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Hey there Lethie :D First off, big apologies for taking my sweet ass time to respond. Secondly, no, no I don’t find your Rosegarden song recommendations annoying at all XD For the most part I’ve enjoyed every one you’ve inboxed me in the past that I got a chance to listen to so really, it’s no problem at all, fam. No worries.

Okay so going into the song now—naturally I took a listen to it upon your request. And…well the last thing I thought while listening to this song was angst. I mean, I understand why you would get that impression based on the lyrics. However it’s just an upbeat type of song in terms of the music that it honestly betrays the tone of the lyrics.

I’m not sure if this is the band’s style but it’s pretty cool. As for my thoughts on this song in respect to the Rosegarden pair—during this song, I actually envisioned a scenario in which Oscar goes back home to the countryside of Anima to reunite and reconnect with his family and Ruby tags along with him for morale support. While staying on the Pine Family farm, Ruby gets a chance to meet Oscar’s relatives—his Aunt Em and Uncle Henry (who are in fact his great aunt and uncle on his mother’s side of the family who took him in after his parents tragically passed away in a storm that overtook Oscar’s old home in Southern Anima).

One night, Aunt Em and Uncle Henry invite Ruby and Oscar to a small campfire picnic inside one of their barns on the farm, during which the old couple decide to entertain the young huntsmen with a duet. As it turns out, apart from being skilled farmers, the Pines were also talented musicians. Uncle Henry even encourages Oscar to play the guitar to accompany him and Em during the song, much to the shock of Ruby to discover that Oscar actually knew how to play the guitar and according to his Uncle, was quite good at it since he taught him how to play when he was a kid.

Like imagine it…even being a moment where Ruby feigns being butt-hurt over the fact that despite being close friends for several years at that point, Oscar never told her he was a guitarist which in turn causes Uncle Henry to use the classic Pine Family guilt trip move to reprimand his nephew for never offering to serenade Ruby with music after he taught him to use it for that specific reason; much to Oscar’s embarrassment and Aunt Em rolling her eyes at her husband’s antics.

Anyways, while Oscar begrudgingly plays the guitar, his aunt and uncle start to sing their duet to the beat of the strummed music and it’s this song that they sing together.

There is something rather “southern” about this Oh Hellos song so that’s why it made me think about Oscar’s farm folk family. I really dig the idea of Aunt Em and Uncle Henry singing this song and while watching them perform, Oscar would occasionally take small glances at Ruby who is just having a ball. And seeing the silver eyed girl full of bright happy smiles; silver eyes twinkling jubilantly in the campfire light as she clapped and enjoyed herself in turn made Oscar become even more enamoured by just how cute she looked in the moment. So much so that his aunt and uncle take instant notice. So during the song, Aunt Em nudges her husband, nodding in Oscar and Ruby’s direction. Taking the hint, Uncle Henry follows his wife’s lead as Aunt Em suddenly pulls Ruby into a dance, much to the rose’s surprise.

At first Ruby almost trips over her own feet trying to keep up with the more experienced Aunt Em as she spun her round and round in an Animan country-style waltz. But ultimately Ruby settles herself and actually starts to enjoy dancing, despite not being a quote, unquote, “dancey, prancey dancey girl”.

Long story short— basically the Pines wind up encouraging Oscar to dance with Ruby. At some point, Uncle Henry takes over from the guitar allowing Aunt Em to pull her nephew into taking over from her with dancing with Ruby. Then it just ends up with Em and Henry standing in the corner, singing their song and keeping the music going while watching their nephew have a good time with his obvious crush/their future niece-in-law.

This is the story that this one song invoked in me. Not gonna lie. It’s the first thing I thought about while listening to it. So if this was the type of the response you were hoping for, here ya go Lethie XD A Rosegarden concept for a Rosegarden song. Let me know what you thought about my thoughts on the song if you’re able to. Thanks for sharing it with me and I hope you have a nice day as well.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2020)

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I’d actually like to believe that some of them already do anon-chan. Like for example—the RNJR gang. Speaking for myself here, this is why I often refer to Ruby, Nora, Jaune and Ren as Oscar’s Golden Circle since, similar to Ozpin’s former inner circle of peers; I consider these four to be Oscar’s closest friends and confidantes.

Since Ruby was the first person to truly reach out to Oscar and was the one who started looking out for him from the moment he joined the group, I consider her to be the closest thing to a best friend to Oscar. Not to mention that I also see Ruby as a potential love interest for Oscar giving how much he cares for her and vice versa.

Then there are the JNR trio who, from my perspective, are Oscar’s surrogate huntsmen team and basically act as older siblings to him. Jaune in particular. Despite their relationship starting off a bit rocky giving Jaune’s own mixed feelings towards Oz which leant to his altercation with Oscar in Argus—nevertheless, we’ve seen Oscar and Jaune move past this event and from there had moments where Jaune has joined Ruby in being another character who looks out for Oscar’s wellbeing alongside Ren and Nora. The way how I see it, Ruby is Oscar’s best friend/prospective lover (granted that romance is a direction the show wishes to take this dynamic), Jaune is Oscar’s right hand man and surrogate big brother while Ren and Nora also act as siblings to Oscar and provide him support just as much as Jaune does.

As for the other characters—well little by little we’ve seen other characters slowly begin to trust Oscar. Like for example, V7 showed one or two moments of Yang chumming up to Oscar and even asking about how he felt on certain matters. And as we also saw from the V8 trailer, Oscar will spend some time down in Mantle with Yang as her, Ren and Jaune work to aid the People of Mantle. I’m not sure how that will be for in terms of episode.

I have to remind myself that the events of V8 take place within 24-48 hours. So…chances are we might spend half the season with the group separated for one day before reuniting for the second half of the season? I’m not sure. Either way, it’s a chance for Yang and Oscar to bond and I dunno about you anon-chan, but I’m curious to see how these two would interact especially now that Oz is back in the picture. So it should be interesting but we shall see for V8.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2020)

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Hmmm…that would be an interesting team dynamic. I’d give you that. Any particular reason for these four? For me, it’d be interesting to see Oscar interact more with Blake and Weiss.

I was kind of hoping that Oscar bonding with Weiss could’ve lent to her opening up about her strained relationship with her younger brother Whitley since Whit and Oscar appear to be around the same age. But, as we saw, we don’t get much interactions between Oscar and Weiss.

Outside of Weiss kind of coming to Oscar’s defence back in Argus with Jaune and her commenting about being worried about him like Ruby was after he went missing, not much is done for the Snowcone or the White Garden (as some as calling it now) budding friendship which is kind of disappointing.

Since both Oscar and Weiss share close bonds with Ruby, it’d be nice if they could bond over their shared support of Ruby and even get to know each other outside of Ruby, y’know what I mean?

As for Blake—I just wanted to see the Barn Cat pair of Oscar and Blake bond over books particularly the Man with Two Souls tale. But…alas, that is an interaction I have yet to see ;w; The closest thing we got was in V6CH6 on Brunswick Farms when Oscar asked Blake if she wanted to be the one to make breakfast when they were all being affected by the Apathy.

It’d be nice to have more Barn Cat moments too. As a matter of fact, just give me more moments of Oscar bonding with everyone on the hero team outside of Ruby and Jaune who are his main two. I’d actually love to see Oscar bond with Ren for once. It’d be nice if those two talked more. I know that  Jaune and Nora care a lot about Oscar since the show has highlighted this a few times. But what about Ren? Given what he’s going through now emotionally, it’d be pretty great to see Oscar try and talk to Ren—maybe even get him to finally open up about his true feelings over everything similar to how he did it with Ruby back in Mistral.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2020)

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Hmm…I’m not too sure about the time-skip anon-chan. Don’t get me wrong. Like you, I’d also love that. For me, what I would love to see was the group figuring out a way to defeat Salem—not necessarily killing her since as said in the series, that’s impossible. But I liked the idea of Ruby defeating Salem by using her Silver Eyes to purify Salem of the darkness that corrupted in her after she dove into the Grimm Pools of Darkness. So basically Salem reverts back to her original self from the Lost Fable however she loses her control over the Creatures of Grimm since she no longer shared the power from the God of Darkness.

My theory is that the reason Salem is able to control the Grimm is because she baptised herself in the Grimm Pools of Darkness. Therefore to the Creatures of Grimm, Salem must have the same aura as their very creator so my understanding is that the Grimm view Salem as their new God of Darkness, to say the least.

Therefore, if Salem is cleansed of her darkness, she wouldn’t be able to control the Grimm anymore. And without a leader—the Grimm just resort to their natural instinct of preying on the fearful. My theory is that the current storyline with Salem is only the first part of an arc. I liked the idea of the show wrapping up the Salem storyline only for our heroes to realize that while they’ve been focused on stopping Salem, they’ve neglected a problem that’s been brewing in the background since the Fall of Beacon. While the heroes may have stopped Salem and won that fight, they’ve been oblivious to the oncoming war between the kingdoms that was sparked by all the events that date back to the Vytal Festival.

I think it would be cool to watch a storyline where our heroes were forced to survive Remnant during the time of a Second Great War.

This is where a time jump would actually be relevant. Picture if…after Salem is defeated (and goes into hiding yet again), our heroes get wind that one of the kingdoms—perhaps Mistral— has declared war against the other kingdoms and plans to conquer them with its leaders ruling over all four kingdoms. Then the story fast forwards two—maybe even ten years into the future where our heroes are all now adults in their early to late twenties (between 24-29)

Ozpin once told Ironwood that he hoped that his students would never have to experience fighting in a war. At first I considered it just being the war against Salem but this could just as easily extend into the our heroes fighting in a Second Great War to stop one kingdom from ruling them all. That could be an interesting story to follow. But that’s just me.

But yeah, I would love to see our heroes aged up. Particularly Oscar. Currently Oscar is rocking a young teenaged boy character model base. At some point, as Oscar ages, the show will probably need to switch out his current base and update him to the one similar to Jaune and Ren’s. And personally, I am very curious to see how Oscar would look with an updated older model. That’s my main incentive for wanting a time skip. Just to see how Oscar would look with an older character model base.

As for the group returning to Beacon and reuniting with their old friends, I’d like to see that too. However, I’m not sure whether or not that’ll be the case; at least not now. I know we’ll ultimately have to go back to Beacon but the time being, we’ll have to see how the main story progresses to know if it will accommodate for those unfinished part of the PLOT.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2020)

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Who knows anon-chan? Perhaps you might just get your wish. If not for V8 then perhaps a later volume although I’m not sure about RWBY Volumes 11 or 12 since we haven’t received confirmation that RWBY has been renewed for those seasons as yet along with V10. But we shall see. I do recall Eddy Rivas teasing us seeing Vacuo at some point confirming that we will get some semblance of a Vacuo Arc, albeit a bit brief like Atlas. But for all I know we could potentially see Vacuo in V9 considering that it was teased since V6 that the key to turning the tides against Salem and her forces was for Atlas to call upon aid from Vacuo. Then again, like I said earlier, we shall see soon anon-chan.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2020)

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…Uhh I’m not so sure about the jet pack anon-chan ^^); While a jet pack powered by gravity dust does sound like an awesome concept for a type of battle equipment, I’m not so sure about it suiting Oscar. At least in my opinion. However I do dig the concept of Oscar upgrading the Long Memory and incorporating gravity dust (and perhaps other types of dust) into its upgraded design.

I think it could actually be really fitting if the Long Memory went through another transformation with Oscar

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some ghost oscars! made in an attempt to figure out how i wanted to draw the ghosts. i (more or less) decided on white outlines, blank glowing eyes, and desaturated colors :)

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Same. I think so too anon-chan. It’s the one aspect of his colour scheme that he doesn’t share with Ozpin or Ozma or any of the other Wizards of Light. Plus I like the Pinehead headcanon of Oscar loving the colour orange because it reminds him of the beautiful sunsets back in Anima which in turn makes the former farm boy think of home.

I have this concept of one of Oscar’s favourite childhood pastimes growing up in the countryside of Anima being sitting on the front porch of his aunt’s home and just watching the sunset over homemade dessert that his Auntie Pine made with love.

Either that or sunset was Oscar’s favourite time of the day since it marked when he could finally relax in his bedroom, probably curled up with a good book after a day of working in the fields doing chores.

Yeah I like that idea =3c.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2020)

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