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waterparksdrama · 6 days ago
i log into parx twitter after a while,to see what twt parxies were up to and all i can say is what the fuck
yea pretty much i dont think i will ever understand them
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randombubblegum · 10 days ago
there were big parxies in the twt replies like “ITS MY FIFTH COPY BUT WORTH IT” and then they buy the other two as well
hell hell hell, hell, were in hell. thank you<3
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awst-n · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hey I'm dee, absolute parxie, i'm usually on spn tumblr ( @castee-yel ) or parxie twt ( @weeqes ), i first found out about parx round 2014, but got super into them in 2015/16.
i'll be posting my art here as well as shitposts/occasionally edits/gifs.
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randombubblegum · a month ago
i tweeted something abt not really vibing with the "greatest hits" logo or whatever it is and i followed it by saying i still liked the music clips we've recieved and i think i lost followers for it bc i didnt realize im not allowed to be critical of my faves :/
twt parxies were also saying that we "shouldnt be so vocally critical" of the hoodie design or whatever it is that he posted like 5 hrs ago bc they didnt want him to be bombarded with negative reactions to his art
WHAT LOL thats dumb.... i mean dont @ him like “UR HOODIES UGLY WE HATE IT” but u can and should feel and say whatever you want??? even on twitter!!! parx twitter has gotten so bad and short-sighted its honestly ridiculous... awstens not your friend, hes a content creator whose work and personality you like, dont @ him to harass him but also say whatever you feel about stuff he makes??? it doesnt make you a “worse” fan not to like stuff he makes!!! ever!!! WHY IS THIS NOT CLICKING LITERALLY...
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waterparksdrama · 2 months ago
you act like people who have michaela’s private twt are there for waterparks content. people pay for the content because they like michaela - if it were waterparks content, it’d be advertised like it, but it’s NOT. it’s MICHAELA. parxies aren’t stupid enough to think they are paying to be her friend. they know they’re paying for extra content. stop acting like twitter parxies are all brain dead and 13. they know what content they were signing up for and they know they aren’t going to be her friend.
you guys are going to be my 13th reason
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lol-k4t · 3 months ago
i forget abt gawsten sometimes and then a twt parxie says something and i have to remember
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mychemicalenby · 4 months ago
okay quick update on me:
*i totally mightve missed somethings so feel free to ask questions and such for more random facts*
im in highschool, i have split dyed hair, im a mega parxie in parxie stan twt, i have been noticed by jon walker and waterparks on twitter, i was single then i wasnt nd now i am again, uhhhhh ITS CHROSTMAS TIME, and uh this is my most recent picture of me nd ya i think that sums up what ive been up too
Tumblr media
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blackcloudbyjuly · 5 months ago
what's up with twt parxies blocking him for fun like, ha ha ha so funny when you're literally begging to get his attention few days ago
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blackcloudbyjuly · 5 months ago
sometimes i think of the things we say and post here will get twt parxies fucking heart attacks >~<
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