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#Oscar Pine

I hate you. Why did you bring me here?

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I don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed for how long this took me to make

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ruby: huh to be honest yeah

weiss: um


yang: okay wow

ren: okay is it weird im into this?

oscar: what?

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They deserve a nap 💖

(They’re in the Schnee manor, BTW)

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Ozpin never told him what would happen exactly when Oscar gave control over his body to the former headmaster. The sudden intrusion of a thousand other voices and thoughts nearly made him go insane. His feet and hands shot out at random intervals, accidentally hitting everything from people to expensive gear. And when they finally managed to learn how to walk he found himself rammed into a wall a dozen or so times before making it down the street knocking over dozens of people and carts before he managed to wrestle control back from the crazy voices in his head.

As soon as he had control he sprinted out of the town and hid behind a tree. “What was that?” he gritted out.

“Yes… I forgot that was a possibility.” Came Ozpin’s sheepish reply. “Usually when the new host has a weaker aura than the majority of the other souls they tend to want to control the strings so to speak. Not to worry. Once we train your aura control up and find your semblance they should be able to be controlled again. Until then I will only try to take control in the most dire of situations.”

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Robot Dadpin (pt. 3)


I have more!  I’m very excited!  Picking up right from where we left off with Oz gathering his emotional database

- The more Oz learns about humans and emotions the more fluid and normal his movements become.  Probably about a year after he’s built, he walks and moves like a normal person

- However, he still doesn’t have normal-person skin.  Building the synthetic shit is way harder than Oscar thought and he just needs more time

- At first, Oscar and Penny give him some of Pietro’s old clothes.  They’re a little big for him, obviously, but they can’t exactly take him clothes shopping.

- He wears a jacket with a hood and gloves, making sure all of his skin is covered in case someone sees him through a window or something.  Oscar takes one look and says “we need something for his neck…”

- They don’t have a scarf or anything useful around the house and Penny gets a cute idea.  She takes some of the green wiring that Oscar didn’t need and wraps it around Oz’s neck a bunch of times.

- Wire scarf (it’s not that important, I just like the design and wanted to add it to the storyXD)

- Oz and Penny can communicate effectively through telepathy.  Since they’re robots it works the same way sending a text does

- They do it all the time in front of Oscar just to annoy him and make him paranoid.  90% of the time, the messages are literally just “I love freaking Oscar out by doing this.”

Oz: “Me too, he gets so flustered.”

Oscar: “Stop fucking doing that!  I can see you two talking!”

Penny: “Laugh so he thinks we’re talking about him.”


Penny: “Aw, he’s so cute when he gets this upset.”

Oz: “Let’s give him a hug to make him feel better.”


I love them


- Of course, when Oz does get used to walking and… emoting (?) I guess, he also starts to get a little antsy.  At this point, he’s been around for almost a year and he’s never even left the house

- The solution?  FAMILY DAY OUT

- Oscar and Penny take him around Mantle, showing him shops and telling him what little they themselves know about the city.  They find he gets most invested in the bookstore and the movie theater

- They manage to get through the whole trip without incident until at the end Oscar remembers that he has to run an errand for the shop.  They’ve made it this far.  What’s one more stop?

- Famous last words

- They head to a hardware store that Oscar and Penny get most of their tools from

- But Oscar hadn’t considered the fact that they were regulars and the shop owner knew their faces- but he had never met Oz before

- Well that raises some questions.  Especially because Oz stays back, keeping his hood up and his head down as he sort of lurks in the aisles behind Oscar and Penny as they check out

- He gets suspicious and asks Oz what his deal is

“Oh!  No, don’t worry, he’s with us,” Oscar says

“Really?  You’ve never brought him here before.”

“Yeah, he’s a little shy,” Penny laughs

“So… uh… who is he to you?”

- Oscar hesitates and looks back.  He can tell Oz is listening.  The robot’s head is perfectly still, honed in on the conversation.

- Finally, Oscar turns back.  “Dad, ” he says.  “He’s our dad.”

- Penny starts beaming.  That’s news to her and she loves it.

- Oz is taken aback, unable to speak.  Oscar has never said that out loud before.

Welcome to the family.

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Will i create a cursed au to create discourse in the Oscar/Ozpin fandom?


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Necromancer AU:

<2 am>

Oscar: *wakes up because he hears noises*

Oscar: *walks down the hall to Oz’s room and opens the door* What are you doing?

Ozpin: …raising the dead?

Oscar: that’s nice Oz, can you please go to bed

Ozpin: …ok

Oscar: alright I’m going back to bed g’night

Ozpin: G’night.


Jaune: can’t you revive him?

Qrow: nah

Jaune: why not?!

Qrow: he needs to not be ashes, necromancers can’t revive people if they are burnt to ashes

Jaune: …that is garbage



*any of the kids gets threatened by atlas*

Ozpin: hello, My name is Ozpin and I am here to announce that Ironwood is a bitch ass mother fucker, he tried to kill my kids.


Oscar: I died once.

Oscar: but it’s ok because I got better!


Some random ideas I had floating in my head for Necromancer AU

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So if you know me or my blog, you probably know that I am a huge fan of this boi right here! ⬇️


This is the wonderful Oscar Pine from one of my favorite shows, RWBY! He is a 14–15 year old farmboi with tan skin, dark hair, freckles, gloves, and a whole lotta nerves! He’s shipped with a slightly older main character with short, black hair and a whole lotta determination! Just look at him! He’s adorable! Not to mention, my favorite anime character of all time!











Originally posted by jeremyjordan-am-i-right



Huh? What? Excuse me, what did you say??

A N D H E S I N G S ? ? ! !

Not only is he voiced by my favorite Broadway actor, Jeremy Jordan, HE SINGS IN THE SHOW TOO??!!!


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Oscar v4: S a s s y

Oscar v5: nervous around the others, awkward and shy and sweet, sass on hold

Oscar v6: Afraid, identity crisis, existential crisis, trying to not be hated by everyone. Near end of volume - clever, wise, brave, still awkward n sweet

Oscar v7: I actually feel like part of the group now, and I’ve been through a lot. I think I will start being sassy again, as a treat.

Oscar v8: Yeah y’know what? I think I deserve to be a bit fucking sassy rn

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So within the RWBY community there has been a common criticism from both Oscar fans and those who dislike him. The criticism that he gets no development so there’s no reason to care, Even as someone who likes Oscar I can agree to this sentiment.
So what if I told you there was a possibility of Oscar development right around the corner?
The common complaint is that all his major character moments happen offscreen.
His decision to leave home and the family he left behind
His existential crisis after running away
His place among the main group and their treatment of him
I fully agree to the complaint here, but allow me to offer a counter argument. 
Oscar IS obviously important within the story, basically nearly as important to RWBY if not more so due to his connection to Ozpin and by extension the villain. The show is in a really tough area where the male protagonist holds a lot of story importance but the problem is if they focus on every opportunity where Oscar should have character development then the show ceases to be about RWBY and becomes about the male protagonist which is not good for a show starring female characters. Their only options are either to allow Oscars development to happen at each point in the story it should but end up taking the story away from the female leads making it about Oscars journey. Or they keep Oscar in the background and “not the focus” until it is time for him to have focus. 
We’re currently seeing development between Yang and Ruby’s relationship and Ren and Nora and Penny. Once those are handled to some extent the only ones left to focus on are Ruby and Oscar.

Which brings me to my theory:
Rather than having Oscar reacting to each milestone of his arc as if he were a main protagonist, I believe they are setting up for Oscar to go through a case of PTSD for his own upcoming arc.
I found it odd for this to be the big faceoff with Salem with relics still missing as Oscar not doing much but playing damsel in distress. This first encounter with Oscar and Salem feels just like that, a first encounter. To give Oscar a real picture of what facing Salem is actually like. I also found it weird for the B team to be rescuing Oscar so quickly if his capture was supposed to be important and it feels off for them to just be able to rescue him and be done and over with it. 
So here’s the thing, I do think the B team will be able to rescue Oscar with help but I don’t think rescuing him is enough.
Rather than Oscar reacting to each milestone of his arc I think the weight of everything he’s been through will finally take its toll on him. The kid just faced Salem and was completely helpless while there was a high risk of death involved. Oscar has always been able to bounce back to his normal self while pushing back his feelings, for the benefit of moving the mission forward.
See how he takes a deep breath composing himself before telling Jaune he accepts his apology for yelling at him in an uncalled for way and acts like he’s accepted his role as Ozpins host when clearly in V8 he hasn’t. 
This could be a sign of Oscar actually ignoring his own mental and emotional health for the sake of the mission, pushing it back like its not important.

Which brings me to the pieces of evidence for this theory within V8.
First of all the opening, which clearly alludes to Salem’s capture of Oscar. The odd difference is Oscars clearly frightened in that clip, while in the actual show he’s clearly putting on a brave face even if he’s scared. So while this clearly is depicting his capture it could also be alluding to the way the encounter effected him after his rescue. Whether that’s nightmares, reflecting on everything that’s happened to him, questioning his decision to leave home, having a change in his behavior around everyone he knows. Its a big possibility this event could heavily effect him with the symptoms of PTSD since this was defiantly a traumatic event for him and could effect his behavior after his rescue, maybe even calling out his past treatment by the group or the situation Oz has put him in.

The other two points for this come from Jaune and Ren.
Ren’s abilities have now developed to be able to decipher the emotions of others. This doesn’t seem like something that could be super effective within the plot, unless you take into account Oscars tendency to say he’s fine and act like everything is okay around others even though he has a huge burden on his shoulders, and some things he’s clearly not telling the others because of his personal feelings even though he should be able to talk to his friends honestly. So what if this new ability Ren has is what allows them to see that Oscar isn’t actually okay mentally and emotionally just because he says he is, allowing them to see Oscars real emotions about everything he’s been through instead of the half truths of telling everyone he’s okay when he’s not.
This also ties into Jaune’s abilities. V8 is a bit disturbing showing how brutal Oscars time of imprisonment is and I would honestly be disgusted if the show is just brutally beating up a 14-15 year old kid just for the hell of it and for a weird attempt at being “edgy”. But honestly Jaune makes Oscars beating makes sense since Jaune can boost the aura’s of others to help heal them. So it would make sense if Jaune is able to heal Oscars physical injuries with his abilities, but just because he can heal Oscars physical injuries doesn’t heal the mental and emotional pain he’s suffering due to everything he’s been through. You can heal the physical wounds but the mental and emotional ones take more time and effort.
It can also tie into Oscar falling into the same trap as Ozpin, telling lies or half truths because he learned from experience that it was the easier option. Where Ozpin lost his honesty due to his trust issues, Oscar found that hiding the truth about Ozpin and telling half truths and his honest emotions helped him achieve acceptance in the group.
I’m not sure if I trust the show to really do something like this but the build up and pieces are all there for Oscar to finally have a serious breakdown and shift in character after his encounter with Salem.


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losing myself in the storm

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Can I just get an oscar backstory this shit is taking FOREVER…….

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starts like this: 

The family’s Traveling through mistrial with a four year old Blake when they find a destroyed Village and find a small baby still alive, being the good people they are they take him in to try and find his parents, only to find out their dead. So they adopt him, because in about to weeks Kali got really attached. Blake is initially a little jealous, but she takes to her new little brother in about a week. 

Keep reading

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