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#Otto Octavius

Reading comments on Youtube regarding Spider-man 2 Ock….as much as Otto hates his arms, the arms are FANATICALLY devoted to him. They love him dearly, and will literally do anything to make him happy, even though his grief comes indirectly from them.

Although knowing how Otto has Dissociative Identity Disorder in the comics, elements of this can be interpreted in Spider-man 2 given how each arm has a unique personality.

For example: the upper right arm is the “maternal” arm, possibly his mind recreating his doting, yet deeply disturbed mother who tried to destroy any hope of happiness for him. He loved her, yet hated her… make sense that he internalized the emotional abuse from a childhood with her and recreated it without intending to (another comment I read on an earlier video suggested that the arms were attacking the doctors in the hospital because he was having a nightmare over his father. Which makes sense given how they were controlled by Otto himself for the most part, though without consciously aware of it.  White lights in the claws=Otto in control, red lights in the claws=arms in control.)

His arms are literally the worst parts of his fragmented personality made physical, with Flo being his “mom”, Moe, Harry and Larry being hyper-destructive rage monsters willing to defend Otto at any cost (it literally took me way too long to realize that Alfred Molina and the puppet crew named the other three arms after the Three Stooges….XD)

He hates them, but they love him, they need each other to survive. They’re basically his “symbiote”…..parasitic in nature, but giving him power and agility in ways he never had before fused to them. unfortunately, at the cost of his reputation, sanity and quality of life.

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Sweet Escape AU! Because I like it a lot but I don’t think I’ve ever really posted anything about it! A few sketches at most.

The exact story isn’t completely figured out, but basically Anna Maria is a chemistry-based villain named Valence and Otto never fell to villainy, and so is a hero working with Spider-Man. The entire thing is an excuse for me to write incredibly self-indulgent slow burn forbidden romance.

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I headcanon that Otto started living *coughsquattingcough* in the unmarked building where he build the Spider’s Nest post-superior arc and thus this comic was made.

He had a house before, and might still have it as a contingency, but after he got out of the hospital he went to his base and was just like “welp my life has completely fallen apart and I don’t know who I am anymore so I’m just gonna crash here for a hot second while I figure things out”, and then crashing became living. The building looks like it was previously offices, so he adapted other spaces within the building into living areas.

I’ve thought about this so much and the way I choose to express it is through a meme go figure.

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