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#POV: she took her hat off so you could take a picture of her
buckysmischief · a month ago
running in the dark - 3
Bucky Barnes x f!reader
Alex Summers x f!reader
Word Count: 1.5k
Warning(s): language, switching pov
AN: I know it's been forever since I've updated, but I think this is worth it! Tell me what you think :)
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Tumblr media
Bucky knew all about Alex Summers and just how much of an ass hat he really was, the moment he found out that’s who you were dating he knew it was just a matter of time until he’d witness another heartbreak. He wanted to tell you what he knew but it’s not like you’d listen anyway, you never did.
But maybe you’d listen to someone else…
Without knocking, he stormed into his friends room. “I have a hypothetical to throw at you.”
“I have a pillow to throw at you.” Pietro was half asleep but as nosey as ever. “But I’m listening.”
“If you had a friend who you knew was getting cheated on, would you tell them?”
Pietro was smart and read inbetween the lines, “How do you know Alex is cheating on Yn?”
“I didn’t-”
“You didn’t need to.” Pietro sat up an ran his fingers through his hair. “We’ve had our suspicions but haven’t gotten any proof, not like it would change anything.”
Bucky knew Pietro was right, not like he had any solid evidence to give you anyways.
A few months ago, when Bucky was still living in Texas, he went to a strip club with a few Army buddies. He recognized Alex from high school and didn’t give it a second thought when he saw him getting very friendly with a dancer, even overheard him talking about having a girlfriend back home. If he would have known that was you, though…
Pietro remembered that trip, remembered how he told you it was just a weekend trip that turned into five days. He remembered how worried you were on the second day when Alex turned his phone off, how upset you were on the third day when he finally called you back just to yell at you for being worried.
To find out what was really happening pissed him off enough to want to tell you himself, especially now that Alex was trying to get on everyone’s good side. “He goes out of town a lot for work, you think he does things like that everytime?”
Bucky could only nod his head a mumble out a “probably” before he felt sick. He couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. “Where is he at now?”
It took a couple minutes of Pietro scrolling through his phone but eventually found out that Alex was leaving for LA, well, now. They both knew there wasn’t a way to catch him in the act - this time - but soon figured out a different approach.
Show her how much happier she is when he’s away versus when he’s home.
Pietro wasn’t sure at first, “He purposely starts fights with her then turns off his phone. Not that she mopes around waiting for him to text her back, but she’s never happy.”
“Since I’ve been home she only seems to be happy when it’s the five of us.” Bucky replied boastfully.
For a moment he didn’t think anything of it, but Bucky looked a little too happy about that - and suddenly Lesie’s question the other day made more sense. ‘...did Yn and Bucky ever date?’ “Huh..”
He was too nosey not to ask, “Do you have a thing for Yn?”
Bucky didn’t skip a beat, “Of course not, why would you think that?”
“Leslie asked me and Wanda something along those lines, I thought she was crazy. But now…” he trailed off.
“Now what?”
“Now I think she was onto something.”
Bucky stayed quiet for a while, trying to find the right words to say. He always knew that Pietro updated you on his life, even though you never once asked, but would he run and tell you this? “It’s not something that Yn, or anyone else, needs to know. Got it?”
“Wanda isn’t stupid, if I figured it out there’s no way she hasn’t.”
Shit. “Then let’s just pretend this conversation never happened. Yn’s coming over later and I don’t need you making anything obvious.”
“Okay fine, but you have to give me more details later. I feel like my whole life is a lie.” It was a little dramatic but was enough to break the tension. “So what’s the plan for tonight?”
“If he follows his normal pattern, she’ll be here when he turns off his phone….”
Instead of heading straight to Pietro’s after dropping Alex off you decided to eat lunch by yourself to process things. Normally you’d be calmly freaking out by now, knowing the bullshit he was going to put you through. Except this time was different. You didn’t care.
Sure he’d been acting differently lately, but you weren’t so caught up that you let him doing the bare minimum blind you. If he could only be a good boyfriend while in the same area code then what was the point? If this trip wasn’t different from the rest then you were done.
The moment you walked through the doors you knew something was off, the boys were acting weirder than usual. Pitero wouldn’t get off of his phone and Bucky was beside him having an intense staring contest with...  the floor apparently.
“What’s going on with them?” You asked Leslie.
She studied her boyfriend for a moment. “Pietro’s up to something, don’t know what though.”
“And Bucky?”
Wanda answered this time, “He’s been like that since I got here. Why don’t you go talk to him?”
“Why me?” Not that you didn’t want to, but the way Wanda smirked at you made it feel like a test. “I feel like I’m missing something.”
She stood from the couch and motioned for you and Leslie to follow her out the back door. The three of you walked far enough down the beach that no one else could hear what Wanda asked you. “Do you have feelings for Bucky?”
You couldn’t speak. How’d she find out? Did everyone know? Did Alex know?
“I think he has feelings for you too.”
You stood with your feet buried in the sand and the waves crashing against your legs, wishing - begging - the ocean would pull you in. “We’re just going to skip over all of that and focus on literally anything else.”
“Okay,” she wasn’t going to fight you, not on this, “but at least think about it. I’d hate to see you miss out on more time with him because you’re wasting it all on Alex.”
She was right, so right that you couldn’t even find it in you to defend your relationship.
Leslie stood a few feet away, silently observing you two when she got a text from Pietro.
P: Has Yn started complaining about Alex yet?
L: What kind of question is that?
P: I’ll explain later, has she?
L: No, we’re on the way back
Trusting whatever it was her boyfriend was up to, Leslie went for it. The subject needed to be changed anyways. “Has Alex landed yet?”
You looked at the time and rolled your eyes, “Yup, an hour ago.”
“He didn’t text you?”
“No,” but he updated his Instagram, “and I don’t care. If he can ignore me then I can ignore him.” So you turned your phone off, what was he going to do about it?
It was hard not to think about what Wanda had said when the first thing Bucky did when you walked into the house was swoop you up and sat you on the kitchen island, apologizing for not saying anything when you first got there. In that moment you knew no matter how much Alex wanted to change now, it wasn’t going to last. Even if you and Bucky didn’t end up together, him and your friends brought you more happiness than he ever did.
“I’m breaking up with Alex.” You didn’t mean to just blurt it out, you certainly didn’t mean to look directly into Bucky’s eyes while saying it. “Wanda said something on the beach that finally made it click, just thought you all should know.”
You didn’t hear what Leslie or the twins had to say before they walked out of the room, all you could focus on was not breaking eye contact with the man in front of you.
“So,” he smirked, “does this mean I can have you all to myself again?”
Alex didn’t plan on falling back into his routine after landing in LA, he didn’t even know why he played childish games like this in the first place other than because he could.
He thought for sure the shirtless picture he posted would earn him some type of reaction from you, but when he checked his phone hours later and saw nothing from you, not even a text asking how his flight was, he knew something was up.
A: Hey babe, you up?
When the blue text bubble turned green he didn’t even waste his time trying again, your phone was off. There was no way your friends would appreciate a text from him, so looking through their social media was the only way to piece together why.
He found what he was looking for on Wanda’s Instagram; a picture of you in the middle of her and Bucky taking shots.
It was enough for him to book the next flight home.
Tumblr media
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moonrifles · a month ago
"KINDRED",5 - Tommy Shelby x Reader (x Alfie Solomons).
Warnings: Alfie is a warning, mention of abduction, swearing, guns, fluff & slight angst at the end.
Tumblr media
Summary: You're an ex war-nurse reconverted as the leader of a feminist organisation. You join forces with the leader of the backstreet Birmingham gang, Thomas Shelby, to cut the head of the Fascist serpent, Oswald Mosley.
Word Count: 5K+
AN: Gina's family is totally OC as we know nothing about her in the show / POV alternate between characters' and Y/N's.
❰ ​Previous Chapter
*Margate, Solomons’ residence*
“Alfie!” You exclaimed. You were wearing a white woollen coat with fur around your neck, the same coloured futrzane at the top of your head flattening your finger-waved hair on each part of your face.
Under the woollen coat, you wore a light brown satin dress covering your full body with white high heels. Your look wouldn’t be complete without your blue stones jewellery collection of necklace and earrings. Your golden rings complimented her fingers above one of your white lace gloves.
That was the sound of your heels that made the man turn his head, his mind was elsewhere and he didn’t hear your call.
“Eh, eh, eh. Who that might be, huh, none other than Y/L/N.” He muttered to himself, squinting his eyes looking towards you.
You got closer to him and met with a frowning maid that looked at you with envy at the back of her eyes. You offered her a genuinely warm smile that let your white teeth out, which confused the maid.
“Glad to see you’re still breathing, Captain.” You reached to him.
You were always seemed to be open and all heart with women whereas you were the opposite with men.
“And what you be doing here, love? Thought I left you back in the smoke, innit?”
“Well I’m here Alfie, that war’s done, but there’s another one coming.” Y/N said outright. You stopped in front of him, took off the glove free of rings and passed your fingers through his hair, down to his cheek. Alfie remained silent as Y/N's fingers sprinkled his skin with sparks.
You grabbed his chin between your index and thumb, moving his head to the side, you were examining the damage that has been done to his right eye. “I met him.” You solemnly let out.
He already knew who you were referring to.
“He a fucking bookmaker, what you have with him?” He innocently let out, which made you chuckle a bit as you sat down on the sofa in front of him.
You clicked your tongue before slowly putting back your glove. “I love you, Alfie. There’s no bad blood between us but you know me. So don’t fucking try me.” Your threat was covered with an implied mention of your intertwined past, so you would reason with him with both reason and sentiment.
He grabbed the binoculars laying down next to him and raised it vertically towards the sea. “Fucking birds making noise all day annoying my peace of mind... If our mate didn’t shoot me I’ll be shooting ‘em, you know.”
“He was here before me, so you know he entered politics, Alfred.”
He glanced at you hearing his full name on your lips. No one but you ever called him that, and he had forgotten that habit of yours.
“I mean, he would’ve shot me anyway, right. But aiming right is free, innit?” He looked away. “Even at night, they be fucking screaming, mate. Try sleeping in some fucking screaming box.”
“You have trouble sleeping?” You snapped back, interested, catching the man's attention. He knew exactly what you were referencing to, shared memories about sharing beds during war.
“Not like that.” He got back to looking in his binoculars, choosing not to go on to that path.
“Not like that, huh?” You raised your brows at him, he had opened the gates and shall have what he asked for.
You let your coat fall on your arms, showing your naked shoulders and tilted your head. “We could still work it, like good old times, eh?” You teased the man, your Y/E/C piercing eyes not leaving his face.
Alfie didn’t even look at you. “Where’s your gun, Y/N?” He asked, presenting his palm to you, waiting. “Care to give it here for a sec?”
And without even thinking twice you grabbed your little gun from your shoulder holster under your coat and placed it in Solomon’s hand. You were watching his movements as he cocked the gun and aimed something outside the house you surmised to be the birds he was talking about.
“Thought you’d hand me one of your rifles, mad deceived ‘am now” He followed the targets with the gun without daring to shoot.
“War’s over, Alfie.” You put back on your coat and lit a cig before leaning backwards on the sofa, making yourself comfortable.
“Came in here telling me some war coming, now telling me it’s done…Come on, pick a struggle, love” He grumbled to himself as shifting his position.
“I lied. Actually, the war’s already here, and I have both feet in.” You raised your brows, smoking your cig.
“Me none.”
“Not yet.” You snapped back, getting up. “Look, Alfred. Margate’s not doing you any justice. Get back in business, come back to London.” You encouraged him. “You didn’t welcome me when I set foot in town. Didn’t even kiss me ‘bonjour’ *talking french* (=hello). I need my Captain back.” Your voice lowered on the last part as if you were pouting.
“Did you ever put your palm on one eye, eh? When child, you do that to see if life is any different seen by one eye or the other. You cover one eye with your palm and look fucking far away, yea. I used to do that often, you?” He stops what he was doing to glance at you, that was standing near him.
“Well, life’s fucking different. Yeah” He nodded to himself confirming his story. “It really is, one eye doesn't show what you see with the other. I’m fucking blind, now. Can only see one side of life, can’t I?” He turned to you, staring. Under his confusing metaphor, he was talking common sense, and it wasn’t difficult for you to decrypt his code as you knew the character.
What he was saying was simple, the experience with Tommy & the Italians made him insensible to the things that used to interest him before. Business and power weren’t things he cared about now.
You silently nodded before sitting right next to him. You put a palm onto one of your eyes and looked to the sea, searching for the screaming birds. Once you found one, you rushed your hand under your dress, to the inside of your thighs, your hand came out with another gun that you pointed straight forward before shooting.
A bird’s helpless scream was heard before Alfie’s mouth opened. “Damn, woman. You still got this.”
“You just gotta picture what’s behind the black spot, Alfred. You fucking draw the lines in your head, because you’ve seen them. They’re here, somewhere in your mind, you just gotta draw them.” You muttered to his ear and he let out an “Um.” before trying to also shoot a bird.
When Y/L/N's foot touched the gravels of Small Heath’s ground, each women’s head turned to her as a disturbing silence spread over the crowd. She got out of the car when Lizzie opened her mouth, catching the attention of Polly, “He’s fucking her.” She spat with disgust, her eyes filled with jealousy and fear of losing Thomas once again.
Once a month, the peaky girls joined the reunion of women in Small Heath’s streets. This meeting's purposes were to one, show men that women, too, could gather, and second, to scare the institutions and politics about the numbers of women ready to fight for their rights. It was originally organized by Jessie Eden, a communist & feminist leader, but quickly was taken over by Y/F/N and her organisation.
Deleting the "communist" part of this meeting surely helped women gathered even more as they knew they weren’t directly taking sides in political matters, so the risk of getting arrested was low.
Polly’s eyes went from Lizzie to Y/N, who was shaking hands with some women wearing a soft smile along with a determined gaze. “Saw her once, going out of Tommy's office.”
Lizzie rolled her eyes. “Every woman he be fucking went to his office.” She seemed fed-up, one of her feet angrily taping the ground back and forth.
“What business does Tommy have with a feminist?” Pol’ utterly murmured to herself, frowning. What was her surprise when she recognized the other woman coming out of the car, being none other than Ada.
The Thorne, initially Shelby woman, stood right next to Y/N, her brown hat set down on her finger waved hair. She wore her cream woollen coat with fur on her neck and ends of sleeves with pale rose heels. Her nails were bordeau-painted and complimented the red of her lips.
Polly never thought of Ada being interested in anything but communism, but here her niece was, and the thing that hit the Gray woman the most was that Ada seemed to belong there, talking to women and shamelessly shaking their hands. She wasn’t as reserved and distant as she usually was when around people.
“Let’s get out of here.” Polly started to walk away.
Lizzie frowned, “No reunion today?” She seemed relieved, she will not have to face the blonde woman that troubled her most lately.
“No reunion today.” Pol responded. She didn’t want to learn anything from Ada’s activities by spying, but she’ll surely try to draw it out of her later.
“You what?”
“Ada, sit.” You motioned to the nearest chair.
After the reunion, they both went to the house you bought for the organisation. It wasn’t big, nor elegant. It was a simple Small Heath’s house reconverted in an office.
If you wanted to stand a chance in changing the traditional standards toward women’s place in society, you needed to expand your organisation. You would put cabinets at each corner of the streets if needed. Women needed to know they stood a chance, they needed to know they weren’t alone in their battle and they needed to know they are protected, and that part, you made sure to honour.
“No, I’m not going to fucking sit. You didn’t talk about abducting somebody’s daughter, Y/N!”
Even if you didn’t have the police in your pocket, Tommy did, and their deal gave you the assurance you'll be able to run your business the way you wanted to. It was always better to have someone else command people to leave you alone than you using your high social status to get what you wanted. This way, if things went bad, it wouldn’t be you that’ll take the blame.
You sighed while raising your brows at Ada’s reaction. You pulled out your cigarette case and lit one that you handed her. Thorne took it and went to sit on the sofa, leaning her back to get comfortable.
“Damn, you’re just like him.” Ada let out, glancing at you who let out a “Huh?” of confusion.
You were intently looking at her as she also seated on the couch in front of you. You ignited yourself a cig and puffed on it, waiting for the other woman to process the information of you abducting Gina Gray.
“It’s like I’m in a meeting with Tommy.” She sighed. “It’s always about business and I can’t read him.”
In other words, you didn’t need Tommy to keep the police away from your activities, you could do it yourself if you wanted to. But taking care of this yourself meant to jeopardize each person in your organisation, and you couldn’t afford to risk it all.
“I saw you leaving the library with one of my women.” You blatantly let out, smoking your cig.
Ada frowned and shifted her position, she was uncomfortable. “She’s interested in communism.” She tried to defend herself as her cheeks reddened.
“I’m not judging you, I’m showing you it’s not always about business.”
“I was talking about you, not me.”
“This organisation is me, Ada, and you’re in it now. I know everything I need to know about it and I do everything I need to do for it.” You leaned towards the brown-haired woman.
In fact, it wasn’t at all about the expensive jewellery, nor the luxurious heels. It was about you having a family you cared about even if your kin weren’t blood-related.
Even if Ada understood what the woman in front of her meant, she couldn’t help but to roll her eyes, she heard this speech many times before, upon her brother’s lips. “Yeah, totally Tommy.” She tilted her head to the side. “You’re always avoiding the subject when I talk about him.”
“He’s not my business.”
“Lizzie would argue otherwise.” Ada raised a brow at you, meaning she knew what happened when you and Lizzie first met in Tommy’s office.
You chuckled, crossing your legs.
“What is it between my brother and you?” She asked.
“You’re bored, Ada. That’s why you want the details. Get back with that woman you found and spend time together, huh?” You dismissed the Shelby woman. And this time, Ada scoffed because Tommy once told her the exact same thing about her being bored.
You gained composure again and straightened back up, “You with me on that or what?” Your tone suddenly went serious again, and Ada’s expression changed.
“Why do you ask about my opinion, don’t you like giving orders all the time?” Ada teased the Y/E/C eyed woman. Y/L/N liked that about the Shelby sister, she was always pushy without being aware.
“Stop being petty, Ada. You’re more of a thinker rather than a doer.” She dismissed the remarks.
“So why do you want my help in the first place?” Ada pondered, confusion in her eyes. The things Y/N struggled to understand was how Ada didn’t see the potential that resided in her. She would always diminish herself and her power for some reason when Y/L/N thought of her as a force of nature that begged to shine.
“I just need that pettiness and fearlessness of yours. Like a kind of representative.”
“Of you?”
You shook your head. “Representative of the organisation.”
“It’s Michael’s wife and I’m a Shelby, meaning she’s family.”
“You’re a Thorne, Ada. And these fucking people out here don’t give a fuck whose side you’re on. They’ll kill you whenever they get the occasion to. I know you don’t like this, but it’s a Shelby I need on this field.” You were pointing your index at the windows, leaning toward Ada.
“You know Gina's people?” Ada exclaimed, raising her hands in exasperation.
You tilted your head to the side to confirm, your eyes deeply in Shelby’s.
“Am a Thorne or a Shelby on the field?” Ada raised a brow to you.
“Both are strengths.”
You were sitting at the counter of the Garrison, sharing a drink with Arthur when the doors opened on Tommy. You didn’t see him come your way, but Arthur did. He glanced at his brother and grabbed his own drink before joining people elsewhere ignoring your presence.
You looked at him, frowning, and that’s when you turned around you noticed Tommy’s presence. You rolled your eyes at him. “You like to scare off my dates?” You sat back down, sipping on your drink.
“I like the dress,” Tommy said, ordering a whiskey. He wasn’t looking at you anymore, but God knows it was because of the look he gave you while entering the pub that Arthur went away.
“Yeah?” You questioned quite surprised Tommy noticed you weren’t dressed as usual. “It’s different from the suits.” You added, seeing he wasn’t going to pursue the conversation.
The blue-eyed man glanced at Y/N's drink. “You drink rum now?” He grabbed his cigarette case and ignited one before handing it to the woman that gladly took it, a smile on her lips. He lit another one for himself.
“You’re alcoholic enough to tell the difference between whiskey and rum without tasting it?” Your suave voice made him look at you as clenching his jaw at your remark, this was all you would get from him.
“I’ve met with Mr Solomons, I thought it was the least I could do to buy some bottles of his.” Tommy’s eyes that were staring at Y/N's lips went up in a hurry when hearing her confession.
“You did what?” Thomas turned so his body faced the woman, his eyes anchored deeply in hers.
He was never so sure about your intentions, nothing was ever sure with you, whereas it was your feelings or what was in your head. And your unreadable face didn’t help a bit.
“I’m drinking rum, now.” You raised your brows at him, cheerfully.
The warmth your smile ignited in him wasn’t enough to make him forget about what you just said. Tommy’s lids fluttered as he remained silent, blankly looking at you. He was aware you thought of Alfie to run the south, as well as himself, but he didn’t expect you to be so direct and visit Alfie Solomons that fast.
“Stop looking at me like that, Tommy. You knew about Alfred and me.”
A wave of questions flowed through his mind, from the tender tone you worded Solomon’s name to the hidden message behind your words. What did you mean by he and you? Something was screaming at him that your relationship went beyond business at a certain point.
His brows raised. “Alfred, eh?” He scoffed, turning back to the counter, puffing on his cig.
He suddenly remembered the war records, informations hitting him like thunderbolts. You were in the same section. Alfie was the Captain of a battery in the artillery where you were sent. You knew each other.
“I also made him talk about the little arrangement you didn’t tell me about.” You let out dismissively. You weren’t blaming him for not telling you he asked Solomons to send his men to create a riot when Mosley will do his speech, you simply voiced your surprise. You thought he trusted you and were deceived to discover that he, in fact, did not.
A minute that seemed to last centuries passed, and you glanced at him. You were silently smoking as he was deep in his thoughts, not even looking at you.
“Well, it seems I’m not aware, no.” His voice was deep and he coughed before drinking his whiskey, his icy eyes looking straight forward to him.
You squinted your eyes in confusion before realizing he didn’t listen to you, he was still on that Alfred thing.
“You don’t listen to me.” You got up, blankly looking at him.
Tommy feigned not to see you, but when you raised a hand to his that was leading his cup to his mouth, a shiver ran down his spine in anticipation.
Even if he wanted to ignore you or how you made him feel, his body betrayed him.
You tenderly grabbed his wrist and pulled his arm towards you. Your piercing eyes met with his cold ones, as you dangerously neared your face.
Y/N ended up connecting the tip of their nose before slowly teasing his lips with hers. He was looking into your soul hidden in your iris and you were doing the same, you were the same.
You might be using flirt along with charm to get what you wanted from men, but with Thomas, it wasn’t the same. He had the exact same hold on you that you had on him, and both could feel it when in an intimate moment.
Their intimacy wasn’t simply about sex, a hunger due to an innate desire or need, no. It began the minute they would shamelessly dive into the being of the other. When he was undressing your soul with the most usual look.
You ultimately sealed your pleading lips together, considering they stayed apart for too long. Their warm breaths intertwined as both of you forgot everything around you, this moment belonged to no other than you, this instant was yours.
You could pretend you weren’t emotionally involved as long as you wanted when alone. But you couldn’t lie when in front of him. You didn’t feel the need to. You could just be yourself, it was more than enough there, at the mercy of his fingers.
Out of breath you pulled away, you opened your eyes to Tommy’s one looking straight at you again, and that made you laugh. He couldn’t help but smile at the sound of your rare giggles.
Nothing needed to be said when your eyes were connected, as well as nothing needed explanation when your lips were sealed, you were him and he was you. The urge of feeling your inner worlds collide again, Y/N came kissing him some more, to Tommy’s greatest pleasure.
“I know about using Alfie's men.” You murmured without leaving his lips, and he nodded slightly.
“I knew you would find it one way or another.” He answered. One of his hands went to your back as he was fondling you with his thumb above the fabric, he pulled you closer to him as your fingers were passing over his lips in a tender way.
You hit his chest with your other hand, realizing he wittingly kept his deal with Alfie from you just so you would get a little mad. It was his way of teasing you about the fact you cared.
He was purring under your touch when the doors opened. Polly’s eyes directly dropped on Tommy and the librarian before quickly glancing around the pub, meeting with Arthur’s. They both marked a pause and looked back to the two bill & cooing birds...
It wasn’t Tommy’s type to be that open about his relationship with a woman, but Polly already knew what was in his mind. He was convincing himself it was solemnly business, as with the other women he works with, but she knew he was starting to fall in love without even noticing it.
You both got back to reality and pulled away when Pol walked to you, going back to your respective drinks as if nothing happened. She placed herself in between you two, forcing you to take a step aside.
Tommy coughed, looking into his drink as if there was the most interesting thing in there as Y/N grabbed her things, she then started to walk away. And without even looking back, she passed the Garrison’s door.
Polly was staring at Thomas, her words useless in this situation. He glanced towards her and quickly went back to drinking, he wasn’t going to have that conversation with her.
It was Arthur, coming back to the counter that brought up the previous display between his brother and the librarian, “See Polly, my brother got another singing bird.” He was smiling before encountering Tommy’s eyes telling him to shut up, making his smile fade.
“And what you think it is, Thomas? Business?” Her deep trembling voice made him close his eyes a long time as he sighed. “It is love, Arthur.” She glanced at the man behind the counter. “You’re brother’s in love.” She continued, leaning to Tom, dramatically making him know in what he trapped himself.
He opened back his eyes and firmly dropped his fist on the wooden board in a thud, coughing away her words.
The Peaky Blinders head drank from his drink before quickly glancing to the doors you passed minutes ago, lost in thoughts. And as he was sure to think with his head, Polly knew he was thinking with his heart.
The man was walking slowly, each of his steps was heavy as the whistling escaping from his lips echoed on the concrete walls.
Ada that was on the other side of the wooden door looked through the window, trying not to overthink this situation. Since her first day as a book counsellor under the management of Y/N's organisation, she was never given major tasks. Rather kept at the very back of everything illegal.
But these past few days, she noticed Y/N was taking her to the important reunions, and Y/N's right hand, Ana, had been ordered to introduce Ada to “the work” as Y/L/N called it.
She didn’t know why it was her that had to meet with Gina’s father as Y/N was the one knowing what she needed from him, but Thorne kept away any negative thoughts, focusing on what needed to be done.
The door opened and a tall man entered. He was wearing a creamy long jacket, beige pants. Under the jacket, Ada glimpsed a shirt topped by a Roman collar similar to the priests’. His arms were crossed in his back.
He was pretty imposing, with large shoulders. Even under the fabrics, his browny chest and body could be seen.
Her gaze went up to his face, encountering his deep hazel coloured eyes staring straight at her. He got little eyes, their corner dropping as if he was sad. But she knew this type of man didn’t feel that emotion. Even if his iris were warm coloured, his gaze was cold, almost as if he wasn’t alive anymore, his eyes didn’t shine, they were glassy.
All those informations made Ada nervously gulp, continuing to examine the man’s face.
He had thick straight brows and he wore his brown curly hair slick on the side, one curl falling down his forehead.
He didn’t close the door behind him and walked to her until he was inches away. “You’re not Y/N.” His deep hoarse voice worded. And his remark made her instantly roll her eyes at him.
“Just sat, already. Can I offer you a drink?” Of course, she wasn’t Y/N, if he knew her, he would know it wasn’t as simple as that to meet with her.
“I don’t drink.” He squinted his eyes.
“Well, I do.” She turned to the counter to pour herself some whiskey and gladly started to sip on it as going to sit down. On his side, the man was walking in the room, stopping himself from time to time to examine the objects and frames he was surrounded by. “Is this your house?” He was fidgeting with a woman’s body paperweight.
“Your daughter doesn’t seem to be delighted by the fact you’re here.” She let facing him head-on.
He turned to her as she was staring at his face fearlessly. He delicately dropped the paperweight and went sitting down in the armchair in front of the brown-haired woman that followed his every move with her gaze.
“How’s your son? Mrs--” He feigned to search for her last name, but Ada knew he wanted her to understand that whoever she might be, he could get to her and her family if he decided to.
Of course, it wasn’t Ada’s house, but everything was made to make him believe so. They put some of her personal photographs with her son along with other personal effects.
“Thorne. Ada Thorne. And my son’s alright.”
This way, he will think he has the advantage over her, and if he wants to try anything, this is this house that will be targeted. But in fact, this house was one of the many business properties Y/L/N owned in the neighbourhood.
“Oh my.” He chuckled, raising his brows. “She got political alliances.” He crossed his legs and leant backwards in the chair, his arms laying on each of the armrests.
“You’re interested in politics Mr Rice?”
The man gave a faint smile hearing she knew about him more than he knew about her.
“Everything’s politics, Mrs Thorne.” He raised his gaze to her. He wasn’t being pushy or aggressive, but the atmosphere around him was heavy. His presence made her uncomfortable, and if she wasn’t a Shelby, she’d be unable to face him and stand the stare.
She nodded to him, thinking he answered right.
“I’m no longer in business, Y/L/N knows that very well. I left my brother in charge, it is him you need to see.” He was choosing his words meticulously, and each sentence he spoke was filled with unsaid things.
Not only was he implying that Y/N might be incompetent cause she picked the wrong guy, but he underlined the fact it was a family business, meaning abducting his daughter, wasn’t the best idea.
For a second, she thought her boss may have committed an error by forcing this Mr Rice to come to England, but she was quick to understand he was trying to destabilize her.
“Did you come all the way from Chicago to tell me I need to address another man? Wouldn't it be more intelligent to tell that in a call? ” She raised a brow, and now she was the best match for this meeting.
The man remained silent as he was smiling again, understanding his strategy will not work with her.
“It’s not about a man, not your brother, not you. It’s about Gina, your daughter, using your own methods to manipulate her husband to take control of something bigger than her, something she couldn’t even manage to take care of if she succeeds at having it. But we both already know, in reality, it’s your brother using her.” She returned him his evil smile before tilting her head. Her words sounded like bombs in the man’s ears. Acknowledging the fact his brother might use Gina for his own needs made Mr Rice gritted his teeth as one of his hands clenched into a fist.
He had been trying to get into her head, manipulating her into believing their actions were useless and that nothing could be done about the plan his daughter and Michael had. But being a Shelby as well as a Thorne, Ada knew how to handle those types of people.
“Well, you saw right through me. I see now why Y/N chose you.” He raised both his hands in admittance of his defeat.
Even if the man in front of her seemed harmless, she didn’t want to stay alone with him any longer. He was peculiar, from the way he was standing to his aura, she knew Gina's father was a weasel. She could read in his eyes he was lurking for the moment she'd let down her guard to get to her.
“Now you will meet with her.” Ada decided it was the end of this interview, surprising herself into taking such a decision. Maybe Y/N wanted her to do something more?
She gasped when getting up, which helped her get her mind clear. She understood her role was to make him realize he wouldn’t escape until they have what they wanted from him.
She went to the table, writing an address, a day and an hour on a piece of tissue paper. She then walked to the bearded man and handed him the fabric.
“Now business can begin…” She paused, keeping him from taking the paper. He glanced at her, sighing. “And leave your shenanigans at the door for this meeting, bring your will to cooperate instead... She way worse than me.”
*Shelby Company Limited*
Tommy opened the door to his office, he intended to walk towards his desk when hearing a low voice. “Arthur asked whose side I’m on.”
He turned around to a curled up Polly in the chair at the corner of his dark office. She wasn’t facing him, her body was halfway turned, as well as her face, leading her to look at him with side-eyes.
He didn't need to ask her what she was talking about. Since the meeting where Michael offered to run the business family, taking Tommy's place, she was distant, as if thinking about her son's proposal.
Tom surmised tonight was the time she'll give her final answer.
It was raining, the wind violently slapped the windows as well as the raindrops, the outside storm perfectly reflecting the conflictual atmosphere settled between the two. The climate deprived the office of any light, but a shy desk lamp faintly illuminated the place.
He took off his black gloves, throwing them on the table separating them. He then sighed and went sitting on the chair, raising his gaze to her, waiting for her to continue to speak.
“There will be a war, and one of you will die.” Her deep trembling voice along with the lapping of the rain on the windows added to the dramatic atmosphere.
Tommy sighed, he knew she was right. He was, indeed, waiting for a war. “But which one I cannot tell.” Her black eyes were staring straight into Tommy’s blue one.
He let out a “Hum.” surmising she’ll not add anything else. He nodded to himself, “he’s gonna do it anyway.” he continued. It wasn’t a question, this would explain her presence in his office that late in the night.
“Yeah.” She responded.
“You should know, if Aberama takes his side I will kill him.” Tommy said upfront.
She looked down before raising her gaze to him again, “And what about me?” She wasn’t blinking, patiently waiting for the confirmation of Tom’s determination to stop her son.
Tom paused, he was aware she was trying to know his intention and he was debating within himself if he could afford to let her know.
“I’ll do what I have to do, Pol” He dropped his definite sentence, he didn’t move his stare or body a bit. He didn’t need to let her know how determined he was, it was already showing.
“Kill… And kill.” She sang with a low voice, slowly blinking. She seemed tired of this situation, as well as tired of it all.
“It’s the only way to make people listen” He nodded his head to the side as murmuring his words.
Since her near-death experience with the noose, she wasn’t the same Polly that he knew. She was only a mere shadow to the person she once was. But this time she seemed truly fed-up.
The thunder was rumbling outside when she got up with slow movements. The sound of her high heels nearing him mixed with the sound of the rain racing down the windows.
She grabbed an envelope as well as her drink. “Soon, you will have a stage to stand on. Millions of people will listen to you. And you will run the country like you run this family.” Her head was held high.
She was looking down on Tommy.
He knitted his brows, holding the stare even if he had to raise his head to meet her. “It appears to be what people want.” He nodded to himself, trying to convince him, or her of what he was saying.
“But not me.”
He blinked.
“Not anymore.”
He blinked again.
“My resignation.” She concluded while dropping the envelope on the table before him. She also put down the empty cup and looked at him some more before turning her back at him and walk toward the exit.
He stared at the empty space in front of him where the woman used to stand prior as he heard her steps receding. Tommy inhales deeply before sighing, dropping his head forward. Her words hit him as bullets would’ve. She was the only thing that kept him from losing his mind. Polly had always been more to him than what he ever showed, and the fact she let him down now did hurt him.
Tommy grabbed his gun from his shoulder holster under his suit jacket and looked at it while exhaling. He moved his hand, turning the gun on both sides, looking at it as looking at a let-out.
Nothing would stop him from founder now. He could embrace his demons and play how he wanted.
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nitannichionne · 3 months ago
Leading Lady, Chapter 13: Deadly Kisses (A Henry Cavill Cast Fic)
Chapter 13: Deadly Kisses
Tumblr media
We had had a pretty good day, signing autographs and answering some fan questions on the books. I was so happy I'd read them all. Readers had a way of asking things that you would only know if you read it.
The four hours flew by pretty fast, thankfully. I had come up with a signature that would be easy to do, as did Kitara. We were making fun of them when people weren't around. And Zeus, that little mongrel, laid in a basket behind us like a supervisor watching our work. When she moved, he looked up at her begging to picked up. When I did anything, he just glared at me. What did I ever do to that creature?
Kitara was giving me advice on how to get on Zeus's better side when she gasped.
"One of my covers!"
Without even thinking, I walked a little closer and put a hand on her arm even though we were side by side. "Who?"
Tumblr media
That guy was a model, I could tell. A fitness model! I’d seen him on Men’s Fitness, Shred, stuff like that. He smiled widely, recognizing her. "Oh, my God, hey!" He came over.
I looked up at Kit’s banner and it all clicked. He was a cover on another book. 
Tumblr media
"Colin!" Kitara's eyes were wide as she extended her hand. "It's an honor, and thank you for your service."
"Thank you," he smiled. "Thanks for being worth fighting for!" 
She shyly laughed. It was what she wrote once to the military-she wanted to be worth fighting for. He looked at me. "Oh, Colin Wayne, Shane Sheridan." He extended his hand to me.
I managed a smile and took it, my other arm encircling Kitara. "Hey." I faked a thoughtful frown, pulling Kitara a little closer. "I do believe we are in the same series."
He blinked. He caught that. Good. But his look felt far from surrender squeezing my hand like that. Bad. "Yes, I do believe we are." His gaze was back on Kitara. "I had to talk to you before you leave Cali."
"Really?" she asked.
"People recognized me here,” he beamed. “I read the book I did the cover for," he said. "I think it's great."
"She is brilliant, isn't she?" I put in.
"Yes, and I'd like to put my hat in the ring for that role if it goes to screen. Been taking acting lessons and what not. My agent thinks it’s a good idea.”
"Really?" She almost bubbled over. "I would love you to play that part, it would be wonderful!"
"Great," I nodded. He wasn’t after my part and yet I wasn’t happy about this guy.
He pulled out a card, but then after glancing me, he extended his hand. "Phone?"
She gave it to him.
He put in his number and then called it. Her phone rang. "Don't want you to lose my number." He keyed in his name and info, and handed both the phone and card to her. "That's my agent's card, but this is my cell, of course."
"Thank you," she said breathlessly. "I'm sure we'll be in touch."
He turned to walk away, but then turned back. "And, Kitara?"
"I didn’t know I could read content before posing. I would love to read a script before I pose for a cover," he grinned, showing his dimples. "More context, you know?"
She giggled at that, nodding in agreement. So he’d been to her site, too. 
'Thanks," he nodded. "Nice meeting you, uh,  Shannon?"
"Shane." I nodded. Bastard. I snapped my fingers. "Colon?"
"Nice one," he laughed. "Bye now."
"Take care." Kitara chimed.
"Bye," I waved.
"You were so rude!" she said, slapping my chest and turning to face me.
"What?" I was surprised to see her be angry. "Look, he has got more than a role on his mind."
"Like you don't?" she asked, and turned to go, but I caught her hand and turned her back into me. "You are a player in Britain, and last I checked I'm not an American game piece."
She might as well have kicked me in the gut. I looked into her eyes. "We have history, we have a connection, unlike anyone...this is different, alright?"
"It is?" She asked. The look in her eyes told me she wanted-no, needed-to know. She was vulnerable, and whether she liked it or not, it showed.
"It is," I told her softly, putting my arms around her. "and I don't like him, alright?" Truthfully, I wanted no man around her, and the wave of possessiveness took me off guard.
"You don't like him?" she repeated.
"I don't like him."
She searched my eyes, and this was the first time she really stared. Most of the time she turned away after a second or two but this time she was searching, reading, and I found myself swallowing hard. What did she see? 
"He'd be a good fit for the part, is all," she whispered. “And it’s not what you think.”
"Did you--" I closed my eyes for a second, realizing it was the first time I ever felt insecure in some time. "did you ask him directly?"
"No, but I did have Laura hunt him down for rights to a picture he'd taken." she shrugged.
"But you didn't give him the script in advance." I steered her to our guestroom.
"No, I didn't." She sighed. "and he's not interested in me like that."
I found myself relaxing, and I didn't realize I'd been so tense. "Alright." I nodded, caressing her cheek. "Need to make things clear, I reckon." Now or never. I bent down and lightly kissed her. It was electric, it was dizzying, like the first moments off a really good coaster. I could see she felt the same, feeling her body lean in for more.
I couldn't stop kissing him. I tried to slow things down, but that whole kisses are even deadlier if you mean it thing is true. The minute he started, I couldn't stop until I needed to catch my breath, only to start again...  "Wait," I said between kisses as his touch sent goosebumps through my whole body. "We should...slow things down....!" I felt my knees go to jelly as his lips dragged over my jawline and to my chin, and I sighed as my head fell back. "Ahh..." "Mmm..." Shane lifted me onto a counter, his hips surging between my legs. I gasped as I felt him....him...I moaned softly. Oh, I was going fast here and in a public place! "Don't worry, I locked the door." The murmur was almost a growl, intensifying the caress of his breath on my neck. I was mentally startled-it was like he was reading my mind! I was getting wet, and this was so not the time or place! He was shutting my brain down and I needed to get it back up and running. I had to stop this...slow it down, but he was feeling too good...I had to...I got it. I had to take control of the situation. When he broke the kiss again, I became the aggressor. When his tongue darted into my mouth, I caught and sucked it. His moan vibrated between us, and he began raking my back. I raked his scalp and licked his lips, nibbling them after that. He sighed, his eyes half closed as he kneaded my hips while I kissed my way to the shell of his ear. "Baby?" I prayed he wouldn't hit that spot on my neck or we'd be going full circle. "Oh, yes." His voice sounded like he was answering a question as he did some nibbling of his own, but I raked his back and lightly bit his trap after dragging my lips over it. "Oh, God..." I ran my fingers over his chest as I scooted forward, managing to get my feet to the floor, but our hips kept trying to align instinctively. "We need to take it slow." "We do?" he clearly didn't believe this. His eyes were no longer a bright blue but some sort stormy color that reminded me of books I'd written about aroused beasts. He took my hands and kissed each one. Oh, I can't fight this. His cologne was all over me, that and his scent. I could still taste him... "Kit?" "How about a movie night?" I asked shakily, stepping away from him. Despite the warm weather I felt a chill because I no longer could feel his body heat. I drew a shaky breath, my own body showing me how much I wanted to be close to him. I felt my eyes fill with tears, trying to get a hold of my emotions. I was scared. I honestly felt as if I had no control, and he had all of it. I was trying to put my usual logical barriers in place, but they were just melted down ruins I couldn't seem to rebuild fast enough. I took a chance and raised my eyes to his. "Yeah, let's do a movie night," he agreed slowly. The heat seemed to go out of his eyes a little, but I knew it simmered beneath the surface, like covering a grill to keep the coals from burning too hot, keep the aroma from giving the game away. "We won't do anything you don't want to do. You can even pick the movies, okay?" "You don't want to go out?" I could barely get the words out. His small smile came slow upon his lips as he shook his head slowly. "No, I don't." He blinked, raising his eyebrows. "unless you do." That sounded like a dare. I wasn't calming down now. The expression on his face was one who knew he had an advantage. If we go out, we will still come back to the apartment together. If we don't the evening would still end there. I knew I wanted him, but I wanted to feel more confident about what it all meant. I looked up at him, not sure what to say or do. He kissed my forehead. "Come on, let's get home." The timbre of his voice told me he wasn't done tonight, not by a longshot, and I wasn't helping. My head was telling me to slow down, but my body was reacting on instinct and senses. I wanted him. He tipped my chin up so our eyes would meet. "Home, then?" I couldn't talk, so I could only nod yes.
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lexilucacia · 4 months ago
Hi, can you write something where Chase is in a stable and healthy relationship with a girl/guy from outside of work and one day they make him lunch with cute notes inside and house finds it and then mocks him before the team ( original or the rest) and Chase goes I'm happy and that's what matters and then he goes home and proposes because he knows his partner is all he wants in life. Pls pls pls i just want him to be happy.
This prompt really spoke to me, so I’m sooooo sorry to everyone else’s I haven’t written yet, but when inspiration strikes, it just does!
Title: Little notes For Chase
Words: 3031
Tags: Marriage Proposal ×Weddings ×Fluff ×House Being House ×Secret Relationship ×Love Letters ×(or notes really) ×love notes ×thats not a tag ×Love Confessions ×Cross-Posted on Tumblr ×Tumblr Prompt ×Teasing ×Happy Ending ×Everything is Beautiful and Nothing Hurts ×Author Is Sleep Deprived ×I Wrote This Instead of Sleeping ×POV Robert Chase ×
Pairings: Robert Chase/OMC
Chase smiled again at the little note that his partner had slipped inside his lunch bag. They never failed to make him smile from the ones that had long extravagant messages to the small ‘I love u!’s that often made an appearance on a busy morning. He can’t really remember how it started, he thinks it must have been a late night where Chase was a bit too tired to pack his own bag (and that made him sound like a school kid). So, Felix had packed food for him, sending him off to work with a kiss and a ‘I love you’. 
He had seen the yellow postie flutter to the ground, catching in his grip recognising it as one of his partner’s lucky posties with ducks in the corners. The little message had caught him off guard, he’d expected his boyfriend’s weird rambles that he left around the house accidentally packed in his bag, but instead it was a little smiley face and a love heart. The note read, ‘don’t forget that you are loved (especially by me)’ with little hat drawn onto the printed cartoon duck.
He clutched the note to his chest, pinning it up in his locker once his lunch break was over. They didn’t speak of it, but at night, after Chase had thought Felix was asleep he pressed a soft kiss to his nape, and squeezed him a little tighter. 
The notes had become a constant in his life, he was used to finding one sitting one behind the toothpaste holder, one in the cabinet next to a new box of his favourite cereal and occasionally in his textbooks when he was studying for requalifications. He still found notes in his lunchbox, his favourite sitting next to a picture of him and his beloved. This one in particular read ‘I know I don’t have to woo you my love, you’d never leave me. But if you did, let’s just say I know an abandoned warehouse, you’re with me for the long haul.’ 
Chase had almost cried at that one and had wanted to pull out the wedding ring he’d put in the back of his cupboard a few months prior, that very night. Felix’s warped, wacky and weird sense of humour was the reason Chase loved him so much. He nevertheless stopped himself, unable to forgive himself if Felix didn’t get the proposal he deserved, goddamnit. 
They’d talked about marriage a lot, but neither had popped the question and Chase wanted to make the day that he did perfect (if Felix didn’t beat him to it at this rate). He was falling more in love with the man and his endearing notes, not that he’d thought it was possible and most days he thought his heart might burst with love. He’d be concerned if he wasn’t a doctor and working at a hospital.
Felix always seemed to know what to say. Reminders of love and worth came on days where he couldn’t his dad’s words out of his head, notes of memories and date nights came when Chase was feeling nostalgic, and his favourite every day the assurance of love. He never knew how to repay Felix, what to do for him, so he settled on small things, things that often would come up in the notes.
He’d notice that Felix was running out of clean socks and the next day all of Felix’s socks would be lined up, folded and washed (even if he’d had a night shift), prompting the drawing of tiny socks on his next note. Or Chase unloading the dishwasher, or putting Felix’s books away when he fell asleep with them on his chest. 
Both of them savoured these small things, tokens of their love, their bliss and domesticity. It all seemed to be going well, until one day Chase was careless. His boss House had all but ordered a team lunch, so there was no way out with his dignity (or secrets as it may be). 
Lunch started out normal, or normal as it could be with House and his nosey (pining in one case) colleagues, Cameron and Foreman, so he should have expected this. Chase pulled out his lunch bag, ignoring the snickering from House about how gay it looked and set to work digging through to see what food Felix had packed today. Inside it held a vegemite sandwich, a few pieces of chopped up fruit, juice box and a small lamington they’d purchased earlier in the week.
It honestly looked like a school lunch, House teasing him as such as he ignored his definitely flaming cheeks and certainly beet red ears. He was almost (not really) pleased to see the lack of a note perching in his bag, until something yellow fluttered past his eye, reminding him of the first day. Before he could smile goofily at the memory and snatch up his note, a loud sound rang out in the cafeteria.
The yellow disappeared under a familiar stump of wood, that Chase was used to hearing click down the halls of PPTH. The man had surprisingly quick reflexes (only when it embarrassed Chase of course) and the paper made a loud sound as it slid along the floor to House’s foot. The thrum of his heart beat and the scraping of the paper was all he could hear as the cafeteria noise was muffled around him. 
The older man picked up the note, capturing the attention of a few tables around them and the new people sitting at their table. House scrunched his eyes at the note, crinkling his nose in distaste at contents and reading it disdainfully.
“3 years i’ve put up with your ugly mug and you still haven’t learnt to fold shirts properly. Date night doesn’t sound so fun now.” The note had a crudely, pencil drawn shirt on the duck, making Chase smile as he looked over House’s shoulder.
Ho honestly didn’t know whether to sob or laugh, settling for a strange mixture of both, smile wide and tears running down his face, so that the rest of the cafeteria was staring at him, if they hadn’t been before.
It was their 3 year anniversary, Felix had remembered the conversation they’d had on their first date, he had never been more in love with the man. He must have zoned back, because when he finally snapped back to snatch the note from a gaping House’s hand, he was being barraged with questions.
“3 years?”
“Why didn’t we know?”
“Who is she?”
“What’s the crying for?”
“How could you have kept this a secret?”
“Is she hot?”
“I thought you slept with everyone?”
“What about the nurses?”
Chase was already getting a headache, not in the mood for this and wanting to sneak off and call Felix, just to rant about his day or blubber about his love, whatever came out first. He put a hand out, effectively silencing everyone. He sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “What do you want to know?”
Before they could all start shouting again he sighed. “One at a time.”
“Who is she? Why didn’t we know? How long Chase?” Chase had to coach his face into a neutral expression not to blow up at Cameron, the woman had made it no secret of her crush on him.
He simply raised an eyebrow, on an otherwise poker face. “His name is Felix. 3 years and I am under no obligation to share my personal life. There is a reason it’s my private life.” He glared.
Cameron looked shocked, before apologising for being rude and Chase felt a little guilty, but not enough to apologise in front of hundreds of prying eyes. He turned to Foreman who looked like he was bursting for a question.
“He?” Was all Foreman could get out, voice squeaky.
“He is the love of my life. Any more questions?”
“Knew you were too pretty to be straight.” House smirked, taking a bite into the younger man’s sandwich before spitting it out. 
“Did you try to poison me?” He shrieked.
It was Chase’s turn to smirk, picking up the offending sandwich and taking a large bite out of the other side. “I hope my boyfriend wasn’t trying to do so, it would have been me.” He exclaimed with mock horror.
He munched on the sandwich ignoring the taunts coming his way from House and walked back to his locker to put away his lunch bag and postie. Unfortunately House, Foreman and Cameron had deigned it necessary to walk him to his locker. After failed attempts to get them to walk away he opened his locker, smiling at the bright yellow notes and pictures of the two of them.
The photos detailed their story, their first date and Chase could almost feel it, smell it, taste it. Their hands damp with nervous sweat, uncomfortable suits and awkward conversation at a fancy Italian restaurant that had ended with them shucking off their ties, undoing their top buttons, kicking off their shoes and running in the rain. There was a cute, but blurry before and after photo of their date that Chase had insisted on printing for their anniversary. 
The rest of the images showed dates at DisneyLand, kisses under the mistletoe, birthdays and anniversaries spent together, hell there was even a picture of a half asleep Felix, shirtless and covered by a white sheet, Chase had taken one morning when the sun was just right and he looked like an angel in disguise. 
The post it notes took up all his locker door, some half hanging off, some stuck with blue tac, others with sticky tape and the special ones hung on a piece of string with some old pegs. It was truly an altar for his love, his life and he couldn’t be happier. Tucked behind it was an old picture of a shirtless blonde, teen, smiling widely on the beach, arm around a similar looking but younger girl, also grinning. They were holding matching surfboards and both were dripping wet from the surf, clutching ice blocks. 
Chase treasured the photo of him and his sister, but Felix took up the most space, like he did in Chase’s life. He’d bounded in and never left, from the day he’d run into him on a train and spilt coffee on him (what a cliche), while running late for one of House’s crazy ideas. Felix had filled the hole in his life that Chase hadn’t realised he’d had, life always filled with colour and joy and weirdness, with love and a warmth he’d never felt before. For once he was content, no matter what he could hear the others muttering behind him.
Foreman didn’t leave him alone the rest of the day, every time they went to do lab samples, nudging him and asking about his sex life. Cameron was more discreet but she too wanted to know everything, it wasn’t unusual behaviour for either, but it had never really been directed at him, making it disconcerting. 
House however, was acting much the same, always having teased him about the nurses, only changing the pronouns he used and adding more gay jabs than usual. It didn’t bother Chase for some reason today, maybe it was because he was too excited to see Felix, see what they were for their 3rd year anniversary, Felix had said he’d wanted to plan it this year.
As he was leaving the hospital, he was met with wolf whistles and an eyebrow raise from Cuddy (of course House had gone to her). Wilson also gave him a soft smile as he left, wishing him the next of luck Chase supposed, while House had pelted him with comments about his sex life and ‘taking it up the arse’ as he left. He didn’t care, he was floating on a cloud.
He had to stop himself from speeding home, knowing it was dangerous and Felix would definitely scold him for it, besides he didn’t want to go back to PPTH tonight. After what felt like forever he pulled up outside his house and didn’t bother waiting before he grabbed his bag, rushing up the stairs. What he saw when he entered was not what he expected, but endeared him regardless. 
Felix seemed to be juggling six pots, pans and bowls, food spilled on the counter and the faint smell of burning was what greeted him at the door. “Felix, my love?”
He called as he walked in, hanging up his coat and shucking off his shoes, going up behind his boyfriend and wrapping his hands around the smaller man’s waist. “What is this?”
Felix set everything down on the counter, turning around to give Chase a kiss and looking severely put out. 
“Robbie,” he whined. “It was supposed to be a surprise, and good, and be fantastic and awesome and it didn’t happen.”
He was pouting and giving Robbie puppy dog eyes and it felt so good to come home and be Robbie, himself, not Chase, like his father. He hummed at his partner, swaying with him and ignoring the half-hearted flails and whines to go back to the cooking.
“How about we get some take out and we’ll clean this up in the morning?” He asked, distracting the man with kisses along his freckles and pulling him impossibly closer, flushed to his hips.
Felix looked like he wanted to argue before moaning into the kiss and pulling Robbie closer. “Okay.”
They made their way over to the couch, Felix lying in Robbie’s arms while they argued over what to watch and whether Hannibal or Will was cuter. All in all it felt domestic, it felt like home. He was warm and comfortable, his brain to mouth filter had gone by now. A few too many drinks and shared thoughts about getting railed by Hannibal ensured it, but even he didn’t think he’d be this stupid.
He opened his mouth and without thinking too much about it he asked, “Will you marry me Felix?”
Felix bolted upright, jostling a sleepy Robbie who had Felix lying on top of him and was running his fingers through the smaller man’s hair, the key word being was.
“Are you serious?” Felix asked, wide eyed. He looked on the verge of tears, but the smile on his face betrayed his emotions in a second.
It took a moment for Chase to realise what he’d said, jerking himself awake. “Yeah.” He finally breathed out, suddenly breaking into a grin.
“Yeah.” Before either of them can stop it, they’re breaking out into hysterical laughter, is this what being in love is like? Chase has never felt anything as close, he wants to feel it for the rest of his life. 
“Yeah?” Chase smiles, jumping up and running to their room. He runs back out in record time, narrowly missing the coffee table and getting down on one knee just in time to see Felix sprint out of the kitchen. He opens the box up, showing the reasonable sized rock he’d gotten Felix, hoping to god that he’d like it. Felix took one look at the ring before bursting out into tears. 
“Will you be my husband?” Chase asked, smiling sheepishly. “I know it’s not a grand proposal and we just had take out and it’s on our-”
Felix shut him up with a kiss which definitely distracted Chase, then opened his own box. “As long as you’ll be mine.”
The ring Felix has chosen is beautiful, there’s no other way to describe it. It is so perfectly them. On the inside the engraving reads ‘for my silly duck’, the outside a rose gold and encrusted with tiny diamonds. Chase let out a wet sob, sliding Felix’s ring onto his hand. The inscription on his reads ‘for my post-it note hero’ and he cannot wait to spend the rest of his life with this man.
They don’t do much for the rest of the night, as the excitement and nervous energy runs down they sit examining their rings, half watching the tv and both fall asleep on the couch. They both wake up a little too late, but Felix doesn’t have to go into work until midday so he packs Chase’s lunch and sends him off to work with a kiss and a goodbye to his fiance. 
God it still made them both giddy. The team noticed as Chase walked in, earlier than usual with a spring in his step, Foreman making a crude comment about getting laid and Cameron just smiling awkwardly, obviously agreeing with Foreman’s assessment but unable to say it.
“So who asked?” House asked, walking in the room and glancing at Chase's inconspicuously hidden hand, that neither fellow had noticed. 
“It was a joint effort.” He smiled giddily just thinking of the night before as House made gagging sounds and the other two congratulated him. He got a thump on the back from Foreman, an awkward hug from Cameron, an even more awkward bout of advice from Wilson and a happy congratulations from Cuddy. Word spread around the hospital like wildfire, but he didn’t care.
He was getting married. He had a fiance.
He pulled out his lunch, sitting alone at a table, wanting to see what Felix had packed him. As expected a little note flew out of the bag and landed on the table in front of him, it all seemed to be going his way. 
‘To my duckling, my darling fiance’, it read, Chase’s heart skipped a beat at the word, ‘I love you with all my butt. I would say my heart, but it is just not as big.’ 
He laughed at his boyfriend’s crude sense of humor and big gluteus maximus Felix had given the duck in pencil, placing the note in his locker right next to the photo of their first date. The next photo to go up would be a photo of them at town hall, too excited to wait, along with a photo from their first dance and the traditional cake fight. 
He couldn’t be happier, with what Felix called them his ‘Little Notes For Robbie’.
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concealeddarkness13 · 4 months ago
WHG Post Games Boat Heist Part 1
There will be different POVs throughout this heist. I hope you enjoy this! Tagging: @ratracechronicler (also, thanks for Elvira and Rebecca!), @maple-writes (also, thanks for Asher and Cirrus!), @nightskywriter, @rhikasa, @pen-of-roses (also, thanks for Rowan!), @aeslin-writes, @the-moving-finger-writes, @knmartinshouldbewriting, @makeitmonstrous, and @timefirewrites!
I just sat on the couch of the small apartment the Capitol had put me in. I stared blankly at the TV. It was on Capitol propaganda 24/7. I couldn’t turn it off, but I barely processed what was being said. We were going to escape from the party, and everything would be better.
There was a soft knock on my door, but I didn’t get up to open it. Whoever it was would come in anyway. I looked away and squeezed my eyes shut when Churi walked in with a smirk playing on his lips.
He sat down right next to me and put a hand on my shoulder, a normally gentle gesture that made me shudder when it was coming from him. He clicked his tongue. “Ms. Marne, you have still been rebellious even after I threatened your friends, so I thought I should come and visit you personally.” He pulled out a phone and pulled up a picture. “I thought you would like to see this.”
He held up a picture, and I gasped as tears welled up in my eyes. Atwater, but he was bruised and bloody and his expression was twisted in pain. He looked like he had been tortured. Churi laughed. “This is what happens when people get close to you, Ms. Marne. They’ll get hurt unless they comply. And I think you’ll be happy to know I followed through on my promises.” He flipped to something else and held it up for me to see.
It was a video, and tears streamed down my cheeks as I watched, but I couldn’t look away. Everyone I had allied with in Peacekeeper uniforms. Nesri beating up helpless District 11 families. Zenith stabbing helpless people. Rebecca wielding a sword against unarmed opponents while grinning. A sob escaped my lips, and I started shaking. I had hoped that they were safe, but here was proof they weren’t.
Churi took the video away and rubbed my shoulder as if he wanted to comfort me. “This is what happens to anyone who gets close to you. Even Alastair. You are property of the Capitol now. No one can come close to you and leave intact. Your friends were commendably rebellious and stubborn. At least until we brought in someone else. Hebi was very good at changing their minds. They can make anyone follow what they command. Your friends didn’t stand a chance. One order, and your friends were ours.” He snapped. “It was simple, really.” He paused. “We are ordering your friends to be at the party in a few days. To remind you what happens when anyone gets close to you.” He smirked and left.
I hugged myself as sobs wracked my body. I was alone. I couldn’t let anyone get close. They had someone who could change minds in an instant. No one was safe around me.
The day of the party came, and we were all ready. Triel had successfully gotten all of the makeup and temporary tattoos on everyone, and then she showed up in her own costume. I had been annoying Cirrus, but I stopped and stared. She was wearing all black: high heeled boots; a low cut loose shirt; a long, black coat; and a black, wide brimmed hat. Damn. She looked good.
She smirked at all of us and put a hand on her hip. “Are you all ready? Shine will drop us off in Capitol-approved boats to take us the rest of the way. They’ll stay near in the invisible airship just in case something goes wrong.”
I nodded with a stupid grin. Dang. She was going to be my girlfriend someday. Rowan nodded too. Rebecca tapped the hilt of her sword in its scabbard, and Elvira nodded.
Triel nodded, and we headed out. The flight didn’t take very long, and Shine dropped us off with no problems in a secluded area where no one could notice what kind of airship dropped us off (spoiler alert: our airship looks completely different from the Capitol’s airships). There were tons of people heading toward the yachts, and we joined the crowd. There were even people airshipping onto the yachts, skipping the boats entirely.
After waiting in line for what seemed like hours, but was really only thirty minutes, we flashed our tickets to the Peacekeepers scanning them, and they bowed and let us on. Avoxes walked up to us right away and showed us to our rooms.
And we came face to face with two Capitol people who were covered with so much makeup and tattoos that I could barely tell them apart. The only way I could was one of them was wearing a bikini with pirate flags on it and the other was wearing swim trunks with treasure chests on them. And they were both wearing very cheap looking pirate hats.
They grinned at us and showed us their tickets that indicated that they were sharing rooms with us. The one with the bikini held out her (?) hand. “My name is Trieseuril. It’s pronounced ‘treasure’.” Yes, we know. You’re saying it out loud. “My parents were totally pirate fanatics. This is what pirates always wore! They had to be stylish while kicking butt!”
The person in the swim trunks laughed. “Truly so, my dearest.” He (?) held out his hand. “My name is Calypso. I’m named after the Egyptian goddess of treasure. My parents were totally historians. Since I’m named after the goddess of treasure, and she is named Trieseuril, we were totally meant to be.” He tipped his hat. “Our parents painstakingly made these by hand for us. They’re totally accurate with the rest of our outfits.”
“Your parents made mistakes,” Rebecca muttered under her breath.
Calypso didn’t notice. “And it looks like we’re your roommates!”
For once, I was rendered speechless. I didn’t even know where to start with how wrong they were.
Before anyone could say anything Trieseuril (I didn’t want to know how that was spelled) frowned. “That’s a problem, though, sweeties. You see, we’re on our honeymoon. We thought this party would be the perfect place, and we won our Hunger Games too! We got the tickets, and nothing is going to ruin that. So, there are two rooms and ten of us. I think it’s only fair that we get a room to ourselves. You’ll be fine in that small room together, right?” She grinned. “Thanks!”
Rowan stepped back, looking like they wanted to hide, and Cirrus looked indignant, but he actually didn’t say anything. Our new “roommates” still stood there, grinning stupidly, as if they expected us to congratulate them on their honeymoon, or something.
Triel stepped forward to save us. She smiled and tipped her hat. “It’s a pleasure meeting you. Of course you can have our other room. I can’t imagine eight people having trouble trying to sleep in two beds. I wish you the best of nights.” When they nodded with satisfied smiles and went into their room, she turned toward our room. “And by ‘best of nights’ I mean that we’ll make sure you won’t get any sleep until we head off tonight,” she muttered. She opened the door, and I stared at the tiny room as the Avoxes started setting our packs down in the room (we couldn’t come without bringing luggage, it would look suspicious). How did they even expect five people to sleep in such a small room?
“Well, this is…cozy?” Rowan looked around the room. “At least we have a—I think that counts as a window anyway?”
Zenith sighed, rubbing his eyes. “I must have repressed memories of these rooms. I don’t remember them being this small.”
“Well there probably wasn’t this many of you crammed in here.” Cirrus made his way through the room, checking out the beds and windows. After he was done, he dismissed the Avoxes.
Zenith grunted. “But Arque has no sense of personal space.”
I laughed. “None of us will have any sense of personal space if we have to wait in here very long before the heist starts tonight.”
“I’ll be reconnoitering.” Elvira sniffed and backed out of the room.
We all nodded and scattered. I was going to check out where the best place to escape would be. I could text Shine the location after I found it.
I walked along the deck, looking for a good place to make President Snow drink lake water and a good place to escape. I was texting Shine back and forth about good places when someone tapped on my shoulder. I just tried to ignore them, but they insisted.
I growled. “If it’s Trieseuril, I’m a little busy and your outfit sucks.”
“Who’s Trieseuril?” I sucked in a breath at the voice and turned to see Kiryth watching me with a cocked eyebrow. Shit. I had met him a year ago when Shine first had to be a mentor and Triel made the excuse that they needed adult supervision since they were still a minor. I had gone along as Triel’s other charge. Kiryth and I might or might not have dated for a while until we both decided that it wouldn’t work out, even though we both wanted it to. That didn’t mean that my heart didn’t melt when I saw him again.
I adopted my best rich voice, even though I knew he had already recognized me. “Oh, some posh woman who has the best name and the best pirate outfit.”
He cocked his head. “I’m not sure about that. Yours is very flattering, miss.”
I flushed. Crap. Control the situation. “Well, I can’t say the same for yours. Did you miss the memo?”
“Unfortunately, I’m on duty and not allowed to wear a costume.” He leaned in closer. “Ness, what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be dead.”
“I think you missed more than one memo,” I whispered back.
He smiled that crooked smile that always made me melt. “Come with me. We’ll talk somewhere more private.”
Could be a trap, but…he had never been as infatuated with the Capitol as all the others. His family had always served the Capitol, and they had forced him into that as well. I followed him down a hallway, and when there was no one around, he leaned against the wall and turned to me. “So, what’re you doing here? Can I help you with anything?”
I narrowed my eyes at him. “And how do I know you’re not an expert Capitol spy, using my weaknesses against me?”
He laughed and held up his hands. “I don’t even know what’s going on. I’ve had to prep these stupid yachts for weeks. I wasn’t able to watch the Hunger Games at all, which isn’t much of a loss, but I had hoped to see what happened to you.”
I pursed my lips, but he was a horrible liar. “We’re trying to help the captured tributes escape. We have a good plan already and everything. Maybe just listen up for anything that might fuck up the rescue attempt?”
He nodded, but after a pause, he smiled. “I can actually help more. The captain of this yacht is actually more sympathetic than most Capitol people. They would probably be able to help if you need a distraction. They know this ship better than anyone else. Would you like me to introduce you?”
He was so awesome, always thinking of good plans! I flung my arms around him and kissed his cheek. “That would be perfect! But first, I need to go. Find me in a couple hours.”
He nodded, and I ran off. I needed to let everyone else know.
I had to find everyone’s rooms so we knew where to go to grab the captured tributes when we started the rescue attempt. It was hard to walk in a straight line with no depth perception, but I was getting better.
And just as I thought that, I bumped into someone. I mumbled an apology, but that person gripped my arm too tight, and I whirled on them, almost slipping my knives into my hands.
But it was just Alastair. He frowned and gripped my arm tighter, and I glanced at the other people who were noticing us. He wasn’t very subtle, was he?
I sighed. “Let’s get somewhere where there won’t be any eyes watching us.” I gripped his arm back, and pulled him away from all those people.
When we were alone, I turned to him and glared. “What was the idea with making a scene? Was it really that surprising to see me?”
He cowered away from me. Nesri must have been right about my scowl intimidating people. “I’m sorry. I just am happy that you got on safely.”
I sighed. He could be useful, though. “Do you know where the captured tributes are staying? I need to know where their rooms are.”
Alastair nodded and headed off wordlessly. Shit. I didn’t mean to intimidate him that much. He turned back to me. “Lynn and Laurel’s rooms are on the other side of the yacht. But here are where Poli, Ev, and my rooms are.” He pointed out each of the rooms, and I nodded. Alastair still looked nervous. “I think something is not right, though. It was my fault. I must have been too obvious when I got the special tickets. I’m sorry. The Capitol seems to expect that you’ll come and try to rescue them. They’re on high alert now.”
I tensed as Lynne’s door opened, and she walked out. She looked surprised, but in an angry way. I frowned.
She looked away from us, tears welling up in her eyes. “Why are you wearing Peacekeeper uniforms?”
I frowned even more. “What—?”
She flinched and started walking off. “I’m sorry. The Capitol is doing this to you because of me. And now they’re teasing me with you. We can’t be seen together, or they’ll hurt you worse.” She wiped her eyes and kept walking. I frowned and exchanged a glance with Alastair. What was the Capitol doing? And how were they doing it?
I looked on from under my hat as I sat at the bar with other rich snobs. I was waiting for President Snow. I had to see if I could rope him into meeting with me later. He hadn’t actually been seen by anyone yet, but he had to show his stupid face sometime soon.
Everyone who came to this party had no idea what pirates actually wore. They were mostly just wearing things that one would wear on a cruise. How boring.
Alastair seemed to be on edge when he showed up, but I didn’t try to get close when other people swarmed around him. I just smiled and sipped my drink.
At least until Snow finally showed up. I stood up, downed my drink, and walked over to him, exaggerating my strut. The Peacekeepers around him eyed me suspiciously, but they didn’t try to stop me from approaching him.
I grinned. “Ah, the man himself! President Coriolanus Snow.” I held out my hand, even though I knew he wouldn’t shake it and flashed my fake ticket with my fake name on it with the other hand. “Theria Stane. You should have heard of me. I have been reporting on this year’s Hunger Games. I’ve had interviews with all of the stylists, some of the mentors, and I have tried to have an interview with you, the orchestrator of the Games. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get in touch with you yet. Your guards are certainly diligent.” I winked at one of the guards, but he just scowled back at me.
Snow gave me a fake smile but ignored my hand. “Yes, your interviews with the stylists were illuminating. Thank you for your contribution to this year’s Hunger Games.”
Yes, that was what I had been doing the past few weeks (even before the Hunger Games finished). I had become someone else so I could move around and learn more about what was going on in the Capitol. And good thing too. I could pretend to be Theria Stane during this party. Alastair was being a little too obvious about how nervous he was. He must not have been used to heists.
I kept smiling. “Now, President Snow, I must have an interview with you!” I pulled out a pad of paper and a pen. “Could I please have a moment of your time?”
He shook his head still with that fake smile. “I’m sorry, my dear, but I am busy at the moment.”
“Then later!” I cut in. “Sometime tonight. You have to have some time for an interview, right? How about, say around 10?”
He sighed. He saw how futile it was to ignore me. “Yes, my dear, I’ll find you at 10 tonight.”
I grinned. “Thank you so much! You won’t regret this!” I walked away and ordered another drink. I smirked as I sipped it. I would need to find Elvira and tell her that I could possibly have a time when we could throw the dear president overboard.
The first gang member I found was Cirrus. He was standing by himself, looking around near the dance floor, so I just pushed through the crowds until I was standing right in front of him.
I wasn’t going to take up much of his time. There were more people I needed to tell. I leaned close to whisper to him, just in case anyone else could hear me if I talked normally. “I found an old friend, and he has invited us to meet the captain. He says they will help us out. And he’s a horrible liar, so I trust him.”
Cirrus nodded. “Good.” He glanced around and sipped his drink. “I might have talked one of the avoxes into helping us too.”
I grinned. “That’s wonderful! The more the merrier! Did you find any other info? I saw you snooping around the corridors early on.”
He sighed dramatically. “Not as much as I would like. Nothing seems weird, and no one I talked to seemed to know anything besides trends.”
I laughed. “I bet those trends were horrendous too.” I paused and squeezed his hand. “Well, I’ve gotta move on. I want to let everyone else know so we can meet this captain soon.”
But before I could leave, a woman in a bikini approached us, holding a glass probably filled with alcohol. She grinned at us. “You two are the most adorable couple I’ve ever seen!” Couple? I gasped and started coughing instead of allowing myself to laugh. “You two simply must dance!” Dance? My face grew hot as I tried not to laugh. “It will be so aesthetically pleasing!”
Cirrus’s confusion was even more beautiful. I doubled over, trying to pretend like I wasn’t trying to laugh. He blinked. “Couple?”
The woman giggled, her drink sloshing onto the deck. “No need to be shy about it! You have matching outfits and everything!” Other people started noticing and crowding around.
Cirrus froze, looking like he was trying to figure out what to say, but he just turned to me. “Nesri?”
This was the best. My face was still flushed from trying not to laugh as I looked over at him. People were chanting for us to dance now. I cocked an eyebrow at him and smirked. “Well, you heard the woman.”
“Of course.” He did a mini bow and held out a hand. “Shall we?”
Oh, this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. We started dancing to the slow song, and his hands were so gentle. I wiggled my eyebrows at him. “You’re still cute when you’re flustered.”
He rolled his eyes. “I’m just not used to it, that’s all.”
I glanced at the people watching and cheering for us. “I wouldn’t have wanted this to be our first dance, with Capitol idiots insisting on it, but—” I turned back to him with a smirk. “I couldn’t have asked for a more handsome partner.”
He shrugged along with the dance. “I mean, my mother did say I was vain. Guess it paid off.” He grinned and raised his eyebrows. Damn. He was handsome. “At least none of them are probably going to throw food at us unlike some people.”
I gasped in fake indignation. “I would never! I can’t imagine anyone would do something so horrendous.” I grinned, but before I could say anything else, something caught my eye. I looked over his shoulder and stiffened. Churi was here, and he was staring right at me. My blood ran cold, and I ducked my head behind Cirrus. “Shit. Churi is here.”
“What?” He glanced over his shoulder for a second. “Damn it, of course he’s here. Would he recognize you?”
I nodded. “He would recognize me. He’s staring right at us. Shit.” What could I do to stop him? Would he target anyone else to get to me? Did I need to make sure that didn’t happen?
“I saw a door with a lock down the hall,” Cirrus said quietly. “Looked like a bathroom maybe but it might work.”
I glanced back at Churi, but he had disappeared. I smiled at Cirrus, shoving back my fear and forcing myself to relax. He was gone. Hopefully, he wouldn’t bother anyone else, just me. If that meant I had to confront him myself later to keep him from bothering anyone else, I would. But no need to worry Cirrus about that. “Nah. He’s gone. It’s fine. He’s the kind that won’t alert the Peacekeepers because he’s planning on a confrontation of his own, so if I avoid him, we’ll be fine.” Or if I confronted him and kept his attention away from anyone else, we’d be fine. I glanced around to make sure he had really disappeared, and people were still watching us with anticipation. I laughed. “I think they’re expecting a kiss at the end of this song.”
Cirrus looked surprised, but he glanced at the watching crowd and nodded. “Better they remember a show than strange people sneaking around the ship, right?” The music slowed down, and he dipped me and kissed me passionately. I melted, partly genuinely and partly to make sure Cirrus wasn’t worried about me. I kissed him back and ran my hands through his hair. Everything was fine. I’d make sure of it.
The crowd cheered and finally turned their attention to other things. We kissed a little longer, and when we broke apart, my expression grew serious. “Please don’t tell anyone about Churi being here. I don’t want to make them more worried. He’s probably only here for me. So, I’m the only one who needs to worry.”
“Fine.” Cirrus held me for a little longer before bringing me out of the dip. “But that doesn’t stop me from worrying.” He thought for a moment. “You said he isn’t physical but may I remind you Asher is trained as an exorcist? I won’t tell him anything, but you’re not here alone, Nesri.”
I smiled. “The Shades aren’t really so much spirits as different species from us. I don’t know if he’s able to help. But thanks.” I hugged him lightly and walked off to tell others about the captain. He shouldn’t worry. This was my burden to bear.
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whateweer · 4 months ago
'Cause you are the reason | Dramione fanfiction
3.Chapter | Lonely life
Draco’s POV.
After the war, my father died in Azkaban and my mother was killed by Death Eaters for betraying...him...well you-know-who and now I was left alone. I was invited back to Hogwarts to finish my education and now I was at Diagon Alley doing my shopping. Everybody who knew me were avoiding me and I felt lonelier than ever.
I bought my books and a new broom, because mine broke and quidditch was the only thing I considered myself good at. And the list also said that I needed dress robes this year. So I went to Madam Malkin’s. I didn’t want green robes again. I’ll just take the basic black dress robes. 
When I went into a shop, I saw a girl, from behind. She had bushy light brown hair and oh...that’s Granger. But she looked...different and pretty. She was talking to Weaslette. But was wrong with me? Was I crushing on Granger? I need to get checked. But when she turned around I saw her face, her caramel coffee eyes, her plump, pink lips. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. 
And then she looked at me. And we made eye contact. I looked away immediately. I. WAS. CRUSHING. ON. FUCKING. GRANGER. What the hell is wrong with me?
I decided to worry about that later and choose my robes now. I took the basic black ones. I didn’t want to be Slytherin anymore. It felt wrong. not a racist, I am not a killer like all the other Slytherins, that I knew. It was all because of my father. If he heard that I was being nice to muggle borns and Gryffindors, I fear to imagine what would happen to me then.
I left the shop after paying and decided to go to Gringotts, to check how much money is left. But then I realised. I am the last living Mlafoy. I have loads of money. Well one matter settled. 
I had bought everything I needed and I decided to go home. To Malfoy Manor. It didn’t feel like home. He lived here for quite some time. But it’s the only one I’ve got.
I apparated home. When I entered I dropped my stuff and went to the living room. I sat on the sofa and took my favourite book, but I couldn’t read. My mind was on her. On Granger. She was tortured here, in this room, by my aunt. By my aunt…
I stood up suddenly. I didn’t want to live here anymore. I wanted to get rid of this house. I don’t care about anything. I want to get out. 
I went upstairs and packed my stuff. It was quite a lot. And then I aparated back to Diagon Alley.
I went to the estate agent.
“Hello, I want to sell a house” the witch didn’t even look at me
“Hello, name surname?” she said without any expression
“Malfoy, Draco Lucius Malfoy”
She looked up at me suspiciously.
“You know, with reputation as yours, I don’t think anyone will buy it, so no reason to try to sell it, goodbye” she spat me in the face
Angry, disappointed and sad I left the estate agent and went back to Malfoy Manor. I took all my school stuff and decided to stay at the Leaky Cauldron.
When I finally settled in, I lay on bed. I tried to read again, but my mind kept drifting away. Granger. All I had in mind was her. Her bushy, probably soft hair, her plump, pink lips, her small, petite waist...stop it, STOP IT! 
Again in an attempt to distract myself, I took my Hogwarts letter and read it. It was the first time I’ve ever read it. My mother always read them and bought me everything. I kept reading. And then I almost fell out of bed. We were getting SORTED? AGAIN? Wait. I read it again. So we were getting sorted. And that ment, that I probably wouldn’t be Slytherin anymore. 
And then it came to me. I was going to be Slytherin anyway.
 My whole family was.
But there are exceptions.
Look at all the bad stuff you’ve done.
Yeah, that’s a valid point.
Fuck there’s no way I’m goind to another house.
I stood up and started pacing the room. And my mind, again, slowly slid on Granger. She’s so intelligent, funny, pretty, se..STOP, STOP RIGHT HERE!
I would never guess that I’ll be crushin this hard on Grander after a stupid eye contact. 
But those eyes…
So soft and warm..
And her skin, that one time our hands touched, so soft and so…
To clear my head, yes again, I decided to go to muggle London and buy some muggle stuff. I went to Gringotts to change galleons to pounds. I took muggle studies in secret. My father would have killed me if he knew. But luckily for me he didn’t find out.
Muggle shops are weird. Nothing is moving and people on posters aren't moving. Weird. I bought some pens. Those are weird. Muggles use them to write. And I also bought something called highlighters. Those are like colorful pens, but thick. Well anyways, I also bought some muggle sweets. Snickers I beg you, really? Snickers, and Mars. Weird. And then there’s the one called Bounty. That one is bloody disgusting. But the Haribo jellies were good. 
Also I went into one shop and they were selling glowing rectangles, called phones, and you could do anything with these, like take pictures, call someone on distance or play games...again, weird.
In the shop right next to this one they were selling big glowing rectangles, called televisions. I didn’t memorize what that lady was saying about those. Well anyway. I ate in a place called McDonalds. The french fries were good, but the burger was revolting. And those chicken nagets weren't the best. But that McFlurry was good tho.
After going to some other muggle shops that were selling weird stuff, I returned to my room in Leaky Cauldron.
Umm so 3rd chapter huh? I caught a little cold and so I think I’ll post 4th chapter tomorrow, because I’ll have more free time. Just take a note out of my experience and don’t go for a walk without a hat when it’s -5 C😄 I hope you enjoy! Stay tuned and stay healthy❤️❤️❤️
PS. also don’t be shy to correct me, or give me some writing tips, I won’t take offence. I promise!
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mythicalally · 4 months ago
Stardew Valley (Shane) Fan-Fic
Chicks on A Saturday pt 1
This should be a little two part Shane Stardew Valley Fan-Fic. I wanted to start writing but I needed something to help break the ice so I came up with this.
ShanexFemaleFarmer No Warnings except mention of depression.
Shane has a HUGE crush on the Famer but little does he know she does too.
Chicks on A Saturday pt 1
After months of hard work on the farm, you finally had enough coins to buy the one thing you truly wanted, a chicken coop to house some precious baby chickens. You had already asked Robin to build the coop, it was perfect and had everything you needed to get started.
You looked down at your watch after going inside for some water and read 3:00 pm.
"Shoot! I need to get to Marnie's fast if I want to buy some chickens before she closes." You said out loud to yourself.
Running down from your farm straight to Marnie's you made it by 3:25 pm. Opening the door you were greeted by Marnie who was sitting at the front desk reading a magazine.
"Oh hi, farmer (y/n)!" Marnie exclaimed. "What can I help you with?"
"Hi Marnie, I would like to buy some chicks if that would be okay." You asked a bit out of breath.
"Absolutely (y/n) but I will have to send them over tomorrow if that is alright?" Marnie asked politely.
"Yes, that fine it's my fault I came to order from you so late." You had a bit of regret in your voice.
"(Y/N), it is no problem you came down this late." "Really, it's not." "How about this, I will send Shane over to your farm bright and early to deliver your chickens."
"Oh, Shane?" "Well, tomorrow is Saturday I would hate to make him get up so early on the weekend." You felt your cheeks fluster.
"He will be fine, it's better than him moping around the house anyways." "Plus he can teach you how to take care of them while he's there!" "He is good with animals, have I already told you about that (y/n)?" Marnie asked.
"A little bit yes, but.." Your voice trailed off when you heard a door open and heavy footsteps coming closer to the front entrance.
Shane appeared at the entranceway. He was apparently on his way out but stopped in the entranceway of the kitchen. He put his hands in his jacket pockets. He averted your gaze by looking at the ground. This had been the closes physically you have been to him since you met him while he was on his way to work months ago. At the salon you tried to sit close to him but nothing like him standing 5 feet in front of you. Now seeming trapped because you were blocking his exit you could get a good look at him. He was handsome, the structure of his face and cheekbones came together quite nicely. He has the most beautiful green eyes and long eyelashes. Strong shoulders you could imagine could lift you right off of your feet. Also even though he was chubby he still looked great in those cargo shorts.
"There you are Shane, (Y/N) will need help tomorrow with her new baby chicks!" "Bring them up to her farm tomorrow will you?" Marnie asked Shane in more of a managerial tone.
Snapping back into reality the question Marnie just asked Shane registered.
"Well, you don't have to I.." Your voice trailed off as Shane spoke over you.
"Yeah, sure,"  Shane told Marnie as he started walking closer to you.
You froze as Shane came closer to you, so close you could pick up the smell of pepper poppers and beer from him. He looked you right in the eyes with a small smirk and asked, "can you move so I can leave?"
Flustered you answered, "Oh yeah of course I'm sorry." You moved out of the way for him.
"Thanks." He said as he left Marnie's ranch.
"Yoba that was embarrassing." You thought to yourself.
"My Shane is something else, he used to be so fun and full of life," Marnie spoke up. "Now his whole life is over at the salon."
You could hear the sadness in her voice.
"I do have cute baby pictures of Shane somewhere around here, would you like to see them?" Marnie's voice lightened up.
"Oh no sorry I have to go, I will see you later though!" You exclaimed while practically running out of the front door.
Back at the farm, all things were quiet. You thought about heading to the salon to apologize to Shane for being so awkward but decided against it. All your crops were watered and by tomorrow, you would have baby chicks to take care of. Life was good. You couldn't stop thinking about Shane though. He had such a rough exterior but you knew deep down he was a sweetheart. You wanted so badly to tell him you know the pain he deals with. You just wanted to hold him and tell him things will be okay.
"Maybe someday." You thought to yourself.
With that, it was time to stop staring at the stars and head to bed.
Shane's POV.
Shane had just beaten a level on his video game and realized what time it was. Noticing he was out of beer he decided it was time to take a trip over to the salon. Getting ready he heard the main door open to his aunt's ranch. He continued to get ready not caring who it was until he thought he recognized a certain voice. He paused and listened through his bedroom door to hear more of the conversation.
It was the farmer talking to Marnie. He wanted to wait until she left to leave his room. He thought of all the times he was rude to the farmer. He also thought about how he wished he was more appreciative every time she bought him some pepper poppers while she was over at the salon. The farmer was always so nice to him, and why? He was just an average, selfish drunk.  
"I can't go out there." He thought to himself.
"How about this, I will send Shane over to your farm bright and early to deliver your chickens." He heard Marnie say.
"Dammit Marnie" Shane whispered out loud.
Shane loves his aunt and appreciates everything she has done for him but she knows how to put Shane in a tough spot. He stopped for a second just to breathe. His mind wandered to him bringing over the chicks to the farmer's house. Would she be wearing those cute overalls? Maybe a little sun hat to protect her face from the hot morning sun. He snapped back to focused his thoughts on the matter at hand. I can bring the farmer's chicks tomorrow no problem. From what she's told me at the salon she doesn't even know how to take care of chickens so I will have to teach her.
"Then I can tell her how much I appreciate everything she's done for me." Shane whispered out loud.
Shane left his room to confront Marnie and the farmer. He could tell he interrupted the farmer as her voice trailed off as he made it into the entranceway. Yoba, she was beautiful, even after working hard all day she still radiated pure sunshine. Shane's heart started to flutter so he tried to hide it by putting his hands in his pockets and looking away to the ground.
"Why does she make me feel this way?" Shane thought.
"There you are Shane, (Y/N) will need help tomorrow with her new baby chicks!" "Bring them up to her farm tomorrow will you?" Marnie asked.
"Yeah, sure." Shane told Marnie as he was ready to head out of the door before he became too flustered.
His feet moved faster than he did and before he realized it he was right in front of the farmer and unfortunately she was blocking the door. She smelled like grass and earth. She had been working extra hard today. He looked her in the eyes and she almost looked, flustered? Shane smirked at the idea the farmer might have blushed because he approached her.
"Can you move so I can leave?" Shane asked the farmer.
"Oh yeah of course I'm sorry." The farmer moved out of the way.
"Thanks." was the last thing Shane said to the farmer as he left Marnie's ranch.
Walking alone to the Stardrop Salon Shane had some time to think more about the farmer. How beautiful their hair was, and how their smile could light up a whole room. However, with this extra time alone came time to think about how worthless he was. He could never be with the farmer, she was perfect and he was well everything but that. He thought about his glory days, and what he was now. The town drunk. Finally, he made it to the salon, with a frown on his face. Gus greeted him at the door. Shane waved over to him without making eye contact. Emily noticed Shane's mood immediately and began to pour him a beer.
"Rough day?" Emily asked Shane as she handed him his beer.
"The farmer stopped by Marines today, asked for some chickens." "Marnie told me to bring them up to her farm tomorrow morning." Shane told Emily as he took small sips of his beer.
"That sounds wonderful Shane!" Emily exclaimed. "You can spend more time with the farmer and maybe tell her how you feel about her."
"No, I can't do that Emily." Shane said with an annoyed voice.
"Shane, I don't think the farmer buys you pepper poppers just for the hell of it." "Or tries to sit in the seat that's second to the closest to you every time she comes in here."
"And what's that supposed to mean?" Shane asked not completely oblivious to the statement made by Emily.
"I'm just saying Shane, things might no go as terribly as you might think if you tell the farmer you have a crush on her." Emily smiled at Shane and flipped a rag on top of her shoulder.
"I have to go, more customers are flooding in." Emily told Shane.
"Yeah, okay." Shane told Emily as she walked away.
Shane spent the rest of the evening drinking beer at the salon. Trying to keep all the dark thoughts away, he thought about the good he could do tomorrow while helping the farmer with the chicks.
 He was determined not to mess everything up.
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fruitcoops · 5 months ago
Hey so this is random but could you do Jules seeing the pictures along with Hope and Lyall
Yes, I can! This is combined with the person who asked for Lily’s POV as well. Sweater Weather credit goes to @lumosinlove!
TW for forced outing
Hope didn’t even register her mixing bowl shattering on the ground until the batter hit her bare ankle. The Facebook message was stark white, but those pictures…those pictures were dark, and yet so unmistakably clear.
Sirius was pale in the streetlight, a besotted smile at the edges of his lips as he kissed the other man in the car.
No, not the other man.
There was a besotted smile at the edges of Sirius Black’s lips as he kissed Remus. Remus Lupin, her son. His tawny hair stuck up on one side, as if he had taken his hat off mere moments before.
And they were kissing on the lips.
“Hope?” Lyall’s voice broke through her daze and she was suddenly aware of the small wheezing noises she was making. “Hope, what’s wrong? Are you hurt? I heard something break—”
She shook her head and grabbed his sleeve, pulling him over without a word; she pressed the phone into his hand and broke down sobbing into his shirt. Hope could pinpoint the exact moment he realized what those were—a shuddering breath rippled through him and he wrapped an arm around her back.
“Oh my god.”
“It’s Remus.” Her voice broke. “Our Remus.”
“Who took these?”
She shook her head silently.
“Mom? Dad? What’s wrong?” Jules sounded terrified. “Why are you crying?”
“Oh, baby.” Hope stepped over the shards of broken glass and enveloped him in a tight hug, placing a hard kiss to the top of his head. “It’s Remus, honey, something happened.”
“Is he hurt? Why is everyone crying?” His eyes were shiny when he stepped back and Hope swiped her thumbs over his cheeks.
“No, he’s not hurt.” How do we explain this? She glanced over at Lyall, who was still staring down at the screen in shock. “Julian, Remus is dating Sirius Black.”
Jules blinked. “Oh. Is that—is that a bad thing? Because you’ve always said it’s okay for two boys or two girls—”
“Oh, honey, no, it’s fine.” Another sob caught in her throat as she rubbed his shoulders. “But you know some people have a problem with that, right? And—and one of those people found out and took some pictures of them together and posted them on the internet.”
The glossy look returned to Jules’ eyes and he sniffled. “Why?”
Because assholes exist and they wanted to hurt my baby. “I don’t know, Jules. I wish I did, but I don’t.”
“Is Remus okay?”
“Probably not,” Lyall muttered, setting the phone on the counter face-down as he ran a hand down his face. Somewhere in the house, the landline was ringing off the hook. “We need to call him and make sure he knows we’re here for him.”
He vanished into the living room for a moment before returning with his cell phone and dialing Remus’ number. “Watch the glass,” Hope murmured as she guided Jules away from the broken pieces of her bowl. The batter had spread into a thin pool.
“Remus? Are you—” Lyall sighed. “Voicemail.”
“Leave a message, honey, he might be busy.”
Lyall waited until the beep before taking a deep breath. “Hey, Remus, it’s dad. Look, your mom and I just saw those pictures and we want you to know that this doesn’t change how much we love you.” His voice trembled for a moment. “Re, we are so proud of you no matter what. Please call us when you can. We’re worried.”
He sniffled as he ended the call and leaned back against the counter. Silently, Jules went over and hugged him around the waist. “It’s going to be okay, dad.”
“That’s my line, buddy,” Lyall laughed wetly as he ruffled his hair. Just as he looked over at Hope to continue, her phone rang, loud in the quiet kitchen; she walked over carefully and picked it up.
“Hi, is this Hope Lupin?” a young woman asked. She sounded exhausted.
“It is, yes.”
“My name is Lily Evans. We met at the Lions Christmas party? I’m—I’m Remus’ friend.” She took a shaky breath on the other end of the line and Hope closed her eyes. “I got your number from him.”
“Yes, I think I remember you. Is it alright if I put you on speakerphone? My husband and son are here as well.”
“Yeah, yeah, of course.”
Hope pressed the button and held it out for all of them to hear. “Lily, is Remus alright? We tried calling him and he didn’t pick up.” She swallowed around the lump in her throat. “We saw the pictures a few minutes ago and—and we’re very worried.”
“So you did see them. Okay.” There was a heavy sigh. “I’m at Remus’ place right now, actually. My boyfriend drove him home before going to see Sirius—”
“They’re not together?” Lyall asked.
“Sirius…” Lily faltered. “I wasn’t there when they found out, but James said Sirius left the airport when he saw.”
“He what?” Fury sparked in Hope’s chest. “He left my son in an airport?”
“Where is he?” Lyall demanded.
“Sirius or Remus?”
“Both. Either.” He scrubbed his hand through his hair. “I’m sorry for shouting. Is Remus safe?”
“He’s safe,” Lily confirmed. “I made him eat and shower and he’s sleeping right now.”
“That’s why he didn’t pick up his phone,” Hope murmured.
“He actually turned his phone off,” Lily said hesitantly. “He almost had a panic attack when I suggested giving you guys a call. I’m going to be honest, he’s really not doing well.”
Hope reached over and gripped Lyall’s hand. “Does he know that we love him?” Lily was quiet for a moment too long. “Lily, does he know that we still love him?”
“I don’t think he’s super rational right now,” she said at last. “From what he told me, he and Sirius have been keeping this a secret for—for several months.” Her voice became thick with unshed tears. “They didn’t tell anyone, except for the two or three who figured it out.”
“Did one of those people take the pictures?”
“No. No, they would never. The whole team has been tweeting their support nonstop.”
“Will you let us know when he wakes up?” Lyall asked quietly.
“Of course.” Lily paused. “Thank you for supporting him.”
“Thank you.” Hope smiled through her tears even though Lily couldn’t see her. “Thank you for being there for him. He’s lucky to have a friend like you.”
Lily laughed softly. “No, I think I’m the lucky one. Your son is one of the best people I know.”
“Take care, Lily, and thank you again for calling,” Lyall said as Hope covered her mouth.
“It was the least I could do.”
As soon as the call ended, Lyall reached out and pulled both her and Jules in for a tight hug. Hope was tempted to book tickets to Gryffindor immediately, but if Remus needed space from them she knew she had to respect that. Be safe, she thought with every fiber of her being. Be safe, and know that we love you.
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izzielizzie · 5 months ago
Chapter Seven
Sorry this took so long!!! I had a hard time getting it started. Anyway, we’re back at Bronwyn’s pov. Enjoy!!
“We’re leaving in twenty minutes!” Mom calls up the stairs. We’re going to Simon’s funeral, and even though I feel a little weird going after the school practically accused us of killing him, my parents said I have to go, so I guess I’m going. 
“Okay!” Maeve calls down the stairs as she leaves the bathroom. She’s just taken a shower, and her hair is wrapped in a towel. She catches sight of me and frowns. “What?”
I shake myself a little. I must be giving her a pitying look. I keep trying to figure out if I should tell her about TJ cheating, but I feel like she wouldn’t listen. 
“What do you want Bron?”
“Can I chill with you before we leave?” I find myself blurting out. Maeve stares at me for a few moments, and I’m so ready for her to laugh and tell me to go away that I don’t completely hear her when she says, “Sure. Why not?”
She brushes past me to push open her door and pauses. “Well don’t just stand there like a weirdo, come on.”
I step into Maeve’s room for the first time in what is probably five years. I mean, I guess I am allowed in here, but I make it a point not to come here. Maybe because I was scared that Maeve would change her room and our childhood would be gone. Or maybe I wanted to prove to her that she could trust me. I don’t even know anymore, but I didn’t need to worry about her room changing: the walls are still a pale purple, and her window seat is still white with floral throw pillows and a purple knitted blanket folded underneath the book I’ve seen Maeve reading in the living room when I practice piano. The only difference is her corkboard with pictures pinned up is filled with photos of her and her soccer friends, not me and our childhood friends like it was when we were young. I sit gingerly on her bed, covered in her white duvet with the purple and yellow polka dots. Maeve opens her closet door and roots through until she finds what she wants. She turns with a black jumpsuit pressed against her body.
“Good?” I’m temped to turn around and see if she’s talking to someone behind me, but I’m not that stupid.
“Good,” I agree. I turn and let Maeve change, and I turn back again when she tosses her shorts and t-shirt over my head and into the hamper. She’s at her dresser, in front of her mirror, when I turn back around. The back of her jumpsuit is still partly unzipped, and I stand and walk over to her. She flinches when I fix the zipper, and I’m startled for a moment. Since when did the girl who demanded hugs every five minutes flinch when touched?
“Thanks sis,” Maeve says. There’s a serenity to her that isn’t there usually. She’s humming as she brushes her long hair out. “I’m thinking of cutting my hair. What do you think?” I still want to look around to find the actual recipient of my sister’s kindness, but I don’t. Whatever is happening right now, I don’t want it to end. 
“I like it long,” I say truthfully. She looks nice with long hair, and I can still remember how devastated she was when her hair first started to fall when she was little. Once when I was laying in her hospital bed next to her, she had sworn that after all this was over, she would grow her hair out as long as Mom would permit. I had told her I’d do the same, and now, when I step forward to look in the mirror with her, I can’t see the resemblance between us anymore. My eyes, a sharp grey, are behind dark glasses, my tan skin looks yellowish against my black dress, and my shoulder length curls are limp and a little fuzzy. Maeve looks, as usual, amazing. Her straight hair is falling around her like a curtain, and it’s a few shades darker than mine. Her skin is as pale as Mom’s and the splash of freckles across her face are more pronounced than usual, and her eyes, god her eyes are so bright they could illuminate the room. My sister has always been the beautiful one, and I’m glad she’s happy today. But, even though I know I’m going to regret asking this, I need to know: “Maeve, why are you so happy today?”
Maeve smiles a little as she gives her brush one final tug and places it on the dresser. “I hung out with an old friend yesterday. It was nice.”
“Luis Santos,” I say promptly. Maeve hits me with her best side-eye.
“Don’t be so judge. I saw you with Nathaniel Macauley.” She did? When?
I hold up my hands in surrender. “I’m not judging. Just stating a fact. I saw you with him at the dinner party yesterday.”
“That’s nice,” Maeve says, picking up her chapstick. 
“Are you going to date him?”
“Are you going to date Nate?”
“What? No!” I’m shocked for a moment. “He wasn’t totally in love with me when we were kids. Unlike someone.” I bump my hip against hers, and she spins away from me. 
“Yeah, right.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” I ask as Maeve pulls her black sneakers out from under her bed. “And don’t wear those.” Maeve glares at me as she puts her sneakers back and crouches down until she finds her party shoes, the black leather ones that are nearly identical to mine.
“It means, mi hermana, that Nate was like, totally in love with you.” Maeve redoes the laces on her shoes as I stare at her.
“Don’t be dumb. He was my best friend. That’s all.”
“Best friends don’t have their first kiss after a soccer game.” I can feel my face turn red as my sister smirks at me. 
“And best friends don’t carry each other to the elevator at fancy hotels,” I fire back. I’m waiting for a reaction, but I don’t get one.
“Luis isn’t my best friend,” Maeve says calmly with a shrug as she unplugs her phone from her charger and sways out of her room.
“Nate isn’t mine either!” I call back. Maeve just laughs as she leads me down the stairs.
Half an hour later, Dad pulls the car into a parking spot outside of the church, and we pass Luis Santos, Cooper Clay, Addy Prentiss, and a bunch of their friends. “Maeve!” Luis calls. Maeve’s glow intensifies until I can hardly look at her. She turns to our parents, a questioning look on her face. 
“Go ahead honey, we’ll save you a seat.” Mom is grinning at Maeve, and I can tell why. Maeve hasn’t been this giddy since she was a kid. Maeve floats away to Luis and his friends, and Luis slips an arm around her. “Not friends” my foot. 
“It’s nice to see they’re friends again,” Dad muses as we pass Luis and his friends. 
“It is,” I agree, smiling at him. I know Dad thought of Luis as a son, and he’s missed him. Dad smiles back and wraps an arm around me as we walk into the church. Mom’s about to pull open the heavy oak doors when a hand reaches around her and pulls it open. 
“After you ma’am,” a familiar voice says, pulling the door open.
“Thank you so much d-” Mom stops short when she is face to face with her worst nightmare in the form of a smirking boy in a leather jacket. 
“Nathaniel,” my father says, disentangling himself from me.
“Hello Mr. Rojas,” Nate says.
“What are you doing here?”
“Oh you know,” Nate says casually, “I was walking by, saw a large crowd, and thought it would be a good opportunity to make some transactions.”
Both my parents stare at Nate as I try not to laugh. They can be a little gullible sometimes. 
“Hey Nate,” Maeve says as she materializes next to us with Luis. His other friends seemed to have disappeared, but they’ve never struck me as people who’d want to go to a funeral.
“Hi, Maeve.” Nate is squinting at Maeve like she’s insane. Understandably. She’s smiling for once. Honestly I forgot she was able to do that. Also, the last time Maeve talked to Nate she yelled at him.
“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Rojas, it’s a pleasure to see you again.” Luis says to my parents, seemingly sensing the tension.
My parents both brighten as they turn to Luis. He shakes my father’s hand firmly and leans down to kiss my mother’s cheek. Nate and I roll our eyes at each other as Maeve glows so brightly she might put the sun out of business. All Luis is missing is a hat to tip. 
“How are you doing son?”
“Well, Mr. Rojas, and you?”
“I’m good.”
Luis smiles and motions towards the door. “Are you going in?”
“We are. Are you Nathaniel?” My mother asks.
“What did you do Nate?” Maeve asks, rolling her eyes. She knows my mother’s danger voice as well as I do. 
Mom tells Maeve what Nate said, nearly verbatim, and Maeve doesn’t even try to hide her laughter. “You’re so gullible Mom,” she says breezily, pushing past us to walk through the doors. She turns to us. “Well are you coming? Nate’s coming to the funeral too.”
“I am,” Nate confirms. My parents instantly relax. 
There’s a glint in Maeve’s amber eyes as she delivers her parting shot: “his probation officer made him.”
To say the funeral was tense is an understatement. Nate ended up sitting with Maeve on his one side and me on his other. Maeve shook with silent laughter through the entire service and Nate glared at the wall. I breathe a sigh of relief when we exit the church, but the next problem appears in the form of a man in a crisp suit blocking our path as we try to make our way to the car. 
“Mr. and Mrs. Rojas?” The man asks.
“Yes?” Mom says.
“I am Detective Wheeler with the Bayview Police. Would we be able to take your daughter Bronwyn to the police station to talk about the events of Simon’s death?”
I freeze and Maeve crashes into me. That doesn’t sound good.
“Why?” Mom asks.
“Just a customary check in, we’re doing it with all the students. Just to tie up loose ends.”
That really doesn’t sound good.
“Only if we can come with her,” Dad says.
The detective nods. “Of course. We aren’t holding her. But your younger daughter…” The detective trails off, looking at Maeve suspiciously. 
She smiles a little. “I’ll go wait by the car. I need to tell Luis something anyway.”
“Go ahead honey, we’ll see you soon,” Mom says. Maeve gives a jaunty wave, steps around me, and walks away with a spring in her step. If I had to guess, her forthcoming interaction with Luis wouldn’t involve a lot of talking.
I follow the detective and my parents to the police station down the street, where we’re directed to what seems an awful lot like an interrogation room. The detective starts talking about Simon’s death, and I don’t listen because I’ve heard it too many times, but I zone back into the conversation when Detective Wheeler shows us a tablet with About That, Simon’s old gossip Tumblr, pulled up to a post that makes my heart stop. It’s about all of us at detention. About how Cooper used steroids (unsurprising), Nate sold drugs while being on probation (expected honestly) and how Addy cheated on her boyfriend Jake with a boy named… oh no. TF. TJ Forrester. Maeve’s ex. The one she’s been moping about for months. I’m not surprised, I knew this, but my parents didn’t. I glance at them to see their reaction. My mom’s eyes are trained on Addy’s piece of gossip, but my dad’s are on the next piece. The one I’ve been ignoring because it’s about me. More specifically, about how I cheated in my chemistry class last year. 
All my blood rushes to my head as Detective Wheeler asks “well, Miss Rojas, what do you have to say about yourself?” 
My mother stiffens. “My daughter has no comment. And we aren’t going to talk about this until we have a lawyer present, Detective.”
“Very well,” says Detective Wheeler resignedly. He seems to have expected this. “But let me tell you that your friends are all here, Bronwyn, and one of them will admit to your crime.”
Mom’s pushing me out of the room before I can ask what crime he might be talking about. Surely my “friends” have nothing they can say about my cheating. Mom and Dad don’t say anything as we walk the block back to our car. They look angry though. Mom’s expression softens when she sees Maeve, however. 
“Hey!” Maeve says pleasantly. She’s sitting on the car’s hood, her phone in her hand. She holds up her free hand to block the setting sun from her face. It doesn’t work that well though, since the light streams onto her face, turning her hair coppery, her freckles golden, and her eyes into the most fiery they’ve ever looked. She looks like the picture of the warrior queen on the poster in the library, and I almost expect her to come flying at me with a sword. Which is stupid. Maeve is the least confrontational person I’ve ever met. Subtle jabs are more her style. 
“Hi Maevey,” Mom says. Maeve stares at her. Mom hasn’t called her Maevey in years. 
“What the hell happened at the station?” Maeve whispers to me as we climb into the back seat of the car.
“Let’s just say that this isn’t going to end well,” I whisper back through clenched teeth as Dad glares at me through the rearview mirror. 
“Understatement,” my sister mumbles as she puts her earbuds into her ears, leaving me to face my parents’ wrath alone.  
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seasonsofeverlark · 5 months ago
Spreading Christmas Cheer
Tumblr media
Author: @mega-aulover​
Prompt: Everlark the movie Elf [submitted by @alliswell21​]
Rating: G
Author’s Note: This is a story based off of the movie Elf as requested by @alliswell21​ It’s from “Jovie” i.e. Katniss POV, what she would have seen and fell in love with one Peeta ‘Buddy’ Mellark. 
Special thanks to @norbertsmom​ for her betaing skill and for the name of the story. Parts 3 and 4 will post separately.
Pt 1
I watch Peeta gently kiss the top of our first born’s head. Holly’s dark hair is braided into two plaits; her blue eyes closing softly. 
“And Papa Elf said, grandpa was on the naughty list…” his voice is soft.
Suddenly Holly’s eyes widen as she remembers something. Her blue eyes are laser focused on Peeta. “Papá, es verdad que mamá estaba en la  lista de los niños malos?”   
“Y quien te dijo esto?” I ask from the door. We never discuss my role in Peeta’s adventure, or the fact that I was on the naughty list. Ever. 
“Santa,” Holly says.
Ese gordo, Santa has loose lips. I think about teaching him about keeping secrets until it’s time to explain to our child about the past. But before I can say anything, Peeta gives me a look. He always knows when I’m having evil thoughts. I sigh, and redirect my thoughts, because Peeta made me believe in love, joy, and Christmas.    
“Your papa saved more than grandpa that Christmas. He saved me too.”
Holly’s eyes lit up like her father’s before the sleepiness creeps back into their depths.
“Now go to sleep so Santa can come down the chimney.”
“Night, mama, night papa,” Holly whispers right before she drifts off to sleep. 
Together we walk out of our daughters bedroom. Peeta slides an arm around my shoulders. He dips down and nuzzles my cheek. He steers me to the living room. I drag my feet. Peeta is up to something.
“Okay, spill it, Mellark.”
He gives me a wide eyed smile.
The hair at the back of my neck stands up straight. 
He’s got that look, that please tell me a bedtime story stare, and not just any story. 
Peeta pauses and gives me a puppy dog look with a full lip pout.
“Come on, Sweetums, my li’l sugar plum,” Peeta says in an excited whisper.
“No…no don’t waggle your eyebrows at me, Peeta. Buddy. Mellark.” I pronounce each one of his names.
Peeta’s grins so brightly; his eyes shine brighter than Christmas lights. His hat is slightly crooked as he hops and does that stupid little dance of his that makes me want to tear off his green tights. Yep, I said tights. My husband was raised as an elf, a six foot two, blond, wavy haired, giant with broad shoulders, washboard abs, and is genuinely sweet. Sweeter than eggnog.
He grabs me by the waist. “You know you wanna,” he says in that sexy time voice of his that’s reserved only for me. 
I should clarify for everyone listening to my tale; you should know canasto isn’t a vulgar or bad word. It means basket. But I like the way it sounds in Spanish. So I say it with real vehemence. It’s like peaches in Spanish sounds like a curse word. Melocotón! Tu eres un Melocotón! Which translates into you’re a peach. 
I digress.
I let out a big sigh. There’s no way I can say no to him and he knows it! Canasto!
“I love it when you tell the story of how we met from your point of view.“ 
"You’re an evil gremlin,” I say with no heat in my voice. It’s my personal nickname for him. As in the gremlins when they ate after midnight. However to be fair, if you see Peeta, he’s not scary at all, he’s more like a big teddy bear.  
Peeta laughs and my heart flip flops. Because he is anything but; he is so congenial.
Peeta puts his hands on my belly, my very big belly. It’s baby number 2; actually it’s baby number two and three. They are counted as one until they’re born. I know what he’s doing, the evil gremlin! He’s trying to distract me because I’m due to give birth. I have mild pangs because I’m carrying twins and I’m nearing my due date.
He carries me and sits me on his lap. “Now start from the beginning.”
“From the candy cane forest?” I ask.
“No from your point of view,” his eyes dance gently as he rests me against his chest, rubbing my bulging belly.
“Okay,” I say quietly.
“Don’t forget to start with once upon a time,” Peeta insists, trying to contain his excitement.
“Once upon a time.”
“This is going to be good,” Peeta whispers.
“Are you going to let me tell the story?”
“Oh yea,” Peeta placed a kiss on my nose. “Go ahead.”
Closing my eyes I picture the year things changed. Because everything in my life was about others and never myself. I was always trying to be someone else, what everyone expected of me. 
It’s hard being a foster kid, and getting out of the system is kind of like getting out of jail. Suddenly you have all this freedom, but you’ve been conditioned to follow all of these rules, so when you are free, you do one of two things. You get in trouble, and try to get sent into an institution; some of us call it the iron college. Or you try to keep your nose clean and learn in the school of hard knocks. In my case, I kept my head above the water for my sister’s sake.  
“I love my family,” I muttered underneath my breath. 
I muttered it again as my sister destroyed, no scratch that, mutilated Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas."  
Did I forget to mention that I love my family?   
I do. I love my family and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them, but at that moment I wanted to scratch my ears out with dull spoons.  
My perfect baby sister is a smoking hot blonde runway model and the muse for Karl Lagerfeld, but she has the worst singing voice known to man. You want to torture someone, hire my sister, and have her sing to the person you want to torture. Within 3 seconds flat, she can have even the most hardened of spies spilling their guts like a canary.
The one thing I could not stand beside my sister’s singing was Christmas. 
I loathed Christmas.
I was not ashamed to say it.  Every fiber of my body I hated Christmas!   If I had ever met the real Santa back then, he had better hoped that I was not holding my bow and arrow, because I would have shot him through the eye. Not that I believed in Santa then, but if I had known there was a real life Santa Claus, I’d have hunted him down, and burned the fat man’s jolly red outfit. I would then gleefully take a joy ride in his sleigh into his workshop like Bill Murray did in Groundhog Day when he allowed the groundhog to drive him off the cliff into a fiery death.
At this point you are wondering why I hated Christmas so much.
There were many reasons why the holiday was so contemptible to me. One, my father died on Christmas day. Two, my mother checked out on us that same Christmas day. The next Christmas Eve was when my sister and I were separated into different foster homes.  It took me a few months to find my six-year-old baby sister. I had been sent to a foster family who used foster kids for slave labor, to have them wipe and clean their floors while the Mrs. of the family spent the whole day in luxurious spas and getting Botox treatments, as if that was going to improve her mug. 
My baby sister was luckier. Primrose was placed in a foster home in the middle of suburbia with a 2 story house with a picket fence. A woman named Cecilia and her husband Ronald had never been able to have kids, and they doted on my sister. They brought her up to be the princess she always said she was. Honestly, they were rather shocked when my twelve-year-old cynical self rolled up into their home screaming for my baby sister, Primrose. Prim came running out of nowhere and latched herself on to my leg like an octopus. Best Spring ever, so I do love the Spring. 
But before you think we were reunited, we weren’t. The family that had Primrose never wanted me. And even if they did, we technically didn’t have the same last name. Primrose carried my mom’s last name while I carried my dad’s. My sister was Primrose Emmerson and I was Katniss Everdeen. Our parents had a silly agreement. They were also foster kids, so they decided that I would take dad’s name and the next one born would take our mothers name. 
They didn’t have family, and her parents lived a common law marriage. Their childish decision caused havoc. There was a mix up and we weren’t processed as sisters. Plus, I never stayed in the same foster home for long so even if they wanted me, they never knew where I was, but no matter where I was, I found a way to talk to Primrose, because as long as Prim was loved and cared for, my situation didn’t matter.
After our brief reunion, I had to go back to the family that I was placed in, and my sister stayed with her family. I didn’t stay with mine for very long; I became a statistic. A rolling number on someone’s computer screen. I was bounced around from one family to another in all sorts of seedy homes. 
So you can see why I’m so jaded. Every bad thing that ever happened to me, has happened on that freakin’ holiday. And there was one more reason I disliked that holly jolly holiday so immensely. For some reason, the universe hated me. 
No matter where I went, what city, what town within the state, I could guarantee you that it was a racket, a billion dollar racket to make parents crazy and buy things for their kids they didn’t need. For some reason, it pleased people to take my olive skin, dark hair, scowling self and put me into a sparkly Christmas cheer, “gag” pointy eared elf costume.
So with a week until Christmas, I was listening to my sister butcher another holiday favorite song. Then Prim screeched. And I sighed in relief.
"Katniss,” Prim said, coming out of the bathroom. “The water is cold!”
I looked heavenward. “The pipes. I forgot they’re working on the water main outside. They said there would be interruption to service.”
“Oh, you know I can get us a hotel room,” Prim said toweling dry her pale blonde locks. 
My studio apartment wasn’t what my sister was used to. She was a freaking couture runway model, six foot one, so slim nothing off the rack fit her. “I’m sorry Prim, I was so excited to see you.”
Prim smiled. “Look, I only have a few hours left. How about I treat you to lunch before I go back up to Connecticut to spend Christmas with Cecillia and Ron.” Prim smiled at me. “You know you’re more than welcome to come. They always ask about you.”
I loved my baby sister. She was amazing. And I was damned glad that the Henderson's were an amazing couple, but I knew the score. They didn’t know what to do with me. “As long as you don’t mind me wearing my elf costume.”
Primrose chuckled. “You make the cutest elf though.” She patted me on the head using a baby tone with me. Prim was taller than me by a foot. I was tiny, or as Prim said, compact size.
“I could still put you over my knee, little duck,” I growled. “Así que mira ver.”
My sister laughed and she delighted in taunting me. Prim no longer spoke Spanish, but she understood the language. “You’re adorable when you’re angry, an angry little elf, aren’t you?”
“Primrose,” I said in Spanish. I rounded my ‘r’s’ when I said her name. 
“Awe, I don’t don’t get why you hate Christmas so much.” Primrose winked going to the screen divider to get dressed. My sister was used to dressing and undressing in front of dozens of people. I, on the other hand, was not so free with nudity. Primrose said I was a prude. If I hadn’t I told her to use the screen, she would have changed right in front of me. 
“Did you know there are only three jobs an elf can have,” Prim said from over the screen. 
I sighed. Unlike me, Primrose loved Christmas. Hell, she even suggested that there might be a real Santa Claus. I told her the only people who look for ways to sneak into people’s houses were criminals. 
Prim continued her story about elves. “The type of elves that live in trees and make cookies, the types that make shoes, and the best type.”
“Let me guess, Christmas elves,” I said, rolling my eyes.
Prim grinned. She came around the screen wearing thigh high red boots, jeans and a camel tunic sweater that looked like cashmere. “Come on sis, let me treat you to breakfast so that you can go terrorize the children of Macy’s toy department.”
  Pt 2 
Peeta grins excitedly, breaking the narration. “You know she’s right. Papa says the cookie elves have high insurance premiums because their tree catches fire all of the time.” 
“Peeta,” I huff. “Do you want me to finish the story?” 
“Absolutely,” he hugs me closer. “I’m so sad you and Prim never got to grow up at the North Pole with me.”
I can’t help but smile at his sincere wish. “Oh Peeta,” I kiss his cheek.
“The only thing I would never let you do was toy testing,” Peeta whispers.
I chuckled. Peeta hated Jack-In-The-Box’s. They scare the dickens out of him. I lay my head on his shoulders. “Are you going to let me finish the story?”
“You know,” he says, blue eyes twinkling. “I’d spotted you in the city that first day.” 
“You were jumping across the lines of the cross walk, “ I grin at the memory. 
“I followed you until I saw the Empire State Building. Then I went to see my father.”
“I know,” I caress his face.
“Start from that point.”
“Okay, you ready now.” My babies were moving in my belly.
“Right, you were in your father’s office delivering the most awkward Christmas gram.” 
Peeta chuckles. “I don’t have your pretty voice.”
I sigh. “Peeta.”
“Right, I’ll be quiet.”
I give him a look. 
“But just so you know, when those guards told me to go back to Macy’s, I was curious as to why you were dressed as an elf.“
I roll my eyes. Did I forget to mention my husband is a talker. He is a chatterbox. I swear Peeta is the type who’d make friends with a paper bag.
"I thought your elf name was so pretty,” he sighs happily.
“Peeta, if you want me to tell the story. You have to hush!” I admonish, if I didn’t we would be here until tomorrow.
“Oh,” he gushes. “Yes, tell the story.” 
“So, there I was in the middle of New York, like a morsel in shark infested waters. I.E….”
“That passion fruit spray is horrible,” Peeta grumbles. “I do not know how women drink that stuff.” 
I want to laugh. There are still things that Peeta doesn’t understand about human society; perfume was one of them, and that fact endeared him to me.
“Can you start at the moment our eyes met?” Peeta gives me a wobbly smile. 
Ah, now I know why he’s interrupting so much. “Okay.”
Sighing I recall that day. Prim and I were out to breakfast. She was harping on me to find someone. Did I fall to mention Primrose was only twenty years old at the time, and at that age I was ancient at the tender age of twenty six. Seriously twenty-six. So what if I had never dated, never had a boyfriend, and never kissed anyone. My sister was right. I was a prude, but I’d seen how love could screw you over. My mom never recovered and she died alone in some home of a broken heart. All I had in the world was my sister. My Prim, and she was the only person I would love. Until that afternoon. 
“Seriously Katniss, you’re twenty-six,” Prim said. 
Eye rolling was a national pastime when speaking to a glamazon who thought I needed to date.
“Don’t roll your eyes at me,” Prim said, removing my sunglasses. “And also, sunglasses in the middle of December, so not tre chique.” 
Eye roll, eye roll, eye roll. Fake smile. CANASTO!
“You are the worst,” Prim hissed.
I knew my sister wasn’t mad at me. Annoyed, yes. Mad, no. “Prim, it’s just I’m not interested in dating anyone.” 
“Katniss, I just don’t want you to impersonate elves for the rest of your life, and when you’re like forty-six, you’ll realize you’re alone with a cat, who pisses in your shoes, and scratches your furniture.” 
I moved to pay our bill.
“No way,” Prim said, slamming her hand on the bill. “I make what you make in a month in two hours of work. This is on me.”
“Fine,” I grumbled. 
“Also, stop closing yourself to Christmas. Santa isn’t going to leave you anything under the tree.”
“Like Santa exists,” I snorted.
Prim gasped. “You take that back. Santa Claus is real Katniss, just like the rainbows, and pigs and frogs having a long term, caring relationship, and love exists.” 
My sister’s wide eyed passionate confession shook me, but the only words that came out of my mouth were, “a frog and a pig?” 
“Miss Piggy and Kermit are together, and if they can make it, no matter what the media says, anything is possible.”
“Huh,” I said, leaving the luncheonette near Penn Station. We walked to the corner, where she’d take the stairs to the lower level. 
I took a look at the stairs, knowing this was the moment I would say goodbye to my sister once again. My eyes filled with unwanted tears. I could still recall the little girl with the untucked shirt that looked like a duck tail. It’s where the nickname li’l duck came from.
“Don’t cry,” Prim whispered. “Quack, quack.”
“I hate it when we have to say goodbye,” I said quietly.
“It’s not goodbye, Katniss; it’s until the next time.” Prim grinned then she took my elf hat and put it on my head. “Go on, terrify the poor children of the city with your menacing scowl. But you better watch out, better not cry.”
I groaned. “Prim, I would rather hear seagulls squawking then you singing.” 
“I know, that’s why I do it,” Prim said.
“You’re a brat.”
“Brat, I’m on Santa’s nice list. You’re the one on the naughty list.”
“There’s no such thing as Santa…” the words died on my lips as I saw a huge man dressed in an elaborate elf outfit jumping on the lines of the crosswalk gleefully. I was struck by the joy on his face.
He looked like an angel with wavy blond hair and innocent blue eyes. It was one thing to see a six-year-old child with that wide eyed innocence, but a tall, broad shouldered man with large hands made me think perhaps he’d escaped his caretakers. His elf outfit wasn’t like the cheap one I had to wear. It was made from a rich fabric with elaborately embroidered gold thread. 
If there was something I knew about, it was fabric. I never had soft fabrics growing up and I was obsessed over soft materials. I dreamed of cashmere, Egyptian cotton, mulberry silks, and linens. His green tunic was made from merino wool, like the ones they made in England in those bespoke shops.  Even his hat, although a ridiculous cone shape, was not some cheap fabric covered cardboard that you’d find in a costume shop. It was made from genuine thick green wool felt with a yellow satin ribbon wrapped around it. A red feather bobbed up and down as he jumped.
He was so happy. He looked up, as if sensing my presence. Our eyes met and he smiled jovially and waved at me. My mouth went dry, because, gaw, Canasto!
This man-child was gorgeous. 
“Earth to Katniss.” Prim snapped her fingers in my face.
“Sorry.” I looked back to my sister.
Prim looked over her shoulder. “Are you okay.”
I dipped out of my sister’s way. “I think I saw an elf.”
Prim laughed. “It’s Christmas, Katniss. Santa’s elves are everywhere.” Prim gave me a hug before descending the stairs to the lower level of the station. 
Seeing my sister go was difficult, but I couldn’t shake the tall man dressed as an elf. He even had on yellow tights with black elf shoes. 
I made my way to Macy’s. I could see the Empire State building in the background as I took a left to head to the employee’s entrance. 
When I arrived, the floor manager Brutus headed straight to me. He was a ridiculous man with muscles in his neck and a bald head. His meaty fingers held a tiny clipboard. 
Brutus did not believe in technology. He refused to use a tablet. He said the muckety-mucks, as he called them, were out to get him. He wore dark brown pants that were too small for his large frame and even when he stood you could see his white socks. He wore a sweater vest with various pens in his front pocket and a cheap plastic necklace that was supposed to look like tree lights.  
“Jovie,” Brutus said looking over his shoulder.
“Yes, Brutus,” I smiled. Jovie was my elf name.
“Our last Santa quit, and we have no one, so until then I need you to help out in gift wrapping. Don’t forget to make sure the ribbon curl is six inches.”
“But you need more than six inches, to make a good curl.”
“Six inches.”
Sighing I walked to the station and nodded to the girls who were at the gift-wrapping station. I sat there trying to make six inch curls. People were insane at Christmas; they were stressed out to buy things, and things never made anyone happy. Things were just things.  
The line of people got shorter and I noticed the tree in the center of the sales floor was looking a little sad. So getting the ladder, I rearranged the ornaments and noticed one of the lights was out. From this vantage point I saw Brutus drag him in, the elf I saw on the street.
Heat rushed to my cheeks and I focused on the tree, eavesdropping the entire time. 
“Buddy, you need to remember you get a half-hour break when you work under six hours and a one hour break when you work over six hours. If I catch you on the floor again I’ll have to write you up.” 
His name was Buddy. My lips formed a goofy smile at his name. Up close he was prettier, his wavy hair curled up at the ends. A shiver ran up my spine at all of those curls. I could picture little boys with blond ringlets and a little girl with dark tresses in green colored elf clothing. I held on to the ladder as I swayed. 
“Wow, what’s this?” HIs eyes quickly darted to the crowded sales floor. 
“This is the north pole,” Brutus said looking at his precious clipboard.
“No it’s not,” Buddy waved at a pair of babies inside of a stroller. 
“Yes it is,” Brutus said.
“No it’s not,” Buddy eye’s traveled to the tree and I hid behind it so that he didn’t see me.
“Yes it is,” Brutus put his hands on his wide hips.
“No it’s not,” Buddy said smiling. “Where’s the snow?”
“He’s right, there’s no snow,” a six-year old girl said. She’d been listening to the conversation.  
I nearly snorted. 
“Why are you smiling like that?” Brutus brows knit together.
“I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite thing,” he said. Bouncing to the Christmas music that was being pumped through the speakers. 
“Well stop smiling, and make work your favorite thing to do. And who gave you that outfit?”
“It’s mine,” Buddy said, splaying those large hands on his chest looking down at his elf outfit. 
Brutus looked at the intricate gold embroidery. “Fine, if that’s your story. You should make work your priority instead of shopping.” Brutus sighed, looking at his clipboard again. “I have to make the announcement.”
Buddy nodded, but once more was looking around. 
I was working on the tree lights by now and really didn’t want to get down because I wanted to keep staring at him. At his great legs. Normally tall guys had spindly legs. Not his, yum. 
“Okay I’ve got an announcement. Santa will be here tomorrow at 10AM. Keep your receipts so you can see Santa.” 
“SANTA!” Buddy yelled. He jumped, clasped his hands and a little girl next to him joined him. Soon there was a flock of kids doing the same thing, all speaking at once and he was nodding and speaking to them as if he knew Santa. 
I chuckled cause I’ve never seen Brutus look so stunned and speechless. He was carried away by Chaff, his second in command. 
Buddy turned and focused on me. I pretended that he wasn’t just a few feet away from me. I could feel his gaze as I fixed the bulb that was not letting the string of lights to turn on. The tree lit up and I swear his eyes seemed to glow brighter than the lights on the tree.
My stomach did a little flip-flop. “What!” I said defensively. I turned and saw how big his eyes were and the genuine smile. “Are you enjoying the view?”
“I love Christmas trees,” he said hesitantly. “It’s nice to see someone else who enjoys elf culture as much as I do.” 
Of course the guy that would make butterflies dance in my stomach was a wackadoo. I scowled. This wasn’t happening. Getting down from the tree, I quickly walk away, grabbing a few stuffed animals that were discarded and putting them back on the display.
“Looks like someone needs Christmas cheer and the best way to do it is to sing.”
“I don’t sing,” I muttered.
“Of course you can.” He chased after me.
“No,” I said trying to get him to stop, but liking that he’s walking after me like a wide eyed puppy-dog.
“Anyone can. All you have to do is put a group of words together in a tune,” he said sweetly.
I hopped on up on the stage where the guy in the red suit would be seated tomorrow. I turned to look at him. As I spoke to him, I couldn’t keep the hurt from my voice. Because the last time I sang a Christmas song it was with my dad, hours before he died.  “I know that, I can sing, but I choose not to sing.”
“Look, I’ll do it for you maybe it will make you smile,” Buddy said. He takes a deep breath, “I”M SINGING. I’M IN A STORE AND I AM…”
It was horrible, but I couldn’t help but smile. 
“THERE’S NO SINGING IN THE NORTH POLE!” Brutus comes running out from behind the registrar.
“Yes there is,” Buddy says grinning at me. “I’m Peeta.”
“Wait I thought your name was Buddy?”
“That’s my middle name,” Peeta said. “Is Jovie your name?”
“No,” my voice sounds breathy. “Jovie is my elf name.”
“So what’s your real name?” His voice sounded deeper and I swear I could see nothing else but his big blue eyes tenderly gazing at me.
“Katniss,” I said, wondering why my knees were so wobbly. I couldn’t fall for a guy who thought he was an elf. A very good looking, broad shouldered guy with the face of an angel, but nonetheless, a complete wakadoo.    
The ten minute warning came on letting people know they needed to go home.
“Oh I’ve got to get ready for Santa,” Peeta muttered under his breath. But before he could move Brutus appears. 
“Buddy,” Brutus grabbed him by the arm and hauled him away. I was left standing on that stage with a big old goofy grin on my face.
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starrybrock · 6 months ago
been an awfully good girl ✧ colby brock
pairing: colby brock x reader
request: im not sure if you do requests or even any imagines for colby brock anymore but i was wondering if you cold make a exception, so basically the plot is that the reader met colby through kat and since then they hit it off, now their in a secretive relationship the only person who knows is kat but she only knows the reader has a crush on colby. one day everyones hanging out in the same room room and colby is sexting the reader, sams curious to whos hes texting and they find out their dating. - @whydontweanons​
summary: sam sees a text meant for colby and reveals your relationship to the entire friend group.
word count: 861
warnings?: secret relationship, vague description of sexy pics
note: i feel like this is a bit shit and it’s a bit on the short side but i hope you enjoy!! this takes place in a world without a pandemic. slight pov shift in the middle-ish of the fic. gif is my own. if you want to request I write anything, you can do so: here.
Tumblr media
You were good at keeping secrets. Your mom never knew when you stole cookies from the cookie jar. Your dad never knew when you’d sneak out to go to a friends house. Nobody ever found out how you flunked out of college algebra. And if anyone ever asked what happened between you and your best friend on Halloween night at the infamous frat party? You were taking that to the fucking grave.
So, yeah, you could keep a secret. And, as it turned out, so could a certain purple-haired, blue-eyed beauty. 
You became friends with Katrina Stuart when you both worked at the same restaurant. You were both young hopefuls, trying to make it big in the City of Angels. You bonded over struggles to make ends meet, finding decent friends, and breaking through in your respective fields. You became so close that it only made sense for her to introduce to her boyfriend and other friends.
That’s how you met Colby, the boy with baby blues who soon captured your heart. When you met, sparks flew, as cliche as it sounds. By the end of the night, you had already exchanged numbers and had plans to hang out in a few days time.
After a few weeks of hanging out, he asked you to be his girlfriend. And, though you knew that the relationship would have to be kept from his...more intense fans, you agreed. Because, God, you couldn’t look into those sky blue eyes without melting.
You both decided to keep it from the friend group, too. At least for a little while anyways. You wanted to figure the relationship out for yourselves, and when you were ready to tell them, you would.
But you couldn’t keep anything from Katrina. She figured something was up between the two of you, so you told a small fib and said you had a crush on Colby. She freaked, immediately making an elaborate plan to set the two of you up, all the while you tried to hide your giggles, knowing the truth. 
The reality remained a secret, though. At least until one December night.
The Trap House was hosting an early Christmas party, so that everyone could celebrate Christmas together before traveling to celebrate with their families. Most everyone had arrived, but you were running late. 
So, Colby stood alone in the corner of the room, a slight pout on his face as he waited for your arrival.
A quiet ping brought a smile to his face, seeing your name appear in his text notifications. 
Colby opened his messages, revealing a picture you had sent of you in a pretty red lingerie set complete with a Santa hat and a message that read, “Santa baby, been an awfully good girl ❤️”. A blush settled on his face as a slight smile curved upwards. But before he could even register what was happening, his phone was yanked from his hands.
“Oooh, what’s got Colby blushing?” Sam teased. “Oh, shit, is that Y/N?” 
“DUDE!” Colby shouted, snatching his phone back.
“What’s Y/N doing sending you naughty photos for?” Sam laughed, earning the attention of the rest of the friends.
All eyes were now on Sam and Colby, Colby’s face turning an even deeper shade of red. All conversation had stopped, everyone confused but intrigued by what Sam had just said. 
“Y/N? My friend Y/N?” Kat questioned, her hands resting on her hips.
“You better not be using her Mr. Brock!” she said, her eyes narrowing. Though she had wanted to set the two of them up, she wasn’t expecting to hear they were sending sexy pics to one another. And if Colby was just using her for sex? Oh, he’d have hell to pay.
“What? NO! I would never! I love her!”
Kat’s jaw, as well as everyone else’s in the room, dropped. “You...what?” 
Colby huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. “I don’t see why it’s any of your business.” 
And, if the timing couldn’t get any worse, you waltzed into the Trap House, announcing your arrival with a hello?. You wandered into the living room, seeing everyone crowded around Colby, wide eyes landing on you. “Uhh, is there something I missed?” 
“Colby likes you back!” Kat blurted out.
You blinked slowly, wondering what the hell you’d missed. Then, you figured since the jig was probably up, you might as well have a little fun with it. “Well, I’d surely hope so, since we’ve been dating for five months now.” 
You crossed the room, reaching Colby, and wrapped your arms around him. “So, can I be cheap and say this is our Christmas present to all of you?” 
Colby snorted. “Yeah, I think the joy of knowing two of your single friends found love with one another is an amazing gift.” 
“Nah, cough up the real gifts, cheapskates,” Kevin laughed. 
The attention turned away from the two of you, everyone returning to their previous conversations.
Colby took the opportunity to lean down and whisper in your ear, “Been an awfully good girl, hm? We’ll just have to see about that.” 
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citydreamgrls · 7 months ago
how much have you had to drink?
Tumblr media
george weasley x fem!reader
words: 2,387
a/n: maybe I did use too many differing pov’s but it is what it is,, enjoy!! :)
warnings: none ( i think )
I had been the first, and only person to prank the twins back at Hogwarts. Everyone else in the school was too afraid of their tricks that it was easier to stay out of a never-ending war with them. But I'd always been up for a good challenge, even if it was a 5 year long one.
As usual the twins joined me at breakfast, ignoring Angelina who had been telling me about the upcoming halloween party, and sat either side of me.
“Morning boys,”
“y/n,” they acknowledged in unison, both reaching for toast.
“Sleep well?” I asked George.
“Oh yes, perfectly.” He said sarcastically, taking a large bite of food.
“Almost as if someone slipped us a sleeping potion.” Fred joined in on the other side of me.
“Well I had to test my homework on someone,” I admitted, unashamed of my great potion-making skills. “Anything else strange happen last night?” I asked innocently.
“Nope.” they said.
“You sure? Because I managed to get some very lovely pictures of you too sporting some very sweet hairstyles.” I waved the photos of their sleeping forms in their faces, the little red pigtails flashing before their eyes.
Oliver Wood, having caught onto the end of our conversation leant across the table to see what I had.
“So that’s why you too looked like that this morning, I was beginning to worry I’d started sleepwalking.. Or styling.” He laughed, earning a glare from the boys beside me.
“You know we will get you back y/n,” Fred warned, but his threat was empty.
“Oh come on, you boys always go easy on me.” I laughed, taking a sip of my juice and immediately spitting it back out. “Gross!”
“Oh do we?” George asked, barely looking up from his book to hex my plate into slugs.
As much as the twins and I battled, they were still my best friends and I had spent pretty much my entire time at Hogwarts at their side. Unless Angelina pulled me away to gossip about whatever ‘exciting’ thing was coming up next.
This time it was the halloween party.
“I just don’t get why I have to dress up Lina, I'm already a witch. Can’t I go as myself?” I huffed, resting my legs on her lap as we sat in front of the fire.
“The Weasley’s won’t let anyone in who isn’t dressed up, it’s the rules.”
“Oh that’s easy, they’ll let me come regardless.” I laughed.
It was as if they appeared at the sound of their name, popping their heads over the back of the sofa. Both Angelina and I jumped out of our skin, immediately reaching up to hit them in retaliation.
“Hey, you guys will still let me come to the party saturday if I don’t dress up right?” I asked with an expectant smile.
“No costume,” Fred started
“No entry,” George finished. And then walked off to the dorms.
“Oi, but it’s me-”
“No exceptions,” They called back.
I fell back into the sofa, ignoring Angelina’s smug face as she started discussing costumes once again. Tossing up whether to go as a cat, or some sort of muggle character. Not that she really knew any, but she just wanted to impress one of the boys in the year above.
“Will you help me y/n?” she pleaded, to which I finally gave in. Knowing I didn’t have anything better to do.
Saturday morning rolled around and I still hadn’t sorted my own costume, but at least Angelina was happy with her Daphne costume that I’d helped organise.
Fred and George had slipped away early from dinner last night, claiming that they had to ‘finish up party plans’. But I felt uneasy, having swapped their ties for two slytherin ones and then locking them in the dorms until 2 minutes before classes started that morning.
Yes it made me late for Mcgonigall’s lesson too, but seeing them rush in wearing the wrong uniform and having to explain that it had just been mixed up somehow to their head of house was well worth it.
Still, they could be planning payback.
The party was starting in an hour, and everyone was in their dorms getting ready. Including about three more girls than were usually in mine and Angelina’s dorm, racing around with masks and lip liner and other parts of costumes.
I walked in to see a hat with bunny ears laying on my bed.
“It’s all I could find,” Angelina told me, as she passed by to grab her purple jacket. “Dunno if it’ll be enough though.”
“I’ll sort something out, thanks Lina!” I shouted after her as she raced to use the bathroom before anyone else slipped in.
My only thought at the time was clown makeup, but I didn’t have any white face paint, and never really enjoyed its feel as it was. So I took a red lipstick and some dark eyeshadow to draw diamonds round my eyes. With the bunny hat on I looked far from scary, but paired with the clown makeup and a dark lip, I at least looked creepy.
Angelina leant me some fishnet tights to wear with my black skirt and I threw on a zip hoodie I had stolen from one of them twins years ago. I couldn’t remember which one if I was being honest.
Oliver and I had been sharing a bottle of vodka I'd brought with me from home, knowing it got everyone drunk quicker than wizard booze. Without realising it, an hour had passed, and I was yet to see either of the twins.
“You seen Fred or George tonight?” I asked the boy beside me, who was enjoying his stress-free evening.
“Yeah, Fred is dressed as a fighter pilot and I think I saw George in some kind of lab coat… or maybe it was a doctor?” He laughed to himself.
I headed up to their dorm room to see if they were there, and sure enough I just avoided a head on collision as they walked out.
“Whoa, nearly lost me there!” I screamed, stumbling back with a laugh. “What are you guys doing up here,”
“Nothing,” George spoke quickly.
“How much did you drink, y/n” Fred asked, helping me down the stone steps until we made it safely to the common room.
“Not loads, hey that’s not right.” I frowned at the boy holding me steady.  “Oliver said you were dressed as a Pilot Fred, not George.”
“I am George!” The boy, with the aviator sunglasses on, teased. “You’re as bad as mum honestly.”
“Yeah, at least our costumes are legit!” the other teased, flopping the bunny ear that had fallen over one eye away.
“Do you like it?” I spun round, the skirt bouncing around I did.
“It’s an interesting combination,”
“Well you haven’t kicked me out… yet.”
Unbeknownst to y/n’s knowledge, the twins continued to confuse her. Constantly running off to swap costumes, and mess with their friend further. Although it kind of backfired, as the more she drank, the less she trusted herself to tell them apart and gave up altogether. In the end they went back to their original costumes, Fred as the Pilot and George the bloody doctor. They both decided to tell y/n the next morning, when she could at least have a chance of understanding.
Everyone else was in bed, except for the twins and I who sat up singing by the fire and sharing the last bottle of gin that I could find in my stash.
“I’m gonna have to stock up my stash at christmas,” I laughed as the last swig was taken and we fell into each other's shoulders. I slumped between them, laughing at the memory of Ron and Hermione’s perfect dance routine to livin’ la vida loca earlier that night.
I felt a lump in my jacket pocket and remembered that’s where I’d left my cigarettes since being at home. I stood up, startling the boys and declared what I was leaving to do.
“I’m off for a smoke, see you in a bit.” They shook awake.
“Wait y/n, you can’t smoke here rememb- oh god she’s gone.”
“Well go on then George, stop her!” Fred grumbled to his brother, having already drifted back off to sleep.
George ran down the staircase, being careful not to make too much noise as his doctor’s coat flew behind him. He had only been a few seconds behind y/n, how could she have disappeared already? Still, he headed for the black lake, knowing that was her favourite spot to go when she wanted to be alone. He had watched her there many times, far away enough that she had never spotted him though.
“Y/n!” He whisper-shouted, running down the bank towards her. She was already sat down, the lighter in one hand and a cigarette balanced between her lips.
“What are you doing Fred?” she asked, mistaking him for the other twin.
“Oh about th-”
“At least it’s you and not George,”
The boy felt hurt by her words, always having looked after her without her knowing. Most of the time the lack of retaliation from the twins in their prank war was because George would sabotage it. He always felt guilty playing tricks on y/n.
“Why’s that?” He asked, playing along with what she believed to find out the truth.
The girl lit her cigarette regardless of his warning, and puffed out a breath of smoke offering it to the boy beside her who reluctantly agreed. Knowing that if his mother could see him now, she would have a heart attack.
“I always embarrass myself in front of George,” y/n admitted. “Whether it’s being drunk, or making stupid jokes. I just look like an idiot when I’m around him.”
“I don’t think you do,”
“I can’t help it though, it’s different with you. You’re like a brother to me Fred.”
“Actually y/n-” George started, wanting to come clean, but she kept going.
“But George, he’s just more than that you know. He always cares for me and makes sure I’m safe, hell he thinks I don’t notice when he watches me sulk down here.” She laughed lightly to herself, leaning to rest on the boy beside her. “I was so sure I knew him better than anyone else, but obviously not.” Her shoulders dropped in despair.
“Why’s that?”
“He probably just sees me as a friend right? I mean, I couldn’t even tell you two apart tonight, I thought you were him.” She scoffed.
George swallowed, knowing that him admitting to their prank would most likely cause some backlash from the girl. But he bit the bullet.
“I am George.”
Her body froze.
“Don’t joke.” She said flatly.
“I’m not, honestly. It was just supposed to confuse you earlier but I am George.”
Y/n stood up, dropping her cigarette into the water and headed up the hill towards the courtyard. George ran after her again.
“Please y/n wait!” He called out, grabbing her hand to stop her. She spun around, tears running down her face. “Oh god i’m so sorry, I didn’t realise you thought I was him, I just came to check on you.”
“I’m such an idiot god.” she huffed, trying to drag herself away but he wouldn’t let go. “I can’t even tell it’s you when you’re right here,”
“Yes you could y/n, that’s the whole point.”
“Still I just told you how I feel about you, with no intention of actually telling you, yet here we are with you being kind and nice and perfect and I’m just embarrassing myself once again.”
George followed her into the hallway and up the stairs, not wanting to call out until they were clear of the earshot of others. He managed to stop her just before the common room, pulling her aside into a secluded corner.
“Y/n, darling..” she had never heard him call anyone that seriously until now, and she couldn’t help but feel special because of that. “I have never seen you as an idiot, and you have never embarrassed yourself in front of me. In fact, I’ve always thought you were the perfect one.”
“Then why are you only telling me this now?” The girl asked him.
“I always thought you liked Oliver,”
“Wood?” she laughed and he hadn’t heard a sound better “God, he’s way too intense. Even tonight he wanted to talk game strategies with me, it was so boring.”
“Well that’s a relief.”
“So… you’ve always liked me?” She teased him slightly, playing with the seam of his costume. George just rolled his eyes and held her face, making her look up at him. Of course she had stood next to him before, but it was only in this moment that she felt the sheer height gap between them.
He leant down and kissed her lips, still clutching her face as her hands dropped from his coat in shock. He was soft and sincere, holding her as if he’d longed to do so for quite some time. Y/n smiled against George’s lips, making the boy blush to himself and thank Merlin that she couldn’t see him do it.
They broke away after what felt like nowhere near long enough, y/n rested her head into his chest and sighed happily.
“We should get to bed, it’s late.” George whispered and she nodded. “You tired?” y/n nodded again. “Okay darling let’s go.” He took her waist and lifted her off the ground, letting her wrap her legs around him and nestle into his neck.
He passed Fred who was slipping into unconsciousness on the common room sofa.
“Night Fred,” they called to him, and he just groaned back.
“Don’t worry, we can tell him in the morning.”
“George,” the girl in his arms groaned.
“Can I stay with you tonight?”
“Of course darling,” George said softly and took the girl up to his dorm so she could sleep comfortably in his arms, her little head tucked between him and the bed. He laughed at the bunny hat discarded on the chair, remembering how sweet she’d looked in it.
Even as a creepy clown George had wanted to kiss her.
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moviefreaklover · 7 months ago
Hybrid Games Pt. 5
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bts x reader, mostly Taekook x reader (will do a pairing with specific boys for next chapters)
Warnings: swearing
Word Count: 1587 words
Previous Part | Next Part
“(y/n)..?” You heard your name being called and you turned your head, nodding as you pulled your coat on.
“Could I come with you and Jungkook?” “For the gaming store?” You questioned and shook his head before lifting his phone to show his screen. You looked at it before taking the phone to look closer.
“Sure, but I’m joining you for this.” You said, handing the phone back before watching run of with a smile before returning with a hat and jeans instead of his boxers. He put on his shoes before giving you a bright smile as his tail swished from side to side. You smiled back, patting his head before opening the door, seeing Jungkook leave before coming back, his nose twitching cutely. His ears were flat against his head as he crossed his arms, foot tapping on the floor.
“It’s cold.” He mumbled and you laughed, taking a beanie from the closet before putting it on Jungkook’s head.
“C’mon.” You smiled and he smiled back before leaving again. You followed and pulled your scarf tighter before laughing as you noticed Taehyung jumping around, very excited to see the snow. When you reached the game store, Jungkook rushed inside and you entered as well, pulling your scarf a little higher. Jungkook hopped around the store after greeting the cashier, looking at all the different games. Taehyung just stayed at your side, only looking at the games right next to him. You smiled before freezing when you noticed one of the employees stare at you. You smiled awkwardly as the man came your way.
“Aren’t you (y/f/n)?” He asked and you nodded awkwardly, stepping a bit back because of the closeness. The man, not seeming to get the hint, stepped even closer, making a low growl come from Taehyung. His tail had stopped moving, instead it was twitching as his ears lowered.
“Who do you think you’re growling at, you mut-” “I advise you to stop that sentence right there. I don’t care if you’re a fan of mine, you do not speak to him that way. He’s a lion hybrid, he’s territorial. It’s in his nature.” You spoke, pulling Taehyung back a little and softly pulling his tail, which wrapped around your wrist protectively. The man huffed and walked away, leaving the store and everyone in it to stare at you. You suddenly felt someone pull your coat and looked down to see a little girl, who held a paper and pen. You smiled, leaning down and looking at her.
“Hello there.” “Can I have an autograph, please..?” She stuttered and you nodded, taking the paper and signing it. She then looked at Taehyung.
“Is he a lion?” She questioned, pointing at the hybrid and you nodded before pulling Taehyung down. He smiled at her, his teeth on full display before leaning his head forward. The girl squealed before petting his ears, then running off to her father with the brightest smile. Taehyung pouted and you scratched his ears again before standing up.
“(y/n)! Can I have this?” Jungkook appeared again, holding a game in his hand. You smiled, nodding and handing him your card. He smiled, taking it and going to the register to pay. The woman looked rather confused, but accepted it anyway.
“Alright, let’s go to that meeting place then.” You spoke before walking out and looking around for the café. You spotted the café and went in, sitting at a random table.
“Taehyung-ah?” Someone called and a woman walked to your table before simply placing herself in the seat opposite of you. You raised your eyebrow and she looked at you.
“You must be his owner. You have quite the looker.” She said and you smiled awkwardly, nodding.
“So... I’ll get right to the case. My company would like to buy Taehyung from you so he can be a model with us. He’ll have to cut his ears and tail off, but he’ll certainly earn alot.” She spoke, as if she didn’t just say something horrible. You could feel Taehyung’s mood drop, putting your hand on his thigh to calm him down.
“We’re not interested, thank you.” “Why not? You’ll earn millions by just selling him.” She spoke and you rolled your eyes before opening your wallet and holding up your bank cards behind each other before opening them from each other and showing 4 black cards.
“I’m covered.” You spoke, venom lacing your voice before putting them away again. The woman looked utterly shocked, stuttering something before standing up.
“You’ll regret it!” “I won’t. He’s not a thing to be sold, he’s a human being, you wench.” You exclaimed before dragging both boys out. Taehyung didn’t stop pouting all the way back and you sighed.
“Do you really want to be a model that much?” You asked and he looked at you before nodding. You pondered for a second before taking your phone and dialing a number.
“Hello?” “Hey, I need that owned favor.” You spoke and you heard James on the other hand sigh.
“Tomorrow, my company.” He spoke and you chuckled, thanking him before hanging up. You looked back at Taehyung and he looked at you confused. You just shrugged before continuing to walk in silence back to the house.
When you went away the next day, you had decided that it was best to leave the boys at home. You entered the company and stepped into the elevator before sighing, pulling off your head phones and leaving them to hang around your neck. Once your arrived on the 18th floor, you exited and greeted the employees before going to the CEO’s office. You entered before closing the door behind you.
“During work time, really? Have some professionalism.” You mumbled as you sat down in one of the seats, watching the two males jump away from each other in shock. You smiled sarcastically and they glared at you. 
“It’s just a kiss.” “It looked like more.” You teased and they sighed. You looked at James and sniggered before looking at the other male, who smiled before leaving. You looked back at James before raising an eyebrow.
“Isn’t he your secretary?” “Shut up. What’s the favor you need?” He asked and you sighed, leaning forward on the desk.
“You needed some male models, right?” You asked and he nodded. You took your phone before showing a picture of Taehyung. He looked at the picture before nodding.
“He’s handsome, I’ll give you that. How did you find someone like this?” “He’s my hybrid.” You spoke and he nodded.
“Since when do you have him?” “A few months now. Together with the others.” You spoke and he frowned. You swiped to the side, revealing the seven hybrids and making his eyes widen.
“7?” He questioned nd you shrugged as he took the phone to look closer. “They’re all very handsome actually.” He spoke and you chuckled, nodding.
“To be honest, I’d take all of them as models.” “Well, I don’t think all of them are interested. Maybe Jin and Taehyung, but I don’t know about the rest. Yoongi and Namjoon are more into music and Jimin and Hoseok are more into dance. Jungkook is into games, so...” You shrugged and he looked up.
“All are hybrids, right?” He asked and you nodded in confusion.
“Well... We have been planning for a hybrid department for everything. Models, gamers, dancers, so on and on.” He explained and you nodded in understanding.
“Won’t that be controversial?” “Everything is controversial when it’s first introduced.” He answered and you laughed, nodding.
“How about you bring Taehyung first since he wants to be a model so bad. We can do a beginning photoshoot, see if he likes it.” James said and you nodded.
“Tomorrow?” You asked and you nodded before taking your bag. “I’ll send you the details later!” He yelled after you and you screamed yes back before leaving the building. You walked home and greeted the hybrids as you entered. Before you could even hang your coat away, you were dragged away by Jungkook into his room. You frowned as he let go off you, smiling at the lion who layed a bit further. 
“Play with me, please?” He whined and you smiled, sitting next to him and grabbing a controller before entering the game as well.
“Bring it on.” You spoke and he started the game and you started to shoot zombies. When the round was over, Jungkook ended with an S and you with an SS. You looked at Jungkook, who was pouting.
“Focus more on accuracy, less on being fast. You have a good speed, but you need to be accurate first.” You spoke, scratching his ears before starting a new game. You could see Jungkook concentrate more, his tongue in between his teeth and his ears twitching. Taehyung had decided that laying on the side wasn’t good enough and you were suddenly back hugged. You smiled as Taehyung placed his head on your shoulder before focusing back on the game. You could feel Taehyung feel asleep, but only felt it when you were suddenly pulled back onto the mattress, Taehyung still hugging you only this time with his tail wrapped around your waist as well. When you tried to escape, you could hear a small growl form him.
“Stay...” He whined and you laughed, nodding before laying down as well. Jungkook whined loudly, looking at both of you. You smiled before opening your arms and he happily placed himself in your arms, his nose twitching as he placed his face near your neck.
-Taehyung’s POV-
I felt (y/n)’s breathing slow and looked up to see her asleep. A smile appeared on my face as I laid back down.
Tagged people (I hope everyone was tagged properly, if not please send me a message):
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chromatic-lamina · 9 months ago
lawbin brotp fanfic excerpt —
Whoever had said these two were light sleepers?
Okay, heads up, this is from a longer Marco/Law fic, so that’s a feature of it. Also past LawLu and a few others ;-). Background ZoLu as well, and pre-Frobin, But definitely a lot of platonic lawbin from Marco’s pov. 
A post-canon world. All powers are retained. Nothing to do with den-den mushi in the picture below, btw. Robin’s den-den mushi is wearing Sanji’s face in the picture, but that has nothing to do with the excerpt. Marco’s background might be a little OOC. Enjoy.
Tumblr media
Marco looked at Law sleeping on the couch with the Straw hat archeologist. If it wasn't Luffy, it was Robin. Law's stance was usually protective or vexed with Luffy and something so very relaxed with Robin. Luffy was usually wound around the Heart captain five or six times, and Law either had to be in the mood or just hadn't been able to get away.
Neither Penguin nor Smoker needed Law to be in such close proximity for extended periods of time, and Marco understood that a little more. And Law didn't need it from them. 
Marco loved the lack of tension on his partner's face now, though. The Straw hat cook would definitely not be so relaxed and un-invested if Robin were that close to him. But the two slept like sun-kissed Doberman pups; were seamless as the grain of tree and bark, Law's arms around Robin, her face in the crook of his neck. Law in his natural state.
Who did Marco have? The crew would have his back at any stage but to sleep body to body? Breath to breath? Though Robin had tied Law down with her fruit ability, and sleep was a by-product.
Of course in times of war and battle, on the sea, it was inevitable that Marco wouldn't always inhabit only his own space. But in times of peace, probably only extreme circumstances would result in a Whitebeard who wasn't Ace holding him close. 
Falling asleep on shoulders, hugs for greetings, even sharing a bed if that was all that was available, he could do all that. But to have them hold him, or vice versa, as both slept—it just wasn't their thing.
Law craved touch of a certain kind as much as he abhorred contact of another. It was hard-won, this knowledge. The people who knew regarded it as a gift, and mostly understood that there were times that Law also needed to maintain boundaries that blocked them out. Not now though. Whoever had said these two were light sleepers?
Marco was pretty good friends with Zoro now, and even then he couldn't see either of them bunking down, except as a way of stemming heat loss if they were ever in that kind of situation.
He could sleep with Law like this. He'd seen that expression on Law's face as he slept with him. He'd seen its opposite too, and Marco's own contentment settled when Law appeared at peace.
Then there was Bepo. Well, who wouldn't enjoy leaning against Bepo if he allowed you? Few people were ever given the chance, but Marco had been with Law for years now, and had enjoyed the hospitality and comfort of his welcoming fur on a few occasions.
He wandered out to the balcony where Zoro and Franky sat.
"Super sunset, bro."
Marco nodded.
"Are the kids out for the count?"
Zoro, sitting on the other side of the table to Franky, took a pull of his beer. "Why're they so tired? It's not like either of them is partnered with Luffy." 
Zoro envied Law's relationship with Marco at times. It was said the man was calmer than himself, though not so likely to have the world change course on him as often as happened to him. There were times when he could do with still waters, though he wouldn't give up the excitement of Luffy's orbit.
"Oh, you know Law. Sleeping's not his strong suit, and I think Robin persuaded him to rest."
Marco took a seat. Zoro passed across his bottle, and he took a sip before returning it.
"Tied him up?" Franky's knowing grin split his face. He drank tea from a mug.
"Tied him down more like it." Marco thought of the extra hands Robin sprouted to get herself comfortable while lying on the couch with Law. 
"Though to be fair, they were both reading one of her books, and he was turning the pages too quickly for her. He told her to at least contemplate taking a speed reading course if they were going to study together in the future."
"Owee. I thought Torao had outgrown his suicidal phase," Franky laughed. He kicked his feet up on the balcony railing and tipped his head back. "Maybe he wanted to be tied down, right? Those two are pretty freaky together."
Marco laughed, and flipped the lid to his own beer.
"Perhaps. He's not keen on restraints."
"TMI," Zoro murmured.
Franky stared at him as if he'd just grown an extra head. "C'mon, man. It's Robin we're talking about."
Ah, the ale was good going down. One brewed by a small crew on the island. "True," Marco ceded. "He's pretty patient when she uses her devil's fruit, anyway."
"Told you!" Franky yelled, Zoro wincing at the volume.
"Anyway. I think he grew tired, bored maybe, of waiting for Robin to turn the page. Or maybe she started reading it out loud."
"Yeah. Robin reciting the artefacts and customs of some obscure region can be pretty mellow."
Marco and Franky looked at Zoro. He returned their glance with an indifferent stare. "What? Sometimes she likes to read out loud, and I like to sleep. Can't sleep when that witch is screeching. Robin's words? That's another thing."
All three nodded. It was like Sanji telling them all what was for dinner that night. The recital was almost as good as the food, except if you were Luffy, who would have already run off to ransack the supplies while everyone else was enraptured.
"Law couldn't keep his eyes open. Guess his body thought he'd make the best of a bad situation."
"Law's that much into men?" Franky asked. "Somehow I don't think it was too difficult for him."
"Jealous, Phoenix?" Zoro's scarred, closed eye sometimes seemed to judge far more than the open clear one.
"You?" returned Marco, thinking of all the times either one of them had come across Luffy using Law as a pillow. Sometimes both captains sleeping, at other times Law reading, researching, or otherwise engaged while Luffy invaded every particle of air and skin around him.
"Nah." Zoro wasn't. Law was with the Phoenix and Luffy was with him. Nothing to be jealous of.
Marco turned his head from Zoro, and stared at the shimmering line of ocean in the distance. "So Robin decided to nap too, and there you have it."
"Lucky bastard." Franky brought his mug over the table and almost broke Marco's beer bottle with the force behind it when he clinked them together.
This is older work. I think I’d write it a little differently now. As with other pieces, they come from longer, darker work, and I don’t think the chapter this is lifted from makes much sense without the rest of story, or without reading the work before it? This is the chapter, which is safe, but the whole story is explicit and does come with trigger warnings. So definitely check the tags and all if you continue to read.
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merry-thieves · 9 months ago
Possible meanings of Chain of Iron snippets
Yes, this is going to be a long post. 
I didn’t put all teasers here only those where I could actually come up with something.
Alastair looked amused. “Never before have I heard such a concise statement of the ludicrous philosophy with which you and your school friends go through the world.”
So, Alastair is definitely speaking to one of the Merry Thieves
probably James, since Al and Matthew aren’t on the best terms and conversations between Thomas and Al would go in another direction (either fighting or with way more feelings)
it seems like James and Alastair are on quite good terms here if Alastair isn’t snappish and shows his true (happy) emotions
Anna was fortress-surrounded by her friends: tall, handsome Thomas; Christopher, who shared his sister’s stern delicacy of feature, peacock Matthew, who always looked as if he’d just rolled out of an unmade bed piled with silks and velvet. And Eugenia Lightwood, who hadn’t bothered to take off her canary-yellow gloves or hat, as if she were ready to run out the door any moment.
They all eyed Ariadne suspiciously as she approached Anna. Anna didn’t seem to see her at all; she was leaning back with one booted foot braced on the wall behind her. She was all lean black and white lines, her close-fitting jacket following the outline of her slim curves, her head thrown back as she laughed. Her ruby pendant glimmered in the hollow of her throat.
Keep your head up, Ariadne, she told herself. You can do this.
“Hello, Anna,” Ariadne said.
First of all, Eugenia is in this group which is interesting regarding the main characters in Chain of Iron
Is Eugenia part of the main group? Has she an important role to play? (we are supposed to find out the reason why she is disgraced)
We have Ariadne’s pov here, so she might play a big role too in Choi, at least we will have more of her and Anna’s relationship
Also, she calls Matthew “peacock” which is so accurate and funny!
Alastair’s gaze flicked to Matthew. “Why,” he said, “are you not even wearing a hat?”
“And cover up this hair?” Matthew indicated his golden locks with a flourish. “Would you blot out the sun?”
Okay, Matthew and Alastair aren’t brawling which is a good sign
Also, where are they? There has to be a good reason if both of them are attending and standing next to each other
I’m guessing they’re outside since they’re supposed to wear hats 
The brave princess Lucretia raced through the marble halls of the palace. "I must find Cordelia," she gasped. "I must save her."
"I believe the Prince holds her even now, captive in his throne room!" Sir Jerrod exclaimed. "But Princess Lucretia, even though you are the most beautiful and wise lady that I have ever met, surely you cannot fight your way through a hundred of his stoutest palace guard!" The knight’s green eyes flashed. His straight black hair was disarranged, and his white shirt was entirely undone.
"But I must!" Lucretia cried.
So, the main thing I want to point out here is that Lucie is crushing so hard on Jesse!
and does she picture him with an open shirt or am I reading too much into this?
James spoke at last, and there was real kindness in his voice. “You must give people time, Alastair,” he said. “We are none of us perfect, and no one expects perfection. But when you have hurt people you must allow them their anger. Otherwise it will only become another thing you have tried to take away.”
Alastair seemed to hesitate. “James,” he said. “Does he think —“
Soooo, James and Alastair are friendly now? (please, please, please)
And who does Alastair have to give time? Matthew or more likely Thomas?
Also, James is one eloquent babe
“I know that you’ve been doing something — something you’re keeping secret. I’m not angry,” Cordelia hastened to add. “I  just wish you’d tell me what it is.”
Lucie tried to cover her surprise.
it was about time that those two speak about all their secrets! They want to become Parabatai for Raziel’s sake!
but I have the sneaking suspicion that Lucie is going to deflect the question or is going to make something up to avoid telling the truth
(please let me be wrong)
“Alastair! Cordelia!” A familiar voice bellowed up from downstairs.
Sona went white and laid a hand against the wall to steady herself. “Elias?”
I’m not sure about you guys but going white and bracing oneself against a wall doesn’t seem like someone is happy
So, I guess Sona isn’t really happy that Elias is back
is there another reason besides the drinking why she isn’t
and is Elias mad at his children? I mean he is bellowing
also why is Elias mad at all? All his charges were dropped and he is a free man once more
Cordelia shivered a little, though it was not cold in the room. “There is something weighing on you, Matthew,” she said gently. “A secret. Will you tell me what it is?”
She saw his hand go to his breast pocket, where he often kept his flask. Then he lowered it stiffly to his side and took a deep breath. “You do not know what you are asking.”
“Yes, I do,” she said. “I am asking for the truth. Your truth. You know mine, and I do not even know what makes you so unhappy.”
Cordelia told Matthew everything about her father and maybe about her feelings for James
if we’re lucky Matthew tells Cordelia about the poisoning and someone can finally help him (I think CC said that Matthew would tell Cordelia everything in Chain of Iron, hopefully that’s true)
also, Matthew doesn’t want to drink after Cordelia told him the story about her father
Matthew also found out why Alastair had been so mean in school and that Matthew can't really partially blame him for what happened with Charlotte
Jesse glanced out the window. They were passing through Piccadilly Circus, nearly deserted at such a late hour. The statue of Eros in the center was lightly dusted with snow; a lone tramp slept upon the steps below it. “Don’t have too much hope, Lucie. Sometimes hope is dangerous.”
“Have you said that to Grace?”
Jesse shook his head. “She won’t listen.”
is there a possibility that Lucie won’t try to raise Jesse from the dead and instead tries to stop Grace from doing so? (the parallels between this and qoaad are uncanny)
I don’t think that there is anything that will stop grace from trying to perform necromancy other than force
“I’ve been trying to hate you,” Thomas said quietly, “for what you did to Matthew. You richly deserve to be hated for what you have done.”
Alastair’s dark eyes glittered. “It wasn’t just his mother I slandered. It was your father, too. You know it. So you don’t have to—to act all high-minded about this. Stop pretending you are only upset on behalf of Matthew. Hate me on your own behalf, Thomas.”
he is calling him Thomas!!! Ahhhh! (so they’re probably alone)
Thomas doesn’t really hate Alastair at this point but also hasn’t fully forgiven him
at least he hasn’t thrown Alastair into the themes 
maybe Thomas is trying to suppress the fact that Alastair also wronged Thomas’s own family and it’s easier for him to direct his attention to Matthew’s family?
His golden eyes were fixed on her, fierce as a hawk’s gaze. She said, "It doesn’t matter what I said. I wanted them to leave you alone —"
"I don’t believe you," he said. She could feel the slight tremors running through his body — tremors of stress, that meant he was holding himself very still. Holding himself back. "You don’t say things you don’t mean, Daisy —"
Okay now, what did she say? I’m guessing something quite flattering or that she loved him maybe?
also, who didn’t want to leave James alone? Some bigoted Enclave members?
is James trying to fight against the bracelet’s spell? Or is he breaking Cordelia’s heart yet again?
James closed his eyes. Against the back of his eyelids, he could see the city take shape—the minarets flung darkly against a blue sky, the silver river. Cordelia’s voice, low and familiar, rose above the clamor of his nightmare. He followed it out of the darkness, like Theseus following the length of thread out of the Minotaur’s labyrinth. And it was not the first time. Her voice had lifted him out of fever, once, had been his light in shadows. . . . A sharp pain spiked through his temples. He blinked his eyes open: he was firmly back in the present, his friends all looking at him worriedly. Cordelia had already moved away from him, leaving behind the lingering scent of jasmine. He could still feel where her fingers had rested against his shoulder.
JORDELIA! (Sorry; I just had to get that out)
What city is this? One in a demon dimension?
And does James have some kind of visions now? Interesting...
I love the connection between James and Cordelia
Apparently, the gracelet is trying to suppress James's feelings and memories of Cordelia...but please tell me he notices here that he is in love with her?
Also, Cordelia is trying to stay away from James :(
Hands caught his wrists; he was hauled up roughly, an arm around his back. he smelled brandy and cologne.
“Matthew,” he said, in a dry voice. “James needs water,” Christopher said. “Do we have any water?” “Never touch the stuff,” said Matthew, settling James onto the long sofa. He sat down next to him, staring so intently into James’s face that, despite everything, James had to stifle a laugh. “I’m fine, Matthew,” said James. “Also, I don’t know what you expect to discover by looking into my eyeball.”
Okay WHAT IS UP with James in the latest snippets?!? I NEED answers!
Is James follwing in his father's footsteps? Regarding drugs you know...
Also, Matthew has a tendency to stare into Jame's face (not that I blame him)
Okay, I'm devestated that James knows it's Matthew because he smells of alcohol. I'm NOT okay!
Also, what kind of stuff is this?
“You should have told us,” said Thomas. “We would have helped you move your things. I’m exceptionally good at carrying large objects.” “And think of all those hairbrushes you would have had to relocate,” Lucie said. “Haven’t you got six or seven?” Matthew glowered at her affectionately. “I try to be at least as stylish as our local ghosts.”
I think it's clear that Matthew just moved and didn't tell any of his friends of his plans...Why Matthew, why?
Also, Thomas and Lucie are just so wholesome how they try to brighten the situation with their comments
Sooooo, is Thomas also good at carrying people *cough*Alastair*cough*, just asking...?
How many Hairbrushes does one need? Seriously, what kind of purpose do seven hairbrushes serve?
Don't worry Matthew, only Magnus can beat your stylishness
That’s all for now! Should I add anything else in your opinion?
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spooklore · 9 months ago
Souls and Spirits - Reader x Spencer Reid
Tumblr media
A/N: Welcome to my first publicly posted fanfiction in almost 6 years! I wrote this  @imagining-in-the-margins​ ‘s Discord fic swap and it was so much fun to write. Thank you to everyone who helped :) 
SUMMARY: The (season 7) BAU Team is out at a bar after a case rough case and the female bartender catches Spencer's eye and a little more.
CATEGORY: Fluff and soft smut
Spencer POV:
It was a long day, long case, long flight, and now I’m sitting through a long dinner.
I was reciting the words of one of our witnesses over, and over in my mind while the team chatted away. My thoughts were screaming the words of a young woman from our case who had just found out that her boyfriend had killed half a dozen women. While I stood on the other side of the interrogation room’s double sided glass the woman mumbled, “What do you say to someone you thought was your soulmate?” and for some reason it stuck with me more than the previous cases.
I partially snapped back to the table conversation so I could hear Garcia giggle and the rare, but welcome, Hotch laugh overlapping. I looked up to Morgan starting right at me, furrowing his eyebrows. I knew this damned look. He was about to call me out in front of the team. Usually I was good at picking up on the conversation and spitting out my own side of the conversation but I wasn’t quick enough.
“C’mon pretty boy, really? What planet are you on that you’re not even talking about Halloween. I’m the one who should be zoning out over here.” He jokingly scoffed at me, then took a drink from the scotch glass he was holding.
“Sorry, I got caught up in the case.” I laughed and shrugged it off. [elaborate]
Prentiss bumped her elbow into my shoulder since she was the one sitting closest to me. “Let me catch you up. The team. JJ and Hotch are bringing their boys, Sergio isn't invited-”
“Even though I bought him the sweetest pumpkin hat for his tiny little head!” Penelope exclaimed before Emily could finish her sentence. Everyone, including me, just stared at her until we all broke out in a contagious laughter.
“I think he would look quite snazzy, Emily.” I chimed in, flashing Emily a soft smirk. Emily sighed, “I promise I will send a picture to everyone then. I would say the party could be at my place but I’m sure the candy is much better in Rossi’s neighborhood!”
“I’m only giving out candy after everyone has had at least two drinks. It makes everything a little more interesting on the adult side while we admire the fine costumes that come across my porch.” Rossi inserted the plans.
I ran my fingers along the hem of the napkin sitting on my lap. “That sounds like a wonderful time…” I looked up and met eyes with JJ. “As long as Henry’s costume isn't too spooky.”
JJ’s face lit up and she reached her hand out to meet my left hand, which was resting next to my drink, and gave it a squeeze. “Prepare yourself, Spence. It’s going to be the scariest costume yet!”
I gave her a big smile in return before grabbing my drink and giving it a sip. Morgan started talking about some hockey team with Hotch and Garcia while I asked JJ about Will's new job.
We got all of our checks and started quieting down before Rossi announced to us, “I hope you all are able to take care of your checks. But maybe I can take care of your drinks as we migrate to the nearest bar?”
The team let out personal cheers and thank you’s. Once the waitress had brought back our cards and change we all stood and started making our way out of the restaurant.
“Maybe while Aaron and I make our way back home we will find a nice hole in the wall with quiet music and serves a good malt, oh wait. They’ve been run out by those techno and indie bars you all like.” Rossi rolled his eyes before exchanging kisses on the cheeks. Hotch and I exchanged a smile and the two men made their way back to their cars.
Garcia linked arms with Morgan and JJ and put her arm around Emily, leaving me to trail behind the group. They continued their chatter as I followed them down the street. The ladies continued dancing to whichever bar caught their eyes while Derek shot glances back at me to make sure I wasn’t too far behind.
Soon enough Penelope hollered at the group to corral us through the doors of a bustling, neon-lit club. Derek followed me in and placed his hand on my back before whispering in my ear, “You better find someone or else I will.” As if it were a threat.
I sat on a stool and ordered a club soda and lime from the bartender, everyone else chiming in with their orders after mine.
Garcia was settling in next to me while Prentiss, JJ, and Morgan stood with their drinks next to her. I slid in a few comments here and there to let the team know that I wasn’t still entirely thinking about what the victim had said to me earlier that day.
Before I could finish my thought; Garcia grabbed my wrist and used my hand to point in the direction of what could only be described, in her words, as ‘chocolate thunder striking down the dance floor’.
We shared a laugh at the sight of Morgan grinding against three women who were enjoying every moment. JJ and Emily audibly cringed.
“Spence, why don’t you follow him out there?” JJ joked as she nudged my shoulder. Emily giggled as she pushed on the other side of me as she loudly whispered in my ear, “Oh, come on! I need to live vicariously through the youthfulness of being single.”
“You’re not in a relationship, Emily.” I tried to banter but I had to speak over her defensive response, “Actually, Sergio is a cat. Nice try. Why don’t you give the floor a spin.”
“I think the floor is spinning already…” Penelope stuttered while gripping onto her barstool. Emily grabbed Garcia’s shoulders and shouted “Or you’ve been taking the shots that were meant for everybody!” Emily helped Penelope off the chair and started to guide her towards the bathroom.
JJ patted my back as she claimed Garcia’s seat and watched the two ladies stumble away. I sipped my drink, wishing for the bitterness of alcohol but in return feeling the tarte lime hit the back of my throat. I felt so alone in this club that trickled with my friends and coworkers.
There was a female bartender who was working at the other end of the bar who caught my eye. She was shaking a cocktail over her shoulder while laughing. I looked back down at my drink.
The silence I shared with JJ didn’t last long. Morgan was swaying back towards us, shaking the ladies off and leaving them in his wake. “Pretty boy or JJ. One of you better take my hand or I pick who’s dancing with me.” My eyes darted directly over to JJ, whose eyes never locked contact with the man who offered.
“I believe this little lady is long overdue from a night out,” Morgan whisked JJ off her barstool and she giggled and waved to me. I waved back to hear Morgan tell JJ, “Will doesn’t take you out enough does he?”
I stirred my drink as indeed, now I was truly alone. Emily was probably holding back Penelope’s hair and jewelry while JJ and Derek were losing themselves in the sea of bodies. It didn’t distract me from feeling the exhaustion wave over me. I stabbed at the ice and lime at the bottom of my glass with a small black straw.
I zoned in on the noise of the ice clinking against the glass over the irritating, base-heavy club music. The stirring grounded me from the stimulation all around me.
That's when I notice a hand with manicured nails tapping the bar top in front of me.
“Hey, you probably didn't hear me! Want another drink?” I looked up to see the female bartender from before standing right in front of me. She smiled big and shyly I returned it. “I-I’m sorry, yeah. Uh. Yes please. Virgin lime and tonic.” I managed to stutter.
“Are you pregnant? If so congrats! You’re glowing. Coming right up, dear.” The young woman danced around the other bartender to get rid of my old glass and grab a clean one.
I was confused why she thought I was a woman conceiving even though I was a man. I understand that ordering non-alcoholic drinks while at a club with friends seems off putting. Instead of worrying about the topic any longer I shook my head and looked back up at her.
She wiped the glass with the apron around her waist, before chatting up her coworker while building my drink. She had an infectious smile, I had to keep myself from being caught staring.
The bartender leaned over and placed my drink in front of me. “Here’s your drink! My name is Y/N so if you need anything-” Someone put their hand on my back which caused me to jump and spill my drink in front of me and onto the bartender.
JJ laughed and grabbed her drink from earlier and giggled while saying “Nice one, Spence.”
Reader POV:
The club soda and lime wedge had spilled onto my shirt, ice falling into my apron pockets.
“I’m so sorry!” The curly-haired man explained and grabbed the stack of napkins next to me to mop up the eight ounces of liquid.
“It’s okay, I’m always prepared for instances like these.” I joked while taking off my apron and dumping the ice out of the pockets. My mind flooded with emotions. I was frustrated. Why did I have to lean against the bar to get closer to this man I didn’t know. I was annoyed. Now my clothes are wet and I have to go change.
What clouded my mind the most was the image of the blonde woman who touched him so affectionately.
By the time I had set my apron on the table behind the bar I had looked back up at the man who locked eye contact with me. He had soft, hazel eyes that looked at me apologetically.
“I’m going to try to find Morgan again.” The blonde woman patted his shoulder and walked off to the floor.
I looked back down at the wad of sopping wet napkins and started throwing them away.
“I’m sorry, I don’t know what got into me. Is there any way I can help you?” He searched my eyes for an answer but something let me know he already knew what I wanted.
“I’m not… sure.” I touched my wet work jeans trying to figure out my plan. I had soaking wet pants, without my apron it looks like I had embarrassingly wet myself.
I caught the man in the corner of my eye glancing, scanning me up and down.
“Well, I could help you get out of those pants?” He stuttered while suggesting, a sly smirk growing on his face.
I tried to hide my blushed cheeks from him but I was intrigued. Anyways it was nearly the end of my shift and I couldn’t care less about this job. Part of me chimed in, the good and moral part of me. Why would you risk this fun and great paying job for a man you just met.
But I’ve never felt a stronger feeling of complete sureness about a person like this before.
I am sure he is my person.
I wiped up my hands and placed them on the bar table in front of me.
“Would you really? That would be great actually.” I looked up and smiled at him. All I saw was this shaggy-haired man with a goofy smile on his face staring straight back at me.
He started to stammer before saying, “Wait… really? I mean I would it’s just… aren't you working?”
I laughed and looked over my shoulder at my coworker and shouted at him. “Hey Mike! Is Peter here yet?” I saw him give me a strong nod. “Guess my cover-” By the time I looked back over at the man who was sitting across from me, the words fell out of my mouth.
He wasn’t there. In his place was left a napkin with writing on it. I grabbed the napkin that was slightly damp and scrawled in pen it read,
Check your apron pocket.
I fumbled for my apron that was hanging to dry over the bar rail. I dug my hands into what I thought were empty pockets and found a business card. It read:
SSA Dr. Spencer Reid - FBI BAU Profiler.
Oh my god, he’s a Fed. I’m guessing a really smart one too. Plus some sort of magician.
I flipped the business card over and there was more writing on it in the same pen.
Meet me out front when you’re done.
My mind was scrambling for how much I wanted to see him. Part of me tried to reason, why would I drop everything for someone's name I had to learn through their business card? The arguably better side of me screamed for him.
I ran to clock out and grab my bag. Mike stopped me as I saw Peter taking over my section of the bar in the corner of my eye.
“Hey, everything alright? If you’re in a hurry you can just grab your tips tomorrow. Text me if you need anything. Have fun out there, kid.” He patted my back and nudged me. “Go get him.”
“Thank you Mike! See ya!” I smiled and waved goodbye to them and started to push through the people. Usually I’d slip through the back door but pushing through people seemed safer than walking through a dark alley alone.
But with an FBI agent, I think I might be safe. I had a really great feeling about it anyways.
I pushed the door and felt the brisk fall wind hit my face as I walked outside. I didn’t care for how cold I was, I was looking for him.
I scanned the streets and saw him standing underneath a street lamp and he looked back at me with the biggest smile. I have to admit that it was quite contagious.
I walked up to him and shined under the street lamp with him. Before I could even say hello he started apologizing.
“I’m really sorry again. I see that you got my note, which is good. I was worried about the pen bleeding from the melting ice.” He chuckled.
“It’s okay! Please, it happens more often than I’d like to admit. I can say I’ve never had such a polite and attractive person spill a drink on me.” I looked down at my shoes in slight embarrassment for being so bold, but hey. When am I not.
“If it took me spilling a drink on you to meet then I’m sure it was worth it.” He caught my attention again, making me laugh.
“I would let you do it again, I mean. Only if I wasn’t wearing my favorite jeans.” I gestured to the slightly wet stain on my black jeans.
He shared my humor and laughed along with me. “I hope I can make it up to you. I’m sure you read the card, but my name is Spencer.”
“I did catch onto that! And my name is-” He cut in and said “Y/N.”
“You have quite the memory! Let me guess, it’s the reason you’re a doctor?” I giggled.
“Yes, but not really a doctor. I have three doctorates though.” He spoke with his hands, justifying his genius-ness.
I nodded and tried not to think about my bachelor’s degree that sat on a shelf collecting dust. “May I ask, were those other FBI agents with you earlier?’
“Yes. It was my team, they’re great. I told them I was leaving anyway.” He shuffled his feet.
Part of me sighed in relief knowing that the blonde woman was just a coworker. I watched him glance over at the door, I’m sure watching out to see if his team would come looking for him. “How about we get out of here?” I grabbed my keys out of my purse.
“I don’t really drive, but we can go back to my apartment if you would like?” He looked back at me with a soft smile.
I told him I would love to drive and we walked back to my car which was just around the block. We were laughing and chatting the entire time, he climbed into the passenger seat of my car and I started the car.
“You can put your address in the GPS.” I looked up at his puzzled face as he stared at the GPS navigation touch screen. “Or I can do it for you if you’re scared of it.”
We shared a laugh before I admitted, “Don’t worry. It kinda scares me too.”
The entirety of the twenty minute ride back to his place felt so… natural. Like we’ve done this a million times before.
He walked me upstairs to his apartment and unlocked the door, letting me in first. I took in the sight of his small library that had taken over his apartment. Before going any further I took my shoes off and placed them right by the door.
“Make yourself at home.” He smiled and walked over to a record player and picked out a vinyl with a worn cover, placed it on the turntable, and set the needle on the record.
I was looking at all of the beautiful books and art as the dulcet sounds of soft jazz filled the deep emerald green walls of his cozy home.
Spencer whisked me around and caught me in his arms. I looked back up into his eyes and adored how his eyes complimented the entirety of his aesthetic.
He moved one of his hands to my lower back as I kept my hands pressed against his chest. “You look beautiful.” He said softly.
“Who knew I’d land a date with a handsome man in my work clothes?” I pawed at the cuff of my t-shirt.
He looked down at his attire, “Well these are my work clothes too.” He gestured with his eyes towards his grey suit.
We laughed as we swayed slightly to the music. I playfully tugged on his tie and stared back into his soft eyes. “Remember how you promised you’d help me out of these?”
“Trust me, Y/N, I would never forget.” He grabbed the back of my head and leaned in.
Spencer’s lips locked onto mine and devolved into a small kiss. My heart was beating fast and before I could clear my head from the euphoria, he guided me towards his room.
His room was cozy and he directed me to lay out on his bed. I got onto his bed and laid out for him. Spencer couldn’t wait to get his hands on me and the feelings were mutual.
I undid my belt and he took over with his much larger hands, undoing the button and unzipping the zipper.
He leaned in and kissed me again as he started to shuffle my pants off. I arched my back to help with the process. He carefully set them on the ground and untied his tie and opened a button on his shirt.
I whined softly as he dragged his hands down my thighs, grabbing the back of his neck and bringing him for another kiss.
His kisses were insanely addictive, I was getting drunk off of his love.
He started to take off his vest and shirt as I took off my own. Spencer’s eyes never left mine or my body. As he pulled off his pants he took a moment to soak in what was laying on his bed.
“Have I told you how beautiful you are?” He spoke in an almost gravely tone. I smiled as my entire body tingled while he climbed on top of me.
His lips dived towards mine and crashed together in a moment of complete unison. I ran my hands through the curls on the back of his head, feeling his hands creep up towards my chest.
Our tongues swirled in dopamine through our heavy breathing. Time felt like it was going by so fast as we discovered each other's bodies. He was thin and slightly sculpted but strong.
He grabbed my hips and brought me down further on the bed to be level with his face. Spencer stopped for a second and looked deep into my eyes. “Is this going too fast?”
I moved my hands from his back to grip the arms that were standing on either side of me. “Only if you think it's going too fast. We don't have to do this tonight.” I looked back into his eyes trying to understand what was going on in his brilliant mind.
“I hope it doesn't bother you, Y/N. You’re still more than welcome to stay.” He softly offered as he laid on the bed next to me.
I rolled over and stared right back into his soft hazel eyes. “Spencer, I hope I’m not speaking too quickly, but we have the rest of our lives to enjoy more moments like these.”
He cupped my face with his hands and kissed me on the forehead. I closed my eyes and heard him whisper,
What do I say to someone who is my soulmate?
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randompersonnumber3 · 10 months ago
Starving for Love
Just a bit of a Huskerdust fanfic I wrote because I was bored and obsessed and so my poor Spouse doesn’t have to listen to me gush about Hazbin all night... again. It’s my take on what happened when Husk brought Angel food as shown in the official Instagram.
I also challenged myself to try and write from two different POVs. Please let me know how that turned out!
Husker sat at the greeting desk, tapping his claws bored as he finished the bottle labeled “cheap booze”. It was another long and boring day at the Hazbin Hotel because no one ever fucking checked into the biggest fucking joke in Hell. Why the fuck did he have to make a deal with that smiling freak Alastor? Thanks to that he was yanked from his life to be put here in constant boredom.** **
“Fucking asshole,” he said to himself and leaned back in his chair, pulling out his phone to browse around aimlessly out of mindless boredom. A part of him thought to get up and stretch his legs, but the lazy procrastinator side of him decided fuck that. Besides, everyone was gone but him and Nifty and like Hell he was going to leave her alone in the hotel. For some reason that just seemed like a bad idea to leave her alone with his cheap booze.
Voxtagram was the first place he checked. He scrolled through pictures of people he didn’t even know why the fuck he was following them. Seriously, why did he decide to follow the owner of that stupid murder company who was obsessed with horses? He unfollowed a few before his feed showed him a picture of Angel Dust, sitting on the curb complaining about being hungry.
Husker poked through the comments to get an idea of what was going on. It looked like the overlord and jackass that was Angel’s boss forgot about him and left him stranded. His perma-scowl deepened. That didn’t set right with him. He had a sort of idea of what kind of person Valentino was just from his own experiences back when he was alive and growing up in a casino.
“Ah fuck it!” He shouted and got up. “Nifty, you’re in charge.” he told the little cyclops as he grabbed his jacket. He grumbled under his breath and headed out to grab the fucking spider demon some god damn food.
Angel Dust stared vacantly out at the street. His stomach grumbled at him, begging Daddy to be fed and he glared at it. “Hey! This ain’t my fault!” He snapped at it, more than a little impatient. Val had fucking forgot about him and was more than content to just leave him to starve. It wasn’t too surprising, nor the worst thing Val had done to him. But that bastard could have a little decency since Angel and his flawless body were Val’s biggest money maker in the porn studio.
He checked his phone again to see if Val had replied with any information about bringing him food. Nothing yet. He sighed over dramatically and leaned back, tucking his phone in the fluff on his chest. At least he made starving look fucking awesome.
“Hey Jackass!” He heard a voice and looked up. Husk was walking towards  him with a greasy bag of Spendys. A bag of delicious delicious food. His stomach growled again, almost demanding he snatch the bag and shove it down his face like a rat man. But Angel Dust had more class than that... at least he did when the camera’s weren’t on him.
Angel posed more seductively and winked, “You pay me good, me love you long time.” He flirted. Immediately Husk tensed and turned around, mumbling something under his breath, “Wait wait wait wait wait!” Angel scrambled up to go to him. “I was just kidding! Come on Husky, I’m wasting away here!”
“I’m not a fucking dog!” Husk snapped, shoving the food into Angel’s chest. Angel oofed and grabbed it. Husk went to head back to the hotel and Angel reached a gloved hand to grab his. “I grabbed too much hangover food and saw your post and decided this would be easier than listening to you bitch when I get home, okay? Doesn’t mean jack shit.”
Angel Dust smirked. A part of him…. Okay more like ninety percent, didn’t believe that. He took out his phone and went to take a selfie with Husk. Maybe it would show Val that he was starting to get more independent and didn’t have to rely on that fucking creep as much anymore. Husk looked pissed at the camera and pulled away as soon as the flash went off.
“What? Going so soon? I can give you a good time as thanks.” He winked, unable to help himself. He didn’t know why but he always enjoyed seeing Husk push back against his flirting. Maybe because it felt nice to have another man not just treat him like a sweet sexy piece of ass. He thought about it for another moment. So had Husk really delivered him food because he saw he was starving and just to be nice? This was Hell. No one did things just to be nice. Well, unless you were Charlie but she was a nutcase.
“Enough with the fucking jokes!” Husk snapped, glaring daggers at the spider demon. “I told ya, I was just in the area and had extra. It don’t mean anything you fucking idiot. I’ll see you at the hotel.” He grumbled, playing with his hat.
“Hey Husk…” Angel reached out to grab his hand...paw… claw… thing. Whatever it was, it was soft. Angel kind of marveled at it for a second before kissing Husk on the cheek. “Seriously, thanks. I thought I would waste away here.” Husk didn’t reply, rubbing his cheek where Angel had kissed it like he was afraid it would leave a mark… okay it kind of hard with Angel’s lipstick for the day.
Angel watched Husk leave with a smirk. He should do something to thank him. He had a show coming up soon. Maybe the kitty would like a ticket. Plus… for some reason a part of him wanted Husk there. It almost sounded like a warm security blanket, which if he was honest with himself he kind of needed. Yeah, that sounded good.
He blew a kiss at the back of Husk’s head and sat down to eat. The Hotel wasn’t starting to seem so terrible now. 
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hamiltonimagines · 10 months ago
Pairing: Jasmine x Reader
Request: “could you do a jasmine cephas-jones fic where the reader is in the ensemble (and completely oblivious) and jcj ends up finding herself captivating by the reader and flirts with her and ends up asking her after the cast plays truth or dare? and maybe some of the cast teasing her please?”- @criminallyhamilton
Word Count: 1.8k
I was currently sitting in my dressing room with Oak. He had been my best friend since way before Hamilton. We both auditioned at the same time and we both made it. He obviously got the dual roles of Mulligan and Madison, while I was in the ensemble.
After I got the part, my family was constantly bugging me and asking if I was disappointed about not getting a main role. In truth, I was disappointed at first, but this whole cast was such a family that now after a year of doing the show, we all felt equal regardless of our role.
I had my legs in Oak's lap and we were just simply talking. Then there was a knock at the door. “It’s open” I called out. Then Jasmine, Pippa, and Daveed walked in. “What are you guys doing? The whole cast wants to play a game?” Daveed said, glaring at us. “What? No one told us. I swear, if you guys are trying to play spin the bottle again, I’ll leave now” I said, laughing.
“I’d play spin the bottle with Y/N” Jasmine said, smirking. “Haha love you too Jas” I joked. Jasmine and I always had a banter-filled relationship.
The nature of our relationship has always been a bit unsatisfying for me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Jasmine and she was one of my best friends. But, I had had a crush on her since rehearsals and I wished we could be something more.
“Alright we’re coming, we'll meet you guys there” Oak said. The others left and Oak gave me a look. “So how’s the you and Jas thing going?” He asked me, smirking. “What do you mean?” I asked, having no idea what he was hinting at.
“Come on Y/N, she's clearly flirting with you. And I know you like her, so ask her out or something” He said. “You’re kidding, right? There is no way that Jasmine likes me. We both just joke around with each other, we’re just friends” I said, trying to convince him.
This wasn’t the first time someone had teased me about my relationship with Jasmine. Nobody understood that we both liked to joke around, nothing more.
We both stood up and went out to the stage where everyone was sitting in a circle of chairs. We grabbed the last two empty seats.
“Oooo they finally arrive. Were you two busy backstage?” Lin teased me and Oak. We both rolled our eyes at him. “Oh we all know, if Y/N were to date someone, it would be Jasmine” Daveed said. “You got that right, Y/N’s mine” Jasmine said, smiling at me. I laughed and played along with the joke.
“Alright let truth or dare commence” Leslie said. “I want to go first, Daveed truth or dare?” Lin volunteered. “Dare” he answered without a question. “Let a person of your choosing, give you a new hairstyle” Lin told him.
“Alright, I pick Y/N. She’s the least likely to do me dirty” he said laughing as he walked over to me. He sat on the floor in front of me and I put my legs on both sides of his body. “You pick somebody else while I do this” I told him as I ran my hands through his hair. I wasn’t going to do anything crazy, just a simple french braid. I had been begging Daveed since the day we met to let me braid his hair. Up til now, he has always said no.
“Alright Jasmine truth or dare?” Daveed asked. “Well, I like my hair so I’ll go with truth” she replied. “If you had to switch clothes with anyone in the group, who would you pick?” Daveed asked her. “Ummm” she said, looking around at everyone’s outfits. “Probably Y/N” she answered.
I felt my cheeks heat up, but I tried to dismiss it and focus on Daveed’s hair. Then the whole group started chanting “Do it! Do it! Do it!”. “Y/N, you wanna switch clothes?” She asked me. “I’m down, and Daveed’s hair is” I said as I pulled my hands away.
Daveed stood up to go back to seat and Lin started whistling at him. “I do admit, I look fantastic” Daveed said. “You haven’t even seen it Diggs” Oak said.
“Alright, you two need to switch clothes” Lin said. Both me and Jasmine stood up and went back to our dressing rooms. I could hear the group begin to chitchat while they waited for us.
“We went shopping together before, I think we’re the same size” I said, trying to fill the awkward silence. “Yes, we are. You have a good memory. If I’m honest, I figured we would start dating before you started wearing my clothes” Jasmine said, while smirking.
“I’m sure the rest of the cast would have a field day if we started dating” I said, not even batting an eye at what she said.
We both quickly changed and it wasn’t as bad as I would expect. Jasmine had given me her sundress, her boots, and her jean jacket. I had given her my black jeans, my tank top, and my converse.
“I feel like I got lucky here, you’re clothes are cuter than mine” she said as she looked at both our outfits. “Yeah right, your fashion sense is amazing” I complimented her. “I believe this is mine too” she said taking my hat off my head and putting it on.
Just then, staring at her in my outfit, I wanted nothing more than to be able to call her mine. It hurt everyday knowing I could never have her because she’d never like me back.
“Let’s go show them the new us” I said as we walked back out onto the stage.
The whole cast applauded as we sat down. “I think it’s Jasmine’s turn to pick” Renée said. “Y/N, truth or dare?” Jasmine asked me. “I’ll go with dare” I said, feeling adventurous.
“Sing Burn like it’s a soulful R&B song” Jasmine said. “Alright I can do that” I said standing up and figuring out how I was going to do this.
Jasmine’s POV
Y/N started to sing and it sounds cliche, but she sounded like an angel. Even though it was just a dare and it was kind of silly, her voice was still beautiful. I couldn’t even come up with words to explain how I felt.
I had liked Y/N forever and I constantly was trying to drop hints by flirting with her. She never seemed to get the clues though. From what I had heard, she just described us as having a banter filled relationship.
It did hurt knowing that she probably said that because she didn’t want to hurt my feelings because she probably didn’t have the same feelings.
Maybe it was her flawless vocals. Maybe it was seeing her wear my jacket. Maybe it was just the fact that she was the girl I had loved for a year, but sitting there watching her sing, I felt truly mesmerized.
I finished what I hoped was a good attempt at the dare. I sat down and everyone started clapping and cheering. I made eye contact with Jasmine and she cheered for me. I wish I could of just ran across the room and kissed her and told her how I feel.
But I didn’t, I stayed stuck in my seat and made a joke to the group about expecting a Grammy for that performance.
I made up some dumb dare for Oak next and the game continued for quite a while.
I went back to my dressing room with Oak to get all my stuff before I left. “Can you do me a favor?” Oak asked me as I grabbed my purse and phone.
“Yeah of course, what’s up?” I asked him. “Tell Jas how you feel, it hurts watching you keep it all bottled up. You’re my best friend and I love you and I just want to see you be happy” he told me. “What if she rejects me? What do I do then?” I asked him, hurt in my voice.
He pulled me into a hug and said “You will move on and Jasmine and you will still be friends. But I doubt you’ll have to worry about that, because she clearly likes you. Just tell her”. He left my dressing room and I thought a lot about what he said.
I decided now was as good a time as ever. I walked up to Jasmine’s dressing room. She opened the door and said “Oh good Y/N, I’ve been meaning to talk to you”. I walked into her dressing room and we both sat on her couch.
“I need to talk to you too, but you can go first” I told her. “Y/N, I have something I’ve been meaning to get off my chest. I was never sure how to tell you this, but I can’t wait any longer having you not know. I like you. I like you a lot. I’ve tried dropping hints, but they never seemed to work” she said and I couldn’t believe my ears.
“Wait Jas, are you serious?” I asked her. “Of course I am, why do you think I’ve been flirting with you all this time?” She asked me. “I just thought you liked to joke around and it was a friend thing. I guess I was a little oblivious. But, I like you too and that’s what I was going to tell you” I confessed.
“Yes, you are incredibly and amazingly oblivious. How about we go out for dinner, if you’re up to it?” She asked me. “I would really like that” I said as I interlaced our fingers and kissed the back of her hand.
We walked out of her dressing room and ran into Lin and Renée. “They’re together” Lin screamed and Renée started jumping up and down.
Pippa happened to stick her head out of her dressing room next door and saw what was happening. She instantly saw our hands and ran over to give us both a hug.
“Took you guys long enough, you’ve been pining for each other since you met” Daveed said as he showed up. “Well I guess they all know now” I said turning to Jasmine and laughing.
We both started to leave and could hear them all chanting behind us “Y/N and Jasmine sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G”.
As soon as we walked out of the theatre, I realized something. “Oh no, Oak doesn’t know yet” I said out loud. “Give me your phone” she said and I handed it to her. She opened the camera and took a picture of us with her kissing my cheek.
“Send that to him” She said as she handed it back to me. I quickly texted it to him and then we walked to a diner around the corner. As we sat down, I heard my phone buzz and I saw Oak's response:
“Well look who finally got together. It only took you guys forever”
“I guess he’s right, it did take us a while, didn’t it?” Jasmine said as she held my hand from across the table.
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mirkwoodshewolf · 11 months ago
Wizard of Oz Queen x pre-teen Chap. 2; Landing in Oz
*Author’s note*
Alrighty here’s where things get interesting now just a few things. Now for the person I’ve chosen to be Glinda, the witch of the North I had a combined costume idea, so based on the gifs below imagine Fred’s outfit from the Christmas 1975 Hammersmith concert, and the very LAST costume David Bowie wears in the film Labyrinth. Also a face cast you can imagine for the 4 Fae Queens, just think of Lucy Boynton’s!Mary Austin.
Warnings: Tornadoes, death of a character (not a main one).
Tumblr media
*3rd Person POV*
About a half mile away from the house, a giant F2 tornado had hit right near Rockfield studios.  Henry Gale was frantically racing towards the barn to get some of the cows and horses lose from the stable so that they wouldn’t be trapped and end up getting killed.
Covering herself with her shawl, Aunt Em raced out the backdoor near the storm shelter and she cried out for (Y/n) as loud as she could over the harsh winds.
Just around the trail leading to the house, (Y/n) and Toto arrived back home to see the tornado coming right up towards the house. She and Toto as best as they could ran around the fence dodging bushes and trees that were now flying right towards them.
“Henry! Henry I can’t find (Y/n) she must be out there in the storm!”
“We don’t have time to look for her now we’ve got to get underground!” Henry urged his wife as he dragged her over to the storm cellar.  All the while Em was screaming out for (Y/n) till she was gently shoved into the storm cellar.  Henry followed close behind her and struggled to close the doors till finally he got it and bolted it from the inside.
*1st POV*
The loud winds, the trees flying right at us, and the sheer force of the winds themselves almost wanting to take us with whatever it could grab.  I set my suitcase down and quickly grabbed Toto before racing toward the house.
When we finally got there, I grabbed the screen door but as I opened it, it flew right off its hinges and into the air.  Without a second thought I opened the main door and started searching all the main leveled rooms for my aunt.
“Auntie Em! Auntie Em!” the storm cellar! I ran towards the backdoor and opened it and was petrified cause the tornado was now just a foot away from the house.  I ran over to the cellar door and tried to open it only to find it was locked.
I kicked it trying to be louder than the rapid winds and crying out as loud as I could.
“Auntie Em! Uncle Henry!” the tornado was getting closer so with no other choice I went back inside and closed my bedroom door. My heart was racing and I was completely terrified.  I held Toto closer to my chest praying that the twister was going to pass.
Suddenly my windows exploded from the hinges and went flying around my room.  I shrieked and tried to duck away from my window, I crawled towards my bed but as I tried to pull myself up onto it, the window suddenly flew right at me and hit me in the back of my head.
Soon I was knocked out as I fell against my bed.
When I woke up, I heard the sound of chickens clucking before the cries of a rooster.  I looked out towards the open window and saw a whole chicken coop was outside before blowing away.  I was also surprised to see a cow suddenly fly right by mooing as it did.
Toto came right up towards my window barking at the cow before hopping right off and going to hide underneath the bed. Shortly after the cow went away, two men in a canoe soon appeared.  When they saw me, they took off their fishing hats and greeted me before rowing away. I then looked down my window to see just where exactly we were.
And I got the shock of my life when I saw nothing but spiraling winds.
“We must be up inside the tornado!” I exclaimed to Toto who peeked his head up right at me.  Soon another surprise came at me when I saw Paul Prenter just a few feet away from my window.  He sat on top of a car (god I hope Freddie and the boys aren’t in there).  I exclaimed his name in shock but it wasn’t until a few seconds later that I thought I was going mad.
As quick as a snap. Paul’s appearance soon began to change.  Now he wore an all-black witch’s robe, the car turned into a broomstick, he wore the typical sharp pointy black witch hat, and his skin turned a sickly green color.
Terrified I buried myself into my bed as the echoes of a wicked laugh came out of him.
The house continued to spin faster and faster, so much so that now my bed was moving from side to side of the house.  I kept screaming and shrieking as I held Toto close to my side so that he wouldn’t get hurt.  It felt like forever that we kept spinning on the bed and swaying back and forth.
Then as quick as it happened, it suddenly stopped and everything went silent.  There was no more wind howling, no more movement, no cackling, nothing.  Just pure silence.
After waiting about a minute or two to see if we really had landed, I stood up picking Toto off the bed and grabbed my basket that I kept some essential things in and walked out of my room.
The house was disarray with things falling over, pictures broken, books scattered everywhere, and furniture turned on its side. Toto and I walked through the damage right towards the front door.
When I opened up the front door, I was greeted with the most beautiful sight.
All around was nothing but bright colored flowers, a small bridge with a crystal clear river flowing underneath it, and up ahead a tiny little village of sorts.  I slowly got out of the house with Toto at my side and the two of us walked out and explored this abandoned place.
It was beautiful.  Flowers that looked like the ones back home and some flowers I had never seen before, like this one flower looked like a rose however it was sky blue color, and when you went to smell it, it didn’t smell like a rose at all. It smelled more like a daffodil.
We walked over the small bridge closer to the village homes and I could see just behind the village were rolling hills just like back home.  And the floor was even unique, it spiraled around into two colors, one was a red brick trail while the other was yellow.
“Toto,” I started, “I have a feeling we’re not in Wales anymore.” I told him.  I continued to look around this beautiful place and was just in awe at it’s beauty. It was like something out of a fairy tale. “It’s so pretty here.”
I then heard a shimmer of a bell behind me and when I turned around floating right towards Toto and I was a crystal ball of sorts.  The sun reflected off the beautiful rainbow within it and to my surprise, the ball began to grow bigger and bigger the closer it got to us.
I backed away slowly as the crystal soon landed on the ground and soon appearing before us was a man.
He was—very handsome.  Dark, tan skin with black hair that almost made him look regal looking (kinda like a lion’s mane).  His eyes were emphasized with the Egyptian cat’s tail, and glitter specked across his cheeks giving him a more ethereal appearance.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He wore a mixture of white and silver clothes. His pants and tight shirt were all white but he was draped in a silver fur coat.  Well the fur stopped midway while the rest of it was like expensive silk or even satin material.  
He also wore rings across almost each finger and his nails were painted the purest black.  And in his hand he held a dazzling wand glittered with diamonds.
What was also unique yet slightly familiar about this—being was the overbite he had.  I couldn’t place it but I swear I knew someone else with an overbite just like him but—I could remember his name.
“Now I—I know we’re not in Wales.” I muttered down to Toto.  He walked up to his, hit white boots clicking underneath the stone-brick road.  His eyes stared at me intensely as he said.
“Are you a good witch? Or a bad witch?” I looked around confused before pointing to me.
“Who me?” he nodded. “I’m—I’m not a witch at all. I’m (Y/n) Gale. From Monmouth.”
“Oh well is that the witch?” he said pointing down to Toto who looked up at the man with a tilt of his head.
“Who Toto? Toto’s my dog.” He chuckled softly before saying.
“Forgive me my dear, but I’m a little muttered. The seasonal faes had called me to say that a new witch has just dropped a house on the Wicked witch of the East. And there’s the house, and here you are, and there is all that’s left of the Wicked witch of the East.”
I looked over toward my house and low and behold, right where my bedroom was, I saw feet sticking out from underneath my house. I gasped and that’s when the man said to me again.
“And so what the faes want to know is are you good? Or are you wicked?”
“But I already told you I’m not a witch at all. Witches are old and ugly!” I then heard the musical ringing of laughter which startled me.
“What was that?” the man chuckled cunningly as he said.
“The seasonal faes. They’re laughing because I am a witch. Or well—Warlock. I am Fiyero, the Good Warlock of the North.”
“Really? Oh forgive me sir.” I curtsied. “But I never knew a Warlock could be handsome.”
“Only Bad Warlocks are ugly my dear.” Dear? The way he even called me that sounded familiar but—I still couldn’t place the face back home. “The seasonal faes are happy because you have freed them from the wrath of the Wicked Witch of the East.”
“If you’ll forgive me for asking but—what are seasonal faes?” I heard the musical laughter once more and that’s when Fiyero answered.
“The fairies responsible for making all the seasonal or earthly changes in our happy home of Oz.” he told me.  Then with a graceful turn of his cape, he soon came up onto a platform and proclaimed, “You may come out my darlings and thank her.” But no one came out.
“Do—do they not trust me?”
“Oh pay no mind my dear. They’re just a little shy. But a little song helps ease them out. Do you know any?”
“I—I think I remember a song that my Auntie once sung to me when I was a little girl.”
“Would you care to sing it for them?” he extended out his hand for mine.  I walked towards the platform and hesitantly looked up at him.  His gentle brown eyes assured me that it would be okay, so I took his hand and he helped me up the stairs till I stood at the center of the platform.
I rubbed my sweaty palm against my jeans and cleared my throat before turning towards Fiyero who only nodded softly.  I took a deep breath and softly began to sing. This was a song my Auntie Em used to sing to me to ease my fear.  She said that her mum once sung it to her, and her mum before.
A song passed through generation to generation. As I did the soft vocalization part, I was shocked to hear a reply from a beautiful female voice echoing my vocalization, but adding another part to it.
Play video
Every inch of me is trembling But not from the cold Something is familiar Like a dream I can reach but not quite hold I can sense you there Like a friend I've always known I'm arriving And it feels like I am home
I have always been a fortress Cold secrets deep inside You have secrets, too But you don't have to hide
Show yourself I'm dying to meet you Show yourself It's your turn Are you the one I've been looking for All of my life? Show yourself I'm ready to learn
Ah ah ah ah
*Female fae voice*
Ah ah ah ah
I could see Fiyero’s wide smile and he gestured for me to go on.  I walked down off the platform and ventured further into the village.  The first thing I went up to was a large Hollow tree. I touched the proud trunk before climbing up on top of it.  When I scaled a certain part of the tree, I saw just to my left and ice slide.
I pulled myself onto the branch and slowly walked across it before sliding all the way down.  Going side to side, loop-de-loops, and dipping straight down till I came to an underground cave.  Fire soon sparked through the dark cave and I saw ahead of my large rock pillars just ahead of me.
I took the leap of faith and jumped across from rock to rock, using the fire as my light and only guiding source.  When I reached the other side, I soon came across an icy paradise.
Ice surrounded most of this part of the cave, the light from the fire made the ice sparkle like a soft rainbow.  Along the trail was an ice bridge and just underneath it was a flowing river.  I walked along the bridge still singing my song till I came to an elegantly made ice staircase.
I quickly raced up the stairs only to come back to the beginning back to the front of the village.  But still no faes made themselves known.  Toto came up to me and I picked him up and turned to Fiyero shrugging in defeat and sadness.
Maybe they didn’t want to see me.  And that was sad cause I’ve always secretly longed to see a fairy.
I've never felt so certain All my life I've been torn But I'm here for a reason Could it be the reason I was born? I have always been so different Normal rules did not apply Is this the day? Are you the way I finally find out why?
Show yourself I'm no longer trembling Here I am I've come so far You are the answer I've waited for All of my life Oh, show yourself Let me see who you are
He held his hand out in wait as he walked down the platform and gently waved his diamond wand around and magic soon surrounded me with images of the four elements and seasons.  
Spring and Earth, Summer and Fire, Autumn and Air, and Winter and Water.  When he finished the verse he gestured for me to take over.
I set Toto back down on the ground and just stared in awe at each of the elements/seasons slowly spinning around me. I then found myself reaching out towards the Spring element and as soon as I touched the flower, a powerful magic blast exploded out across the village.
Come to her now Open your door Don't make her wait One moment more *Me*
Oh, come to me now Open your door Don't make me wait One moment more
        Soon I saw nothing but fairy dust fly out from either the homes, the tree, the caves, and even the garden I had crossed earlier.  I was soon surrounded by thousands if not millions of fairies. All of them wearing the colors representing each season or element.
Winter and water spirits wore blue and white, Spring and Earth wore green and brown, the Autumn and Air wore orange or pink attires, and the Summer and Fire faes wore yellow or red.  The faes then began singing in a beautiful choir and soon vocalizing were four beautiful women soon coming towards me.
They looked identical in facial appearance but each of them had their own significant ethereal based on each season or element they represented.  They were also the same size as Fiyero compared to all the other faes.
I also noticed how these four women each wore a crown upon their heads.  I turned to see Fiyero bowing to these four women, I began to realize that these four must be the Queens.  I bowed in respect as well and that’s when I felt a hand under my chin.
It was the Spring Fae Queen and with her gentle green eyes she looked down at me with a motherly gaze as she sung to me. Her beautiful dark brown hair was like looking at the very earth at the ground, and with her spring flower crown decorating her hair, it just made her dark hair pop out even more.
Where the north wind meets the sea
*Fae Queens*
Ah ah ah ah
There's a river
*Fae Queens*
Ah ah ah ah
Full of memory
*Spring Fae Queen*
Come, my darling, homeward bound
I am found!
For some reason I felt tears in my eyes but I sung out proudly and that’s when the four Queens allowed me in their circle. The Spring fae Queen first gifted me with a flower necklace that was a beautiful pink color.
The Summer Queen with a fire igniting from her hands, forced my hair to come undone from my braid and finally be long and flowing like fire itself.  She even gave my hair some bright red highlights that almost resembled fire across the field.
The Autumn Queen soon came up and gifted me with two bracelets made of twig and she used the air to bring some Autumn leaves to decorate the bracelets.  I even saw how along my arms a pattern of golden leaves were imprinted into my skin, kinda like a tattoo.
The Winter Queen changed my entire outfit into a pure snow white dress, but at the bottom of the dress it was an indigo color. It was also decorated with snowflake crystals of white, blue and indigo.  And on the back it even had two wing-like flaps that came out of the shoulders.
The millions and millions of tiny Faes then began to circle me and as fairy dust came down upon me, I felt myself lifting into the air and I was soon spinning around like a top.  I closed my eyes as I allowed the faes voices surround me and envelope my very soul.
It was like being wrapped in a blanket of warmth and love.
I would join in with the faes whenever I could as I raised my arms over my head and my hair rose high above me.  With one final loud vocalization from me, fairy magic exploded across the land.
Show yourself Step into your power Grow yourself Into something new
*Fae Queens*
You are the one we've been waiting for
*Seasonal faes*
All of our lives
All of your life
Oh, show yourself
Ah ah
Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah
Soon I was gently lowered back to the ground as all the faes fluttered all over the place and the four Queens stood before me.
“We thank you again dear one. For you have freed us from the wrath of the Wicked Witch of the East.” The Spring Queen said with a voice that warm and sweet just like honey.
“And from each of us, we have bestowed upon you a Faes life force. Should the time come, our magic will help heal any wound or brink of death you may encounter.” The Winter Queen told me.  Her white hair resembled the snow in winter and her icy blue eyes held such warmth.
“Let the news be spread far and wide from every far reaches of our Fae kingdoms,” the Autumn Queen first started off.
“The Wicked old Witch at last is dead!” the Summer Queen finished as she raised her arm high over and shot a fireball into the air. All the fairies cheered and rejoiced.
Fiyero came up to me and placed a hand to my shoulder smiling down at me.
“Being gifted by the Fae Queens is a most powerful thing. You should be considered lucky.” I nodded and I bowed to the four Queens again and said.
“Thank you, your majesties. I shall treasure your trust and gift forever.”
Suddenly out of nowhere an explosion happened right in the middle of the fae kingdom.  An evil red smoke soon exploded out and an awful smell took over the air. All the faes soon took off fleeing back to their hiding places and there stood an evil looking man.
He was dressed in a full black Warlock robes and held a broomstick in his hand.  His green skin was like the grassy fields back home and his eyes were gleaming with hatred right at me.  The 4 Queens and Fiyero all stood protectively around me as the green warlock walked towards the feet that were sticking out from my house.
“I—I thought you said the Witch was dead.”
“That was his sister. This creature is the Wicked Warlock of the West. And he’s far worse than his sister was.” Fiyero said to me.
“Who killed my sister? Who killed the Witch of the East? Was it you?!” the Warlock of the West said as he slinked towards us before glaring right down at me.
“No. No it was an accident. I didn’t mean to kill anyone!” I said fearfully.
“Well my little lass. I can cause accidents too!”
“Aren’t you forgetting the Ruby slippers?” the Spring fae Queen asked.
“The slippers, yes!” the Warlock of the West said. He turned back towards his sister’s feet.  Next thing we saw, the slippers disappeared and the feet curled in before disappearing underneath my house. “They’re gone! The ruby slippers. What have you done with them? Give them back to me or I’ll—”
“It’s too late. There they are, and there they’ll stay.” Fiyero said as he wand pointed down toward my feet.  I looked down and gasped.
My normal shoes had now been replaced by the witch’s ruby slippers.
“Give me back my slippers. I’m the only one who knows how to use them. They’re of no use to you. Give them back to me. Give them back!”
“Keep tightly inside of them my dear. Their magic must be very powerful, or he wouldn’t want them so badly.” The Summer queen warned me.
“You females stay out of this. Same with you Fiyero! Or I’ll fix you as well.”
“Ha! Rubbish green-meanie! You have no power here. Now fly off! Before someone drops a house on you too!” Fiyero laughed.  The Warlock suddenly grew fearful as he looked up at the sky for a moment before looking back at us.
“Very well, I’ll bide my time. And as for you my little lass. It’s true I cannot rid of you here as I’d like but just try to stay out of my way. Just try. I’ll get you my pretty, and you’re little dog too!” I looked down at Toto who was hiding behind my legs.
I quickly grabbed him and held him in my arms as the Warlock of the West let out a sinister cackle before moving away from us and disappearing into red smoke and fire.  We all heard the fearful exclaims of the other faes.
“It’s alright now you may come back out. He’s gone.” The Spring queen assured all the faes.
“It’s alright. He’s gone. You may come back out.” The Winter queen spoke out as well.  Fiyero waved his hand in front of his nose and said.
“Ugh what a rotten smell of sulfur. I’m afraid you’ve made a rather nasty enemy out of the Warlock of the West. The sooner you return home safe and sound, the safer you’ll sleep at night my darling.” He stroked a strand of my hair out of my face.
“I’d give anything to get home all together. But…..which way is the way back to Wales? I can’t go the way I came.”
“No indeed not. The only person who might be able to help you, would be the Great and benevolent Wizard of Oz himself.” At the mention of that name. the Fae Queens and all the fairies bowed their heads.
“Wizard of Oz? Is he good or is he wicked?”
“Oh very good but very mysterious. He lives in the Emerald City and that’s a long ways from here. Did you bring your broomstick with you?” I grinned sheepishly.
“No I’m afraid not.” I admitted shyly.
“Well then you’ll have to walk. The faes will see you safely out of the borders of their land. And remember; never let those ruby slippers off your feet for a moment. Or you will be at the mercy of the Wicked Warlock of the West.” Fiyero said as he led me across the garden before standing in front of me and giving me a kiss on each cheek.
“Okay but—how do I get to Emerald City?”
“It’s always best to start at the beginning. And all you have to do, is follow the yellow brick road.” He said going a grand gesture towards the trail of yellow bricks.
I hesitantly walked towards it before turning back towards Fiyero and asked him.
“But what happens if—”
“Just follow the yellow brick road my darling.” He said with a smile and a wink.  Then he transformed back into his crystal ball and it began to shrink as it floated off back towards the sky.  All the while some of the faes flying behind him waving goodbye.
“Damn. People come and go so quickly around here don’t they?” the faes all nodded.  
“Here, let’s get you back into your normal clothes. Those aren’t really meant for traveling.” The Winter Queen said and with a twirl of her hand, the dress disappeared and my normal clothes came back. I also took notice that the Autumn leaves along my arm had also disappeared, and when I looked at my hair, the red highlights were gone as well.
“Wait, did you…..”
“No my dear. You still have our ties to you. It’s best to keep Fae magic outside of our kingdom a secret. Anyone with the gift of the faes becomes a target and you’ve already become one for the Warlock of the West.” The Autumn Queen told me.
“But if you do need to prove yourself protected by the Four Fae Queens, just touch the necklace of earth I’ve gifted you and your protection marks will come forth.” The Spring Queen assured me.
I nodded before looking down at the point where the yellow brick road started.
“Follow the yellow brick road.” I said to myself as I slowly began walking the spiral of the road. “Follow the yellow brick road.”
“Follow the yellow brick road.” The Autumn Queen told me.  I looked at her and she nodded as I continued to walk along the Yellow brick road.  All the while I could hear the other Queens tell me to follow the Yellow Brick road.
Soon the faes all began to sing as I walked along the trail before some of the Spring faes held out some violins and began playing them as they continued to sing as the Queens soon came up alongside me and we all skipped down the road.
Follow the yellow brick road Follow the yellow brick road Follow follow follow follow
Follow the yellow brick road Follow the yellow brick
Follow the yellow brick
Follow the yellow brick road
You're off to see the wizard
The wonderful wizard of oz You'll find he is the wizard of wiz
If ever a wiz there was, If ever or ever a wizard that was The wizard of oz is one because,
Because, because, because, because,
Because, because of the wonderful things he does You're off to see the wizard
The wonderful wizard of oz
When I reached the borders of the Fae kingdom, they all stopped as I continued to skip along ahead with Toto right at my feet. I briefly stopped and turned to bid the fairies goodbye.  They all waved goodbye to me and I blew them a kiss before continuing down the Yellow brick road.
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