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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
#Or are some of them just funny pictures
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A wonky little aisha plushie lol...I have literally never made a stuffed animal in my life, this is only the second time I’ve ever used a sewing machine or hand-sewn, AND I’ve never ever made a pattern/planned out a 3D object from a flat idea before, so ALL those things considered, I don’t think it’s too bad lol! My main issue is that it’s way too small, after making this I’ve since managed to get a real aisha plushie from ebay with birthday money, and that one is much larger, so especially for someone with 0 sewing experience, trying to do all the little curves and small parts on such a tiny scale makes it harder. But despite the hefty array of little crooked bits and flaws, they are still cute and I love them.. I hope to perfect my pattern and once I have a solid base I can use repeatedly, I can just make a ton of them in different fabrics/colors and eventually have a small army of custom aishas.. ! 
#neopets#I like that you can see improvement in it though... it's a hopeful figure rather than a bad one. like for example the right eye is the first#one I did (I've also never done any form of embroidery or like.. trying to make patterns/shapes with thread before) and it looks really#messy and weird. but then the left eye already looks so much cleaner and less lumpy.. solid evidence of improvement#and some things are just time stuff. I don't have my own sewing machine so I had to use someone else's while I was at their house#but I had to leave their house on time so I couldn't finish the head there. Ideally I know the antennae should be sewn inbetween the head#parts so that the end of them doesn't show like it does above and they just seem to naturally poke out of the head but I didnd't have#the time do do that. I had to handsew the rest of it at home at like 2am quickly so much of the head mistakes are like... obvious things#that are just a result of me being stubborn and wanting to finish it before I went to bed rather than just waiting a few more weeks and#trying to finish it at that person's house again lol.#anyway.. I still love him! also like.. honestly.. The faces on the two official stuffed animals I have (there was a bargain on#ebay where they had TWO white aisha plushies for $14 free shipping.. when usually ONE single plushie will be like $15-$20 so it was#like getting two for the price of one and I was like.. okay... i GUESS.. I can drop my aversion to spending money on useless things#and spend half of my birthday money on some babbies.. just ONCe.. I can have little a stuffed animal.. as a treat) are like... uglier?? hbhj#Obviously they're sewn much better but I was suprised at how the official aisha faces look at least on the two I have. Like I love them but#they're not as cute?? i guess.. It's like the head of the plushie is SO big and then the face is a little thing squashed in the middle#I want to take pictures of them all together actually because I have a tiny pair of glasses I found at the bins and it fits the official#aisha stuffed animals and they look so funny with little round glasses on... It's a family of two large well sewn but more handsome faced#twins (one of which has glasses) and then their wonky crooked tiny but cuter-faced small adopted brother.. Aisha Squad
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wetriedit · 15 minutes ago
Giesswein wool knit shoe review – the answer to stinky, hot summer feet?
Meet the Giesswein Wool Knit Shoes!
Giesswein Wool Knit shoe review: I’m a sucker for shoes you can wear without socks. And some of my sock-hatin’ DNA must have been passed on to my son – who also hates wearing socks.
In the We Tried It House we are huge fans of Allbirds shoes (read our full Allbirds Review). It’s where we were first introduced to Merino Wool Shoes.
We want to make sure that our reviews are honest and are ACTUAL reviews – not just grabbing a bunch of photos of the internet, we actually test every product.
See our massive (partially pictured) collection of Allbirds.
Allbirds are where we first learned about Merino Wool Shoes. We might have an Allbirds Problem.
We love how Allbirds are washable, odor-resistant, and super comfortable. Oh yea, we also love the Merino wool, too.
So, we had the chance to try the Giesswein wool knit shoes, we had to give you our honest opinon. Are they comfortable? Are they lightweight? Are we a happy customer? We had to share with you.
Let’s dive into our Wool Knit review!
Giesswein – Funny name, serious shoe
Giesswein an Austrian company; famous for its natural, high-tech wool fabrics.
What’s different about this pair of shoes?
Giesswein treats their merino wool differently from other companies, focusing on sustainable use and the specific treatment of wool.
Founded as a family business and run by the third generation, the founders, Markus and Johannes Giesswein have been dealing with wool since childhood.
Markus and Johannes Giesswein
They create unique fabrics made of 100% wool, what’s not to love? These wool products can absorb more moisture and keep you warmer than other wool materials. They have made it their mission to reinvent the positive attributes of wool to create unique products.
Their mission is to process wool so that its benefits can be optimally utilized.
All about sustainability
I had no idea about this, but according to Giesswein, about 20% of all the materials used to make footwear would be considered “waste” by industry standards. Giesswein has found a brand new way to process their unique wool while producing 0% waste. That’s pretty amazing.
We love that Giesswein is committed to 0% waste because we are committed to a sustainable future. We’re willing to pay a little more for something that is sustainable.
See more reviews sustainable products we’ve tested.
About the Giesswein Shoes – and overview
The OG wool shoes: the Merino Runners
Giesswein first came across my radar when they released their Merino Runners via Kickstarter. This was the first chance I really heard about Merino Wool being used in footwear and I was intrigued.
Why we never tried the Merino Runners
Why we never tried the Merino Wool Shoes, the Merino Runners and went with the Allbirds Wool Runners instead: the super giant logo!
However, to be 100% honest with you, I hated the giant logo on the Merino Runners. We don’t really wear clothes with super large logos on them, so even though the idea was really cool – we didn’t care for the look.
Since the Kickstarter (I don’t know if they even appreciated the pun of kick and shoes, but I digress), they really perfected the Merino Runners. I kept my eye on the shoes, but they still all had the giant logo on the side.
Seriously, Merino Runners? Could you be more like Allbirds Wool Runners and not have a giant huge logo!?!
Giesswein also came out with some awesome slippers that I hope to try someday, but I really wished they could come out with some shoes that I could wear every day – that did NOT have the giant logo on them.
What we worn instead of the Giesswein Merino Runners
In the meantime, I started wearing Allbirds shoes on my sweaty feet.
The Allbirds Wool Runners and Tree Runners
Allbirds Wool Runner
Allbirds Tree Runner
In particular, we bought the Allbirds Wool Runners when they first came out instead of the Merino Runners (confusing how both Merino wool shoe companies have similar names for their shoes, right?)
Allbirds shoes are similar because they are made from merino wool, but they don’t have the giant logo on them. I had to choose between Allbirds and a giant logo; I’m going to choose Allbirds every day.
The Giesswein Wool Knit Shoes look the most like the Allbirds Tree Runner, however, the Allbirds Tree Runner is made of a sustainable tree fabric AND Wool, where the Giesswein Wool Knit Shoe is a wool knit (hence the name).
Finally, Giesswein Merino Wool Shoes without a giant logo!
That’s why I was super excited to see they introduced The Giesswein Merino Wool Knit Shoe – finally a shoe that looks like a real shoe – without the giant logo!
Look mom… no giant logo!
Great success! When I had the chance to try this shoe, I jumped on it! Once again, no pun intended…
Giesswein Wool Knit Shoe Review: The basics
The Merino Wool Shoes without the giant logo on the side!
What do they say about the Merino Wool shoe?
Here’s what Giesswin says about the Wool Knit Shoe:
Natural Merino wool wrapped in a linen stitch gives our MERINO WOOL KNIT its unique look. The Merino Wool Knit from GIESSWEIN regulates the temperature inside the shoe, and quickly wicks moisture away from the foot.
This technology gives you a comfortable, moisture-free feeling—even when you’re wearing shoes without socks. The interchangeable Comfort Foot Bed and ultra-light sole made of EVA guarantee maximum comfort. The Perfect Fit System from Giesswein makes sure that your shoe will have—you guessed it!—the perfect fit.
That sounds like the perfect shoe, right? But what’s the big idea… why do they use wool for their shoes? Let’s dive deeper into this innovative pair of shoes.
Fabric: What is Merino Wool?
I had no idea what made Merino Wool special until I dived into the best Merino Wool Socks – the rabbit holes I go down for you, the loyal reader.
Merino is a breed of sheep that is prized for its unique wool. Merino Wool is thinner and softer than regular wool—making it easy to wear. It’s naturally soft, thermoregulating and odor resistant.
As I mentioned in our best wool socks round-up, Merino isn’t magic. If your feet are terrible stinky – these will really help – but it won’t help the stentch go away 100%.
Case in point: our son wears Smallbirds (read our Smallbirds Review) all the time. But the other day he came into my office with his shoes on and they REALLY stunk. But the great news is that we could wash them and get the stink out.
Before he had washable shoes, his shoes would still stink and we’d try to use febreeze on them – but they would never get truly clean. So, being able to wash shoes in the washer is a giant game changer for anyone that wears shoes without socks on a regular basis (it doesn’t matter if you are a kid or an adult!).
Merino Wool Knit Shoes: Washing!
Until we tried Allbirds, we had no idea that you could wash shoes. Then, we met Rothy’s shoes and discovered you could wash more.
Keep this pair of shoes super clean – wash ’em!
The same is true with the Giesswein Wool Knit Shoes. You can wash them, too!
We haven’t had a chance to fully wash them, but will update this post after we do. Merino Wool is super easy to Wash (just don’t put in the dryer!) and clean, actually!
These shoes have the same instructions as Allbirds for washing – simply wash in the delicate cycle and hang dry.
Here’s our full instructions on how to wash allbirds.
Giesswein Wool Knit Shoe – The Weight
When I first took these shoes out of the box, I was concerned they were going to be a little heavy. However, they were incredibly lightweight.
About the same weight as Allbirds
The shoes clock is at just under 10 ounces (265 grams to be exact). How light is 10 ounces? 10 ounces is about the same as a small hamster. It’s also almost exactly the same weight as Allbirds Tree Runners (257 grams) and about an ounce heavier than Suavs Shoes (full review coming soon on these!).
In short, they are super lightweight and are nothing to worry about in the weight department. These look like a little bigger of a shoe out of the box, but they really aren’t big at all once you put them on your feet.
The comfort of the Giesswein Wool Knit Shoe
One word. Wow. These Wool Knit shoes were so comfortable that I almost didn’t want to take them off. I put on the shoes and walked around in my house for a while just feeling all of the different textures: carpet, tile, hardwood flooring, and outside.
No matter what surface I was walking on they felt great. If I was walking or even riding my bike, they were super comfortable.
I wouldn’t call these my go-to running shoes, but they were comfortable. We aren’t giant runners, either, so we probably aren’t the right people to give an opinion on if these are good for runner.
However, I wouldn’t have a problem wearing these shoes lifting weights or riding my bike (my typical go-to exercises).
Why are these so comfortable?
Do you want this pair on your feet?
At first glance, it’s not obvious how comfortable these shoes really are. But there are three distinct features that make the Wool Knit Shoes so comfortable:
A super-light and flexible EVA material makes walking a breeze, comforting you along the trail or through city streets.
The heel of the shoe is very comfortable.
Giesswein’s shoes are designed with a sophisticated Diamond-System, which ensures that a slip-free grip and holds your feet firmly in place.
The Fit: True to size
As you can see in the screenshot above – these shoes do not come in half sizes. I like my shoes to fit slightly looser than they probably should.
My true size is probably 9.5 US size, but I wear a size 10 (United States sizing) in both Allbirds and Giesswein. I’d order what you typically order, especially if you’ve won Wool Runners before. If you are between sizes, I’d probably size up.
The style of the Giesswein Wool Knit Shoe – how to style
Aren’t these good looking shoes? Seriously? I really like them!
As first I thought that the sole was a little thick, but after putting them on, they don’t look super thick after all. But the lack of branding on this pair of shoes makes it a lot more flexible and versatile.
I will write a full comparison of Allbirds vs. Giesswein shortly, but if you have seen the Allbirds Tree Runner – the Wool Knit shoe looks VERY similar.
And that is not a bad thing at all!
What color I tried
I tried the anthracite color with is a really dark grey. In the photos you can see this goes really well with blue pants, it would go well with jeans but it is a more casual shoe.
How to style the Giesswein Merino Wool Knit Shoe
The shoe is pretty causal, so I wouldn’t dress it up too much. I’d wear it with the same type of clothes you’d wear with Allbirds.
I’d recommend wearing these with jeans, shorts, or something like ABC Pants (or Tour Pants of the Cheaper, Quince ABC Pant Alternative).
I’d wear it with a t-shirt or polo, but probably not a button-up shirt.
Who the Giesswein Wool Knit Shoe is for
The Wool Knit Shoe is perfect for the person who wants a shoe that is light, breathable, and odor-resistant. It’s also perfect for someone that HATES socks, like me (and my kiddo).
Just a quick aside here, because I think it’s important: the reason I hate socks is just because it seems so unnecessary. If you don’t need to wear socks, then why wear them? You know?
These shoes (just like the Tree Runners) will be perfect to place in the mud room and slip on if I need to go outside for something quick. Plus, not having to find socks before putting them on makes these type of shoes awesome to just slip on before you head out the door.
Summer or winter shoes?
I would recommend the Wool Knit shoe more for summer wear than winter wear because of the breathability.
I wouldn’t wear these to the pool or beach – but they are great summer shoes.
It does breathe in the cool air, too. I’ve worn these on both hot and cold days in Colorado without a problem, but I run a little hot.
If you run a really cold, maybe look at a different pair of shoes. These may be too cool for your liking.
Who the Giesswein Wool Knit Shoe is NOT for
If you’re the kind of person that could drink a hot latte on a 95 degree day, these shoes are probably not for you.
This shoe is not for the person that wants a shoe to keep their feet super, duper warm. While Giesswein claims that these shoes keep your feet warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, they are definitely “cooler” shoes. The breathability goes both ways.
On cooler days, you will feel some cool air. I also tend to wear socks on warmer days (at least more often), just because my ankles will get cold if I don’t!
They also aren’t the most high-fashion shoes – but they aren’t trying to be high-fashion, either. These are super casual, super comfortable shoes.
Are Giesswein Shoes Worth it?
If you are looking for a super-cheap shoe, look elsewhere, too. At $139, they are not inexpensive. However, the fact that you can wash them means they should last you a long time.
I’ll update this review as I get more wear and tear on the Wool Knit Shoe to show how it holds up over time.
Delivery Time: An issue?
Don’t worry about delivery times on your order to the United States. My Order came in just a couple of days.
My shoes shipped from Munich, Germany on a Thursday. It was delivered the next Tuesday – not too shabby at all! I’ve had products that I’ve ordered from Amazon that took longer, honestly.
I’ve ordered plenty of products overseas but this is, but far, the quickest delivery of my order that I have ever got some so far away. Even though the company is based in the country of Germany (and that is where my order came from), the delivery was super quick!
Giesswein Wool Knit Review – The final verdict
I’ll do a full review of Allbirds vs. Giesswein shortly, I want to wear the shoes more to give you my honest reviews between the two. I’ll also look at Suavs Shoes vs. Allbirds vs. Giesswein, too.
In conclusion, check out the Giesswin Wool Knit Shoe if you are looking for something that is lightweight, breathable, and machine washable. If you are a fan of Allbirds, you’ll also be a fan of Giesswein, too!
More shoes on the market that are comfortable, lightweight, can be worn without socks, and built by people obsessed with sustainability can never be a bad thing, right?
These shoes are incredible comfortable and super lightweight.
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Recommended Product: Giesswein Merino Wool Knit Shoes
An awesome shoe for the summer and spring. Super lightweight and made to be worn without socks, you can’t go wrong!
Buy Now
from We Tried It via We Tried It
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cells-crying · an hour ago
Today was rough. I think I stayed under 800 but I didn’t eat till like 5:30pm today so it was a bit of a rush eat almost binge but I got full super fast.
Today at the dmv I had to take a picture for my Id that I wasn’t prepared for and it kind of sunk in that I’ll never be societies standards of beautiful. I’ve always thought I was ugly but I thought puberty would do something and now that I’m 21 I know there’s nothing that’s going to change my face. Hopefully with weight loss there will be some change but I’ll definitely need to get plastic surgery. Even then I don’t know if it’ll be enough so what’s the point. It just sucks because I know our world runs off of physical appearance and I just know I look strange to other people.
Also my mom said today she would never have to worry about my eating because I wouldn’t be able to go without food. Funny really and it kind of just shows me that nobody ever knows what’s going on with the people around them, even if they love them. My mom tries her best to comfort me but she just usually makes me feel worse, the nice thing is that I know she’s trying and it’s coming from a place of love.
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quirky-and-kind · an hour ago
🎉Monday Question Timeee🎉
You and Zen play hot potato to decide who gets the groceries for the week.
1) who has to get the groceries?
2) are groceries actually bought or does distracted shopping happen?🤣
Thank you for the questions ♥️ I really appreciate this! And it’s funny. I actually think about grocery shopping with Zen each week while I’m grocery shopping. So I actually have thoughts about this. I’ve considered writing them up and now you’ve given me the perfect excuse ♥️ ♥️
I’m kind of a type A personality so I like to go shopping on the same day/s each week at around the same time because I enjoy schedules and structure. Zen doesn’t have a lot of this in his life he has to be at work whenever and wherever he is needed. But the thing is he likes grocery shopping only if he can go with me. Because Zen could care less about buying food and more about how the entire venture can turn into cute displays of affection. So I will work my shopping schedule around his and he will go because he enjoys when we are together.
So there really isn’t a game about whose gonna go. If I go Zen wants to also. If for some reason I can’t while he won’t enjoy it Zen will dutifully take a list made for him and buy whatever he needs to. Because he sees that as his job. He will of course then text me pictures throughout of him shopping, him with the groceries, him cashing out and finally him putting them away because he wants constant validation about what a good househusband he is ♥️ (I have so much affection for this)
Shopping like any outing is an event for Zen. We need to match. I have air pods and I fully believe I would have them if they exist in the Mystic Messenger universe. While we shop we each take one and we listen to a playlist together. Often it’s Zen singing himself. Sometimes I can talk him into listening to something else 😂 Zen pushes the cart and it’s his job to put anything into the cart that weights more then 5 pounds (which we lift weights together this is laughable to me). One of the first times we went shopping together I needed something off the top self. Being short I just Spidermaned up the supermarket lane crawling up to the top shelf and shocking the hell out my boyfriend. Zen thinks this is hysterical even as he’s telling me he should be getting that for me. He told this story in the chat room no less then six times.
Everyone talks to Zen. He’s one of those attractive nice extroverted people that just makes friends by breathing. But it also makes him uncomfortable if people get too close and maybe a little handsy. Nothing makes him happier then when I notice immediately someone is getting in his bubble and appear wrapped around his arm. Politely making it obvious he is mine and they are welcome to keep walking. He then enjoys teasing me about it. Mentioning how worked up I get over him. How cursed he is to have such a beautiful face.
I always try to stay on our list. Zen sneaks things into the cart when I am not looking. He then has such a sweet and charming “can’t I have this” face I can’t deny him.
We are stupid about PDA. If I’m reading product labels and trying to decide what to buy Zen probably has his arms around me with his he’d on top of mine reading right along. If we are in any line I will definitely be leaning against him and maybe playing with his hair if it’s up in a bun. (I will also encourage a bun) Holding hands as we walk around.
Any old people shopping alone immediately get assistance with us for anything. Zen has even gotten to the point he offers it without my encouragement.
Going home always involves arguments over whose going to carry how many bags. Zen wants to carry all of them which usually leads to some mad bargaining game as I try to wrangle as least a few away from him.
OH! And while shopping we are listening to music. Sometimes without even realizing and sometimes on purpose Zen will just dance. Sometimes he tries to drag me into it and occasionally I allow him to.
I have no idea if this is what you asked me anymore but I really enjoyed writing this! Thanks again for asking this and allowing me to fantasize ♥️
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mongryongandbyunbacon · 3 hours ago
Park Village | 6
Tumblr media
I do not own the picture, credit to the owner.
Constructive criticisms are welcome! This is in Korean so for those of you who can read Korean and English, go ahead! I will post a full English version link to the Wattpad story in the masterlist! (Juyeon/주연 could be you.)
I miss EXO so much…
Pairing: i promise it's close
Genre: kpop idol’s relative!AU
Word Count: 1420 words
Description: Go, go, go to ice skating!
We go to a small cafe where no one was. Well, other than the workers and we entered through the back.
"Ahh, so this is what the life of a celebrity is like." I say as I enter through the back entrance. We go inside and there were a few tables out but it was a small space so it almost didn't fit all of us.
"안녕하세요. 어서오세요." The waitresses say bowing their heads. They weren't freaking out that it was EXO and they weren't wearing masks or hats.
"Wait, why are those waitresses like not freaking out." I ask.
"Oh, this is our cafe. We come here to get some peace and quiet without having to hide." Chanyeol says.
"Lattes okay?" Suho asks. Everyone nods but I raise my hand shyly. "Uhh, why are you raising your hand Juyeon?"
"Can... Igetahotchocolate." I say quickly. I hated inconveniencing others but I hate coffee more than that.
"Say that again?" Suho asks. Chanyeol just laughs.
"She wants hot chocolate. You're such a kid." He ruffles my hair while laughing hysterically.
"Yah! It's not funny, I REALLY hate coffee." I hit him again in the chest hard enough for it to hurt for the next few days but not enough for a bruise.
"Ah, ah, owwww... sorry, okay, hot chocolate's great. Get her one quickly hyung... if she's like this now, when she's hangry, you have to stay out of range or else she'll hit you." I hit him again. "Owww... okay, sorry, sorry." He then whispers, "Hyung, save me." I hit him in the head.
"I heard that dummy." I smile to Suho. "오빠, can I also get a cake?"
"Uhhh... yeah, get whatever. Waiter, get her whatever she wants and quickly please." The closest waitress nods and delivers the message to the kitchen staff.
"고마워 오빠!" I smile again and look over to Sehun who looks down embarrassed.
"I though I sounded cool, did I not?" He asks. We laugh with him as we continue to tease about his supposed "cool" statement. Our food comes out and we continue to talk and play around. After we finish our food, we exited out through the back and made our way to the skating rink. It was lunchtime so not many people were there but I could tell this was not where they go everytime. The staff were freaking out and the managers were trying to stop them from taking pictures.
"I guess you guys aren't here everyday huh?" I say. The people who were leaving the ice rink and taking off their shoes were suddenly putting it back on.
"Nope. We actually came here for the first time for you." Chanyeol said. We each get our shoes separately to get the right sizes and so when I was with the staff shoe person alone, she started being mean.
"Listen here, I don't know what your relationship with EXO is but back off, they're mine." She hisses.
"Huh? Do you know them?" I ask.
"No but they obviously came here for me." She flips her hair and waves at Kai who smiles and works on putting his shoes on.
"Really? But all of them? Can you just give me my shoes?" I guess Chanyeol noticed that I was getting annoyed so he came over.
"See he's coming here for me." She whispers. "Hiii Chanyeol, what can I get you?" She says in a sweet voice.
"Can you get her the right shoes? It looks like you were just talking your mouth off instead of working." He says seriously.
"고마워 오빠, 진짜로." I smile at him. He smiles back. She walks angrily to get my shoes and slam them on the table. I take them and leave with Chanyeol.
"Bye Chanyeol." She continues to talk sweetly.
"Why is her voice so nasally? Is she sick?" Chanyeol asks.
"I have no idea." I say laughing. He helps me put on my shoes and the girl at the shoe table gives me a death stare. We go out to the rink and the people at the rink were staring and pointing and them and kept their distance but some people had the courage to say hi. Some people came up to me and say hi too, maybe to get close to EXO but I was distracted by the strangers that I didn't realize that Baekhyun was standing in front of me. The person talking to me was stuttering and trying to warn me.
"I-i-i-n b-b-bae-ek-" I run into like something not super hard but it was like a brick wall. "I-i-i'll g-go."
"We came here for you and all you're doing is talking to strangers!" I stay there confused on how this brick wall is talking. I move back.
"Ouch..." I say.
"Oh sorry... anyways... you should be being with us! Those strangers are just trying to get close to us, we'll deal with it. Remember, we came here for you."
"Baekhyun 오빠? Why were you just standing there?" He laughs.
"You weren't paying attention so I decided to fluster you. You're cute when you're flustered." I look down and blush.
"야, what are you 2 doing? What is this scene? Did Baekhyun just confess to you?" Chanyeol asks.
"Chanyeol, you ruined their moment!" Xiumin says coming over.
"Okay... I'll hangout with you guys, let's go." I skate over to Sehun and Suho. They were both struggling to stand up properly and were holding on to the rail. I laugh.
"You guys need help?"
"Wasn't this supposed to be fun? I'm not having fun." Sehun says.
"Yes, please help." Junmyeon says weekly.
"Grab my hand." I put out my hand and Junmyeon grabs it. "Okay," he immediately wobbles and I laugh, "pretend you're walking. Aren't your stages slippery? Just think your dancing on a really cold, slippery stage." He stands up straight and tries to walk forward. I put a hand behind his back so he can't fall.
"Oh, oh, oh! I'm doing it!" He walks faster and soon, he's walking, well, skating in the middle of the rink. "Juyeon! Juyeon-ah! How do I stop!" Junmyeon says screaming. Sehun on the rail is laughing hysterically. I skate you to him, grab his hand, twist him around, and face him towards me. He stopped, our faces inches apart, and I could feel his breath on my face. "Is that how I stop?"
"No, but you have to practice stopping." I step away from him. I show him how to stop and then he continues to practice how to ice skate on his own. I go over to Sehun. "Your turn!" I put my hand out and I teach him how to skate like I did with Junmyeon. He would be more mischievious than Junmyeon and would jerk my hand to make me almost fall. "야! I'm trying to help you!" He would just giggle. This time, I also taught him how to stop before his practiced.
"와, you're a good teacher, how did you get them to listen to you?" Chanyeol comes over.
"Do they not usually listen? They were fine."
"Well Sehun usually doesn't listen to just anybody."
"What do you mean?"
"He only listens to people he likes."
"So he doesn't like you? It sounds like he doesn't listen to you."
"Well, he's just playing around, he'll listen to me if it's serious."
"Ooookay." I smile and continue to play around with EXO but we had to leave because people started coming back in from lunch. We go back to the dorm, I give Baekhyun back his sweatshirt and was about to leave.
"Wait Juyeon, Baekhyun, my mom wants to see how you're doing so she wanted you to come over for dinner." Chanyeol said. Huh? When did gomo say that?
"Oh okay, bye everyone." He smiles and leaves with us.
"Wait... what about the rest of us?" Chen asks.
"Maybe later..." Chanyeol waves and we leave.
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rslizj · 5 hours ago
Branch Out - Chapter 3
Summary: Y/N left everything she's ever known, and Dean just wants to be left alone. With both of them trying to heal from heartache, they might just end up finding what they need in the last place they'd ever look.
Word Count: 6129
Pairing: Dean x reader (eventually, maybe?)
Warnings: A tiny bit of angst? I don't think there are any for this chapter, but if you think I should add one, feel free to let me know!
A/N: I don't know why I spaced putting my tags on the last two posts, but all you wonderful people will be on there from here on out. If I missed you, send me a quick message and I'll get you on there and as always, THANK YOU for your comments and messages. They 100% keep me going.
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Wednesday mornings at work always started with a meeting. Sarah was in charge today because she was over the upcoming Valentine’s day event that the town always held. The party usually took place at the high school gym and tended to take on the form of a traditional school dance mixed with a small carnival. People would ask each other out and get all dressed up to go dance and play games. You couldn’t help but think it was kind of cheesy, but people around here really got into it.
“Okay, so I’ve got volunteers from around town and some high schoolers to help set up and take down and Rowena’s bakery is planning on doing the treats, we just need to get her a menu soon.” Sarah laid out the plans so far.
Ellen slid a folder over to Sarah. “That’s the budget for this year, including what the Winchester Lumber donated. Figure out what you want to get and approve your purchases with Y/N before you buy anything. We can’t go over again this year.” Sarah blushed slightly, knowing that she did tend to over-shop.
“Y/N, why don’t you head things up with Sarah this year? I’m sure she’d appreciate the help, and I’m sure Ellen would appreciate the supervision.” Garth suggested.
“Yeah, sure. This sounds pretty fun!” Sarah had quickly become a good friend, so planning a party with her was hardly what you would consider working.
You and Ellen spent most of the day going over the cash flow budget for the next few months and making sure everything lined up. She had to take off a little early but told you that she would pick you up bright and early in the morning to head down to Baker for the convention. Sarah asked you to help with party planning for a while before closing time, and then you headed home to shower and pack your bags.
Five in the morning was bitterly cold and you wanted nothing more than to crawl back into your warm bed and burrow into the covers. Instead, you found yourself in the back of a freezing car on a five-hour road trip. After a few hours into the journey, your phone vibrated in your hand and you looked to find an unsaved number had sent you a text.
This is Dean. Drive safe today.
You grinned from ear to ear and texted back,
Dean who?
He quickly responded,
Very funny. Have a good time. Hope to see you Saturday.
The three-day convention was full of uncomfortable beds, cheap food and seminars about the new state tax regulations. You and Ellen both felt like they could have been quickly reviewed in an article or email, but attendance was strongly encouraged by the governor, and Garth wasn’t about to get on his bad side.
The first day was really just reviewing current state regulations, the next day would be about the new rules, and it was all boring. You did, however, enjoy getting to know more about Garth and Ellen. Garth used to be the dentist in town but was put in as interim Mayor when the previous one had died of a sudden heart attack. Everyone liked Garth and thought he would do a great job, so they voted him into office, and he’s been there ever since. He spent lots of time showing off pictures of his wife, their twins, and their dogs.
Ellen and Bobby were high school sweethearts and had been married for almost forty years. She explained that Bobby came off as a grump but had a heart of gold and would take in any kid who needed help and had many times over the course of their marriage.
Saturday came around, and you were anxious to get back on the road. You really didn’t want to miss Dean’s party, and neither did Ellen or Garth. After breakfast, there were two events that you were supposed to attend that were slated to be done by three. You had all packed you bags and put them in the car to make a quick getaway as soon as things were wrapped up, but by the time that three rolled around, it didn’t look like the speaker was even close to being done. You pulled out your phone a while later to see that it was already three forty-five. You and Ellen exchanged frowns and then looked to Garth who nodded towards the door and the three of you made a break for it in hopes of making the party in time. You still needed to run home to change and grab Dean’s present before heading down to the bar, so you instructed Garth to drive like a mad man.
“Happy Birthday!” Cas patted Dean on the back and joined him at the table.
The celebration was in full swing with Sam, Sarah, Benny, Charlie, Cas, Meg and a few other townsfolk trickling in and out.
The band was playing upbeat blues music, and while people were having fun all around him, Dean couldn’t help but check the door every time he saw it open from the corner of his eye. He felt stupid because he knew that he should just enjoy that he had friends here celebrating with him since his crusty attitude was enough to push most people away.
Sam and Sarah had gotten up to dance for a while and Benny took the open seat next to Dean.
“Where’s your mind at tonight, brother?”
Dean finished off his drink and set his glass down on the table. “I don’t know, I guess I’m just a little off?”
“Well don’t be! Come on, it’s your birthday. Let me buy you another drink. You’ve got a whole day to recover from the hangover tomorrow and I’ll even help you with paperwork on Monday if you can’t shake it by then.”
Dean checked his watch to see that it was already approaching nine thirty. “Alright.” He caved and followed Benny to the counter.
Sam and Sarah had finished dancing and were out of breath. Sam was leaned up against the counter and Sarah took Benny’s seat when he went to go flirt the cute girl across the room. She noticed that Dean was looking over his shoulder or checking his watch every so often.
“I texted her a little while ago, but I haven’t heard back yet.” She leaned over and said quietly. “That probably means they’re going through the canyon and don’t have service. I bet she’ll be here soon.”
“What?” Dean tried to play dumb.
“You know exactly what I’m talking about.” Sarah stared Dean down, waiting for him to deny why he was so antsy, but he just looked away to avoid having this conversation. They sat in a comfortable silence for a few moments until Sarah looked around and grinned. “You’d think I would get sick of being right all the time, but I just don’t.”
Dean frowned in confusion when a familiar voice on the other side of him drew his attention away.
“Hey birthday boy!” He whipped his head around to see you leaning on the counter with a warm smile on your face and a present in your hand.
“You made it.” Dean couldn’t contain the beam on his face and Sarah nudged Sam, silently instructing him to watch the exchange happening between you two.
“I’m sorry I’m so late. The last seminar went way over, so we ended up just ditching out early.”
“Don’t be sorry, I’m just glad you were able to come. Let me introduce you to some people.” He stood and placed his hand on your back for a brief moment, guiding you to the pool table. The small touch was unexpected, but not unwelcomed. You waved at Sarah and Sam from a far as you passed and couldn’t help but notice their speculating smiles.
“I’m calling time out for a minute.” Dean interrupted the casual game that was going on with the wave of a hand. “Everybody, this is Y/N, she’s the new girl around here. Y/N, this is Benny, Cas, Meg and Charlie.”
“It’s about time you introduced us to this pretty little thing.” Benny teased and sent a wink your way.
“I don’t suppose you’re any kind of a decent pool player, are you?” Meg asked. “Charlie here just ain’t cutting it for me.”
“Hey!” Charlie whapped Meg on the arm. “Ignore her.”
“I don’t know that I’m the world’s best pool player, but I can hold my own.” You answered Meg but turned your attention to Charlie. “Sarah told me that you work at City Hall sometimes, right? I’m the new accountant, so I’ll be seeing you around when you’re there.”
“Sweet! I’ll show you all the ways to get around the stupid firewalls so you can watch Netflix on the slow days.”
You laughed. “We’re going to get along well.”
A tipsy Sam joined the party and put his arm around you. You didn’t hear him coming, so his touch made you jump ever so slightly and tighten your grip on the present you were still carrying around. You played it off well, but Dean noticed your flinch and furrowed his eyebrows in thought.
“Y/N, I’m so glad you made it!” Sam was overly happy, and Sarah quickly rushed to his side, pulling him off you.
“Okay, let’s not use the poor girl as your crutch.” She slipped his other arm over her shoulder and led him towards a table.
“I want you to meet Rufus, he owns this place.” Dean nodded towards the man behind the bar and guided you over.
“Rufus!” Dean yelled over the music. An older, harsh looking man made his way over. “This is Y/N.”
“A new girl, huh? We don’t get many new faces around here. Lucky for you, first timers get a drink on the house. What’ll it be?”
“Oh, actually I don’t drink.” Your statement caught Dean off guard. “Alcoholism doesn’t just run in my family, it gallops, so I avoid the stuff. But I appreciate the offer.”
Rufus nodded his head and turned towards Dean. “It’s about time you started hanging around someone with their head on straight. Smart girl.” His name was called by someone a few seats down and he took his leave.
“I didn’t know that about you.”
“Yeah, but I’m not a prude. I don’t mind it when other people drink, I just choose not to.” You shrugged. “Plus, it means that you always have a designated driver when you need one.”
“I can respect that.” Dean’s eager eyes looked at the gift bag on the counter. “You didn’t need to get me a present, you know.”
“I didn’t technically get it, I already had it.” You slid it over to him and he excitedly pulled the tissue paper out and reached in.
“Holy. Crap.” His eyes widened as he looked over his new gift with giddiness. “Holy-friggin-crap. Is – is this real?”
“Yep.” You popped the p and watched with pride as Dean struggled to find words. You had given him a Led Zeppelin IV vinyl album, complete with signatures from every member of the band.
“Where the hell did you find this?” He was still beaming like a kid on Christmas morning.
“At the firm I worked for in Phoenix, one of my clients was some hot-shot record producer. One day we got talking about what kind of music I liked, and after I had finished his taxes for him, he tipped me with a bunch of signed albums that he had laying around.”
“I can’t take this.” He extended it towards you, but you pushed it back.
“Yes, you can. I have another one. I don’t need two.”
“This is the holy grail of birthday presents! I mean, I’m ruined for life after this because nothing will ever top it.” Dean shook his head in disbelief and sprinted over to show off his new treasure. You couldn’t help but laugh as he cradled it in his arm and would smack away any reaching hands as if the album was a newborn baby.
The rest of the night was spent getting to know everyone and you had more fun than you thought you would. You usually weren’t one for social scenes and it took a lot of self-convincing to gather the courage to come down here on your own, but all these people were joking around with you like you had known them for years. Meg had pulled you into a game of pool against Cas and Sam, and you won with ease. It wasn’t too hard considering you were the only fully sober one playing. Charlie sat you down and chatted your ear off, and Benny flirted with you like there was no tomorrow, although you knew it was nothing more than innocent.
Rufus brought out a birthday pie that Sarah had arranged for and everyone in the bar sang to a mortified Dean. Cas, Benny, and Sam all sang off-key at the top of their lungs to further his embarrassment. You were sitting with Sarah, Charlie and Meg when Dean joined and handed you a piece of pie.
“Thank you. When I’m done, do you want the plate back?” You raised a teasing eyebrow and held up the paper plate.
“I’m never going to live that down, am I?”
“Probably not.” You said as you took a bite.
Just after eleven, the exhaustion of a full day began to hit you. You said goodbye to everyone and told Sarah you’d see her at work on Monday. Dean volunteered to walk you out.
Charlie watched as you left and waited until you were out of ear shot before declaring, “alright, I like the new girl.”
“Did anyone else notice how Dean pulled the stick out once she showed up?” Cas added.
Meg scoffed. “He was almost fun again. I haven’t seen that Dean since before - .”
“Ugh, don’t even say their stupid names. They should be outlawed around here.” Charlie quickly cut off Meg before she could finish her sentence.
“Nobody say anything to him about this, though. You all know how skittish he gets. Just let it play out.” Sarah warned.
Outside, you walked around the corner with your hands tucked into your folded arms to protect them from the blistering freeze. As you came up on your truck, you leaned against the driver’s door.
“I’m really glad you made it tonight.” Dean’s breath smoked in the air with every word and you had no idea how he wasn’t cold in only a light utility jacket.
“Me too. It was way fun to meet everyone and kicking Sam’s ass in pool was a plus.” You smiled and reached into your pocket, pulling out your keys.
“You’re not half bad, but you don’t get bragging rights until you beat me in a game.” Dean teased and studied your bright Y/E/C eyes. A few seconds of silence passed between you two until his deep green stare suddenly made you nervous and you looked away. “Listen, Y/N, I don’t know how to thank you enough for that amazing present.”
“I’m sure I’ll find something around my house that I’m clueless about and will need my lumberjack neighbor to help me fix.”
Dean gave an entertained shake of his head at the lumberjack reference. “I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to help you out whenever you need.”
This version of Dean was a night and day difference than the person you had first met, and you couldn’t help but feel butterflies at the look he was giving you.
“Would it be weird if I gave you a hug?”
“I suppose your birthday warrants one.” You could tell he was nervous, and you felt it as well. Sarcasm was your only escape from making a fool of yourself.
He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into an enveloping embrace. Your head only came up to his mid-chest, making you felt tiny but you enjoyed the heat that radiated from underneath his warm jacket. His musky cologne was mixed with the undertones of whiskey and it was intoxicating enough to make you forget about the frozen gales that were gusting through town.
Dean’s grasp on you lingered longer than a hug between friends would, but you chalked his behavior up to him having one too many drinks, sure that there was no way he wanted anything more from you than just a friend. When he pulled away, he opened your door for you, and you climbed in.
His arm rested on the outside of your door. “Night, Y/N.”
“Happy Birthday, Dean.”
He shot you one more bright side smile and shut the door, patting it a few times before watching as you drove off.
You were in no rush to get out of bed on Sunday. The hotel beds at the convention were lumpy and hard, so your mattress felt like a cloud that was molded by God himself. You decided to spend the day lazing around, watching movies on your phone and dozing. A text notification popped up on your screen, so you paused the show and looked to see that Dean had tried to send you a picture.
Dean: Found the perfect spot for her.
You tried to enlarge the picture, but it was grainy and abstract so you couldn’t make it out.
You: I can’t really tell what it is… I’m surprised that your grandpa phone can even take pictures!
He texted back pretty quickly.
Dean: Ah, come on, it’s not that old! I made a frame for my new album and put it above my fireplace. Front and center where everyone can see it.
You: Perfect! You’ll have to come look at the other albums I have some time.
Dean: I would come over now, but I’m nursing a pretty bad hangover. Sam and I got plastered after everyone left.
You: Sounds like a successful birthday!
Dean: Thanks to you, it was.
The way your heart skipped as you read his text caught you off guard and you quickly marched over to a mirror and pointed a scolding finger at your reflection.
“You did not move here to catch feelings for the first guy who was nice to you, so put on your big girl panties and knock it the hell off!”
Sure that you had just looked like a mad man, you felt eternally grateful that there was no one around to watch the conversation you had with yourself.
The weekend flew by and it was Monday before you knew it. You had been working on a few assignments from Ellen all morning and looked to see that it was lunch time.
Sarah walked out from the back offices and sat at her desk across from yours. “How would you feel about taking a half day and going up to Pinehurst with me? I need to go pick up some supplies and would love the company.”
You felt like you were pretty caught up with your work and figured it would probably be okay. “Sounds like fun. Let me just go check with Ellen.”
You knocked on the open door of Ellen’s office and without looking up from her computer, she said, “Sarah already begged me to let you go with her. Get outta here.”
That didn’t surprise you at all. “You need anything before I head out?”
“Nope, we’re ahead for the first time in years thanks to you pulling more than your fair share. Have a fun afternoon.”
Sarah’s first stop was a party supply store to find decorations. You browsed the store with her for about an hour, picking out tablecloths and hordes of fairy lights. The next stop was a print shop in the mall to order a large banner.
“Have you thought about what you’re going to wear for the party?” She asked as you passed by a few clothing stores.
“I don’t know that I’m even going to go…”
“What?!” She stopped dead in her tracks and put her arm out to stop you from taking another step. “You’re just going to help plan the thing, set it up and then not go?”
“Yeah, that sounds about right.”
“What are you going to do instead? Sit in bed and watch movies all night?”
“I know you’re saying that like it’s a bad thing, but that actually sounds wonderful to me. I’m just not really a social butterfly.”
“I’m not going to let you sit at home alone on Valentine’s day. I will drag your ass down there if I have to.” Her statement was more of a fact than a threat.
“You remember me telling you that my last relationship didn’t end very well? I’m just not really in the mood for a day celebrating love.” You shrugged.
“That’s right. I’m sorry.” Sarah clearly felt a little guilty. “Well, I would love it if you came and hung out with me. I always spend the night making sure everything is running smooth and could always use an extra hand. I’ll be your date!”
You rolled your eyes, but hesitantly agreed on the terms of being there for work purposes only. “Who’s going to break the news to Sam that you’re not going with him?”
“He’ll get over it!” Sarah giggled.
“You wanna look for some dresses while we’re out? It’s not really a t-shirt and jeans kind of party.” Although her words were posed as a question, she was already walking into a store and heading straight for a rack of dresses. You admired that Sarah knew exactly what she wanted and had such a strong resolve when it came to getting it.
A few minutes of browsing had proved pointless. All the dresses were way too poofy or flashy for your taste. Sarah pulled one out and held it up.
“What about this one?”
It was a simple blush pink dress with sleeves that came down just past the elbow.
“Hmm, that’s not too bad actually.” You took it from her and gave it another look over.
“Try it on! I’ve got some I want to try too.”
The small store only had one fitting room, so you let Sarah go first. After showing you a few options, she settled on a lacy red midi dress. You were up next and pulled the pink dress on over your head then smoothed it out. Sarah demanded to see, so you opened the door and waited for her opinion.
Her eyebrows raised. “Wow, that’s definitely the one.”
“Really?” You turned to look in the mirror one more time, pleasantly surprised with your reflection.
“Oh, yeah. It’s a shame you don’t want a date because you would be knocking some lucky guy’s socks off in that thing.”
It wasn’t a dress you’d normally even look at, so you were glad that it had caught Sarah’s eye. You both bought your dresses and finished up your errands before heading home in time for your new couch to be delivered around six. It was nice to finally have something soft to sit on that wasn’t your bed. All you needed now was a few finishing pieces around the house and you would be all set.
The next two weeks were crazy at work between helping plan the even and finishing up your training. Sarah had spent quite a few days at your place after work because Sam was out of town visiting his parents. You hadn’t seen or heard from Dean aside from an occasional text and assumed he must have gone as well.
Sam had dropped Dean off at home after they had returned from their trip and it didn’t take Dean long to unpack and throw his things in the hamper. He sat at his kitchen table with a bowl of cereal in front of him, staring out the window. He could see the faint glow of the lights from your cabin down the hill and his leg began to shake as he debated whether or not he should go down and say hi. He felt bad for being a bit absent since his birthday party, but work had kept him tethered to his desk and then he was out of town for a few days. He picked up his phone and began to write a text, but then deleted it all and tossed it on the couch in frustration, feeling like a stupid teenager again.
He gave himself a quick pep-talk and picked the phone back up.
Dean: Sorry for being MIA, just got back into town. You free tomorrow night? Maybe I can come checkout your other albums?
He pressed send before giving himself the chance to backout. Your response came a few minutes later.
You: Hey stranger. Charlie, Sarah and I are actually heading down to The Salty Hunter after work, but you should come!
Dean: Sounds like fun, I’ll be there.
Sam sat in Dean’s office the next morning going over some forms that Dean needed to sign. Once he was done, Sam gathered all the papers into a folder and tossed it gently on the desk.
“So, you still planning on going to the party on Saturday?”
Dean didn’t look up from his computer while answering. “Do I have a choice?”
“Not unless you want to get chewed out by PR again like last year.”
Winchester Lumber was the biggest business in the area, so they would make considerable donations to all the town events. Dean, being the face of the company, was expected to show up to all the town activities and socialize or make some little speech to show how much the community meant to the business, but he hated it. Last year, he skipped out on the Valentine’s Day bash and the Public Relations department ripped him a new one.
“Well then, there’s your answer. I’ll show up, say hello and then go home.”
“Or you could try to have fun for once. I know Sarah and Y/N have put a lot of work into it and I think it’ll be really fun this year.”
Dean knew his brother too well and could tell by the tone in his voice that Sam wasn’t finished. “Whatever it is that you’re trying to say, just say it.”
“Fine, you got me. I was just thinking that maybe you could ask Y/N to go with you. She seems to be able to tolerate you pretty well and Sarah told me that she doesn’t really like parties either. I figured you two could be all anti-social together.” Sam gathered his things and placed them neatly in his briefcase. “Just think about it.”
Dean leaned back in his chair and sighed. The thought of asking you had already crossed his mind, but he had no idea how to go about it. At this point he had built up such a reputation as a hard ass that he knew he would get non-stop flak from everyone about taking a date to some cheesy town event, but that was a silly reason not to ask you. His other trepidation was that he wasn’t sure if asking a girl he barely knew to a Valentine’s Day party was coming off too strong and would scare you off. He massaged his temples and weighed the pros and cons for a few contemplative moments before deciding to man up and do it.
You and Sarah were looking forward to one night that was free of event planning. With only two days until the Valentine’s Day party, all of the details had been ironed out and set so you had the evening off before the next few days and nights were spent setting up and decorating. Charlie had made the two of you promise to leave work behind and let loose while at the bar, and you both happily complied. Sam, Benny and Cas had shown up and had ordered some food for the group to snack on in between games of pool and darts.
Dean sat in his truck outside the bar, picking at the leather on his steering wheel as he tried to work up enough courage to get his lead feet to move. He had spent the whole day carefully crafting the words he would use to ask you to be his date, confident that he had formulated the perfect way to chalk it up to work obligations. There was one point that this would have come naturally and effortlessly, but that felt like a completely different person to him. You were the first girl that he felt drawn to since having his heart shattered, and the thought of getting close to someone again was terrifying. He let out one more sigh and dragged himself out of the tall cab and shut the door, quickly making his way inside so he didn’t have enough time to bail.
The bar was about as busy as one would expect from a Thursday crowd, so it was easy for Dean to find his friends. Sam’s towering stature immediately caught his eye, and he scanned the surrounding area for you, finding you at the table sitting next to Benny, laughing a video he was showing you on his phone. Dean made it almost all the way to the table when he saw you stand from your seat.
Donna was sitting at the table next to yours and you wanted to catch her before she left. You stood from you chair and looked up to find Dean approaching. You gave a welcoming smile. “Hey, you made it!” Dean returned a smile and offered a shy wave. “I’ll be right back; I just have to talk to Donna really quick. Hope you’re hungry, I’m pretty sure Benny ordered the whole menu.”
“Don’t even think about touching my chili fries.” Charlie warned as Dean took a seat next to her at the end of the table. While he thought she wasn’t paying attention, he tried to sneak a few from her plate, but his hand was met with a sharp slap. He tried his hardest to listen to the story Sam was sharing, but he couldn’t help but overhear your conversation with Donna just a few chairs away.
“You bet I’ll help with cleanup on Sunday! I’ll even recruit some other officers and maybe even bribe the firefighters as well.” Donna happily agreed to your request.
“Hey Donna, who’s this?” A deep male voice joined in and Dean turned his head slightly to see who it was.
“Oh, hey Michael. This is Y/N, she’s the new girl around town. I’m surprised you haven’t met her yet. She’s been hanging around with Cas and his friends. Y/N, Michael is Cas’s older brother.” Donna introduced you.
“Ah, so you’re Y/N. I’ve heard lots about you.” He took a seat in the chair across the table from you. “You know, if you really want to make a name for yourself in this town, you shouldn’t be hanging around with my little brother.”
“I don’t know about that. Cas has been nothing but nice and makes one hell of a pool partner.” The defensiveness in your voice was endearing to Dean as he continued to eavesdrop.
“Well, you should let me show you the ropes around here.” Michael continued to prod. “Why don’t you go with me to the Valentine’s party on Saturday?”
Dean’s stomach dropped and he clenched his jaw. Who did Michael think he was? He had barely known you for two minutes and he was already all over you.
“It’s kind of you to ask, but I actually already have a date.” Your denial came very quickly, making it clear that you were not interested.
Dean felt embarrassed that he had spent all day trying to find the right words to ask you out when he was already too late. He didn’t stay for the rest of the conversation and hastily made his way to the bar.
“What’s got you so down, Dean-o?” Pamela, the bar tender asked.
“What makes you think I’m feeling down?” Dean responded. He had become casual friends with Pamela being a frequent patron of the bar.
“Because I feel like I’m looking in the mirror.” Pamela poured Dean’s drink and continued, “I’ve been waiting for Benny to man up and ask me to the stupid party on Saturday, but he’s got his head shoved too far up his ass to pick up on my hundreds of hints.”
Dean threw back a shot of his whiskey and relished the familiar burn in his throat. “I think Benny asked Andrea to go with him earlier this week. Sorry.”
“Don’t be. It is what it is.” Pamela tended to a few late stragglers and Dean swirled the amber liquid around in his glass.
“You wanna go with me?” Dean reluctantly asked once Pamela had joined him again.
“Are you asking me on a date, Dean Winchester?” Her face was twisted in confusion.
“Don’t look so surprised. It’s just casual.” He assured.
“As long as there’s food, then you’re on.” Pamela excitedly accepted. A blush painted across her cheeks while she wiped up a small spill on the counter and she hungrily looked Dean up and down.
After your conversation with Donna, you looked around for Dean but saw that he was busy having a conversation with the bartender. Sarah pulled you into a game of darts which distracted you for a while. Once you had finished, you saw an empty seat next to Dean and hurried over to join him before something else dragged you away.
“Hey.” You greeted. Dean didn’t look at you or show any reaction and you could instantly tell he was off. “Everything okay?”
He finished off his drink and made minimal acknowledgement of your presence. “Peachy.”
“Well, I think I might have the solution to your problem. I’m going to head home in just a few minutes if you want to tag along and check out those albums. Slash is an idiot, but he has a pretty cool signature.”
“I’m alright.” His words caught you off guard since he was the one who texted last night and asked to see them.
You weren’t really sure why you were hurt by his decline of your invitation and struggled to come up with a witty response. “Oh, okay.” A painful silence fell between you two, causing you to nervously pick at a small chip on the countertop.
Dean couldn’t fight off the nagging curiosity in his mind and had to ask, “So, you’ve got yourself a date for Saturday?”
You nodded. “Yeah, he’s super cute and so sweet. He brought me flowers to work earlier today and asked if I would go with him. He’s actually one of your good buddies.”
Dean wracked his brain, trying to think of who might have asked you. It was obviously not Sam, Benny had a date, which left Cas, who pretty much always ended up going to these stupid events with Meg. Although he didn’t want to, he listened as you continued on about your mystery suitor.
“He’s pretty much the perfect date because he has to be home before nine for bed.”
Dean’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion and he looked you in the eyes for the first time tonight. “What?”
“Owen….” Dean repeated. A mix of embarrassment and relief washed over him as he realized that he had just made a rash decision to ask another girl out, out of jealousy. “Owen is your date.”
“He picked out a few flowers from the grocery store and made Jody drive him over so he could ask me. It was completely adorable.” You stood from the stool and pulled your coat on over your shoulders, getting ready to leave. Dean hadn’t spoken this bluntly to you since you first met him, and you couldn’t help but feel like you were bothering him. Maybe you had completely misread your connection with him, and he was serious when he meant he wasn’t looking for any new friends. “Well, uh, I’ll see you around.”
Dean knew he had been a jerk towards you and scolded himself internally. He couldn’t’ believe the mess he had gotten himself into by jumping to conclusions. Before he had the chance to talk some sense into himself and apologize, he heard the rumble of your old truck pulling away. He said goodbye to his friends and left, hoping to catch you in time, but as he slowed to a roll past your driveway, he couldn’t see any lights on and figured you had gone to bed. An irritated growl resonated deep in his chest as he continued to climb up the road.
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Hello! Someone said on twitter that Levi after the war could go to schools and tell storys about the war and show pics of hange and erwin, and I could help but thought about teacher!reader x Levi? After the war 😭
i love this idea !! I hope it’s good and that you will like it <3
even if this takes place after the war I made sure to not include any manga spoilers ,so anime only you can read this!
the history that must not be forgotten
Tumblr media
Looking at the kids in front of him, Levi cleared his throat in a manner to evacuate his awkwardness. They all had their eyes on him,looking impatient to hear his story. In the back,he could see the teacher who was staring at him,quietly encouraging him to start.
He looked at the pictures in front of him,his heart aching a bit from seeing his old friends ,Hange and Erwin. These kids were probably too small to hear this story,they might do some nightmares due to the horror of it,but if sharing his memories with them helped the future generation from not reproducing the same mistakes,he was willing to do it. With a sight,he looked up and began his story.
« Goodbye Mr Ackerman ! »
The children were waving at him while getting out of the class. The way they looked at Levi had changed,it was not filled with respect. Some of them still had tears on their eyes,and it looked like they wanted to ask him questions,more details about what had happened. But they all followed their friends outside,going back home,in this new world where titans and walls had disappeared.
Levi looked over his shoulders. All the students had disappeared,which left him alone with the teacher. They knew each other a bit,since he already came to this school a few time. The teacher seemed like a genuinely nice person from the few times Levi had talked to them.
Feeling the black haired eyes on them,they looked over ,and smiled a bit. He suddenly turned away and cleared his throat ,apparently ashamed of having been caught staring.
« You know Mr Ackerman...I wanted to become a scouts when I was a teen. »
The confession surprised him a bit,he haven’t expected it .
« Then how did you end up as a teacher ? It’s two very different jobs. »
The teacher laughed,and Levi surprised himself by thinking about how good it sounded.
“Oh you know,I quickly realized that I wasn’t made for fighting. I was more connected to children .”
Levi nodded ,not knowing what to add next ,and tidied up his stuff. Thinking that the teacher had finish their talk,he headed to the door with the intention of leaving ,but was stopped again by their voice.
“I was wondering ,where do you work now ? I’m sorry if this too personal ,I just wanted to know.”
Levi turned to face them again,still surprised by their sudden need of discussion. They haven’t talked much the few times they had met,and he didn’t think it will change .
“I own a tea shop. Not far from here actually .”
“This is also actually quite different from being a soldier.”
“I always loved tea.”
The teacher laughed again,even if Levi didn’t really know what was so funny in his sentence. He smirked , feeling a sudden wave of confidence procured by this heavenly sound. He stood here,not knowing what do to with his arms. The need to leave had left him as quickly as it came ,and he was now willing to stay here,with them,a bit . This thought surprised him,he wasn’t used to it and didn’t really know what it meant.
“Where is it ,exactly ? I’d love to go visit it one day. I am also quite found of tea.”
“Uh...” Levi scratched the back of his head ,an idea coming into his mind.”Well ,if you’re free right now,I can show it to you directly . It will be more...more clear for you.”
The teacher nodded enthusiastically,a smile appearing on their face. Levi felt something warmth through on his body just by this sight ,and he started to wonder if he was getting sick. It was unusual for him to feel like this around someone,especially someone he didn’t really knew .
“With pleasure ,Mr Ackerman . I’d love to.”
“If you intend on coming to my shop,call me Levi. “
Behind him,he heard the teacher repeat his name in a small voice,and ,for the first time since the end of the war,he felt like,maybe,the future was promising.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here are several arts I did on my series, TDIMR... that I uploaded on deviantart, since I’m thinking that I should upload multiple artworks I have done in a few days on deviantart and then upload most of them in collections on tumblr.
Some are just normal artworks, few of them are funny, like Hiroshi and Zaki’s our get along t shirt and Hiroshi’s dress up idea. XD
(About the 7th picture, please do not tag as kink work, not only is this supposed to be humor art, but these characters are minors/underage)
The Dream is my Reality..., Hiroshi Tatsumi, Joey Benson, Tsuki Otokosaki, Jeff Hoofer, Lorenzo Hendrickson, Francesca Vittoria, Peko Kuderu, Nuki Yasuhiro, Chaosky Junketsu, Zaki Mashimira, and Freddie Hawkins (C) Me
Art (C) Me
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babyworld · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
request. ++ msg from @aiiwa — nhi baby, may i make a request? heheheh. i’m very much in love with your writing, but would you spare me some iwa love <333 i’m a sucker for something fluffy n funny, maybe even a smidge or more of spice too <333 thank you baby mwah.
notes. my love, nona! omg thank you sm for requesting! i hope that you’ll like this and i hope i did justice from what you want me to write 🥺 !! <3 as well as those who’ll come across this work of mine, i hope you’ll enjoy this !! reblogs and feedbacks are highly appreciated !! tysm 💓‼️
title creds: pu$$y fairy (otw) - jhené aiko
contains. fluff, hints of suggestive theme but nothing too hard ^^
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings for you. There are a lot of times that he tried to confess and ask you out but he always catches himself tongue-tied every time he’s about to do it. He doesn’t even know why… Maybe it’s because you take his breath away all the time. It doesn’t even matter what you’re doing, how you look, it’s just that every time he finds himself wanting to say that he likes you and he really wants you to be his girlfriend, he backs out, completely retreating himself back in his comfort zone a.k.a your friendship with him.
His friends noticed his distress. They laugh at the way Iwaizumi has to hold back every time he wants to pull you by the waist, they snicker among themselves every time they catch Iwaizumi wanting to suddenly hold your hand, they stare at each other’s eyes with mirth gleaming in them every time they’d see Iwaizumi staring fondly at you. It’s pure comedy for his friends but as much as they take joy in seeing Iwaizumi trailing behind you like a puppy waiting for his owner to acknowledge him, they want him to be with you so he’d stop spamming their group chat with pictures of you and messages that she’s so beautiful, i like her so much, please oh my god have you ever seen someone as beautiful as her, y/n please hold me challenge.
It was Oikawa’s idea to annoy Iwaizumi. Since Iwa messaged their group chat that the two of you are watching a movie in his room, the former setter of Aoba Johsai started spamming the group chat with ideas on how he can make a move on you so he’d finally stop pining over you hopelessly. Then, of course, Mattsun and Makki taking delight in the situation, they added fuel to the fire.
It’s pissing Iwaizumu off. Because instead of relishing the time he has with you, your focus completely on the movie playing in his laptop as you snuggle closer to his frame, he’s spending his time flipping off his friends and asking them to shut the fuck up.
oikawa: but seriously man just try i’ve watched that vid in yt and it worked makki: yeah man you’d never know if you’ll never try mattsun: maybe she’d like the idea you know? just stop being a coward and just do what oiks suggested oikawa: yeah iwa!!! just ask her hey let’s test our friendship by making out with each other let’s see if it’s really platonic between the two of us and if she’s flustered or it escalated from there then you’d know your answer mattsun: you can finally shoot your shot after so long makki: i mean lmaooo you don’t really have any plans under your sleeves on how you’re going to ask her out right? then just follow oikawa’s plan!! i still stand by my point that yn likes you as well oikawa: FELT!!! mattsun: jfc just make out with her
Oikawa sent a link of a video on YouTube where the guy asked his friend to test their friendship as they make out with each other. Kissing each other to prove that there’s no chemistry and everything is full platonic is a stupid idea. It’s pissing him off even more because he can’t stop considering it. Why can’t he just ask you like a normal person? Why must he consider Oikawa’s suggestion? Oh yeah, it’s because even though he wants to deny it wholly he can’t. Iwaizumi has been dying to kiss you and feel your body against his.
Yeah, fuck it, if Makki thinks that maybe you like him as well then he’ll go all in. He knows that his friends wouldn’t put him in a humiliating situation.
“Y/N,” he murmured.
“Hm? What?” you asked, not taking your eyes away from the screen.
“Do you wanna test our friendship?”
“Huh?” you stare up at him. “What do you mean, Haji?”
“Let’s see if everything is pure platonic between us.”
You stare at him with confusion in your eyes. “Test? How?”
“Let’s kiss,” Iwaizumi said, his voice filled with seriousness.
While you? You could only gape at him, shocked because of what you heard. Your gaze scans his face to see if there are any hints of mischief but there’s none. Iwaizumi was dead serious about what he said.
“Wait? You’re sure? You’re not kidding?”
“No. I’m not. I mean, it’s totally cool if you don’t want to. It’s just that Oikawa sent me this interesting video where two friends kissed each other to prove that there’s no chemistry between them and I wanna try it out with us,” he shrugs his shoulders.
You cleared your throat, cheeks heating up because you can see Iwaizumi staring down at your lips now and then. In the end, you just found yourself nodding your head, agreeing to what he said because why wouldn’t you?
“Uh… okay. Sure,” you said nonchalantly.
“Cool,” Iwaizumi rasps.
As you watch Iwaizumi leaning closer and closer to your face, you can feel your heartbeat beating fast in your chest, you can’t calm yourself as you feel his hot breath fanning in your face and when you feel his lips on yours, it feels like something snaps inside you.
Yeah, there’s definitely a huge amount of chemistry between the two of you. You’re not denying it but you’re not admitting it either. After meeting Iwa and being his friend, you can feel yourself slipping from the line under the friendship zone into something else because imagining cute scenarios inside your head with him is not really a friend behavior.
Iwaizumi pulled away seconds later, his breathing uneven as he stared at you―your eyes, your nose, down to your lips, everywhere in your face and he can’t believe that he really kissed you. After daydreaming about it for so long, he can’t believe that he got to kiss your lips and it’s way better than what he had imagined.
He’s quiet as he waits for your reaction. But then he feels something igniting inside him when you wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him in closer as you said, “Let’s test it a bit more.”
Iwaizumi didn’t get to say anything because he felt your lips in his again but this time, you’re moving your lips, enticing him to kiss you better, to kiss you properly and who’s he to deny? Placing his arm in your waist, he pushes your body closer to him as he angles his head to kiss you properly, pushing his tongue inside your mouth to get a better taste and Iwa feels like he’s in heaven as he explores your mouth. Your kisses are sweet, too addicting and it’s making his head swirl. His entire body is burning as he feels your hand running up and down in his exposed arms because he’s wearing a tank top.
You pull away from the kiss seconds after, gasping for breath while you stare at his eyes and you can’t help but feel giddy as you notice the desire pooling in his gaze.
“Did that prove you anything?” you teasingly asked, raising a brow at him.
Iwaizumi groans, his head falling on your shoulder then you feel his lips trailing kisses along the skin of your neck. His grip around your waist tightens as he hoists your body to make you straddle him as he continues nipping and licking at your neck. Whimpers and mewls falling from your lips are like music to his ears as his thumb gently hovers your stomach up to the skin below your breast until he makes a bold move of cupping one and giving it a squeeze.
“Haji,” you moan, arching your back after you feel him lightly pinching your hardening nipple.
“Princess, I really think this test is going to take a long while, don’t you agree?” he whispers in your ear before licking biting your earlobe.
“Ngh―yes, I think so too,’ you moan after feeling Iwaizumi’s hand slipping past beneath your bra to cup your breast, his thumb swiping in your now hardened nipple.
Iwaizumi smirks after seeing you starting to pull off a drunk because of pleasure expression in your face, your heavy-lidded eyes, and your parted lips urging him to do so much more so he can pull those beautiful whimpers and moans from your lips again.
He made a mental note to thank his friends later but for now, his attention is on you and you only because Iwa knows that after this, he’ll make sure you’ll be his girlfriend. After all, just like what Makki had insinuated, you reciprocate his feelings since the kiss to prove that there’s no chemistry between the two of you went successfully because it proves that you’re both gone for each other.
Tumblr media
— nhi’s taglist: @aiiwa @hcneymilkks @tsumue​
if anyone wants to join my taglist please fill out this form <3 !!
Tumblr media
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the fact of the matter is. I am never not going to have this problem. I will always have some sort of boy dilemma. whether it be he followed someone on insta. or his ex reached out. or he liked her picture. or ANYTHING. there is always going to be these things happening. I cant work up some relationship that is perfect. its not going to happen. ive lost trust with myself and developing relationships because I have wasted so much time. that's why its hard to tolerate any bullshit from any man. its like why am I doing this. he may drink more than I do. he may be more into fitness. he may be too this or too that. im just having a hard time distinguishing between the small things and the big things. what I can handle and what I cannot. relationships really are a sticky space for me right now and its funny how I said I needed to take a step back from them because they were draining me. and im glad I met boys that are so great but its weird bc even so I feel like I need to take a step back. I dont know maybe this Tyler thing showed me that great guys are out there but regardless im not ready. I just dont have the space to give to anyone else. bc If theyre even slightly off I lose balance. so i would need a perfect relationship bc I cant deal with anything less. and Tyler is very close to perfect. thats why it'd been working out. but im starting to get attached. I know no matter what overthinking I do, the universe will decide what happens anyway and whatever happens happens. I will roll with it. so I guess all I can do is let go. thats what im going to do. im going to let god decide and im going to let the mountains hold my angst because im ready to give it up. just keep surrendering 
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g0ldenkiwi · 10 hours ago
My Big Mermaid | Harry Styles
Pairing: Harry Styles/Reader
Words: 4,826
Warnings: NFSW (+18), Smut, Fluff, Dom/Sub Situation, Roleplay Kink, Oral Sex, Unprotected Sex.
Summary: A funny SNL photoshoot and an innocent costume can turn into a great sex situation.
A/N: Hi! I've been thinking about this since I saw the photos and I needed to write it down lol so I hope you like it! Reblog & Feedback appreciated!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Harry was thrilled when he heard about the invitation to Saturday Night Live. He loved being able to make people laugh and also that his love for acting was growing more and more within him. Just knowing that he would be able to do both made his belly tingle with excitement, and he couldn't stop smiling at all the ideas he had been told to do and the people he would have to do them with.
To begin with, the idea of the costumed photoshoot that had been suggested to him had seemed the most fun and original. He couldn't stop bouncing as they approached the studio where they would do it. That would be the first time he would be able to do a photoshoot where he didn't have to look good but could play and look as fun as he wanted.
"Harry, oh my god," Y/N giggled beside him trying to keep up, he hadn't realized how fast he was walking down the street, wanting to get there as soon as possible. "Can you slow down? They're not leaving until you're done."
"I know, love, but I can't help it, it'll be so much fun," he didn't hesitate to chuckle too, his smile adorning his whole face, showing off the totally deep dimples. "What ideas do you think they'll have? Do you think they'll make me dress up in something to do with the sketches? In a dog maybe? Oh! Maybe in the pilot's... It won't be as much fun though. Hopefully, they'll let me wear some wig or mustache."
His rambling did nothing but make Y/N smile, and she couldn't help but think how cute he looked as a thousand ideas crossed the brunet's mind.
"I don't know, handsome, but I'm sure you'll look great anyway," the woman replied as she intertwined her hand with his. "I don't know how you do it to look so good in any picture. I mean, you look good even in the ones you don't know they're taking of you!"
"Aw babe, thanks," Harry kissed her temple, flattered with his ruddy cheeks. "But you know I can't tell you. An artist doesn't reveal his secrets."
Y/N just laughed again as she shook her head at the nonsense her boyfriend liked to joke about. A squeal of excitement burst out of the tall man as he finally saw the photography studio building.
"Come on, my love, this is going to be so great!" He yelled at her like a child as he tugged on her arm, almost running to the front door making her cackle again.
Tumblr media
"This is going so amazing, Harry. Everything's coming along great!" The photographer praised him endlessly as the camera flashed forward.
They had been there for a good few hours now but the whole time it was non-stop joking and laughing, Harry living in the moment and having a blast with every costume and clothes he was made to wear. Loving being able to hear the raucous laughter of his beautiful girlfriend behind the photographer, trying to strike funny poses all the while for her without realizing it; from the ballerina costume he had adored to sit on top of a huge disco ball in a black suit, his tattoos being exposed all the while.
"You're great, Harry, really, I feel like my job is so easy with you," the man joked, finally pushing the camera away. "All right, one last costume to go. This will be the best one I think, even better than the ballerina's."
Harry raised his eyebrows without stopping smiling, quickly getting up to the dressing room to find out what was the last costume he had to wear.
"He's having a wonderful time," Y/N commented to the photographer as she watched with a proud smile as her boyfriend almost trotted off to his next costume. "Thank you for thinking of this idea. I think it's one of the few photoshoots that he's having the time of his life."
"Oh, it's quite a pleasure, I love to see people having a good time at photoshoots. Photography isn't always about stoic models," the man replied. "Plus I'm having a wonderful time myself. It's so easy to work with Harry."
Y/N couldn't even bring herself to answer him as she saw Harry appear on the scene again. Her mouth opening and her throat turning into a lump as she felt her lower belly tingle at the sight of him in the new costume.
This was just a mere mermaid costume, red wig, and all. To others, Harry might look the funniest and most ridiculous at that moment as he was helped into an armchair as he couldn't move too much with the narrow mermaid tail. But Y/N felt how embarrassingly she felt her pussy suddenly contract, making her clench her thighs in subtly, her hands tingling with being able to caress his broad chest above the two white plastic shells that secured his large pecs.
She swallowed hard as she watched Harry fiddle with the long red hair, suddenly remembering his long hair and wanting to be able to pull it as he fucked her raw.
Y/N felt embarrassed by her own thoughts, even questioning her strange kink for that costume all of a sudden. It would just be a simple mermaid costume and all she could think about was Harry fucking her with it on. Ashamed, her hands covered her face as she turned to look away, trying to avoid those dirty thoughts.
However, Harry noticed her attitude change, his brow furrowed for just a second before the photographer started explaining the poses he wanted to do. His green eyes kept glancing towards Y/N with concern, wondering if he had done something wrong all at once, looking at the costume and thinking that maybe he had crossed a line, and she would have thought badly of him, that she would see him as someone stupid with no sense of the ridiculous.
They spent a long time like that until they finally finished everything. Quickly and still disguised as a mermaid, he thanked the whole team for their work before turning to his girlfriend who had moved so far away that she was almost outside the studio, without even looking at him.
"Hey," he finally called out to her, making her turn to him. "Is something wrong, did I do something wrong?" His puppy dog eyes and pout made her feel bad, thinking that in trying to control herself she had hurt Harry's feelings.
Her eyes widened as she saw him more closely all at once in that costume, with his height towering over her as he leaned over her speaking to her in whispers and with his beautiful green eyes, his abs that she so loved to touch fully available, tail tapering to his waist, wishing she could touch him.
"Oh no, baby, it's okay, you didn't do anything wrong," Y/N tried to reassure him, watching her boyfriend literally relax as she verified that.
"Okay, I was worried. You didn't want to look at me at any point during the photoshoot on this and I thought I made you feel bad," Harry explained to her. "So what's wrong?"
Y/N bit her lip, thoughtfully, not knowing whether to reply to that question honestly, her eyes looking away, trying to not focus on the green ones that waited for an answer. However, she remembered that in the begging of they started dating, Harry had made her promise that if she wanted to do something new in bed or if she wanted to explore a new kink she would never feel embarrassed to tell him, assuring her that whatever it was, he would satisfy her in any area she asked.
"It's just," she swallowed saliva before moving fully closer to him; her hands reaching up, caressing his broad chest, her fingers brushing over his tattoos until they encircled his neck. "If you can, could you maybe bring this costume home?" Her eyes looked into the green ones that watched her with confusion. "Please?"
There was a small silence between them, Y/N literally watching the nuts in her boyfriend's head work, trying to decipher what she was implying by asking of him until at last a wide, smug smile began to frame his lips, his strong arms wrapping around her waist to fully glue their bodies together.
"Oh I see," he breathed against her lips teasingly, not quite brushing them. "I didn't know you liked this kinda fucked up role-play shit, love," Harry admitted in a mumble, making her bite her lip in embarrassment, thinking that would be a bad idea, but he spoke again. "But don't worry, I'll give my good girl whatever she wants," he assured her, making her feel again how her pussy walls contracted around nothing. "Surely the wardrobe people won't miss a mermaid costume."
Her nails dug lightly into the skin on the back of his neck with excitement, loving it and wanting to get home as soon as possible.
Tumblr media
By the time Harry had changed into his street clothes, and they had said goodbye to everyone properly, the couple almost ran to the car. Harry's ring-studded, nail-painted hand kept touching her thigh in the car with every little mewl she made in frustration, squeezing her skin reassuringly until they finally reached her house.
Harry's lips devoured hers as soon as the door was closed, his large hands held her head as he bit and kissed her lips with urgency and hunger. Separating for a millisecond, a trail of saliva still joining them.
"Go upstairs and take a shower, love," he whispered in a husky voice making her feel her panties getting wet again, a whimpering moan dying in her throat. "Oh, don't even think of protesting, little girl," he warned in a firm voice. "It's been a long day today and I want you to be as comfortable as possible, so, shower and relax, because I'm not going to let you have a breath as soon as you get out of the bathroom."
His threat along with his almost wolfish grin made her eyes and mouth widen in shock, his promise making her rush up the stairs to their bathroom, Harry couldn't help but let out a triumphant laugh at how excited and thrilled she looked.
The warm water made her relax as she cleaned and waxed whatever she wanted, not being able to help but squeeze her tits and lightly caress her clitoris as a way of teasing herself, her eyes closed all the while thinking of her beautiful boyfriend waiting for her on the other side of the door.
When she had finished, she didn't even get dressed again just wrapping a towel around her frame. She opened the door to move into their shared bedroom, stopping short in the doorframe at the sight of what was waiting patiently for her on the bed.
Harry was lying on the bed, propped up on one arm looking down at her with a smile of amusement and passion in his green eyes hungry for her, his hands were clasped together still with their rings decorating his fingers. On his head was again the long red wig, the long locks complementing and brushing his skin full of the tattoos she so loved to trace with her fingers; on his chest was the white shell bra framing his firm pecs where she liked to sleep and often tease his sensitive nipples; past his oh-so-characteristic butterfly tattoo Y/N could see a hard bulge of his cock beginning to harden beneath the narrow green tail that she supposed only covered Harry's naked body as his legs were clear of the green tights they had made him wear in the studio.
Her mouth was ajar, not really believing that Harry had taken the costume and was actually willing to indulge that fantasy.
"Oh here comes my beautiful princess to save me." Despite supposedly playing the role of a mermaid girl, his voice was still deep, gravelly, and intimidating; Y/N not being able to believe that even in that stupid costume Harry could look and behave as dominant as he did at that moment. "You know, I need something wet in my mouth in order to live," he commented suggestively his eyebrows rising as he waited for Y/N to finally get in on his little game.
"Yeah?" she finally snapped out of her reverie, her fingers unrolling the towel that covered her, dropping it to the floor and watching as the man's eyes darkened at the sight of her totally naked for him. "I think I have the solution. Right here," she moaned lightly as her own fingers fiddled with her clit again, letting the index finger slide lightly through her folds, collecting her juices, feeling how soaked she was already, then bringing those same fingers up to her mouth, sucking and letting out a sonorous mewl as she slowly wiped her finger clean. "And it's perfectly wet for you, my little mermaid."
Harry grunted as he watched her lick her own nectar, feeling jealous and his mouth-watering, needing to be able to bury his face fully in her delicious cunt.
"Then come over here and sit on my face, princess," he commanded her as he lay all the way down on the bed, resting his head on the pillow and looking at her intently.
Y/N without a second thought climbed onto the bed, on all fours starting to cover his entire body depositing the occasional kiss on his chest before sitting lightly on it -right between the two sparrows- and with one leg on each side. Harry's hands caressed her thighs, and the coolness of his rings made her shiver as she adjusted on top of him, trying to find a good position for both of them.
"Good girl," Harry rewarded her by lightly squeezing her ass cheeks. "Now ride my mouth, princess."
Slowly Y/N raised herself off his chest again so that she could straddle his mouth, with each leg resting on either side of his head while her hands rested on the headboard of the bed to avoid dropping her full weight on him.
"Fuck, you're already dripping for me," Harry couldn't help but growl as he watched her pussy glistening with her juices, making her mewl slightly as her hips began to rotate towards him without even touching her yet, the need for him to rub her abandoned clit growing evermore.
His lips didn't wait any longer to wrap around her clit making her gasp from the sensation as she arched her back and threw her head back as she felt Harry's tongue begin to lick and fiddle with the bundle of nerves. His fingers on her buttocks drew her to him as he moved his mouth under her, sucking and tasting her sweet nectar, occasionally swallowing saliva mixed with her honey and pulling away slightly, so he could breathe.
His green eyes watched her all the while above him feeling his cock ache more and more as it was compressed inside the tight fake tail, making his grunt and with the vibrations in his throat making her shudder. Her moans and gasps were music to his ears along with the wet sound of his mouth as he appreciated her tits and sweat-filled frame moving towards him.
When he had played with and pinched her clit enough, his mouth licked linearly downward, catching every drop that fell from her cunt, cleaning and kissing her folds as he felt her whimpers begin to increase. Satisfied that he had licked everything, his tongue slowly slid inside her, feeling her sweet walls tighten around his tongue.
"Fuck, Harry!" She couldn't help but let out as she felt his naughty tongue starting to slowly flick in and out of her, almost teasing her.
His nose collided all the while with her aching clit as his lips enveloped her quivering folds as he created a rhythm to the beat of her hips rocking towards him endlessly delighting his taste buds as they drank from her incessantly, never tiring of how she tasted.
A groan from him sank deep inside her as he felt her naughty hand begin to squeeze and rub his hard cock up and down over the green cloth, his compressed legs not letting him be able to move his hips towards her.
Y/N felt like she was in heaven as she felt her own vision go blank as she kept riding his tongue like there was no tomorrow, her head leaned to the side to feast her eyes on the hard erection between his legs, wishing she could have removed that tail sooner as she felt in her own palm the pulsing of his cock, desperate to get out of its confinement.
"H-Harry!" She started to warn, feeling a knot in her belly beginning to form as she noticed that slick tongue darting in and out of her, caressing her walls as they tightened around the pink muscle. "I'm cumming!"
"Cum." His raspy, gaspy breathing fell on her sensitive pussy making her shudder as he buried his tongue as deep inside her as he could again, this time creating a faster rhythm making her roll her hips faster.
"F-Fuck!" She squealed in pleasure as she felt her knot finally unravel and explode, a tingle passing through her entire body as she arched her back fully and threw back her head, her mouth wide open letting out moans of pleasure, trying to hold on as tight as she could on the hardwood of the headboard to avoid crushing Harry with her weight.
The brown-haired man drank from her with pleasure all her arousal, her juices sliding down his tongue and swallowing every drop, groaning with delight as with his green eyes fully dilated with satisfaction he proudly watched Y/N's orgasm-ravaged face, lasting her ecstasy as long as he could.
Carefully and slowly, she began to lift herself off his face totally glistening with her juices, and slid down his body until she could rest on top of him. Her tired eyes watched as that naughty tongue still licked the remnants of her cum from his red and swollen lips from being used, his face totally red matching the wig.
"Fuck, that was good," Harry smiled as he stroked her back in an attempt to get her to catch her breath, making her giggle.
"That should be me saying that, don't you think?" Y/N claimed between sighs, bringing her face close to his to bring their lips together in a sensual, slow kiss, making her moan as she tasted herself in his mouth.
His hand began to slide down her back until he cupped her ass, squeezing it as they continued to kiss, making them both groan.
When she had recovered, Y/N rose to straddle him, her eyes still hungry for the man seeing him beneath her as she bit her lip. Her hands rose to begin to undress him completely, desperately removing the white shell bra making him let out a fake gasp, pretending to be embarrassed as he covered his nipples with his hands.
"Oh, you pervy princess!" he joked, making her let out a laugh as she linked her hands with his in a tender gesture.
"And what about your other nipples? You were flashing them all the time shamelessly, you slut," she played along watching his dimples sink deeper as he let out a crackled chuckle.
"Yeah, I guess you're right," he sighed as he pulled her down on top of him again, their lips tenderly meeting again, nibbling slowly and leaving little nips.
Her lips moved down, beginning to suck and leave hickeys all over his neck, biting down on his sweet spot making him grunt and stir beneath her. Her lips landed tender little pecks on his nipples before she rose again, sitting up on his thighs as at last; her hands cupped the last of the garment wrapped around Harry.
Her desperation and need made her tear the elastic fabric making Harry laugh at her urge to undress him.
His cock finally sprang free out of its tight cage, jumping over the brunet's black pubic hairs, making him let out a gasp of relief. The tip was fully red and his shaft fully hard, the pleasurable sensation of having been tasting Y/N making him rigid as a rock. Droplets of precum were already starting to fall from the tip, making her mouth water, wishing she could taste it properly.
"So you have legs, little mermaid," Y/N teased, at last, moving the green garment away from Harry's body, leaving him a few moments to stretch his numb legs on the bed as she slid her hand down his attention-seeking cock, jerking it up and down very slowly, making him sigh at the teasing.
"Oh darling, I'm anything but little," Harry growled with a smug smile on his lips watching his cock twitch in pleasure in her hand as he still lay there, letting himself be stroked. "And yeah, I gave up my voice just so I could fuck your pretty pussy properly," he gasped as he felt her hand squeeze deliciously, his eyes slightly closing at the sensation as he tossed his head to the side.
"But you don't need to give your beautiful voice away to fuck me, my big mermaid," Y/N smiled starting to position herself over him, receiving a small grunt as she pulled her hand away from his needy dick.
She lightly straddled his member, slowly letting the moistened folds of her pussy begin to lave the full length of his shaft as she slid down and up it, rocking her hips.
"Fuck, babe, stop teasing," Harry groaned, his eyes endlessly taking in the dirty image of his cock pulsing between her nether lips. "I need to fuck you right now."
This time it was Y/N who giggled at her boyfriend's urgency and desperation, deciding it was time to let him suffer and wanting to reward him for the stellar orgasm he had given her earlier.
Her hips lifted up and with her hand gripped his thick shaft again, positioning the tip at her entrance, slowly letting herself fall on top of it, letting it slide inside her in an almost torturous way of how slow it was. Both of their eyes closed at once as she finally felt Harry's cock bottom her up to the brim as she sat on top of him, her clit rubbing against his pubic hairs making her shudder as she felt how, even after so long, Harry's cock was still filling her and stretching her in that delicious way.
They both let out a moan in unison as they waited a few minutes for Y/N to get used to his size. Harry's mouth wide open letting out gasps as he felt the tight pussy envelop him, occasionally feeling her walls squeeze him pleasurably as he rested his large hands on her hips.
"Fuck, always so big," Y/N couldn't help but blurt out, as she rested the soles of her feet on the bed and her hands on Harry's broad chest, right where the swallows were.
"And you always so tight," he remarked with a crooked smirk watching her begin to move on top of him.
Slowly she began to raise her hips making him slide out of her until only his tip was inside her, dropping back down on top of him, feeling him slam fully onto her cervix.
Progressively Y/N began to create a rhythm, her hips beginning to rotate into him, the sensation of his cock thrusting in and out of her making her moan loudly as she lightly scratched the skin of his chest. The feeling of ecstasy enveloping them as their hips smashed hard for every move she made, his hard balls slapping her ass cheeks all the time. Harry's legs bent slightly helping himself, so he could push his hips into her, causing her to whine in pleasure each time their groins collided, occasionally feeling the tip of his cock brush against her g-spot, her rolling her eyes every time he accomplished it.
His green eyes watched with ecstasy as her sweaty, pleasure-filled frame bounced on top of him, his mouth-watering as he watched her tits jiggle with every movement, wanting to suck and lick the perky nipples. His orbs looked down to his cock that was rapidly ravishing her sweet pussy in and out of her, making him feel possessive as he felt her damp, warm walls constricting and clenching around him each time he entered her making her mewl and moan his name.
"Fuck, you feel so good, babe," Harry growled as he finally lifted, leaning on one arm, and with the other, he wrapped his arm around her waist while still helping her with the pace. "Always my good girl, taking my cock so good."
His lips quickly met one of her nipples causing Y/N to throw back her head in a pitiful moan, feeling her cunt close tighter and tighter on his cock as she kept bouncing on his cock. Her fingers tangled in the red wig and began to scratch at the nape of his neck as she felt his teeth nip lightly at her nub before turning to the other giving it the same attention as the other.
"H-Harry!" She could feel her world around her begin to spin, the sensation of her boyfriend pounding in and out of her as he kissed and licked her sensitive nipples flooding her, a tingling in her pussy and belly informing her of the approach of her second orgasm.
"I-I know, love," Harry groaned also, parting with a pop of her nipples, so he could again appreciate his beautiful girlfriend's discomposed face of pleasure as he felt her walls contract and grow wetter and wetter, squeezing him, so deliciously he felt he couldn't take much more. "Come on, beautiful, cum again," he encouraged. "Cum on my big fat cock, I want to see you break down on top of me, to lose control, I want your whole being, because you are mine," he growled the last part biting her neck making her start to move her hips more sloppy, starting to feel the weariness of her actions.
"Y-Yes, yours, yours!" she shrieked one last time before tensing her body fully, the orgasm coursing through every fiber of her being as she let herself go on top of him, scratching his shoulder muscles tightly, surely leaving marks that the next day she would be ashamed of, but right now she felt her soul clearing from her body and flying up into heaven where only Harry's perfect, smiling face appeared.
"Yeah, that's it," Harry moaned as he smirked, feeling her tight cunt close around him, making him pulse and cum, with his arm making her fall fully onto his cock to bury it entirely in her pussy; thin white lines of his cum slowly beginning to fill her, causing her to whine with pleasure as she felt the warm cum begin to mix with her juices in her womb.
She cooed him and kissed his sweat-streaked forehead, with her fingers pushing away the damp hairs on it along with some red wig membranes as he cum inside her, lasting his orgasms and feeling their connection as much as he could, the pure smell of Harry and sex filling her lungs as she felt his body begin to relax beneath her and slowly lay back down on the bed again drawing her tired body down on top of him.
Their unhurried breaths began to normalize with Harry still inside her, not wanting to come out of her yet. Their bodies began to relax as they received light caresses and kisses on their sweaty skins.
"Mmh, good idea about the mermaid costume," Harry muttered into her tangled hair, leaving chaste kisses as he began to feel sleep flooding over him.
"Yeah," Y/N agreed. "I thought you'd laugh at me, though. I don't know, it's kind of weird," she giggled slightly, still embarrassed by the strange kink.
"Oh I could never laugh at you for this, love," Harry told her as his fingers continuously brushed the skin on her back. "I mean I have weirder and more absurd kinks, and you've never judged me for it," he joked making her giggle too. "But seriously, I'm glad you shared it with me, babe, I want to experience every kink with you."
Y/N looked up at him, his green eyes narrowed as he was about to drift off to sleep. A smile appeared on her lips as she appreciated the red wig still adorning Harry's brown head, several black strands appearing on the sides and forehead.
"I want that too, baby," she whispered to him before joining their lips in one last tender, deep kiss.
Tumblr media
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reginas--world · 10 hours ago
Blog Post #9
Considering how the Internet has made media so much more accessible in the modern age, it makes sense that people will naturally put more effort into spreading both information and their own ideas of what is right and wrong. I have seen so many memes that act as a self-reflection tool, including Scumbag Steve and many other popular “meme figures” within the last several years. While I have never consciously viewed memes as a way to think about my own behaviors, I can definitely say there has been some passive, even unconscious, reflection on my part. There have been many times where I’ve seen a meme, thought to myself ‘Hey, I do that, too’ or ‘Hmm, that’s weird’ but continued scrolling and going about my day. Even though I was not fully aware a meme was prompting me to evaluate my own thoughts, values, and behaviors, it was almost an instantaneous reaction to relate it to my own life. I think after reading the article by Volpe, I’ll probably pay more attention to my reaction to memes from now on since I’m now aware this is a real phenomenon. 
Despite memes being a part of our daily lives now, I have never actually thought of them as a way to spread information and to get around censorship. When I think of memes, I think of laughter and viral pictures/videos. This probably has something to do with the fact that I do not live in a country where Internet access is censored like it is in China; if I want to speak out against my government on social media, I am allowed to do so without severe consequences. People without this luxury have come up with their own modern, creative ways to work around these limitations through memes, as we can see from how Chinese citizens reacted online to the Beijing pollution crisis. I can see ways that Americans also utilize memes whenever something happens here although I think the main purpose is completely different. I can remember how many memes were going viral on election night last year because so many of us were collectively experiencing the same feelings. We weren’t exactly using the memes to spread information about the election but to post content that people knew would resonate with millions of people across the country. Through the memes, people could relate to one another and think to themselves that they’re feeling the same way. This prompted many people to either like, retweet, or reply to the tweets which made so many go viral that night. I wouldn’t call it a celebration considering how frightened many people were at the time but it was as if the memes were being used as an outlet to vent frustrations and concerns in a more lighthearted manner. Rather than posting lengthy tweets, memes can convey exactly the message you want them to in a single image or video, given that you use one that is appropriate to the context of the situation. I find it so fascinating that we can assign meaning to memes far beyond just the simple Internet sensations that they become initially known for. I think in the future we’ll be seeing a lot more real world significance with them, just like how Pepe has now become associated with Nazism (which is something I just learned last year compared to how I originally knew Pepe as just a funny frog character). Overall, I think society at large may come to take memes more seriously than we all did in the past as we bring them into the realm of politics, global issues, and so on.
Tumblr media
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blogs-of-kim · 11 hours ago
blog #001
date written: 08/05/2020
(reposted from my main acc)
I will share something about myself of how did I become an EXO-L since today is the 6th year of EXO-Ls being with EXO.
2014 is the year that I’ve known EXO. I just heard it from my EXO-L classmate. I think she started to stan EXO since 2013 or 2012 and her bias is Chanyeol. She shares that with me because we’re close friends back in the middle school. I’m not that interested in kpop back then but I listen to some kpop songs that are popular here in my country (Philippines) when I was in 2nd-3rd grade. Those are Fire by 2ne1, I am The Best by 2ne1, Hot Issue by 4minute, I Got A Boy by SNSD, and PSY’s songs like Gangnam Style and Gentleman.
She continued to introduce EXO to me through out all the middle school years. Then one day, on 5th grade, she borrowed a bluetooth speaker from our classmate which is also our friend and one of her best friend and she played Growl by EXO. In the beginning of the song it already caught my attention because it was catchy although I don’t even understand the language. So I’ve searched it on YouTube to listen to it again. When I tell her that I did that, she also recommended me to listen to their (EXO) song called Call Me Maybe. I also love it because it sounded sweet and lovely.
Also on 5th grade my cousin moved to our house temporarily and she studied in a school that is not so far in our home where me, my brother and my best friend/childhood friend (until now) studied before. I got close to this cousin of mine. We always talked about different things and some girls stuff. Then one day she showed me something on her phone. It was a photo of 12 different guys. I asked her who are they and she said it was EXO. I think it was Growl era back then.
Then she pointed out that her bias is Baekhyun. She showed me the picture of Baekhyun because I’m still recognizing them.
*this is the ot12 picture that she showed me back then*
Tumblr media
*then this is Baekhyun’s picture that she showed me back then too*
Tumblr media
After she showed me a lot of pictures of EXO, one of them caught my attention. It was Kris! Because while scanning with their pictures I thought that Kris is the most handsome of them all. So she sent me some of Kris’ pictures.
The funny thing is that I forgot to tell this to my EXO-L friend haha. But when talked me again about EXO I told her that I knew some of them and she is happy of course. She encouraged me to stan them but One Direction owns my heart back then and Taylor Swift also so I’m struggling to put another group or singer in my heart haha.
Then summer of 2019 (month of April) EXO managed to creep into my heart. Finally after all these years haha. I just searched their MVs on YouTube and then I’ve watched their web drama called EXO Next Door. I liked Chanyeol while watching the web drama so I was thinking that he will be my bias in EXO. But then Suho appeared and it change my mind and heart all of the sudden.
Even I’ve finished watching the drama I’ve kept thinking about Suho and he even appeared in my dreams and he will be the first person that I will think of. It was crazy but it was fun. So I’ve started watching EXO’s MVs and other variety shows and it made me become an EXO-L. When I’ve watched the Ko Ko Bop MV, I’ve screamed silently when I saw Suho there with curly hair and slayin’ with his looks. It was even rare for me to pick the vocalist to be my bias because almost all my bias are rappers.
Then I told this to my middle school EXO-L friend and to my closest cousin (it was a different cousin which I’ve mention before) which happens to be a kpop fan (she stans EXO, SEVENTEEN, Day6, Stray Kids, GFriend, etc.) too and they are all happy and welcomed me to the fandom. But EXO is not the only group that I’m stanning right now because there is iKON, WINNER and AKMU.
After I’ve decided that Suho is bias in EXO, I also watched some of Kyungsoo’s dramas and movies and all that I can say he’s acting skill are execellent. Same as his vocals. He is “small but terrible” kind of guy.
Then EXO-SC is my bias wreckers. Chanyeol has a special place in my heart. Kai sometimes attempts me to swerve on him especially when he is performing on stage because his dancing skills are excellent too. I can’t even believe that he learned to do ballet in his pre-debut years.
Chen’s voice always puts me to sleep. He is cute too so don’t put hate on him please just because he just had a baby and a wife (I would like to called it his wife). Because he is a human too and he deserves to be happy and to have a family. I wish that he appears on The Return of Superman because that would be super great!
I love Xiumin’s cleaning skills because he reminds me of my Mama’s (my mom) cleaning skills haha. He can also sing and rap especially on EXO-CBX. I find him cute too that I want him to snatch and put him on my pocket.
I also love Lay’s witty side and sometimes I feel bad that I’m laughing when he is kinda lost or something but it was so cute and I can’t help but to laugh. But he’s dancing skills are on point too. I hope that I can see him again with EXO so that ot9 will be complete again.
Baekhyun is so cute too and I want to pinch his cheeks. He is so adorable. And from what I’ve observed on him, his vocals improved a lot and it was amazing.
Sehun is a giant baby but he is also on my ideal type of guy haha. I also love seeing him with Vivi.
It was also sad about the Chinese members (Tao, Luhan, and Kris) to part ways with EXO but I respect their decisions. Also it made me tear up when I saw their reunion on a survival show on China which is Produce Camp 2020. I hope that they can also be reunited with the others.
So I might be late to stan EXO but it’s better to be late than never right?
엑소사랑자! ❤️
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darkacademiaaestheticlol · 12 hours ago
Dating Eddie Kaspbrak  Of the Losers Club Headcanon.:)
Warning:None but so much Fluff,some cursing and lots of love. Y/S/N=Your ship name
Tumblr media
Dating Eddie Would Include:
-Him bringing 3 fanny packs just in case you need him to carry something.
-By that I mean his 2 and your spare 1
-”Hey Eddie Spaghetti,can you put my glasses in your fanny pack?I need them for show and glow not look and read books.”
-He loves when you say stuff like that it makes him happy.
-You trip and fall while running or walking
-That didn’t kill you but OH you wish it did.
-You would NEVER hear the end of it.
-”Why were you not being careful in the 1st place?”
-He will wrap up your WHOLE arm for a papercut
-BUT you love that it makes you blush that he’s so overprotective 
-His mother hated you    until Eddie told her about “Your” fanny pack with medication for him.
-After that it was all love
-”Y/N dear are staying the night?REALLY ok i’ll make spaghetti.”
-That always made you laugh and say 
-”Mrs.Kaspbrak Eddie can’t eat...spaghetti..THAT would be cannibalism.”
-She would laugh as he rolled his eyes
-Cuddling with Eddie is sooo cute especially since your shorter than him.
-He would be the big spoon OR have you on top of him
-you would play Arctic Monkeys are Willow even Clario
-And he would have it done your hair in a braid just cause he knows it bothers you.
-So Richie would be super inappropriate saying stuff like.
-Always getting cut off by You blushing
-”Alright alright alright...I guess mrs.1 year younger than us answered that.”
-After that sentence Stanley Eddie and Beverly would ALWAYS say...
-”Beep Beep Richie”
-As Bill hits him in the back of the head
-you being Stanley’s bestfriend he would always tell you Eddie is NOT your type but he’s perfect for you.
-Beverly and Bill would tell you some new stuff about Eddie you didn’t know
-Funny pictures of him would now be in your Fanny pack.
-Mike and Ben would tell you cute pranks to do on him to make him mad.
-BUT they ALL well except for you and Eddie made little charms with ”Y/S/N” your ship name on them
-Yours and Eddies would have your picture on them.
-”WHERE DID YOU EVEN GET THIS PICTURE!!!!!”you and Eddie would scream
-”W-w-We got it from when y-you guys were s-sleeping at R-R-Richie's house during the m-m-m-movie.”
-It was super cute though.
-You would have it on the Backpack you always carry around on REALLY hot and cold days.
-Eddie on his panypack zipper
-Beverly on her favorite necklace chain with her key.
-Ben and Mike on their bracelets you got for the Losers.
-Stanley and Bill on a chain.
-BUT they had to make a new one for Richie because Bowers
-He yanked it off his bracelet.
-”So Fairy boy gots a Girlfriend and it so happens to be my dads co-workers daughter.”
-He doesn’t scare you though.
-ALL in all life is perfect with your relationship SUPER HEALTHY.get it.hehe
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besteestores · 13 hours ago
Denver Basketball Aaron Gordon signature shirt
New Post has been published on
Denver Basketball Aaron Gordon signature shirt
Denver Basketball Aaron Gordon signature shirt .besteestores As long as you want them to render it as a service and do not expect the production house to put in money as well, there must be many production houses willing to do it out there. Just google. If this is going to be the case, first be very careful about who you hire. Are they really as passionate about the story as you are? If you can sense that passion, go ahead.  Bonus tip: the days of hiring production houses are gone. The best way is to find a good producer (not the one who puts money, the one who manages film productions) and get him to develop a team and execute it. Ever wondered what actually takes place behind the camera while filming your favorite pictures? There is a lot going on behind the lens. Some are extremely funny while some are not. A few of them will help you appreciate the movies better. Movie making is no cakewalk.
Denver Basketball Aaron Gordon signature shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt
Classic Men’s
  Denver Basketball Aaron Gordon signature shirt .besteestores The struggles went through to finish the work is real. These interesting film facts could be fun to read and know. In Slumdog Millionaire we all felt disgusted and disturbingly sad for Jamal when he had to jump into the ditch of shit. In real life, the ditch was filled with a mix of chocolate and peanut butter. That kid was actually having the time of his life. This one from film facts made me feel cheated. There are three methods that I’m aware of. The most simple one that I’ve seen in many movies lately is to just have the actor spew out fake vomit that is being held in their mouth and to quickly cut away. You Can See More Product:
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petra-realsnk · 13 hours ago
Rivetra meeting on the internet?
Hello, you dilf!! 🌹 Thank you so much for the request. This was so much fun I kind of turned it into a prompt… ups. I basically wrote a short story about how they met and then did some headcons. It’s longer than I expected. I just couldn’t help myself. Hope you like it!!
Word count: 1087
Tumblr media
How did it happen?  
Levi has always been the bachelor of the group. Relationships come and go in his group of friends, but he always remains single. The truth is, it's his fault. 
He’s generally not very sociable, conforming to his usual small circle of close people and turning away anyone who tries to enter his life. His career was the perfect excuse to remain alone, but the moment Hange and Erwin started dating, he began to realize that maybe this wasn't what he wanted ... Of course, he was too proud to admit it. 
One night out after having dinner with Hange and Erwin, they started teasing him about his sentimental situation. Levi ended up frustrated and kind of admitted he wasn’t good at it, and of course, Hange decided to help him. 
After a couple of drinks, Hange took some pics of him without his knowledge and created a Tinder profile. Not that he had better. Levi didn’t like to take pictures, even though he’s was a reasonably good-looking man who took care of himself. As their conversation went on, they gave super likes to the most-fitting girls they found. 
Seeing how suspiciously quiet Hange was, Levi snatched the phone and was mortified to found his blurry face in what he defined as a “cringe ass dating app.”
They fought for the phone for a while until the notification rang. It was a super match! Hange screamed in excitement while Levi was perplexed. Whoever had liked his profile was most likely just laughing at the ridiculous bio they had written for him. However, he was crazy curious to see them. 
Hange's eyes widened, and their jaw dropped. “Holy shit! You have to be the luckiest man alive. Thank me later, shortie!” 
Levi rapidly grabbed the phone back and was shook to see the prettiest ginger girl ever. She seemed to be his absolute opposite. Her pics were adorable, with a lot of quality, and she appeared to be his type as well. That couldn’t be happening to him. It was too good to be true. 
On the other side of the phone, Petra was ready to write him something. She had downloaded the app some weeks ago because “why not?” She knew successful couples who had met each other that way. However, after some disastrous dates, she began to get fed up with the same “handsome-business-administration-type” that always turned to just want sex. So when she saw Levi’s funny profile, she decided to give it a try. The pics weren’t great, but he looked cute regardless. 
“Hi, Hange!! I am Petra <3 Thank you for bringing such a nice match in here!! We’re lacking some variety… Please don’t be so mean to him. He’s quite handsome, not a rat at all!!” 
Levi panicked, holding his phone with both hands and letting his friends help him a little. 
“Hi, this is Levi.” 
Petra got incredibly excited and flustered at his message. She jumped into her bed and rolled in excitement.
It was weird. They didn’t know each other yet, but they had the feeling the other was about to become someone important in their lives. 
How things went from there? 
-They deleted the app that same day. Levi was the one who insisted on messaging her somewhere else. The sole thought of seeing the Tinder logo on his phone made him cringe. Petra founded his honesty kind of cute. He really was like a grumpy grandpa. 
- They continued to talk and get to know each other. Every time their screens lightened, they got a tingling sensation in their stomachs. Petra’s friends soon realized she was talking with someone by the look on her face. She couldn’t stop smiling while typing. They thought "the dude was a little weird," but Petra was so excited they had no option but to support her. 
- Levi was terrified of screwing up. He tried to polish his manners as much as possible. Their friends always scolded him for how nonchalant he “sounded.” He was so dry at the beginning they couldn’t believe that sunshine still wanted to talk to him. 
-Petra soon found out what his interests were, which made him talk a little more. With the passage of days, he felt more comfortable talking with her. She seemed pretty open-minded and accepting, plus they shared a lot of views on important matters. They started to think it could work for real.  
- Petra was the first one to send him a selfie. Something cute, showing him the drink she was having. Levi liked to exercise, and he had just finished his routine at the gym when he received it. He was afraid to give off the wrong impression but took the chance to send her a shirtless mirror selfie in the dresser. 
Petra opened the message and spat out his 6 dollar caramel macchiato… That was the first good-quality pic he got of him, and he turned out to be a "whole ass meal." Her friends, of course, told her to hurry up and meet him in person. 
-Levi was the one to ask her out. They weren’t too far away, and he knew a spot next to where she worked. They met for tea, and the date was quite formal. Petra was surprised at how serious he also seemed in real life. He was somewhat blunt yet well-mannered. Levi instantly fell in love with her colors. Her eyes and hair looked beautiful in person. 
- They were really awkward at first. Their partner was even hotter than expected, but they eventually made it flow. 
- After the first date, Petra was mortified at the thought that she might have fucked up. He stayed on his lane way too much during the three first dates. She started to wonder if he was into her at all. 
Levi liked her more by the day. He just had a hard time making the first move. 
- Finally, on their fourth meeting, Petra told him directly that she liked him. Levi corresponded with her feelings, and they ended making out in his car. 
You can imagine how it ended!! (or you can send another ask... ) 👀😂💕
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alphinias · 13 hours ago
Do you have any Jiara hcs (and or other hcs of the core 5) pre season 1?? Also, do you think realistically we will ever get flashbacks BECAUSE I WANT FLASHBACKS SO BAD DKFJSLDJKFJSDK
I just have the general hcs I think! I like to imagine that Kie and Pope came along a little later, maybe when they were around 11, to join the group. Kie was probably SUPER tomboyish back then because she hadn’t been friends with Sarah yet. I think JJ always had a bit of a thing for her.
I think when Kie moved to the kook academy mental health played an equal role with her self isolation from the boys as her friendship with Sarah did. People with these issues are prone to pulling away from the the ones they love, and if Sarah was the one who helped her get past that along with finally giving her a place at the kook academy, it makes a lot of sense for why being ditched by her hurt so badly. I know a lot of people hc Kie had romantic feelings for Sarah. I think it’s a valid hc, but I don’t think I see it as the end all like everyone else does. Friendship is sacred enough on its own, especially when you mesh like Kie and Sarah had to have, and you add Kie’s former isolation on top of it.
I used to always headcanon that JB let her back in relatively easily and Pope just went along with it to avoid confrontation (hence why she still had underlying conflict with him in canon that they clearly hadn’t resolved) and that maybe JJ took the longest to forgive her/let her back in, however... I have also seen very convincing portrayals of the opposite in fics (PLTC).
I think Kie was suddenly super hot and grown up when she came back, and the boys were too. Kie is probably determined not to let anything romantic happen between them ever because she’s already lost them once, and she doesn’t want to risk the few people that get her. I don’t think Kie has many people like that, that just get her, and I also think there’s a little part of her that’s self conscious they just let her back in because she’s hot anyway. As for the locked door comment: as I’ve said before, at most, JJ probably made a move when he was drunk at the boneyard or something, and Kie totally didn’t realize how much he actually is into her/that he’s serious. I also think it could be something as simple as JJ casually flirting and her rolling her eyes and taking it we a joke and he takes it as “oh well that door is so so locked”.
I also fully think Pope’s feelings for her could amount to “there is this beautiful amazing girl I’m best friends with and I never talk to girls and therefor I must have feelings for this one right?” I’d really just like their breakup to be semi mutual and I think this makes a lot of sense for the way Pope’s character is.
I think JB and Kie always clicked immediately and I have an enormous soft spot for them! They’re one of my favorite individual friendships on the show for sure. I have a major soft spot for cute m/f brotps and they just give me major harmione vibes. I also definitely think she is so protective of him because she feels like she wasn’t there for him in his greatest time of need, and now she’s going above and beyond and trying to make up for it.
As for the potential of flashbacks: I have high hopes because Rudy and JD posted those pictures way back with what some of us thought could be some child actor feet. If they theoretically casted a young Pope and JJ, it only makes sense that JB and Kie would be there too. I think with them all missing JB a childhood flashback would be FANTASTIC and it would be crazy not to use it.
(Edit: this is actually probably Rudy and JD’s hands in their stunt doubles shoes but I’m leaving it up because it’s funny lmao)
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my-hyperfixations · 16 hours ago
In 90 Days
This is a fanfic on wattpad, absolutely amazing, if you haven’t read it yet you definitely should. Ya know how Dream and George were joking around about getting married to get George to America? 
yeah that’s what this is about. 
So go read it if you haven’t read it 
I just find it really funny on how what the fans in the fanfic’s reactions would’ve been.
Like imagine how Dream and George have been awfully quiet for a couple of months, George was active on twitter a few months ago but that’s pretty much all the activity that’s happened. Some of the fans are worries, in general they don’t really know what’s happening. Some fans try to ask Sapnap and Bad what’s happening, but they never say anything.
But then one day they just see a tweet Dream posts saying “oh yeah, me and George are married now” 
and no one really believes them, being like “oh, they’re joking” “they’re messing around again” “it’s not real” and all that other stuff, but some shippers are still like “WHAT”
but then George posts a picture of either his and Dream’s wedding rings or a photo of him and Dream kissing, and the fandom EXPLODES.
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