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#Omg shut up Day

I’d like to remind everyone the the rvb book is a thing that’s happening

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Ahh I’ve started planning a Kimballina fic that I’m super excited for!!

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Thank you for the tag @waywardfangirl and @aristocratic-otter! Instructions are to tag people you want to get to know or catch up with! 

I’m going to have the most boring answers to this because I never do anything 😂

Last Song: I put on some classical playlist to help me study last night so it’s this piece with a title that’s very long by Bedřich Smetana (Vltava/The Moldau I think? I seriously don’t know the title because it’s so long) 

Last Film: I think The White Crow? 

Currently Watching: Nothing but I did watch Euphoria special episode 2 a few days ago 

Currently Reading: Sword of Mages Tattoo by RooBadley. Idk if they have a tumblr but I so highly rec this fic, it’s brilliant! 

Currently Craving: validation. No I’m kidding idk chicken nuggets would be nice? Or 8 hours of sleep 😩 

I tag (and pardon me if you’ve already been tagged) @gampyre @snowybank @im-gettingby @effing-numpties @palimpsessed @captain-aralias @nightimedreamersworld @otherworldsivelivedin @banjjakbanjjak @amphipodgirl and anyone else who wants to do this! 

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Jihoon vibes? I…ngl I can kinda see it? Also honored to give off Jihoon vibes 🥺

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countin down to a doctor’s appointment like it’s a concert or something akrkegkdngnk

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Darling tumblr mobile ate your ask I think but it just spit it out and — I love you. 😭 thank you so much… I think they just didn’t get what I was writing about bc it was quite mythology based and yeah if you don’t know what a Valkyrie is then you obvsly don’t understand it but eh. I like being complicated 🥺 and I MISS WRITING FICS I want to write again… it’s been so long… 🥺🥺🥺

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lol I did smth to my wrist F

#not my drawing hand luckily but I slept weird on my left lol#is hand dominance genetic? bc I wish I got my moms genes with that#she’s ambidextrous how cool would that be#yeah idk it feels like my body did a hard reset overnight and idk why but it’s cool#wait it’s January isn’t it. shit my birthdays soonish#WAH PASSAGE OF TIME#I’m gonna be 19....... bro#aw man I won’t be able to parade around in public with my obnoxious birthday boy sash KDKFKGLG#a friend got it for me for like my 15th birthday I wanna say? bc I wasn’t super out back then and he wanted to be affirming and I kept it#maybe it was my 16th? I don’t fucking remember lol#but yeah last year I went back from the hospital around January and just quietly reintegrated but also did some weird gay shit now and then#like the scaling the wall in my gym class and then vanishing story lol#but yeah I got all dressed up and had a birthday boy sash and a crown#OH and that was when that girl hit on me but I was so oblivious I didn’t realize#have I told that story? it’s so funny#I feel bad I didn’t remember her name because she was so sweet she sat in front of me in economics#and like I came in on my bday and she was like oh my gosh is your birthday today??? and I was like yeah! and she asks what kinda cake I like#the next day she comes in with a whole ass handmade cake and her number... god I didn’t get to tell her I’m gay bc school shut down#but omg I thanked her so hard because??? how nice is that??? we don’t deserve girls bro#that really super boosted my self esteem tho like I was sure everyone thought I was the deranged mental patient kid#but no I was just some regular cute dude in her class :) that makes me happy#connor talks#wow I got off topic lollll well that’s what this blogs for
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Hi! I had a great Christmas! I hope yours is going well too 😘

🙈🙈🙈 ugh you are so sweet, thank you so much for sending this message. Hopefully I’ll get out of this tiny little rut I’m in and get back to writing. I feel juuuust a little like JatP kind of saved my life (maybe not that extreme but pretty close) because I hadn’t been in a fandom for 8 years and basically life felt pretty empty until this silly little kids show came along. I ended up watching it at least once a day (twice, a couple of times) for like 2 weeks.

It brought me back to Tumblr, which I far prefer to any other social media, and it got me talking to a friend I had kind of drifted from again.


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