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#PS4 Spider-Man

Peter Parker (PS4) x Reader - Personalities


Originally posted by flyntzane-moved

Peter knows, of course, that his girlfriend is wealthy. It’d be irresponsible not to! I mean, he’s her boyfriend after all. She’s already from a wealthy family, but she has her fashion line around the world. It was a big deal. But she was unassertive, respectful, and kind to all those around her. She volunteered to help at F.E.A.S.T, that’s where they first met after all. He didn’t even know who she is. She wore a simple flannel and high waisted jeans. She was approachable and kind as well, he had a crushed on her for that. She always has that bright smile on her when she helps the people at F.E.A.S.T, or when she helped May cooking. He’d always come on the weekend to meet her, then, they get to know each other, and eventually, May pushed them to have their first date at the local cafe.

Secrets can never be kept though, and the fact that he’s Spider-Man is laid out clearly before her. She didn’t fret or get angry at him, just tell him to always be careful, because she loves him. It was a sweet moment that Peter swore he’d never forget.

When he first visited her house, well… her penthouse, baffled was too light of a word to even used. He was not expecting her to be this… wealthy? There are shades of grey in everybody, he knows, but most millionaires he met were,…opposite of her. They were a bit proud and overbearing. But then again, most millionaires he had ever met was a villain anyway.

From then on, he often swings to her house at night to stay with her and watch movies after every patrol. He’s not using her though, god knows he’d never do that! She just pleaded him for late-night movies, with lots of snacks and blankets. And that’s the first time he ever learned, from those movie nights, that she’s a very emotional person. She’d cry and laugh as if she wears her emotions out in the open. He loves it. It’s adorable, he might say. He stayed over a few days and learned that her office is right under her house. ‘That’s convenient, he thought.

He’d wake up in the morning and she’s already gone to her office, she often left notes saying she prepared breakfast and to eat before he goes web-swinging around New York. He’d always think that she’s a sweet person, in her sweatpants, watching movies and would cry into his chest whenever she’s sad. 

She was the sweetest person he had ever known in his life. Until that incident happened. Well, she has nothing to hide, she didn’t even care about it, so it’s not technically an incident. But it changed his whole point of view of her.

* * *

They were cuddling at night on her couch when she said she’d like a lunch date tomorrow with him. And told him to come to her office and wait. She’d be finished quickly anyways. ‘Nothing too hard to do.’ he thought. So he agreed.


It was horrifying. When he walked into the office, he was welcomed with modern and minimalistic looking designs. Everyone is on fleek, busy walking around with files in their hand and talking from a sort of formal language that made him feel like an alien. He felt underdressed and weirded out.

“Ms. L/N will be with you shortly, meanwhile, would you like to wait in her office Mr. Parker?” her assistant told him. It seems like Y/N already told them about his visit. But “Mr. Parker?” Not only that it’s too formal for a person such as himself, but it’s also a little bit weird hearing people addressing him as “Parker”, it’s been a long time…

He sat down on the white couch anyways as he inspects the room closely. Her office overlooked the busy New York below and there is a big window that reached from the floor to the ceiling. Her table made out of dark wood as her laptop and files set neatly on there. Her office was decorated elegantly and beautifully.

Then, she walked into the room with a big frown on her face, her eyebrows pinched together. Her assistant trailing behind her as she gave him a polite nod and a slight smile. “Hi, Pete!”, (Y/N) said as her frown turned into a soft, sweet smile when she sees him. “Can you wait for me a little? I’m almost done. Then we’ll get something delicious, I’m starving.”. She continues to walk. Her long ponytail swaying as the curled ends pointed outward messily.

“No problem at all! I-I’ll wait for you!”, he replied, nervously. He gulped when he sees her outfit. A (f/c) suit, deep cut down the middle of her chest, sharp shoulders and a soft silk belt wrapped around her waist. The soft material of her long pants, with a slit from the calf down, making her look taller. She wore pumps today. He had never seen her wearing pumps before, it has always been sneakers at F.E.A.S.T and fluffy bunny slippers at her house. It’s pretty, and he loves the new style.

He stared at her dreamily for a while before her voice brought him back. “No no, this isn’t right. They were supposed to finish up the designs today? I extended their deadline! Do they know that this is a serious test for them to work here? Jesus, interns these days… Lucky this is JUST a small test for them.”, her eyebrows pinched together again.

“Yes, Ms. (L/N), but the interns have,… issues. As they called it… Seeing as it’s nothing but an excuse to extend the deadline again.”, her assistant replied, obviously agitated with the interns currently at their company. Peter was confused, he didn’t know what was happening. But what he did know, is that (Y/N) looked very agitated and he had never seen her like this before.

“Well, they’ll most definitely have a big issue when we denied their resumes and kick them out of this company. Did they know that we were serious about this? Don’t make me laugh with the busy excuse.” (Y/N) said, scowling. Making a quotation mark with her fingers when she says “busy excuse”. Peter was genuinely intimidated by this. He had always thought she was this sweet, kind, and adorable person. But then again, being lazy while interning at a big company is something that’d make anyone’s blood boiled. (Y/N) was seriously mad at this. The employees that work with her long before obviously respect her a lot. But those interns, they have a problem. He assumed that they’re some very young adults. And he’d be right.

Peter stared wide eyes at her, obviously shocked. “Call them in?” she said as she slumps down her big, leather chair. Her assistant gave a curt nod and walked out as she pushes up her glasses. Once the door is closed, (Y/N) gave a long sign. Peter wanted to do something about this situation, even though he knows he couldn’t help. He stands up and walks to her table, massaging her shoulder, and asked “Are you ok? You seem really stressed out.”. (Y/N) nod and lean into his arm. She suddenly turned around and hug his waist. “I’m fine… It’s just another day… I missed you a lot though, y’know?”. Peter’s cheek and ears flushed up as he hugs (Y/N) closely, running his hand along her back to comfort her.


Three loud knocks interrupted them and Peter retreated to his seat on the couch. Eyes following and narrowed at the assistant and the three intern girls to see them better. They dressed in short skirts and a white cropped top. If anyone hasn’t known yet, this is not appropriate attire for the workplace. Fashion company or not, they’re not dressed formally. Peter slowly understand why (Y/N) seems distressed about this. It’s her company that she took the time to build up to this point. She can’t just trust some dingy-looking interns to work for her and ruined it all. Both Peter’s and (Y/N)’s eyes narrowed at them, but Peter decided to sit back and let his girlfriend handle this. Deciding to watch the show.

“Did you know you’re late for the one assignment I gave you this month? MONTH! I gave you a month to give me your best idea. Any ideas. What were you doing with your time?! Partying?!—” (Y/N) pinched her eyebrows together and close her eyes. The interns retract themselves as she yelled at them. “You’re lucky because this is only a test,” she said, as she frowns at them. Anger plastered on her face. She was about to let them out before one of them spoke up.

“What’s the point of testing, if… we finished university? I mean… I- If this is serious work, we would’ve done better.” A girl said, as her friends nod in agreement, still, with fear in their eyes. Well… They can’t even look at their boss in the eyes.

After hearing that, (Y/N) looked straight at them. Staring holes into their dense head. Peter was shocked with his mouth agape, his eyebrows raised to the top of his head. ‘Wrong move’ he thought, ‘You’ve made a wrong move!’. If them being late for deadline didn’t pull the plug for (Y/N), this is it. She was furious. Her blood was boiling and her eyes lit up with hellfire.

“Are you serious right now?” she asked, low and slow voice sending chills up and down everyone’s bones. “What’s the point of testing?! If I haven’t tested you, I wouldn’t know you are all this lack-lusters, dense and useless pieces of humanity am I?! What would my company become if I have hired you?!? And ‘serious work’ you say? So you’re not seeing me, your BOSS at a company you wanted to work at, as not serious enough for you now?!”, she stood up, towering over their curled bodies. Slamming the files onto her desk harshly, she startled them and Peter himself. Her assistant just watch and shook her head slowly.

“Everyone in this company has been assigned a task, and they do it. If they’re smart and useful enough, they’ll be appreciated. You lots? Dense! No ideas where you are, what you’re doing, and frankly, why you’re here. From the start already! You’re not even hired yet and you dare ask me that? Your attitude towards working is o-1, no effort at all. Everyone has been kind enough to show you around, teaching you tips and tricks and you just, what? Threw them away?!”, she was met with silence, the three girls are on the verge of tears, slightly hiccuping and Peter was just astounded.

“The company doesn’t need people like you to be employees, you better pack your bags and head out today. This is my final decision.” she continues, they all suddenly speak up now and pleaded their boss for mercy. Spewing lies and lies of they’d “do anything!” from now on. But (Y/N) turned around to her window as her assistant drag the interns outside. The commotion caused a lot of attention, but people knew too well to even look at (Y/N)’s office. Then, it was just her and Peter in the room.

(Y/N) turned around as she tiredly treads to Peter, slumming her body against the couch and Peter’s chest. “Sorry Pete, you have to see this. Didn’t planned for it to turned out this way.” She let out a tired laugh, closing her eyes. Peter turns to her and hugs her body closer to him, kissing the top of her head.

“It’s fine… I love that I have a cool girlfriend now. I’m happy—” they both laughed at each other. Peter felt a warm sensation in his chest. He loved how she only showed her emotions to him and cry in front of him, he felt happy that she trusted him enough and he felt honored. The love of his life, sweet and adorable. But also, beautiful and tough. He loves it, he loves her even more now. “I love you soooo much Pete!!!”, she said as she kisses his cheek, making a loud ‘Mwah’ sound. His heart just popped. Then, she stands up.

As she separates from his arm to grab her bag, he looked at her warmly, a big smile still plastered on his face. Their fingers intertwined as they walk out of the office. Smiling at each other, (Y/N) whines about how starving she is and she hasn’t eaten breakfast. Peter smiles lovingly as he rubs her belly “Let’s get something delicious for you to eat then!” He said. She let out a small “Yay!” and skip her way to the car. Peter was so happy that he decided to come today, he loves his adorable girlfriend so much more now.





Ps: Hey! Author here! It’s my first ever story. Hope you liked it and give me plenty of feedbacks so I could improve my writing. Thanks a lot for reading this.

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i agree! he’s probably one of, if not, my favorite versions of peter parker. i’m currently working in a part 2 for my other fic. i’ll eventually start writing oneshots, headcanons, and may even make a series for him. so feel free to send me ideas!

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I’m Sorry — PS4!Peter Parker — Part One


A/N: This was not requested, but I adore Insomniac’s Spider-Man so much. Enjoy. There will be a part two. It ended up being longer than I expected. Or I may make it into a short series.

Warnings: ANGST. Brief mentions of death.

Summary: Peter Parker was still caught up grieving the lost lives of his loved ones. The one thing that was his priority now was making sure you were safe.

He always worried you, Peter did. You knew he was Spider-Man and you would always respect that part of him. Alas, it still ate you up inside to see him on his rough nights. The nights with no phone calls, him coming home at two or three in the morning, and his body aching with tears in his eyes.

Sure, Spider-Man is tough and so is Peter. Just because he’s stronger than the average man, though, doesn’t mean he still doesn’t hurt. Half of the time it’s an emotional hurt. A lot of what Peter deals with ends up hurting people he loves or people he was close with.

When Otto turned and ultimately destroyed himself, Peter felt helpless and guilty. It consumed him from the inside out. To top it all off, though, his aunt passed away. His own flesh and blood. Somebody that he was related to. It broke him apart. May was a sweet woman and she had always loved you. You recall many times working at FEAST where she made comments here and there.

“You know, you and Peter would make cute babies.” She would say with a well-meaning smirk on her face. Your face would flush bright red and you would laugh.

“May!” Peter would complain. Sure, it seemed aggravating then, but he would do anything to have May back. He felt like he missed so much, like he should have been around more. He was always hesitant about being in a relationship with you after May passed away. A few months ago after her death, you two got into a heated exchange one night about the risks.

“What if something happens to you, Y/N? What the hell am I going to do then, huh? I can’t promise you all of my time, either!” He yelled at you. Peter never raised his voice at you, but it was tearing him up. Tears filled your eyes, not spilling, but they were more than visible enough for Peter Parker to notice.

“I’ve never asked for every second of you time, Peter.” You stated calmly. You couldn’t lose your cool. Peter was already dealing with so much. “When we agreed to be together, because we love each other, I agreed to always respect who you are. Spider-Man and Peter Parker.” He had stared at you for a moment. You could have sworn it was like he had seen someone get shot.

“I’m—I don’t want to lose somebody else. Not you. I can’t. I’d kill myself, Y/N.” He began to sob, sinking onto his knees, wrapping his arms around your legs. “I can’t.” He cried. You gently ran your fingers through his hair.

“We’re going to be okay, Peter. I promise.” You whispered, staring off into the city from your apartment’s view.

Since that night, Peter had never broken down like that. There had been no arguments or mentions of guilt. You were pleased, to say the least, about his growth. You could only imagine how hard if must be to be Peter. He frequently made it home early, most of the time. Early for Peter meant 11 or 12 at night. That was good enough for you, though. All you wanted was to be sure he was always going to make it back.

Tonight was one of those rough nights. It was about 2:36 AM when you decided to brush your teeth and get into bed. You knew it would take you a bit to fall asleep anyway, so you had your fingers crossed that Peter would show up last minute.

You rinsed your face with some warm water and gentle soap, before brushing your teeth. You hair looked a little greasy, but you would fix that in the morning. Your bare feet dragged across the hard floor of the apartment you and Peter shared. You were too tired now to change, so you just threw on a oversized t-shirt that your boyfriend had bought you so long ago.

Taking one last glance at your phone, you noticed that there were still no missed calls or texts from Peter. You checked to be sure one of the windows was unlocked and turned out all of the light. Well, all except the one lamp that sat next to one of the windows. With Peter usually being tired and slightly disoriented, you didn’t want him to come in and trip of everything possible.

You fell asleep as soon as your head hit your pillow, but you were only woken up just as fast. The sound of the window gently closing had woken you, but you knew it was Peter. Deciding to wait for him in your shared bed, you laid back down and waited. After about 10 minutes of laying down, you sat back up. Still, Peter had not come into the bedroom.

Rubbing your eyes, the sound of soft sniffling caught your attention. Was he crying? You hadn’t seen Peter cry since May had passed. You made sure you were quiet as you approached the hall leading into the living and dining area. Peter sat with his back to you, his face in his hands. His entire body shook, as he swallowed the painful sobs that attempted to tear themselves out of his throat. He assumed you were asleep and didn’t want to risk waking you up.

“Peter?” You spoke softly, leaning against the wall. He turned to you slowly, revealing bloodshot eyes and a sticky face, completely covered in the residue of his tears.

“Baby, what are you doing up so late?” He asked softly, steadying his breathing, and wiping his face off quickly. It wasn’t quick enough, though, because you knew something was wrong. You raised an eyebrow at him.

“I’m awake because I wanted to wait for you, Pete.” You said, walking over to kneel down next to him. You looked up at him, but he turned away, biting his lip in an effort to keep himself from crying again. “What’s wrong, honey?” You asked, reaching up with your hand and stroking his face. He leaned into your touch and looked down at you, a small smile on his face.

He inhaled slowly before speaking. “I’m just still grieving, Y/N. I’m sorry I was out so late. I swung by the cemetery to visit Aunt May and I ended up staying longer than I meant to.” His voice faltered as he spoke. “And then I started to think about what happened with May. How I couldn’t protect her. Then I started worrying about you and what I would do if I lost you.” He teared up again.

“Oh, Peter.” You sighed, standing up and pulling him into a hug. “I’m always going to be here. I’m not going anywhere. I’m so sorry about May, honey. I promise you, I won’t let that happen to me.” You reassured him, tilting his head up to face you. “Yeah?” You asked him, to which he nodded.

“I need to get cleaned up.” He spoke softly, making his way to the bathroom. “I’ll be out to join you in a few minutes.” He mumbled, limping into the bathroom. You smiled, but it hurt you so bad to see him like this.

You laid back on your bed and stared up at the ceiling. How could you fix his hurt? How could you prove to him that you were here to stay?

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An s/o who falls asleep in the weirdest places when they aren't sleeping next to silver sable, 2B, Weiss, scarlet witch . Like the bottom draws, in the hallway, under the couch 😂 make stuff up, fluff all the way

Trying out a different format!

Reader is gender neutral



Originally posted by ilikedetectives

| Silver Sable | PS4 Spider-Man |

- She’s the least concerned about it. If she were to be honest about it, she finds it endearing. Of course, she tries to carry you out of your sleeping hole and back on an actual bed but to no avail. You would always be in another shelf or another drawer. She thinks that you were double-jointed due to how ridiculous your sleeping positions were, which made her wonder if you were actually comfortable with sleeping like a worm on a string inside its container. Silver tries but she can never get rid of your trait so, she gives up entirely. She does find it amusing when other people freak out when they see you sleeping in a drawer though. But she hates it when she’s working at her desk and when she opens the drawer, she’s shocked to see you sleeping inside.


Originally posted by dimitriclaude

| 2B | Nier Automata |

- Is this a new tactic that she’s not aware of? Does sleeping uncomfortably in confined spaces some sort of enhancement to the body? She’s the funniest one to react to this because of how serious she takes you sleeping in the bunker’s storage containers. Heck, even inside one of the fighter jets she can find you napping away peacefully. She tries to ask 9S and her Pod if this does anything but all they could say was that this was the most comfortable resting position for you. While anyone could’ve taken the answer, 2B goes the extra mile and started sleeping in her own jet. It’ll be hard to explain to the Commander on why both you and 2B are sleeping inside your jets.


Originally posted by ydotome

| Weiss Schnee | RWBY |

- The room is right there. Right there. Yet you’re sleeping in the hallway that leads to your room. She doesn’t understand this at all and it stresses her out when she sees you sleeping in one of the library’s bookshelf. What do you gain from this besides cracking joints (or as Yang likes to call it: cracker bones) but when she sees you wake up, you pop off the bookshelf like a bubble and walk towards the bathroom like you haven’t been compressed. She tries to get it, tries to even understand your reasoning behind this, but ultimately comes to the conclusion that you just like it. But she does try to carry you back to your room by using her knight to carry you. Don’t blame her if you wake up from the cold though, she’ll say it’s your fault from sleeping in someplace cold.


Originally posted by dailyavengers

| Scarlet Witch | Marvel Cinematic Universe |

- Mood. That’s all she could say. But she does worry when you sleep so crookedly inside one of Tony’s closets that she wonders if something happened to you to cause you to sleep like this. Her time before meeting the Avengers wasn’t great but at least she had a bed to sleep in. She wonders if you didn’t get the chance to sleep on a bed at all. So she takes it upon herself to try and drag you to bed and hold you close. For some reason, when morning comes, you were no longer on the bed and you were inside Wanda’s closet. She doesn’t want to use her powers just to see you comfortable but at this point, she feels like she’s beating a dead horse when she attempts to put you to sleep on a bed.

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Originally posted by tchillax

requested by an anon | Spider-Man x fem!reader

A/N: I altered your request just a tiny bit because I find it a bit odd if I wouldn’t explain it in any way why Peter and the reader date without the reader knowing Peter’s true identity. Also, the request was kinda short so I thought to make it as a gif imagine, hope you don’t mind.

“Aww, you brought pizza? I love you Spidey”, you cooed when the superhero swung by with a pizza securely wrapped up against his chest.

“Now I’ll just go to have to find out how I’ll unwrap this without having spiderwebs on the pizza…” Spider-Man, or Peter, chuckled and ripped the pizza box off from his chest. You ate the pizza, chatting about your days and then he swung off, because there was an assault nearby.

Sometimes Peter wondered how on earth you had agreed to date him even though you didn’t even know who he was in real life and his life as Spidey was… hectic, to say at least.

But your life involved some people who wouldn’t be safe to have around if Peter’s true identity would be revealed. And that’s why you had insisted it yourself, and Peter was grateful for you understanding the situation.

When you met, Peter saved you from a hostage situation and you ended up chatting about your lives and you developed feelings towards each other. And those feelings would be dangerous if you knew Peter’s true identity.

So you ended up dating Spider-Man. And your friends never believed you and thought you were just messing with them, until Spidey swung by your apartment during a chase.

“How is my best gal?” he asked, as he hugged you. Your friends stood mouths agape and it was like someone had just pressed a pause button to freeze them.

“Hey, Y/N’s friends! Y/N has told me about you, I’m Spider-Man, Y/N’s boyfriend.”


“Oh! Sorry, gotta go, I think the getaway car got trapped into my webs. It was very nice to meet you, Y/N’s friends, and… see you later today Y/N, at old Stan’s restaurant? I should finally make up that dinner you made for me.” And with that, he swung off like nothing had just happened.

You giggled at your friends who still stared at the window.

“Well, do you believe me now?”

The faces of your friends were priceless, as they slowly turned their gazes on you and just stared at you in utter amazement.

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Request(s): So uh, I never really ask anyone ever for any kinda of requests but I have McFallen for PS4 Spider-Man’s Peter Parker. Ya got anything for Peter with an S/O that is becoming a composer? Like during the day and most of their normal life they go to school to write music and be the best dead inside college kid they can be but at night are a sorcerer in training to protect the world from evil but isn’t amazing just yet at it but is getting there? (Does that sound weird? It probably does >3<)


Loved your Peter Parker hc ! Could you write about him telling his s/o that he’s Spiderman ?

Fandom: Marvel’s Spider-Man, Peter Parker x reader (a bit of Sorcerer’s Apprentice AU-ish)

A/N: I took the freedom to merge these, because I got an idea for this as I saw the second request. I hope this is okay for both of you (if you aren’t the same person :D). Peter doesn’t know the reader being a sorcerer in this either. This also ended up being like the longest fic ever.

And F/N is a friend’s name.

Warnings: Nothing critical, the end isn’t one of my bravuras but I didn’t want to make this in 2 parts because I usually get tired on multiparted stories and then they turn into shit because I just try to get the story to its end even though if I’m fed up with it.

Word count: 1,757


Originally posted by kyarymell

The lights at the alley were shutting down one by one, and the monstrous predators were approaching you. Their eyes were gleaming at the dim light from the street, and their teeth were exposed as they growled at you. You gathered all your strength as you tried to get your wand from your bag and cast a healing spell on your leg.

And in a heartbeat, you were throwing spells at the predators. They were screaming and then slowly, they twisted and burned away. Your mentor came over to you, clapping her hands and told you that you were her best apprentice so far. But suddenly, a loud screech came from somewhere and you put hands over your ears, had the monster returned?

The class groaned, and they also had their hands over their ears, and they all were glaring at your music teacher, who had just caused the screech with a chalk.

“Oh, sorry ‘bout that…” Mr. Perry said as he put the chalk down. “So, you do these”, he said, gesturing the words he had just written on the chalkboard “by next week. And remember to study the rhythm pace for the songs you chose today. You’ll need them next Wednesday. See you on Monday, class dismissed.”

All your classmates were hurrying for the weekend, as you sat at the classroom alone, making notes on your notepad, reminding that you had to study too, even though becoming a sorcerer was your biggest dream. But becoming a composer was your next biggest dream, and you wanted to be them both.

“Y/N”, Mr. Perry came by your desk and sat on the desk next to yours, as he looked down at you. He nibbled his mustache a bit before talking. “I never stop admiring how hard you work. But today you seemed a bit… away from this world. Is there something bothering you?” he asked, and you tilted your head at him. Mr. Perry was the nicest teacher at your school, and he never stopped caring about his students, no matter how angels or rascals they were. He truly wanted to help, and you knew he wouldn’t believe you if you made up a lie about how nothing is going on.

The world needed saving someday soon and your mentor Ffion had seen it coming for a long time. And you had to practice hard, so you could fight with her. You had been her apprentice since you were five, but the training was a long process.

“Nothing is wrong”, you said and smiled, as Mr. Perry raised his eyebrows as a sign he doesn’t believe you. “Truly, I’m seeing an old friend today. I saw F/N last time when I was about ten or eleven, but I then they moved out of the country because their dad got a job from Austria. Now they have finally moved back, and I get to see them again. I’m just excited – and nervous, of course.” you smiled a bit and Mr. Perry’s expression softened. He believed you, and you would’ve been disappointed in yourself if he didn’t. Ffion had taught you to lie convincedly if needed, because you couldn’t just blurt out to people that you’re a sorcerer in training. And as a great teacher as Mr. Perry was, you couldn’t tell him that you’re practicing magic. You would endanger sorcerers by exposing them to normal people.

“Well, I hope you and F/N have fun together. But now, I should leave the school myself and I have to lock the classroom. My kids are waiting for pick-up.” he said, pat you on your shoulder and gestured you to go out of the class.

Soon you walked towards the car which was waiting for you at the school’s parking lot.

“Hi, Peter.” you said to your boyfriend, before gently kissing his cheek.

“Hi, Y/N”, he answered to you, smiling brightly before checking you put on your seatbelt and then he drove you in front of your house. Just as you were going to kiss him goodbye, he stopped you, putting his hand on your shoulder.

“Uh… so, can I take you to dinner tonight? I have something to tell you.” he confessed, before adjusting his position so he could hold your hand, running his thumb over your knuckles.

“What do you wanna tell?” you asked, furrowing your eyebrows, but he just shook his head gently.

“I don’t want to tell it here. It’s-“

“You’re not dumping me, are you?”

“What? No, no, Y/N, I would never dump you. I would be an idiot if I did.” he quickly squeezed your hand tighter and lifted his gaze to meet yours.

“Okay then… uh, could we meet at 11pm then? I know it’s very late, but I have some things to do before it, if it isn’t okay, we could-.”

“Actually, I have something to do as well and I was going to propose 11pm too. So yeah, let’s meet then.”

“Ffion, I’m home.” you called as you descended your basement. You had provided Ffion your home as her home too, since she had to have someplace to sleep too. And she was your mentor, it was the least you could do, because she didn’t want any payment from her troubles. She had said that her payment was that she gets to see you as her graduated apprentice and ready to help the world.

“Hello, Y/N.” she said. Her purple eyes glimmered as the light from the lanterns met them. Ffion didn’t like to use any lights working with electricity, she preferred lanterns, candles or then light which was provided by magic.

If you were a child, you would say Ffion looked like an evil witch with her long, black hair, long black and red dress and her narrow face. But if you got to know her, you knew she was warm like a mother bear and she also made the best hot cocoa if you had the flu. She was like a mother to you, since your parents had died a long time ago.

Ffion smiled at you and gently lifted your chin, as she examined the wound which you got by accident last time. She had hidden away by magic, so anybody wouldn’t suspect anything.

“It’s healing like it should.” she said as she let go of your chin. “Do your homework, then we can practice. I have recruited someone to help us for a while. He knows something about the dark forces. He has seen things…” Ffion said before she shooed you away. You groaned as you reluctantly went back upstairs and took your school books out of your bag.

“Why are we here?” you asked your mentor as you were standing at the dark alley. It was eerie, deadly silent, dark and weird noises could be heard from somewhere close.

“Hush, child. He’s here.” Ffion said and looked up. You looked up too.

“Spider-Man?” you whispered as you saw him descent by his web string.

“Hello, Spider-Man.” Ffion greeted him as he had let go of the string and stood before you. His gaze seemed to be aimed at you – though you couldn’t tell it for sure through his mask. But the feeling wouldn’t go away. After a moment, Spider-Man seemed to snap out from something and his face turned more towards Ffion.

“He- uh, hello.” he greeted, but his voice seemed like he tried to pretend it was much lower than it was.

“This is my apprentice, Y/N.” Ffion said and you nodded at Spider-Man.

“O-oh, nice to meet you, Y/N.” By this point, his voice sounded like it could belong to a bear rather than a man. It made you grin a bit.

After a while, Spider-Man had told you and Ffion how he had sensed that something is coming for weeks, he just didn’t know what exactly. He told all the signs he had seen and felt, how there hadn’t been any insects or birds in town in weeks and normally the hiding meant that they were escaping from the storm. But there hadn’t been any storms for a long time and none was coming – if you believed the weather reports.

And after that talk with Spider-Man, Ffion seemed to be more “off” for the rest of the evening and she told you to go earlier to your date with Peter, because she needed to think.

So, you put on your favorite clothes and went to the date.

Peter looked as handsome as always, waiting for you in front of the restaurant. He had the similar face as Ffion had when you left her, and it made you wonder.

“Hey handsome, what’s that in your mind, I can see it escape in your eyes? Hey, that rhymed!” you laughed a bit but Peter didn’t laugh. “Hey, what is it?”

Peter grabbed your arm and brought you to the alley near the restaurant.

“Why you haven’t told me you practice magic?” he blurted out and your heart seemed to stop for a bit.

“How’d know?” you asked, and he sighed.

“I talked with you today. Or your mentor, but you were beside her.” he confessed and looked up for a bit, waiting for your reaction.

There were five or six seconds of silence as you processed the information.

“So… you’re Spider-Man?” you carefully asked him and he nodded, still not getting himself to look at you.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, I wanted to but-“ he started, but you put a finger on his lips, before he could say anything more.

“So… there were two secrets then. And now there’s none.” you smiled at him. “It doesn’t matter, Peter. We all have secrets – and I know you kept yours from me for the same reason I kept it from you. Because we were afraid the other would get hurt if we told our secrets. But from now on, there is no secrets.”

Peter nodded. And you kissed to seal your wordless promise that there would be no more secrets.

The dark force coming was defeated through you, Ffion, few other sorcerers, and Spider-Man before it could take over. You graduated from being Ffion’s apprentice – though you still remained really close to her. You also graduated to be a music composer and a very good one.

Everything was well. And even when something wasn’t well, you managed to fix it. Because you had a loving boyfriend who supported you in everything.

And there were no secrets anymore.

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