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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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The voice is seriously her voice from the anime 👌😁

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Tetsu kazumi
Height 5'6
Birthday: 20th
March Hero Iron Glove
Job: Prohero/U.A teacher
Likes: potato chips, apple pie, plants and cats

Quirk: iron metabolism. Her quirk allows her to creat gloves from her blood and eat pure iron without harming her.

Weakness: she can suffer from iron deficiency depending how much iron she use, this leads to her gloves cracking, she get dizzy and feel unusual tiredness.

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He has a name!

Seir, my dark mage and suave little sweet talker. With a snap of his fingers darkness will give way to a room full of lit candles just for you, and he will /thoroughly/ enjoy your company until they burn out.

He is an excellent dancer and speaks in a very formal and polite manner.

Every step he takes is just as smooth, precise and calculated as his choice of words, and ten times as alluring.

Ok I will stop xD

Dark mage design featuring some magic flare on one side. He normally just looks normal and well kept. He wears long sleeves and gloves to hide permenantly blackened arms and legs, he is an anscestor to Akira one of my more modern setting ocs with the same discolouration.

Oh and you bet he wears some hecking BOOTS.

He also fancies a certain star touched elf.

Find his half body on my page, that was a heckin fun outfit to make.

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