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#Obey Me Satan

He chuckles softly as they kiss him, returning that kiss smoothly and sweetly. “I can tell… otherwise, you wouldn’t be so receptive to my… boldness, would you?” His arms wrap around their waist, leaning up to press teasing kisses against their jaw. “You shouldn’t be shy either… Kiss me as much as you please, my kitten.~”

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Waaa-! I’m doing fine, thank you! And to answer the other questions, yes. UwU, I hope you too as well <( ˘ ³˘)/🌹

Hope you all like it, especially you anon ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Rich, Rich, Rich.

“…Are you sure about this?”

The raven haired demon asked in disbelief at the smiling person in front of him.

“You might get bankrupt because of these..brothers of mine., especially Beel.”

Mc smiles brightly as they both watch the large demon eat and order in a repeating cycle that it made the avatar of lust to be a bit.

“I’m getting heartburn..”

“Mc, Mc! The dessert here is really good that I’m even getting inspired!”

Luke, the small angel exclaims in a very happy andd excited tone while chewing his sweets as Simeon smiles brightly beside him, along with Solomon whilst he drinks his beverage.

“The food here is really good that I can’t stop myself from eating!”

Beelzebub chimes, completely happy as Belphie dozes at the moment, knowing his twin will take a while to eat as.

the waitress and the other staff stares at the orange haired guy and the stack of plates sitting beside him as they were getting cleaned as the guy in charge get confused each time he gets back.

The plates doesn’t seem to be decreasing despite him going back and forth and with the help of some of his friends as well.

“I pity them..”

Barbatos mumbles beside his lord with a smiling face, since he had also experienced the same thing many times in his life.

“Lolol. Beel eats really well.”

Levi chuckles while he takes a couple of pictures of Beel eating to post them on Devilgram.

“Just eat to your heart’s content, Beel.”

Mc said with a big smile on their face, making the eldest brother, Lucifer to shake his head and let out a sigh.

“And the food here is good, but no food can compare to Barbatos’.”

Mc said with a straight face and voiced it in a serious manner, making the butler to smile at them, completely happy by their compliment.

“You flatter me. Thank you, Mc.”

The white haired demon among the group hums after looking around the place in his seat.

“Why aren’t there any other humans—customers here?”

Mammon asked while Satan watches in amusement at the people’s reaction inside the restaurant.

“That’s right.”

Diavolo joins in with a smile as he stares at the staff, who were all watching them curiously behind the kitchen doors, while the cooking staff suffers.

They were still cooking because Beel’s order just keeps coming up, and it was chaos.


Mc sneers and glances at the employees, who bowed their heads with a smile.

“The restaurant is closed today.”

They simply replied before taking a sip of their drink as the other female humans inside wonders who the handsome men may be.


Luke ask with his head slightly tilted to the side at the nodding Mc.

“You must be some kind of a special customer for them to open their doors and serve you, despite the restaurant being closed.”

Solomon chuckles while Levi groans at the sound of the females whispering about how handsome and cool, and also cute for Luke.

“Of course I am.”

Mc replied, face still straight as Lord Diavolo and Barbatos both takes a sip of their drinks, complimenting it as well.

“I own this place.”

Mammon chokes on his own spit, along with a few of them as Some of them doesn’t know yet, but now they’re about to know how rich the person they like.

“S-So, you own this 4 star restaurant? And you’re rich enough to own one???”

Mammon tries to confirm with a confused look as he remembers himself laughing at the human’s proclaim that they’re very rich as he thought they were joking, despite having a straight face.

“I told you I was rich.”

The white haired chuckles in a nervous manner while he takes a drink at the smug comment of his favorite human.

“Then how come there’s people here despite being closed for today?”

Diavolo ask this time while waving his hand at the female humans with a bright and charming smile on his face, who let out a squeal as they were some type of fan girls.

“I’m giving them a challenge, especially my chefs.”

They simply replied with smile, somewhat looking proud at their employees.

“We’re currently aiming to be a five star.”

They all stared at Mc in awe and admiration while Beelzebub finally announes that he was full while caressing his stomach with a satisfied smile on his face.

“Beel is finally done. Let’s go shopping boys.”

Mc announces as well after standing and waving their hand as a signal for them that they’re about to leave.


Belphie ask while rubbing his eyes and letting out a yawn.

“What do you mean by already?”

Satan lets out a chuckle while Asmo fixes his hair and takes a couple of more selfies and posting it on Devilgram, saying that they’re finally leaving.

“Man, I’m so full right now.”

Beel happily said while they exit the restaurant after Mc had paid their gratitude for their hardwork and that they’d get paid handsomely.

“Of course you are.”

Levi deadpans, along with Asmo who let out a huff.

“You really ate a lot.”

Mc smiles at the tall demon brightly, completely happy to see him satisfied and is also happy.

“You’re welcome to come here anytime, and that goes for all of you.”

Lucifer lets out sigh with his arms crossed while they all walk.

“You’ll bankrupt, especially with Beel.”

The human laughs at the raven haired’s statement and pat his shoulder.

“Oh, please. I won’t go down that easily.”

• • •

“A-A-Are you sure I can get all of these?!”

Levi stutters out with a complete look of disbelief on his face, while watching the cashier swiping the human’s black colored credit card as he holds all of his favorite anime figurine characters, and mangas that can only be found up at the human realm.

“Of course you can.”

Mc simply replied with a hum while taking back their card back from the female cashier.


He shouted while bowing half of his body as his face goes red at their smiling face and laugh.


Asmodeus gasp out before hugging Mc and letting a squeal.

“Thank you!!”

Asmo takes the clothes he picked, which was quite a lot and quite expensive but Mc simply said that they’d buy it as gifts for him without an ounce of hesitation, which made Lucifer to feel a headache coming.

You’re spoiling his brothers too much.

“…I’m included as well?”


Mc replied with a very straight face after giving Barbatos a very rare and expensive tea set that it’s only available to purchase at the human realm also.

“Thank you, Mc.”

Barbatos pats their head with a smile making them to nod their head, feeling satisfied once again.

“What’s this?”

Lucifer ask while he opens a dark colored blue box as his brothers takes a couple of pictures with the gifts they received, completely looking happy while Beelzebub eats once again, because that’s the only thing that makes him most happy.

“A gift.”

Mc simply replied while staring at the demon straight in his eyes.

“A pen, and this seems to look very..expensive as well.”

“Of course. You, me, and Lord Diavolo. I got us the same thing.”

Lucifer glances at Diavolo as he waves his hand and points at his pen, looki very happy just like the rest of the group.

“I’m afraid this is too—”


Lucifer stares at them with a surprised face :0

And so, Mc being persistent and just won’t take Lucifer’s no, he ended up taking the gift at the end.

“Woah! Seriously?! I can have all of these money?!”

Mammon cheers with a big smile on his face as his eyes sparkles at the sight of the credit card in his hands.

“Is it not enough?”

The white haired demon let out a gasp.

“Are you kidding me?!”

He exclaimed while looking at the machine to see how much money was in the credit card, and there were so many zeroes that he couldn’t help but be shocked and happy at the same while Lucifer’s head aches, knowing that his brother would just spend it until it’ll end up with just one zero in it.

“I love you!!”

The human blinks their eyes then flashes a big bright smile and a joyful laugh, while the others face palms as he starts to stutter out incoherent words with a red face..

“Where do we go next?”

Everyone halted and stared at them with wide eyes, disbelief written all over their faces.

“We’re still going..?”

Simeon questions with a small laugh, which was replied quickly by Mc.


“…You’ve given us enough, Mc.”

Satan comments, still shocked that they would spend, or waste their money on them.

“That’s right.”

Luke joins while hugging the stuffed toy brown bear to him, which was about the same size as him, while Simeon holds his second gift that you gave him, because why not?

It was a cute looking baking set that he kept staring at, which Mc, with no second thoughts, hesitation, they quickly purchased it and persuaded Luke to have it, using their puppy eyes.

Mc just won’t take no for an answer.

“Just seeing all the price tags on these things is making me dizzy.”

The little angel announces with his head shaking.

“Why don’t we call it a day for now, Mc?”

Solomon joins in as well, now knowing the situation.

Mc didn’t bought anything for their self, not even once.

They bought all of these gifts for them, just for them and would look satisfied just by that, and if they won’t take it, they’ll persuade for them to.

Quite amusing actually.

Mc was spoiling everyone in the group, no exception.


The other human among the group stands up, completely fired up.

“I’ve been waiting for this day to happen.”

They announced with fire in their eyes, making some of them to laugh a bit.

“You were?”

Belphie questions while they follow them to a book store inside as Satan excuses himself and leaves to check out a book that has quickly caught his attention.

Although, no one heard nor notice the blonde leaving, the conversation continues among the group while a few female customers, employees, admires the males and their charming looks.

“Very much.”

Beel laughs and caress his tummy once more, pleased that he gets to have another delicious food at the human realm.

“I’m fine as long as I get to eat.”

“Of course you would.”

Levi remarks while thinking that he was inside a manga that he had read a couple of months ago, before Mc’s return to the human realm and them visiting them.

I’m the most richest person in the entire world but I waste my money on a bunch of wholesome males and spoil them too much.

Mc’s so cool!!

“I’m gonna ask this time instead of Lucifer.”

Diavolo clears his throat and smiles sheepishly.

“Are you sure you’re fine spending this large sum of money, Mc?”

The human stands up and covers the little Angel’s ears, while he eats his ice cream and looks at them with a confused look.


After that, Satan comes back with a book in his hand, wondering what they just talked about.

“Are you all done? I’ve already bought a—”

“You should’ve told me.”

Mc cuts him with dark expression, making him flustered at their sudden change of expression.

“…It’s fine.”

He says with a sheepish smile while they start to take out their phone.

“They have lots of interesting books here.”

Simeon hums after returning a brown colored book back.

“Then I should probably purchase this entire shop, so you could take as many books as you can, Satan, Simeon.”

Both of them laughs first at their serious comment.

“Mc, no.”


“You added money in my credit card.”

Mammon spoke out, with a hint of shock in his voice.

“Yes. There’s nothing much you want, but money. That’s why I did that.”

The demon starts to sweat, wondering why this human’s money isn’t going out, despite the large sum that has been spent just for a day.

“Isn’t this too much..??”

“Just shut up and take my money.”



The butler calls out with a smile on his face at Mc as he approaches them.

“Why aren’t you joining in?

They flashed a smile at the charming demon and gave a soft pat on his shoulder as the others occupy their selves into playing some games in the arcade.

Which Mc had to rent just for all of them so that they won’t have to wait for their turn to play a game.

"I’m thinking of what I should give you all next.”

They hum as they start to be deep in thoughts, and soon got one.

“How about I buy an entire mall for you all so that you could just come and go, take whatever you want?”

“Mc, no—”

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[ Go alone ]

(Satan’s affection -15)


> approved

> displaying capture targets

Mammon: 85♡/100♡

Satan: 70♡/100♡

Barbatos: 0♡/100♡

Lucifer: 5♡/100♡


>approved }

Lucifer looked surprised to see you by your lonesome. His eyes scanned at the empty space beside you, seeing no one.

“It sounded urgent and—“ you paused, considering if your explanation sounded like excuses. Was he testing you? For what reason? Or were you overthinking all of this?

“…I got lost on the way. The map you sent me was confusing…” You sighed in relief to see his expression lighten, urging you to sit with “them”.

Who were them?

It almost felt like a job interview. Barbatos was sitting at his desk, sitting across from your sofa. Lucifer was on the other, scanning pages of documents, while Solomon contented himself with the view outside, looking elsewhere.

“Uhm…” What a weird combination of personalities. Lucifer seemed to read your mind and answered for you.

“I’ll cut to the chase.” He showed you the documents and urged you to read it. “You were in danger.” Barbatos nodded, elaborating. “The person responsible for causing you harm had been apprehended quite recently. We wish to share this announcement to you now that the issue had been resolved.” He didn’t expect the serenity on your features, which caused him to react. “You don’t look surprised.”

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Reassurances did little for Satan to forgive his own blunders. You were at his side, attentive to the slightest changes of his expressions, intent on making him realise that he had not been at fault for what happened. The Purgatory Hall members did not comment on what they saw, and instead ushered everyone to their living room, asking for their preference of refreshments. Mammon seemed shaken by his brother’s outburst and was strangely quiet until Solomon sat next to him and enticed him to form a pact.

“An equivalent exchange for a moment of my time, don’t you think so?” The sorcerer smiled, any emotions or thoughts unreadable on his face. Mammon frowned, then looked at you as if he were betrayed; the sorcerer did not mention any catch on his agreements last night, attributing his generosity to drunkenness. You should have known better to believe him.

“Oh, you couldn’t take a joke, Avatar of Greed~ At least I tried~”

“Didn’t sound like a joke to me.”

You mouthed a sorry to Mammon, hearing him shout something about notebooks before your attention returned to Satan. Perhaps due to his outburst earlier, everyone’s eyes were focused on him, notes on their hand along with looks of expectation—no one was willing to speak first even if they wanted the study session to start. Lucifer’s warning was received in varying degrees: from indifference to outright opposition. You even heard Asmo say something about how unfair their firstborn was, expecting everyone to study together when he couldn’t even go. Then, you turned your attention to someone across from you.

“Simeon says he has an ice pack, Levi.” You tested. You weren’t sure if you were forgiven yet. He had defended you and seemed worried about you last night, but you would honestly do the same for him if you had ever switched roles. Just because you are fighting doesn’t mean that you stopped being friends. Thankfully, he did not ignore you this time, and instead let out a soft hm, as he stood up. No words, but there was acknowledgement at least.


Now…how do you deal with this situation?

The air was too thick and awkward. Satan was spent. Was it a good idea to continue today’s group study? But everyone didn’t seem to have any intentions of leaving either. You waited and waited, the sound of quill pens hitting paper almost deafening. They might as well just study alone!

“What the—how am I supposeta understand this? Yer handwriting’s chicken scratch!”






Well. At least Mammon and Solomon were having a more productive time. You squeezed Satan’s hand from under the table, catching him off guard. “Something the matter?” His eyebrows were knotted and he looked so solemn while reading paragraphs of human realm info dump.

“So, got any ideas on how to start?”

His tense expression relaxed. “You were worried.”

“Of course.”

“Not scared?”

You blinked at him. “Scared?”

He leaned his head to your side, unbothered by the public display of affection. For an unlabelled relationship, he never gave you the time to doubt his sincerity towards you. “You were the last person I ever…” He paused, making circular motions on your palm. “I didn’t want you to be afraid of me.”

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> approved
> displaying capture targets

Mammon: 85♡/100♡
Satan: 85♡/100♡
Barbatos: 0♡/100♡
Lucifer: 5♡/100♡
@#&)(@)€RR0Я : ∞??!@????♡/10000000000♡

>approved }

[ Let him sleep for a bit more. ]

(Satan’s affection -5)

You suppose a few minutes on the snooze button wouldn’t hurt anyone. Satan had been working hard in the student council and barely had any time to take care of himself. Adrenaline also does marvellous things to someone in precarious situations. He may scold you about it later, but he’s rather cute when he’s angry anyway (totally worth it). Excuses continued to pile in your head as 2 minutes had passed—a poke on his cheek, then a whisper on his ear only earned you his half-asleep nuzzling on the hand that prodded him to wake up.

“Satan…” Almost a whisper. There was temptation in your thought, some mischievous nickname you’ve been wanting to call him urging to be uttered. Holding back a laugh, you strained your ears to the sound of the warning bell, keenly aware.

“Kitten~” An annoying tone that sounded similar to the sugary enunciation of Levi’s many waifus. Satan hated the fake accent with a burning passion. Deep green eyes squinted at you, now awake—a frown on his face.

“Your voice is fine the way it is.” He muttered (rather annoyed). Minor complaints is always a good sign of complete consciousness; you just hoped the extended sleep lessened his fatigue. “You should have woken me up.”

“I tried.” You took his outstretched hand and stood up, dusting your pants. “Will we make it?”

“No, but the janitor should still be around.” He said, matter-of-fact and checked his DDD. “I already texted Beel we’re going to be a little late.”

“Not Asmo—oh.”

Satan sighed. “He should really stop partying. Exams are nearing.”

“Maybe Solomon is tutoring him?”

“Makes sense. Oh, there’s the janitor.”

You have no idea how Satan does it. Even the surly RAD janitor looked almost cheerful when he was talking to him. In your weeks of being in that weird, unlabelled relationship with him, you went to several dates that you were vaguely aware of being impossible to book or access. But no. It always turns out he’s friends with the owner, the owner’s wife or the owner’s son’s friend’s favourite aesthetician or some variation. You weren’t the most sociable person you know, but his charismatic pull on people was influencing you as well. Positively. Asmo had noted that you were smiling more, you were easier to talk to, more patient and understanding, even earning Lucifer’s praise. The “understanding” you was wise enough not to gloat about it to your favourite (read: only) Avatar of Wrath. He may have mellowed down on his Lucifer Complex, but it didn’t mean that it was completely gone.

“What were we talking about before?” He asked you with a smile as he jogged over to you.

You smiled back. In the back of your mind, you couldn’t help but think:

I’m glad you’re the one I like.

With how he squeezed your hand and chuckled at your side, you were sure you said your thoughts out loud.

Oh well. Maybe you wanted to be heard.

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Lucifer Saves Diavolo


Barbatos tries to to force Solomon’s cooking on the brothers 😂

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That's not funny.
I thought it was funny.
You don't count. You started laughing in the middle of a funeral because you started thinking of a meme you saw on Devilgram.
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PSISLY: An Obey Me!CYOA – fifty🔖

the aftermath of Mammon’s normal ending

Taking Mammon’s hand that day and promising a new beginning with him was one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. You’ve acknowledged your shortcomings not only as a partner but also as a person. It was still an ongoing process but, Mammon’s smiles seemed to be returning to normal—gone was the awkwardness of your interactions, seeing a side of him–the real him with how he supported you despite your breakup. His affections and his awkward way of caring was very him, and you liked reminding him how much you appreciated him as a friend because of it: something you lacked, or overlooked when you were still dating. The way his brothers feigned indifference was uncanny however. Emotionally stunted demons who couldn’t tell their family how much they worried about him straight to his face, relying on your intervention to relay their messages. And when you told Mammon about this, he only laughed, and with surprising depth and understanding,said:

“I know.”

And that’s when you began learning about the real side of Mammon, Avatar of Greed. A growing appreciation for him as an individual, tainted no more by illusions brought upon by your rose-coloured glasses. You have grown closer to an extent that Levi felt threatened of his position–in an ironic twist of fate, your favourite demon serpent intervened with your hangouts with Mammon instead of locking away in his room, incensed and confused with your closeness after his assumptions that “couples who break up hate each other”. Even Lucifer said you were both strange, and was even suspicious of you if you were stringing his brother along again–you didn’t say anything, more understanding than offended by his accusations, and instead itched to tell Mammon about how Lucifer was so concerned over him, almost to a doting extent. He needs to hear this right now. That someone cares. Someone loves him. You didn’t believe Asmodeus when he told you of it, and was only convinced when you witnessed the firstborn’s protective tendencies firsthand. There was a timid smile on his face when you told him, calling you his usual “insults” that poorly masked his obvious fondness of you to hide his embarrassment.

“Don’t be stupid.”

There were times however, when you drew the line; especially apparent during your time away from RAD. Lucifer wanted you apart, understandably fearful that either you or Mammon would persist on your toxic, codependent relationship. Mammon kept his word that day, showing more honesty with his affections, and you, in a funny reversal of roles, were now shying away from him. You were mindful of Lucifer’s warnings and constantly reminded him that you still had feelings for someone else—a someone who you didn’t even know if he really existed or was just a part of your dreams.

The blanket he gave you was well-kept and was one of the first items you packed carefully in your luggage at your impending departure from RAD. The letter as well, was hidden somewhere for safekeeping. You contented yourself with reading from photocopies, often earning a disgusted look from Levi who told you,

“Yuck.” in all the eloquence he could care to muster at some “normie letter” he knew better that you’d be happier without.

The receipt was also stowed away, often a source of your 3 AM “investigations” that you were more concerned about than studying for your finals. At some nights, when you were feeling particularly lonely, you’d like to think that he was the one who left the umbrella in the park, hence his feverish kisses that night. It was a stretch however. A coincidence among coincidences. A girlish dream you’d like to hold onto, keeping your toxic ideals for his and his alone.

At least let me be a hypocrite for once.

Speaking of coincidence among coincidences, you were shocked to see wilted flowers in your locker—an extravagant bouquet of pink carnations that had now lost its beauty. Satan confessed to giving one to you, but was visibly confused when you mentioned the word “bouquet” instead.

“Its message is wasted by opulence. My feelings and desire to comfort you at the time would be misinterpreted with such lavishness.”

“So…you didn’t give this to me?”

He procured a single carnation from the wilted pile and twisted the stem with his fingers. “Perhaps it’s your mystery man.”

Your traitorous heart hoped once again, beating erratically upon his revelation. Satan immediately regretted his words and said,

“I’m sorry. Perhaps I should have lied to you instead, but his pettiness offended me and I listened to my anger.” He sounded pouting, explaining that he could only assume that your secret admirer left the lavish gift after seeing his modest one. “Whoever he is, he’s a sore loser.”

You were inclined to agree.

The festival was anticlimactic as you were busy organising the event as student exchange representative. The other exchange students did check up on you from time-to-time, usually an excitable Luke who gave you his baked goods for the day, or a kind and gentle Simeon who offered to hear your thoughts as stress relief. Solomon was there occasionally, often when one of the two were around. You finally took Simeon’s offer one very stressful day and like a true messenger of God, he listened to you with a kind ear. “I’m sorry to hear about that. Loving someone unknown to you must be very difficult.”

“It is. But…the more I find out about the little things he did for me…the more I grow to love him. Oh Simeon, I’m hopeless. He’s out there somewhere and he doesn’t even want me to find him!”


“I’d say,” Solomon interjected and cut through the thick tension that unknowingly built up in the room. “…to not look for him entirely. He sounds like a fickle and no-good man.”

“A sincere advice from an unexpected source.” You feigned a shocked expression as mockery. “Are you speaking from experience?”

“It takes one to know one.” he laughed lightly, turning to Simeon. “Isn’t that right?”

“I don’t know.” Simeon answered. “They sound pretty dedicated. What if they do find him someday with that tenacity?”

“Oh! A throwdown! How exciting. Will he be beaten into a pulp? Can I watch?”

“Shut up. Simeon and I are having a moment here! Go away!”

Thanks to Solomon’s constant badgering however, your heart-to-heart talks with Simeon were constantly interrupted. It persisted until the end of your exchange program so you had to settle for text messages and your angel friend’s love-hate relationship with his DDD. No such heart-to-heart was ever accomplished.

The mystery behind Belphegor’s knowledge about your locker was only solved at your final moments in RAD when everyone was bidding you goodbye. His expression shifted once you brought out the topic, and he leaned to your ear to whisper ominous words that sent shivers down your spine.

Ÿ̶̟̪̟̫́͘ö̷̧̢̞́̽͌ͅu̵͍̎ ̷̧̟͙͕̿̈͝s̵̩̭̬̾̏̈́̀ͅe̴̝̟͉̞͂͊͌r̸͕̊i̸̼̅̓͐͘ơ̶̦̫͍͉͊̃̒ǘ̴̡̖̲̇͝s̴̪͠l̶͚̟͔̆͛̿͘͜y̴̢̆͆̔ ̸̯̐͝t̷̞͈͚̒̈́h̴̰̠͇͘i̸̟̭͒̂͘ņ̸͙͓͇̑͘k̴̟̻̟͕̈́́̅̍ ̴͇̔͐̋̌I̷̩̊̈́̽ ̵̛̰̲̬͗ẇ̷͇̃͛ǫ̶̫̲̩̔̾ư̷̙̤͛̒͒ļ̵͈̃̈́͋̕d̴͖̠̀͆͐͜n̸̨͍̯̬͌̈́̀'̶̣̎̈́͌̃t̸̳͍͓̊̀̌ ̷̹̈̓̒͘k̶̝͈͙̔̓́n̴͕̼̕ͅǫ̷̖̖̰̌͝ẃ̷̗̤̫͠ͅ?̵̧̝̳̿"̵̪͈͊̓̎ ̸̢̧̡̈́

The dark look in his eyes dissipated as you pulled away, but his whisper of a tone remained threatening.

“D̸̲͙ͅo̴̢̰͙͚͉̘̼͒̍̍̍̿ň̷͓͉͙̝̱͇̐̈́̏'̸̬̲̙̭͚̱̆t̷̟̦̼͊̐̆ ̴͎͖̙̬̥̃̆̚͜k̶̲̲̝͖͓͚̕ệ̶̭̰͇̇͜ḙ̶̯̤͖̰̬͐̑͂͐̓p̸͙͖̙̽͂̾̓͜͠ ̵̧̨͎̺̝́́͜͜ș̶̯̍̋e̴̞̮̫̪͉͌́̓̿̈́͝͠c̷̨̮̲̺̭̼̝̈́̈́r̴̢̻͊͒͊͋̕͝ȩ̸̻̻̥͕͎̍̈́ẗ̵͎́́͊̊̅͋s̸̢̝̠͍̫̣̻̆̂̃ ̴̨̝̪̬̉̃̾̾f̴̱̰̬̘̹̒͑͂̆̚ͅr̵̘̈́̋͐ơ̵͕̰̾̓̈́̉m̸̢̛̩̫̤̘̫̹̐̒̌͆͝ ̴̡̡̪̺͉͎͐̾͗͘͠ͅm̸̘͓̭̳͈̂͂ê̸̢̼̠͇͐̏̾̑ ̸̛̜̭̰͍̪͈̦̌̎̓̊e̸̛̹̩̖̼̽͐͝ṿ̷̤̲̱͎͌͜ȇ̷̠̈́͠r̸̫̂̄̉͋̐̎̉ ̴̧̳̩͉̔̂̔̀̕̚͜͝a̴̹̱̬̙͈̾͗͐͘͠͝ģ̶̨̝̺̩̠̫̍̔̉̋à̷͓͔̌̍̽̅̆͋ͅi̷̼͖͍̠̗̙͕̿n̷̯͇̯.̵͇̱̊̈́̑̄"̴̤̋͒͗̚

You were only thankful that you asked on your departure, for you didn’t really know how to face him after his threats.

Just like that, a few months had passed since you left Devildom and you were back to the monotony of your everyday life. Oftentimes, you catch yourself reminiscing to your rowdier days, wondering about several things.

What could have happened to him? Was he doing fine wherever he is? Did he miss you as much as you missed him?

Was he even real at all?

His touch lingered on your lips sometimes, subsided only by the reality of the heartache he had left you. A more sensible side of you entertained thoughts of moving on from him, and sometimes even attempted to do so in actuality.

But every date was a failure.

They weren’t sensitive enough. Not eloquent enough. Not gentle enough. Not shy enough. Not…him.

"Stop being so picky.” your friends would say, but you were afraid of inadvertently hurting someone again with your ideals. So before your date could even open up to you, you would chicken out.

“I can’t do this…” you said in your nth group date, already at the door with your flustered friend persuading you to reconsider.

“But he’s hot!”

“And he’s not my type!”

You bolted out of the door…or at least you thought you did. Your head collided with a leather jacket instead, cushioned by the impact of your little accident by the man’s carefully timed catch.

“Woah there. Careful.” said the eerily familiar voice that made you look up.

“You know this handsome stranger?” your friend excitedly asked as they called your name, but you were too stunned in silence to answer. He was the one who answered for you instead.

“Thanks. I’m Mammon by the way!





Their first.”

[ MEMORIA 9: ~His Gravitas~ unlocked. ]

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Telling Levi that everything you experienced last night being a dream was a lie. You didn’t remember buying such an expensive blanket, nor did it come with the stuff you packed for your week-long refuge in RAD. The receipt he clumsily left with you was evidence enough that he wrote the letter.

“Ghost my ass. Coward.”

So you say, but you cuddled with the said blanket anyway, hoping remnants of him would be there.

If he loved you back, then why would he reject you? Should you have told him to wait for you? To fix your shit so he would give you another chance? It was pathetic. Now you understood Mammon’s desperation. But you do need to fix your shit. And maybe stow away your daily necessities at your locker until tonight. Classes would start in a few hours and you needed to prepare.

That fucking locker.

If you would have known this would all happen, you wouldn’t have opened it at all.

“Stupid ghost.”


You jumped at the sound and wrapped the cursed blanket over you like some cloak of invisibility at one of Satan’s wizard shows but you ended up looking stupid instead.

“Who’s there?!”

Your sneezing invader ended up being the last demon you wanted to see while starting your day.


“You weren’t there when I woke up. And they won’t tell me where you are.





It’s because of me, ain’t it?”

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Original                                               Flower Unlocked


Original                                              Flower Unlocked


Original                                               Flower Unlocked

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tw: this is really angsty and talks about toxic relationships, as well as very very negative thoughts. If that isn’t your thing, please skip this ending route and just read the epilogue/good ending

You felt relief–as if someone pulled you out of the darkness looming in your thoughts—that perhaps you were not as evil as you thought you were, not as vile or toxic or delusional. That you were simply in love with another person, and it just happened to not be Mammon. That you were not idealising him, but your feelings had been for another all along. Perhaps there was a way to fix this, that you could save him,which was ridiculous because you were the one who pushed him into hating himself because of your misguided feelings in the first place.

You are a horrible person.

At least your thoughts said so. Mammon was asleep in your arms, his face dried with his own tears but you can only think of the person who sent you the letter. It was deplorable, you know. Try as you will, you couldn’t deny your heart’s pitter patters at the thought that your secret admirer was out there somewhere, hidden to you in plain sight, and you felt for him the same. You looked at Mammon again and tried to will yourself to feel any feelings for him, but your own heart couldn’t seem to give you an answer. Maybe you really didn’t love him at all. You cared about him, at least enough to confront him about your relationship, but re-evaluating that, and hearing about how he kept such a huge secret from you only earned him your understanding, but not your affection.

Perhaps this was why he kept it from you in the first place.

Encouraging him to speak to you the truth earned you guilt feelings, and it only seemed to cling to you at his every word.

“Little D No.2 told me a classmate found something in their locker that belonged to me. It looked like my handwriting and it was addressed to you.” he was stuttering at every word as you tried to stop his tears, but they only continued to fall. “I didn’t know how to process it. We were so happy, but…it always felt like I was a fraud, y'know? You tell me I’m all these wonderful things, but I can’t seem to see it. Now it’s finally making sense.”


“Did you at least love me, even a little bit, as me? Or was it always him ?”

How could you ever answer that? Everything was so new to you, it was all confusing. Your mind continued scrambling over your feelings for both of them but it only seemed to fluctuate, from feelings of pity for the one who had lost you, to hopeless pining for the one you couldn’t ever have.

You tried to convince yourself that it’s all wrong, that perhaps you’re only deluding yourself, for it’s impossible to fall in love with a person you don’t even know. You thought about Mammon again, and it only stung your eyes.

What the hell do you call our relationship then? he asked you in your vivid imagination, carrying the cursed facade he urged himself to become. You loved Mammon then, with all his undiscovered layers, his multifaceted sides, although not his, was endearing to you. Then, that Mammon changed back to the one everyone knew and loved, with his trademark sunglasses and devilish smirk, handing out to you his own letter. His own feelings you’ve never had a chance to read for yourself.

You wondered if you’d still fall in love with him if you read his actual letter.



You gently laid Mammon down on your lap as you reached out for the letter on your drawer. It was well-kept, its scent now faint from rereading one too many times. The carnations on its corners were now a light pink, a part wrinkled and deformed from the tears that fell down your eyes when you chose to read it one particularly bad day, as it was your only solace at that time. Swallowing, you bit your lips and opened the envelope, greeted by your mysterious admirer’s elegant handwriting. You read its passages again to affirm that silly slip of your mind, a hope that perhaps you’re mistaken, that maybe you can still love the demon who didn’t want you to leave him, but ah. Your heart was a mess again as you read the letter’s passages. His heartfelt words. His love. A weird clumsiness there that spoke of propriety but gave something else away.

You thought you would discover something new, something that would make you feel human again in your rereading, but oh what a joke.

Whoever you are, Mr. Secret Admirer, please come out. You hoped for him to save you from being sunk into your ocean of denials, your growing feelings for him, an unknown that you wanted so much to be another person. To be Mammon. Why couldn’t it be Mammon? He would understand, wouldn’t he? He didn’t seem to want any reciprocation on your part when he wrote it to you, but the thought of never knowing him ached your heart. Aren’t you arrogant enough to decide who you should love? Now that Mammon was hurt by you, are you moving to your next target? Are you that much of a self-absorbed bitch?






You felt tears stinging your eyes as more self-deprecating thoughts filled your head. It pointed fingers at you and laughed at you, calling you many names you thought you had already forgotten–a distant memory of your past that still carried its remnants in the scars of your heart.

This is why he killed you.

They only see Lilith in you.

You hurt the only person who loved you. Aren’t you spoiled?


How many apologies have you made your entire life, sorrys spoken despite not knowing what you have done? How true were the cruel words spouted at you when they thought they couldn’t be heard? How deep were the wounds that festered and left ugly scars? How trivialising did you turn every sleepless night in daily conversations out of fear that no one will ever care?

How deserving are you of love that you would deny it to someone who truly loved you? For what? Feelings for an unknown you weren’t even sure of? Was it even worth the risk? Perhaps it was a prank? Perhaps the author of your beloved letter would come out of hiding one day and take his words back, what would you do then? And for what reason would the hurt you caused Mammon then if your unrealised feelings amounted to nothing?

Why couldn’t you just love him?

Your eyes hurt with how much you were rubbing it dry. Washing your face did little to hide its puffiness. You were tired of crying and feeling sorry for yourself, especially when you deserved it.

You wanted to make things better. Even if everything hurt, even if it was presumptuous of you to do so. Even if your heart screamed for you to follow it, to abandon all logic and find him. You wanted to tell him how much his words saved you, how much you think about him every day, how you wondered why you never noticed him and how you felt bad about that, how much you wanted to get to know him. How wonderful he was. How much he made you laugh with his clumsy awkwardness. How prettily he weaved his words. How happy you were to be loved by him, and…perhaps, how much you might love him back.

But you couldn’t do that. You don’t deserve to be happy. You don’t deserve to meet him. You don’t deserve a choice, especially if the one you thought you loved was hurting because of you.

You would rather see Mammon happy than follow your heart. You cared for him enough to let “him” go.

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All of of the commissions i did in January. Thank you to everyone who commissioned me!

I’m planning to open my commissions again in February so if you’re interested please send me message and i’ll put you in the list. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! ❤

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[ I like it. ]

(Mammon’s affection -60)


> approved
> displaying capture targets

Mammon: 30♡/100♡
Satan: 85♡/100♡
Barbatos: 0♡/100♡
Lucifer: 5♡/100♡

>approved }

It started raining as you spoke, familiar with the scent of petrichor in the air as it hit the earth. Perhaps because of it taking your attention, you mistook Mammon’s calm expression with a wistful one for a fraction of a second–gone immediately from your peripheral as he told you, “Forgive me, but we must run.” His statement led both of you to an awning of a nearby restaurant. Thanks to his quick response, both of you were only slightly damp, although from the way the rain was turning into a downpour, as well as the clock inching every second closer to your curfew, that may immediately change. Mammon acknowledged that and looked over to your side.

“Allow me to find both of us an umbrella. We cannot stay here for long.” And you nodded despite still being weirded out by his mannerisms.

The moments of your lonesome with a downpour just a few steps away from your small safe space led you to a trail of idle thoughts. You wondered about the strange way he was behaving, the reasons behind his actions and most of all, your alarming attraction to a side of his that you weren’t very used to. The way he spoke reminded you of the elusive Mammon who wrote you the letter—fancy words filled with love and affection, hinting of shyness and melancholy at every passage. A reserved love that threatened to pour out with every apology, with every praise or pleasantry it pretends to be interested in, masking away the three words that seemed to permeate despite its veneer of propriety. A love that regrets, but loves you despite all the reasons that seemed to argue against it. A love that felt burdened but kept on loving, unnoticed by an oblivious you. A love that loved enough to share jokes and even lighthearted conversations with you despite the weight of its sacrifice. A love perhaps a little too heavy for someone like you who had only noticed it until now–yet despite the weight of its feelings, you’d want to give it a chance.

Why? Because it felt like its sender, who adored you so much (almost to an unimaginable extent), needed it too—to be loved and cherished unconditionally. A wonderful person that deserves a love only equal to his own. That was why you wanted to love Mammon, willing and perhaps even excited to see the side of him he had been trying so hard to hide behind his empty vitriol and threats. You wanted that Mammon to feel that he is also loved, and will be loved despite it all. But who were you to decide for him? Why did you feel not a hint of worry or care once he started acting strange? Why were you excited about his change instead? Was it terrible of you to feel anticipation over it? Any conclusion to your thoughts had to end prematurely with his arrival. He seemed to have run a considerable distance, for the usually energetic him was panting in front of you.

“I apologise for taking so long. Here.” he handed you a plain, black folding umbrella as he wiped himself with his wet handkerchief.

“What about you?”

“I’m already wet, so using an umbrella is useless. You however, might catch a cold. Now hurry before Lucifer goes home before us.”

You can’t argue against that, so you reneged. Hating the silence consuming both of you, you kept on conversing with him as you walked home.

“I’m sorry for making you run in the rain. It must have been difficult getting  an umbrella.”

“Not really,” Mammon sounded almost bashful. “Rather, I felt bad for taking it.”

“Taking?” he didn’t purchase it?

Noticing your confusion, Mammon answered. “There were actually two of them: a disposable one and this one near the park. The nearby shops have already sold out of umbrellas, so I was left with no choice but to…borrow it.”


The old Mammon would have grabbed both umbrellas without a care. This new Mammon was amusing, however. “So why did you only take one?” you couldn’t help but ask.

“Why? Well, it would be the right thing to do. What if other people are stranded and are in need of one to get home?” he sounded almost offended while he explained his reasoning to you and it took all of your being not to point out his adorable pouting as he spoke.

“This isn’t so bad…”


“You. This…you. It’s weird but I like it. I really like it.” You smiled at him. “Why did you randomly decide to act like this though? Did you lose a bet or something?”

You thought you were in the middle of a lighthearted conversation. Your smiles should already be telling, and so was your playful tone, but Mammon suddenly stopped walking. There was a frown on his face, a look of hurt you recognised at the many instances where his feelings had been overlooked–a mean word spoken out of affection but still carried wounds and scars.

Have you…hurt him?

“Do you really like it that much?” his polite tone sounded forced. “Perhaps you would prefer it if I stay this way?”

The rain was loud on your ears, the black umbrella on your hands colliding with the downpour and creating an uncomfortable, crackling sound. You felt your shoes stepping on a puddle as you were stopped his gaze. His hands were balled into fists, threatening to burst a vein with how tightly it was clenched. Yet…only confusion seemed to register in your emotions, oblivious to the weight of your own words.

“I don’t understand Mammon.”

You heard him sigh.

“I’m not sure what you’re implying but, I like you. Am I supposed to say I hate that you’re acting like this, even if it’s a lie?”

He looked…tired—the rain not helping to cause an illusion of tears on his spectacled face. If not for the small smile gracing his features, you would have assumed you made him cry as well. Then again, would someone who you hurt look at you so gently? His wet hand laid atop your head.

“You’re right. Liking someone shouldn’t be so complicated. As long as you like me, even if it’s a lie, you’ll never leave my side, won’t you?”

Blinking, you answered obliviously. “Well, I have a few more weeks left. And even then, we’d still see each other, right?”

Laughter had been his answer to you, along with the long-drawn silence accompanied by seemingly endless rainfall. Silence continued to loom between the two of you even as you fussed over him to take a quick shower and get a fresh change of clothes so he wouldn’t catch a cold once you got home. Dinner had been the same as usual, albeit with forced conversations that you couldn’t bear to pretend on not noticing. Perhaps he noticed as well, and was rather affectionate with you (probably because of it) once you two were alone. Questions were raised over his strange behaviour, but he had been avoidant, even unaccommodating with his answers, only focused on the warmth of your hand under the dinner table; his lukewarm responses, although polite reminded you of his impulsive old self—his old self that you began to wonder if it’s ever coming back.

[ MEMORIA 8: ~Chasing an Illusion~ unlocked ]

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So big brain time. And maybe I’m totally wrong here

In the first lesson, Lucifer explained that a pure human soul is like a shiny jewel to demons and they’d do anything to claim one.

Them we spend the next 20 lessons running about and forming pacts under the guise of having control and doing a long-term good deed…which means that while we have control over them, they now claim a portion of our soul. Wouldn’t that tarnish the shiny soul? Did we actually fall for the ruse of the demons by handing over a portion of our soul to them while it was shiny? Did we ultimately lose the tasked challenge to resist the demons??

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Diavolo: Mc! I made this for you!

Mc: oh it’s a chocolate cake! Thank you Diavolo! You’re so sweet

Hours later

Mc: hmmm? Why is everyone holding a chocolate cake?

Lucifer: I picked it up from the bake shop for you

Mammon: my manager gave it to me so I’m giving to you you better be thankful to the Great Mammon!

Leviathan: well it’s Ruri-Chan themed so I wanted to share with you!

Satan: I picked it up at the cat cafe so I wanted to gift this to you

Asmo: I went to an exquisite bakery and picked it up come share with me honey!

Beel: belphie and I made it from scratch I know it doesn’t look perfect but I want to eat it with the three of you

Belphie: join us Mc

Mc: (fuck too much cake I’m going to get sick…)

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> approved
> displaying capture targets

Mammon : 100♡/100♡
Satan: 85♡/100♡
Barbatos: 0♡/100♡
Lucifer: 5♡/100♡

>approved }

You wondered where it all went wrong.

Everything had been perfect since you discovered the identity of your secret admirer. Uncovering sides of Mammon that perhaps he wasn’t even aware of himself, you spent a lot of time getting to know each other, marveling at every new thing you discovered about him. You kept his love-filled words close to your heart, lingering there at times when you felt lost and perhaps even unloved. His penned words were beautiful yet poignant, hopeful yet deep which, you have eventually discovered reflected so much of Mammon himself. He often rebuffed your praises, perhaps shy of your careful observations. There would always be a blush there dusting his cheeks, colouring itself in deeper shades at every sneaky kiss. You always liked those nights when you talk about anything that pops out of your minds, and you thought he liked them too. But now, you were starting to feel doubt.

“Mammon, I didn’t mean to–”

He turned away from you and covered his face with both of his hands. “This ai– this won't…” he hesitated. “It will never work between us.”

How did it come to this?


Flashback to this morning when it all started.

“Mammon?” you couldn’t help but reach out to him, your hand touching his cheek. ’ Didn’t the spell work?’ you thought to yourself as you heard him stutter a ‘Yes’, kissing your inner palms.

“Is something amiss, my love? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

So it didn’t work?

You shook your head and let your hand rest on his cheek. “No…I was just wondering if you wanted to sleep some more.”

Why is he still acting like this?

“If I sleep now, then it would ruin yesterday’s efforts.” he fiddled with something in his DDD–his email app; showing two booked tickets to Devil’s Coast. Signs of the old Mammon showed in his boyish grin. “And all it took was covering for an acquaintance’s shift.”

“Is that why you’re there yesterday?”

Mammon smiled shyly. “Yes…I wanted to surprise you. Is it too early to celebrate the conclusion of our final exams?”

You couldn’t help but smile back. You planted a kiss on his lips which he happily received. “Very early. But this is a nice change of pace before Armageddon.”

“Ain’t that the–” he cleared his throat and quickly corrected himself. “Very true. Once this weekend is over, we are back to our old, monotonous routines.”

You weren’t imagining it. Something about his graceful movements really did seem off. “I’m looking forward to it!” Then again, you supposed there was a reason behind this. You decided to humour him and pretend you haven’t noticed anything. “Let me wash up first and we can grab something to eat?”

“That sounds lovely.”

Hoping your feigned smile wouldn’t betray you, you shut the bathroom door and quickly opened your DDD to text Satan.

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