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I am urging all of you, please sign this petition.

this guy brandon is being sent to execution, i believe today at 5 due to a minor crime that he wasnt even a main part of, he was an accomplice, 18 yrs ago i think

today hes a productive member of society and 5/9 of the jurors, the prosecutor who PUT him on death row, and literally so many other people are telling them to not kill him

they only put him on death row bc they didnt have enough info on the case (which is stupid for it’s own reasons but im on limited time), but now that they have enough info they’re telling him to take it off

This is for more information

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petition for jimin to always sit on jungkook’s lap so he wont fall of his chair anymore 

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Petition NOT to make Sabrina Spellman’s storyline revolve around a boy for the next however many seasons

Please, sign below. This plot is boring and goes against the whole “witch woman power” thing that they’re doing…

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Pour one out for Nolan who is without Teeks and cannot function on his own.

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Ultimate power move if perlini doesnt sign with Chicago but still went to convention this year

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this is a petition to start formally addressing vegans as lentilmen, lentilladies and lentilpersons (for the nb lentilfolk) 

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Petition for Hugh Laurie to narrate all future jeeves & wooster audiobooks

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petition to switch the d and n in wednesday

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petition for Zhong Chenle to buy SM and become the new CEO, he wouldn’t treat EXO like this…

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petition to have all male leads played by trans men

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Petiton to Save Net Neutrality

Hey, guys!! If you have to pick one thing to do today, please please make it this! Sign this petition in hopes of preserving our freedom on the web:

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I am petitioning that Tumblr have an anon for anons because apparently I suck at being sneaky and am exploited every single freakin’ time.

Pls stop the abuse.


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petition to get my 6 (5) followers to get me a new phone so i can talk to @bl00dy-ki77en-ears again

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