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  • date nights usually consist of exploring the mansion together, having a romantic candlelit “dinner” (ozpin can’t eat so they just talk), or just cuddling together
  • ozpin is freezing to the touch, but this doesn’t stop qrow from hanging all over him. he says it’s like having a portable ice pack.
  • on the other hand, to ozpin, qrow is like a space heater. part of the reason he allows qrow to touch him so much is because of the warmth he brings— although he feels guilty about it, considering the cost for him being warm is qrow being cold.
  • it took a long time for qrow to finally ask ozpin about how he died. it was more of a confirmation than anything— ozpin’s smoking outline, burn marks that flickered onto his face when he was annoyed, and the general state of the stove in the kitchen were more than enough to tell qrow what had happened— but it gave ozpin an sense of relief to be able to open up and talk about it.
  • (qrow once asked ozpin how oscar died. ozpin went mute and froze until qrow snapped him out of it with a frantic apology.)
  • ozpin is extremely overprotective of qrow. he knows the mansion curse is going to kill him one day and he’d rather his boyfriend stayed alive as long as possible. he knows how awful it feels to die.
  • ozpin can’t sleep, but sometimes he’ll lie down next to qrow at night and shut his eyes. qrow thinks it’s cute.
  • sometimes qrow chucks random things through ozpin for fun. ozpin hated it at first, but now he’s so desensitized to it he won’t react at all. qrow once threw a dictionary through ozpin and ozpin didn’t process it until the book hit the floor and startled him.
  • ozpin goes incorporeal when he’s startled. knowing this, qrow has made it his mission to scare ozpin when he’s holding things so he drops them. so far, qrow’s startled ozpin into dropping seven books, three pencils, and, on one memorable occasion, the toaster.
  • qrow says ozpin’s kisses feel like a butterfly flapping on his face. he finds it endearing, but it only makes ozpin wish he was alive again so he could give his boyfriend a real kiss.
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If Ozpin doesn’t have a moment of going absolutely batshit feral in vol 8, then what’s the point

If Ozpin and Oscar meet Salem and Ozpin doesn’t immediately try to maul her face off her skull and Oscar has to physically and mentally hold him back, then what’s the point

Yes, he may attempt to appear calm and collected all the time, but the fall of Beacon and everything that happened after was such a gigantic L that if I was in his shoes I’d be a little unhinged, if I met the person who caused everything I built in the past decades to spiral out of my control so catastrophically

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Ruby: *defeating a pack of beowolves, panting* F-finished… 

Qrow: *smiling and ruffling Ruby’s hair* You did good. Soon you might be just as good as your mother.

Ruby: *sighing* You always say that…

Qrow: And I mean it. One day, you might just be like her.

Ruby: Right…


Ruby: Dad, Im heading out for training. 

Tai: Dont be out for too long.

Ruby: Im just going to deal with some grimm nearing the forest edge.

Tai: Just like your mother used to. You know, she used to clear those grimm in minutes.

Ruby: *groaning* Yeah yeah…


Ozpin: *watching the footage of Ruby stopping a robbery* And where did you learn to fight like this?

Ruby: Oh, my uncle taught me.

Ozpin: Reminds me a lot about-

Ruby: *sighing* “Reminds you of Summer Rose”… can we quit mentioning my mother?

Ozpin: *looking at Ruby curiously* I was going to say of a dusty old Qrow. 

Ruby: Oh…

Ozpin: However, I do believe Summer would’ve handled this a lot better.

Ruby: Of course you do…

Ozpin: Which is why I’d like to offer you a place at Beacon to train under me. 

Ruby: I… what?

Ozpin: *smiling warmly* All you need is a bit of mentoring and you can become a greater huntress than Summer ever was.

Ruby: I… I’d like that.

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The last art prompt flopped (I’m so sad you guys), but I thought we should do one this week for…


This art prompt is called “Halloweek”, so give me your spookiest, creepiest, most haunting Ozpins, Oscars, or Ozmas! Make sure to read the guidelines below!

  • The artwork must feature Oscar, Ozpin, or any previous incarnation of Ozma. A combination of any is acceptable too!
  • Tag Ozpin-Defense-Squad in your post so I can find it easily, otherwise link it to me via dms if tagging isn’t working because sometimes it doesn’t because Tumblr.
  • I will then reblog it to feature it on ODS. However I will not reblog if it involves or implies Oz or Oscar ships or ns//fw. Same goes for if it contains any hate speech/themes, but I don’t expect we’ll be seeing that anyway.

There is no limit on how many pictures you submit, as long as they’re all posted during the current theme’s week. This week is going to be a little different, as the last day of the prompt is going to be on Halloween, which is Saturday. Have a spooky time!

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Ruby: *making her way onto campus, the school overwhelmed by grimm* What happened?

Coco: *fighting her way through grimm* About time you showed up Red!

Ruby: *getting her knives out and throwing them at the grimm* Why are there so many grimm?

Coco: Didn’t you hear the speech after that girl died?

Ruby: No, I didnt.

Coco: Well, someone isnt happy with the schools. We’re helping people evacuate and then we’re leaving!

Ruby: *nodding and rushing forward* Then I need to get to my team!

Coco: Good luck!


Nora: *hesitating as she walked over to the machine* Shouldn’t we be up there helping?

Ozpin: You will be. But first, you must get these powers. It’ll help us turn the tides.

Nora: *looking at the young woman in the machine* That’s the current fall maiden, isnt it?

Ozpin: *nodding* And she’s dying. Please, get inside so we can start the process.

Nora: *slowly stepping into the machine* This… isnt going to hurt, is it?

Ozpin: *closing the door and sighing* I cant promise that.

[As the machine started up, Nora screamed in pain as the aura and powers transferred to her, eyes glowing as the maiden power started awakening inside her]


Cinder: *watching the grimm fill the campus, feeling a slight tug inside her* Well, that’s odd.

Emerald: Is there something wrong?

Cinder: Not sure. I think my powers are trying to tell me something.

Emerald: Like what?

Cinder: *looking in the direction she was feeling pulled to, seeing Beacon tower* I think I may have found the half Im missing.

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Hello! Thinking-About-RWBY here, and I am excited to announce an upcoming meta-analysis of RWBY’s greater scale hero and greater scale villainess: Ozma and Salem. The four-part series will explore the larger thematic and narrative meanings of the characters and how the way they are written improves RWBY’s  narrative and makes a commentary on media (especially literature and myth!). RWBY Volumes 1-7 and The Fairy Tales of Remnant will be used as canon material to support my arguments. Supplementary research on media and fairy tales will also be used to back up claims.

I will reblog this announcement with links as I go along, but for now, here are the post’s titles which indicate a little about what this series will focus on ;)

Part 1 - Slave to the Quill: Salem, Authorship, Control, and the Fallacy of Happy Endings

Part 2 - The Circle: Oz, Identity, Myth, and The Hero’s Journey

Part 3 - Girl, Witch, Hero, Villain: How Salem and the Oz Collective’s Intertextual Allusions Improve Their Foil

Part 4 - Loneliness and the Illusion of Separation: How Ozma and Salem Inherited the Brother Gods’ Conflict

Stay Tuned! I hope to get these posts up soon (hopefully by Nov. 7 and the Volume 8 premiere!)

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