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#Online Privacy Protection
fischyplier · 2 years ago
More people need to be talking about COPPA. Not later, now. It’s serious.
Have your voice heard before December 9: https://www.
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mymuseismorpheus · 26 days ago
Honestly, at this point, having a rather generic name is a blessing. Nobody searches for John Smith on google, and even if they do, there are 15 people with the exact same name in a radius of 30 miles.
Try finding a specific Johann Schmidt in Germany without more Information than that, i dare you.
If you have a generic name, and are halfway conscious of the info you spill online or offline, finding info on you, at least for the layperson, is difficult.
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boyishs · 4 months ago
parasocial relationships with mutuals made on letterboxd and musicboard are weird bc it's like. i don't know u from anywhere else on the internet but you have good taste in media and a cool username. your pfp is a selfie so ik what u look like tho my pfp is just a funny internet image. would u think 'oh no oomf is ugly' if i ever changed my pfp to myself? idk how old you are but sometimes your reviews will say 'back in high school' or talk about roommates so you're probably my age. you like my reviews and i like your reviews so we must agree with each other sometimes. btw i'm a bit in love with you but i'll never say anything bc i'm not a weirdo i promise.
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i think the thing that like really bothers me abt coming out vids is like when the kid starts crying and their parent is like “i dont care! i dont care!” like i know they mean it like theyre not going to feel any different or love them less but like. bad
#like i guess my ideal scenario is them telling the kids like 'im so happy for you that you felt safe telling me this and ill protect you bc#i know its hard to be yourself but im your parent and i love you and ill always be here for u' or smth like that#like one girl was crying and told her brother and he was just like 'im SO happy for you' and hugged her and kept hugging her and telling her#he was happy for her until she stopped crying#which was so sweet i did tear up#but like you. you dont have to! youre a person not a spectacle and i know the way our culture views and treats queerness#you might feel like you have to be a spectacle or performing#esp with like internet 'make ur whole life public' culture but youre a person! you have a right to privacy!#we all do! comfort is a human right and you dont deserve it less for being gay or trans (screams)#like im very private (relatively speaking) online which i guess people think is weird once they get to know me irl#bc im very (sets off a firecracker to announce that im entering the room wearing my most neon stilettos on a tuesday)#in personal life like with acquaintances and friends especially#but when im at work i dont talk about my wife or being gay or being on hormones unless someone asks bc its none of their business#im even pretty tempered with like people i live with even tho i know theyre cool bc like u dont have to be ON all the time!#youre a person not a performance#this coming from the living performance piece#sometimes when i say hang out its to melt someones hood ornament with thermite#but sometimes i will come over and clean ur counter and sleep on ur couch and leave#u can be both!!!#be a person and establish your comfort. set boundaries around it. being yourself isnt just being Out its also being comfortable#for me being myself has absolutely no bearing on me being out. for me being comfortable is being able to talk about my poops and#sleep on a couch#your identity is important but it doesnt have to be all of you. youre allowed to just take up space and be
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saturdaynightlivedork · a year ago
Autistic children will see them on the YouTube Kids app and learn that they don’t matter. Yuck!
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its-mellohi · a year ago
tbh i dont understand the need to know a cc's face and real name. maybe it's because i grew up watching almost exclusively voice-only youtubers, but i just Dont Get It and 3 of my favorite youtubers are currently being harrassed about a face reveal and im just,, just sitting here
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kitsunebaba · a year ago
Please get yourself multiple emails!
More people need the 3 email system.
Junk Email - for random site sign ups and other things that might lead to your email being shared to dodgy people.
Personal Email - for friends and family, as well as paid sites and things connected to your personal life and more “reputable” sites like youtube or facebook.
Professional Email - For work or school related things and people you don’t want to have your personal email. Purely real life dealings.
This way you’re more likely to pick out spam and phishing emails, as well as having a clear divide between all the aspects of your life. It’s a lot easier to find things and you have more privacy. Plus you can email yourself things, like documents, pictures, or creative works for safe keeping.
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universalcatprr · 2 years ago
Corrections about COPPA
Yesterday the FTC posted explicit directions for Youtube content creators.
Let's start with the FTC count as website or online service every single channel as its own, not global as Youtube. So there is no one-size-fits-all answer about what makes a "site" (channel) directed to children or not. Tho, your content isn’t considered “directed to children” just because some children may see it.
Unless you’re affirmatively targeting kids, there are many subject matter categories where you don’t have to worry about COPPA. For example, if your videos are about traditionally adult activities like employment, finances, politics, home ownership, home improvement, or travel, you’re probably not covered unless your content is geared toward kids. But gamers like Markiplier or Jacksepticeye play horror games, this doesn't makes them suitable for kids.
The FTC will consider in determining whether your content is child-directed based on:
the subject matter,
visual content,
the use of animated characters or child-oriented activities and incentives (but just because your video has bright colors or animated characters doesn’t mean you’re automatically covered by COPPA. While many animated shows are directed to kids, the FTC recognizes there can be animated programming that appeals to everyone.)
The kind of music or other audio content, the age of models, the presence of child celebrities or celebrities who appeal to children,
language or other characteristics of the site (gamers are definitely not kids friendly)
whether advertising that promotes or appears on the site is directed to children,
competent and reliable empirical evidence about the age of the audience (If you can prove that most of your audience is 13+ you are out of COPPA).
Please, read and share it.
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apesoformythoughts · a year ago
«The Court of Justice's decision, so often reduced to the legal and technical considerations related to the deletion or de-linking of personal data, was in fact a key inflection point at which democracy began to claw back rights to the future tense from the powerful forces of a new surveillance capitalism determined to claim unilateral authority over the digital future. Instead, the court's analysis claimed the future for the human way, rejecting the inevitability of Google's search-engine technology and recognizing instead that search results are the contingent products of the specific economic interests that drive the action from within the belly of the machine: “The operator of a search engine is liable to affect significantly the fundamental rights to privacy and to the protection of personal data. In the light of the potential seriousness of the interference” with those interests, “it cannot be justified by merely the economic interest which the operator of such an engine has in that processing.” As legal scholars Paul M. Schwartz and Karl-Nikolaus Peifer summarized it, “The Luxembourg Court felt that free flow of information matters, but not as much, ultimately, as the safeguarding of dignity, privacy, and data protection in the European rights regime.” The court conferred upon EU citizens the right to combat, requiring Google to establish a process for implementing users' de-linking requests and authorizing citizens to seek recourse in democratic institutions, including “the supervisory authority or the judicial authority, so that it carries out the necessary checks and orders the controller to take specific measures accordingly.”»
— Shoshana Zuboff: The Age of Surveillance Capitalism (p. 59-60; emphases added)
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ziracona · a year ago
Those other Pokémon go players are literally doing nothing against the rules. And it’s not ‘frowned upon’, people like you having a bitchfest are frowned upon.
Buddy, I’ve had a long night. I’m complaining on my private, personal blog about something that, if you google it, is frowned upon and there are many reddit threads of people talking about Niantic’s need to fix this issue. Although some people, like you, who actively enjoy griefing other players & making people unhappy, do sadly seem to like it. It is definitely not even close to the majority take. Like I said, and if you have at least the reading comprehension of a 10 year old child you would have noticed & so I can only assume have blatantly ignored by choice, yes, it’s not against the rules, but it is not looked on well. Pokémon Go is a G rated all ages game, and it’s meant to be fun. Defend bullying people out of a good time to make yourself feel better about what you choose as a person all you want. It won’t change the fact that there is no reason to do what I am describing other than the enjoyment of making it so other people cannot do something fun. There isn’t one. That is just the facts. The sole purpose of the described is to grief. Pokémon Go is a cooperative encouraged, child’s game. I’m not talking about defending an active gym war at a college, I’m talking about a bullied local poke gym. This is a kids game. If you want to be an ass, at least pick a game with an older target audience. But for God’s sake, please just be nice. Let me put this simply: Just because a way of playing a game does not personally bother you, that does not make everyone who feels differently wrong, or insignificant. The experiences others have and how we effect them for better or worse matters. You have a responsibility to treat other humans with common decency. Try to be thoughtful. Please use critical thinking. I am not going into anyone’s blog, or forum, and yelling at them or insulting them. I made a personal post on my private, home account, that so enraged you at the sight of it that it was worth it to go harass a stranger over essentially a journal entry. Think maybe about why that is. About why you feel so strongly about your decision to enjoy and pursue frustrating and blocking other players that you would anonymously bitch at a stranger simply because they personally dislike what you do. Even though I neither know you, nor have any control over how you live your life. Think about that. Why you felt the need to do that. Why you thought that was the right thing to do. Consider your actions. Reconsider. Then go make better choices. And please, if you metagame Pokémon Go for fun to watch other people be frustrated, consider no longer bullying what has a very real at least 50% chance of being human children on the other end of the phone.
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saturdaynightlivedork · 9 months ago
Can someone please explain to me why all the New York Stock Exchange’s YouTube videos are “made for kids”? The average kid doesn’t know how stocks work. I highly doubt some screaming kid riding in a grocery cart is going to watch NYSE videos on his tablet.
(So far, NASDAQ hasn’t joined the “made for kids” bandwagon. Yet.)
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iztdm · 2 years ago
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
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greenasoft · 2 months ago
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