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Mientras en Europa los ciudadanos salen por su libertad, en Latinoamérica salimos por el hambre. La cuarentena expresa dos realidades distintas, ¿cuán lejos estamos de una vida digna, si nuestros gobiernos solo alimentan las desigualdades?
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Butterball by Lush

This is the next bath bomb from the batch I recently ordered from Lush. It’s one of their popular classics, so I was very excited to try it out (it’s also one of their least expensive!).


As far as looks go, this bath bomb is fairly unassuming, being a simple white sphere that bears Lush’s logo. It’s also much smaller than many other Lush bath bombs - only about half the size (about 3 oz).


The bath water it creates is also a bit lackluster. The water does not change color at all. The only effect is the cocoa butter that gave the water a sheen as the bath bomb dissolved (they can be seen in the photo as yellowish blobs floating on the surface of the water).

Don’t let the lack of visual experience prevent you from trying this out though. What it lacked in that area, it more than made up for in scent and moisturization. The scent was a lovely, light, warm scent that was very relaxing. Plus, despite its small size, thanks to copious amounts of cocoa butter, this bomb was probably the most moisturizing one I’ve ever used. I will definitely be using this again (I may even get two next time to use simultaneously to see if that adds to the relaxation and moisturization effect)! My only complaint is I wish that Lush made a larger size to pack in even more goodness!


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1968-2020: A Tale Of Two Uprisings
I remember how tumultuous 1968 felt. Cops in riot gear and flaming storefronts are nothing new—but this time around, things feel even more dire.

Read more on NPR

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I had a conversation about death of the author with a friend and I’m searching for opinions.

Basically, the argument started because I shared a photo of a book I read when I was a kid - I have fond memories of it and it was a formative experience for me, the series basically got me more interested in books and reading and eventually writing.

However, my friend (transgender) was quite upset since the author has some transphobic views (I don’t follow the writer closely but I was aware of some controversy there). My friend told me she doesn’t like people promoting the writer’s books because of the influence the writer has on people.

I argued that I can’t get myself to hate those books I grew up with just because of the personality of the writer. As far as I know the writer didn’t translate any transphobia into the books at the time and I’m not interested in the writer’s current books - basically I don’t support this person financially and don’t follow them as a public figure. Sure, now when the friend told me more of the issue I might feel more reluctant to share content related to the writers’ works next time.

I also have a feeling that if I should look at all the books by this lens, there would often be some reason not to read the book - H. P. Lovecraft or Jack London were horribly rasist, Orwell was a government informant, Hemingway a KGB spy, Golding and Salinger were sexual predators. Norman Mailer almost killed his wife and he was still on Gilmore Girls…

Nonetheless, the discussion left me kinda sourmouth. I don’t feel comfortable resenting a book solemnly due to the personality of the author. I don’t often dig deep for the writers’ background and enjoy the content rather than the authors’ personality - if I’m interested in them as a person it’s usually their approach to writing rather than their politics or world view. However, after it feels somewhat hypocrital - how can I enjoy a work of someone who would I not respect as a person?

I’m not looking for a fight, I would just genuinly like to know how other people percieve this issue. Do you condemn books or series based on the author’s personality or world views? Do you think it depends on the context? Do you distinguish between the book and the author?

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hello ! sure thing, but please remember this is just my opinion and any criticism is meant as constructive and not as hateful ! i love your url and icon ! i definitely get the vibe that something supernatural & dark is going on. i love your plot, however with it being four paragraphs long i would suggest a little summary at the bottom just explaining you’re a new skeleton discord roleplay based on the book shiver and some key points about the plot. plus, if you did this people would get a grasp on perhaps what direction the roleplay is going to go in once you’re open, sort of like you have on the doc ! your rules seem fine, i was going to say something about the rule regarding activity and being kicked without warning after a week of inactivity, but then i saw the point below about the weekly check-in so should be fine ! honestly it looks good and it’s very readable and accessible. i think as long as your active on the main to gain members you should be all good. if you like discord roleplays their skeletons drop on the 6th, check them out !

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If you witness a person being racist towards someone, then choose to pretend nothing is happening at all. I’m sorry to say, you’re part of the problem. You’re either racist or you’re not. There is no middle ground here. So get your shit together, or get the hell out of my way… or hands will be thrown!

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Idk why I’m doing this. I think it’s because I’m tired of been in silence. I don’t make this to offend anyone (if you are, you have to change) but I don’t get why people get mad when you answer a post with a different opinion. Like you posted on the internet, now people can do whatever they want with that. If you don’t like to hear differents opinions get the fuck out of the social media (or just learn about how the world works). I’m telling you this because of experience not because I’m a bitch or whatever.

Other thing is, why people get offended when you don’t know about their culture??? Like you can teach me don’t get angry with me. We don’t live together, we don’t live in the same country or continent. Me as Latina idk how the Asian culture works, the things I know is the basic that I learnt at school, and I know, for example, Asians people don’t know about my culture and you don’t have to know it, and of course I would like if people know more about us and not keep the idea that the only culture is Mexico. I get offended when we say “I’m from Argentina or Chile or Colombia, or Uruguay” and you start saying Mexican things because we are not the same but I don’t get angry with you because I know it’s because you don’t know. Instead of get angry with people that don’t know about our culture, we should try to teach them because screaming between us is not going to take us anywhere.

I just wanted to take this out of my chest, if you don’t like it or disagree with me, you can unfollow me or block me or tell me your opinion. I’m always open to hear and learn. What I don’t want it’s people hating.

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Des worked in the financial industry. And there’s no real way to know what the financial situation was between Anne and Des, but I don’t think the money just came with Robin.

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Siempre me ha gustado lo diferente, lo inusual, lo raro, lo extraño, no sé si es que me gusta complicarme la vida, pero es que cuando algo sucede de forma diferente a lo que imagino, me encanta, me atrae, literal me enloquece, lo cotidiano me aburre, lo que logro predecir se lleva la magia, por tanto siempre busco hacer cosas diferentes con quienes me relaciono, cuando alguien se dirige a mi con protocolos me da la sensación de que quiere impresionarme y eso para mi es como coleccionar puntos para un bien ya pensado y no sé pero me da la sensación de que no es honesto, pues si es un guion solo estás actuando, en cambio cuando alguien se muestra con interés pero sin interés ahí está mi talón de Aquiles, cuando comparten su imperfección y dejan caer el telón de “lo que pocos ven” genera en mi un sentimiento de admiración que se convierte en un rayo de energía inquebrantable, mi círculo de amigos es muy reducido, tengo hasta el momento dos amigos del alma con quienes desde el inicio todo fue diferente y hemos logrado mantener una linda conexión por 10 años, hemos vivido cosas increíbles, que nos han ayudado a crecer y ser mejores gracias a lo diferente de nuestra amistad, en las experiencias amorosas todas han sido muy raras, aunque no han sido muchas, por lo mismo siempre busco la chispa y pocas veces la encuentro, cada experiencia es diferente y eso me gusta aún más, no hay final feliz pues siempre lo que termina duele, lo que si hay, son recuerdos y experiencias llenas de felicidad y complicidad y creo que ese es el sentido de la vida, pienso que no hay que dudar si te gusta o conectas con algo o alguien arriésgate, no pienses en el final porque sino nunca lo harás, piensa en las cosas increíbles que podrías vivir, colecciona recuerdos hermosos que te saquen una sonrisa en momentos como estos, en los que tenemos que parar y si sientes que no estás sintonizado, cuando todo pase tendrás una nueva oportunidad, un nuevo comienzo, para empezar a vivir lo que quieres recordar y a fin de cuentas lo que único que nos podemos llevar.

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Today has been fresh and lovely. I’m in a good mind space to write.

I shall be learning more about God. I am taking courses so that I will memorise the first principles of Christianity. I really hope to level up on my writing and my convictions. I don’t see myself giving the effort at the moment, but I will do it. I think it is something I don’t see in Europe where people can keep sharing their faith like America does. In America, it really makes a difference when members of the church can preach as effectively as their leader.

Even in the first century church everyone was taught the same scriptures. 1 Corinthians 4:7

For who makes you different from anyone else? What do you have that you did not receive? And if you did receive it, why do you boast as though you did not?

It would be awesome to practice and see growth and unity in convictions.


Originally posted by bvrooke

I will be writing about Matthew 26, I really wish to have an emotional connection to the suffering that Jesus has faced.

Matthew 26:64

“You have said so,” Jesus replied. “But I say to all of you: From now on you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven.

Jesus has really stuck to his convictions even after being called guilty for false teaching. Jesus even speaks of his glory in the future unashamedly. One thing with persecution is how solid is my faith in God’s word and what would be my breaking point before I give up on God’s promises. I used to not be able to handle mild criticism of my own behaviour and now I can sit down with persecutors and just let it be. It takes having convictions in God’s word to push me to this stage.

Matthew 26: 65-66

Then the high priest tore his clothes and said, “He has spoken blasphemy! Why do we need any more witnesses? Look, now you have heard the blasphemy. 66 What do you think?”

“He is worthy of death,” they answered.

Whilst Jesus is convicted by the bible, the high priest was convicted by other people’s opinions. That’s crazy for me to realise that religious leaders don’t know what they are talking about and need human back ups. 

Matthew 26: 67-68

Then they spit in his face and struck him with their fists. Others slapped him 68 and said, “Prophesy to us, Messiah. Who hit you?”

I think this really resonates with me in this day and age because this is how people react online when someone disagrees with one another. (but this is definitely more physically violent). It takes courage to stick to what I believe and to stick to the truth to not be controlled by emotions of revenge and anger when mocked and verbally abused and disrespected. 

The emotional torture has only just begun for Jesus and it escalates. 

Violence like this doesn’t happen in Europe, but it could happen to Christians of other countries or nationalities. I find it unfortunate to learn of violent persecution to my spiritual family, but I am reminded to pray for them and their faith!

DM me for a bible study 

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By: Elizabeth “Liz” Romero is an English major at the California State University, Los Angeles.

As the COVID-19 pandemic forces us to stay indoors as much as possible, I am struck by the responses that come from my social media friends. Everyone’s wearing a mask, emphasizing hygiene tips, and reminding others about the importance of staying home. A common thread I also noticed was their concern over the wet markets in Wuhan, China, where experts speculate the virus originated. However, they failed to acknowledge the similarities between wet markets and animal industries not just in America, but across the world.

External image

When the first stories on COVID-19 came out, most people I knew (and online) weren’t as mortified by the virus as they were of the wet markets themselves. Walking into a live animal market sounds disturbing enough. One can’t fathom the unknown diseases crawling all over the place. The idea of selecting the blinking animal that will be executed, cooked, and served for your own benefit within the hour is grim. Soon, my Instagram friends were sharing footage from these wet markets on their stories: bats in stew, frogs stuffed in boxes, sliced intestines of God-knows-what on the floor, and so much more. It all sent a chill down my spine. But it also got to me.

My annoyance wasn’t toward the floods of explicit content, but the hypocrisy of those I followed. As someone who transitioned into veganism nearly a year ago, I am a newer member of the vegan community, but I still couldn’t take their sympathy seriously. The same people I saw boohooing about the wet markets weren’t vegans, vegetarians, or even pescatarians. In their eyes, eating something other than what they were used to seeing in the frozen aisle was cruel, inhumane, and wrong. Some were even bold enough to add a comment that could be perceived as racist. I could recall my discomfort when I overheard a classmate sneer, “I don’t even know why they’re wearing masks everywhere they go when they’re the reason why it exists.”

External image

Action has been taken to ban wet markets, but we fail to acknowledge the harsh conditions and wellbeing of the soon-to-be-slaughtered animals in the industrialized world. Maybe it’s because the truth is purposefully hidden from our eyes, and we can’t bear to watch the footage of what really happens behind closed doors. Chickens squeeze against each other in cages in the dark. Male chicks, the “undesirables” in the egg industry, suffocate in bags or are ground up alive. Pigs hang upside down and await to have their throats slit out. Bunnies and rats endure unnecessary cosmetics testing. Bees are fed an unhealthy, sugary alternative after being robbed of their honey. Cows collapse of exhaustion while being milked out and will join the others in the slaughterhouse when they have served their purpose (yes, dairy cows are eventually killed). So why is the remorse different?

By justifying our use of animals, we engage in speciesism, or the belief that certain species are more valuable than other species. This was the main reason why my online friends lost credibility. Not one person brought up the swine flu. Instead, they focused on demonizing wet markets, but by showing off their chicken wings the next hour, actively engaged in speciesism. To them, it was okay to eat animals they grew up with and anyone who ate otherwise was heartless, but my observations contradict these claims. Regardless of racial or cultural backgrounds, I see that many people are attracted to the idea of eating something out of their comfort zone. But it still doesn’t make it right.

External image

It shouldn’t matter on what the species is, how they were raised, or how they’ll be executed. Animals might be different from us, but we can agree that they share the same interests as us: life, compassion, and liberty. We also claim we are against animal abuse but continue to eat our burgers, drink our milk, wear leather jackets, and pamper ourselves with “tested” makeup products. By justifying the sufferings of other species, we engage in speciesism. So what gives us the right to demonize wet markets while the rest of the animal industries we benefit from are just as barbaric?

It’s nearly impossible to share ideas as a vegan without getting called overbearing, preachy, brainwashed, radical or just plain annoying. The most I could do was share the facts on social media without directly calling anyone out. Not a lot of people are willing acknowledge the harsh reality of what all animals endure for our own benefit. It’s true; I was once that person. But what I’ve also learned in my vegan journey is that it is never too late to educate ourselves, recognize our faults, and make changes in our lifestyles.

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thank you so much, sure thing ! please remember this is just my opinion and any criticism is meant as constructive criticism only !

your url and icon totally give the right vibe, i love it ! ngl it took me a moment to realise it was a seashell but that’s just because i’m blind af lmao. i love your theme but definitely feel like you could do with a pretty background instead of just the grey ! you could always get an aerial view of a seaside town or cape cod itself ! i think it would just make the theme pop more

i love the plot, i love how rpgs are taken a more character-based stance on their plots recently i definitely dig it. with your rules, like i’ve said to other people before i don’t agree with posting unfollows without warning, even if it’s clear in the rules it’s five days. some people just lose track of time and forget. you could always do five days then 24 hours to get on or unfollows are posted ? just sits with me better that you give people a chance, y’know ? but that’s just my opinion.

other than those couple points i love the look of the rpg, and it’s a definitely rec from me !  

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