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#Obey me beelzebub

BLESS YOU FOR THIS IDEA. Resident evil 7 may have gotten me interested in the franchise but Lady Dimitrescu single handedly had me pre order the game ( I mean yeah I also live for the aesthetic that they’re using in the game but PRETTY LADY). I’m sorry this is a shorter one, but dang I really do love this idea. No thoughts, only Lady Dimitrescu UwU.

(I changed it to them being with MC individually when they run into Lady Dimitrescu and MC’s level of simping and mush brain change slightly for each reaction)


  • You’d been bored all day and wanted a change of pace from the usual chaos and drama that comes with the rest of the brothers, so you asked Lucifer if you could tag along while he was doing errands.
  • He said no, but not like that was going to stop you.
  • You were on your way to the grocery store and he was listen to you go on about how your groupmates were losers who couldn’t do basic alchemy, and how they weren’t pulling their weight in the group project. He didn’t immediately realize when your steps faltered and slowed down until your voice trailed off as well. He turns around and finds you, mouth wide open and standing in the middle of the road. He follows your line of sight and sees you staring at Lady Dimitrescu.
  • JEALOUS. CRAZY JEALOUS. He’s never gonna tell you, and you probably couldn’t tell even if your brain hadn’t just short circuited; he’s never gotten any reaction even close to that from you. Like he knew she was stunning and yeah she may be taller than him by like a foot and a half but that was no reason to drool over her.
  • “Mc. MC.” He tries to get you to keep moving, but you just nod along absently, dragging your feet to keep her in your sight. He considers picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder to go shopping.
  • You don’t move until she’s out of your line of sight and even then, Lucifer has to lead you by your shoulder because you seem to be in a daze.
  • When you finally snap to, you have a million questions and Lucifer does his best not to grumble or get pouty as he answers your questions.
  • “That was Lady Dimitrescu. No she’s not married. No I don’t know her type, NO I WILL NOT INTRODUCE YOU-”
  • Lucifer catches you eyeing the good bottles of wine and hemlock flower arrangements and immediately knows what you were thinking. 
  • “MC do NOT buy those for Lady Dimitrescu”
  • “I know she won’t like grocery store wine but it’s the only thing in my budget!”


  • You were in Mammon’s room, not really watching a movie so much as constantly commenting on the framing and corny dialogue when his phone buzzes and he let’s out a groan. You raise your eyebrows in question and he just sighs “Fuckin royals”.
  • “Hey come on, what did Diavolo do?”
  • “Not him, the other lords. Well, ladies I guess. Lady Daniela keeps asking me to take her to the human world but I don’t want to.”
  • “Why do I know that name? I don’t think I’ve ever met any other royals outside of your brothers and Diavolo.”
  • “You’ve probably seen her around RAD.” Mammon goes to the lady’s Devilgram page and pulls up the first photo, a family portrait with her “sisters” and “mother” before handing his phone to MC.
  • “WOAH”
  • “I know, I thought the blood was fake or for dramatic effect but-”
  • “No no who’s THAT?” Mammon turns to see you desperately tapping the screen, pointing at the tallest woman.
  • “HEY HEY HEY- Don’t spam like the image! She’s gonna think I’m a creep or something!” He tries to swipe his phone back but you jump behind the couch to dodge him, “And that’s her mother, Lady Dimitrescu. What about it?
  • “Hot DAMN-You sit back down on the couch as Mammon turns the movie back on, but refuse to let go of his phone when he tries to tug it out of your grip.
  • “Can I have my phone back?”
  • “NO but can you believe this necklace she’s wearing! It’s so neat. Her gown is simple but elegant! How tall is she?”
  • “Like 9 and a half feet” He hates how dreamily you sigh at that.
  • He sits there in jealous disbelief as you go through all of the daughters’ account to find pictures of Lady Dimitrescu to download and send to your phone, raving about her in every picture.
  • “I’M HOT TOO MC” 
  • Considers buying shoe inserts to be taller


  • Another Thursday night, another inter-dorm smash bros tournament in Levi’s room. After about three hours Simeon texted you, asking for a break, so Levi paused the game and you two sat scrolling through your social medias. You’d gotten up to get a drink refill when you hear Levi groan, “UGH, she never posts anything but she’s got 4k more followers than me! That’s bogus.”
  • “No one uses bogus anymore Levi. And you’re anime account have even more followers than Asmo’s beauty vlogs, who could possibly have more followers than you?”
  • “LaDy DiMiTrEsCu” Levi turns his phone to you to show your her account but was surprised when you took a double take before snatching his phone out of his hand.
  •  “Hey-!” He tries to reach for it but you push him back in his chair and he stares in disbelief at the look on your face.
  • “MC please tell me you’re not drooling.”
  • Woof”
  • “MC HAVE SOME DECENCY.” Levi shakes you by the shoulders a little bit to rattle your brain back into place but only manages to get your full attention back when he un-pauses the videogame and starts playing without you. He’s grumbling bitterly under his breath, ignoring your complaints about cheating as he mulls over your reaction. He didn’t miss how you pulled your own phone out to follow all her social media accounts before you hopped back on the game.
  • “Doesn’t she intimidate you, even a little bit?”
  • “Yeah, it’s kind of hot-”
  • “I really hate you sometimes, you know that normie?”


  • Satan brought you out to the unveiling of a new art exhibit in the Devildom’s most prestigious museum. You’d been excited to go, the only downside being that you were forced to dress to the nines. You let him lead you around and show you the pieces he was most interested in, but the finest piece of art wasn’t hanging on the walls.
  • “Satan-” you accidentally cut him off, having zoned out the moment you saw her, “who is that?”
  • “Hmm?” He turns and smiles at your awestruck expression, “Oh that’s Lady Dimitrescu, she made major contributions to this exhibit, I see her at almost every event.
  • “You should invite me to more events sir”
  • “Wait what-”
  • “SHHH-” you swat at his sleeve, noticing that she was on her way over to you both. “Act cool, natural! Keep your head Satan!”
  • “I could say the same to you,” he pokes your side and straightens up as Lady Dimitrescu finally arrives. ”Good evening Lady Dimitrescu, how have you been?” He makes idle chatter with her for a minute, catching as her gaze slowly shifts over to you.
  • “Oh this is MC,” Satan steps to the side and gestures to you, amused as you stumble forward to shake her hand before awkwardly trying to cover up your mistake by looking like you were stretching.
  • “Hi im the MC. I mean the exchange human. Hi.” Lady Dimitrescu chuckles a little and continues to talk to Satan, shooting you a smirk every now and then before finally giving you both a nod and leaving to attend to other matters.
  • “Wooow, so smooth MC.”
  • “shut up shut the fuck up shut up shut up shutup-!”
  • He can’t help but spend the night wondering how it would be to be able to elicit the same kind of reactions from you.


  • It’d been a long night clubbing with Asmo, and both of you were exhausted, slowly making you way back home, leaning on each other to minimize stumbling. The weariness kept the talking between you two to a minimum, much happier enjoying the peace of the cold night air. In the silence, you two could hear a soft humming carry in the wind and both of you turn to see a tall woman with a parasol taking a midnight stroll.
  • Double short circuit
  • “Ooh, I forgot this was Lady Dimitrescu’s favorite path for night walks”
  • Both of you stare in awe of her for a minute. Asmo’s only minimally better composed than you, because his mouth isn’t hanging open.
  • “She’s gorgeous isn’t she?” and you can only give a soft “mmmmhmm” in response.
  • You finally snap to your senses when Asmo gasps and pushes you out of the way to hide behind a bench, hissing “Move hoe I can’t have her see me looking like a hot mess.” You crouch behind the bench with him for a couple seconds, just long enough for her to leave.
  • “You know if she’s married?”
  • “MC, Lady Dimitrescu is a highly revered royal. Status wise, she’s the closest thing to Lucifer in power and influence”
  • “So what I’m hearing is that she’s single”
  • “MC, you’re a human. She’d crush you
  • “I’d let her… Well she’s a vampire who’s lived with demons for eons, maybe she’d be open to something new “
  • “MC, I say this with all the love in my heart for you, if I couldn’t get her, no one can”
  • “Asmo, I am simply built different ❤😌“
  • “How would you even start talking to her?”
  • “Hello Lady Dimitrescu, you look a little spooky and I’d love to be your boo”
  • “I’m begging you to say literally anything else”

Beel and Belphie

  • Another day, another snack run with the attic sandwich club. There is a simple pleasure in having routines, and  hanging out with the twins without the rest of the brothers was probably the most relaxed day you could hope for. Belphie was talking about a new disaster movie that came out that he wanted to watch when he heard you start choking and hacking. They look back to see you struggle to catch your breath after choking on an acid apple petites. While the fret over you, your eyes never leave spot where a beautiful woman had just disappeared.
  • “What are you staring at?” Belphie’s starting to get irritated, trying to find out what was so damn interesting that you were ready to risk it all.
  • TALL lady. Black hat. White dress.” You choke out between breaths
  • “Lady Dimitrescu??”
  • “You did not almost die because you saw a hot woman, right?” Belphie snorted at the simplicity of it all, he never really understood Lady Be
  • “There are worse ways to die”
  • “I can’t live anything down can I???”
  • “I think she’s the only person besides Diavolo that’s taller than me” Beel adds in quickly, trying to break up whatever hurtful comments were about to be tossed.
  • Belphie was a little salty that you were fawning over someone else, but figured you’d get over her soon enough (jokes on him).
  •  Beel always finds it cute when you talk about things that catch your interest, even if was other people. He’d not like the idea of you actually dating her though. He doesn’t trust them not to murder you.

Bonus; The undateables found out that you found out Lady Dimitrescu was in the Devildom because you won’t stop raving about her


  • Diavolo answers all of the questions MC has about Lady Dimitrescu, at least all the ones he knew the answers too. He’s always excited to talk to you, but wow this was starting to wear him down. Didn’t you care about his cool family history? Or how he liked his eggs cooked in the morning? :(
  • You can’t tell but his demeanor beings to shift little by little, bordering on pouty. He brings up all of his similarities to Lady Dimitrescu and makes a point to mention in ways that he’s better, skirting on the edges of flat out insulting her. 
  • I never get to hang out with anyone and now it’s just to hear MC fangirl over someone else :(
  • But he does turn to some passive-aggressive joking
  • “You should give me her number”
  • “I’m afraid I can’t do that.”
  • “But you do have it, right?”
  • “Well she prefers letters”
  • “So can you give me her address?”
  • “She’s my acquaintance MC not yours :/”
  • “Oh don’t worry I’m not trying to be her acquaintance 💍🥺❤”
  • “MC”
  • “NO”


  • Barbatos simply had a tight grin as you raved about your interaction with Lady Dimitrescu, making the occasional comment when you paused long enough for him to. He appreciates that you are getting to know more of the Devildom and it’s hierarchy and making more connections, but yeah, he’s a little jealous not gonna lie. He also feels that in your current state you’d become a traitor against Diavolo if she asked you to and we can’t have that now.
  • She’s not THAT special MC, we’ve got a tall big tiddy goth like 4 doors down ✋🙄
  • (is being very petty and trying to find ways to subtly insult her to get you to stop raving)
  • “I apologize MC, I don’t have the time to make you an outfit to match her aesthetic nor the time to teach you the proper etiquette she’d expect from a potential suitor”
  • “No MC, I will not train you to be her butler”
  • “Please stop sliding me grimm in intervals of 5, I will not change my mind”


  • “Ahh, I see you’ve met Lady Dimitrescu”
  • “YUH HUH” You two spend like an hour just admiring her pictures as Solomon fills you in on everything he knows about her, having worked with her daughters and been over to the mansion on the one or two odd occasions.
  • “She could bench press us”
  • “Both of us, at the same time 👁👄👁”
  • “Totally”
  • “Do you think I could get her number”
  • “Don’t tell anyone but like, the Milf energy is unmatched right?”
  • “100%”


  • “MC, language”
  • “No no, it’s fine, Luke’s with Barbatos” Simeon sucks in his cheeks a little
  • “She seems to be a very refined lady” He gives you a once over, and the absolute smitten look on your face, for just a second, made him wish you looked at him like that.
  • “Who just so happens to make you act very unrefined”


  • Tiny person panic

(I couldn’t find the meme about hiding in Lady Dimitrescu’s boob shadow for Luke’s section, smh)

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Dearest Siblings

This was requested about my Oc Juniper, here ya go @storypanda88

This takes place after Belle messages you about having siblings, you two end up over at Lord Diavolos due to him suggesting to play a Game of 21 questions (after you taught him about it)

You were sitting in between Mammon and Leviathan, wearing your jean shorts and tank top with a flannel overskirt as it was the weekend. We had just went one round of 21 questions soon landing on Beelzebub again.

Beelzebub:“ Okay …um I choose Juniper.”

Beelzebub had to be reminded to ask a question, as he was more focused on his bag of lamb jerky. You chuckled nodding for him to ask.

Beelzebub: “So…I wanted to ask how many siblings do you have?”

Your face went bright red, mainly cause now everyone was staring at me asking why you never told them.

Juniper: ’ oh, um..I am the oldest of five, Lucifer i think it’s your go now!“

You tried to hurry the question but Lucifer, seemed shocked he wondered why you filled out you had zero siblings on your application.

Lucifer: "I also pick Juniper, why did you if you have siblings put zero in your application?”

You nearly choked, on the tea you were drinking to calm down.

Juniper: “ My family is super cautious, so we do not tell about our family incase the people who hire us or something try to harm us.”

The boys looked at you sympathetically, it was sort of a half lie…your family was cautious but it was because they did not want anyone coming after them if they could use magick on them.

The next turn belonged to Diavolo who smiled to you, as your heart raced.

Diavolo: “ What are their names? ”

You figured to give up on changing the subject, finishing your human phone out of your bag you brought always keeping it on you even though it did not work out of habit. You soon pulled up photos of your siblings the first one being your twin brother.

(so i will describe each sibling cause why not?)

You showed them your younger twin Hawthorn, but you usually called him Thorn. He is 6 foot tall compared to your mere five foot 3 tallness, yet had our silver hair like your mom his eyes matching your odd green and nearly bluish purple eyes in each eye. He was beside you at last year’s Beltane before he left to an out of state college to finish his degree.

Juniper: “ This, is my twin Hawthorn..but he goes by Thorn.”

Beelzebub nearly giantess that you were also, a twin and Asmodeus cooed how cute he was.

Mammon: ’ Wait, so you have a twin? Is he as weak as you ?“

You pushed him and stuck your tongue out soon going to your younger brother Jasper.

Jasper was 21, he stood at 6 foot 1 had long dark blue hair with dark green eyes like your dads and gauges done he was a tattoo artist the picture was him also at Beltane playing a guitar.

Juniper : ” This is my little brother Jasper, he’s kind of like you Asmodeus a Huge flirt!“

Asmodeus squealed at your brother: "Juni! He’s so cute and that beard ! He looks like he could -”

Lucifer cut him off with a hand to the back of his hand.

Lucifer: “ Show us the rest of them, please ?”

He was genuinely curious and felt more close to you as he was also the eldest.

You ran through phone, going to your little sister Esmeralda, she was only 19 standing at a good 5 foot 7 going to school to be a mechanic at the time she had her braid done like yours, but with Black hair as your dad her eyes were slightly dark blue nearly purple like your mom’s.

Juniper: This is Esmeralda, she’s 19 but she can fix cars better than any damn mechanic in our town.“

Diavolo said she looked like a sweet succubi he had met once. You honestly did not know if to thank him or hit him.

Satan said she looked cute, but only because she was wearing a cat print ribbon.

You scrolled to soon show your youngest brother Larkin was was 5 foot 8 he had black hair that was curly like your mom’s, and green eyes he was only 16 and you took this picture at his birthday last year.

Juniper: ” This is Larkin, he just turned 16 this April.“

Leviathan seemed to be laughing as he pointed to your phone:

” Why do you all have name or nature? Is that normie thing or just for humans?’

You saw Mammon death glare at him as you smiled.

Juniper: “ Well, actually we do it because we love nature like you live anime bit my parents are hippies .”

This was true your parents were hippies, and did not help they were also witches bit that’s besides the point.

You scrolled down to your last sibling who was holding your family cat and with your parent. The youngest was your sister Peridot at age 14 and 5 foot 5 she had black hair that was braided like yours and her eyes were a deep blue purple she looked so much like your dad next to her who stood at 6 foot 3 wearing a his normal flannel over his shirt after getting off work from the school where he taught history. Your mom with long white silver hair in braids wearing her long sweater and skirt as she used to work as a nurse before falling sick she was small yet muscular woman at five foot 4 you were the smallest yet oldest.

Juniper: “ This is Peridot, and she’s the baby like Satan so she’s also spoiled on the left is my Dad his name is Caspian my mom is on the right her name is Estelle”

You put away your phone, as you did not notice you had teared up Diavolo holding your hand gently.

Diavolo: “ Would …would you like to speak to them ?”

You looked up you, nodded your heart aching for you family as it had been a few weeks since coming here. The Brothers soon gathered around you to comfort you as Diavolo spoke.

Diavolo: “ Well, i could let you and Solomon’s phones have the ability to contact your relatives and friends…I guess i did not consider this asking humans to come here.”

You tackled this man to the ground , Lucifer picking you off him with Barbatos . Soon you all went home you and Solomon soon calling your long missed families as soon as you got home.

That night, you could actually let the boys see your family through video time. The whole making it seem like a normal country was the easy thing, explaining their names meant something else into their country for your familie’s sake you just called them Beel, Luci, Mamo, Levi, Sati ,Asmo . When they met Diavolos and Barbatos through the phone , it was Dia, and Barbatos.

Simeons and Luke were easy to pass and Solomon you just said he came from a super religious family, when they called and could see Belphagor you called him Belphie saying all these names were normal thing in their country with ease.

The hard thing was convincing your siblings that no you were not dating Mammon.

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Aw that’s cute! Sure thing

36. Kissing away tears (Diabolo x MC)

After a long day of fights, school, drama and more, you were finally going to get some rest!

Even if it was fun to stay at the Devildom with demons who were really interesting, you still hadn’t fully gotten used to the change, and we’re still a bit antsy about all of the things that had happened.

You had been near death’s door so many times, at one point actually dying, and to say that you had gotten over it was an absolute lie. Not only that, you still had to deal with all the school work. You’d think they give you a break for almost dying, but apparently, if you weren’t dead, then you still could do some fun algebra homework! Awesomeeeeeeee…..

You looked at your desk filled with a bunch of notebooks, papers, and work sheets all half done. You weren’t getting anywhere, and you just felt like you really couldn’t talk to anyone about what you were feeling.

Suddenly you felt something wet stream down your face. Were you… crying…?

You tried to wipe away your tears, but they just keep coming, unable to stop.

You were so focused on trying to stop that you didn’t hear or notice the door open, and Diavolo walk in. His cheery demeanor immediately faded once he saw you crying in the corner, and he quickly ran over to you and kneeled down in front of you.

“MC…what’s wrong? Are you alright? Did anything happen with the brothers, or did anyone try to hurt you- because I’ll go and talk to them right now and-”

“No, no Diavolo it’s…it’s fine. I’m not hurt or anything, and the boys haven’t done anything wrong either. I’m just…I’ve just been really tired and stressed lately…schoolwork had really been taking a toll on me…” You sniffed, trying to not look at him.

“I see….is there anything I could do to help? I can explain anything you don’t understand, just tell me alright?”

You looked up at the beautiful demon in front of you, and immediately broke down. Diavolo clearly didn’t expect that response, so he just stood awkwardly there until he decided to go and hug you, petting your head.

“Now, you mustn’t cry….”

You shook your head. “S-sorry, it’s just….y-you’re so nice Di-Diavolo and, and I just- thank you. I would really appreciate your help.”

Diavolo smiled and wiped away your tears with his finger. “Of course. Let’s get rid of those tears, shall we?”

You nodded, and then flushed a fiery red when Diavolo went and kissed your cheeks, and right under your eyes. You had expected him to take a tissue or something, and you blushed st the contact of his lips against your skin.

When he pulled away he smiled to at you.

“There, now the tears are gone…ah, MC is everything alright? You’ve gone red, I just heard from Leviathan that in his shows whenever a character was sad they’d kiss the other’s tears away and I thought it was something common, sorry if I made you uncomfortable…”

“No! Not at all, I enjoyed it!” You blushed harder at that. What??? “I-I mean, well it was fun, well it was nice! I’ve never, no one has ever really done that for me and well, yeah it was great, I feel even better already!”

Diavolo smiled brightly at you. “So it worked?!”

“Yeah! Yeah kisses really help….thank you Diavolo. I really appreciate everything you’re doing for me…”

He smiled at you. “of course! It’s no problem.” And then he’d pet your head gently. “Now, why don’t you start telling me about the things that you don’t understand? I’ll clear up any questions you have!”

That afternoon you two spent the whole day with each other. Even if you got along pretty well with Lucifer, you got goosebumps when he came into your room with cookies and glared at you, probably jealous and wondering why un the world the future Demon King was teaching you some math equations.

You spent the time sitting beside each other, your shoulders touching. Even better, Diavolo was a pretty good teacher, and you got the hang of things quickly. Not only that, but you got to spend time with Diavolo!

Once you were done, you yawned and thanked him once again for helping you. You walked Diavolo over to the door and opened it, waving him goodbye.

He was leaving when he suddenly turned around.

“Diavolo, did you forget anything?” You asked, and he chuckled and leaned close to you.

He kissed you.

Your eyes widened and you felt your puske quicken as Diavolo smiled at you and waved his hand, leaving, as if nothing had happened.

“Goodbye MC! Feel free to call me if you have any more questions!”

You nodded, still in shock, and slowly closed the door, touching your lips.

Maybe algebra wasn’t that bad, and next time you could ask him to help you with demon studies too.

Prompt from: kissing scenarios

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18) “Are you wearing my shirt?”

68) “You know I don’t like to be teased.”

Gender Neutral Mc, Dom Beel

Keep reading

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I decided to become a fanfic writer due to me being bored in quarantine lol

I’ve gone back into Obey Me! so I decided to start with that, here’s the link so you can enjoy my potentially cringey writting💕

I did have a lot of fun writting what I’ve done so far so I hope it’s enjoyable✨

Ps: I’ll start updating again soon🌸

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Here ya go!

41. Kisses to shut them up (Solomon x MC)

“Anyway, so the thing is, in the end Beel had been the one that had eaten the pie in his sleep! He just didn’t remember, and we had to deal with cleaning the whole place up.” You told Solomon, who was currently sitting on your bed with you beside him.

The two of you had planned to study together, but eventually you got bored and started talking about all the hijinks the demon bros did throughout the day. Even if Solomon always found it amusing what those guys were up to, he had to admit that he was getting a bit tired of hearing their names come out of your mouth. Were those guys the only thing you thought and talked about?

He wasn’t jealous, not at all, he wouldn’t admit that. He just didn’t like how even if they weren’t there, the demons always came up one way or another. Solomon was even starting to suspect that maybe he had been cursed by Mammon in a jealous fit of rage or something.

“Anyhow! Did I already tell you about what happened between Mammon and Levi today?”

Solomon smiled and shook his head.

“Oh it was a mess! Everyone woke up to Levi screaming about this really expensive maid figure that he had just bought from Akuzon, and then he found out that Mammon sneaked into his room at night and stole it! Lucifer had to intervene of course, because Levi was this close to- mmmph!”

You let out a surprised gasp as you suddenly felt Solomon’s lips brushing against yours, kissing you roughly. When you pulled away you glanced up at him, your face flushed and still a bit taken aback by the surprise kiss. Solomon only smirked and leaned his face closer to yours.

“MC, as much as I love you, I’d rather do something else than talk about those demons.”

“Wh-what would you want to do instead then?” You shyly asked.

He chuckled and kissed you once again, gently pushing you to lay in your back in the bed.

“Mmph, wait, S-Solomon! The door is unlocked, and what would happen if-”

He kissed you breathless once again, leaving you panting and your face red as a tomato.

“You talk to much darling, and even if I do love hearing your voice, I’d rather it say something else than talk about those demons. Only think about me now.”

Solomon kissed you once again, and then from the corner of your eye you saw him flick his wrist, and you heard the sound of the door lock. At least you wouldn’t worry about getting caught for now. You smiled against his lips and kissed him softly, running your fingers through his hair.

“Solomon, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re jealous.” You teased, and Solomon tensed up beside you, a slight blush on his cheeks.

“Of course not. And even if I was, what’s wrong with wanting you all for myself? I deserve your attention too, don’t I?”

You giggled and caressed his cheek. “Alright, fine you’re right. I’ll stop talking about the boys for today. The only thing I’ll be thinking about is you.”

He smiled. “Good. Now, where were we?”

“You were kissing me.”

“Ah right! Then let’s continue, shall we?”

You both smiled and leaned in close to kiss. The rest of the night you stayed true to your word, and Solomon was truly the only thing you could think about for that night.

Promt from: kiss scenarios!

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Hispanic MC shenanigans

MC, running up to solomon like a crazy person: SOLOMON!

Solomon, completly unbothered: Yes MC?

MC, a bit winded: Do you know how to dance? Like Cumbia, merenge and of the sort?

Solomon: Well, do you think I’ve lived this long and not learn how to dance?

MC: ……?

Solomon: Yes MC, I can dance :|

MC, who is starting to look like a kid who’s going to disney: YES! Ok thank Diavolo, my tia’s been trying yo get me to go to this party and I can’t go by myself

Solomon: ok, but why didn’t you ask the brothers?

MC: …really? Why not? Because even if asmo knows how to dance, he’d probably try to hook up with my tia and I really don’t need that. Beel, Levi, and Mammon don’t know how to dance. Belphie doesnt either but we both know he’d fall asleep before we can even greet half of my family-

Solomon: yea-

MC: Neither does lucifer but it isnt like he’d admit that😃 and Satan knows how to dance, but I know for a fact he’d throw hands with….certain..people

Solomon: ok so what time again-👁👁

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The chef’s at hell’s kitchen:

13 notes

So proud of Beel going an entire event without talking about food or how hungry he is.

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He blushes at the kiss and stares down at her, “Yes please, not right now though you’re not allowed to leave.” He hugs her tighter and rests his head on her shoulder, “I love your cooking! I wish there was a robot of you to bake so I can eat your food and spend time with you at the same time.”

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MC: When life gives you lemons?

Belphie: Sleep.

Mammon: Ya sell it, of course.

Beel: Eat it.

Asmo: Egg and lemon mask~~

Satan: You mean the fruit or the story?

Levi: Pfft!

Lucifer: I prefer acting that out.

MC: I was gonna say lemonade but okay— wait, what did you say Satan?


Satan: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Lucifer: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Demon brothers: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

MC: *sweatdrops*

MC: …haha

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Err… I just opened my phone and this……

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The Mystery Solved


This time is was all Mammon’s fault

I like that they didn’t go for the “It was all a dream” act like they usually do and how MC wasn’t the only one affected. I love that solomon was included in the Davis instead of just the brothers and MC as usual. I hope they integrate the other side characters into future events soon.

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The Obey Me! Brothers As Things I’ve Done


  • counting how many compliments i got on my first day back to school since the p🤮ndemic


  • spending nearly $200 in birthday/christmas money online shopping for at most maybe 20-30 minutes after being sad and getting tipsy one night in the name of “self care”


  • getting mad at my sister behind her back for dyeing her hair the same shade of purple i’ve been wanting to (procrastinating) dye my own hair for months now


  • being so mentally ill combined with parental-figure issues so that when my parents asked me if i’ve done [insert thing im supposed to be doing here] yet, i went to my room, closed and locked the door, turned the only light to my room to fully red, closed the blinds so no other light came in, and then cried and screamed so high no one could hear it and threw my shit around my room and broke stuff as quietly as humanly fucking possible


  • trying to do my classwork on my phone/laptop only to get distracted admiring my own reflection/tweaking my hair for several minutes at a time, multiple times a day


  • desperately trying to figure out how to open the plastic case of mini muffins one-handed while keeping my eyes on the road, and then trying to unwrap and shove the entire thing in my mouth while also singing to my playlist, all while driving


  • being so physically and mentally and emotionally exhausted at one point that, when my parents repeatedly sent my sister to wake me up/bother me until i got up and went downstairs, that when i opened my eyes one time to see her in MY room RIGHT in front of me, i quick as lighting shot up only to slap her so hard across the face that her glasses scratched her cheek


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The Acts



Makes sense seeing as he must always be jumping Place to place to get away with all his stealing. He’s probably a parkour pro too. I think it’s a good match and he’s love to have MC as a partner considering how close the acts can get.



Satan is always angry which means he probably concentrated on one emotions a lot not to mention how absorbed he becomes in his stories. He’d need that concentration on a tight rope not to mention he must have a lot of grace and balancing skills to navigate his room without knocking everything over



Perfect match, couldn’t have been more accurate. Asmodeus is very flexible and graceful and a perfect match for beautiful ribbons. He also has wings so heights wouldn’t be a problem for him.



Not my first thought for him but if he’s that flexible then doing contortions rather than more energetic acts like gymnastics or ribbon dancing seems more fitting for him



An extreme performance of acrobats fits Beel pretty well. He fears nothing but running out of food and anything happening to Belphie so the danger wouldn’t be an issue for him. He’s very strong and athletic and considering his sport Flogal is like football (American) and those players usually take ballet to help with their balance and Grace then this type of performance and acrobats is a good match.



Being a clown is a real job and lost take it seriously but for Levi it’s a way to put his self deprication and fun magic tricks into an entertaining art form and he doesn’t have to worry about screwing up because it can be all part of the act.

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