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#Oh frick.

i love thinking about past events at night and being unable to fall asleep

i’ve been tryin to sleep since 2am…it’s almost 5am and still no progress

i love thinking about the time i did stage management

i’m never doing it again✨

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hullo anon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i’m answering this ask at 5am because i can’t sleep!!!!!!!

(• ▽ •;)

soooo if the answer makes no sense, it’s probably because my brain isn’t super working right now!!!!!!!! (✿^‿^)

(it’s the school holidays so my sleep schedule is messed up…)

thank you for the ask!!!!! you have seven dogs?! that’s a lot of dogs!!!!! actually, i’ve always been pretty scared of dogs!! i think maybe they will eat me!! i like to admire them from a safe distance, though.

frogs are kind of scary because a lot of them are poisonous!! my favourite frog is lily from animal crossing. she is cute and not scary.

do you like animal crossing???? my favourite villagers are ruby, marina, gayle, chrissy, lolly, lily, sherb, maple and judy!!!!!! there are lots of cute villagers so it’s hard to pick just one, but i think my favouritest favourite right now is sherb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \(°o°)/

but now i feel guilty for choosing a favourite because i really do love them all……. (˘・_・˘)

i feel like this answer got off topic but i really appreciate the interesting ask you sent!!!!! thank yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou i hope a pink cow kisses you on the forehead

(love from Joy)

ps. okay i am posting this but if i wake up tomorrow and it’s all in french or something i’m blaming it on the sleep-deprivation. sweet dreams!!!!!!! 🌙🐇

psps. one of my dreams is to learn how to play the kalimba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so we have something in common!!!!! ( ╹▽╹ )

my other dreams are:

✿have a pink and white house with hydrangea bushes in the garden

✿become a therapist

✿learn how to sing

✿get pet bunnies

there are probably more but i can’t remember them~🌟

( ꈍᴗꈍ)

pspsps. wait wait wait another edit!!!!!!!!! i just realised the next post in my queue is a frog post!!!!!! it’s a drawing of a frog and a frog plushy!!!!!!!! :0

i tagged it as “frog cw” “frog” “frogs” and “frog cw” just in case, but i’ve decided not to post it unless you tell me it’s okay!!!

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there I was, trying to see if there were any KH tunes in Yoko Shimomura’s page on Spotify, and instead I decided to listen to FFXV tunes (some are going into Aegis’ playlist because they do suit her) but uh…

As much as the story as a hood start and end and horrid middle, with so much ‘wtf is this?’ kinda thing, I loved playing it and uh… I listened to NOCTIS becaudr zi couldn’t remember how it went, oh the ending all came back and I did not appreciate it. Kill me why don’t you?

Then I had to listen to LUNA and… oehbejejejejej. I remember how that scene just mad emery out of nowhere. I don’t even like Luna, but smol Noct just pulled out the 'All I wanted was yo save you!’ line shhsjsjejeje.

I literally listen to the FFXV and hear KH in it as well. The talent of Yoko Shimomura is *chef’s kiss*

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Okay but the song His Work And Nothing More from the Jekyll and Hyde musical fits ya boi Henry Stein pretty well in my opinion.

I imagine it being around the time where Henry was overworking himself trying to make cartoons and stuff before he eventually quits to spend more time with Linda.

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chuck s3 thread pt 13

#no bc the levels of risking it for sarah keeps getting higher and higher and THEYR FJKLSDJF SDJLF FRICK MEEEEE#jan 7 2021#shes so cute goodbye#NOOOO NOT you love me GOODBYE GOODBYE IM DEAD#BUT SHE DOES SHE DOES#SHE DOES SLDJKFLSKDHFKLSL GODODOJFKDFLNKJEHKJN THIS IS SO AHHHH#PUNCHING THE AIR I LOVETHEM SO MUCH#NONON OJDSIJF THEYRE TEARING UP IM SOTSODKKJ JFKJDSLDJSFHEIOW JDSJNFDNF DSLJFRICK#BENSLIE THE TRIAL OF LESLIE KNOPE SO TRUE SO TRUE I CANNOT#the only two true couples of tv so far#how did he not know tho like... but alos her power knowing she loves and he loves her god#dating / missions together era pls pspspspspspspspsps i am waiting patiently#eh well.. still annoyed w chuck on missions lowkey#YOU CAN ALL DIE HERE TODAY I HAVE DINNER RESERVATIONS HELPP#lord this is intense but they really know how to balance levity#us man i love them so much#WHATTT WHAT WHAT WHALSJDFLSHFOIEWJF I HSLKJFLDS i fall for the plot twists every time maN#he really isnt ready tho.. PLEASE I LOVE THEM EARLY STAGES ERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#oh beckman oops no but also morgan why would you think that... erm#wat da hayl#BECKMAN AT HOME HELPPPPPPPPPP#NO THE BANDANA IM LAUGHING#no but chuck youre so dumb for bringing in a civilian into castle?? and saying morgans on his team?? idk like .. common sense broskis#nah actually morgan doesnt have much going for him atm :/#WHY ARE THEY THERE MANFSDLJFKJSFOHESOILDJFLSKJHFKJNDBROOO BRO BROBROBROBRO BRO BRO BRO BRO WHAT THE HECK JSFLKDSJFLDFLSJFLS#i dont want shaw to let it go but also this is so messed up sh#NO SDLFJLSDFLK HUHHHHH HUH HU HH HUH HUH HUH huH huH huH huH HUHHHH ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????#wait so evelyn was in the cia??#NO WHAT THE JSDLFKJ HECK IS SLDKJFK GOIN ON SLDJFLKSDJFJKHSFKJHJKHSNFBEWFUKDHUINEKRHDF(*&^*$(@&(*$T
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v excited to finish outlast SOON :·> i was getting rly close to the end last night but it was 1 am so i had to sleep

Friiiiiick I love to ramble in tags

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Yuugo, Lucas, the Goldy Pond children as well as my man James sitting in the corner right now like: It’s okay to include everyone else but, take your time. We didn’t even wanted to be in season 2.

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