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Ozpin: what’s your biggest weakness?

Oscar: I can be uncooperative

Ozpin: can I get an example?

Oscar: no

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Ozpin: What do you mean Ruby is-

Starr: Ozpin! What the hell do you think you’re doing?! 

Ozpin: *hesitating* S-Starr… you should be in Vacuo-

Starr: *waltzing up to Ozpin, keeping Ruby behind her* You forced a child to take this responsibility?! 

Ozpin: You dont understand what’s going on-

Starr: No, you dont understand what you’ve done to this girl! She’s not trained to handle this kind of responsibility yet! 

Ozpin: She needed to take the power while we had the chance-

Starr: So you could what, lock her away until you need the relic?

Ozpin: No.

Starr: Then why? 

Ozpin: Because we’re running out of time and I need her to have those powers now to help make sure she’s ready for the road ahead of her. 

Starr: *frowning* She’s a child! She doesnt need to worry-

Ozpin: Her eyes, Starr. Did you notice what color her eyes are? 

Starr: They’re silver? So what? 

Ozpin: Exactly. They’re silver. Just like her mother’s. Just like the legendary Grimm Reaper. 

Starr: *hesitating as she understood where Ozpin was coming from* Right…

Ruby: *moving out from behind Starr* Okay, but what does my eye color have to do with any of this? 

Ozpin: *sighing and sitting down* How much did you know about your mother before she died? 

Ruby: Not much. 

Ozpin: I… wanted to wait, but with how things are going, you might as well know now. 

Ruby: Know what? 

Ozpin: You’ve heard of the legend of the silver eyed warriors right? You’re one of them.

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Ozpin, about Salem’s forces: maybe they had a bad childhood

Oscar: I’m having a ‘bad childhood’ right now

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I misread @zacs-of-rwby‘s halfway house ozpin au, so here’s a haunted house au

  • ozpin and his new wife, glynda, move into their new house in the countryside. the opening is nice and idyllic, but you get the idea that there’s some underlying tension between the two that isn’t addressed right away. 
  • The house is big, almost a mansion in size, but they got it cheap bc it needs to be renovated and also people died on the property. (imagine the Barnaby house with no extra buildings.) 
  • The house used to be owned 100 years ago by Ozma, a really rich man who happens to be a near carbon copy of Ozpin. Ozma was married to Salem and had 9 adopted children, because Im involving all of team rwby, team jnpr, and oscar, suck it.
  • They lived happy lives until one night, all the kids mysteriously died. Decades later, the causes of deaths were eventually listed as carbon monoxide poisoning, since there was no visible causes of death, but after the kids died, ozma killed himself and salem disappeared (with the nearby town believing that she had just taken ozma’s money and ran).
  • Ozpin and Glynda start their lives in the house pretty well. some weird things are happening, like floors creaking, doors closing at random; stuff that can be attributed the house settling and being in a new place. The tension between Ozpin and Glynda starts to settle as they settle into the house, but Ozpin is pretty reserved at this point.
  • Glynda would probably be a home renovator in this au, so she’s just going through the house, seeing all the ghost activity, going “So, new floorboards, incorrectly installed doors, we should probably check for mice too…”
  • Ozpin finds Ozma’s diary and is just blown away by how much this man loves his children. Ozma would just go on for pages about Blake’s love of books, or how Nora led the kids into building a swing set that fell apart, or how he took the older kids hunting and Oscar and Ruby wouldn’t talk to him for a week. 
  • And he starts to notice how weird stuff in the house isn’t really… normal. Like, he entered the library in time to see a book thrown across the room. or all their dishes appearing out on the lawn over night. or occasionally feeling punched or shoved when he walks past the remains of a home gym that hasn’t been renovated yet. 
  • He doesn’t think it’s ghosts until he sees little seven year old oscar just… sitting on the second floor landing, staring down at him before blinking out of sight. 
  • The house is haunted by the dead kids. 
  • Ozpin is a little freaked out, but isn’t that scared. the kids haven’t done anything harmful, they’re just… ghosts. that a real apparently. he freaks out a little until he finds one of the drawing that ozma kept from the kids childhood and realizes that they’re still just kids and they’ve been alone for a while. 
  • So he starts small. Talking with them a little, baking chocolate chip cookies because he knows they were Ruby’s favorites, framing and hanging the old drawings like he’s their dad, stuff like that. Glynda thinks he’s crazy, there are no ghosts, but this is the most animated Ozpin’s been in months, so she lets it slide. Meanwhile, ozpin finds more drawing done in pen ink and frames those too.
  • He starts trying to find solutions to the ghosts frustrations. He figures the library ghost is probably blake and that she might be bored from having read all the books in there, so he gets her new books. but the book throwing continues, so he thinks that maybe she can’t touch the books long enough to finish reading them and buys her a cd player and a bunch of audio books for her to play, and that works.
  • He insists Glynda renovate the home gym even though they don’t work out and there’s no more ghost punches.
  • i just… really like the idea of ozpin being a dad to his ghost kids.
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I have a new concept to introduce to the absolute mess of Ozcar AU’s the Soul Dozen has created 🙈 I humbly present…

Ozpin’s Halfway House AU

Which I have decided to title “A Beacon of Hope”

- Ozpin starts a halfway house for strays, runaways, and juvenile delinquents.

- Oscar (14) was officially adopted by Oz after his parents kicked him out from coming out to them as trans (FTM trans!Oscar is underrated)

- Emerald (16), Mercury (16), and Cinder (20) are the only three in the house court-ordered to stay with him after they got caught stealing to survive.

- Weiss (16) and Whitley (12) show up one day out of the blue after escaping their abusive father.

- Blake (18) ran away from home to join the White Fang and came to him after that went sideways. She’s still too scared to go home and Oz’s main goal with her is to make her feel safe enough to do so. She helps him a lot around the house.

- I’m creating this AU so you know Cloqwork is involved but I won’t rant about that too much (yet). I only mention it because Ruby (16) and Yang (18) still live with Tai, but they visit their uncles all the time and become really close with most of the kids staying there.

- Yang gets super attached to Blake and visits often, finding the smallest excuses to help her around the house and run errands with her (yes, I’m adding Bumbleby to the mix, who do you think I am?).

- Ren (6) and Nora (5) are two little kids Oz noticed snooping around outside the house one day. He questioned them, asking them where their parents were, where they live, if they were lost, etc. When they didn’t have answers to these basic questions he knew what he had to do.

Sheepishly, he walked into the house and found Qrow in the kitchen. The kids are trailing behind him, hiding behind his legs.

“Qrow. Please don’t be mad.”

“Oh no. What did you do, Ozzy?”

Oz hesitantly steps aside, letting the presence of the kids speak for itself. Qrow can’t help but just laugh. He knows where this is going.

“They were just wandering around outside, Qrow! What was I supposed to do!”

Adopt them, obviously! And Qrow agrees. So now they live there, too.

- Pyrrha (22) and Jaune (22) are Oz’s only other staff members. They help the kids with homework, transportation, extra circulars, the more day-to-day stuff.

This post is getting too long so I will stop but yes, I do have more.


I’ve said this about many of my ideas, but this one is absolutely the most self-indulgent AU I’ve thought of. I plan on using this setting and these characters to stay focused on my studies this semester so any and all ideas/questions/interactions with it are greatly appreciated XD

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hc that ozpin didn’t always have that British accent. He actually adopted it from Ozymandias (the King of Vale)

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Its funny how people act like Oscar is an orphan with them making Ren and Nora or Oz be like the parent(s) he never had. I know it’s all in good fun but it feels like people do seem to forget that he already have a parental figure in the form of his aunt whom from what very little we’ve seen (or rather heard from her) seems to be a loving family member whom Oscar most likely got his sass from. Not to say Oscar can’t have more then one parental figure, I’m just sad there isn’t much fanart depicting what everyone think Oscar aunt looks like and diving into what their relationship is like since she seems to be Oscar only family member and he no doubt misses her.

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Tai: Summer. I get the dog, Ruby gets the racing car, and Yang gets the battleship. We generally have a good time when we play. But one time we got Ozpin, Oscar, and Salem to play with us.

Tai: *shudders* I’ve never seen Ozpin get so heated. It was scary.

Ozpin: I said I was sorry!

Tai: I was traumatized!

Ozpin: It was years ago!

Tai: I will never forget!

Ozpin: *long suffering groan*

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Oscar, hands Ozpin an apple: Here’s a lifetime supply of apples.

Ozpin: But… this is one apple.

Oscar, cocks gun: Exactly.

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The Daily Oz for 1/24/21



Considering how cold it is in my apartment (power went out last night because I had my heater on full blast, won’t be doing that again), I would love to have hot cocoa with this man.

Of course, this is Ozpin, so I’d be down for hot cocoa with him in the summer too.

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some WIPs from today i’ll probably never finish

First one is Oz with Wings!! The second belongs to the Overthrown Evil Ozpin AU a bunch of us in the OPPS Discord Server decided to create!! It’s A SUPER cool AU that i’d really love to draw more of in the future !! <3

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Overthrown Evil Ozpin AU:

I would like to give a quick thanks to the OPPS server who helped me with a lot of the ideas here!



Ozpin was once the proud headmaster and head councilman of Vale, until that was all ruined.

- Salem works with a young man whose been working with Ozpin for a while because this man wants Ozpins council seat.

- The man finally confronts Oz and tries blackmailing him, saying that if he doesn’t give up his seat that he’ll expose Oz’s secrets.

- Oz doesn’t budge and Salem ends up telling the world about everything, painting herself as the innocent one and Ozpin as the villain.

- Oz is promptly taken off of his council seat, arrested, and sentenced to death.

- He manages to use his magic in order to get away from everyone, running off and hiding somewhere.

- During this period of time Oz begins to start thinking about what’s happened, during which he finds that two of his inner circle members, Qrow and Glynda, have been killed for association.

- this furthers his hatred for humanity and Salem. And soon hunters start showing up at the door of his small forest cabin in order to kill him.

- none succeed, being killed by Oz before they can do anything. Feeling no remorse, seeing it as justice.

- Oz eventually figures out how to revive/summon Glynda and Qrow but they aren’t quite themselves at first. Over time they regain their memories but still are forced to follow orders from Oz despite what they think. They try reasoning with him, it doesn’t work.

- Soon Oz starts expirmenting with his magic in a more aggressive, violent, and controlling way. Soon finding that he can corrupt animals, people, and even grimm to do what he wants. He soon perfects this skill.

- Salem soon shows up to his door herself and orders the grimm to attack him. The grimm start whining and bend down at Ozpin.

“What are you doing you fools?! Attack him!”

“Come now Salem, they know better than that.”

- Ozpin turns around and the Grimms originally black and red appearance turns to black and green: “attack her”

- Salem ran away out of fear, soon noticing that all the grimm were starting to look like this and realizing that she is losing power as she speaks.

- Oz starts going about another way of uniting the world. “Fine, if you disgusting creatures thought you saw a monster, I’ll show you a monster. I tried the nice way to unite you all, so let’s try this a different way.”


- After he’s overthrown, Oz develops a lack of empathy towards humans. Killing the ones who keep coming to kill him.

- He finds Oscar being abused by his parents and promptly kidnaps him to raise him by himself.

- Oscar becomes a form of apprentice to Ozpin and helps him do small things.

- Glynda and Qrow try reasoning with Oz but can’t because whenever they try to he forces them to stop talking, since they have to follow his orders.

- Oz holds the relic of Choice from Salem so that she can’t summon the gods, not wanting to deal with her or the gods at this point.

- Oz proves to be even more terrifying then every last time Salem and Him meet. Proving to her not to test him unless she’d like to regret it.

- With Oz’s new disregard for life, he starts using his magic in more violent ways, even using the life force of others to boost himself and use as a weapon.

- He becomes somewhat of a forest hermit, not associating himself with the cities because of what they did to him.

- Once the truth comes out about Oz to team RWBY and Co. Ruby agrees with him but tells him there’s a better way. He ignores her. Saying he already tried that way.

- Salem ends up hurting Oscar at one point, one of the only people Oz cares about. Oz promptly loses it against Salem, leaving her a trembling mess on the ground and the area absolutely destroyed.

- Ozpins attacks on the people of remnant are quiet, making the grimm incredibly strong and having them attack the cities, killing people.

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Cursed screenshot of Oz

His eyes certainly have 2 different souls

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Guess I gotta throw it out there…
LumberJack!Oscar and WoodCarver!Ozpin

(Also, Hunter!Ruby. The idea was based on the red riding hood story but Ruby is an actual hunter who sells pelts, etc)

((also Oscar is heartstruck over seeing Ruby taking down a bear in the woods when he heard her screams))

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Random Oscar headcanons

These scenario’s are set in the world created by @trailofclementines Lost Parallax:

  • Oscar is a great history student but sometimes he gets marked wrong because his innate knowledge goes against what the (inaccurate) textbooks say. Oscar lowkey gets super-defensive about it. He even ranted about it to Ozpin multiple times.
  • Oscar also gets defensive when the king of Vale is talked about and his role in the war. I like to believe that one time he instinctively stood up and shouted ‘I never did that!’ He realised what he’s done, gets super embarrassed and sits down red-faced. But everyone was SHOOKETH at the outburst.
  • Oscar is lowkey kinda scary and sassy and doesn’t take any of Cardin’s bullshit. One time he even intimidated Cardin by telling him that he was Ozpin’s son, to give Cardin a taste of his own medicine.
  • Oscar sometimes gets sassy with Ozpin in public and everyone just gets so shook and how Ozpin doesn’t seem bothered by it. (No-one dares to speak to Ozpin like that).
  • Oscar once asked Ozpin for an allowance because he teased Ozpin that he shouldn’t be a ‘deadbeat.’ Ozpin wonders why his reincarnation is like this but then realised that Ozpin has the same ‘little shit’ personality.
  • To maintain their father-son act, Oscar once went into the staff room and proceeded to give a give a gift to Ozpin on Father’s Day. The entirety of the staff just look in shock and Ozpin is too flabbergasted to say anything. He finds that Oscar gives him a new mug and now uses that to drink his cocoa.
  • Sometimes Ozpin will find Oscar at random times in the day just spinning in Ozpin’s chair, staring out the window or drinking hot chocolate. Ozpin never seems to mind but Glynda is just astounded at the behaviour.
  • He also gets hot chocolate from Ozpin’s office because they don’t serve it at the student cafeteria and he has sudden cravings for the beverage.
  • During the inner circle meetings Oscar remains quite aloof and distant but has really good ideas that are listened to.
  • He is well respected within the inner circle even though most are confused by the presence of this tiny child.
  • During the awkward elevator rides to the vault, Oscar is the one to always make casual conversation, normally in the form of a sassy and witty remark.
  • He is a popular boi and the entire student body loves him. BECAUSE WHO WOULDN’T

Btw this is all self-indulgent headcanons that came from my brain. None of them are confirmed true and it was just for fun.

But sure to check out the fanfic by @trailofclementines

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“This boy was a handful when he was your age.”

“Really?” Oscar narrows his eyes skeptically. “Ozpin?”

“Oh, he was constantly getting into trouble. He’s lucky he wasn’t caught for the Museum Heist he and that wild bird man pulled—”

“Oh, please don’t tell him about the Museum Heist, Mandias,” Ozpin says, already giggling to himself. “Heaven knows I’ll never live it down—”

“It’s too late! I’m already telling it! So anyway, Long Memory winds up in a museum of all places, and of course we have to get it back. First thing out of this boy’s mouth is the word arson.”

Oscar laughs. “Oh, no!”

“Oh, it wasn’t as bad as arson. Actually, it was worse.”

“It was not worse than arson!” Ozpin protests.

“Hush. I’m telling the story, Whitaker.”

“Wait, what? Whitaker?! Is that your real name?!” Oscar exclaims, falling into more laughter.

Ozpin turns a pouting face toward Ozymandias, “You did that on purpose, you old bat!”

It was Ozymandias’s turn to burst into laughter. “You used to make that same face when you were fourteen! Here you are a grown man and you haven’t changed a bit, my boy!”


An Evening by the Fireplace

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Ozpin: I’m glad your wife was able to discover this about herself. It can be a difficult thing to discover about yourself. Sometimes one can feel… broken. The world is so full of sexual relationships, and many believe that you can’t have a happy or healthy relationship without sex. Which is blatantly untrue. But some can believe that they are missing something or that something is wrong with them is the don’t get those kind of feelings.

Ozpin: I’m happy you accept your wife, the world needs more people like you and those that accepted her. I wish you and your wife the very best in the future.

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