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arniesmarmy · 2 days ago
Anyway ya girl just saw Hadestown with @roukabi and you Bet you Know I'm gonna make a Big-Ass post about it.
(Spoilers for the entire show under the cut btw)
So first of all, it was good. Like, really fucking good. I haven't seen live theater since I saw The Lion King when I was 9, so this was just... *mwah*
And the good news is that I'm so desensitized to everything that I only cried once! (During doubt comes in obvs but we'll get into that later.)
Getting into the show now, my biggest fear going in was the cast. In case you couldn't tell already, I'm very, VERY attached to the OBC (specifically reeve and eva), so I was a little scared that I wouldn't like the show because I wouldn't like the cast.
But, wouldn't you know, I was pleasantly surprised! The cast was absolutely Amazing. My favorite cast member was probably Levi Kreis as Hermes, who I was most surprised by. He had this sort of 1930's soap opera actor charm to him that I just LOVED. He kinda felt like an uncle figure to Orpheus rather than a father, but that was something I was perfectly fine with.
Kevyn Morrow and Kimberly Marable as Hades and Persephone were Fantastic. Kimberly was wild and crazy and incredible and Kevyn really leaned into the sleazy aspect of Hades. (Which, as a certified Hades disliker, was something I appreciated. He was fun to hate.)
Morgan Siobhan Green made a really great Eurydice. I've seen a lot of people criticizing her for being "aggressive", but uh.... That's... a part of her character? She's supposed to be that way, and I think Morgan handled it really well.
And then there's Nicholas Barasch as Orpheus. Out of all the cast members in the show, I think I was the most terrified to see him perform. Reeve Carney is my favorite artist of all time, so hearing somebody take over the role that I thought nobody could play but him scared me. Granted, I had these thoughts about Eurydice too, but women can do anything so why be scared. But Nicholas was really really good! His falsetto felt natural, and his movements really helped make the character his own.
So now that the cast is out of the way, I'm gonna go through some parts of the show that really stood out to me.
Levi says "Alright" instead of "A'ight", which isn't that big of a deal but it was to me.
I may or may not have been the only person who clapped when Eurydice was introduced, but in my defense I didn't know I wasn't supposed to clap.
Levi also does these really cool riffs during Road to Hell that I loved. I'm really used to the OBCR, but I'm glad that they changed some parts up a bit.
Orpheus does a big ol' wave when he gets introduced.
So when Eurydice gets introduced, she and Orpheus just kinda stand there and look at each other for the rest of the song, which I thought was kinda weird.
I thankfully could see the candle being lit and blown out during Any Way the Wind Blows, even from my spot in the back of the balcony. Cool imagery man.
Orpheus makes Eurydice a cute lil' napkin flower and gives it to her during Come Home With Me.
Wedding Song has a lot of great moments. The chorus seems to be judging Orpheus along with Eurydice, which was hilarious. When she brings up the wedding bands she and another chorus member do a lil' finger wiggle at him.
And at "you wanna take me home?" Eurydice moves her coat away from her hips and does a little sway which I thought was hilarious.
Orpheus walks on a row of tables during the initial "la's."
The flower just appears out of nowhere??? I'd like to know where you got it sir.
During Epic I Persephone seems to be really into the story Orpheus is telling, pointing stuff out to Hades like "Hey man remember when you did that? What happened to you?"
Before Persephone arrives on the surface she moves to give Hades a kiss on the cheek, but he pushes her off and turns away.
Also I think a great opportunity was missed by having a chorus member catch the bouquet Persephone throws instead of Eurydice.
During the All I've Ever Known Intro Persephone just randomly touches Orpheus and Eurydice as Hermes talks about them which I thought was weird??? Like okay but why???
The weird handstand-thing Eurydice did during the AIEK instrumental was left out, which is understandable but I miss it.
Orpheus and Eurydice are still full-out making out when Way Down Hadestown starts.
Eventually the move to the side of the stage where Eurydice sits on Orpheus' lap for a couple verses.
And then they just lay down on center stage for another verse before getting up and dancing.
Sadly Eurydice does not twirl Orpheus.
Hades' "I missed ya" is said with a lot more "duh" to it. It's like "Well obviously why did you think I came up here?"
So I knew that Orpheus would move in front of Eurydice after "Kinda makes you wonder how it feels" but what I WASN'T expecting was a whole-ass LEAP in front of her. Hilarious.
In A Gathering Storm when Eurydice says "We need food! We need firewood!" She gets really panicked, which I really liked.
And then before she leaves she touches Orpheus on the shoulder.
Nicholas started Epic II by going "King of sh-ilver". Perfect save.
Orpheus is on stage the entire time from Hey, Little Songbird to Gone, I'm Gone. That really broke me knowing that he was there. He could've helped.
When Kevyn started Hey, Little Songbird I think somebody went "OH." Fair reaction, since he went really low on that first note.
Also he puts on his shades before the song started like he was blinded by being on the surface.
I think Hermes may have gotten paid for Eurydice dying. Maybe. I don't know.
Orpheus collapses to his knees when he hears about Eurydice dying.
Wait For Me was so COOL. They had the lanterns and the stage SPLIT OPEN and the ENDING. OH WOWWWW. My jaw was on the FLOOR.
In addition to the workers and Hades singing Why We Build the Wall, Persephone is there too? Everyone seems to be in a trance, which was... unsettling.
And they sing the last "free" really quietly.
Hades unbottons his coat and makes a big show of untying his tie before going behind the door with Eurydice, which made me sick to my stomach. My first reaction when intermission started was "Yuck."
The crew came out and adjusted everything as the curtains were still open. The guitarist and bassist came out a little bit before Act II started probably to tune.
I saw a post earlier this week about the implied affair between Hermes and Persephone, and my two cents is that it was really implied in this version. They walk in together and the kiss on the cheek is REALLY drawn out. Persephone also gives him a bouquet and a flask that was in her dress so... take that as you will.
Also when she says "Step into my office" she makes a really suggestive gesture towards the door upstairs and I just...
Anyway what I thought was REALLY weird is that the chorus isn't on stage during Our Lady? It's just Persephone, Hermes, and the band. Persephone makes references to the audience though.
I clapped really loudly for the invisible percussionist bc he deserves it. (And also for the guitarist bc I'm biased.)
Persephone sits on the sidelines during Way Down II, kinda drinking away her sorrows.
The staging for Flowers was super interesting. Eurydice is kneeling in the middle, and the workers are lying down behind her. Hermes and Persephone are on the sides of the stage, looking upset. I thought that was just interesting to note.
Come Home With Me II made me tear up. Did I go "aww" out loud during this song? Yes, but I also did during every other song so that's not a problem.
Orpheus takes five seconds before saying "Come home with me."
Eurydice asks "you heard?" And Orpheus goes "No!" really enthusiastically.
Orpheus says "no I walked a long way" very much out of breath which was hilarious.
In Papers, Hades goes "Oh? You didn't know?" In a very taunting manner.
Strobe lights were used during the instrumental.
Nothing Changes was weirdly fast? I thought it was an accident but they were so in-sync that it couldn't have been one.
When Orpheus sings "and the girl I love is gone" Eurydice, who's standing next to him, gets really shocked and walks away.
When Orpheus tries to walk away, he hobbles away since he's been injured but five seconds later he's jumping around like he's perfectly fine.
The last few lines of the song are directed to Persephone, who's also there. I thought that was a neat touch.
As Orpheus and the workers leave the stage I saw Eurydice reach up and try to comfort Orpheus which aaaaa my heartttt
How Long actually kept my attention for once. This is the first time we see the red side of Hades' shirt, which might be symbollic???
I'm pretty sure that they amplified Hades' mic during "I CONDUCT THE ELECTRIC CITY." Not complaining at all, just thought it was funny.
So remember those drums at the beginning of NYTW Epic III? Well they brought them BACK. It's for a short interlude where the Fates bring Orpheus his guitar. (bc they took it from him earlier) I personally believe that this moment would've been better with silence, but it was a nice little "Hey I know that" kinda moment.
Orpheus starts Epic III really nervous, but steadily gets more confident as the song goes on.
When Hades sings the melody, Persephone gets so excited and even though I'm not a huge Hades fan I smiled like a little kid in that moment.
The Dance is super cute.
In Promises, the line "I don't know where this road will end..." is when Eurydice turns to the workers??? She like shakes their hands and touches them and it's cute and all but isn't this an Orphydice song????
But when Orpheus kneels down on "do you let me walk with you?" All the workers freak out like Eurydice's being proposed to.
There's a super long pause in between "And this is how he answered him" and "I don't know" in Word to the Wise. Super tense. Loved it.
During the instrumental in His Kiss the Riot, Hades runs back in forth between The Fates, who push him away, and Orpheus, Eurydice, and Persephone, who step back in fear. (Orphydice are clinging to each other btw)
Wait For Me Reprise was really good. Morgan slayed the ending. I would say more about it but I was kinda busy going "Oh fuck oh god he turns around in the next song" to notice anything else.
Yeah Doubt Comes In was super traumatic. However, I did like that we couldn't see Eurydice until when she started singing.
And then he turned and my fight or flight activated and I was sobbing so hard during the "it's you/it's me" that I didn't notice what was happening.
But then Road to Hell II started and I was fine.
At the end of the show Orpheus runs in and he and Eurydice just stare at each other until the end.
Obvs we gave them a standing ovation and we stood the entire time during We Raise Our Cups.
So yeah that's it. My only complaint was that I was sitting too far away lol. I would've also liked to see more Orphydice moments, but I would've asked for that no matter how many I got.
And here are some pictures that I took!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Images I.D. - 7 pictures. Going from top to bottom, left to right:
Picture 1 is of the ceiling of the Fisher Theater, where I saw the show. It is a very intricate pattern with lanterns hanging from it.
Picture 2 is of the stage, which is poorly shot since I was far away and my camera is shit. A stack of tables and chairs is center stage, and three platforms surround it. The platform on the left contains seats for the trombone, cellist, and violinist, as well as stairs leading to a door. The middle platform has an "elevator", and stairs that lead to a balcony with another table and door. The right platform has seats for the bassist and guitarist, as well as a piano for the pianist. A door leads out.
Picture 3 is a poster that was outside the theater. It has the Hadestown logo (a red carnation clutched in someone's hand against a dirty brown background) and the words "Winner! 8 Tony Awards! Best Musical" in all caps.
Picture 4 is the necklace that I bought after the show. It is a golden carnation, similar to the one on the logo. It's lying on the palm of my hand.
Picture 5 is of the program. It contains the Hadestown logo.
Picture 6 is the cast page of the program.
Picture 7 is of the tote bag my mom bought for me. It contains the Hadestown logo.
End ID]
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hotmessrepresentation · 4 months ago
i had a joke about orpheus and eurydice but looking back it wasn't a good idea
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ratcarney · 6 months ago
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Tumblr media
hermes, orpheus, eurydice, hades, and persephone from the korean hadestown tour instagram.
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7clubs · 11 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
merry holiday my gift is another chaos shitpost
[ leave a tip / commissions / other sites i’m at ]
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arniesmarmy · 22 hours ago
Seeing the show has opened my eyes to new fic ideas and you'd be mistaken if you think I'm not going to write one.
"Press that down until it scabs, 'kay?"
The group of workers, along with Orpheus, had retired to the barracks where they slept, ready to turn off the lights and wait for an eventful morning.
Eurydice, who normally slept with the group, now found herself in the furthest bunk, away from everyone else. Orpheus was sitting on the lower cot, holding a water-soaked rag to his injured cheek. Eurydice stood near the bunk, too anxious to sit down. She watched as the worker's lights turned out, leaving her and her lover the only ones awake.
Eurydice was tired, she knew that. She should be sleeping, but so much had happened today... she found the man she never thought she'd see again, and now here he was, sitting with her, defeated.
She wanted to say something to comfort him, but comforting had never been her strong suit.
A sniff from Orpheus drew Eurydice back to her senses, and she turned around, noticing a tear slide down Orpheus' cheek.
"Hey, hey," Eurydice whispered, finally sitting down beside him. "Why're you crying?"
Orpheus buried his face in his hand. "I lost it."
"Lost what, baby?"
"Lyre. I lost it."
Eurydice's stomach sank. The lyre. The one cherished possession that Orpheus owned. He loved that thing to bits, to the point where Eurydice used to think that he loved it more than her.
"...Well, maybe we can find it in the morning," Eurydice said, draping her arm around his shoulders. "Where'd you see it last?"
Orpheus shook his head. "Someone took it."
"Took it?"
"Yeah. These... ladies... group of 'em, they took it when Hades came after me."
Eurydice nodded, burying her face in the crook of his neck. The Fates took it.
He wasn't getting it back.
"I'm sorry, Orpheus," Eurydice murmured, not knowing what else to say.
Orpheus let out a shuddered sigh. "I feel like I'm losing everything, Eurydice," he said weakly, turning into her.
"Hey, let's not go there, okay?" Eurydice said, touching the tip of her nose to his. "You haven't lost me, have you?"
"I almost did," Orpheus murmured, taking her hand.
"But you didn't. And you're never going to," Eurydice said.
"But what if I do?" Orpheus asked. "What if he doesn't let you go?"
Eurydice swallowed. That was a pretty big chance, now that she thought about it.
"He won't."
"But what if he does?"
Eurydice sighed. "...I don't know, love," she admitted. "We can cross that bridge once we get to it. Let's focus on him saying yes, 'kay?"
"Thank you," Eurydice said, kissing his cheek. "Now, what're we gonna do when we get out of here, and this all just becomes a bad dream?"
"...There's so many things-"
"Then we'll make a list."
Orpheus gave a small smile. "You love lists, don't you?"
"Mmhmm," Eurydice muttered, pleased that he was smiling again. "We'll call it: Orpheus and Eurydice's Top Ten List of Things to do When They Leave Hell."
"That's a nice name."
"Thank you," Eurydice said. "We'll start with thing number one..."
Eurydice laughed. "Oh, perfect. Number two, get you a new lyre."
Orpheus' face fell slightly, but he continued talking.
"If I get a new one, will you write something in it?"
"Like, inside the lyre. Will you write something in it? So I can be reminded of you everytime I play?"
Eurydice nodded. "Of course, Orpheus."
"Thank you. Number three... maybe get us some new clothes?"
"Ooo, yes. Number four."
"Serious," Orpheus said. "I don't want to live the rest of my life in the room upstairs."
Eurydice shook her head. "Fine. Four, house. Five... garden, maybe?"
"Yes! And six-"
"A dog."
"Double yes! Seven-"
"A cake."
"...I think we should put that one at number two."
"Yeah, probably," Eurydice said. "Alrighty, number eight."
"Wedding rings."
Eurydice opened her mouth to continue, but then she stopped, staring at him.
"...You mean it?"
Eurydice grinned. "Okay, then I guess that makes nine a wedding. And ten..."
"We grow old together."
Eurydice's grin widened, and she tightened her embrace around his shoulders. Orpheus smiled.
"That's a good idea, huh?"
Eurydice nodded. "I'd love to grow old with you."
"I think we'd make a great old couple," Orpheus said, his eyes getting that spark that he had whenever he had a song idea. "All we'd do is, like... sit on the couch all day-"
"And tell all the neighborhood kids to get off our lawn," Eurydice teased.
"No! We'd invite them in, treat 'em like our own kids," Orpheus said. Eurydice nodded.
"Make sure none of 'em go hungry."
"Right," Orpheus said. "That sounds really nice, now that I think about it."
"Yeah," Eurydice said. "We'll make it happen, Orpheus."
Eurydice sat up and gave Orpheus a quick kiss before turning to the lamp beside the bunk.
"Well, it's 'bout time to get some sleep," she murmured, picking up the candle inside the lamp. "Big day ahead."
Orpheus said nothing, just nodded and lay down on the cot. Eurydice blew out the candle and squeezed herself on the cot next to him, burying her face in his hair.
"Hey, Orpheus?" Eurydice whispered suddenly.
"You know I love you, right?"
"I know."
"That's not gonna change. No matter what happens tomorrow."
If that made Orpheus feel better, she couldn't tell, but she did feel him pull her closer to him.
"I love you, too, Eurydice. No matter what."
And, after that, the two said nothing, drifting off into an uneasy sleep.
Which, as this is how the story goes, would be the last time they would fall asleep in the other's arms.
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transjohnny · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♫ Farewell To all the earthly remains No burdens No further debts to be paid ♫
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skaterannabeth · 8 months ago
“eurydice, you won’t believe this—”
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fanonical · 7 months ago
orpheus turning round just as he was about to leave the underworld actually had nothing to do with eurydice, he just heard a bit of montero (call me by your name) and got distracted
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future-crab · 2 months ago
Sometimes I think about Orpheus and Eurydice’s inverse character arcs in Hadestown, and how they fuel the tragedy of the ending, and I feel like I’m going to lose my goddamn mind.
Like, Eurydice starts the show cynical, but her belief that everyone will turn on her eventually just can’t hold up against the fact that Orpheus will literally go to hell and back for her. Meanwhile, Orpheus starts the show optimistic and a bit naive, and then gets all of that optimism ground out of him by being “beaten and betrayed and then… told that nothing changes.” He loses his ability to trust just as she gains hers, and that’s what makes it so very painful. Orpheus turns around because he’s started thinking like Eurydice, and Eurydice is surprised because she’s started thinking like Orpheus.
And, like… how am I supposed to cope with this?
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cookiescr · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Orpheus and Eurydice but wlw
My piece for the classics but gay zine. Preorders are open until June 30th so better get one now here
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