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Crackcember: Day 3 (Alt Prompt: Effervescent) 

This chapter is far longer than I meant it to be, and I’ve got a feeling the next one will be too. Cheers to crackwhump owning all of my braincells!

Content warnings: manhandling, noncon (nonsexual) touch, light head injury



“Cool, okay,” Hilbert sighed to himself, “I’ll get out soon enough. Right.”

He eyed the duffel bag with disdain. There was no use in trying to pack anything when he wasn’t planning on going anywhere but back home. This would be a much better opportunity to escape, as long as he could get off the duct tape holding his ankles together.

Hilbert sat back, trying to find the end of the tape with numbed fingers to peel it off. Dennis apparently had no regard for his circulation, considering the lost dexterity in his fingers and now the light tingling on his feet, and he was more than ready to be free of his bonds. 

It didn’t take him long to realize this may be a more difficult task than he anticipated, though. The layers of tape around his ankles were thick and wide, twisting above and below them over and over. With the edges tucked away and the whole thing being far too thick to tear through, packing the duffel bag with whatever he could find was looking like a better and better option.

Hilbert let out a sigh as he gave in and grabbed it, glancing inside to check that the can of beans was indeed the only item inside. Other than that… he glanced beside him at the abandoned ping pong paddles sitting near a ball that must have fallen off the shelf after them, figured it couldn’t hurt–figuratively, at least–and threw them in his bag. 

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This really feels like the episode Mystery Spot. Every day I wake up to the sound of Heat of the Moment by Asia, and new and dramatic destiel news has broken, and no matter how well the day starts out, we always end up back in the fucking gutter of despair at the end of it, cradling Dean’s dead body close and begging to be set free from it all

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hello lads not only have i been hit by The Writer’s Block TM, but my Ideas Well is also running dry. so feel free to send me a fake title + a character and i’ll either write a little blurb/drabble/whatever or i’ll make a plot for it idk 

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