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willexxmercer · 2 minutes ago
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Livin’ in Paradise: A JatP SMAU - Part 38
Feat. *finally*
Taglist in the notes!
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madiisbroadway · 6 minutes ago
Jatp ships as text messages between me and my best friend:
Alex: do you ever think about how words are just sounds we’ve attached meaning to?
Willie: bestie please, I am begging you to stop. I’m already having a gender crisis, I don’t need to have an existential one as well!!!
Alex: what does ‘existential’ mean again?
Willie: please stop assuming I ever know the meaning to the sounds we’ve attached meaning too.
Luke: I will use the power of music to get me through this
Julie: please go to therapy
Luke: sorry I can’t hear you through the sound of Rick Astley’s gorgeous vocals
Julie: Please. Go. To. Therapy.
Luke: ….never gonna make you cry
Julie : okay, fine!
Julie: never gonna say goodbye
Carrie: 🔫 💖
Flynn:…did you just send me the water gun emoji? Is this a sign that you want to shoot me?
Carrie: yes
Carrie: but I put I heart next to it to show that I meant it lovingly
Luke: heyyyyyyy
Bobby: oh god, you never type ‘hey’ like that unless you’ve done something stupid. What happened.
Luke: so Reggie and I thought you looked more mad at us then usual
Bobby: I mean…I’m not mad???
Luke: okay well that would have been good information to know BEFORE we did this
Bobby: did what????
Bobby: Luke, what did you do???
Bobby: LUKE WHAT DID YOU DUMBASSES (affectionate) DO
Luke: whoops
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sammansonbot · 10 minutes ago
I hate the floor.) That’s why I was there and grab the phony on the ground] Of closer.
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behindthemirrorofmusic · 22 minutes ago
Erik knowing about the fake engagement and egging Christine on in the hope it will make Raoul as miserable as he (Erik) has always been is something I never hear anyone talk about ...
It's in the original Leroux text and I think would be great for someone to explore deeper ...
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reggiebabe · 22 minutes ago
jatp characters in hogwarts houses
gryffindor- flynn, carlos
ravenclaw- julie, alex, ray
hufflepuff- reggie, willie
slytherin- luke, carrie, bobby, caleb
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reggiebabe · 22 minutes ago
hold on i’m crying. i just heard madison reyes refer to charlie, owen, and jeremy as “the boys” just like julie does
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wendigosam · 25 minutes ago
it's been a year and sam still hasn't moved on, he doesn't think he'll ever be able to. each day hurts worse than the one before because every passing day is another day without him. there's a hole in his chest, his heart, his gut, and it's ever expanding. most of the time he can't even breathe, and it's the worst when he cries. he gasps for air and clutches at his own chest like it'll help loosen his airways.
one night, exactly a year since his whole world fell apart, sam sits the car in the middle of nowhere on a backroad. he's sitting on the trunk of baby, one bottle of beer in his hand, and another bottle placed on the trunk beside him. he knows dean isn't there, but he sets one out for him all the same. sam watches the stars in the sky dance for so long that they eventually look like they're moving.
except, there was definitely one moving. sam squinted up at the sky, but the star blinked red. an airplane. he scoffed and stared down at the bottle of beer in his hand, and that's when the memory flooded through sam's mind like a dam that had burst. dean sitting on that plane beside him many years ago, back when they'd only been working together for a couple months. he remembered how terrified dean was, he remembered laughing his ass off at the end of the day because it was such an irrational fear. he remembered calling dean a dork, shoving him in the arm. he remembered dean chuckling back, but staring at sam with a look in his eye that sam would never be able to name. he remembered dean saying "damn sammy, missed you a lot man." he remembered falling asleep in dean's arms that night.
they were so much younger then. they had it so simple.
tears ran down sam's face at the memory, dean's face like a painting forever embedded in his mind. the way he squinted at sam when he didn't understand what he was saying. the way he smirked the same way after cracking a joke. the way his hand felt, brushing through sam's tangled mess of hair. the way sam's chest swelled anytime dean defended him to anyone who hurt him. the way dean whispered his name into sam's mouth at night after sam helped him reach his high. the way he felt dean's eyes on him. always.
sam closed his eyes so tightly it hurt, the tears still spilling through them. he tried so damn hard, every single day, to always keep fighting. but on nights like this, sam wanted more than anything to just give up. but he knew dean was looking down on him, knew his eyes were still on him. always.
he looked back up at the sky and whispered "i miss you. so damn much it hurts." and sam fought every day after that night. because dean never left him. his eyes were still on sam. always.
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dicebarnart · 28 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Calling all #julieandthephantoms fanartists! I’ve got a drawing challenge for you!
I’ve had this drawing of Julie in my back pocket for a while and decided to turn it into a #drawthisinyourstyle challenge! It’s also happening on Instagram if you guys wanna check it out there @/dicebarn.
If you wanna participate
•hashtag it with #DBJATPDTIYS
•tag me so I can see it and reblog it 💜
•feel free to change the background and pose! It’s called “in your style” for a reason lol
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hexpertease · 33 minutes ago
With two cats in the yard
Life used to be so hard
Now everything is easy 'cause of you
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florraisons · 39 minutes ago
8 and 9 for Phantom Strings pls? - @ziyin
judith hii!!
8. Which OC is your favourite to write?
I know the straight answer here should be Isaac because the entire thing is his point of view (and I do really enjoy writing his POV!) but Gideon has been my favourite to write from the very start, to the point that I'm considering making phantom strings dual POV just to include a Gideon POV as well!
9. Which OC is an absolute pain to write?
If I had to pick out of the main 4 I'd say Lorelei I think! She had a bigger role when August didn't exist but then kind of got brushed aside when he did even though she's just as important a friend in Isaac's life. So now I'm trying to make sure she comes off as interesting and complex in her own right the way the boys do because there's so much more to her than being the mom friend and having the brain cells, and I think she deserves her own moment in the spotlight!!
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perhapspearl · 46 minutes ago
👄 + jasmine fung or any of ur teen wolf ocs
ooh yes!! i'll do jasmine!
julie: mija, Jiào nǚ, jules, love
carlos: mijo, Lóngxīn, carlitos, baby
luke: devil spawn, the insufferable lead guitarist, julie's nán péngyǒu (derogatory)
reggie: the bassist, ray's friend, dumbass #2
alex: the drummer, tall blonde, willie's nán péngyǒu (celebratory)
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bisexualreginaldpeters · 46 minutes ago
oh alex for headcanons!!
yes yes my favorite alex headcanon: growing up his parents make him learn piano. he is actually really good at it and enjoys playing a lot up until he’s forced to perform for the church every sunday. now he loves performing and it isn’t all that bad at first but his parents start putting a lot pressure on him to be prim and proper and fit the picture perfect son archetype. it takes the fun out of playing for him and it isn’t until he finally gets into drums that he reclaims his enjoyment of performing and the fulfillment he gets from playing. drumming is very freeing for him, he can actively express himself without being so stiff and it gets that anxious energy out of him. he hasn’t played piano in years and the only person in the band to knows/heard him play is reggie because they grew up together and at one point alex would teach reggie piano or they’d make up silly songs together.
bonus headcanon: when alex gets the idea to write a song for willie he thinks a rocking drum solo isn’t that romantic and considers that maybe it’s time to brush off the piano skills. he practices with reggie because he’s rusty and it feels like when they’re kids again. alex thinks maybe reggie could just play instead and he could sing and that way alex doesn’t have deal with his weird complicated feelings towards piano but reggie reminds him why he loved it in the first place and it makes doing the song for willie all the more meaningful
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itsamepatches · 49 minutes ago
Conspiracy theory tiem!:
Since Zelda (Breath of the Wild 2's other trailer) is shown falling backwards in a slightly similar pose to Tetra being spirited away in Phantom Hourglass,
perhaps a chance or two of something related to the Phantom Hourglass (and maybe even Spirit Tracks) game
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royalpain16 · 55 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Princess Margaret's 1954 Rolls-Royce Phantom Is on the Auction Block
Princess Margaret rode in the classic car to meetings with dignitaries including Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
Some crown jewels come with V8 engines!
A rare Rolls-Royce Phantom IV limousine built for Princess Margaret is going up for auction at Sotheby's.
Preserved in nearly pristine original condition, the vintage car is one of only 18 Phantom IVs produced between 1950 and 1958 for world leaders and heads of state, and it remains the most difficult Rolls-Royce model to acquire, according to the prestigious auction house.
Tumblr media
"It was an automobile built for official use by the Princess in carrying out her duties, and it looked the part," says the Sotheby's release.
Outfitted for the needs of a modern royal, the sleek black limo features power-operated windows and division, a glass roof panel with an electrically operated fabric blind, window shades. During the years when Margaret made use of it, it also featured a blue police light and mounts for the Royal heraldry and flagstaff above the windshield header that has since been removed.
Work began on the ultra-exclusive automobile in February 1954, and it was delivered to Margaret that July with a few especially personal touches: a bespoke PM6450 license plate and her personal mascot, a Pegasus, atop the radiator.
Tumblr media
And while Margaret's sister Queen Elizabeth has long been known for her adoration of all things equine, it was horse power that excited the younger princess known to many as the "Rebel Royal."
According to Sotheby's, Margaret was "had decided that she would prefer to occasionally drive the Phantom IV herself. Thus, it was fitted with automatic transmission and with a special driver's seat finished in soft cloth, rather than the usual leather, with the ability to adjust the seat for both height and reach."
Tumblr media
Sotheby's notes that the regal Rolls "remained in her use for 13 years and in that time was driven 27,000 miles" - a few of which she racked up from a 1955 dinner with with Prime Minister Churchill at 10 Downing Street.
In more recent years, it has been stationed in nearby Essex, where its owner has supplied it for special occasions, including weddings, and cameo appearances in films.
It's a peak time for followers of Princess Margaret. Fans can also visit Kensington Palace and see a over-the-top ball gown she donned for an 18th century-themed charity ball in 1964 - likely escorted there in the Rolls-Royce Phantom IV.
That fanciful frock and Princess Diana's lavish 1981 wedding gown (25-foot train and all!) are just a few of the pieces included in the Royal Style in the Making exhibit on display in London through January 2, 2022.
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reggiescountrymusic · 57 minutes ago
Ok so uh I have a Wattpad where I have a WIP of The Sandlot fanfic, and I have like two things with JATP. 🥺 👉🏻👈🏻
fandom_thingsss is my account if anyone is interested :)
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incorrect-metalgear · an hour ago
Miller talking to the diamond dogs: Ok, you all act like you are masters of infiltration, and super secret agents, but I asked you how to disable a camera and half of you told me with a rock, and at least 6 of you told me to seduce it
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