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#Pakkun talks
kakairuincorrectquotes26 days ago
Kakashi, completely serious: Sir, it has been reported lately that you do, in fact, have little paw-paws and a little button nose. Do you care to comment?
Kakashi: Riveting.
Iruka, walking in: Am I interrupting something?
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depressedhatakekakashi5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cutest animal in existence.
No competition. Sorry to all other animals, you simply cannot keep up (except the hounds. They are all equally cute it is simply Pakkun spotlight hour in this house)
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inumakistonguetattoo8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I don鈥檛 even like dogs but I immediately love Pakkun
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mokutonea year ago
I know it's not Naruto but do you like Bolt, that cute cartoon dog? I think he would look adorable in your style.
okay. okay. obligatory boruto/bolt name joke
Tumblr media
i think that bolt is a swiss shepherd, and alas, while i love dogs, i'm super picky about the depictions of dogs in media and if the dog talks i probably won't like it at all haha, i鈥檓 sure its a fine movie though, it鈥檚 just not to my taste
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phoenixyfriend11 months ago
My brain has presented me with "Pakkun in a pinstripe suit with a cigar, trying to talk like an early-mid-century New York Mobster."
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sanjunoa year ago
let the dog rest and just have his doggie treats y'all evem tho the wider mafia saying something like "wow even the tenths pet dog is better at being a boss than iemutsu" would be admittedly hilarious
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kokodrawingsa year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you so much anon!!! I鈥檓 happy to hear the SoL series is being well received!!聽馃挅馃挅
I鈥檓 colouring Kakashi atm and I hope it will be ready in a few days!聽 (here, take a look at Pakkun :D)
I鈥檒l probably take a little break after this one, try and sketch some ideas I have in mind that I think would look good as drawings and basically rest a bit before taking on another big proyect such as Gaara xD
And don鈥檛 worry, you didn鈥檛 sound rude at all! I聽appreciate the enthusiasm! :D
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biakaashi2 years ago
Kakashi: *wakes up to Pakkun stroking his face*
Kakashi: Uh, what are you doing?
Pakkun: You were having a nightmare so I am touching you with my paw pads to make you feel better.
Pakkun: They're soft and supple.
Kakashi: Thanks, Pakkun.
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pixlokita2 years ago
Is anybody gonna talk about how Pakkun, Kakashi鈥檚 summoned puppy, lets u squish his peetsies toe beanies if you accomplish a mission with him?? Or are we just gonna ignore???
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kakairuincorrectquotesa year ago
Genie: I shall grant you three wishes.聽
Kakashi: I wish my dog could talk.聽
Genie: Done.聽
Kakashi: Hey Pakkun, you've got two wishes.
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keepyourpantsongohan3 years ago
Important and terrible thought: Pakkun is the Goofy to Akamaru鈥檚 Pluto.聽
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marc--chilton3 years ago
daichi has a thin scar on his neck from kai; a kunai was dragged across his throat with just enough force to draw blood
aina鈥檚 most prominent scar is a bite mark on her foot from where she almost accidentally stepped on one of daichi鈥檚 summons (he was little and got scared, aina apologized lots and gave him strawberries to make up for it)
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anbu-legacy3 years ago
Do all summons talk in Legacy? Or only some? Pakkun talks, but Kakashi's other dogs don't. Or do they not want to?
Sorry for the belated answer, but we finally have one! See: Fluid Boundaries. The general idea is that some summons talk, but not all. Presumably, older and more powerful summons have had more opportunities to interact outside of their own species, and so would need some degree of multilingualism. For Kakashi, some of his dogs are genuinely too young to learn to talk, but Kakashi speaks dog anyway, so they wouldn鈥檛 need to talk to communicate with him. Pakkun is a special case. He鈥檚 smart. :)
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avengeruchihaa month ago
i HAVE to talk about the last five minutes of the episode 鈥榯he end of tears鈥 post vote1
after naruto and sasuke鈥檚 battle, kakashi comes and picks up naruto. pakkun and him decide that taking care of naruto is a priority right now.
at the same time sasuke is worn out, his chakra is so depleted that he鈥檚 trudging through the forests, taking small steps. clearly in pain, clutching his left shoulder. it is pouring. very very heavily. c already made a post talking about how sasuke鈥檚 pain is often depicted in the series using the rain. and it鈥檚 so important in this scene particularly.
as sasuke is walking alone away from the battle scene, he keeps getting haunting memories of his parents, and of itachi. there鈥檚 a moment between all this when naruto鈥檚 eyes open for the first time. at the same exact second, sasuke turns his head back towards the direction where naruto is, almost as though he sensed him waking up. because they鈥檙e so deeply connected. insane.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he turns back around, closes his eyes and genuinely looks so in pain from everything that happened today, everything he did to naruto, everything he felt he had to do to him. i can鈥檛 explain the state i am in, the state of my heart, he was my best friend
Tumblr media
the rain continues to pour. and he gets this flashback specific flashback at this point
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the insane thing is. the rain stops right in the next second. it鈥檚 so sudden- we don鈥檛 know what brought about this state of calmness. especially after he鈥檚 revisiting one of his most haunting memories.
Tumblr media
the scene progression is very quick and we see sasuke say this, addressing itachi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is the moment he feels like some of his agony and pain is lifted, the moment when a sense of calm returns to his world, at least briefly. it鈥檚 when he decides he鈥檚 not going to kill his best friend.
the memories of his parents were literally just playing in his head, the pain is always so fresh for him. he knows what鈥檚 at stake but after going through his battle with naruto, seeing his best friend unconscious because of him鈥lmost die because of him鈥e decides he will find another way.
it鈥檚 insane to me that people believe sasuke is apathetic towards naruto, and that he genuinely wanted him dead. the narrative could not have been more obvious. the pain of losing naruto that too by his own hands is too great for sasuke. when he walked away from naruto鈥檚 body, he made a decision. he didn鈥檛 do this on a whim. he made a promise, and he kept it.
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uchiharafaella21 days ago
How Kakashi would react to (Y/n) going into labor.
Tumblr media
Author鈥檚 Note: My first time writing Headcanons. My aunt just gave birth to my baby cousin and got inspired to do this.
Warnings: Small use of Curse Words
Tumblr media
- When you told him you were pregnant, this man was on the verge of tears hoping it wasn鈥檛 one of your sick jokes.聽
"Is this a joke? Because it isn鈥檛 funny," you simply nodded, and one of the biggest smiles you've ever seen formed on his face before he drew you into a hug and kissed your forehead.
-聽Given that Kakashi isn't exactly an outgoing guy, it's understandable that nearly no one save Tsunade and Shizune was aware of the pregnancy, especially since you had to file for a maternity leave. HELL NOBODY EVEN THOUGHT HE WAS MARRIED
- You were just cleaning down the plates when your water broke and rather unfortunately Kakashi was currently in a jonin meeting.
- He had really wanted to stay home with you but the blonde hokage literally threatend to burn his Icha Icha with no hesitation if he didn't go, so he went (rather reluctantly) and left you with Pakkun.
- This man was just trying his best to pay attention but something was just nagging him in the back of his mind and he just couldn鈥檛 bring himself to remember what it was, so he鈥檚 just glaring at the air in front of him. Iruka聽was standing in front of Kakashi and thought he was glaring at him instead.
- Lady Tsunade was halfway through when, Pakkun suddenly popped out of nowhere and boy did Kakashi鈥檚 heart drop at the words that came out of his mouth.
Curious glances were sent at Kakashi and Pakkun's direction but the pug only turned towards Kakashi, 鈥淏oss, she鈥檚 gone into labor.鈥 bro this man was visibly panicking at this point.
- Mans didn鈥檛 even wait for Tsunade鈥檚 signal to leave, this guy just dipped. He was gone faster then you could say聽鈥淐hidori.鈥
-Everybody was so confused when Tsunade just went back to talking like nothing just went down. Like WTF?
- Kakashi literally slid into the room, tripped before rushing over to your side. The medic nins were trying so hard not to burst out laughing at the sight of the copy min tripping.
- He didn't think you had the lung capacity to scream for that long, man's was sweating bullets at how much you cursed that you could probably give sailors a run for their money.
- The way you gripped his hand at first was firm but it was fine but when you started subconsciously adding chakra, GOD DAMN. His hand was broken afterward but he was too shy to speak up about it.
- Now a few hours later Rin and Obito Hatake were brought into the world.聽
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ladykissingfish5 months ago
Obito: Kakashi was mine before any of you; we have history.
Gai: You broke his heart and tried to kill him. I picked up the pieces. He鈥檚 MINE.
Iruka: Don鈥檛 I get a say in this?
Yamato: I鈥檇 like to stake my claim as well.
Kakashi: Alright, alright, everyone! There鈥檚 only one way to settle this: naked mud wrestling match. Whoever wins, wins ME.
Everyone: *begins stripping down* Sounds fair to 鈥
Alarm Clock: *RIIIIING*
Kakashi: ... goddammit not again!
Pakkun, on floor: Bad dream, boss?
Kakashi: I don鈥檛 wanna talk about it.
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valorantflame3 months ago
hi! would you consider writing for a yandere Kakashi with a darling who is very daring? like she don't want to give up so easily so they wanna make things hard for him since he has taken her from her house, life, etc. if not it's totally okay! i just love your writing! i wish you the best!!!!
Sure, this sounds like a nice concept of Yandere Kakashi! 馃 Thank you so much dear anon. ^^
Yandere Kakashi x Fierce Reader:
Warnings: Yandere themes, mentioning of ignorance. Self harm, twisted and toxic relationships, kidnapping, gaslighting.
Tumblr media
Kakashi Hatake, a seemingly patient and handsome man. But you cook the strawberry of the cake here in testing him. Testing his patience... He was negligent towards your whines at first, your eager attempts of trying to flee. "Don't you try it, you know it's not going to end well. Especially now when he's out on a mission." Pakkun spoke, yes! Pakkun. He was your guard dog along with two others. It felt like caging in the worst ways. Even so, having a talking dog was better than his presence.
"You're all bark and no bite. I'll leave this hell hole and you and him both won't be able to do shit." You threatened, you really were going insane weren't you? Threatening a dog?! He sighed, as if even he is done with your stupidest of sentences. Walking away from you, towards a cozy corner and curling up into a fluff ball. You rolled your eyes, annoyed at everything at this point. You wanted Kakashi to come soon. You wanted the same unending banter of you throwing uncalculated punches at him, useless kicks that only amused him and a shit mouth that he didn't seem to care about.
"Jaa, are you really going to pull this off? All over again?" You heard an annoyed sigh from Kakashi as he pinned you against the wall. "Go to hell" you spit, rage making your eyes shine with gloss. You hated him. Absolutely hated him, even these reminders where he would shove you against the wall. Bully you in ways that are sure to break you. It all gave you more strength to escape his clutches.
You were lost in the brutal flashbacks of his behavior. How you woke up in a stranger's house one day & he declared proudly you couldn't leave. How proudly he declared his sick and twisted feelings for you. Everything was brimming you up with disgust and hatred. He was powerful, why did shinobis have to be this over powered compared to civilians?
You were tired of it, absolutely tired. You couldn't escape, you knew that. You have been threatened by him various times. "Do you really want me to forget that I love you? Treat you as the brat you are and set you straight? You won't like it y/n."
You shivered at his reply, when you once told him that he deserves nothing but hate & he would die instead of getting loved from you. Keeping your fierce facade up, you cracked up a small smile. "I'd like to see you try Kakashi." If he wasn't in the Anbu, his skills pathetically sharp at people reading. He would've slipped you as a brave one indeed. That would've only made things difficult for you, another rock hard trauma for you to get knocked up in.
You woke up to find him beside you, leaning against the couch you slept in. Eyes on a scroll as he mumbled. "Good morning sleeping beauty. Missed me?" The very root of his voice shot insane desires to kill him inside of you. Mixed with a tormenting amount of fear. It's obvious, you fear things that you don't understand. That are far more dangerous to your capabilities.
You fear things that you can't measure up. Even when you slept with a knife under your pillow, taking it out smoothly.
"I wouldn't try that if I were you." He said nonchalantly, ignoring you once again as if it was a parent tired of their teen's temper tantrums. You didn't want to hurt yourself, no, that was the last thing on your mind. You wanted to see the smug expression off his unmasked face.
He didn't wear a mask at home, just for you; he said. Maybe he did know that he was among the good looking lot & thought that could be used against you. Pathetic, Hatake Kakashi... You couldn't even imagine what y/n could do. Your inner thoughts roared as you slit your wrists.
The immediate calm in his demeanor turned into a raging storm, not even a second had gone by, you haven't even blinked and his thumb was holding your wrist. A look of shock plastered on his face. The pain was shooting inside your senses, so was the innate feeling of victory. Heh, you were the smug one now. Stupid? Yes... But it was the first time you've won.
"Pathetic" he spoke in a lower tone than usual, his sharingan blazing at your content face. "You think you, hurting yourself will make it easier?" He gritted his teeth, getting first aid and using chakra to heal you. "I have limited chakra reserves, don't test me or you won't heal the next time. Maybe I'll let you bleed dry." He spat venom, ironically his actions were as gentle as ever.
"We'll see." You smirked, getting no reaction from him again. Oh no鈥 was he getting used to this? This too!
"Shinobis like me are adaptable to any situation, princess." He kissed your bandaged wrist, sickly turning it into chaste kisses all over your forearm where you couldn't move. Eyes fixated on his sharingan got you in a genjutsu you didn't even know you were in.
It was going to be tough, but if he's going to break you.
You'll break him a million times over.
Tumblr media
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biakaashi2 years ago
Everything's the same except most of Pakkun's dialogue is just beeped out swears because the dog is done with everyone's (Kakashi's) shit.
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