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#Obey me!
alice-revolution · a day ago
Tumblr media
<artist: munda34129>
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✿ halloween
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belphies-cuhm-sluht · a day ago
Heeeyyyyy!!! I'm glad I caught requests open! Can I get the demon brothers reacting to an MC that has a puppy love crush on one of the professors at RAD??? Like MC is constantly talking about how much they enjoy that professors class and how great they are at teaching and in their general personality... but they catch MC with literal heart eyes after MC greets their professor in the hallway? Please and thank you! 🙏
Brothers When MC Has A Crush On One Of Their Professors At RAD
This is the third day in a row that you’ve come home from RAD talking about your spells professor. He wasn’t sure what was so special about this teacher, they were typical in every way, but his pride wouldn’t let him say anything about it to you. The crush would surely pass, and then you’d go back to paying attention to him just how he liked it.
He started walking with you down the halls, trying to keep you distracted so you wouldn’t notice the professor if they walked by, but he couldn’t do much about it when you were headed straight for their class. You saw them in the hallway, standing right outside of the classroom, and your eyes seemed to light up as you practically ran over to them. He cleared his throat, keeping his head high as he walked over quickly, grabbing your hand and pulling you away.
“I’m sorry, Y/N isn’t feeling very well today. They won’t be able to make it to your class today.”
You talked about your professor so much, he started to expect it whenever you came home from RAD. It’s not that he particularly enjoyed hearing about it, but he likes spending time with you, so he put himself through it just to keep you around.
The professor wasn’t even that cool, they didn’t have a sense of humor, they were just a basic demon. There was nothing special about them, but for some reason you had such a big crush on them that you couldn’t seem to keep yourself from talking about them, even when the two of you were walking through the halls together. He watched the little smile spread across your face as you waved all cute at the teacher, your eyes glowing with adoration. That’s all he could handle.
“Oi! Why don’t ya look at me that way?! Ain’t I special too?”
He was used to it. Everyone that he even remotely liked ended up liking someone else, but it hurt a little more when you ended up having a crush on the professor. You talked so much about them, and he didn’t want to tell you to stop because he still likes hearing your voice even if you weren’t talking about him.
Walking through the halls with you wasn’t as easy for him to handle. It was only natural for him to get jealous, it’s who he is. He was lucky enough to not have to see the way you acted around the professor yet, he wouldn’t be able to handle it, but today seemed to be the day he’d have to witness it. Your smile was sweeter than ever, and it seemed like your voice even raised an octave, your eyes looked like the heart eyes emoji and he couldn’t stop himself from acting out on his avatar.
“Fine! If you think the professor is so cool, you can just go hang out with them after classes. Have fun.”
Whenever you came to him to talk about the professor he was usually able to drown it out. He didn’t like hearing about it, he didn’t like hearing about how amazing this professor was when he knew damn well he could teach you way better. He didn’t tell you that though, he knew it would probably just upset you if he insulted the professor, so he pretended to listen.
He walked beside you in the halls, talking about the new book that he was reading. He thought it was really interesting, and he thought that you’d be interested in hearing about it as well. He couldn’t hold back the anger and irritation that boiled over when you stopped in the middle of the hallway to greet your professor though, right in the middle of him talking. You might as well have been wearing glasses that said “I love you” across them.
“You can just stay after and study with them. Don’t bother coming to my room.”
Of course you’d have a crush on your professor, he’d be lying if he said he didn’t have a slight crush on most of his professors as well… but that doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t seem fair. How could you possibly have a crush on your professor when he was right there in front of you?! He was clearly the better choice, and he was more beautiful than anyone else in the Devildom.
He didn’t let it bother him though, not as much as it would bother his brothers at least. He’d let it slide, and in no time at all you’d be running back into his very smooth, very warm arms. Except it didn’t seem like that would happen any time soon. The way you looked at your professor when you greeted them, it almost broke his heart and he couldn’t hide the pout that pulled at his bottom lip.
“You never look at me that way, Y/N… Do you really think they’re better than me?”
He’s not one to show his emotions very much, but deep down it does kind of upset him that some random professor seems to have caught your eye before he was able to. It makes you happy though, so he doesn’t let on that he’s upset about it. He’ll just keep listening to you talk about the professor because he’d rather see you happy than to make you upset and tell you to stop.
Seeing the way you act around the professor though, your giddy expression, the way you practically swoon when you see him. It’s like you try to speed up your walking just to catch him so you can say hello. It breaks his heart a little, knowing that you’ll never act like that when it comes to him, but he lets you go, waiting until you’re done to finally say anything.
“Do you really like them? It’s okay if you do… I was just wondering…”
He tries to act like he doesn’t care, but he’s not as good at it as Lucifer is. His annoyance is clearly visible, but if you ask him about it, he’ll say it’s just because he’s tired. He’ll constantly use it as a reason to end the conversation as soon as you bring up the professor too, he just hates hearing about how great they are, or how great you think they are.
He rarely ever goes to class anyway, he’d much rather sleep and deal with the repercussions of skipping when he wakes up, but the one day he actually goes to RAD is the day he gets to see how much you actually adore the professor. He couldn’t hold back the sound of disgust that comes out of his mouth when he sees you walk over to them, your eyes wide and full of love when you greet them. He waits until the both of you are in the class before saying anything, but he makes sure that you can hear how pissed he is when he speaks.
“Maybe you can ask the professor to take naps with you since you like them so much. I don’t even care.”
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boringblackyellow · a day ago
Mammon as your roommate (hcs)
Tumblr media
Summary: Set in a time where Mammon and you live in the same apartment together instead of the House of Lamentation.
Contains: swearing, fluff, small bits of angst and crack, the brothers are humans here
Note: When I said I was going to post this after a couple of days, I lied. Have some spontaneous content of Mammon <3
Tumblr media
Enemies to Friends
Safe to say you did not like each other in the beginning, like A LOT
Mammon was an insufferable prick who always steals your food in the fridge when you're not looking, borrows your money and takes 6 months to pay a quarter of it, rarely cleans, and is just plain loud to be with
You reminded Mammon of his brothers, being a killjoy to his fun and an absolute pain to be around
You would butt heads fighting about who would wash the dishes or get to shower first for months
And then the two of you had lead up to some agreement to take turns which lessened the arguments but that doesn't mean the two of you still like each other.
No, it started when you were having a bad day
Mammon might not be that smart compared to the rest of his brothers but he's emotionally intelligent and could read you no matter how hard you're trying to hide it
"Bottling your emotions isn't gonna help, ya know." He said, immediately noticing your tense shoulders and clenched fists.
"Who are you, my therapist?" He rolled his eyes and went back to cooking mac-and-cheese as you collapsed on the couch with a tired sigh.
"Seriously though, ya gonna be way more of an annoying baby than ya are if ya bottle it all up." You were about to retort, asking if he was the right person to say all that but bit your tongue at the last minute. He was right though. Bottling it all up doesn't help and irritated you way more than before. So, with a sigh, you vented to him.
Mammon usually gave his own opinions and advice (even though some were morally questionable) but he never cut you off. He even joined you beside the couch and cussed out the person giving you a bad time. It was the nicest interaction that the both of you had so far.
"Good thing I made mac-and-cheese then, did ya know it cleanses the soul?" "Says you."
Study Sessions
The two of you never get any work done when you're together
And even if you work alone, Mammon will always find a way to barge in your room and annoy you
You were quite surprised when Mammon asked if you could study together because frankly, you never saw that man study once
The two of you go to the same school and he was always out partying and socializing and generally up to do anything but studying
He mentioned that if his grades don't get higher, his older brother will punish him and close his bank account again
He begged you atleast 5 times a day about studying with you and you were tempted to pull his ear off
"PLEASE Y/N!! YOU'RE MY ONLY HOPE!!!!" His arms continue to cling to your legs as you try your hardest to shove him off, to no avail,
"Shut up! I'm busy here!" "Y/N PLEASEEE!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY NEED YOUR HELP ON THIS!" It shouldn't have surprised you that you would not be having a normal laundry day with your roommate around.
"What do I get for this, huh? Don't think I forgot your borrowed money!" "I- uh- I'll... I'll be your servant for a day! No! A week!"
Hmmm.... that did sound tempting...
A menacing grin appears from your face as you nod, "Alright, Mammon. If you don't follow your deal, you'll be sleeping on the welcome mat."
Teaching Mammon is surprisingly okay so long as he's not around anything that could distract him too much. He was surprisingly good at Math too.
"So, there are ways that miners mine underground. One of them is strip-mining." "Like the Minecraft thing?"
It doesn't take too long for it to go downhill as the two of you ended up screaming at each other and playing Mario Party- But your hardwork does pay off as Lucifer doesn't punish Mammon too much when he had a B+, and you could also order the tanned man as you please!
Family/Friends Talk
For someone who was so determined to leave his home due to a petty argument, Mammon does have a lot of moments of missing his brothers
He would be caught looking at random things that would remind him of them and get sullen
"I wonder if Satan would like the book we saw at the antique shop.."
After leaving his home and staying with you, he pretty much lost some contact with his brothers, not that much that it was depressing but it indeed made him lonely
The only brother who would actively chat with him was Lucifer
Mammon has told you many times about how he felt so it was only fair that he lets you do the same to him
Living independently after being with friends and family turned out to be much more lonelier than you thought it would be
It was even worse if your family and friends live in another country
+Bonus: Grocery Run
So the both of you rely on each other to ease that loneliness away
"Thinking about how far our friends and family really are... It's kinda scary, right?" Mammon asked, wearing a comfortable yellow t-shirt and on the verge of falling asleep. The both of you doing your hardest to stay up and celebrate after a particularly hard week.
"Yeah... I guess the both of us feel homesick. Maybe I should introduce you to them whenever we have the time?" You yawned as the male beside you gave a chuckle, "Of course. I'll do the same and invite ya to meet my brothers. They're a pain in my ass know... I tolerate them."
"Awwww, do you miss them, Mammon?~" "Sh-shut it!!!"
There are times where either of you would end up picking the wrong item or forgetting it altogether
Depending on the time of day, it would be a relaxing and sleepy morning where the two of you would lean against each other while pushing the shopping cart, one of you would sit on the cart while the other pushes in the afternoon, or the two of you would put everything in the trunk of his car and get some coffee on a cold night
Mammon wants to pay less than you but seeing as you did most of the chores in the past, he always pays more for you. It's not like it hurts his wallet or anything! Haha! It does
Anyhow, you got used to each other's taste and subconsciously pick the item that the other would like
And then the two of you would go to a nearby cheap diner and eat! (Not on his car though, the both of you will sit on the floor)
One of you would leave the other while at the register and relish on the panic on the other's eyes
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obeymebabes · a day ago
Guys I just had the weirdest revelation.
Do you think the demon bros, the royals, and the angels, only use their human form around MC?
Think about it, how much more unsettling do you think it would have been for MC to have popped into Devildom and be surrounded by a bunch of demons in their demon form?
How about seeing an angel for the first time and it not looking human at all?
I mean, what other reason would they have to always look like a human when they live in completely seperate realms where humans are nowhere to be found aside from the occasional witch or wizard?
Now I know that it will also be mentioned that they're demon at Diavolo’s parties. But hear me out. That is because everyone else looks demon. Why have a party at the demon lord's castle and have everyone look human? It doesn't add up. Thus showing their demon form, which I believe is their natural form.
Unless their demon forms are in fact a more watered down version, since they do still look human. Again, perhaps for MC's sake.
Again it goes back to, how else do you get a terrified human to agree to live around demons for a year? You make yourself look as human as possible.
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luminari-mc · 2 days ago
How the demon bros would celebrate an achievement of yours (headcanons)
Tumblr media
Some positive headcanons! The brothers are so enamored by you that they would be delighted to celebrate an achieved goal of yours, no matter how big or small it was. Scored high on an exam you studied hard for? Finally finished your drawing? A project you were working on for ages? If you are happy, then they'll be happy.
Also I realized way too late that it completely took a turn from them celebrating your achievement, to the bros actually having excuses to spend time with you. But it's something they'd totally do, so oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Contrary to most of his brothers, Lucifer doesn't need to do celebrations that could be considered "over the top". While they are pretty tame and normal, his actions come from the heart, and this is what matters most.
As soon as he heard the news, he was quick to offer his congratulations, a reaction that might seem way too plain for some, but that's only because Lucifer waits for his brothers to leave you alone before stepping towards you and offering you to bring you along for a nice dinner, just between the two of you.
Everything is on him at the restaurant. You could order the entirety of what's written on the menu, and he wouldn't mind.
Tonight, YOU are the guest of honor at his table, and the only expression he wants to see on your face is one of happiness. After all, after such efforts, you deserve to remain in high spirits for the rest of the night.
He makes sure to ask about what you were working on all this time, he wants to know every detail about it just to appreciate the results as much as you do. Plus, it's nice to see you all excited to talk about it in front of him.
Expect champagne at the table, even if your achievement could be considered small by some. A hardworking person such as you needs at least one glass of the sparkly liquid to properly celebrate.
Once at home, he makes sure to keep you to himself for the rest of the evening. He locks the two of you in his office, and invites you for further drinking by pulling out some Demonus from one of his cabinets.
The rest of the night is pretty casual, yet comfortable. He sits you on his lap at his desk, and the conversation you had quickly turns into rows of laughter as the alcohol begins to kick in.
It doesn't take long for his loving eyes to stop on you, his hand resting on your cheek as his gloved thumb begins rubbing your skin.
"You really are something MC, you know that? Truthfully, I think you might actually be the most perfect person I've ever met. Would you mind if I kissed you? Consider it an additional reward for all your hard work."
Mammon is, as one would expect, way different from his older brother when it comes to celebrating something. Especially when it's something HIS human did.
He actually was the first one to even let his brothers know that something had happened, when he suddenly barged into the common room with you in his arms, spinning you around as if he had just heard the best news of his life.
"Yo, check this out! Just hear what MC did! You better show them some respect!"
Don't be ashamed, MC! You need to let everyone know how hard you worked your butt off! And he certainly isn't ashamed to show you off to the others, making sure to emphasize on the fact that *his* human did something impressive (and it's really important to remind his brothers about it constantly, you never know).
Once he's done making you dizzy, he lets the others congratulate you. You might be his and his only, but you deserve all the compliments you can get. The more you can hear from other people how much you deserved to reach that goal, the bigger your smile, and the better he'll feel as a result. It's a win-win!
But as soon as your eyes go back on him, he snatches you back before dragging you onto an impromptu shopping spree. What? No they aren't gifts, you just need to receive a proper reward for doing a hard job! That's how it works, dummy human!
They are really gifts, but of course he'll only admit it once his energy levels have depleted enough. Wait until the evening to make him go back on his words.
As soon as you've entered a store, he'll grab any item your eyes fall upon. This bag? Great choice, your tastes aren't as bad as he thought! Yes MC you definitely need this outfit! Wha? You didn't even browse through that section yet? S-Shut up, just go and try it!
If you still have energy left after your shopping spree, he'll have you two swing by the house to change outfits and hang together for the night. First stop is at The Fall, where he makes sure you spend the entire night by his side, only to finish it by walking around the city under the starry sky. You stop at a cliff overlooking the entire city in order to wind up faily soon after leaving the club, the both of you sighing in unison as you fall upon a bench to rest.
"Did ya finally get in your head that you deserved to achieve that? You did? Good. I really wanted you to realize how hardworking you were. It was better than to stay at the house doing nothing, huh? And I even got to have you to myself all day... Guess we both got good rewards in the end."
While he might not invite you to an expensive restaurant or some fancy nightclub, Levi does have his own ways of showing how proud of your accomplishments he is.
After all, it is not because he is the Avatar of Envy that he has to be jealous of everything you achieve. You manage to handle him and his antics every single day, it's only natural that he'd be happy for his best friend in return.
He already knew of your situation thanks to how much you two would talk to each other through text or vocal calls. And since he is quite the devoted friend, you hadn't even opened your mouth as you entered his room to play games, that he was already congratulating you.
His first way to show you how proud he is of you is to send you some rare items in one of your mutual co-op games. N-No, it's okay, he totally had extras! You can have them, you're the most deserving of them!
The majority of his gifts would be virtual ones, but he'd also let you borrow most of his precious manga volumes and DVDs. Just make sure to bring them back though, he'd like to read and watch them with you again in the future. Consider him allowing you to have a shared ownership over them!
Levi would most certainly be one to actually keep your success a secret from the others. He just knows deep down that if the word got out, his brothers would snatch you away and offer you better gifts than him. And as much as he loves you, he'd like this solitary moment with you to last a little bit longer.
Expect an evening where YOU get to choose what you guys do. He lets you decide on whether or not you want to play a certain game, watch a series in particular, or maybe do you want to play in VR? No matter your choice, as long as he gets to spend time with you, Levi will feel content.
Around the end of the "night" (well, more like early morning considering it's Levi we're talking about), when your energy levels have almost ran dry, that's when Levi actually takes the time to ask you more about how you were able to accomplish your set goal.
It's a surprisingly relaxed conversation with him, where, while the two of you are laid down face to face on the carpet, you get to let out all the worries you used to have, only to feel them being washed away once you were done with your objective. Levi nods fairly often, not missing a single word from your story.
"It's really cool that you managed it! R-Really, it's very impressive... Sometimes I wonder if there's something you cannot do. If that's the case, could you teach me some things you know? Like, huh... order something at a shop without stuttering to the cashier for a whole minute...? H-Hey, don't laugh!"
Satan is, as expected, pretty similar to Lucifer in his ways of congratulating you. But while he would agree a dinner could be a good idea to express how proud he was of you, the fourth-born would choose more traditional date locations to invite you at.
He had learned about the news from one of his brothers, and soon after you appeared in the living room, he placed down the book he was reading to offer you a kind smile, taking your hands in his.
"Really, MC? I'm very happy you were able to get it done, this was no easy feat. How about you and I head to the coffee shop? After all, you must be quite exhausted after all this. My treat."
On your way to the coffee shop, Satan made sure to ask if you hadn't dealt with too many problems during the whole process. Even if now, the thing had been taken care of, maybe he could always lend you a hand in the future. He doesn't want you to struggle with anything and end up overworking yourself.
Of course, he insists on paying for your drinks once arrived at your destination. Once sat at a table next to the big windows of the coffee shop, Satan begins freely expressing his thoughts on how you deserved to be compensated with something for all your efforts. "What would you like as a reward? I'd like to give you a present to celebrate this." If you end up saying you aren't really expecting anything, Satan just shakes his head and firmly states that he'll still find you something.
As the two of you walk back into the Devildom's streets, his eyes eventually stop on a big cat plushie behind a window holding a red heart saying "congratulations". Before you could even notice him staring at it, he exchanges a smile with you, proposing that the two of you go home for the day.
The rest of your day is relatively normal, the other brothers coming and going near you to plead for your attention for whatever reasons they have. After a while, you seclude yourself back into your room, seeking some peace and quiet for the rest of the evening.
That is, until a polite knock was heard on your door. As you get up from your bed to open the door, you are greeted by the sight of a big, fluffy stuffed cat's smile, with Satan's face soon appearing behind it.
"Surprised? I told you I was going to get you something. It might not be much, but I figured this plushie would be perfect for the occasion. Oh, is it that cute? You're smiling really big right now. Haha, I'm glad you like it. Should we try finding a name for it together?"
Asmo's way of celebrating in general is, what one could call "over the top". No matter what kind of thing you were able to achieve, the demon will insist on celebrating it with lights, glitter and music.
Not only is your achievement a perfect excuse to spend time with you, but it's also an excuse to party! And you know how much Asmo loves his partying.
"Whaaat? Of course we need to have a party! That thing you worked on was really hard, right? Then I say it's high time you relax and let your hair go down, hun. Now, leave all the planning to your favorite demon. I'll make it as perfect as me <3"
While organizing a party at home could be a good idea on its own, Asmo didn't really feel like having to deal with Lucifer's wrath regarding the clean-up once the party was over.
Therefore, he opted to book an entire reception hall instead! And since the more the merrier, his brothers were also invited to partake in the festivities. But of course, he'd be the one to stay by the guest of honor's side most of the time... such was his own reward as the party's organizer.
As long as Asmo gets to pamper you, he doesn't mind his brothers' presence. Before the party, he is the one to choose your outfit, the style of your hair, and even applies some makeup to make you glow even more than usual.
During the party, the demon makes sure to offer you your favorite drinks, take as much selfies as possible (to post them on Devilgram later), and last but not least, to steal you away from his brothers at any chance he gets.
In the middle of a dance, he invites you to follow him to the balcony for some much needed fresh air. Once outside and away from prying eyes, Asmo becomes much more caring, his hand running through your hair upon noticing how tousled it had become from all your dancing.
While the booming music keeps playing behind him, as your back touches the railings of the balcony, Asmo neatly rearranges your looks, his sunset eyes softening as they fall on your tired, yet smiling expression in front of him.
"You really were having a good time in there, hm? But I'd be lying if I said that seeing my brothers so close to you didn't make me feel a bit jealous. You don't mind me bringing you here so I can have you to myself for a little while, right? I just want to look into your eyes, just like this. And, you know... your smile looks the absolute best when it's facing me, and me only."
Beel is the softest in his ways of celebrating your achievement. No partying, no virtual gifts, and no expensive Demonus. No, once Beel knows about your success, he will be the one to come ask YOU what you'd like, so you can fully enjoy your day.
He wasn't around when the news had spread throughout the house about your achievement, only hearing about it for the first time through his brothers' group chat after playing a match of fangol. After reading the texts he had missed, he promptly made his way back to the house, and directly went to knock at your door, the bag containing his training outift still in hand.
"Hey, I heard about what you did. I'm really proud of you. If nobody's asked you yet, we could go out and find you a little gift in celebration. As long as we can stop by Madam Scream's on our way there."
For the whole duration of your trip in the streets of the Devildom, Beel feels like HE's the one who just achieved something big. His smile never leaves his face while he is by your side, his hand gently holding yours as he asks with interest about the different steps you had to take to reach your successful results.
Once at Madam Scream's, he waits for you to choose which pastries you'd fancy, even telling you that you could pick a whole box of cakes and he wouldn't touch it, adding that he'd feel "too bad if he accidently ate a gift of yours". For your happiness, he's ready to fight against his urges.
Beel manages to keep his newly acquired food rations under one arm, all so that he can keep holding your hand. Wherever you want to go, he follows you, acting up as your personal bodyguard and making sure that you can fully appreciate the aftermath of a job well done. After all, you deserved to recognize how hardworking you were on a daily basis.
After you two come back home from your trip, Beel isn't fully ready to abandon your side just yet. You're quick to notice it as you step inside the house with him in tail, and promptly invite him over to your room so that you can enjoy the rest of your pastries together. At first, he feels bad that you'd want to share something that was meant for you only, but you express how happy you'd be if you could share them with him, and his denial disappears right away.
All while he cuddles up to you as you sit between his legs on the bed, your back against his chest, you reach behind you to feed him the rest of the Madam Scream's cakes he had gifted you. Beel doesn't even notice you were giving him the last remaining sweets, too busy having you wrapped up in his arms.
"Sorry we had to stop so many times at other pastry shops on our way back. Next time, I'll make sure to eat plenty after my training so we can go to many more of your favorite places. It was nice to see you so happy when we were shopping together. I know you don't have anything else to celebrate but... Do you think we could go back tomorrow? I want to see you smile like this again."
To nobody's surprise, Belphie is the last one to hear about your achievement. What, did you expect him to suddenly wake up upon sensing you announcing to his other brothers about it? No, Belphie was trapped within the dreaming realm, and woke up late into the day before hearing about anything at all.
While he insists that it doesn't matter as long as he gets to know about the news, he is secretly disappointed in himself that he wasn't the first one to hear about it.
You had even sent him a text, seemingly all happy about announcing it to him first, but he had completely missed it by oversleeping. Now, he had to fix his mistake.
"Hey, about that thing you mentioned... Sorry for not responding when you messaged me earlier. I still want to hear about it, though. Hm? What's that smile supposed to say? It's not like I'm interested in knowing how you did it... I just want an excuse to spend time with you. Come on, let's go to the attic. You can tell me all about it once we're there."
Beware any of the other brothers who try to steal your attention while you're with Belphie, because that boy WILL growl and say that he was fully invested in hearing you tell about your achievement, before locking the door entirely so you two would be left alone.
Despite his previous words, Belphie keeps silent as he holds you close to him on the bed, your hand running through his hair as you explain about what you worked on. Belphie is a good listener, and you can bet that he'll remember any information you tell him about it, may they be big or small.
While recounting your achievement, the demon realizes that he wishes he could have been involved in this project of yours. Maybe not by taking a big part in it, but helping you a little would have made him feel even better. Hopefully next time.
That doesn't erase how proud he feels about you, of course. Belphie takes every single opportunity he can in catching you perk up any time you'd talk about your past self making progress on your project, the help that you received, and acknowledging your own skills. You were a human of worth, and it was nice to see you recognize it.
His own hand was petting your hair as he turned your face towards his, his cheeks now a bit redder than a few moments ago.
"It's kind of impressive. Before, I would have never realized that humans could be so hardworking. I guess you left kind of an impression on me, hm? Hehe, no need to pout, I was just joking. Oh, I forgot to ask, but... Did you receive proper compensation for your hard work? ... Yeah, thought so. If I kissed you now, would it be a good enough reward?"
Taglist (to be added, send me a DM, an ask, or reply to this post!): @the-wilted-amaryllis, @amistytown
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Okay, since all the Half Demon kids are non binary, this popped into my head:
Random fuckwad: So like, what are you?
L!MC: Uh… half human, half demon?
RF: No like, your gender, what is it?
L!MC: Uh… bowling alley carpet.
M!MC: I’m more of an overpriced pair of sunglasses.
A!MC: Whatever Jessie and James from Pokémon have going on.
RF: NO, like what’s in your pants?
M!MC (pulling out a wad of cash from their pocket): Oh woulda look at that :D money! My gender is richer than you!
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omkookie · 20 hours ago
Mammon : I made a pact with MC first! Why did ya idiots make a pact with em?!
Levi : I had to
Lucifer : I just did.
Belphegor : *flashback to when he killed MC*
Satan : Because I wanted to. *glares at Lucifer*
Beel : because they're MC
Asmo : Because of their power!!
Mephisto : I got tricked into it.
Michael : I wanted it
Diavolo : I had to do it if I wanted to be closer to them, otherwise I would have had almost no chance to realise my deep feelings for them and confess my love to them, I had to be close to support them through their hardships, I had to be able to protect them if they were ever in danger, therefore they ca—
Barbatos : My lord, that's a whole love confession right now.
Diavolo : I'm practicing... To confess...
Luke (grown) : I just guard MC?
MC : This has nothing to do with why you're all here, Why the heck are you all in my living room?! I understand why Luke is here but what the fuck guys???
Solomon : Weird...
MC :
MC : Where did YOU come from Solomon?!
Raphael : It appears we're all here
The demon king : Pests.
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inhuman-obey-me · 2 days ago
Is it canon that beel is a cherub ? Because aren't cherubs supposed to be children?
It is indeed canon! It's mentioned in Lesson 44:
Tumblr media
The reason this isn't a contradiction is because cherubs weren't actually supposed to be children! This is a common misconception which has overtaken pretty much all depictions of them, but cherubs were not originally meant to look like that at all.
The winged child angel imagery we now tend to think of as cherubs actually came from something called a putto, which are described as "associates of Cupid," who you might also imagine looking the same way! But Cupid actually comes from Roman mythology as the son of Venus, goddess of love, and was depicted as a young man who shot at people with his bow. During the Renaissance, artists began depicting him also like the putti, and they were together associated with "the glorious feeling of being in love." They were, however, major tricksters and would make people fall in love for the ensuing chaos.
Now, as for cherubs, the confusion apparently comes from people associating said "glorious feeling of being in love" with "God's pure love" and conflated the two. However, cherubs have their own, very different description in the Bible (Ezekiel 1:1-14):
In appearance their form was human, but each of them had four faces and four wings. Their legs were straight; their feet were like those of a calf and gleamed like burnished bronze. Under their wings on their four sides they had human hands. All four of them had faces and wings, and the wings of one touched the wings of another. Each one went straight ahead; they did not turn as they moved.
Their faces looked like this: Each of the four had the face of a human being, and on the right side each had the face of a lion, and on the left the face of an ox; each also had the face of an eagle. Such were their faces. They each had two wings spreading out upward, each wing touching that of the creature on either side; and each had two other wings covering its body. [...] The appearance of the living creatures was like burning coals of fire or like torches.
Cherubs actually also had the role of guardians. Cherubs were the protectors of the Garden of Eden, and they are described as having somewhat serious personalities. We can see that Beel occasionally has a somewhat similar stoic attitude (at least when he's not scarfing down 20 burgers at a time), and he was formerly a guard at the gates of the Celestial Realm, not to mention Lucifer's bodyguard! This is a deep protectiveness he still has now for his loved ones, such as his brothers and MC.
So, if we stick to biblically accurate descriptions, Beel being a cherub is actually quite fitting!
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alice-revolution · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
<artist: tiaxreii│tiaxreii>
permission to post was granted by the artist.
editing and reposting in any platform (FB, Pinterest, WeHeartIt, etc) are prohibited. please kindly like and retweet their arts on Twitter and Instagram.
✿ r.i.p. levi
admin fluffy ( ◞・౪・)
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ghibaby · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anyone's gonna talk about why Lucifer is reading a book about "dog training for dummies" and hell rice crackers???
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belphies-cuhm-sluht · a day ago
Hey i just read ur fic about beel with the mc dying and coming back as a demon and it was so good !! It was written really nicely and realistically and definetly good angst. If it would be alright with you, may i request a fic with a similiar concept for lucifer (and maybe possibly a happy end if its ok) ? Either way thank u a lot. I hope u have a good day !!
New Beginnings
Pairing : Lucifer x GN!Reader TW : Death, Angst -> Fluff A/N : Gonna try to kick out some requests while my brain is unable to come up with anything for my main fic. Working from the bottom up to the top, this might take a bit. Word Count : 2.0K
How many years had he gotten to be with you? Every day seemed to blend with the one before, with the one that came after. He stopped keeping track, there was no need to. The only thing that mattered to him was the fact that you were happy, that he was happy, and that the both of you were happy together. There was only so much time though, and all good things had to come to an end, he knew that as well as anyone else. He could tell when you started to fade, your movements getting slower, your body getting colder no matter how close he held you. He would lose you soon, and this time there was nothing he could do to stop it from happening. Death was inevitable in humans, and that’s just what you were. You were human, the most perfect human he had ever met, the most perfect being in all the realms, and he had been lucky enough to call you his own.
“How are you feeling? Is it too cold?” He asked quietly, sitting beside the bed that the two of you had shared for so long. You looked so small in it, so frail, the blankets were pulled up to your chin as the fire burned in the fireplace across the room. Most of the time you’d still be shivering, and he’d quickly grab another blanket to drape over your body, but he knew that there was only so much he could do. You shook your head weakly, giving him a small smile as you feebly tried to squeeze his hand. He had promised himself that he wouldn’t cry, but he could feel his throat tightening, getting choked up just at the thought of losing you. “Are you hungry?” He asked, but he already knew the answer would be no. You had stopped eating a while ago, and as much as he tried to get you to eat, you would never take more than one bite. It was like your body had completely forgotten about being hungry, it was shutting down slowly, he didn’t know how much time he had left with you. It killed him.
“Do you remember…” You hadn’t even finished the sentence and it already seemed like you were gasping for air. He always worried when you tried to speak, your voice sounded so hoarse, so timid, it sounded like you’d pass out just from speaking alone. It took all of the air out of your lungs, and you were already gasping. He tried to shush you, to keep you from talking too much, but you were still just as persistent as you had been when you were younger. “Remember… the beach… when you took me? We built that really… pretty sandcastle… and you said that… one day we’d live in a castle just like it…” You let out a small chuckle which turned into a cough, he lifted you up from the bed, sitting you up as quickly as he could as he rubbed circles in your back. “Thank you…” You wheezed, catching your breath as well as you could before he laid you back down. “We always had so much fun… I’m gonna miss it…” You smiled sheepishly at him and he could feel his heart breaking. You knew, just as he did, that you didn’t have much time left. You didn’t seem scared though. If you weren’t, then why did he feel so scared?
“I remember everything…” He murmured, brushing his fingers lightly across your cheek, scared that he’d hurt you if he used too much pressure. He could feel the bone beneath your skin, but you still looked just as perfect to him as you did all those years ago. “I remember our first date… I remember the first time we slept together, you took all the blankets.” He hummed at the thought, at the memory. It seemed like just yesterday, it was hard to believe that it had been so long ago. “I remember the time we went up to the human realm… you wanted to take me to a carnival and you made me get on your favorite rides…”
You let out a small gasp, and for a second his heart sank, his hands moving quickly to sit you up, but then he noticed that you were smiling, your tiny hands clasped together over your chest as you looked at him. “Tell me… tell me about it. Tell me the story…” You murmured softly, and he nodded slowly as he sat back in the armchair beside you.
“Well…” He sighed quietly, crossing his legs as he brought the memory to the forefront of his mind, reliving the day over again. “You told me about it, and you sounded so excited… So I took the entire day off to take you up to the human realm. I don’t think you looked that happy even on our first date.” He chuckled softly, shaking his head before continuing. “You said we’d start out on the easy rides… and you took me on one called the Himalaya. I was so dizzy, and the music was so loud, but the sounds that you made, you sounded so happy… It made it all worth it. I’d do anything to keep you happy, and I always tried to. I hope I succeeded… I really do.” He sniffled quietly, not wanting his brothers to hear, but he couldn’t hold it in anymore. The memories just made it harder for him to accept the fact that there wouldn’t be anymore memories made, not like that. “I love you, more than anything else… I don’t think I ever told you that enough. I know I was busy… but…” He finally looked up, noticing that your eyes had shut. Had you fallen asleep? You didn’t seem tired… But as his eyes moved lower, he could see that the blanket wasn’t moving, you weren’t moving. “No… Not yet… I’m not ready yet…” He whispered, getting up from the chair to pull the blankets back, placing his hand over your heart that had already stopped beating. “Did you hear… Do you know…?”
Days passed and he holed himself up in his office, refusing to see any of his brothers, not wanting them to see him in this state. His nose was raw from how many times he had wiped it, his eyes burning from crying so much, from the lack of sleep he was getting. He refused to sleep in the bed, not wanting to ruin it, the last place where you had been.
The silence in the room hurt his ears, it was too quiet, and before you had come into his life he had loved the quiet, he had appreciated it, but now he couldn’t stand it. He missed your company, the way you’d scroll through your phone and laugh quietly whenever you saw something funny. The sound of your breathing would keep the time, and it was these things, the small things that he had come to love so much. It was almost like he needed them, and now that they were gone, he couldn’t even focus on his work.
“Lucifer…” It was Leviathan. He had told all of his brothers to leave him be, to give him the time that he needed. It definitely hadn’t been enough time for him, and he still didn’t want to see any of them, so why would any of them think that it was okay to come to his office and ask for him? “I really think you should come out here.” Whatever it was most likely could have waited, and it probably could have been handled by someone else, but the problem with being the oldest was just this. No one wanted to actually do anything, they just wanted to come to him, they depended on him, they expected him to always be there for them… All he wanted right now was for them to be there for him though… By not being there at all.
He pushed himself away from his desk, letting out a loud sigh as he walked over to the door. “This better be important. I don’t have time for any of yours, or your brother's nonsense right now.” He said it sternly, and usually that would have been enough to get Levi to just walk away, but this time his brother stayed, nodding his head. “Well what is it? Speak up.” Levi bit his lip as he looked between Lucifer and then out into the hallway, still not speaking. “I’m not in the mood for surprises either, you should have a little bit of respect.” He was about to close the door in Levi’s face, but he finally decided to speak.
“I think you need to come see something…” Levi murmured softly, taking a step back to let Lucifer walk out of the room. If the house wasn’t on fire and one of the others weren’t dead somewhere, it was nothing that he needed to see at all. “C-Come on.” He stammered, turning quickly, not even waiting for Lucifer to follow behind him as he started to walk towards the living area.
He could hear a voice, one that piqued his interest immediately, but one that shouldn’t have been there. For a moment he thought that he was hallucinating, it wouldn’t have been strange considering how long he had been awake. It had to just be a side effect of no sleep and multiple cups of coffee, that’s the only way to explain why he was hearing you. He knew for a fact that you were gone, he had been there when the brothers had helped lay you to rest out in the garden. You were buried right beneath the willow tree, the one that the two of you would lay under some nights just to get out of the house. Those were some of the best nights that he’d ever had, ones that he would never forget.
“Yeah, and then I woke up… And I was in some weird alley. I knew I was here though… I just didn’t know where I was down here.” You were talking to someone, and Lucifer was almost too scared to turn the corner. He didn’t know what you’d look like, what you’d do if you saw him. What if you didn’t remember him? What if you didn’t like him anymore… “The first thing I did was freak out, obviously. And then I shouted for Lucifer, I didn’t know what to do, I was petrified. Then I… well, when Lucifer didn’t show up, I decided to start walking.” You had still called for him, you still remembered him, and you still felt like you needed him when you were scared. It filled him with pride, a different kind of pride, a pride that one would only feel if they were truly in love with someone. “They weren’t looking at me like they usually would… the others down here… They just walked right by me… So I started running. I knew that I’d end up here at some point… And well… Here I am.” You said it so nonchalantly, it was almost funny. It’s not the way most people would react to being back in the Devildom after they die, but you didn’t seem to mind it. You never did.
Lucifer took a deep breath before he finally rounded the corner, almost falling to his knees when he saw you sitting on the couch. You were back, and you were just the way you had been when you first arrived in the Devildom. That wasn’t the only thing though, you were… you were different, but in the most perfect way. Two tiny horns sprouted from the top of your head, they were still forming, still growing, as were you. “You’re back… you made it back…” He murmured, his eyes glazing over as he looked at you, unable to tear his eyes away. “I’ve missed you so much…”
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moemoemammon · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
VR Gaming with Levi!
Brought to you by @jiminslajibolala
Tumblr media
He’s been talking about it all week; The newest innovation in VR gaming history finally dropped into Leviathan’s eager otaku clutches and now finally, FINALLY, he could experience a taste of nirvana. What made this game so amazing, you ask? Well considering how he’s never stopped talking about it since the official release date was announced, you knew why he was so excited.
This virtual reality first-person shooter/adventure combo combined the wonders of magic into a completely immersive gaming experience! It was similar to capture the flag, in that you and Levi needed to capture your objective and get through the obstacles in your way. And no game was complete without a thoroughly rewarding Easter Egg, and that’s exactly what Levi was after. 
Tumblr media
"It took you long enough to get here! I could barely hold myself back from starting already! Here, put this headset on, and this vest, and these gloves. Once you're ready, just press the button on the side of the headset, okay? Good! Uwaaaah.... I can't wait..!"
Press Start
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t3tal1zi4 · a day ago
hey! not sure if the requests are open, but could you do any headcanons (random) you have of the side characters and/or bros? (sides preferably) thanks:)
some random headcanons of the om characters living in my head rent-free
my first ask,,, *faints* anon, you don't know how happy i am for getting that ask and i thank you for that. it's a bit late because i'm currently reviewing for our test week and i wrote these as soon as ideas popped in my mind. i hope you like these though these are quite short and i could only write for a few characters, sorry about that. ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ
- the brothers definitely went to a comic-con in the human world with levi and mc once. after they begged convinced lucifer, he agreed doing cosplays with them. mammon tried to take pictures of him but why is the camera not working?
- on their last day, they went all out and cosplayed as the main characters of tsl, making the crowd stare at them in awe. levi did a great job in making their costumes, he got a lot of praises from his brothers and mc that day. when mc took a photo with all of them, the camera finally worked. lucifer supposes they could keep at least one picture, just this once(nah, it wasn't just this once).
- diavolo was kinda sad he couldn't come and join the fun, but when mc sent him the photo they almost got blinded by his smile.
- mammon actually has a great voice, next to asmo. he sings a lot in the shower(idk if that was true but i read somewhere that this is canon) and you can hear it from outside of his room.
- even when he's attending a student council officers' meetings or while he's gambling, he'll be humming a tune of a song stuck in his head. mc has to be prepared when it's karaoke night though, he's gonna sing a lot and he will give them an extra microphone to sing duets with him.
- he'll scream at the microphone whenever someone gets too close or hogs mc all to themselves. it's a miracle on how his voice was still fine the next day while mc's is a bit hoarse from all the singing.
- asmo is kinda responsible on why his brothers' outfits looks decent from time to time. he gives them fashion advice which they all follow except for one person.
- he definitely scolds satan sometimes whenever he sees his older brother's outfit. he'll scream and cry on how disastrous it is unlike his beauty and decides to give satan a make-over whether he likes it or not.
- satan's outfit actually looks pretty decent for a day thanks to asmo, but the next day he'll be back to his old ways. asmo just sighs and mumbles "why did i even try?" but he will do it again every month.
- he doesn't talk about it, but belphie guards mc's dreams sometimes, especially when they sleep with him in the attic. he watches as some of their memories play/their imagination go wild in their dreams.
- whenever they dream of an embarrassing memory they had a long time ago, he'll tease them whether they remember it or not. if nightmares start to brew in their mind, he uses his ability to make them go away, replacing it with pleasant dreams instead.
- solomon knows how to play a part in musicals. he joined a theatre before, and still remembers the songs he once performed centuries ago. if mc is a theatre performer, he will offer to practice with them if they have an upcoming performance.
- he'll make them potions that can help their voice too. it might look weird but not to worry, those are effective and mc can already notice the difference after drinking the potions.
- simeon can sense if there's something wrong with humans; like if they're sick he can tell what it is. he often checks up on mc and their well-being, to make sure they're okay.
- if ever they're sick, simeon offers to help mc with his healing powers. if it's something like a chronic illness, he'll still try to ease the mc's pain and assist them in any way he can.
- diavolo feels very happy whenever mc visits the castle to spend time with him and barbatos. the butler might not show it, but he's also happy that the human trusts them and is willing to spend time with them.
- the only time they get to socialize with other demons in the castle is when they hold balls for random and special events. if they hold a ball and mc is there too, the two watches them like hawks to make sure they're safe.
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shygirlsimps · 2 days ago
A convo between MC & Mammon and the brothers
MC: Did anybody lose a large roll of 20 dollar bills and a rubber band?
The brothers: …
Mammon: Because we found the rubber band.
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angelina92002 · 2 days ago
✨⚠️Chat spoilers ⚠️✨
Tumblr media
Not sure what's going on..... But I love it!
(Chat name: guess who 1)
Tumblr media
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Mammon's office Devilgram is the most domestic thing ever? MC and Mammon have been married for 11yrs in it, they have 3 kids, a dog, a cat and a white picket fence and they're still somehow stupidly in love with each other
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