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dkminternetventures · 4 hours ago
The unique shape of this solo fishing boat permits the maximum use of total fishing space with minimum total weight. The hull weighs a mere 32 lbs. making this super lightweight to pick up and transport. This same fact means the Sea Eagle 285 Frameless Fishing Boat is our fastest and easiest to assemble fishing boat! As such, it easily packs in a car trunk and when not being used to haul fish, stows conveniently in an apartment closet.
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nautilusfloats · 6 days ago
Floating Pontoon System
Floating Pontoon System   -  Floating Pontoon  by Nautilus Floats will not rust and are resistant to most chemicals.To know more about Pontoon Call 325-646-1566.
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nautiluspontoons · 11 days ago
Floating Pontoon Blocks
Nautilus Pontoons manufactures a wide range of Floating Pontoon Blocks and Dura Float Modular Pontoons. For more details call us on +1-325-646-1566.
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Tumblr media
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yoofllc · 15 days ago
GAS IN A PLASTIC BAG⛽🛢🚨🛑 🎥 Credit = @jpkcmiz tiktok 🎥 Credit = @badideaboating #boats #boating #gasshortage #gasprices #seemslegit #wcgw #darwinawards #saltlife #qualified #qualifiedcaptain #boatlife #pontoon #lakelife #loto #fishing #lakefront #smart #paperorplastic #recycle
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nautiluspontoons · 20 days ago
Modular Pontoon Systems
Our product lines include Pontoon Floats, Floating Pontoon Blocks, and Modular Pontoon Systems. For more details call us on +1-325-646-1566.
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travellingislifesblog · 22 days ago
Partying on water with Party Boat Miami
 Miami, formally the City of Miami, is a beachfront city situated in southeastern Florida in the United States. It is the third most crowded city on the East shore of the United States, and it is the seventh biggest in the country.
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smashmouth-hargrove · 24 days ago
Thinking about Steve‘s parents and the boys taking the Harrington’s pontoon boat out for the first time that year in the beginning of summer. Billy sitting in the swivel chair next to Mr. Harrington in the captains chair, Steve half asleep between his legs facing forward, soaking up all the sun. His cheek is resting lazily on Billy’s thigh while Billy twines his fingers through Steve’s hair blowing loosely in the wind, Stone in Love by Journey playing in the back muffled by the souls of the motor and water hitting the side of the boat. Steve’s red as a lobster afterwards and his mother freaks out and smothers him in aloe ver, but it’s so worth it.
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pms-me · 26 days ago
7 Tips about Floating Platform you need to know
Any structure that floats over the water surface comes under the terms like floating platform, floating stage, or floating walkway named depending upon their type of use. Floating platforms are one of the best methods of reclaiming space from the water entities like oceans, seas, lakes, ponds, canals & ports. Here, we are going to discuss seven tips one must need to know about floating platforms.
 1.What Purpose does the Floating Platform Serve?
People can use floating platforms or pontoons jetty for various purposes such as; 
Gaining access across the     water 
Artificial swimming pools for     leisure & fun 
Increasing space by occupying     water 
Business or commercial     purposes 
 Floating platforms can be used as Jet Ski dock or boat dock as well. They are available in different sizes, shapes & materials according to the purpose it has to serve. So, before you make a purchase, you should have a clear goal in your mind.
 2.What Material makes up the Best Floating Platform?
PMS manufactures Floating platforms mostly of two materials;
Wooden Floating Platform
High-Density Polyethylene     (HDPE) Floating Platform
Wooden pontoons are less versatile and have the less modular capacity as compared to high-density polyethylene. Therefore, floating wooden platforms or floating walkways get used in the case where permanent structures are required. High-density polyethylene platforms are also easy to clean & move. Therefore, you must know your requirement before placing an order. 
 3.Why you need the Floating Stage or Floating Walkaway?
Floating stages are needed most of the time near the oceans, seas, rivers & lakes. They allow in easy parking of the boats, jet skis both in & on the water. Due to their smooth surface, it is easy to launch them back into water effortlessly. 
Besides these, you can also have a floating bar, restaurant, or pool made up of HDPE. It will help you to save ground space & are economical as well.
 4.Where are you going to Install your Floating Platform?
There are various options & places to install. You can install it on the ocean’s shore, rivers, wild banks, landscape banks, ponds, or ports. While choosing a place, keep in mind what anchoring system you will use for its installation. It will help you to have a stable & sturdy floating platform. 
 5.What are the Components of an ideal Floating Platform?
One should consider the following points in an ideal floating platform:
 Ø Durability:
An ideal floating platform should be durable. It should last long. Mostly; high-density polyethylene platforms are more durable & stress-resistant.
 Ø Anti-Corrosive:
An ideal floating platform should be anti-corrosive. It can withstand the harsh marine environment & moisture.
 Ø Molding Property:
An ideal floating platform should be easy to mold & light in weight. It helps you to assemble or replace it in a minimum time.
 Ø Cost-Effectiveness:
There are a variety of platforms available according to one’s budget & choice. An ideal floating platform should be cost-effective concerning other features available.
 6.How much Weight can it bear?
It is a crucial point to consider while purchasing a floating platform. It would be best if you take into account the weight you are going to put it on. Ensure all technical aspects such as tensile strength etc., if you are going to order heavy-duty boats.
 7.Who are the Best Marine Equipment Suppliers in UAE?
There are various brands which are supplying marine equipment in UAE. One which offers you the customized marine equipment & accessories is Prime Marine Solutions. They are striving to provide you the best & high-quality Yamaha boat dock, pontoons jetties, Jet Ski dock, aluminum pontoon, floating swimming pools, floating platforms. Their product comes with more extended durability, resistance & a variety of colors at reasonable prices.
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nautiluspontoons · 27 days ago
Modular Pontoon Systems
Our product lines include Pontoon Floats, Floating Pontoon Blocks, and Modular Pontoon Systems. For more details call us on +1-325-646-1566.
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