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incendavery · 3 years ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
mourning dove studies, referenced from the fantastic photographs of @ostdrossel
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scrixels · 3 years ago
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Blue Jay
One of @ostdrossel‘s lovely local blue jays (x). I wish we had them in the UK, they’re such lovely birds
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ostdrossel · 6 months ago
Bird backs
can be very interesting because they reveal the beautiful patterns and textures of feathers. Here’s to a happy Friday!
(Blue Jay, Starling, Cardinal, MoDo, Chickadee, Bluebird, House Finch, Starling)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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sitting-on-me-bum · a year ago
Tumblr media
This grackle doesn't trust the photo booth not to steal its moth meal.
(Photo: Ostdrossel)
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ostdrossel · a year ago
I just casually checked my bird bath livestream a bit ago (ist over at, and there was this cutie, sitting in the bath :D The Birdsy camera did not disappoint and recorded. Look at him go! I squealed haha
(It’s an Eastern Screech Owl, and I had to edit because the video was a bit long.)
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ostdrossel · a month ago
I love it when a new bird comes and the pond cam lens is clean. (I run out all the time to wipe it but sometimes my timing is off. It's a good workout in this weather 😁)
I am thinking immature Cooper's. Never had any other ones here and it feels like the legs and overall size are bigger than a Sharp-shinned.
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tiz-aves · 2 months ago
also, would you happen to know of any blog(s) here that does things similar to yours?
Yes actually! Quite some! Here are some examples of people I follow:
Seeseagulls - Sees seagulls
Todaysbird - A lot of bird related content, sometimes other
Fatbirdpics - Images of fat birds!
Ostdrossel - Original bird videos
chickenkeeping - Chickens!
campodefiori9 - Original bird photography
Potatopato - Bird comics!
ajaxbird - Lot’s of birds, but mostly one!
Longing for Rotkehlchen - Original bird photography
Abirdnerd - Cool sketches
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
Itsabirbthing - Bird comics!
Is-the-owl-vid-cute - Lot’s of birds, weird anons
Occasionally birds! - Original bird photography (occasionally)
theraptorcage - So. Many. Birds
thewaterbirds - Watercolour, birds and descriptions thereof!
birbmania - A lot of bird related content
Flowerishness - No-one would mind some flowers on their dash, right? :) Not birds.
Effinbirds - There’s no reasons for birds to be nice
Ziggystarling - A starling called ziggy
Avivan-sanctuary - A lot of bird related content
Rfskia - Art - not necessarily birds though
falseknees - Birds having an exesitential crisis, or not
chuckdrawsthings - Pigeons also having an exesitential crisis, or not
Birdstudies - SO. MANY. BIRDS.
Mind-if-I-scream - Bird blog for birds
There’s also a lot more so if anyone knows some, please add more!
Addendum 01: I’ll get to your barred owl ask either today or tomorrow! It’s on my mind!
Addendum 02: You were asking for birds, right?
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ostdrossel · 5 months ago
The Bluebirds are currently loving the bird bath and come for sips and dips regularly throughout the day.
They are pretty always but look particularly nice against the snow backdrop. New photos tonight or tomorrow morning :) Have a happy Tuesday!
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absurdthirst · 4 months ago
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Marcus Moreno x F!Reader
Comments: Part of the Quarantine AU - Marcus Moreno ‘verse
Tumblr media
“Babe! You gotta come see this!” Marcus waves his hands dramatically from his perch at the window.
You frowned and shook your head. “I’m working. Unlike someone.” You trails off to mutter the last bit under your breath.
He pouted for a second before turning back to watch. He shook his head and made a disappointed tutting sound. “Marty’s being a dick again.”
“Who?” Your head shot up as you gave him a confused look.
He pointed out the window. “The raven with the white spot on his left wing. Marty McFly.”
Your groan was loud as you thumped your head down on your arms. “Jesus Christ, really? You named the damn bird Marty McFly?” Your voice was muffled as you spoke with your head down.
You missed the cheesy grin he showered you with before turning back to the window. “Ohhhhh looks like Romeo isn’t taking his shit today. He’s fighting back.”
“His buddy?” You asked, peeking up to cock an eyebrow at him.
He huffs. “No, Romeo is the blue bird that is constantly being harassed by the raven. I swear they’ve formed a gang.”
You laugh at the indignation in his voice. The audacity of them. “Did they steal his Juliet?” You tease.
He turned back to you and waves you to the window again. “Come here and you’d know. No, Juliet doesn’t put up with their shit. She hauls ass when they show up.”
You get up, and he sees the amused expression on your face as you humor him. He makes you stand in front of him, letting him hover around your shoulder as he points out the different birds he’d observed over the past few weeks.
“When have you been noticing all this?” You asked, fascinated at his new obsession.
“Mostly when I’m taking Elliot out for a walk. Or when they catch my attention when I’m reading” He grinned.
“You think they talk shit about the humans?” He asked, smirking as he watched the birds chattering animatedly to one another.
“Oh yeah. Wouldn’t you, if you were a bird?” Her laugh was a bit evil as you changed the pitch of your voice. “Did you see Mrs. Carlisle’s hair? Quarantine has not been kind to her roots.”
He barked out a laugh at your gossipy tone. “They would be mean like. Commenting on how many wine bottles there are in the trash.”
You tilted your head and looked up at the bottom of his jaw. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”
He nodded enthusiastically. Starting spouting some random facts that he’d researched about the birds and some of the things he’d watched them do. Like pick at Mrs. Johnson’s cat. They’d apparently spend an hour tormenting the tabby as she frantically tried to catch one of them.
You smiled as you listened to him. The pure joy in his voice as he rambled on. It might have been born out of boredom, but he was having fun with it and doing one of his favorite things. Learning something new.
“Why don’t we get a bird feeder?” You asked, looking out at the birds as something spooked them and they squawked and flew off.
“Huh…you think we should?” He asked, thinking it over.
“Yeah, babe. If you enjoy it, we should get a feeder and put it on the patio .” You were already thinking of the styles that would look nice. Looks like you were ordering something online again.
“Besides….we need to train them to eat out of your hand.” You grinned as you baited him.
“Well, aren’t you basically an Avenger now?” You cackled as he smacked your butt playfully.
“Oh fuck off. If anything, I’m a prince.”
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shenannygans · 2 years ago
Sherlock reviews @ostdrossel‘s video. 10/10 would watch again 😸 
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ostdrossel · 2 months ago
An owl came to my bird bath a couple of times last year when I did not have the pond set up, and the videos were some of the highlights of my birdwatching year. I was hoping it would return, and last night it did. I love how it is exploring everything. This is four minutes long, I did not feel like editing any of it. I hope you enjoy and have a pleasant Wednesday!
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pigeon-pink · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
hey nageki look out behind you!!!!
oh my god. he has airpods in he can’t hear us oh god
in reference to this post
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40-plus · 5 months ago
Happy GroundHog Day tumblr !
My family roots are in Punxsutawney so this is a special annual day !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ostdrossel · 2 months ago
Good morning! He has been back every other night now, this is from last night, and while I don't want to jinx it, I am thinking he might be a regular now 😊I think in this one, some sort of ear tuft is visible, so I am now leaning more towards my initial thought Northern Screech.
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robin-whos-robin · 2 years ago
Okay so I found a lil hurt pigeon in the cold and I don’t know what to do. I worry that the animal control will euthanize him, and I think he has a shot at life.
I know nothing about taking care of birds so if someone could lend me tips that would be awesome. 
It looks like a band-tailed pigeon and its left wing kinda sags. It can fly a lil but not far and not long at all. I’ve got it wrapped in a lil towel in a box and it’s sitting with me... Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
Tagging people who may be able to help? I know lots of you don’t own pigeons, but you guys own birds and might be able to help?
@budgiechops @dallonbeaks @happyandhopi @chickenkeeping @ostdrossel @merlin-bird @theramseyloft @hazel-the-parrotlet @pidgeywidgeyy @otto-birb @veebirbfriends @democraticparrotlet @myfeatheredflock @aderynnn @lifewithmybirds @aireasingh
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ostdrossel · 3 months ago
A Michigan Stand-off! The Opossum was back tonight! But also meeting a Raccoon. This was neat because I have never seen the 'possum show it's teeth. We are still wondering if we will see a mommy opossum walk by carrying babies on her back.
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