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#Organized Chaos
taliasayar · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
          ◟* talia sayar —— 𝐫𝐨𝐨𝐦 𝐭𝐨𝐮𝐫. ( task #01 )
 𝒂𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒕𝒊𝒄𝒔 — multiple piles of books packed into a corner, different flowers and plants littered along a desk, a bed overflowing with pillows and warm blankets, art supplies scattered everywhere, clothes tucked in organized chaos in a chest by the foot of the bed, a well kept cage for leia the iguana, walls decorated in artwork and memorabilia from talia’s friends.
what's in your muse's junk drawer ?
talia’s junk drawer, located at her desk, is filled with extremely random things talia couldn’t find a place for — a sparkly yoyo, some ruined brushes, plenty of scrunchies, random notes from a class, a little baggie filled with some items she’s bought from jamie, a glowstick that’s very dead but is from her first dreamscape and she can’t seem to get rid of it.
if there was a fire, what are the top 2 things your muse would rescue from their room ?
leia, her beloved iguana, and any of her and her friend’s art she could hold in her other hand.
what's hanging on their walls ? 
some postcards her mom sends when she’s traveling, some photos of talia and her dad, but mostly it’s things she’s collected from her friends. a dried flower maxine gave her in freshman year, a watercolor turtle painting done by lex, a friendship bracelet given to her by reyna, a game of tic tac toe where christian beat her six separate times on the same napkin, the first sketch of the midnight goblins logo, some sale signs she designed for high volume. she loves her friends, and she loves looking at her walls and remembering the memories they’ve shared. 
how often do they clean it ?
talia tidies often, but her room is always organized chaos, so there’s always kind of a mess. 
do they keep anything in their room that they wouldn't want anyone else to see ?
the little bag of drugs she’s bought from jamie, but she has so many things around her room if someone was snooping she’d already be a little anxious they may find something embarrassing.
what's on their bedside table ?
an alarm clock she never uses, a little prism she plays with sometimes to turn light into a rainbow, a small cactus named rex after she read the jurassic park novel and went on a dinosaur researching spree, any book she’s reading at the time, her walkman and earbuds. 
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archiveofaffinities · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Advertisements for Architecture 0293
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mowuune · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Absolutely blame @impatentpending for this,
You all probably know which incorrect quote this is from but the link will be in a reblog
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vithcy · a year ago
Camp halfblood t-shirts variation where instead of the pegasus they have a symbol according to their godly parent/cabin. i.e a child of Demeter
Tumblr media
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milandas-law · 13 days ago
These three pairs of cuties involving one reacting to being kissed by the other.
Milo's reaction was quite cute. He touched the cheek Amanda kissed & even blushes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Benson's reaction is similar to Milo's. But instead of a blush after the kiss, he smiles at Troy as he walked away.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Luz gives a different reaction to the kiss. She's so taken off guard, when Amity goes into her home, she falls down!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So much love for all of these cuties & their kiss reactions
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human-being61 · 5 months ago
Mark: reblogs stuff like once a month and then disappears into the night, creating an organized chaos
Mark tonight:
Tumblr media
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sharonbphotos · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Garden Stories
Floral beauty best described as organized chaos.  Is there any other way?
© 2018 | Sharon Boswall | Leave captions, credits, no re-blogs to NSFW
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writeroftheprompts · 3 years ago
WriterofthePrompts Ultimate Ask Masterlist 2 (Updated 05/20)
Wow, first of all I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the support on the First Ask Masterlist! Obviously I had to make a second one with all the asks I’ve answered since then so here you go. You can also check out my list of Random Writing Tips. As last time, some of these posts have notes from lovely people who have added onto my answers with their advice and you can also help out fellow writers by adding your tips or ideas to the posts in the replies or by reblogging. Hope you enjoy! 😊
Writing Tips
Can’t think of what to write for a scene? Cut it.
The “organized chaos” form of outlining
Resources for writing a story synopsis
Can a comedy also have a good message?
Writing a fantasy fit for most ages (also under Fantasy)
When you’ve got an idea but don’t know how to expand it
Building on your story yourself  
Will posting writing online hurt publishing chances?
Using a prompt for a series
Ways to give information to a character
How to give the same information to multiple characters at different times
Dialogue tips
Coming up with a title (expanded)
Making the real villain a plot twist 
Some resources for creating a language
How to decide if you want a good or sad ending (Also, how not to screw up an ending) (Also, why the GoT ending makes me sad)
How to skip over the passage fo time in writing (Part 1)
How to use scene breaks for the passage of time, change in location etc. (Part 2)
Story Structure Tips
Travelling scenes: when to skip and how to make them impactful
Writing a sloooow carriage ride without being boring 
Moving back and forth in time in the story
difference between inciting incident and plot point 1
Blending backstory with present to further the plot
Writing scenes with a lot of characters
Writing a story as a journal or video log style
Third or first person?
Limited third person vs first person
Writing a long series
Connecting your ideas
When to introduce major and minor conflicts
How to develop your own style of writing
When to describe a character
Motivation and Positivity
Worrying about “originality” with your writing
Staying focused on writing
Sticking to one idea before moving on to the next?
Turning off the editor voice
starting to write and keeping motivation
quick tip on writing down inspiration in the moment
How do you know you are cut out to be a writer?
When you feel your plot isn’t exciting enough
When you think your idea is stupid (it’s not)
On covid-19 and whether I think it’s “bad” to take inspiration from it
When you think you’re writing has lost feeling
Character Development
Writing unnecessary scenes with your characters just for fun
Tips for writing a fully-fledged peppy girl
Teen raised by twenty-year-old family member
Mentor/Mentee relationship
Describing nature the way a nature-lover would
Showing a dead family member’s impact on the MC
Writing about a character losing loved one
Ways to show a character’s disgust 
Why a “good” character would switch to the bad side
Why the “White Saviour” thing is a cliche and sucks
Villains who do things like “killing the dog”
Good and bad reasons to kill off a character
Character exercise when you lose their voice
Resources for learning more for a Jewish character (in the notes)
A reason a character might feel cliche
Representations of Gluttony and Laziness as humans
More on twins and siblings
How a tough character might react to something shocking/upsetting
Writing Types of Characters
Writing a good guy MC who turns out to be the villain
Bad guy turning good and making them sympathetic
Dr. Doof: how to write a great villain
Coming up with villains
Coming up with villains 2
Writing a scheming character
A character raised by a computer
Bilingual character tip
Interracial couples
Some negative traits for someone in a zombie apocalypse
Flaws for a Gary Stu type 
a character trying to learn the language on a new world (also under World Building)
Good guy vs bad guy stories aren’t a cliche
Writing a CIA/FBI/Military character (also under Thriller)
writing a drunk character with some heartfelt moments and humour
Why NOT having diversity in your story cast is odd
A character with diabetes
Fictional races where one is “superior” to the other
Writing a serial killer as your main character (also under Thriller/Crime)
Writing a good Strong Female Character™️ 
Writing about a mob character (also under Thriller)
Writing a female astronomer in ancient Greece (Also under Historical)
Shy characters don’t have to be passive
Shyness and confidence aren’t mutually exclusive
World Building
Creating a creation myth
The creation of gods based on people’s beliefs
History research post (also under Historical)
Making an acronym from an organization
Naming world building aspects
strange weather ideas
ideas for ridiculous rules to join an excuse club
Why someone would put on a massive tournament
a character trying to learn the language on a new world (also under Types of Characters)
Making a magical setting exciting (also under fantasy/paranormal)
When you have too much information for an expansive world
Weaving a complex magic system into your story (also under fantasy/paranormal)
Using words referring to our world in a fictional world
Why gods would abandon their world
Aphrodite, Hephaestus and Ares: the original love triangle
basing gods on multiple gods
Why someone would control dreams
Dark fantasy with a dream shop
Conflicts for someone with the power to share dreams with others *
Ways to break a curse
Reasons why someone would need to break their curse now
Coming up with a good curse for your character
Ways to break the curse to get the Prince out of the tower
When the princess rescues the prince
Prince/ss of one kingdom raised by another king
why a princess would run away
Prompts for a King or Queen getting assassinated *
Why a villain would overthrow a royal family *
Reasons two Kings would marry each other *
which fairytales deserve retellings
Fairy tale prompts
Using fairytale characters in retellings
Stories written from the POV of fairytale villains
Writing a fantasy fit for most ages (also under Writing Tips)
Friendship between a dragon and a human
Vampire and human couple meeting
Angel and ex-demon hanging out together
demons that feed on love and joy?
mythical kids meeting humans
Sword fight resources (also under Historical)
Using an axe as a weapon
Haunted house story from ghost’s perspective
A family moves in to a house that is alive 
Does the afterlife have to include religious aspects?
Writing the grief of a girl finding her friend as a ghost
Witch sisters with unequal powers 
Reasons a village would be afraid of a kind wizard
How a wizard’s guardian might tell them they are a wizard
Making a magical setting exciting (also under world building) 
Weaving a complex magic system into your story (also under world building) 
Things a magic council would use money for 
Ideas for magical powers
Ideas for ancient magical powers
Prompts about cities that are always in night 
Prompts about a changeling
Reasons a magical world would need a saviour 
mirroring strengths and weaknesses for magic manipulation
How an immortal could die under mysterious circumstances
How to get regular folk involved in a magical world
“Underused" fantasy settings
Funny dialogue making fun of fantasy cliches
Prompts about a hidden/occult society
Autumn prompts about fae
Manatees being confused for mermaids
Fantasy modes of communication
Sci Fi
Futuristic space pirates
How to tell who is the clone and who is the original
Artifacts curious aliens would steal from Earth
Weird things that would wipe out a part of the population
How a person could go back in time
Question prompts for a virtual afterlife
How a half-human character might realize their alien half
“Non cliche” ideas for an apocalypse story
Time travel prompts for the current era
Writing about the Tudor court
History research post (also under World Building)
Sword fight resources
Using an axe as a weapon
Quick reasons why genocide doesn’t just happen overnight
Writing a female astronomer in ancient Greece (also under Types of Characters)
Dragons in Ancient Egypt?
Writing about WOC in the 1950’s
Aftermaths of a civil war
Thriller/Crime (aka I-swear-I’m-not-a-criminal-just-a-writer asks):
writing assassins
Sassy Assassins 3!
How an assassin with special abilities would discover these abilities
Clues that would make a character suspect another for murder
Writing a CIA/FBI/Military character (also under Types of Characters)
Serial/mass murder…causes?
tests to get into secret organization
Writing a serial killer as your main character (also under Writing Types of Characters)
Tips for writing a consistent murder mystery
Murder mystery party prompts (humorous)
How to come up with subplots for a mystery
Writing about a mob character (also under Writing Types of Character)
Why a step father might be a suspect in a teen’s disappearance
Prompts of killer kids terrorizing their babysitter
Prompts about a college kid being stalked on campus
The Masked Sinner prompts
Prompts about a crime scheme in 1950’s
Superheroes and Super Villains
Sidekick wanting to be a superhero
Super villain cause ideas
Sidekick and villain falling in love (also under Romance)
Superhero story originality
How a super villain can get notoriety
Woman unknowingly falls in love a super villain
World building ideas for superhero stories
Effects of the power of intangibility
Alter ego prompts
How a princess and a pirate fall in love
two exes who end up working together
How two random kids could meet at school
Sidekick and villain falling in love (also under Superheroes)
Cliches in romance scene?
Original ways that a couple could break up
How to introduce a living girl and ghost love interests
Conflicts in relationship between chef and their pupil
Prompts about being abandoned
Character who has never danced in pressured into it
The best ask ever
MC and sister get kicked out of clan. What next? 
Reasons characters would hate another (a concubine)
A disturbing cultish 1950’s-esque town
Some links to help find Beta readers
Why a principal would hate a student
Why a character would forgive their ex
Prompts about anomalies
Reasons a parent would be controlling
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Tumblr media
An Organized Chaos Drabble
Drabble Gift for @enigmaticrose4 (prompt-  Library, first meeting, “You’re not at all what I expected.” Muggle or magical AU)
Title: Perfect Profile
Hermione Granger was never late to an appointment, and that was why she sat alone at her favorite table in the corner of the library, staring at her phone while she waited for her “date” to arrive. She didn’t mind waiting, after all, she was ten minutes early, but with every minute that passed her nerves just got worse.
She checked and double checked his messages to make sure she hadn’t missed one, and obsessively read his profile and browsed through his pictures again. He just seemed too good to be true, this Draco Malfoy. He’d grown up in a town just a few miles away from hers, he liked the same books, which was a rare find, and had the same love for history. He was intelligent, handsome, and could keep up with her when she went on tangents. She even liked the confident, if not a bit cocky, attitude he displayed during late night chat sessions. And God he looked good in a suit. She could just imagine herself undoing that tie around his neck before leaving a trail of love bites there.
Ginny had warned her about “cat fishing”, but after a year of horrible dates and unsatisfying sex, she was desperate for someone to click. She figured she had nothing to lose and finally gave online dating a go. She didn’t even care if he wasn’t as perfect as he seemed to be. He was obviously witty because that was something no one could fake, so she was willing to give him a chance, even if he didn’t look exactly like his picture.
Crossing her legs, she sighed. She’d put her all into this date, even wearing a matching bra and knickers, so she would be highly disappointed if he turned out to be a balding fifty-something with a pot belly. She wouldn’t go so far as to say she was shallow, but there was a limit.
She was so busy staring at her phone and worrying over the possibilities of being duped that she hadn’t noticed she was no longer alone until someone cleared their throat.
Startled, she let her phone drop onto the table.
“My apologies, I didn’t mean to sneak up on you,” an almost dreamy baritone said as she scrambled to stand up to greet him.
“No, no. I’m sorry. I was just zoned-” She began, pulling at the hem of her skirt as her eyes traveled upward to land on his face. All the words she was going to say stuck to her tongue and all she could do was stare.
She needn’t worry about being disappointed. He was beautiful.
“It’s fine. I’m just glad I snuck up on the right woman,” he flashed a dazzling white smile, “you are Hermione Granger right?”
“Yes,” she said quickly. “I’m- yes I’m her.”
He nodded his head and extended his hand to her. “Draco Malfoy. It’s nice to meet you.”
She finally snapped out of whatever spell he’d put her under and took his hand. “It’s a pleasure.”
“I’d say the pleasure is all mine,” he replied, his voice soft - a hint of mischief in his eyes.
This man.
Oh, this man.
He knew what he was doing.
“You certainly know what to say, don’t you Mr. Malfoy?”
“I have been told I make a good first impression.”
She smiled. “That you do.”
He offered her his arm. “Ready to go to dinner? I made reservations at a lovely little place down the street.”
Her eyes lit up. “Belavitas?”
“Of course,” he replied, “only the finest for you.”
She grabbed her phone and shoved it into her purse. “Then lead the way.”
It was a quick walk to the Italian restaurant. As the hostess walked away from seating them, they simultaneously put their phones on silent. It was reassuring to know neither wanted outside distractions. They exchanged the normal first date spiel but the more they talked, the more she noticed his gaze moving up and down her body, a smile ever present as he did so.
After a few more minutes of back and forth, she’d finally had enough. She just had to know..“Why are you looking at me like that?”
“No reason, really.” he shrugged, “You’re just not at all what I expected.”
She frowned. “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”
“A good thing, I assure you,” he replied with a smirk. “Your pictures don’t do you justice, Ms. Granger.”
Heat rose in her cheeks and she fought the urge to look away from him. “Thank you. I’m…I’m not used to such compliments.”
“If a compliment is all it takes to make you blush like that, I’ll compliment you all night, love.”
Images of him doing everything in his power to make her blush flooded her mind and the tell tale signs of lust stirred between her legs.
“If you compliment me anymore, Mr. Malfoy, you may find yourself skipping dinner and going straight to dessert.”
The look he gave her had her heart thumping quickly in her chest. His eyes were dark with want and full of promises.
Now, more than ever, she was glad she clicked on his picture.
Just like his profile, he was perfect.
(Thanks goes to my beta @botwp 😚
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inksteaks · 2 years ago
dave shouting at the narrator to get out of his head, making his first kiss with karkat arguably the only definite act of pure free will in a story where every action is being influenced by hidden speakers on *both* sides, just, absolutely, fucking, RULES
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jazzymarie1006 · 2 years ago
Why I adore Milo and Amanda so much.
1. Milo's crush on Amanda.
Tumblr media
It was so cute to see Milo's determination to make sure Amanda watch the Opera.
It's clear from just two episodes in season 1 that Milo adores her and wants to help her out in anyway.
2. Amanda wasn't the one to fall in love first.
Tumblr media
Amanda didn't hate Milo, but she clearly wasn't a fan of Murphy's Law. Thus causes her to not want to be close to Milo.
Which makes it clear to see their relationship develop (making of which...).
3. Amanda's development
Tumblr media
You can actually see Amanda's development with Milo as the series goes on.
Sure this show doesn't notice focus much episodes on romance, but when they do, they often show Amanda's development.
4. Amanda learning from/more about Milo
Tumblr media
Amanda has learned alot from Milo in certain episodes (caught him off guard in Cake 'Spolison).
She even begins to develop his positive attitude as well in certain episodes.
She even helps him out at times (like he helped her out).
That's why I adore these two cute pies.
Tumblr media
@arendalphaeagle @olgamasoni @yara-chan-the-autistic-artist @the-mml-and-svtfoe-fangirl
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actually-demyx · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
wot ‘n organization?
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