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things I wanna do once I can again:

  • go swimming
  • cook with friends
  • make collages or zines together
  • picnics 
  • go to the ocean. any ocean, anywhere
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ocean dreams

can i go to a cliff by the ocean

and sit there, for hours with no end

watching the moon push and pull the waves from the endless horizon towards me and away

where time has no meaning, even though day and night still come and go to change the colours around me

but there, society and its made-up concepts fall away in to oblivion to be forgotten

and i cry

i let it all go

i give my tears back to the ocean

to be at peace again

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Above are two drawings that, when finished, will contribute to my Halloween-themed collage (along with the Haribo one previously). I’ve really liked drawing these so far- the coloured pencils are very blendable and I’ve enjoyed adding all the individual creases and little details to them. Maynards Bassets and M&Ms are once again pretty large brands that are instantly recognisable. I wanted to continue drawing products from large brands to increase relevancy to society- people may have littered products from these sweet brands as they’re very popular. Although the left drawing is dominantly black in colour, I like how I have also continued my theme of waste products being artificial in colour. The left drawing includes bright reds, yellows, oranges and purples and the right includes a dominant, bright yellow. Overall I quite like these pieces so far. However, I found it quite hard to add details onto the black area of the right drawing due to its darkness. Next time, instead of colouring it in black and attempting to use a white pencil over the top for details, I will gradually build up the black with the use of a range of grey coloured pencils. This week I have also experimented with awareness poster compositions for one of my completed collages, which I’ll post later.

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December 25th

Instagram: idalihme

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Made some friends in the ocean

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