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#Obey me
still-a-morosexual-help21 hours ago
Can't remember which lesson it was in but that time Asmo lowkey implied that Mammon used to be a lot more smooth and sexually forward. Meaning he's like this now cause he's head over heels for MC and why is that the funniest thing to me
Mammon flirting with anyone else: smooth, confident, graceful
Mammon flirting with MC: Face red, accidently calls them an idiot, stuttering, voice fluctuating from choked out to screaming, accidently insults them again, trips over his own feet and takes down the whole table with him, lies face down on the floor for 15 whole minutes and contemplates death
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hell-temptations20 hours ago
Moments at House of Lamentation part 2
Pairing: there's no specific pairing, it's mainly about brothers. You can consider mc as poly in this one, also mc is gender neutral.
Genre: sfw
Warnings: none,just some pointless fluff again, didn't proofread :''
Synopsis: Heartwarming moments/incidents you are allowed to witness at house of lamentation but aren't allowed to talk about ever. (These are more or less small headcanons I imagined)
You can read the part 1 here
Tumblr media
After every dinner, all of them stands in line infront of you and you have to kiss them a goodnight regardless of who's room you are sharing that night.
Mammon secretly sends donation to lots of orphanages every month. Lucifer knows it that's why every month he places some extra allowance on his card regardless if he got paid for modeling or not.
Whenever there is a horror movie night, Satan always brings extra blankets for Mammon and Asmo specially since those two are scardy cats
Once the dinner is over and everyone has gone to sleep, Lucifer takes a walk around the house of lamentation and visits every brother's room to wrap them in blanket or pick them up from floor.
Levi once told Mammon that he's envious of his modeling job since he(Levi) doesn't have the faintest chance to stand infront of camera and model for majolish. On the next day miraculously Levi recieved an offer to model from a designer of Majolish and some days after Levi's photoshoot Mammon found a box of chocolates in his room with an anonymous thank you card.
Asmo has a collection of all of his brother's hottest photos and his blog's header is a Collage of those pictures.
While buying plushies of his favourite anime or game character Levi always buys one extra of the softest one for Belphie.
In house of lamentation eating Human world food is a rule on every week's second, fourth and sixth day. Lucifer made the rule with the excuse that ',if Mc can eat Devildom food with us then we should also eat human world food with them' and when you were about to protest but the other six roared a 'Yes' in unison.
Whenever Asmo goes shopping he always buys ridiculous amount of things and amongst those there will always be six separate bags to be sneaked later on his six brother's rooms.
Oneday while cleaning the attic you found a drawing under Belphie's mattress. Though his drawings are *ahem* kinda off but it was easy to recognise that was a picture of him and his brothers holding hands standing in a green field. There was also Girl who had a halo on her head, that must be Lilith you thought and also a comparative small figure with same hair and eyes as you. On the flipside of the drawing "Family" was scribbled.
As a child whenever Satan used to cry at dark nights when everyone was asleep, Mammon used to pick him and fly out of the window in the Devildom sky to make baby Satan feel better.
Whenever Lucifer drowns himself in his insecurities and self doubts, Satan purposefully pulls more and more dumb pranks on him only just to get caught and give his pride a boost.
Before leaving the house on everyone's designated way, after breakfast you get seven kisses on your cheeks/temple/head from your seven demons.
After every match Lucifer treats Beel's whole team in hell's kitchen a dinner regardless of the results.
Satan can't hold his liquor. Not even the slightest. Once he got drunk at a party of Lord Diavolo and clinged to Lucifer asking for hugs and piggyback rides like childhood. Not only that, he gave threatening to Lord Diavolo that if he ever tries to harm his father brother he will feed him pickles. Please don't ask how the party ended Barbatos had to princess carry a crying, terrified and drunk Lord Diavolo and Lucifer had to give Satan a piggyback ride home.
Mammon and Beel often can be found on the kitchen having midnight ramens.
Only two people in the whole world has the right to organize Satan's books. Lucifer and Y/n.
Oneday Belphie saw an anime where the protagonist was a portrait painter and later that day he made everyone model for his portrait paintings. All the paintings were later framed up in hallroom.
Beel has memorised each and every food his six brothers and you like. :)
All the six of them has absentmindedly called Lucifer 'Papa' more than once.
After some searching on your family lineage books, you finally found Lilith's name, information and the address of her resting place. Now every year all the eight of you go there together on her death anniversary to pay respect.
It's an unspoken rule to never insult Leviathan by calling him a shut in or gross, unless someone wants to die most painful death on other six avatar of sins hands.
Whenever Beel get's an upset tummy Satan often tells him fairytales till he falls asleep.
It may seem unbelievable but Lucifer isn't very well off with latest technology so often at night He comes to Leviathan for helps regarding his DDD or the new tablet you bought him.
Belphie and Levi hates eating vegetables, so Lucifer often has to sit beside and spoonfeed them.
It doesn't matter how late Lucifer comes back from castle, even if he arrives at 3 am everyone in the house of lamentation stays awake for him. Everyone.
Tumblr media
Tags: @mammonprotectionsquad <3
Thank you so much for reading stay healthy and safe love love 馃挏
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r02-obey-mean hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lucifer and Satan
(The pose from JJBA Oingo Boingo Brothers馃崐馃Ж)
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boozye13 hours ago
At this rate with the kid event everyone owes Dani a lot for keeping them 鈥榤ostly鈥 safe. And entertained.
They need a good drink after that, and a break. Poor Dani has to be exhausted with the antics.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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flwrem19 hours ago
Heya! So this is an nsfw request for obey me just a heads up鈥
What about a gn!MC giving head to the brothers and datables (except luke ofc) while they鈥檙e in the middle of doing something.
I鈥檓 writing smut way too early in the morning but who cares
鈫 NSFW, smut
鈫 demon brothers
Side characters next post
鈫 gn!reader, stablished relationship with each one of them
Tumblr media
Finding Lucifer in his study doing paperwork was not rare, but it was helpful when you looked up for him, his eyes barely flicking up to watch you as you entered the room, to go back to his work in a second, asking if you needed something
It was usual for you to make him some company so he didn鈥檛 pay attention until you kneeled on the floor, crawling under his desk right in front of him
鈥淢c in busy right now鈥 he said pushing his chair a little bit behind to watch your actions, you hummed acknowledging but didn鈥檛 stop, opening his zipper and pushing down his pants and underwear
鈥淵ou deserve a break鈥 you whispered making eye contact while your wrapped your lips around his cock, sucking hard at the tip watching him go back deeper into the chair, his face red, reaching out to touch your cheek as you took him deeper, your nose almost touching his pelvis letting out a strangled moan that made him pant from the vibration of your throat, if you were going to interrupt him again he hope it鈥檚 this way
You found him in his room, sitting on the couch and counting his money as usual, you loved to fluster him, approaching him casually without looking suspicious you kissed him briefly on the cheek to sit in front of his open legs
鈥淗ey Mc, do-, w-what are ya doing?鈥 He dropped his money to watch the sight of you in front of him, blushing deeply
鈥淲hat do you think I鈥檓 doing鈥 you said with a smirk pushing down his pants and not wasting any second before taking him in your mouth, he moaned quite loud as soon as you touched him, bringing a hand up to cover his blushing face and the other tangling on your hair
As you bobbed your head up and down taking him deeper his moans grew also, switching between pants, moans and grunts when you sucked him specially harder, his head thrown back against the couch, eyes closed and breathing heavily, his hand never leaving your hair
Something you loved when Levi was gaming was to get under his desk, commanding him to keep going as you took your sweet time teasing him, the way his hands grasp his controller tighter and his hips trusted up into your mouth
And you let him, pleased with the way he slowly loose his autocontrol, trying to get a good sight of you but at the same time focusing on the game, or at least trying, pulling your mouth out of him the moment he stops paying attention, his whines of protest making you chuckle
It was always the same, Levi blushing and asking you to stop but the way his tights tremble and his abdomen tensed told you to keep going
Tea and books afternoons with Satan were a must, choosing books for each other, words weren鈥檛 necessary, but you felt a little adventurous that day, pining Satan against one of the big bookshelves he has in his room, a puzzled look on his face to your actions
鈥淚s there something wrong, Mc?鈥 you didn鈥檛 answer, instead giving him a lingering kiss on the lips down his neck, your hands wondering around his chest until they reached his pants, unzipping them and pulling them down at the same time you kneeled
A soft blush on his checks, his thumb caressing you lips before guiding your head to his length, his other hand bringing the book he held close to his face in an attempt to keep reading, his gaze switching between your face and the book, the usual silent room was now echoing his moans
You were both in Asmo鈥檚 room, he asked you to paint his right hand since he didn鈥檛 wanted to mess up, and who were you to deny his cute request, sitting across from each other, his freshly painted nails resting on the vanity letting it dry sightly so he could paint the other hand, you knew he was always up for new things to try in bed, so you decided to test his patience
You slipped the chair back making room for yourself between his legs, his eyes tingling when he saw you
鈥淥h my Mc, are we feeling naughty today?鈥 He said with a sly grin
鈥淛ust keep doing your nails鈥 you said hitting him lightly on the knee earning a laugh from him, he did obey, not leaving the task of painting his nails, his erratic breathing loud enough for you to hear, turning into moans the moment you started to deep throat him, his hips raising so sightly and his hands shaking, messing up the nail polish, when he came and you got up he whined and pouted showing you his now ruined nails
A good thing was that you always knew were to find Beel, and luckily that that he got back from his practice a lot more early than the rest, so it was just you pressed against the kitchen counter with his cock inside your mouth as you told him to make a sandwich, he really wanted to protest but two of his favorite things happening at the same time was not very common
He was so big you had to use your hand to wrap it around the skin your lips could reach, hollowing you鈥檇 cheeks and sucking hard, you heard his pants grow, his hands holding hard on the counter to the point his knuckles turned white and his head down trying to catch his breath
鈥淜eep going Beel or I鈥檒l stop鈥 you warned him, so he had to do as you told so your warm mouth don鈥檛 leave him
Naps with Belphie were always great, although that day you felt a little bored so you decided to try something new on your sleeping boyfriend
Your hands pulled his pants down trying not to wake him up, it was a contradiction as you wanted him to wake up but it could be fun to suck him and let him sleep at the same time
You lost no time wrapping your lips around his cock, feeling it grow hard on your mouth, he moved sightly when you started to push down deeper, a soft moan escaping from his lips
You sucked him hard, swallowing around it to test his limits, he was about to wake up and you knew it, a hand tangled on your hair, not sure if awake or still asleep, but you started to go faster so you could get your goal to make him cum before waking up
I鈥檒l do the side characters next I just didn鈥檛 wanted this request to stay too long in drafts
Also please tell me if there is a mistake I鈥檓 in public and can鈥檛 read it lol
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trashy-corvian23 hours ago
Tumblr media
I love slow-burn but several millennia of pining is pushing it.
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fluffimemes22 hours ago
Lucifer, looking at the first aid kit: WHY WOULD YOU FILL IT WITH CHEETOS?!
Mammon, bleeding out: We hadn鈥檛 used it in a while and it was funny at the time.
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takeaslicex14 hours ago
The Obey Me! Brothers + A K!nky MC Headcanons
Tumblr media
Pairing: The Obey Me! Demon Brothers + Female! Main Character
Content Warning: NSFW (minors do NOT interact), vaginal sex, oral sex (male and female recievin), dirty talk, consensual kink, choking, breathplay, power dynamics, dom/sub dynamics, brat taming, spanking, handcuffs, being tied up, fucking on money, semi-public sex, cum, being heard having sex, cock warming, love/bites, hickies, sex toys, food kink, size kink, consensual somnophilia, etc.
Word Count: 2.5k+
Authors Note: Thank you for the request, anon! For a few of the brothers, I focused a little less on the BDSM aspect and more on specific kinks because I didn鈥檛 want to sound too repetitive, so I hope you don鈥檛 mind that!
Also, this is like my sixth time posting this since Tumblr is a goddamn nightmare and refuses to let this show up in the tags. Here鈥檚 to my seventh attempt :^)
In typical sadist fashion, Lucifer would fucking love it if he found out that his darling little MC was actually super kinky. He doesn鈥檛 have a vanilla bone in his body - so the kinkier, the better.
Honestly, it didn鈥檛 really surprise him though. You鈥檝e been so bold ever since you came to the Devildom - from pushing your way through demon affairs and literally jumping in front of his brothers to shield them from his anger, he had a feeling that you had a twisted side to you that you weren鈥檛 showing. You were always so sweet and caring to him and his brothers鈥 but what are you really into, he always wondered?
So, once he realized your true side, it was like he was finally seeing heaven again.
Ultimately, he found out about your hidden side of you the night that you made a pact with him before you left the Devildom. It was so bold of you to stand up to his demon form and kiss him like that, and even more bold of you to agree to a night of being his.
With his hands running all over you, the light hitches in your breath and soft moans didn鈥檛 go unnoticed as his fingers drew on your sides, stomach, and thighs鈥 but it was when his hand met your throat that he got the reaction he was looking for, as he watched your eyes flutter in utter bliss as you struggled for air.
鈥淥h? So that鈥檚 what gets your blood boiling, MC. You amaze me every day, you know that? Don鈥檛 worry, lover - the night is only beginning.鈥
Apart from Asmo, I think that Lucifer would be the perfect person to explore your kinkier side with. Being the big sadist that he is, you already know Lucifer is into power dynamics, dom and sub, and brat taming - so be prepared for your misbehavior and brattiness to be met with choking, spanking, and handcuffs.
Lucifer doesn鈥檛 have a filter, either - so if you鈥檙e into being talked to and degraded like a whore, you鈥檝e got the perfect demon for that in Lucifer.
鈥淐ount to ten with me, MC. And don鈥檛 you dare think about opening that whore mouth of yours during your punishment. I warned you about interrupting me when I鈥檓 on the phone, did I not? Fucking count, MC. I won鈥檛 repeat myself.鈥
聽 Mammon:
Oh, boy. If you think that Mammon wasn鈥檛 greedy over your love and attention before, then you certainly would think so after he found out about your kinkier side.
He would be totally flustered at first, like鈥 you want him to WHAT?!?!
Poor Mammon would have so many questions, though he鈥檚 not going to ask you at the risk of your answer involving any other person helping you explore your sexual desires. But how did you develop a kinky side?! Who taught you what THAT IS?! WHO CORRUPTED YOU?!
Okay鈥 he took a few seconds to process the idea that his precious human is actually kinky as hell (no pun intended). Now he鈥檚 ready to rail the fuck out of you.
Mammon first learned about how kinky you were when you walked into his room one day and he was counting his stacks of human-world cash from a photoshoot he recently did. It was then that you crawled on his lap, pinned him down and begged him to fuck you on his hard earned money.
Mammon鈥檚 always been sort of gentle and careful with you during sex before just to be sure he would never hurt you or make you do anything you didn鈥檛 want to do - but now that you鈥檙e asking him to be absolutely filthy with you? Oh shit. Mammon fell in love with you all over again.
Normally, Mammon would have his qualms about doing anything that could ruin his precious money. However, there鈥檚 something about fucking you from behind with his hand tightly pulling your hair that makes him give less than a fuck about anything else.
鈥淔-fuck, MC! You鈥檙e gonna be the death of me - who knew you had this side, huh? Fuck! MC - I鈥檓 so close!鈥
Aside from fucking on a pile of money, I definitely picture Mammon to be into public/semi-public sex, or being put in any situation where the two of you could get caught. If you鈥檙e into that sort of thrill, he鈥檒l fuck you in the study, in the attic room, in his dressing room at a photoshoot, etc. You name it, and he鈥檚 game.
Also - cum. The demon loves to see his cum anywhere you鈥檒l let spill out - your back, your stomach, your tits, your insides, or your mouth. Preferably, he likes to cum on your face - there鈥檚 truly no prettier sight in the world than seeing the seemingly-sweet MC blinded by him after he fucked your mouth like a champ. Oh, how he adores you.
聽 Leviathan:
R.I.P. Levi, because I think you just killed him. Just give him a minute - maybe he malfunctioned. Definitely time to reboot.
Similarly to Mammon, I think he would let his sin take over a little bit and start wondering how you came to your kinkier side, and will get jealous at the idea of past lovers, or the media that inspired your kinks.
So鈥 you just gotta give him a little push, and really show him that Levi is the only one you want to explore your kinks with. After you鈥檝e shown him that he鈥檚 the only demon for you, be prepared to break the鈥 well, bathtub.
Levi discovered your kinky side when he was in the middle of a multiplayer game on his gaming PC. He was completely in the zone, and winning by a longshot too, when he suddenly felt his chair get pushed back and watch you get down on your knees. Within seconds, he was too focused on his seemingly-sweet MC choke on his cock while he struggled to suppress his moans so his mic wouldn鈥檛 pick them up. It was almost as hard as Levi was.
鈥淔-fu.... No, nothing! I said push forward! F-fuck! I mean... fucking push forward, w-we haven鈥檛 lost yet! FUCK!鈥
After you made Levi lose a game he quickly lost interest in at the sight of you swallowing his cum, he fucked you so hard that you both knew you wouldn鈥檛 be walking tomorrow.
As far as kinks go, I really hope you鈥檙e into roleplay, because you know damn well that Levi is. Levi would love nothing more than to fuck you while you were dressed as one of his favorite anime or video game heroines, but he鈥檇 also be more than willing to simpler forms of roleplay as well.
I think that once Levi gets over his insecurities and becomes truly confident in himself and that you want to explore your kinks with him, that he would also reveal his kinky side to you. It would definitely be a reveal to you both.
Satan had a feeling that the sweet little human who swept him and his brothers off of his feet was a lot kinkier than she was letting on. Satan is incredibly intelligent and a natural observant, so he didn鈥檛 miss the way your cheeks flushed when he called you kitten, or the way you鈥檇 cross your legs when you鈥檇 get to a spicy part in a book he recommended to you.
So, naturally, Satan tried to edge that side out of you slowly - he didn鈥檛 want to embarrass you by confronting you, so he鈥檇 do little things to tease you. Instead of recommending you books that 鈥榡ust so happened to have sex scenes鈥, he would start reading them to you all while slowling dragging his fingers down your arms and sides, admiring the way you鈥檇 tense in his arms and the way your skin would heat up.
鈥淥h? What are your thoughts on that鈥 kitten? That鈥檚 not something you鈥檇 want to try is it? There鈥檚 no need to hide from me, you know.鈥
Cue a very, very long night of him fucking you raw into the mattress with your hands tied to the bedpost with one of his ties - just as described in the book he read to you. Satan was just happy that he was right about you, and how filthy you are being that sweet and innocent act of yours.
Satan would be down to try any of your kinks, assuming they weren鈥檛 childish or completely odd. Satan can get rough, so he has no qualms with inflicting pain and dominance with your given consent.
One-word: cockwarming. He鈥檇 cockwarm you while he read to you, that鈥檚 for damn sure.聽
Oh, and another thing - Satan would mark the fuck out of you with love bites and hickies all across your body, if not for the way his little kitten would whimper and his lips sucked on your breasts, but to mark his territory as well.
聽 Asmodeus:
As expected, the Avatar of Lust would adore the fact that his sweet, innocent little MC was finally succumbing to their sexual desires in all of their beautiful glory. He would be so goddamn happy that the seemingly-sweet MC was actually a little freak鈥 just like him!
If you ever wanted to explore your kinks with anyone without shame or rejection, then Asmo is the perfect demon to do so with, because he鈥檇 fuck you absolutely any that that you desired. He can be soft and slow with you, sure, but his favorite sex is when both him and his partner are fully expressing their wants and needs.
Asmo would know pretty early on that you were suppressing your kinky side and your most inner sexual desires, given his title as the Avatar of Lust. Much like Satan, he would try to pull them out of you. However, he鈥檇 do it in a much less subtle way.
One night after you made a date with Asmo for a movie night with skincare and nail painting included, or so you thought, you walked into his room to find the lights dim with red lighting and a pink box on his bed. Inside, you saw the box filled to the brim with every sex toy you could ever imagine. Asmo was practically beaming at your reaction alone.
However, it was when he saw tears brimming under your eyes and your chest heave rapidly as his newly bought vibrator fucked you and brought you to your second orgasm of the night that he nearly came at the sight alone. You just look so perfect when you finally admit your most beautiful sexual desires!
鈥淵es, MC! Look at you, darling - you鈥檙e so perfect! Don鈥檛 hide from me, princess, let鈥檚 cum together!鈥
As I said, Asmo would be down to try anything with you as long as it satisfied your desires. However, I think that he would be most down to experiment with toys, and with making a sex tape with you. That way, he could watch his beautiful MC cry out his name as you came around his cock whenever he wanted to.
聽 Beelzebub:
Oh, Beel would be surprised - that鈥檚 for damn sure. He鈥檚 so sweet and mindful of your health and safety, and would never want to hurt you or make you uncomfortable in any way, especially since he鈥檚 quite literally double your size and a foot taller than you. So naturally, Beel wouldn鈥檛 even consider you to be anything less than the sweet and innocent human he desperately loves to protect, unless he heard from you directly what you wanted him to do to you.聽
So鈥 when he found out that his size is actually a turn on to you, and that you literally want him to throw you around like a rag doll and fuck you like it was your last day in the Devildom? You can almost picture his cute, confused face.
However, once he realized that his size wasn鈥檛 intimidating to you, but actually a turn on? It absolutely became a turn on for him, too. Because sure, it鈥檚 nice to have you in his arms and know that he鈥檚 protecting you, but it鈥檚 even better hearing you scream and watching you cry as you struggle to take his huge cock inside of you.
鈥淏-Beel, baby鈥 you鈥檙e so big, I can barely-鈥 鈥淒on鈥檛 say that, pumpkin, I don鈥檛 want to cum yet鈥 UH! MC鈥︹
Well, this wouldn鈥檛 be a Beel headcanon if I didn鈥檛 include food play in it somewhere, now would it? That you two discovered accidentally while the two of you were baking a cake one day.
It was Beel鈥檚 turn to make dinner that tonight, but additionally, he wanted to make a three-layered chocolate cake for dessert to satisfy his cravings. You offered to help to spend some time with him, but also to make sure he didn鈥檛 swallow all of the ingredients down whole. While the ingredients didn鈥檛 end up in his mouth, they did end up just about everywhere else - your chests, his fingers, your neck鈥 it wasn鈥檛 long until Beel was licking frosting off of your pussy like it was on the menu.
After that, foodplay became apart of your natural sex lives. Chocolate, whipped cream, fruit, pudding - you name it. It鈥檚 a definite win-win for you both.
In conclusion, I think Beel would be willing to try your kinks as long as they didn鈥檛 truly hurt you or cause you any long-lasting physical harm. He couldn鈥檛 bring himself to hurt you on purpose.
聽 Belphegor:聽
Belphie would be someone you wouldn鈥檛 really expect to have a kinky side, but oh, he sure does. He has sadistic tendencies and can be a bit of a freak - so when he found out that you also can be a bit of a freak yourself, he wondered what other surprises you were full of. He had a feeling, of course - you were daring enough to stand up to Lucifer for his sake, so how daring would you be in the bedroom for him?
Belphie would be amused by it, for sure. That apart from enjoying being intimate by simply cuddling with him and taking long naps under cold blankets, that you also like to be tied up and fucked until you couldn鈥檛 take anymore? How could he not be amused by that?
Under your given consent while you were conscious, Belphie would absolutely fuck you while you were asleep. He鈥檇 fuck you nice and slow and watch as drool pooled at your lips and admire how wet your pussy got for him first thing in the morning, as if your body knew who it belonged to without you being awake. Bonus points if he decided to tie your hands to the bedpost, or if he decided to wrap a pillowcase around your eyes to further deprive your senses.
鈥淪hhh. So fucking pretty for me, aren鈥檛 you sweetheart? And you鈥檙e not even awake to see how pretty you look on my cock - what a shame.鈥
Additionally, if your kinkier side included being dominant and inflicting your kinks on him, Belphie would a hundred percent be down for that as well. The less work for him, the better, right? If you wanted to tie him up and ride his cock while he was deep in slumber, he would wake up with the biggest smile on his face. And if you wanted to tie him up, even better - it鈥檚 not like he鈥檇 go anywhere anyway.
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alice-revolution8 hours ago
Tumblr media
<artist: kkk276491754>
permission to post was granted by the artist.
editing and reposting in any platform (FB, IG, Pinterest, WeHeartIt, etc) are prohibited. please kindly like and retweet their arts on Twitter.
鉁 mammon
admin fluffy ( 鈼烇渐啾渐)
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demonsandco10 hours ago
If angels have horrifying amount of eyes then do the brothers have that many too?
Luci has quite a few! Not as many as he used to have as an angel, but it's enough to be off-putting. The others have extra eyes, too, but not as many and only on their face.
Tumblr media
Only those two of his tail feathers have actual eyes, and they usually stay separate from the rest of the normal feathers. He can quite literally see all around him at all times.
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flwrem16 hours ago
The boys' (everyone except Luke) reaction to an MC who, when asked to do something during a sexual situation, tells them playfully to "Make me".
鈫 NSFW, smut but not too explicit
鈫 demon brothers and side characters
鈫 gn!reader
Tumblr media
Honestly who do you think you are talking to, he might say something like 鈥淚鈥檒l be more than happy to make you鈥 or 鈥淥h? So that鈥檚 what you want鈥 you know hard dom things, proceeds to tease you until you beg him to stop with a cocked eyebrow and a shit eating grin permanent on his face
Two possible outcomes, either blushes softly and tells you you must listen to the great Mammon and obey him, or literally makes you, like manhandles you and there is nothing you can do about it
Blushes hard, even if you are literally doing it he still blushes when you say things like that, might burry his face on your neck to stop you from looking at his blushing face, in the end you do it how could you say no to the shy boy
Makes you, he probably takes that as a challenge and tortures you not letting you get your release so you never even think about try to stand up to him again
Probably whines and practically begs you to do it, you end up giggling at his neediness and the cute pout he makes
First asks you if you don鈥檛 want to do it, consent king, but when you tell him you are teasing him he laughs softly and kisses you until your head goes dizzy and do anything he tells you
He makes you, like we know him and he won鈥檛 take a no for answer specially seeing you are teasing him, so he touches and kisses all over you and you end up doing it
Another consent king, since he knows you are joking he laughs and hugs you, whispers please over and over right in your ear kissing softly around your face and you have to do it
He spends so much time observing you and engraving in his mind every spot that has you whining and crying and uses that to his favor to make you do what he wants
Even if you are teasing he needs your reassurance, in the end your teasing doesn鈥檛 last long as you giggle and do what he asked you to
Makes you, do I need to explain? He literally can manhandled you and put you the way he wants to wherever he wants, overstimulates you until you cry and asks you if you are still going to act like a brat
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still-a-morosexual-help11 hours ago
Not over how the brothers on multiple occasions have called out MC for simping over Mammon
1. That one chat where Belphie pointedly told MC not to tell Mammon about what they were planning
2. S2 when Mammon texts MC and Levi complains about them always favouring him and he asks if it's cause they made a pact with him first
3. The multiple times one for the brothers have told MC they're too soft on him
And my personal favourite:
4. S3 when MC was teasing Satan about telling his brothers about his fairy dust induced angel hallucinations and to shut them up he just threatened to give a list of everything Mammon had done, whether they were real or whether Satan made them up, to Lucifer????????? He DID NOT have to call them out so hard
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harunayuuka20603 hours ago
Lucifer: *was exhausted and didn't realize he entered the wrong room*
Satan: ...
Satan: Oi, Lucifer.
Lucifer: *sound asleep*
Satan: Get back to your room. *shakes him a little*
Lucifer: *opens his eyes a little and looks at him* Satan?
Satan: Yes. That's right.
Lucifer: Good timing.
Satan: What do you mean "good timing" 鈥
Lucifer: *pulls him into a hug*
Satan: !!!
Lucifer: *falls back to sleep again*
Satan: Oi! Do you think this is funny?!
Lucifer: *mutters* I'll be discussing this with you tomorrow... For now... Let your father sleep...
Satan: ...
Satan: Are you really that tired?
Lucifer: *no answer*
Satan: ...
Satan: Well... I guess I can ask for a compensation tomorrow.
Lucifer: *unconsciously ruffles his hair*
Satan: ...
Satan: Even when you're asleep, you're still treating me like a kid.
Lucifer: *murmurs* Because you're my one... and only son...
Satan: ...
Satan: *smiles in satisfaction* Yeah.
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astrolog11st20 hours ago
Tumblr media
饢セ 饾惈饾悮饾惌饾悽饾惂饾悹: 15+
饢セ 饾悮饾惍饾惌饾悺饾惃饾惈 饾惂饾惃饾惌饾悶: i thought i鈥檇 make a replaced au :)
饢セ 饾惏饾悮饾惈饾惂饾悽饾惂饾悹饾惉: Spoilers for chapter 16, choking, swearing, blood, mention of trauma, panic attacks, body shaming, abuse, bone cracking, throwing up, starving, insults {please tell me if theres any i missed.}
饢セ 饾惄饾悮饾惈饾惌 1
饢セ 饾惌饾悮饾悹饾惀饾悽饾惉饾惌: none yet
饢セ 饾惈饾悶饾悰饾惀饾惃饾悹饾惉 饾悮饾惈饾悶 饾悺饾悽饾悹饾悺饾惀饾惒 饾悮饾惄饾惄饾惈饾悶饾悳饾悽饾悮饾惌饾悶饾悵 鈾
饾悡饾悺饾悶 饾悘饾惈饾惃饾惁饾悽饾惉饾悶
Tumblr media
Never had you thought that the ones you truly loved would betray you. Especially after all you鈥檝e done for them, and they still did it. You never would betray them even if it was the last thing you would do.
A month ago is when it all started, a new student arrived for the exchange program. Diavolo thought it was going well after three years of an successful program, so he added another student.
Except this time it wasn鈥檛 a human, it was an experienced witch, her name was Maiko. She won over the hearts of the brother within a week only, while you had to within half an year to get their full trust.
Maiko had hip length black hair, thin bangs, with big pink eyes that fade into a light green colour, she even had the perfect body and smile. You could never hate her even if you really wanted to, she鈥檚 the only one that has been there for you.
She always was the one to call you for food when the brothers 鈥榝orgot鈥, she also has been helping you with spells & the RAD homework you didn鈥檛 understand. You always thought that she was an angel by the way she treated you, and everyone else.
You couldn鈥檛 even go to Satan because he would always decline and say he鈥檚 busy, when in reality he just goes to his room and daydreams of Maiko. The cat cafe he promised to take you to a week ago? Now he鈥檚 going with Maiko.
Maiko insisted that you should go instead of her, but you declined since you have lost most of your feelings for the fourth born. You would鈥檝e thought that he would be there for you, after all he knew what it felt like as a replacement when he was born.
He鈥檚 been the 鈥榥ew Lilith鈥 at first, but then you came around and showed him he wasn鈥檛 an replacement, whereas now you鈥檙e getting shit treatment from him.
You couldn鈥檛 really understand why Mammon would replace you, after all you were his 鈥榝irst鈥 as he used to put it. Now he had Maiko by his side and they just make the perfect duo. He also quit being your protector to go and protect Maiko even though she didn鈥檛 need it. That one really hurt.
Lucifer wasn鈥檛 a surprise i mean who would wanna be seen with a lowly mortal when you could be seen with an experienced witch. He always holds her hand in public and his pride goes up a whole lot, he never let even you hold his hand like that in public.
Leviathan used to be nervous around you, now he鈥檚 been giving you the last choice treatment. If you ever make a tiny mistake in a game he鈥檒l say how much better Maiko is than you, then proceeds to kick you out of his room.
You never thought Asmodeus would treat you like this. To say he was treating you horrible was an underestimate. He always comments on how 鈥榟orrible鈥 you look whereas Maiko looks perfect in every way. He doesn鈥檛 even shop with you anymore, instead replaces you with Maiko. He used to gossip with you, but now he鈥檚 gossiping about you.
Now Beelzebub.. he would never do this. At least that what you thought, apparently the so called friendly giant turned the opposite. He always eats your food or gives it to Maiko because she deserves it. He also left a comment that made your stomach turn 鈥淵ou might as well be the new Avatar Of Gluttony with how much you eat.鈥
You would think at least Belphegor would be with you, after all you freed him from the attic and everything. But now he鈥檚 a monster to you, he never naps with you because you apparently give him nightmares whereas Maiko gives him the best dreams. He even said he would kill you again if he could.
The royals haven鈥檛 gave you the harsh treatment but it still hurts when they hangout with Maiko, they even gave her a gift for succeeding one week when you didn鈥檛 even get a gift for succeeding three whole years.
Even the purgatory hall doesn鈥檛 have time for you anymore, not even Luke. They always make up some excuse but then Maiko is allowed to go there.
Today was Friday finally, this week had been going by slower then usual. You would think someone would鈥檝e put a spell on you by how slow even a minute is.
You used to sit by at least one brother in all your classes, but now Maiko has your seat. It wasn鈥檛 her fault really, if she knew she would give the seat up for you anyday. She even grew a crush on you the first time you two met.
You enter your last class of the day: Spells. Maiko smiles and waves to you as you enter, you fake a smile and wave back. She then takes her seat next to Mammon who hugs her. You sigh and sit next to Hiro.
Hiro is also a new exchange student. He鈥檚 half angel, half elf. He has pale skin, split black & white fluffy hair that almost covers his eyes, ocean-blue eyes that fade into a light purple, pointed ears, a few inches taller then Beel, he sure does have muscles and lastly the most perfect smile that you could stare at for days. He鈥檚 been treating you like the most precious thing in all realms and was always there for you. He鈥檚 usually nervous but around you it鈥檚 like he鈥檚 known you for years, he even grew a big crush on you.
You take a seat next to him and he smiles and greets you 鈥淗ey MC, you look good today. Also I bought you a small gift.鈥 He blushes and turns away to grab something out of his bag.
This time you smile genuinely back at him and greet him back. 鈥淗ey Hiro, you don鈥檛 look too bad yourself.鈥 He then places a letter in your hand and smiles.
You raise a eyebrow before looking at it. The letter has a gold wing stamp on the opening, your favourite colour ribbon carefully tied into a bow & it even smells like Hiro.
You smile and open it carefully and see a necklace, it鈥檚 gold, and had a heart with wings and your initial in the middle of it.
You gasp and smile brightly at him 鈥淭hank you so much!鈥 You almost shed a tear from how happy you are. You then proceed to put it on then hugging him.
He blushes and hugs you back 鈥淣o problem MC, I hope you like it.鈥
The teacher then walks in and everyone pulls out their textbooks, turning to the page that your learning today. It鈥檚 a safety spell, but it could go terribly wrong if you messed it up a bit.
The teacher tells you to go into partners but then Hiro grabs your hand 鈥淯h MC.. Can i be your partner? I dont feel like talking to others.鈥 he asks nervously
You nod, and you two start writing down the correct steps on how to do it right. You finish and look at his paper, his handwriting is so graceful while yours looks a bit rushed.
鈥淎re you guys finished with writing the spells down?鈥 the teacher asks, looking right at you and everyone nods then turn to you. Mammon snickers. You nod nervously and look down. Hiro notices this and puts his soothing hand on your back rubbing calming circles in.
鈥淭heir really done?鈥
鈥淚 thought they would鈥檝e taken a while. Haha!鈥
鈥淭hey probably copied off of Hiro, that poor dude.鈥
鈥淭heir writing probably sucks!鈥
You start to frown, then Hiro slams his hands onto the desk alarming everyone, even the teacher. 鈥淚f any of you say one more bad thing about MC you will be done, and won鈥檛 live to see another day. Now if you鈥檒l excuse me, me and MC need to leave early.鈥
Everyones jaw drops as he grabs both of your bags and grabs your arm as you two walk out. You could tell he鈥檚 furious by the way his eyebrows are turned down.
Hiro then stops in the middle of the hall and turns to you, then crouching to pull you into a hug.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry you had to deal with that, i鈥檒l make sure it doesn鈥檛 happen again as long as i鈥檓 around, now why dont we get some food at the new cafe?鈥
You smile and hug him back 鈥淚t鈥檚 fine.. im used to it, and that does sound nice. I haven鈥檛 ate in a few days.鈥
He nods then holding your hand and taking you to the restaurant, but on the way the person you guys saw made you regret it. It was Lucifer of all people.
You gulp then Hiro squeezes your hand a bit tighter 鈥淵ou know what.. maybe we should go somewhere else.. Get on my back.鈥 he says nervously, then crouching for you to get onto his back. You then get onto his back wrapping your arms around his neck. You guys start to head another direction but you didn鈥檛 notice that Lucifer was glaring at you.
You guys then head to a different caf茅, this one was an expensive one. While you guys head inside you gasped at how fancy it looked.
The walls were painted a royal blue, with black decorations painted it, a sparkly black floor, golden chandeliers that gave off a blue-ish tint to the lights, the tables were mostly booths, but the ones in the middle were fancy rectangular shaped.
You guys saw a table for two placed near an aquarium, it had a bottle of a black rose and a blue rose. He lets you down then asks what table you wanna go to.
You point to the one near the aquarium and he smiles and agrees, you both head over there and he pulls the seat out for you.
鈥淵ou first.鈥 He says while smiling. You blush and take a seat. He then goes across and sits there.
You never felt this calm in an while, you were always nervous and anxious. Now was finally a time to relax with a person that truly cared about you. You look at the menu, but then you notice you never tried any of them.
鈥淗ey Hiro, what are you ordering? I can鈥檛 find any that i would like.鈥 You look up from the menu and ask. He then folds his menu and puts it aside.
鈥淚 think i鈥檓 getting the royal salad, with deep blue sauce, topped with bits of bread and blue spicy shrimp. You should get the same or there鈥檚 a pulled pork ribs, topped with the devildom special sauce, and medium fries on the side. I tried them they鈥檙e pretty good and human safe.鈥 he says while looking at the fish in the tank smiling at them.
鈥淭hose both sound good, I think i鈥檒l get {your choice} today.鈥
鈥淕ood choice, also this fish kinda remind me of your eyes.鈥 He points to a e/c glowing fish that then makes its way over to you.
You look at it and laugh as you see another fish that comes out of the reefs that is glowing ocean-blue and light purple. 鈥淎nd this one looks like you.鈥 You point to it.
He laughs 鈥淵our right, they both really do look like us.鈥
The waitress then walks over and Hiro says the order for both of you, when the waitress leaves he looks at you. 鈥淢C.. your eyes are very pretty did I tell you that?鈥
You look ataken back for a minute before blushing slightly 鈥淵ours are too.. i never seen any eyes as gorgeous as yours.鈥 you say shyly back. Your stomach starts to grumble and you hide you face in your hands from embarrassment.
Hiro looks at you confused before looking concerned 鈥淗ave they been not feeding you? That鈥檚 horrible of them.鈥 He says while frowning.
鈥淵eah.. well I mean i haven鈥檛 ate, so it wasn鈥檛 them but it was me. I was trying to go on a diet and didn鈥檛 eat for a few days.鈥 You lied to him. It was weeks not days. You feel bad since you lied to him.
His eyes go wide 鈥淵ou have?.. I think you look perfect and you shouldn鈥檛 have to change for anyone.鈥
You never heard a compliment in so long it felt almost wrong to hear. You feel like your about to tear up, but quickly blink it away as the waitress places both of your foods down. It looked perfect, and it smelled good.
You both start to eat, and you savour the taste of the food inside your mouth. You鈥檙e surprised that your stomach is accepting the food, unlike before you kept throwing it up.
Your phone starts ringing just as your about to take a few more bites of your food, Hiro raised a eyebrow at you. You pull your phone out and see 7 missed calls, Lucifer is currently calling as well.
You choke on the piece of food that was in your mouth from surprise. Hiro starts to panic as you almost fall out of your chair gasping for air.
Hiro quickly drops the utensils in his hand and gets to your side immediately, he chants a spell that stops you from choking.
You start to lean against him as your throat is dry.
鈥淗ey hey.. it鈥檚 gonna be okay MC, just breathe.. Have some water.鈥 Hiro then hands you a glass of water.
You slowly drink it down and you slowly calm down. Hiro rubs your back in a comforting manner.
As you look up you see someone with dark black hair behind Hiro. It鈥檚 Lucifer..
鈥淗iro behind you..鈥
To be continued.
鈥庁顾栤伜 鈽佲媶 喹 馃晩.鈰嗭健鈰嗋级鈰喫欌姽
漏 饾悮饾惉饾惌饾惈饾惃饾惀饾惃饾悹饾煆饾煆饾惉饾惌, 饾惄饾惀饾悶饾悮饾惉饾悶 饾悵饾惃 饾惂饾惃饾惌 饾惈饾悶饾惄饾惃饾惉饾惌, 饾惉饾惌饾悶饾悮饾惀 饾惃饾惈 饾惌饾惈饾悮饾惂饾惉饾惀饾悮饾惌饾悶.
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qshara18 hours ago
What would happen if you leave them in the same room?
Room 1
Sirius: Why am I in this room?
Hideyoshi: I wonder the same
Comte: Can we finish this parent meeting soon? I left 9 vampires alone and I'm sure they already destroyed my house
Room 2
Jonah: How dare you lock up the Queen of Hearts with these ... three strangers
Yves: Strangers?! You're talking to Yves Kloss, the fifth prince of Rhodo-
Ieyasu: Oh great, now the royalty has gathered to scream in my ear
Mozart: Why do I always have to be with the noisy ones?
Room 3
Vicent: Oh, I don't know you. Let's be friends!
Licht: I have a feeling Yves is trying to break down that door
Luka: Do you also have a brother obsessed with you?
Room 4
Leonardo: Tasty old men?
Shingen: Funny room name...
Sirius: Oh come on! It must be a joke! I'm not even that old
Jin: You are in the denial stage. We all go through the same
Room 5
Ray: I think I'm seeing double
Napoleon: Are you sure you're not twins?
Nobunaga: I have never seen this man in my life
Leon: We don't even look alike
Room 6
IkePrin MC: It must be very difficult to keep 10 vampires in such a large mansion
IkeVamp MC: Don't even tell me. I can't imagine how many times you got lost in the palace
IkeSen MC: Why do we always take care of cleaning? I would like to have another job ... like being a warrior!
IkeRev MC: Yes! We should make a revolution!
Obey Me MC: -sheep noise in approval-
Room 7
Satan: So ... can I get an autograph from Sherlo-
Arthur: No
Part 2?
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scintilans42 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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