips would touch and-
MC fainted in his arms.
If they hadn't woken up sooner he might have just started performing CPR on them...
The moment had come. Asmo had it all planned out. A romantic movie playing and fresh flowers in the vase. MC's hand was intertwined in his and...
And just as their lips were about to meet they fainted in his arms. When he didn't feel lips but a weight on his chest only did he open his eyes in confusion and almost was in hysterics.
If it wasn't for MC waking up, he would have been screaming. They've always been shy, but this was a bit...unexpected...
He'll take it slow! Let them take the lead as he lets them set the pace. But when they tried to kiss MC fainted again-
He never thought a kiss would lead to MC fainting.....
Beel likes to give hugs, he's a physically affectionate demon. And when MC had baked those cookies for him Beel simply couldn't resist picking them up and kissing them!
But then they fainted in his arms....
Beel almost screamed as he frantically tried to check for their pulse, and when MC woke in a minute they had to assure their worried demon that they were okay, just very shy.
Beel didn't dare touch them for a week, as he feared harming them...
This time, when MC tried to kiss him...they fainted again.....
Nothing like cuddles and kisses in bed, eh?
So when MC and him were cuddling in the planetarium, and they gazed into his eyes with a love-stricken look that mimicked his own, both of them found themselves leaning into each other, until their lips would touch and-
MC fainted. But to Belphegor it looked like they fell asleep in the middle. He does that too sometimes, falling asleep with his head on the slice of bread....
Only when MC woke up did he got to know they had fainted.....humans don't fall asleep in the middle of kissing!
Next time, when MC tried to kiss him, they fainted in his arms again...
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obeythebutler · a day ago
I'm just barely awake in time for requests to be open holy fuck.
Can... Can i request the bros reacting to an mc who has a lot of musical talent? Like, just in general? Singing, playing instruments etc.
Brothers React To A MC That Has Musical Talent
This demon appreciates music, and when he was informed of MC's talent in music, he just had to see them perform.
When they were singing a song to themselves in an empty room, Lucifer passing by heard the tune and leaned on the wall, closing his eyes as he took in their voice.
When MC had finished, being the suave demon he was stepped inside and asked them to continue playing.
Their surprise at having being caught was greatly amusing, and their talent for playing instruments....
Lucifer craves to hear them play the violin or sing, alone, in his room with MC. They sing beautifully, and the music soothes his soul.
One time MC started softly singing to him as he laid his head in their lap, and the sleep Lucifer got that day was the best he had in centuries.
He got to know of their talent when he stumbled upon MC singing in their room. Their voice was soothing, a melodious song as they cleaned their desk.
Mammon got a book thrown at his head for sneaking and staring, but their voice was simply that soothing!
And their talent for musical instruments? They could play any instrument smoothly! He's got a scheme with MC to make money-
But then everyone will hear them singing and playing, something for him only! Scheme cancelled!
They can play any musical instrument perfectly! Nothing like sitting next to MC while they sing...
He stumbled upon them singing a human world song under their breath, and when he listened closely, oh boy. They could pass off for a siren!
And they play musical instruments with such skill and talent that he finds himself in awe of their abilities.
Can they...can they...go Karoke with him? Please? He'd love to sing along with them!
He tried playing the piano, but what instead came out was a sour note, which made him wince. But then MC came and guided his fingers on which pieces to move for that anime instrumental song and-
Levi could faint from the intimacy and cuteness of the scene. Just like a slice of life anime....
He heard MC singing softly to themselves in their room, and although it was bad manners to eavesdrop Satan couldn't help it! They simply sounded too melodious!
It was quite some time before MC noticed him, and his first words upon being caught were "Why did you stop?"
Rude, but he was mesmerized. So, chuckling, MC began again as Satan stood there, intently listing with a smile.
They even knew how to play musical instruments! They sure have got some talent!
Can, can he sing along with them as they play the piano? Singing together as the notes flow in tandem...
MC and him will go together like bread and butter! Their voice is melodious, and they even know how to play musical instruments!
He loves to hear them sing. Whether it to be themselves or to him, Asmodeus will sit there smiling like a fool as he indulges in their voice.
One time when MC played the violin Asmodeus was ready to swoon...
MC and him regularly go out to sing together, who knows, maybe Levi might find himself some new Karoke partners too!
Whenever he hears you sing he's tempted to join in!
MC's voice reminded him of his Celestial Days, when angels would sing in reverence to Father.
Their voice wasn't any less angelic, in fact, Beel found himself smiling as he closed his eyes and leaned his head against the door..
And that is how MC found him...eyes closed in bliss to the music....
And they can even play musical instruments perfectly! They're so talented!
He heard MC singing to themselves as they were cooking up lunch, and Beel couldn't help but join in, singing as he hugged MC from behind....
He heard MC singing as he was drifting off to sleep in their lap. That was the best sleep he ever had in centuries...
Something about their voice was very comforting, assuring him everything was going to be okay...
Needless to say, he wants MC to sing as he sleeps in their lap now. There's a smile on his face as he nuzzles into their stomach, in bliss as he indulges in their voice.
And MC can play musical instruments too!! They sure have a lot of talent!
Belphegor really wants to join in when they play....can he...?
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obeythebutler · 2 days ago
Hey, I absolutely love your writing! I saw requests open and was wondering if you could do the brothers reacting to MC being in a relationship with Diavolo and them just never finding out until Diavolo proposes to them? Like, MC and Diavolo had to keep their relationship secret for a few years and one day Diavolo decided "nah, fuck that. We getting married" and just proposes to them in the middle of a public event in which the brothers happen to be in? It's really specific and it's alright if you don't do it! Have a great day!
The Brothers Seeing Diavolo Propose To MC
The wine glass in his hand would have fallen on the ground if not for his tight grip on seeing the scene in front of him...the glass shattered in his hand instant....
He never knew MC and Diavolo were dating! At first, he thought it was another one of his pranks, given that the Prince liked to mess around, but when he saw the ring Lucifer nearly spat out his drink.
He was never told! Nor did he suspect it! At least you could have told him about the relationship! Instead he's straight up seeing the proposal!
As disgruntled Lucifer is, the soon-to-be wedding pair has his blessings after the initial shock recedes (also grab Belphegor's suit so that he won't escape)
He still doesn't believe that they managed to hide it, but life rarely goes as planned, doesn't it?
The gold vase he was trying to 'inspect' fell on the ground....and Mammon was having a crisis as soon as Diavolo proposed....
He's their first man! The first demon to make a pact with MC! You just can't come in between-
Mammon threw a fit, but seeing how happy MC was with Diavolo he had to agree. Anything for their happiness.
Why didn't MC tell him about their relationship?! He's straight up witnessing the proposal! At least you could have told him!
Well, a wedding is now due, isn't it?
Mammon definitely did not employ some of his crows to sit on branches and windowsills and gaze into the castle...nope... definitely not!
Ruri-chan is my waifu-Holy shit.
His phone fell out of his hands when he witnessed the announcement. Diavolo and MC are proposing?! They're getting married?!
MC is his best friend. Best friends don't keep secrets. They could have at least told him about their relationship with the Prince!
His mouth opened. Then closed. Then a barrage of questions followed. When, where, how, why-
You're going to live in the Castle now! Do come to visit him, or he'll cry.
Levi wishes he had taken a picture of the moment...*sigh*
Where's the serenading? The pining? The fleeting moments where love brewed? What do you mean they've already happened...?!
Satan couldn't quite believe it at first. The Prince is getting married to MC? And they never told the others about their relationship?!
After the initial shock Satan quite approved of their relationship, although the Prince's antics can tire someone out easily.
BOne look at Lucifer's face would have sent him straight up cackling, if not for his own jaw hanging on the floor....
Take care of MC, Lord Diavolo..
Hell yes, it's happening!
Asmodeus was aware MC had feelings for someone, but he never knew whom, until he saw the Prince's love-struck look....
He was shocked at first. Moping in his room until it was proven the pairing was a fine one, where both of them would be happy.
And when he saw Diavolo proposing? D.D.D. out and Devilgram time baby! The Devildom needs to know!
MC should have told him at least about their secretive love...he could have helped set them up both!
But now a wedding is due! Can...can he be the wedding planner? Please?
The delicious hell hog leg was in the middle of being eaten when Lord Diavolo proposed to MC, and the meat fell out of his hands..
Beel's sad at not having been informed earlier, but he's happy for MC.
Lord Diavolo is a capable ruler, and he'll take care of MC well, otherwise Beel will be very angry...
The relationship has his approval when he sees MC and Diavolo happy together, all Beel wants is for them to be happy.
The others soon calmed down, and eventually gave their blessings to the couple. But wait, where's Belphegor-
All his sleepiness vanished when he witnessed the proposal....
Lord Diavolo as a partner, is someone Belphegor doesn't approve first...
He felt betrayed at not having been told sooner about their relationship, and Belphegor sulked in a corner for quite some time as Lucifer had gripped his suit tightly to prevent him from doing anything that would be distasteful...
But when he saw how happy MC was with Diavolo he relented, but not before not-so-subtly threatning Diavolo's life if he didn't care for MC well....
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belphe-whore · 2 days ago
Dem Non Bro Obey Me Boys (lol) react to a GNMC having a chibi plush of them:
Ok I did the demon brothers so now I have to do the non-brothers. Also unintentionally goes along with the newest event lol. Anywho. Here we go friends.
He was trying to help with dinner since it was your night on dinner shift
you panicked and asked him to go to your room to get your
uhhh ummm
yea a new shirt because you got sauce on this one
and you have a specific cooking shirt
yes that
(now I personally think Solomon is 100% aware that his cooking is trash I think he loves the chaos)
so after some convincing he went up to your room
Solomon has a light fear of going through peoples stuff especially someone’s dressers 
because he has found some stuff in Asmo’s boudoir in the past
so he scanned the room before entering 
you know swat style
that’s when he saw a little Solomon on your pillow
he is completely tickled 
brings it down with him 
uses his magic to make it like walk or something weird 
because Solomon
doesn’t really tease you directly but will tease you in the I’m just old man Solomon that doesn’t understand stuff
“Wait MC tell me again why you would need to ascertain a cute little version of me?”
“But I don’t understand if you want to hold me I can just transport to you.”
this will not stop
he loves it though
will probably change his devilgram icon to a picture of it
makes his own one of you 
and makes a point to say something like 
“I don’t know why I needed it but you have one of me so this must be what the kids are doing these days”
you loved sending cute selfies (or suggestive) to him 
because he always gets flustered about it 
not because of modesty
but like the fact that you are sending something to him
just for him
(ok lol yall Simeon definitely takes those parents on a cruise vacation selfie. Of like just the forehead)
you sent him a selfie of you with your new Simeon plushy (how suggestive or just cute is up to you)
does the tilt your phone up and down to make sure your eyes are looking right
“What are you looking at Simeon” -Luke
over reacts so now Luke definitely assumes it was risque even if it wasn’t
will pray for his soul now
you follow the selfie with a 
“come over I miss you” text
he’s rushing over but he is panicking internally
manages to control himself to come see you and not seem flustered
Is absolutely honored that you got a plushy of him 
“This is great now I will always be with you” 
wants one of you but isn’t sure if that will come across inappropriately 
If you get him one of you he immediately clutches onto it like a little kid on christmas 
When you were back in the human realm you always kept Luke up to date with new sweet and food trends
You planned to go get a new holiday treat coming out and Luke was sooooo jealous and sad he couldn’t go with you
since you had a few weeks to go so you ordered or made a chibi Luke to go with you 
you posted it on your devilgram tagging him in it 
and he is so touched
every time you go somewhere fun or have fun treats you post a picture with your little Luke
allllll the boys are jealous so they will tease Luke
but then you always clock them with the
“your jealousy is showing” 
you send him a copy of you so he can show you everywhere he wants to take you 
(celestial mail) 
he is soooo excited when you are reunited and he gets to hold the Luke plushy 
Simeon convinces you to get him a little Luke too 
you’d had the plushy for a while before he finds out
every time you spend time together it is at the castle to avoid the brothers
he finds out because you and the brothers started posing your Barbatos Plushy around the house reacting to foolishness or “cleaning” stuff
Mammon thought it would be hilarious to get it a little Rat costume/onesie
and Levi made it in .3 seconds
this was of course sent to Diavolo who was having a good laugh
He showed Barbatos thinking he would also find it funny
however Barbatos was gone
he was pulling up at the house
he was coming in hot 
with the eerie smile he does
they all of course point at you saying that it is your doll
and if you are like my MC you take all of the blame for the babies
once he gets you alone he asks sternly to see this doll
“ok but don’t hurt him I need it”
takes the rat outfit thing off 
then cleans the doll off and fixes it up (even though there isn’t anything on it he must remove the rat energy lol)
hands it back to you and kisses the top of your head 
queue the scary smile
“make sure to take better care of him” 
you can tell he does not want you to let the brothers get carried away with his image
will ask where he is when you come over or sees you without it
if you get him one of you he will have it with him all the time 
talks to it whiles he’s cleaning and cooking
helps him vent
very protective of the baby
Lucifer text him asking why MC has a stuffed version of him
Lucifer is worried about his image as the prince 
should a human be seen around with a chibi doll of you what will people think of this 
Diavolo has no idea about this and is STOOOOOKED 
“Diavolo I think you are missing the point here”
He comes right over to meet himself
He is so in love 
takes pictures 
“It’s so small. You can’t hug it correctly” is his only protest 
then hugs you 
invites you over for tea and presents you with a you size version of chibi diavolo plushy 
“Now I can hang out with you when I am too busy”
Will ask for one of you 
of course he could get his own but it would mean so much more if you got it for him 
inserts puppy eyed Diavolo 
won’t directly ask 
“wouldn’t it be great if I had an MC to keep me company at work” 
“I have a chair in my office specifically for you” 
ok low key 
could you imagine walking into the office of the future king of Devildom and there is this cute giant chibi plush of MC in the corner 
he would definitely show it off too
especially if someone looks at it or points it out
Anyways thanks for reading through part 2. I totally did not know about the new toy onesie event so wild timing there brain.
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obeythebutler · 3 days ago
One where MC never experienced having a parental figure so they adopt Lucifer as their “father” They call him dad and make it their life mission to make him die of a heart attack. They also refer to the rest of the boys as their brothers
Lucifer With A MC Who Adopts Him As Their Father
Lucifer didn't know much about MC's background until they told him. He could understand how it must have been for them. He had a Father whom he came to revolt against, but MC didn't have any parental figure in their life.
He was a sort of 'parent' to his unruly brothers, always the one to enforce rules and ensure the family was together. Mammon even called him mom once! But then MC started calling him Dad!
They wanted some hell sauce, so they promptly asked 'Dad, pass the salt.' Lucifer's spoon fell on the floor hearing those words.
If MC sees him as a father, he'll help them and try to support them the best ways he can. He'll be there for all events, casually talking while sipping on some coffee and helping them in their projects.
Lucifer noticed MC often hovered around in his office, whether it be reading or scrolling through their phone, they always came looking to him for approval.
That filled his heart with a warmth he thought he had long stopped feeling. Lucifer will try to be a good father figure to them, even if MC gives him heart attacks sometimes.
"What do you mean you drank that potion? Hold on I'm coming back-"
"Don't go bungee jumping on the roof!"
"That's melancholy coffee, not fit for humans-MC no!"
Their shenanigans will make his hair grow grey, but at the end of the day he'll still care and love MC, even if new lines grow on his forehead.
Lucifer acts as a parental figure to his brothers, but when MC calls him 'Dad' something inside him gets all gushy and sweet.
And when you referred to his brothers as your brothers?
Lucifer beamed with happiness as his brothers ran to hug you.
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obeythebutler · 3 days ago
I hope I caught the opening for requests dhdhdhd i love your writing so much omg!!!!!
Could you do something where the bois (brothers mostly but datables too if you want) go to the celestial realm for an exchange program reason and an angel (Michael or whoever) starts flirting with MC? How would the guys react?
Good luck with all the requests! Much love!!💜
Brothers React To An Angel Trying To Flirt With MC
The brothers had gone with MC to the Celestial Realm, but it seems even angels can't stay away...the result? Jealous brothers and some intimidation tactics!
The Celestial Realm already was stirring up conflicting memories within and on top of that Michael had the cheek to flirt with MC! Not a chance, he isn't having any of this!
Michael was already bombarding him with questions about his well-being, the guy simply was too enthusiastic! Though it was nice to chat after so long.....
And when he turned around to greet Raphael, caught up in conversation Lucifer didn't notice Michael attempt to flirt with MC.
The utter audacity. He isn't having any of it, oh hell no. Lucifer simply won't allow it.
Did he change into his demon form and grab MC's hands while making up an excuse to stroll the gardens alone? Maybe. Did he not so subtly throw Michael a glare? Maybe.
Was he jealous? Maybe.
Although the other angels were already intimidated by his demon form, given that he is Lucifer Morningstar, after all! Even when he's a demon he shines the brightest...
The Celestial Realm sure has some prized artifacts, and there's that tree where he and Lucifer used to talk underneath!....wait, that's his human!
Being in his birthplace was a nice change of pace, and as he gazed at the scenery he saw an angel try to flirt with MC..
Uh-huh, hell no, he's their first man! Their protector! Not a chance! Back off! Back off!
He immediately butted between the two, casually leaning onto their shoulder while attempting to glare daggers at the angel that dare to flirt with his human!
The others sure teased him seeing his jealous behaviour, but he couldn't care less, even if he was blushing....
And Mammon may or may not have swiped some pieces of their necklace and gold ornaments.... he's the Avatar of Greed, what did you expect?!
They're his human, stay away! Grrrrrr!
The scenery sure is a nice change from the gloominess, even if a bit too bright....hey, that's MC!
He was dragged along to the Celestial Realm, already annoyed as he was surrounded by normies, but then another normie came and attempted to flirt with MC?!
His envy is not very helpful here....He can't go and put an arm around their neck, too close! What to do...
Eventually Levi settled on striding up and sheepishly holding MC's hand...he's a bit shy, okay?!
And when the angel remembered that this was the former general of the Celestial Army they backed off, for he was now the Admiral of Hell's Navy! Status sure does come in handy sometimes...
Other angels, be warned. If Levi gets jealous he might just transform into his demon form and..
Let's just say, a flood will be coming.
The guts of this angel....he's the Avatar of Wrath for nothing...
The Celestial Realm was way too bright....Satan should have got some shades to shield his eyes...and then there's this angel who's flirting with MC....
Satan's doesn't get jealous easily. But when the angel's speech was on the verge of crossing boundaries the demon stepped in.
With a eerily calm smile on his face he strode towards the duo and with an arm around MC's waist pulled them closer, greeting the angel politely.
Satan's stare was enough to make angels tremble....and on top of that he's the Avatar of Wrath! The angel steered clear of him after that...
Leaving a very confused MC and a grinning Satan, much like the cat who ate the Canary.
Angels sure are busy beings, running off like that, aren't they? Well, there is a gigantic library here, want to browse some books?
It's been a long time. He's still as radiant and beautiful as ever, and his skin looks even better in the water's reflection! But that angel....?
Asmodeus flirts a lot, he's the Avatar of Lust! And the angel would want to flirt with MC too, they're truly something else! But when harmless flirting turns into competition, Asmodeus is there to crush it!
With a smile he pranced towards them, clinging to MC as close as he could while flirting with the angel himself.
Given that he was once the Jewel of Heaven, the angel would have a tough time resisting his charm, and if it works the angel is now after Asmo!
But if not, then he's going to have to become a bit more bold. He'll hold MC's hand tightly and cling to them, and his definition of PDA is...very showy.
So unless the angel wanted to take a dip in holy water they had to leave. They did immediately, lest they sin.
But the MC kept wondering why Asmodeus was holding their hand so tightly and nuzzling his head in their shoulders..."don't you dare scent MC, Asmo!"
That was from Mammon.
The Celestial Realm brings back memories of when Lilith and him walked in the gardens and gazed at the-is that an angel trying to flirt with MC?
The angel seems harmless, except that their courting attempts make MC visibly uncomfortable. Beel's not tolerating that. He's not.
So, he trudged towards the pair and just stands besides MC, quiet as he stared at the angel who is intimidated by Beel. They ease it on the suggestive jokes and tone it down.
But when you've got a quiet Beelzebub staring at you with a frown, the only logical choice is to scram. And the angel did exactly that, leaving MC confused.
Beel asked if they wanted to try some of the cookies Luke had baked, and how could MC say no to his puppy eyes...?
Luke kept wondering why Beel was grinning while inhaling the cookies....
That was the roof on which he and Lilith used to sleep on while bunking classes and that was the tree where-does someone think they have a chance? How cute.
Belphegor walks towards them with a sleepy smile as he rests his head on top of their head, leaving MC annoyed and the angel a bit puzzled.
The conversation cannot continue when Belphegor is there, and it got so uncomfortable that the angel excused themselves, just like they should have done earlier.
MC was a tad angry at Belphegor for scaring away the angel, but he put on an innocent smile while mumbling about how clinging to someone when sleepy could scare angels...
The Celestial Realm garden sure seems lovely, want to take a look at the flowers....? Pretty please...?
MC never noticed that his claws were out and displayed threatningly..
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ashxrsbeloveds · 3 days ago
hiii i have a headcanons request!
fluff? ig
a teen!MC that before the devildom was bullied, but after returning to the human realm, their confidence was up the ROOF, because the pacts with 7 of their big bros protect them from anything
when their bullies start to mess with them again, they threat with summoning x brother, but the bullies just laugh it off like the 8th grade syndrome
bully: what are you going to do now? summon a demon?
teen mc, beaten up: bet. *pACT MARK STARTS GLOWING*
how would the brothers react?
i'm sorry
a/n: SHHH DON'T BE SORRY ANON💖💖💖 this was really fun to write ^^ i uh, couldn't fit the fluff part aljdkfjf im sorry ;w;
tw/cw !! teen!mc //mild bullying under the cut (if you still wish to read the hcs, skip the scenario above to prevent any possible triggers ^^)
"Where's your so-called demon now, huh?" One of them push you to the ground, the others were laughing at how hopeless and foolish you looked.
You snicker, "I don't think you'd want me to summon them."
"Oh really?" Another one rolls their eyes in disbelief. "How scary~" they mock.
You stayed silent while they laughed at you, who was covered in bruises and wounds.
You had enough.
"So where's the demon? I never thought you'd be so delusional for your age, MC!—"
“Hear me, denizens of darkness, you who are born of shadow and you who give birth to it.
Hear me and do as I command!
I, MC, call upon you to send forth one of your number!—"
Tumblr media
"I summon, the avatar of pride, Lucifer!"
When you summoned him, he had a pen and paper in hand.
Confused as to why he was summoned, he saw how bruised you were. It was enough for him to get into his protective stance.
"How bold of you to hurt them, do you not know the consequences of seeing one of the seven rulers of hell don't you? I'll let you have a taste of what I can do."
His glare was fixed on the ones who bullied you. He didn't hurt them whatsoever despite wanting to rip them to shreds, as he knows his gaze was enough for them to flee. As Lucifer slowly calms down, he helps you up.
"Let's get you out of here, MC. I'll tend your wounds."
"I summon, the avatar of greed, Mammon!"
He was about to steal Levi's limited edition Ruri figurine, and there he was. Standing on the human world's ground.
He was about to complain to you until he saw you all black and blue. He. Was. Fuming.
"What did ya do to MC? Do you think I'd just let you idiots go? Tch, think again."
For the first time, he actually threatened someone and MEANT it. He summoned a flock of crows to come peck on their heads, making the bullies run away as they shout "demon" at Mammon. He flips them off.
"You're the real demons, freaks! MC, MC a-are you alright? We need to get ya some ice, hold on!"
"I summon, the avatar of envy, Leviathan!"
He was binge-watching TSL and suddenly he was sitting on the ground. Why— he was already in the good bit..!
When he saw you all beaten up, oh boy he was ready to FIGHT. The guy was mad as heck. He was this close 🤏 to summoning Lotan.
"Who do you think you are to hurt MC? You're only normies!"
His hydro powers were useful, splashing a whole load of water on the bullies before they attempted to run, only to find themselves slipping on the floor, falling face-first in sticky, unpleasant mud while Levi was laughing at the sight.
"That's what you get for hurting them! MC let's go, these fools deserve having their faces in the mud. Stupid normies."
"I summon, the avatar of wrath, Satan!"
He was reading another one of his novels in the library, and there he was. Confused with a book in his hand.
When he saw you all black and blue, to put it simply, his wrath has woken up once again and he is about to commit murder.
"Do you mortals have a death wish?"
He didn't need to remain calm and polite, he was about to snap. With full force, he lunges at one of them, grabbing them by the neck, making the others run away. He lets go of them as soon as he saw someone approach the area.
"Tch, let's get your wounds cleaned up, MC. If they ever hurt you again, summon me, got it?"
"I summon, the avatar of lust, Asmodeus!"
MC, why did you need him at this hour? Did you miss your big brother that much?
He forgot about his nails as soon as he saw you. You were all beaten up, your beautiful skin was bruised. YOU were bruised.
"Are you alright, dear? You—you stupid children! How dare you hurt MC?"
He was in his demon form, and they fled away as soon as he glared at him, leaving him irritated. He looked angry, really angry.
"They'll know who to mess with now. Let's get you some ice, hun. We can't leave you black and blue!"
"I summon, the avatar of gluttony, Beelzebub!"
As he was eating Levi's left-over pudding, he was summoned into the human world.
He was so happy that you summoned him, but that smile turned upside down in seconds after he saw you, all bruised up. Who in their right mind would even dare hurt you?!
Hunger wasn't in his mind right now. He glares at the bullies who were frozen in place, purposely throwing a nearby rock at them to scare them away, which surprisingly worked.
"You better run before I turn you into my next meal! MC, stay here. I'll get a first aid kit."
"I summon, the avatar of sloth, Belphegor!"
He was peacefully sleeping until he got woken up by you.
He opened his eyes and there you were, all black and blue and wounded. He gives the bullies a death glare. His blood was boiling.
"Are you testing your luck right now? Look at your stupid faces! You humans really are monsters, aren't you?"
Belphegor forgave humans, until now, that is. His hate for them came back, but it wasn't for the whole humanity, it was only for those foolish teens who thought bullying you was okay. He pounces on one of them, making them fall to the ground.
"I hope you don't mind me giving you some payback, MC."
Tumblr media
masterlist ♡
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dark-side-blog2 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy (late) Birthday Lucifer! Heres some yandere Lucifer headcanons! 
-Possessive. A sadistic, and lucid possessive hands down. Its just how he is... And as he claims, possessive tendencies aren’t uncommon in the devildom. Or even looked down upon as harshly as they would be in the human world. They are demons after all, they’re able to handle a bit of tough love. And its usually so passionate, that any lesser demon would bite your head off for a chance to be treated the same!
-He prides himself on being patient, but that’s not necessarily true. Sure, if you behave, act just like a normal student at RAD, and don’t deliberately ignore him, Lucifer could wait years before striking! He loves the thrill of a chase, and a good mind game, after all! But Lucifer has no tolerance for rowdy, disobedient darlings who hurt his pride or play with his feelings. Lucifer could wait around forever... But pissing him off is a one way ticket to being kidnapped and locked away.
-Lucifer keeps in mind your limits as a human, however. He would be much harsher with any other being, but well... Humans can’t even tolerate being hung upside-down for more than an hour or so, or else your blood clots and you die. Such weak and fragile things... Lucifer will be careful to not snap your body like a twig then.
-But to make up for it: humiliation and service punishments. You don’t want to stop saying disrespectful things, then enjoy being used to start pens and wet quill tips for an hour using only your tongue. Threw a fit about the outfits with an obscene amount of property tags or his name embroidered and engraved wherever it can be? Then fine. Don’t wear anything. Clothes are off limits.
-Lucifer is determined to mold you into the perfect darling for him! And he promises once you give in to him, everything will be much more enjoyable! 
-If you’re lucky enough to never need “additional correction”, then you have absolutely nothing to fear, and Lucifer can get right down to actually loving you openly and affectionately!
-He actually really loves to show you off, so Lucifer is more than happy to let you go outside almost every day! Which is unusual for a possessive, but it comes with a catch: Everyone can (and should) look at you, you’re a great source of pride for him! But you aren’t allowed to look at a single thing other than him, unless you get his express permission before you leave the house.
-Loves it if you’re touchy and clingy, his goal is to make you crave his affection like a drug. Even if he likes to tease you for being so clingy. Lucifer doesn’t have the time to play with his little pet whenever you throw yourself at his feet and whine for him! But maybe if you’re a very good, and quiet pet, you can play with a toy like a D.D.D while he works. Sometimes he even lets you sit on his lap while he works! Lucifer gets a massive kick out of the way you nuzzle deeply into his coat, greedily burying yourself so deep in his hold.
-Will use his status as a student council member, and as the third most powerful demon in all of hell to get you anything you want! Its a reward, whenever its earned. Lucifer isn’t heartless, after all! You can still enjoy many of the things you still like, weather that be reading, drawing, video games, or any other little interest that keeps you happy! All you need to do is beg him for it so sweetly, and Lucifer would be more than happy to budget your happiness into this months expenses.
-However, this also means that if you were to ever escape the demon, even for the shortest while, he would have enough resources, influence, and power to find you no matter where you hid. Not even heaven itself could save you! And when he does find you... Lucifer will show you how miserable eternity could be if he were to truly punish you.
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belphe-whore · 4 days ago
Thank you for all the love on my master list🙏🏻
I will mention all of you in my chants to Diavolo tonight.
I’m currently juggling between 12 request at the same time. Then there’s more in my inbox I haven’t looked at yet.
I am doing my best thanks for your patience.
Father Barbatos Blessed
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voidcallingecho · 4 days ago
Random HC
Levi totally listens to DDR music.
*Butterfly playing in the background*
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dark-side-blog2 · 4 days ago
I don’t like not posting :( but I’ve got only like 2 brain cells on my period... Can’t write any diologe or coherrent stuff... But i’m gonna talk anyway! Here’s some yandere obey me boys being chaotic nasties. Not all because I just couldn’t think of an ick for them that resonated as hard as these
NSFW warning for Leviathan. 
and another general warning because these are all just really gross icks. But it is all my empty head can think of right now.
-mammon hoards your stuff, no matter what it is, with fervour! But this also extends to things you yourself consider trash. Mammon can’t even though anything out (it’s canon he keeps used tissues all over the floor because he can’t throw them out), so mammon’s good two separate piles of trash like candy wrappers with wads of chewed gum in them, empty or ruined chapsticks, and used tissues stuffed into a plexiglass container, with a divider between them and two slots to stick the trash in, engraved with both of your names. It is the grossest thing in his hoard, and the plexiglass was only installed after he kidnapped you in his room and you kept getting flu’s and fevers from the months old bacteria literally scattered around the room
-Leviathan actually pretty cleanly, all things considered. You’re probably expecting him to reek more, given that yandere Leviathan resides firmly in incel territory. But no, Leviathan could never risk damaging his precious Henry, or contaminating his limited edition snacks with disease! So his room doesn’t have any nasty trash collection (even his shrine for you is cleaned regularly!). Everything seems pretty good... Except he owns the jars. He has multiple, actually. One for ruri-chan (he knew her before you of course!) and a couple for you, in two very different outfits. He has two commissioned plastic figures of you, and in one jar you’re wearing an RAD uniform, and in the other... Its just disturbingly accurate to your casual outfit. 
-Satan is clean. Not much in his room you have to worry about, if he even ends up kidnapping you (unlikely). But... He writes his own “novels” as a pass-time... Its practically a self-insert story, where he is surprisingly self aware about his toxicity to you. Satan might let you beta read, but he has some chapters he refuses to let you see- the first drafts where his character says word for word the same intimidating phrases Satan recycles on you. He writes “cool and commanding’’ quotes to use on you when you act up- which is, if nothing else, an emotional ick.
-Belphegor is a nasty boy who will cuddle and cuddle and cuddle a pillow with your used shirt on it until it develops “the good smell”. An amalgamation between his and yours, and so musky. Its almost exactly what you’re going to smell like when he naps with you for days on end and can’t be bothered to bathe you! And by the point that really does happen to you, Belphie’s trained himself to be very affectionate- a rare reprieve from how mean he normally is. Its almost worth not showering because of how gently he’s gripping your shirt as he noses his face into the headiest spots, purple eyes filled with pure adoration and happiness instead of his usual sadism!
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ashxrsbeloveds · 4 days ago
can you do one where the dateables were fathers??
a/n: OFC OFC 💖
dateables as fathers! (minus luke)
Tumblr media
As someone who didn't have a father figure for long, he's clueless about parenting. But that doesn't stop him from being super happy about having a child!!
Another companion and someone who'll give him a reason to skip work so he can spend time with them? Yes!!
Diavolo loves kids, though he hasn't taken care of one of his own.
I strongly believe he disciplines them ONLY by scolding. Barbatos is usually responsible for taking care of them, but if they cause trouble, only you and Diavolo have the right to scold.
He made Barbatos fix a whole master's bedroom for his child. The prince will 100% spoil them I take no objections.
The first day at school was surprisingly pleasant for him! As the president of the said academy, he'll still see his child from time to time. He trusts the staff to give his little one the best first day they could ever have.
He may or may not peek into their classroom every hour to check on them. The kids go WILD whenever he visits.
Crowns aren't really a thing for Diavolo, but he made someone create a customized crown for his little royal (🥺)
He saw it coming but was still oh so overjoyed when he carried them in his arms.
Barbatos knows how to take care of children. He's taken care of the prince for centuries now, so this isn't new to him.
As a butler, there's nothing he can't do, he can cook, he can clean, and most importantly he can't go near a rat knows how to take care of others.
Like Satan, Barbatos sees discipline as a way to form good manners. So it's a yes in his book. Unlike the others, he doesn't scold them whatsoever, but rather makes them fix the mistake (if it can be fixed) or make them help him.
Barbatos is always busy accompanying the Lord, but makes some time for him, you, and your kid.
Barbatos can see the future, so he didn't panic or feel in a bad mood when the first day of school came. He spends so much time with them, seeing his child go to school and wave him goodbye broke his heart. Diavolo allowed him to visit them during their break time just so he won't miss them too much.
He bakes them treats every day and makes sure the food they're eating is always to their liking. Best dad.
Video calls are often, especially if he's away for a business trip and they're having trouble sleeping without him.
He may not have time to always take care of them, but is grateful for every second he has with his child.
He's like Luke's grandfather. So he knows how to take care of children.
He loves carrying them. No, they may not be a baby anymore but he can't resist carrying them. Let him be.
He sings them lullabies at night, the ones he used to sing to Luke when he was still a new cherub.
Simeon doesn't like giving discipline but will do so if things get too far. He'll let them be sometimes, but once they cause trouble to themselves and/or others, dad Simeon's going to do some talking and clearing out his kiddo. No bad manners here, little one.
Probably takes them to a daycare or he leaves them to you. Can't trust Uncle Solomon.
He was so happy for his kid during their first day in school! He decided to enroll them in the human world, as he thought they'll possibly learn more there. They may or may not study in R.A.D soon though.
As the author of TSL, how can he not tell the story to his child? They've become a big TSL fan thanks to their dad who's also the author.
He sometimes catches them and Luke baking together. Luke looks like an older brother to his child...*sniffs* how time flies...
He's a proud dad. He's got a little magician :D
He doesn't really have any parenting skills, but pertaining to the fact that he's pretty... old, he knows how to take care of others.
That being said, he places protection spells on his child to make sure they stay safe even if they're not going out.
Solomon doesn't mind disciplining his child, but trust me. The moment he scolds them he's gonna walk out and rethink his life choices. He can't scold them at all, but he'll take action if they don't learn their lesson.
Magic shows!!! Performing magic and spells for his kid is his favorite afternoon activity.
You and Solomon agreed to enroll them in R.A.D, and oh boy he cried. You can't take his little magician away...! He placed at least fifteen protection spells on them on the first day. The guy's overprotective of them.
He taught them how to cast spells and do magic just like their father! He uhm, turned into a fish once when a potion they made went wrong.
Magic man is a great dad. He may be shady, but he means good.
Tumblr media
masterlist ♡
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obeythebutler · 5 days ago
Hey! Could you do reactions of the brothers and the undatables reacting to MC Actually being their kid from a one night stand? I think it'd be really funny lol
Brothers React To MC Being Their Child From A One Night Stand
I was able to do only the brothers, please excuse!
He never knew he had a child in the first place?! He wasn't informed about the birth, and he only found out looking through MC's birth certificate...
Asmodeus, stop teasing! No vulgar words in front of MC! Satan, stop calling me daddy! Mammon, I'll hand you from the ceiling again! MC-just sit down.
Well, it's his child, and now he's going to make up for lost years, despite how awkward it may be at first. Does MC like classical music...?
When?! From whom?! I-I don't know what to do or say?!
Lucifer is now going to hang him from the roof for at least a whole day! Stop giving him weird looks! Asmo, that's his child and only he can spoil them!
His protectiveness soars through the roof when he finds out MC is his child. He'll teach them the Great Mammon's ways!
That was a one night stand! He never knew he had a child now! AHHHH
His brothers were more shocked at the fact that he, a shut-in demon actually managed to muster the courage to talk to other demons and have a child.
This is..very awkward. What does he do now? Parent them? Feed them? TSL school them?! AAHHH get me a parenting book!
Well, quite the predicament we have here. MC is his child, and now they and his brothers are giving him the Look.
What does he do? Get to know them better, perhaps. Have them accompany him to bookstores and cat they like to read?
MC is going to be well-versed in the art of pranking, and in no time they'll have Lucifer on his knees! And..maybe..a slice of peace...
That's quite a pleasant surprise! Look at MC, they're glowing, just like him! Of course they're his child!
As the other brothers rub their heads in confusion, Asmodeus has already whisked them to his room to paint their nails. Matching, like child and father!
MC is going to be pampered so. damn. much.
They're..his child? Did their mother tell them anything about him?
Seeing MC warms his heart, banishing his hunger for a fleeting moment as he offers for them to go to Hell's kitchen with him.
It's awkward at first, but he's trying. Belphegor would be so happy to know he's now an uncle!
He didn't even know MC was his child until when..when he....
Gazing into their eyes, Belphegor came to realize they were his child, and in a flash he locked himself away, disgusted and terrified at the prospect of hurting his own child.
He doesn't even know how to approach them now. And why should they? Their father played them like a fiddle. But Beelzebub guided him, and the first step was making amends.
Tumblr media
The attic incident with the rest of the brothers won't be mentioned here because i don't want to get my heart ripped out.
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belphe-whore · 5 days ago
How would Belphie react if he found the MC made a pact with diavolo?
Tumblr media
That’s it that is the reaction 😹 I’ll give you more though.
Belphegor reacting to GNMC having a pact with Diavolo:
Belphegor is the youngest and uses this to get people to do what he wants
So he is an expert at manipulating to get his way
Therefore sees this as the perfect opportunity for soooo much mayhem
And if you don’t do what he wants prepare for optimum level brat mode
Super pouting
Anytime he suggests something and Lucifer shoots him down he’s like MC have Diavolo approve it lol
Like you would even need a pact to convince Diavolo to commit mischief
Actually improves his relationship with Diavolo because he knows he’s got leverage
Or he think he has leverage
Will request dumb or lazy things from Diavolo like letting him miss council meetings or have Diavolo commission the most luxurious bed for him and you of course...yea for both of you
Hope you enjoyed. I love Belph obviously but I don’t get a lot of Belphie only request so it is very welcomed.
Anywho thanks for your request it was fun 😻
-vex 🐮
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belphe-whore · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Ok saw this post and uh only thing I could think was
Tumblr media
The mighty first three. Also I reposted it like this because every time I reblog from the original post I always get the wtf is this comments from non obey me people lol.
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