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#Obey Me Satan
beels-burger-babe28 minutes ago
All is Fair in Dice and War
Tumblr media
***Soooo, @bagelsinatoaster I love this request. However, you didn't specify which board game and as I am a huge nerd I decided to take some creative liberties and combine this with another idea I've been meaning to write which is: MC introducing the demon bros to Dungeons and Dragons. I certainly had fun with this and I hope you like it!*** Summary: Leviathan's world is flipped upside down when MC tells him there is a game that basically allows him to be the Lord of Shadows in real life!! He demands that his brothers join him as MC introduces them all to the chaotic shit show that is Dungeons & Dragons. For once, it was a peaceful day in the House of Lamentation. Lucifer was lounging in the living room with a cursed record playing softly in the background. For once, Satan had willingly joined him and was sitting by the fireplace, thumbing through a book on the human world. Belphie had been passed out on the couch when he arrived and was still laying there with an impressive puddle of drool collecting near his mouth. Even Asmodeus and Beel had joined in, with Asmodeus gently humming to himself as he painted his nails and Beelzebub happily munching on a snack as he enjoyed the sight of his family getting along. Yes. It was perfectly quiet and peaceful, and Lucifer didn't even have any traces of his regular migraine. But of course, nothing good lasts forever. Everyone jumped as the door slammed open and a wide-eyed Leviathan dragged you into the room. The two you very closely followed by Mammon loudly complaining. "Oi! You're gonna hurt them! Cut it out, Levi!" Lucifer sighed and closed his eyes, momentarily mourning the peace that he had just barely begun to enjoy, and closed his book. "Leviathan, let MC go. What are you freaking out about this time?" Lucifer regretted asking the moment the words left his mouth. Levi looked at it with the expression he only ever got when his limited edition Ruri-Chan merch arrived; his eyes were wide and glittering with excitement while his face bore a grin so large that Lucifer was surprised it didn't rip his skin. The third-born was practically vibrating as he let go of your wrist and pushed you forward. "Tell them! Tell them about the game!"
You laughed at Levi's excitement and casually rubbed your wrist. "I was just telling Leviathan about a game that we play in the human world called Dungeons and Dragons-" "You get to make a fantasy world that everyone plays in, and everyone makes characters. You can be a wizard and cast spells against a huge monster! Or a war hero fighter that has been betrayed by his brother! Or a noble knight who is looking for his lost kingdom! And the best part is that it's real!" Levi interrupted, nearly jumping in place as stars danced in his eyes. You put your hands out towards him to try and calm him a bit. "Well, not entirely real. It is played in person, but it's a role play tabletop game, meaning it mostly relies on the players' imagination. That is unless you have thousands of dollars to spend on 3D maps and figurines of your characters." Levi's eyes grew even wider, if possible, as he started shaking his hands up and down. "I CAN HAVE A FIGURINE OF A CHARACTER THAT I MADE?! GAAAAAAAAAHH!" A pillow flew across the room and hit Levi square in the face as a now awake Belphegor glared at him. "Will. You. Shut. Up?" the Avatar of Sloth hissed as a dark dangerous aura grew around him. Beel gently patted his twin's head in hopes of calming him. Leviathan pouted as he noticed no one else seemed to be getting excited about it. "C-Come on guys! This isn't even a video game! It's a thing that we can all do together and personalize it to be something that everyone will like. It'll be fun! Right MC?" You nodded as you gently tossed Belphie's pillow back over to him. "Yeah. I love D&D. I played it all the time in the human world. There's action, suspense, and even romance if you really wanted it," a couple of the brothers perked up at that. "I could put together a one-shot for you guys to try it out if you'd like? I'll help you make your characters, and we can all get together for an evening and play it sometime in a couple weeks." The room went quiet as everyone thought it over. Most of them had no interest in the game itself, but if it was organized by you... "I'm in," Beel decided with a nod. "I think it will be fun. All of us trying something new; it could be neat." Satan casually flipped a page in his book, "The creative aspect of it is definitely appealing. We'd be the masters of our own fate, and that most certainly piques my interest." Asmodeus smirked as he put the cap on his nail polish. "And you said it could be whatever we want? My, one might say that this game could help our wildest fantasies come true~" he made sure to wink at you as he giggled. Belphie, who had only just got back his pillow, scrunched up his face in disgust and launched it at Asmo. "Don't make this weird Asmo," he looked over at you and shrugged, "So long as you do all the work in putting together the character thing, sure. Why not?" Mammon looked over at you from the corner of his eye. "Ya mean to tell me, that you can make it so I'm some awesome, rich, and powerful prince?" Asmo scoffed as he pushed the pillow off his lap. "Please Mammon, even the world of make-believe has its limitations." Mammon blushed as he growled at his brother. You just chuckled and teasingly elbowed his side. "Don't listen to him, Mammon. There is a set amount of how much money you start out with depending on your class and background, but I'm sure we can find something that will make you happy." The second-born blushed even more as he grumbled quietly under his breath. Lucifer tilted his head in thought. "I suppose that if everyone else is playing, naturally I must as well," he stood and began to make his way to his office. "I look forward to seeing what you come up with MC." The next two weeks were spent planning and carefully figuring out the details of the one-shot and the characters that everyone was going to play. Levi was, of course, the first one who came to you to build his character. The two of you spent hours going through the Player's Handbook and sourcebooks to find the perfect build to recreate the Lord of Shadows. In the end, you put
together a human fighter that you gave a couple magic items to make Levi's vision really come to life. It seemed basic, but for the Lord of Shadows, it was perfect. The moment the two of you finished, Levi dove to his computer and ordered a custom-made mini that looked exactly like his character. Satan was genuinely interested in the game, especially after he learned about all the lore and rules behind the different classes and races. You had just been chilling in your room one day when the door burst open. Satan stood there with wide eyes holding a copy of Volo's Guide to Monsters. "MC, why didn't you tell me there are cat people?!" You chuckled, knowing exactly where this was going. "They're called tabaxi, but yeah, they're basically cat people. Would you like to play as one?" He scoffed and snapped the book shut. "Is that even a question? Of course, I'm playing as one." After some discussion and bouncing back and forth between classes a couple of times, Satan settled on a tabaxi druid; that way he not only looked like a cat, but he could speak to them as well. After a few days of you spending time with his brothers focusing on getting their characters ready, Mammon came to you wanting the coolest, most epic character ever. At first, it was clear that he wasn't fully invested in the process, but as he saw the customizable options and all the cool stuff that his character could have, you got his attention. You ended up designing a golden teifling rogue (you tried to tell Mammon that teifling usually wasn't yellow, but he gave you such a sad look that you couldn't say no) that was decked out with piercings and gems all over its horns and tail. He tried to act like he wasn't that excited about it, but one day during class you caught him doodling what looked like a stick figure version of the character on his sheet with a big smile on his face. Asmodeus came in shortly after Mammon finished,
insisting on having the most charming and beautiful character there was. You tapped your chin at the request. "I mean, stereotypically bards are extremely charming and...well seductive...almost too seductive. But that's only thei-" Asmo had hearts in his eyes before you could even finish. "That's what I want to be!" You sighed and made a mental note not to include any dragons in the session as you marked Asmo down to be an elven bard and helped him create his character sheet. You hadn't heard anything from Lucifer for nearly that entire first week, until one day as you were lounging in the living room, he walked in holding a stack of resource books. "Ah, MC. I've been looking for you. I wanted to inform you that I will be playing a half-elf multiclassing as a paladin and hex-blade warlock." You blinked at him as he put all the books down in front of you. "O-Oh. Would you like help putting together your character sheet?" He just grinned and began to make his way out of the room once more. "I've already done it. I must admit that this was quite a bit more interesting than I thought it would be," and with that he was gone, leaving you to try and figure out what had just happened. With only a few days left until the one-shot, you had to go find the twins and get them to make their characters. Beel apologized like crazy for you having to track him in down in order to get his character made. The poor guy was in the middle of peak Fangol season and had completely forgotten. Once the two of you sat down in the kitchen with an empty character sheet in one hand and snacks in the other, Beel gave you his full attention. He put a lot of thought in his character and wanted to make it really good since he appreciated that you were doing something that they could all do as a family. He bashfully decided to play a halfling. Not only did the little creatures share his love for food, but he thought it would be neat to try being small for once. His class was also a surprise. After carefully flipping through all of the class options, he had eventually settled on a cleric. "They're the healers, right? This way I can help the others if someone gets hurt." You gave him a huge hug then and there. Belphegore, on the other hand, was not so easy to work with. "Belphie, come on. Just flip through the book and choose something!" He groaned into his pillow and rolled onto his side to glare at you. "I told you I would play if you did all the work for me. Me flipping through a book is work. It's not happening." After an entire hour of trying to get him to cooperate, you gave up. In retaliation you made his character a goblin barbarian, just to drive in the fact of how much of a brat he was acting like.
Finally, the day came for you all to play the one-shot, and much like you expected, it was complete and utter chaos. You had tried to maintain some structure and keep everyone on track, but it was hopeless. Levi and Satan were taking the game seriously and, Diavolo bless them, were the only reason their party was making any progress. Mammon was trying to pick-pocket every non-player character that they met while Asmo distracted them by flirting. This worked great for them until Mammon got caught and would've died from the resulting injuries if it wasn't for Beel. Speaking of Beel, the poor fella was trying his best to do well in the game but kept getting confused by all the rules and different stats and modifiers. Belphegor spent most of his time, trying to explain it to his twin, but in the end, Beel accidentally ate his dice and Belphie passed out on his shoulder. And then there was Lucifer. He had been mostly quiet the entire game. Surprisingly, he let Levi and Satan take the charge in any investigations and puzzle-based interactions, but he did so with a smirk. You had a funny feeling in your stomach that he was up to something, and you were right. It was the final boss. Satan and Levi were on the edge of their seats, having worked so hard to get the party to this point. You smiled, knowing that one of the best parts of D&D was finally taking down the big bad. In this case, you had prepared a beholder for them to fight. It would be no easy task. The fight should have required them to work together in an epic battle of wits, magic and melee attacks. Only, when everyone rolled initiative, Lucifer went first. The eldest smiled as his eyes sparked menacingly. "For my bonus action, I'd like to use my hex blade's curse on it, which allows me to add my plus four proficiency bonus to all damage, and makes any rolls of nineteen or twenty critical hits. I will then use my long sword with divine smite at third level to attack him and attack him again using my extra attack," barely giving you time to process what he said, Lucifer rolled his dice twice. "And that would be a nineteen and a natural twenty, meaning they're both criticals due to the curse. That should hit, yes?" "Wha-" You could only watch as Lucifer, now with twice the amount of damage due to his critical rolls pulled out a disgusting number of dice and rolled them all. And of course, with his luck, they all rolled high. "So that's 90 points of damage plus the extra damage from the curse and the bonus from my duelist ability per attack, brings this 102 points," he smugly perched his chin on top of his hands as the table gaped at him. You gulped and looked down at the beholder's character sheet, "Y-You just took o-over half of his hit points in one round..." His grin widened at the information, "What, like it's hard?" You never got the chance to finish the game, as Satan burst into his demon form and pounced on Lucifer, the eldest laughing like a mad man, while Levi tore up his character sheet in a fit of jealous rage. Levi never asked to play with everyone again after that. ***This was just so self-indulgent and I just- I loved it. It combined two of my favourite things and I have never been happier. This was more crack than fluff, but either way, it was fun and I hope you nerds out there enjoyed it 馃グ Thanks again for the request @bagelsinatoaster!*** Taglist: @mimik248 @roseytoesy @ester-is-here
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emmys-grimoirean hour ago
Character Study: Satan鈥檚 Birth
Tumblr media
Character Studies will be essays that focus on specific (and important) aspects of a character that may be easy for readers to overlook. They鈥檙e not comprehensive works: those will be appropriately dubbed聽Deeper Dives.
The first one I鈥檓 taking a crack at is one of most confusing parts of Satan: how he came to be, and what that means.
One of Satan鈥檚 biggest draws, and what separates him from the rest of his siblings, is that he was never an angel and he was born from Lucifer鈥檚 wrath.
In his devilgram The Search for Self, Satan relays the gritty details to us.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He is the culmination and release of Lucifer鈥檚 fury after he failed to overthrow his Father and protect his sister. The exact timeline of his birth is unclear and the details we know so far are confusing, but they鈥檙e ultimately unimportant.
A Fragment
Satan was once a聽fragment of Lucifer鈥檚 emotions given form, but since they鈥檝e split, so have their paths. This has led to Satan developing his own聽鈥榮elf鈥, but he himself isn鈥檛 entirely convinced that he鈥檚 now something more.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Satan鈥檚 insecurities stemming from his origins have plagued him throughout seasons 1 and 3. What he hates and fears the most is being considered a mere fragment of Lucifer, because Lucifer is the origin of his existence. Without Lucifer, there would be no Satan.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In season 1, his resentment towards Lucifer is what kicks off his first character arc. The only reason why he鈥檚 interested in pursuing a pact with Lucifer is because he knows it鈥檒l piss him off. It鈥檚 even implied that his pursuit of knowledge is part of his quest to differentiate himself from Lucifer, and to prove his worthiness to his peers.
At the conclusion of that arc, he eases a bit on the active resentment: it no longer consumes him or instructs what he does outside of聽the pranks he pulls alongside Belphegor as a member of the Anti-Lucifer League.
It follows him into season 3, and plays a large role in his character arc in that season, too. 聽
Tumblr media
How he feels towards Lucifer isn鈥檛 entirely reconciled: his problem in season 2 and season 3 is he has a crystallized version of Lucifer in his head, that doesn鈥檛 take into account Lucifer鈥檚 growth since they鈥檝e parted ways.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It gets聽鈥渞esolved鈥 when his perception of how Lucifer was is challenged. Note:聽Satan was a part of Lucifer at this time. You would think if they were the same being at this time, there would be no one who knew Lucifer better... and yet, that isn鈥檛 true. He doesn鈥檛 know. Not only are his memories fragmented, but so is his perception of his聽鈥榟ost鈥.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Parts of Lucifer that are inaccessible to him as Lucifer鈥檚 hidden rage tumor. More than likely, the Satan is only intimately familiar with Lucifer鈥檚 negative emotions, because that鈥檚 literally what he was composed of at the time. He is not familiar with Lucifer鈥檚 more positive feelings and memories.聽
To be fair, though, Lucifer doesn鈥檛 seem to have many of those from his Celestial Realm days. I鈥檓 not surprised all that constant build-up resulted in him the minute Lucifer was expelled from the Celestial Realm (if that鈥檚 indeed when it happened).
This is corrected in his season 3 arc by simply having him interact with Angel!Lucifer and his brothers. It gives him a more complete picture of how things were.
Lesson 59 reveals that he still fears being considered a mere fragment of Lucifer, and Lucifer/MC have to talk him out of it. Convincing him he needn鈥檛 suffer this identity crisis any longer might continue being a work in progress.
Satan鈥檚 Age
This is confusing, but I鈥檓 going to try to clarify: Satan was born last but he is older than half of them because his growth did not start after his birth. The story does a terrible job explaining this, so supplemental out-of-story material explains it for us. Namely, dev DMs and RAD newsletters.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Source: This reddit thread
Satan was growing inside Lucifer聽before Beelzebub and Belphie.
He鈥檚 older than Luke.
Tumblr media
Luke was born after the Celestial War: there鈥檚 a conversation in Season 1 that suggests he was around to admire Lucifer and his gorgeous wings, but there are multiple incidents later in the story that contradict this misconception, and I go into further detail here.
Season 2 hard mode clarifies it further, and puts him ahead of Asmo.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ergo, he鈥檚 the fourth oldest, according to himself.
In short, when Satan comes into metaphysical existence and when Satan is physically born are two different points in time. The time between can be considered a 鈥済estation鈥 period. I wouldn鈥檛 say Lucifer was 鈥減regnant鈥 with Satan because pregnancy does not involve the transfer of experience and memory (however fragmented it may be). It鈥檚 not entirely like聽mitosis, either: Satan was technically an active growth who was conscious of his own existence (though apparently Lucifer wasn鈥檛). It鈥檚 some sort of weird hybrid.
For whatever reason, his physical age聽seems to match his metaphysical age, otherwise he would physically look younger than Beelzebub/Belphegor and closer to Luke. He probably never was an adorable toddler. Sad.
Something changed in Lucifer between Levi鈥檚 arrival and Asmodeus鈥檚 arrival that sparked Satan. Learning how the Celestial Realm operates, and how Father treats his children, will likely give us insight on just what changed in Lucifer鈥檚 perception. Lucifer鈥檚 hate for his Father must stem from something. Satan himself, so far, hasn鈥檛 given us any clues.
All Will Be Revealed... Eventually
Good news for us: the devs have expressed their intent to explore Satan and his origins later in the story. There is more Satan content in the future.
Tumblr media
Hopefully they鈥檒l start moving away from聽鈥渓ets-teach-Satan-that-Lucifer-isn鈥檛-that-bad-actually鈥 arcs and into this, because it鈥檚 good stuff.
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justmywriting1313an hour ago
Compliments (Beel x M/C) Part 1
Heyyyyyooo lovelies!!! Hope you guys are doing good!!馃挅馃挅馃挅
So this fic was a request by @beelzebaeby. She had requested this long long long ago and I am so sorry its taken so long to get this going but here we are. So you wanted something similar to 鈥淵ou are worth it!!鈥 but with Beel.聽
Its not exactly the same but the essential crux of it is that the M/C sometimes doesn't聽see their own worth and so the boys help her out!! In this case its Beel but if you guys want something similar with any of the other boys let me know and without further ado.聽
Summary: you've always had a certain way with words which is great but when Beel sees you using it as a way of evading compliments and refusing to love yourself the big teddy bear gets concerned and feels the need for a sit down.聽
Warning: Self loathing feelings, M/C getting beat up, Mentions of blood, horrible self esteem, unedited (let me know if there are more)聽
You were good with words. It wasn鈥檛 a praise nor an insult, but an astute fact. You were quick witted and good with words. You knew how to use words to your advantage. Get out of what you needed to get out of or avoid what you needed to avoid. It didn鈥檛 hurt that you had the personality of an actual ray of sunshine and so you were good with people as well. Beel loved this. Beel loved it because, I mean you're so smart and you could always worm your way into a conversation to get Belphie and him out of trouble. You were so good with words you always managed to get everyone to side with you and you always managed to calm the raging storms that were the fights between the brothers. For someone like Beel who doesn't talk very often it amazed him how you managed to do this even when you knew none of the people you were talking to. There was a time when Mammon, Beel and you were out and a bunch of witches caught you, asking Mammon to pay the debts he owed. Without thinking you made friends with the witches, exchanged devilgrams and got everyone out of there鈥 it was amazing. It amazed him how you painted a picture with your words and always managed to keep the spotlight of yourself. You had a way with words and people and it suited you but beel had also come to hate this because鈥β犅
You also had a cripplingly bad self esteem. Again not an accusation, nor, was it said in order to fish for praises but rather an astute fact that after spending time with you was indisputable. So much so it was a wonder how you were so chirpy and confident. It amazed Beel how often you smiled and put aside everything you were feeling when the words you thought聽about yourself were just so damaging. Honestly the extent of your self loathing was a tad bit terrifying and this here is exactly why Beel hated your talent with words. Because just as much as you used it to your advantages and strength your mind was very good at using those same words to make you feel so unbearably bad about yourself.聽
It had taken Beel a while to learn about this side of you. He spent almost every waking second with you. Even more so when Belphie got possessive once leaving the attic and wanting to make up for the lost time. During all that time, Beel never realised the way you evaded praise as if it was a heart eating monster, the way you pulled away and curled in when people thought positively of you or the way you absorbed the insults people threw your way as if it was already a part of you. It was something that built up over time and once the realisation set in, it terrified him. It absolutely terrified Beel the words you thought about yourself or how quick you were to take blame for things that had nothing to do with you. It sometimes kept him up at night and made the pain of benign hungry worse when you usually dulled it. The problem with this was Beel had no way or idea on how to approach talking with you about this. How was he supposed to get you to open up and let you know he was there 鈥淗i M/C, I notice you seem to hate yourself more than the average person, wanna talk about it?鈥...聽Yeah, Beel may not be great with emotions but he knew that wasn't the way to go. It sounded like something Mammon would blurt out and no matter how much he loved his brother, he wasn鈥檛 going to put his foot in his mouth in that bad a way when this was such an important conversation.聽
To be honest Beel was surprised that none of the other boys had picked up on this and said anything to you. Surely Satan, whose so observant or Asmo, who is so in tune with his emotions or just more so than the others聽would have noticed something. Beel had tried all the other boys for advice on approaching someone on a topic that was sensitive but given all of them seemed to sometimes act emotionally stunted it was no use. Lucifer had聽 basically told Beel to discipline that person into talking. To sit that person down and just force them to talk and if being angry doesn't work to threaten punishment... Beel didn't think Lucifer technique to discipline Mammon would work. Mammon was even less helpful than Lucifer.
鈥淒o what I do Beel and just ignore the problem and it outta go away ya know鈥澛
...Yeah no thanks. Asmo鈥檚 idea was to seduce it out of the person and that had Beels cheeks burning red for a solid hour after. Belphie asked Beel if he wanted Belphie to visit this person in their dreams to figure it out which Beel decided would be a last resort. Levi and Satan were the only two who were even remotely helpful. Beel had been most upfront with Levi because it was no secret that Levi didn't like himself so Beel thought he could provide some actually useful information,聽
鈥淗ey Levi, if you were to talk to someone about their strong dislike for themselves how would you do it?鈥
鈥淚f you're trying to help me Beel its no use, I am a yucky otaku and i have accepted that role in full鈥
鈥...Ummm its not for you鈥
鈥淥h well, in that case, try to breach it slowly. If its sensitive and really bad then its probably due to childhood trauma you know. At some point someone made whoever this mysterious person is feel like they weren't good enough and it takes a long time to change that way of thinking. You need to be patient. Try doing something they like with them, and then lightly compliment them. When they rebuttal with something like 鈥榦h thanks but no鈥 or 鈥榣ike you need glasses鈥 then ask them why they do that? it might help them and since you're doing an activity thats enjoyable it will make them more likely to talk...聽鈥
鈥淭hats not bad advice... thanks Levi鈥澛犅
Satan said something similar when Beel went to him,聽
鈥淧ut the person in a setting that makes them comfortable. Somewhere thats going to make them more likely to talk. For example, if I wanted to make Asmo talk, i鈥檇 take him shopping. For Belphegor, the planetarium. For myself the cat cafe... an environment thats soothing and will make someone more likely to share what they are thinking.鈥
Beel took all this info and set a day he knew you were outside the house. He took that time to set up a painting day in your room. He got snacks that nearly killed him to not eat. He got painting supplies and drinks and even set up a movie. He knew your favourite space in the world was your own room. You had made the effort to make it the comfiest place possible. There was a reason Belphie loved to sleep in there or Satan loved to read. Beel knew you鈥檇 be happy talking in there. He even set candles all around the room. He even got Luke to bake some treats for the two of you though he didn't let Beel give it to him until he knew you were on your way home. Beel was very proud of himself. Beel knew this would help in getting you to talk but fate had other plans for the day when Luke called Beel. His voice clearly panicked,聽
鈥淏eelzebub come quickly, Its M/C. I found her in the alleyway close to RAD and I don鈥檛 think she can walk鈥澛
The entire day that Beel spent planning and organising into a therapeutic little heaven, you ended up getting yourself into the exact situation he feared. You see all your self loathing and insecurities also made you incredibly self sacrificing making you put yourself in the way of harm. You say you don't do it purposely but somewhere deep down even you know that you put yourself in a position to get hurt cause you think you deserve it. Today was no different. You're part of the arts and culture committee in RAD. Something that you really enjoy being a part of. You and your friends were cleaning up the art room since your meeting had just finished. You offered to take the trash out. When you made your way into the alley where the trashcans were you saw a bunch of demons. You made sure to keep your distance. You knew to be careful not to get into trouble without the other boys around but of course that didn't happen. These demons were very clearly picking on a demon that was clearly younger and looked petrified as they shoved him around. You couldn't just stand by. So after disposing the trash you skipped your way over to them, you wanted to be pleasant聽but the minute they opened their mouths you knew that wouldn't聽be the case,聽
鈥淗ey there!! What do you guys think you鈥檙e doing?鈥
鈥淲hatever we want, whats it to you huh? Fuck off bitch鈥澛
鈥淚t is obviously something to me when you're clearly bullying him... he is like half your size! Why bother bullying someone so much smaller? At-least have the guts to take on someone your size鈥
There was complete and utter silence. You knew you had probably poked a really angry bear and were in for a beating but your self preservation skills were clearly lacking as you stood there with a righteous expression. This was one of the few time your words failed you and your anger took over. They dropped the little one to his feet and he wasted no time in getting the fuck out of there. You were now the one quaking in you shoes but you still kept a smile on your face trying hard to not let this get to you.聽
鈥淲ho the聽 fuck do you think鈥 oh you're the little human?鈥澛燭here was a split second of shock on his face before he was smirking clearly thinking he was getting away easy.聽鈥淚ve been waiting for a chance to get you alone away from those arrogant idiots who prance around as the demon lords, to think they actually think something of themselves. Whats more they let a pansy little human prance around as if she owns the place鈥澛
Your anger flared. No one insults your boys!!
鈥淵ou call them arrogant, when you were bullying someone who wasn't even half your strength and thinking you were the strongest person ever do you not see the irony?... Also who else do you think should be the lords? A demon like you all words and no balls, even i鈥檇 make a better lord while being human. Also you call them idiots when your vocabulary seems to be just made up of cusses and the word 鈥榩rance鈥 like please, Cerberus could talk circles around you鈥澛
The demons face flared red with embarrassment as his friends hid their laughs behind coughs,聽
鈥淲ho the fuck gave you the right to talk to me like that 鈥撯 you cut him off 鈥淭he same person who gave you the bloody audacity to dump聽your weight on a child and act like a dick... what does it make you feel strong huh? Feed your ego to beat up on children huh?鈥
You were about to throw another verbal blow when the demon finally raised his fist and punched you. You felt and heard the resounding crack of your nose bone breaking as your head swam with the jarring sensation. You didn't have much time to recuperate before he was grabbing your collar and slamming you against the brick wall. Your head gave a resounding bang. You winced as he screamed in your face. His fist was about to make another painful interaction with your face so you ducked. It was instinct. The one thing you hadn't done so far to piss him off and in doing so he made a whole in the wall behind you. You were pretty sure that was the last straw as he lunged for you again聽tackling you to the ground. You grunted when you made contact with the ground.聽 You tried to kick away from him but nothing worked as he settled his weight on your hips and waist. Hands gripping your collar as he threw punch after punch, either on your face or stomach screaming insult after insult,聽
鈥淵ou useless bitch! You have a mouth on you don鈥檛 you? Well i鈥檒l show you what happens when you meddle with something that has nothing to do with you.鈥澛
You cried out when one of the other demons painfully tugged your leg and pushed it uncomfortably, twisting the limb and making you cry out. You bought your hands up trying your best to protect your face as he continued to throw punch after punch. He then grabbed your hands and pinned them next to your face with one hand. The other coming to cover you mouth. He bought his face close to your ears,
鈥淪cream bitch scream, lets see if those princes care enough about you to come and save you hmmmm lets wait and see shall we... mhmmm 1,2,3 see nothing, even they know you aren't worth more than the dirt beneath my feet.鈥澛
The demon scooted back and even though you tried to pull away he held your hands down as he continued,
鈥淜eep crying honey, you aren鈥檛 making any friends. If anything you're getting me going. Should I cut open that shirt and see if there鈥檚 anything worth getting off too? See whats got all those men hooked? Fucking whore鈥
This was going too far and you knew it. You were about to summon Mammon or Beel as you wiggled your hands to your mark when everything around you froze... quite literally froze in a purple light. You thought you were going slightly dizzy with everything going on, so you just closed your eyes and let the blackness take over.
Okay so this is the first part for this this fic. I know its short compared to the usual but thats because again I really wanted to post something. The next fic will be longer and involve Beel taking care of M/C. As always please lmk if you guys like this and request and reblog!!! :)聽馃挅
Btw lmk if you guys like the new formatting聽
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revirushifaaan hour ago
I feel a little down, so here, have these fluff headcanons that absolutely no one asked for:
Fluff with the Bros:
-Man is not so soft if we're honest, the only thing he would do at first would be merely headpats and shoulder rubs.
-Continued sadness and depression, and this man will take out his hidden softness that he actually does have, hidden in the confines of his whole being. But only if the affair is private. Don't expect him to be this way in public.
-He doesn't deny any hug when asked, if it will make you feel better than his arms are wide open. They're limited though, like stated before in the first point he's not very soft, and he wouldn't just drastically change to full softness perpetually. He's a peacock prideful boyo.
"It's not that I was worried about your large face, of course it's not that at all, shaddup!"
-Terrible liar. Of course he's full on worried. Things he does includes full attention and less errands, just the needed attention to drive away any sadness.
-Goldie is back to him, but only for real emergencies though. But this is a full big emergency, buys whatever it is needed to comfort away that sad face. Turn that frown into a smiley face.
-Shut-in. So he has no idea how to be comforting. Why are normies so easy to get emotional? This makes it all difficult to be dealt with! But he'll do his best, even if he does it in a shy way.
"Um, why are you sad? Smile! Do you want to try this anime? It's new and happy! Just please stop having that face!"
-Gives full attention if it's needed, tries to be there and if he still needs to do better, he won't give up at all until he sees a smile on that face.
-Book-a-cholic cat lover demon is not that much of a smooth talker, but has read before what has to be done to be comforting and to show a fluffy side.
-It's a book session and he tries to be good with affection. Will give small hugs if those are needed(which they are) and won't let go.
-The conversation suddenly turns into a cat conversation and that makes him go all fluffy because he loves cats, so in the end he was able to to get fluffier and affectionated.
-"Oh, dear. Please stop putting a frowny face on, it's unhealthy for your skin care and your beauty."
-He's more affectionated than all brothers combined, so he has it easy with making that frown go away. His arms are all available, no doubt. Probably won't stop hugging at all, he's like a Koala. Once he hugs onto you, he won't let you go.
-Not even if you're good again, he will still hold you so close, and even offer to style you up in the best of the makeup he has, pampering times with the lustful one.
-Giant of the house, looks on as he eats. Why are humans so emotional? Here, he will share half of his food with you.
"Eat up, eating puts me so happy afterwards, so it will make you feel better."
-Turns out the food is not enough. He tries to engulf the sadness and make it fly away, careful though. He's quite strong and might crush you, but all he wants is for that frown to fly away and for the cute smiley look to come back. His a lovable one indeed, just like Asmo, but he's not that mushy-gushy. so expect him to keep quiet and just have him giving hugs.
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mammonspeanutan hour ago
Unpopular opinion.
Canon Mammon and Beel suck ass.
Lucifer and Satan could have more edge to them.
Levi gets on my nerves after a certain time but I have so much pity for him I kinda feel sorry for him. Maybe because he's a manipulative piece of shit.
Nothing to say about Belphie other than that he's an asshole.
Fuck Barbatos for Lucifer's recent Birthday event and telling Diavolo about the hunt.
Solomon is a little geek and I like him he's fun.
Simeon is sweet as well I like the way he isn't completely pure.
I wanna roundhouse kick Luke in the face each time he whines.
Asmo is doing fine I wish they would dig more into Asmo's trauma and let him cuddle more with his brothers when he is in the need of physical touch.
Diavolo is trash I know they're trying to sell him as the opposite from his dad with the dad jokes and what not but jfc
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kincontent2 hours ago
Hiya Mod Tecchou! Could I please have a doodle of Satan from Obey Me? I don鈥檛 mind what you draw him doing, I want you to have fun with this! It鈥檚 nice to see you guys back again ^^ -subst1tute
Tumblr media
I got a lil bit carried away lol ( 锝♀⑻佲库⑻锝)
Sorry if it looks kinda wonky I鈥檝e been having troubles with my artstyle lately and I haven鈥檛 really practiced with it on digital art (釛掅棧釛)諡
Tumblr media
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entitledgods2 hours ago
Hey Satan, I need you to help me put a curse on Lucifer. That peacock bastard tied me down to the floor because I was short and I need to get back at him! I need revenge, who better to get it from then Wrath himself.
I like your thinking. Yes, I'll gladly help you get back at him. I have a whole book of different curses I want to use against him, so why don't we look through some options together? Ah, you're really a human after my heart, you know? I get more and more obsessed with you every day... I do hope you'll come to me for all your future problems, too...
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entitledgods2 hours ago
Hey Satan, can you teach me how to dance? I was going to ask Lucifer but he is way too strict鈥. And I don鈥檛 really like him either.
That's an excellent decision. Yes, I'll gladly help you. Dancing the night away with you has been something I've been wanting to do anyway, and this is the perfect opportunity. A bit like fate, don't you think? Don't worry about me being strict like he is, I'll go slowly and carefully make sure you understand each step. It's going to take a lot of time, but that just means more time away from my chaotic brothers, don't you think?
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entitledgods2 hours ago
(Pt.1) This was the seventh day of MC's punishment, they had attempted to escape from the HoL and they were going to pay the price by being isolated in a dark dusty closet for seven days. Only living off a small amount of food and water in the closet. Now it was time to let them out. Lucifer opened the closet door. Inside was their sweet little human. It was a surprise to see, they were asleep, expression as though they were in a state of pure bliss, something that not even their current-馃搱
(Pt.2) partners had been able to achieve. An adorable smile on their lips. "Wake up." Lucifer told them coldly, somewhat annoyed that a cramped closet gave them more happiness then he did. He watched as his little human woke up, smile fading when they realized that he woke them up. They didn't say anything, just looked at him with a disappointed look as he picked them up out of the closet. They didn't struggle, didn't hold onto him either, just accepted his actions. He brought them into-馃搱 (Pt. 3, after punishment for escaping ask) He brought them to the living room, setting them on his lap and playing with their hair. Lucifer's brothers noticed this quickly and came over to their darling human to shower them in affectionate touches and words. Mc was suffocating in all of it, they used to crave this kind of attention, long for it. Now, they hated it, though they wouldn't let their expression or behavior clue their "partners" in on that, that wouldn't end well. At this point-馃搱 (Pt.4) they preferred the closet over their overbearing significant others. In the closet they could think for themselves, and they didn't have to worry about one of their boyfriend's temper tantrums or about trying to manage their time to get assignments done, doing their chores and making sure that all of their "lovers" were satisfied. In the closet they could pretend that they were okay. This was not the closet. "It seems as though our little pet preferred their punishment over their-馃搱 (Pt.5, not sure how this got so long sorry) lovers." Lucifer said, looking at Mc disappointedly. They tensed up, knowing what the others would say would be sure to hurt. The other four brothers that were currently indulging themselves in Mc's presence stopped, looking at their human with eyes that practically cried, "Am I not enough for you, are we not enough for you?" -馃搱
Mammon C-c'mon, he's not telling the truth is he? How could you like some old dusty closet better than us? Better than me? I try to be nice to ya! I even got you that hat a while ago, remember? I barely ever give anyone anything! I don't get it... What could a closet give you that I can't...
Satan Well, you don't have to explain a thing to me. I know exactly why. It's because of all of them, isn't it? Well I've never been mean like they have, aside from a few... outbursts, I've been the nicest out of us all. Maybe I should just be swooping you up for myself, then?
Belphegor Don't even think about it. It's just going to cause a big mess if all of us try to take them for ourselves... Come on, it's not like this is that big of a deal anyway. They've never been nice to us, what's new? We're just going to keep doing what we always do. No need to change.
Beelzebub Well... I don't think we should be keeping them to ourselves, but I still want to try to make them feel better about all this. Maybe they just need more time to realize that this is just what it's like having a family that loves you? Though, it has already been a pretty long time...
Lucifer Regardless, I think it's clear we can't use isolation as punishment anymore. We should be using something much more suffocating instead. Well, after so long in your little heaven, there's quite a bit of wasted time to catch up on. We can think more on punishments later.
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entitledgods2 hours ago
Satan, please let me go. I鈥檓 not even all that smart and I don鈥檛 like books鈥 and I鈥檓 allergic to cats! I鈥檓 like the opposite of you. So pleaaaase. I鈥檓 not all that interesting.
Not interesting? You're more than enough interesting to have caught my attention, dear. Your allergy can be fixed easily enough. Isn't that good? I can't imagine anything more horrible than never being able to pet cats... I'll make it better so you can play with cats all day like me! Everything else is fine, you're just worrying too much. I wouldn't have gone through all this trouble to get you if I didn't think you were special, right?
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entitledgods2 hours ago
Satan~ Glad you鈥檙e finally awake. Oh your head must hurt, doesn鈥檛 it?~ That sedative was strong after all. Don鈥檛 bother trying to get out of those ropes, dear. I put a spell on them. I hope you don鈥檛 mind. I even tied you to the bed to make you more comfortable! You鈥檙e going to be here for a while after all~ (Normal Satan since I don鈥檛 see him a lot on this blog so here is my attempt at yandere also I love your writing! :3)
I'm going to be here for a while...? He looked around, tense. This was an odd predicament to be placed into. Last he remembered, the human had just brought him his favorite cup of tea. Was this their doing? What did you do... No, why did you do this to me? You've never done anything like this before... Did one of my brothers put you up to this? Did Lucifer put you up to this?
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entitledgods2 hours ago
*Mc purrs as Satan pets down his back, tail twitching in confusion as the demon picks him up. Clearly something had happened... but being pet and having gentle scritches felt too good!* mmrrrw! *but when Satan flips him over to pet his tummy MC tries to wriggle away, suddenly refocused that Satan probably (definitely) turned him into a cat, moving to squeeze under the desk and twitch his tail anxiously*-馃悎
Aw, did I scare you? It's alright... Come back, I'll keep petting you. You did like the way it felt when I scratched your ears and back, didn't you, kitten? He smiles and again puts his hands in front of the cat, this time just a ways from their nose, to let them sniff his hand. It's alright, I won't hurt you. I couldn't hurt you, not if I tried, little kitty~!
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devildomdisaster3 hours ago
I'm sending this assuming that requests are open. If not, feel free to ignore this, haha
Can I request the bros reacting to mc getting annoyed and worried during a thunderstorm, and when they ask why mc answers with something akin to "my dog is terrified of thunderstorms, so it's become instinct to find him and comfort him"?
I've been slow to answer requests lately. Sorry, this took so long.
Your constant pacing is annoying him. Lucifer can鈥檛 figure out why you are so agitated, and your pacing is starting to distract him from the paperwork he has to have done by morning. 鈥淚t鈥檚 just a thunderstorm, Mc please.鈥
You whip around to glare at him so quickly he is taken aback.
Nothing in your expression says fear, and to be honest, Lucifer is relieved you don鈥檛 seem to be afraid of the storm. He hadn鈥檛 handled the situation well and he wouldn鈥檛 ever want you to think he cares so little for you that he would brush aside your fears as if they meant nothing.
Now that he is thinking clearly again he changes tactics.
鈥淢c, my dear, what has got you so upset?鈥
鈥淢y dog hates thunder, and I always have to comfort him during a storm. He鈥檚 not here. But I can鈥檛 help but worry. And it鈥檚 just instinct now I guess.
Lucifer seriously considers bringing your dog to the Devildom.
But the trouble that would get him into, the paperwork, Diavolo, the chance that some sort of harm could come to your pet dissuades him from that idea.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry mc.鈥 and he really does look distressed that he can鈥檛 help you.
Until he realizes that Cerberus isn鈥檛 the biggest fan of thunder either. Cerberus鈥檚 room is more protected from the noise of the storm but that doesn鈥檛 mean he doesn鈥檛 like attention and comfort during a storm.
Lucifer takes your hand and silently leads you down to Cerberus.
You are understandably reluctant at first but Lucifer assures you that Cerberus is completely docile while he is around.
Soon you are snuggled up against the three-headed dog and Lucifer is finishing his work on the ground next to you.
Mammon bluntly asks you what has you so annoyed
鈥淥i human, what鈥檚 got ya all antsy?鈥
The way he says it makes you want to fight him just a little.
But he鈥檚 a demon and there鈥檚 no way a human could scare him with a little glare. Well normally your glare might scare him just a bit, but the look in your eyes now is tempered by the worry that is so clear on your face.
He drags you to his room and has you explain exactly why you are so worried.
Mammon asks you all about your dog.
He somehow distracts you by getting you to tell him all kinds of cute and funny stories about your dog.
You end up sitting with Mammon for hours, music playing in the background, almost completely forgetting about the storm.
He definitely wants to meet your dog now.
He鈥檒l even go to Lucifer to get permission to visit your home in the human realm so you can both see your dog.
You are distracting him from his gaming and it takes Levi a second to process that you might need his comfort.
鈥淚f you are going to be a distracting normie, could you at least not pace in front of the screen Mc?鈥
You apologetically move away from the screen towards the door.
鈥淲-Wait! I didn鈥檛 mean you should leave! What鈥檚 wrong?鈥
You hesitate not sure if you want to tell him now, but then you spot Henry in his fishbowl.
鈥淢y dog hates thunder,鈥 you say refusing to look at Levi and staring at the fishbowl instead 鈥淚 usually have to go find him when a storm starts. But he鈥檚 not here, and I dunno鈥 I think it鈥檚 just like instinct to comfort him but I cant so鈥︹
Levi gets it.
He has so much love for his pets. Even the ones that grew into giant demon-eating monsters that don鈥檛 even recognize him.
He鈥檇 do almost anything for them.
You can鈥檛 go comfort your dog, but maybe Levi can comfort you?
He鈥檒l try, even if he is blushy and nervous.
You鈥檒l spend the storm exchanging stories about your pets and watching animes that are eerily similar to your situation. Like 鈥楳y demon dog hates storms but I鈥檓 in the human realm and now the storms make me anxious because I can鈥檛 help but worry about him.鈥 and 鈥楳y crush is worried about her pets and I almost messed everything up, but don鈥檛 worry I think I can help!鈥
It鈥檚 no secret this demon is more of a cat lover.
But he still cares about your dog because he cares about you.
Blunt demon 2.0
Straight up asks you about your behavior as soon as you start acting weird. Although he is much more polite about it than Mammon.
鈥淢c, is there something you want to talk about? You seem distressed.鈥
鈥淣o!鈥 you snap 鈥淵es? Maybe? I don鈥檛 know Satan. This storm is driving me crazy! Every fiber of my being tells me I need to go find him. But he鈥檚 not here and I can鈥檛 help but worry and I know you mean well but there is nothing you can do to fix this.鈥
鈥淥h, well I don鈥檛 know if I would say there is nothing I can do. But who is he, kitten?鈥 he asks gently, trying to understand
鈥淢y dog.鈥
You stare at him as he goes rummaging through the piles on one of his bookcases. After several minutes he turns triumphantly to you holding an ornamental metal hand mirror out to you.
It looks beyond old, and it鈥檚 surprisingly heavy and sturdy when he hands it to you.
鈥淛ust think of your dog and look in the mirror.鈥
鈥淟ike beauty and the beast?鈥 you joke.
鈥淲here do you think the 鈥榖east got the mirror in the first place?鈥 Satan asks.
鈥淚-What? You mean you-鈥
Satan鈥檚 eyes glint 鈥淭hat鈥檚 a story for another time, but yes I gave the 鈥榖east鈥 his magic mirror. But the fairy tales butchered the actual story,鈥 He sighs.
You look in the mirror as instructed and see your dog with your family, tale wagging, dashing across a grassy field after a ball.
You smile 鈥淭hank you, Satan. This really helps.鈥
鈥淎nytime Mc鈥
Asmo is telling you about his latest Devilgram post and how his followers 鈥渟imply loved seeing the picture of you on the Ferris wheel with him,鈥 when the first clap of thunder rolls through the air above the house of lamentation.
When you jump up at the sound Asmo thinks you鈥檙e afraid of the storm.
He carefully places the top to the nail polish he was using back on the bottle before focusing on you. 鈥淒arling, are you ok?鈥
You shake your head, pacing to the door then back to your vacated seat on Asmo鈥檚 bed.
鈥淢c darling can you tell me what鈥檚 wrong?鈥 Asmo analyses your expression quickly, he鈥檚 looking for fear but doesn鈥檛 find any.
鈥淚t鈥檚 the storm,鈥 you murmur 鈥淢y dog can鈥檛 stand thunder and I鈥檓 used to going to find him when a storm starts. But I can鈥檛 really do that here so I鈥檓 stuck not knowing what to do with myself.鈥
鈥淥h Mc, that鈥檚 absolutely adorable!鈥
You glare half-heartedly at the demon.
鈥淒on鈥檛 look at me like that!鈥 Asmo pouts 鈥淚 can鈥檛 help but react when you act so sweet.鈥 he hums in thought for a moment.
鈥淚s there someone taking care of him now?鈥
You nod 鈥淵es, but I still worry sometimes.鈥
鈥淚 know darling. How about we go ask Lucifer if you can go for a visit tomorrow?鈥
You perk up at the thought and Asmo grins 鈥淕ood, then we鈥檒l do that first thing tomorrow morning. But for now, do you think we can distract you with a movie and some facemasks?鈥
Beel doesn鈥檛 want to intrude, but he can鈥檛 help it when your mood starts affecting him.
He can鈥檛 enjoy the snacks he just bought when you seem so upset.
鈥淢c鈥 will you tell me how I can help you?鈥
The sincerity of his question shocks you for a moment.
You blink up at him, feeling heat blooming in your cheeks.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry Beel, I didn鈥檛 mean to ruin your snacks鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 ok Mc, you're more important.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 just that storms bother me. My dog hates them and when I can鈥檛 be there to comfort him I get鈥 well like this.鈥
Beel nods and asks if you鈥檇 like to do something to take your mind off the storm.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 really know if I can just forget about the storm, you know?鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 ok, how about we make some comfort foods then?鈥
Beel has you choose some music to play in hope of concealing the sound of thunder and you end up talking about your dog and cooking your favorite foods.
Beel is content helping out even if you aren't in the best of moods as long as he can help cheer you up just a bit.
Belphie is already annoyed that the thunder is keeping him from sleeping.
So your mood fits right in with his.
You can both be anxious/ annoyed little terrors together.
The rest of the brothers are giving you both plenty of space.
Somehow having someone in a similar mood as your own is helpful.
You can both be a little snappy without the other being offended or impatient.
You probably end up in a pile of pillows and blankets with Belphie. You're both a little restless but eventually, the comfort of the blankets and Belphie鈥檚 warmth calm you.
He鈥檒l make sure you鈥檙e ok, with gently probing questions to find out what caused your mood.
He can鈥檛 exactly help your situation, after all, he doesn鈥檛 have the power to bring your dog to the Devildom and he doubts Lucifer would let him anyways.
But he can, and will let you talk if you want, and if not he鈥檒l support you in silence.
He likes it best when you are happy but he knows there are problems he can鈥檛 solve.
He鈥檒l ask if you鈥檇 like to dream about being home with your dog and if so he鈥檒l influence your dreams.
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obeymematchups4 hours ago
Request; the brothers + undateables reactions to MC sacrificing her own life to save Luke from a demon pls >-<
Here you go! I hope you enjoy it ^_^
When he saw the demon lunge at you and there was nothing he could do, a cold chill went down his spine. He raced towards you, trying to save you anyway, but when he saw the demon鈥檚 claws connect with your jugular, he knew it was over.
He immediately kills the offending demon and grabs you as you choke on your own blood, trying to comfort you as your life slowly ebbs away. He notices Luke is still standing there in shock and has to place you down for a moment, his brotherly instincts kicking in as he puts an arm around him and leads him away from the body, telling him it鈥檚 not his fault.
He knows there鈥檚 nothing he can do for you now, so he focuses all his attention on Luke, he has to, so that he doesn鈥檛 break down in front of him.
The world flashes before his eyes as he yells at you to get back, but you don鈥檛. You continue to throw yourself in front of the angel, horribly unaware of just how badly you were going to come out of this. As the demon rips your heart from your chest, all he can do is scream.
He runs towards you as fast as he can, shaking your body as tears run down his face. He completely forgets about the demon and leaves it to his brothers to take it out as he cradles you in his arms.
He won鈥檛 let anyone else touch your body as he weeps, he doesn鈥檛 even stop to check if Luke鈥檚 alright, all he cares about is you.
When you a blow to the gut, Leviathan thought you鈥檇 survive at first, so he quickly dispatched the enemy demon before coming to your aid, his face dropping when it turned out to be worse than he thought.
Pale from internal bleeding, he tried to keep you talking until help could arrive, but it was too late. As the life leaves your body he hunches over in tears, too full of sorrow to say or do anything. As Luke approaches he lets him see your body but is unable to offer any words of reassurance, too far drowned out by his own grief.
Satan can already see it happening pre-emptively in his mind as he rushes over, trying to stop the demon from slashing at you but it鈥檚 too late. He goes to catch your body, but when he sees it鈥檚 lifeless, he quietly places you down before exploding and going to town on the demon, pummelling it into the dirt. He screams every insult under the sun at it as he processes it into mince meat.
Even when the others yell at him to stop he keeps going, until there鈥檚 nothing left but the odd scrap of entrails to speak of. As he passes Luke he says nothing, but places a bloody hand on his shoulder, before leaving silently.
He tried to take the hit for you but the other demon was just too fast. As your skull is crushed beyond recognition he screams, in an ugly mixture of horror and rage as he impales the demon on his tail.
As it crumples to the ground he runs to your side. Tears splash on what鈥檚 left of your face as he hugs you close, admiring what you did but also hating it. As Luke comes over, he sniffles that it鈥檚 all going to be ok, even though he knows it isn鈥檛.
He knows what you鈥檙e trying to pull and he isn鈥檛 happy, he鈥檚 going to try his best to get to you, dragging the demon off you and disposing of it.
When he gets to you however his heart drops. Your neck was snapped at an uncomfortable angle and as he lifted your body your head lolled down. He tried to support your head but it was just limp.
As Luke comes over, he tells him not to look as he covers your body with his jacket.
Not again, he鈥檚 not going to lose another person he loves again.
He rushes over as fast as he can, and rips into the demon, but it was too late, a crimson spring forming from your chest.
He snaps at the others when they get too close, including Luke. He holds resentment within him for the child even though he knows he was innocent, a rage like he felt towards humanity filling him again.
He thought the demon would stop and obey him, he was wrong. He watches in horror as the demon rips into you and he dashes across, ending the demon before holding you in his arms. He cries as your life leaves your body, you were the symbol of the three worlds growing closer together and you鈥檇 given your life to protect your friend. Not only that, but you were special to him personally. He saves your soul to have you reincarnated back as a human again, in the hope that one day you may find your way back to him.
He saw this happening. He saw this happening so many times, and he is still unable to prevent it. The inexplicable dread that fills him as he watches the demon鈥檚 claws connect makes him feel sick. By the time he catches the demon and dispatches it, it鈥檚 too late.
He holds you in his arms, as he has done in his visions so many times, and watches as you fade away. He curses himself for not recognising the situation sooner. For not being able to stop it. He takes the blame for your death personally despite you sacrificing yourself willingly for Luke,
He uses his pact marks to summon Asmodeus and Barbatos, and casts a spell to try and block the attacking demon but it鈥檚 just too fast. Whilst his two demons deal with the enemy, he focuses on trying to heal your wounds. But try as he may, your wounds were too grave and you slipped away through his fingers. He鈥檚 angry at himself for not being fast enough to block or to heal you and he asks Simeon to keep Luke away from the scene, both so he doesn鈥檛 see your bloodied form and so he doesn鈥檛 see him grieve.
When two of the most precious people to him are in danger, he knows he needs to acts fast, but when you throw yourself in front of Luke, he can do nothing but scream. As the brothers deal with the demon, he grabs a hold of you, muttering healing spells in celestial tongue.
But it doesn鈥檛 work, and you lay lifeless. As Luke comes to investigate, he hugs him and sobs into his shoulder. He wishes you didn鈥檛 die, but if you hadn鈥檛 jumped in like you had it could be Luke lying there right now and he didn鈥檛 want that either.聽 He curses God, for this must have all been part of his plan and begins to turn his back on the Celestial realm. Could this be the beginning of a fall? 鈥 Perhaps.
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just-somehuman4 hours ago
Things That Make Me Sit Forward: Obey Me Edition
*cussing warning*
The 7 most infamous demons in the Devildom fell in love with a sheep
This is a personal one and I'm pretty sure some people might be able to relate: I'm an underaged human girl living alone with 7 adult demon men ;-;
There are chairs in the main bathroom in the House of Lamentation
If MC, some stupid human, found Lucifer preventing everyone from going into the attic sus, why didn't the others find it sus.
The story wouldn't have taken place if MC didn't sign the note
The story wouldn't have taken place if MC had common sense
The story wouldn't have taken place if MC didn't go into the attic
Why is Simeon related to Lucifer but not the others
If Luke is Barbatos's son, who's the mother
If Barbatos was never a child to begin with, how does he know anything
What level of the Devildom do we stay in and how do you even get to the others
If leaving the Celestial Realm for the Devildom turns an angel into a demon uhhhh, Simeon, Luke, what's going on there
So what I'm seeing here is that angels and humans can go wherever tf they like but demons are restricted to only the Human World and the Devildom. Damn.
If Simeon is an angel, why does he wear that kind outfit, it's very 鉁 s h o w y 鉁
If Luke's so old then why's he so innocent. I'm not complaining, I'm glad
Who is the brothers' mother
Are there even grades or standards at RAD because it seems to be an everlasting school life with no changing to harder levels or anything
Is RAD a high school or college because the boys seem too old for high school
Levi knows
Barbatos can kill anyone right now if he wanted to
Why does Barbatos get the cool powers he can literally control everything that's unfair sharing is caring
So are the devs just gonna leave us in the past and wait for us to find the door back to our timeline
If we ever go back through the door to our timeline do we have to relive everything
How did Belphie do anything while he was in the attic? Like, how did he eat or shower if there was no bathroom or kitchen built into the attic
There's a random skeleton in Lucifer's room
In :D JOBS, Lucifer gets the sparkalies for the Fall
How does Solomon make something taste so bad
How did Mammon get the car into his room
Why does Levi have an alcohol bottle in his room
Can Satan clean his room
Do the petals on Asmo's bed ever die
I think I went very off-topic and started asking questions instead of stating facts, sorry-
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dummy-thicc-demons4 hours ago
Do people have last names in Devildom?
I couldn鈥檛 think of last names for the brothers, much less the side characters, and I didn鈥檛 want to name them any type of 鈥渙bey me鈥 name.
I lowkey head canon that they do not have last names and usually can tell who others are by their energy/aura. Similarly, people could tell who others are talking to based on where their energy is directed.
As for Solomon, I think he forgot his last name years ago lol
But idk
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frozen-tear-sword4 hours ago
House of Lamentation in a Power Outage
Time to live up to my bio and multi-fandom my blog. I haven't written anything for Obey Me! - Shall We Date? before and I just started playing. So I hope these are okay!
I couldn't get this idea out of my head though. So the power going out in the middle of the night in the House of Lamentation.
- mostly just trying to make sure everyone is alive. He had a small lantern with a candle in his room anyone
- Lucifer doesn't have much of a reaction except for an exhausted sigh.. or was that a frustrated huff?
- He was in the middle of doing important paperwork for Diavolo! He could not afford lost time, so he will certainly go out of his room to scope out the situation.
- in the chaos of everyone running around, Mammon did run flat into Lucifer face first and landed on his butt.
- He tells everyone to regain their composure. They have faced worse than a power outage. If everyone wants to remain together, go to the den. He will have this solved and get the power on.
- If Lucifer cannot fix it himself, he will not let anyone know he failed his attempts. Simply put, he will let the brothers know things will get back to normal in the morning. They can just stay in the candlelight together.
- Maybe they... will go out for dinner tomorrow since Beelzebub is busy eating the contents of the kitchen.
- Panicked as soon as it goes out. He was playing Blackjack on his phone. Not real gambling because Lucifer wouldn't let him go out and he felt too lazy to sneak out.
- He screamed and ran out of his room to see if he could find anyone.
- Runs into Lucifer after about five minutes. After landing flat on his butt, he questions if anything is going to be done about this! They can't all live with no power, can they?!
- You'd think demons can't be afraid of the dark, but something tells me Mammon is a little shaken up by the power being off.
- He is regretting not sneaking out for the night now.... well, now might be a good time to get away with it, right? Hehe
- jkjk.... unless.. ?
- did he save his game? DID HE ?! Oh nononononono... the power needs to come on sooner rather than later.
- will his fish in the aquarium be okay without the filter running? He can't lose Henry!
- 3rd out of their room. Mammon and Asmodeus beat Leviathan to it.
- Levi figured Lucifer would be able to fix it, but where he is eldest brother?
- Without the heat running, his action figures could be in a room that is not kept at the right temperature!
- Belphie made fun of him for leaving his room :((
- Yes, Mr. I'm-prepared-for-everything somehow was even prepared for this.
- The man has candles in his room, but he doesn't want them in his room. That would be a fire hazard with how many books there are lying around. He would hate to lose something so precious to him.
- He begins lighting a few candles around the house for everyone else's sake, but mainly so he doesn't have to worry about setting his books on fire.
- Spends time sitting on a couch reading in the candlelight. He wants some peace and quiet, but he has a feeling there's no point in scolding his brothers.
- Shrieks immediately.
- Oh dear, oh jeez. It's too dark! No one can see him, and he can't see himself! The humanity. He must find out what caused this.
- Second demon who's running around the halls of the house just after Mammon.
- Can he find a window with some moonlight reflective enough he can see himself? Is it too dark outside?
- He was in the middle of doing his hair, so he should see if he still looks beautiful while his look isn't complete. He's gotta be beautiful still, right?
- Asmodeus certainly insists that everyone stick together during this time.
- How wonderful would it be if when the lights turn back on the first sight everyone sees is his beautiful face ?? Everyone would be so lucky.
- He has to go to the kitchen immediately. He seems the calmest (besides Satan) about the entire situation.
- Well, if the power is going to be out for awhile, the stuff in the fridge could spoil! Beelzebub decides to do everyone a favor and eat everything out of the fridge that could spoil.
- Uh... what foods spoil and what don't?
- Oh my... he might just have to eat everything in the fridge.
- He is glad Belphie decided to join him and offers him some food! His twin's company is more than enough for him though!
- he would've slept through it had everyone not started screaming and shouting. It's just a power outage, what's the big deal? It was pretty dark in the attic he was kept in for over a year.
- Whatever. He comes out of his room and does make fun of his brothers who are running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
- Goes to find Beelzebub. He checked the kitchen first because that was the obvious location and Beelzebub wasn't in their room when he woke up.
- He sits next to Beelz on a counter while hugging his pillow. It's hard to see, but Belphie knows it's him just from the chewing sounds.
- During the time of waiting for the power to come back on, him and Beelz decide to continue their little game of Belphie guessing what Beelzebub is eating. They share a lot of laughs.
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kenmas-sweaty-fingertips4 hours ago
If your requests are open...
LIs reacting to an MC who鈥檚 larger than them? We always have a shorter MC but what about a tall,muscular MC 馃憠馃憟馃ズ
I actually wanna cry-
I literally had it all written out and I accidently clicked the back button and now its all gone.......................
A full hour and a half of writing
Keep in mind, this is gonna have to be cut short because I need to go somewhere in a bit... it was going to be a lot longer but like I said my dumbass accidently deleted it. I might come back and add more later tonight.
(This is why I usually copy everything to a doc... the one time I don鈥檛)
Anyway- I apologize for taking so long to write this, the day I got the request I really didn鈥檛 feel like writing and I ended up forgetting about it.聽
But I shall write it (again) now!
Also if you鈥檙e taller then any of the brothers I just want to say that you鈥檙e stupidly tall...
Obey Me! Brothers reacting to an MC who is taller/ more muscular then them
Gender聽neutral MC
Characters Mentioned: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor
Warnings: None
Tumblr media
He鈥檚 not really fazed
Sure, he鈥檇 rather not have to slightly look up to make eye contact
But you being taller isn鈥檛 going to hurt him in anyway
Mind you, he does get a tad bit annoyed when you feel the need to grab something on a higher shelf for him
He knows you mean no harm... but still
Just try not to tease him.
At least not a lot
Tumblr media
At first he didn't even really notice the size difference
That was at least until someone said something along the lines of "How can a mere human be not only taller but stronger looking the The Great Mammon"
Those might not have been the exact words.. but you get the point
Has to make a point that he's "allowing" you to be taller and slightly more muscular-
Hates to admit it but he feels safe around you
Tumblr media
The worst reaction you're going to get out of him is that he's a little jealous of your physique
But overall your height and muscle mass doesn't really bother him
If anything he uses it to his advantage
Seeing over crowds to make sure that last limited edition figure is still on the shelf
Pushing past crowds to get to said figure
But don't worry he'll make it up to you
Tumblr media
I don't think he would really care honestly
Just like Levi I think he would use your height and strength to his advantage
Y'know getting books off higher shelves and stuff
But like Luci... don't tease him
It would be kinda funny though
Tumblr media
Probably the least fazed
Will treat you the same no matter your size
Making sure skin is in check and checking out your muscles
Brings you to parties to attract in more ladies and gents
Tumblr media
A little shocked
He's used to being taller and stronger then most individuals
It was nice if he was being honest
100% wants to go on gym outings with you
His neck finally won't break looking down at everyone
(Seriously if you're taller then him I really want to know what you were fed as a child)
Won't be as scared of hurting you (still a little nervous though)
Tumblr media
All he sees is a bigger pillow-
Really doesn't mind
Will use you to lean on in public
Suddenly he's small spoon
The only time he would really be annoyed with your height and such is when you hold things above his head
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