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#Old texts are always like that

Old texts are always like that
Posted by: Jommy69
Posted On: dankmemes
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not me scarfing down cottage cheese and plain room temperature toast at midnight while frantically texting my friend pages and pages of Thoughts on what’s been going on with reply all/gimlet/their BA miniseries

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(talking about art i will never show) if i dont draw copia looking like a tortoise, just like. a shriveled up raisin, Who Am I

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It’s like, you’re allowed to like villains only if they’re evil, and you can like happy endings only for characters who don’t have any “real” flaws. There would be nothing wrong with Akc being happy, but for characters like him it’s easier to want them to be evil and edgy and I’m just so tired of fandoms being this way. People just can’t comprehend a character like him healing at all, or that a character can get better without becoming too soft.

You’re absolutely right. I get it, not every villain needs to be sympathetic, but not all attempts at writing a sympathetic antagonist or villain are bad! Especially when said characters are young and were taken advantage of by people more powerful than them. Characters like Ad*chi and the adult Palace rulers chose to be that way; a character like Goro was taken advantage of and lived a lonely, miserable life for eighteen years. Like damn y’all don’t have to like him, but have a heart. I really don’t get how you can play the game and despise him and then still say you think the game is brilliant because Goro’s character represents so many of its themes that loathing him entirely seems like it would take away from the overall enjoyment of the game imo, but I guess I just can’t relate, and maybe that’s all it is.

But yeah, that actually reminds me of another thing I noticed when I see his former haters talk about him now. Dudebros only think Goro’s cool now because of 3rd semester, and they see him as a “badass” and “insane,” and that’s what makes him “cool,” and it frustrates me because it’s once again so transparent that they only like him when he’s shutting off his emotions because we can’t have emotional or vulnerable male characters, nope! And it’s completely ignoring the signs that he is still dealing with those emotions, but he has to put up walls because he knows he’s going to die and also he doesn’t feel worthy of anyone’s actual friendship. He’s not evil and edgy now; he’s just finally allowed to drop his customer service smile and drop his cartoonishly evil facade (which I feel like we need to constantly remind people that the way he spoke with Shido was also an act, but that’s another conversation), so really he just sounds like an exhausted dude who survived death and is now given a whole new thing to stress about and just wants to be over and done with it all already.

Not to just simplify it, but honestly. He’s justice. He’s the scales. He’s a gemini. He’s the duality of man. He’s allowed to be complex, and he’s allowed to heal in a way that makes sense for him without leaning so heavily on too soft or too harsh.

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