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#Parent au

I did some sketches of my boy Elio; a little older than you last saw him although I’m not sure about his hair yet😅


Elio is the marvelous lovechild of Hawks and a black!reader that I made (with @delightfulmakertidalwave) and I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART😤

I might end up flooding to guys with him. Tell me how you feel about my art and also which hair you prefer. And any scenarios or ideas you guys might have while I make him a little character profile.😁

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Ruby: *making her way onto campus, the school overwhelmed by grimm* What happened?

Coco: *fighting her way through grimm* About time you showed up Red!

Ruby: *getting her knives out and throwing them at the grimm* Why are there so many grimm?

Coco: Didn’t you hear the speech after that girl died?

Ruby: No, I didnt.

Coco: Well, someone isnt happy with the schools. We’re helping people evacuate and then we’re leaving!

Ruby: *nodding and rushing forward* Then I need to get to my team!

Coco: Good luck!


Nora: *hesitating as she walked over to the machine* Shouldn’t we be up there helping?

Ozpin: You will be. But first, you must get these powers. It’ll help us turn the tides.

Nora: *looking at the young woman in the machine* That’s the current fall maiden, isnt it?

Ozpin: *nodding* And she’s dying. Please, get inside so we can start the process.

Nora: *slowly stepping into the machine* This… isnt going to hurt, is it?

Ozpin: *closing the door and sighing* I cant promise that.

[As the machine started up, Nora screamed in pain as the aura and powers transferred to her, eyes glowing as the maiden power started awakening inside her]


Cinder: *watching the grimm fill the campus, feeling a slight tug inside her* Well, that’s odd.

Emerald: Is there something wrong?

Cinder: Not sure. I think my powers are trying to tell me something.

Emerald: Like what?

Cinder: *looking in the direction she was feeling pulled to, seeing Beacon tower* I think I may have found the half Im missing.

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In which Janus Foley is forced to live with his ex husband, Patton Gaines, and they’re both reminded of their past together while having to take care of four young boys

Warning: this story contains content that may be triggering to some readers. this content includes, but is not limited to, homophobia, transphobia, PTSD, trauma, depression, self harm, and anxiety. chapters where one or several of these elements are present will be marked with * proceed with caution.

Chapter o1. Old Wounds* (self harm)
Chapter o2. Cookies* (implied character death)
Chapter o3. God Of Gatekeeping
Chapter o4. Heroes* (flashback, car crash)
Chapter o5. Pinecones, Worms, Mustaches, & A Witch Named Remy* (implied self harm)
Chapter o6. Larry & Dot

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blame it on the juice by larryswildhearts (fullstopziall)

Words: 6.5k
Rating: General Audience
No Warnings
Tags: single parent niall, strangers to lovers, fluff


Niall would’ve never though that his four year old daughter’s favourite juice would be the one setting him up with someone. His love life couldn’t be that sad right?

Or the one where Niall is a single parent and maybe (just maybe) he is ready to start dating again.

Based on this prompt found on tumblr:

Person A is at the grocery store about to lose it because their toddler is crying for their favourite orange juice that seems to be out.

Person B is the shy but helpful worker that has a crush on Person A. They’ve noticed them coming in and grabbed the carton they hid yesterday.

“We were going to run out and I had noticed you two come in every thursday for it… So I put a carton in the back cooler for you.”

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Summer: *sitting down at a cafe, listening to the tv* Sounds like another fight is starting.

Ruby: *looking over* Sun Wukong versus… Penny of Atlas. Well, this wont last long.

Summer: Oh? Why’s that?

Ruby: Im not sure Sun actually knows how to fight. At least, I haven’t seen him fight yet.

Summer: You should have more faith in yoir friends.

Ruby: *sighing* He's… not actually a friend. Just know him through Weiss’s boyfriend.

Summer: And Weiss?

Ruby: What about her?

Summer: Is she still giving you trouble?

Ruby: *shaking her head* No, we’ve figured things out. We’re not best friends, but she doesn’t hate me.

Summer: That’s great to hear.

Ruby: *staring at the tv in shock* Y-yeah…

Summer: *hearing grimm sirens* Ruby? What’s going on?

Ruby: Sun… He killed Penny…

Summer: *getting up and heading outside* Go back to Beacon.

Ruby: Im coming with-

Summer: I’ll be fine. Besides, they’ll need all the help they can get at Beacon. Lots of civilians to evacuate.

Ruby: *sighing and starting to rush out the door*

Summer: And Ruby?

Ruby: Yeah, mom?

Summer: After today… I think it’ll be time to tell you everything.

Ruby: *smiling* You better.

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-AAA!! thank u sm!! of course<3

If you had a boy:

Shes honestly not sure what to do! She’s more into the girly things, so having a boy would be a lot of work for her. She still loves him all the same though!

Annette is very keen on teaching him small magic things, when hes just a toddler. Nothing harmful!! Just little things like how to heal extremely small cuts. 

Just saying, she reads him all these stories about the war. Of course, theyre childproofed.

When the kiddo gets older, she definetly shows him much better spells. She wants him to be protected. 

She also made sure he learned how to cook way better than her lets be honest. She always loves to have meals from him though.

If you had a girl:

She was extremely excited for someone to dress up like her little doll. Of course she is considerate of what the child does or doesn’t like.

She reads her fantasy stories she grew up with.  Exagerrating them every way possible.

When the babygirl grows up a little more, she teaches her how to embroider to pass the time. Too prove how it passes time and it can be enjoyable.

Yes, she is definetly a person who goes shopping with her often. She loves to get her knew clothes and stuff.

Mercedes spoils the girl with all these sweets, trust me. She gets everything she could want from the two

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Parent AU:

Y/N: *comes to visit Armin, Mikasa, and Eren*

Y/N: Hello. Have you seen my three children?

Any adult figure: *points in their direction*

Y/N: *shows them parental love and affection*

Annie, Historia, Ymir, and everybody who never experienced parental love: Excuse me, but what is that and how do I get some?

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Ruby: *walking around the Vytal Festival* This sucks.

Summer: *using her cane, sticking close to Ruby* You know, things will get better. It’ll take time, but they will.

Ruby: I know, but I was really hoping to watch one of my friends make it to the finals.

Summer: We can still watch them.

Ruby: It wont be the same.

Summer: Then why dont we go into town and have a day just for us?

Ruby: *thinking for a moment* Can we go to that cafe I like?

Summer: Of course. And you can invite Nora.

Ruby: *pulling out her scroll* I’ll see if she wants to join. She said she had to talk to Ozpin though.

Summer: *frowning* I dont trust him.

Ruby: Are you ever going to tell me why?

Summer: When you’re older.


Yang: *sighing as a portal opened up near her* Leave me alone.

Raven: *stepping through* You’re my daughter-

Yang: And all you’ve done is ask me to hide. Ozpin wants to help me-

Raven: He wants to use you.

Yang: *frowning* You keep telling me and Ruby that but you never tell us why.

Raven: *sighing* Because all he does is use people. He used me and your mother against Salem and I dont want him using you or Ruby.

Yang: Why didn’t you just tell us about her? We can stop-

Raven: No. You cant.

Yang: What do you mean-

Raven: *sighing* Salem… she’s immortal and she cannot die. Summer and I found that out through one of her agents. And I fear she has someone here too.

Yang: *getting up* Then I’ll find them.

Raven: And then what? All you’re doing is delaying-

Yang: *walking off* Then I continue to fight. If I die doing my duty, I die as a huntress.

Raven: *sighing* That’s not a life worth living…

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The not-friend

Person A has a child © that meets B for the second time now, so of course A asks whether they remember their friend B. The kid nods but stating their not A’s friend. A+B try to assure their friendship but C ignores it cause “otherwise you wouldn’t say those things about one another when the other isn’t in the room.” Before things escalate tho they’re interrupted by their friends.

From then on both believe the other actually dislikes them - only the kid has been smart, observant and not blinded by love enough to look right through that. “Of course the other complains about me when I’m not there. How stupid am I? They’re probably trying to play nice so to not upset our mutual friends.

They start avoiding each other.. it’s not that easy. Everytime they do meet it’s awkward and just small talk and the fact that the kid had started calling B “not-friend” isn’t making it easier. It’s a constant reminder of what the other truly thinks of them.

Every try to get C to call B by their name (and plea to stop asking for them) is just fruitless and even MORE emotionally taxing on A.

This all gets solved a couple of months later though when their friends decide to watch a movie together (kids included). In the end the on-screen pair becomes a couple and announce they’re now boyfriends/girlfriends and C just screams


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Raven: *walking into Ozpin’s office* You have to do something! You’ve been compromised-

Ozpin: I know and I already have Glynda on it to see what’s going on.

Raven: You need to stop the tournament!

Ozpin: *looking up from his desk* No.

Raven: The students are at risk-

Ozpin: And if I stop now, Salem will still push forward. If you’d continue helping me, you’d understand we are out of time.

Raven: *frowning* You’re going to risk the students on the idea that we dont have time? You’re going to risk my daughters-

Ozpin: Yang is already aware of the situation. And Ruby will as well as soon as she-

Raven: No! I refuse to let you use her like her mother!

Ozpin: And that’s not your choice.

Raven: She’s my daughter!

Nora: *slowly walking in* Professor? If this is a bad time-

Ozpin: *smiling* Miss Rose-Branwen was just leaving.

Raven: *glaring and making a portal* Dont trust him kid.

Nora: *watching Raven leave* I… I thought more about the offer. Im ready to accept.

Ozpin: *nodding and standing up* Then let’s get you ready.

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first one of wordtober, where my randomly chosen prompt components for this fic were mina & tokoyami friendship, quirk side effects, and parent au!

a danger and a wonder - G - 2.4k

tags: parent au, aged up characters, quirk side effects, unnecessary but also totally necessary inclusion of dabihawks content in a fic that would otherwise have nothing to do with dabihawks


Fumikage has been burdened with the great responsibility of looking after Kyoui, Hawks’ child, for the day - until his hero agency calls, requesting his assistance. Fortunately, Hawks is able to ensure that Fumikage can drop Kyoui off at his usual daycare.

[read on ao3]

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Ruby: *pulling her parents to their seats* Come on! We’re going to miss it!

Summer: *chuckling a bit* Calm down sweetie.

Ruby: I just dont want to miss Nora’s fight.

Raven: About Nora-

Ruby: I know you both are worried, but I promise, she’s kind and smart and sweet-

Summer: Ruby. We… understand we may have been a bit… judgemental.

Raven: And if you really do like her, then we’ll try to be a bit more open about it. Starting with dinner after the tournament.

Ruby: *eyes lighting up* You mean it?

Summer: *nodding and feeling for her seat before sitting down* We do. Now please relax. The fight will start soon.

Ruby: *sitting down, practically vibrating in her chair*

Summer: *leaning over to Raven* She gets it from you.

Raven: And her stubbornness from you.


Nora: *sitting in her dorm with her team and Ironwood* I… I dont know what happened…

Ironwood: I’m sorry, but the four of you are disqualified. We can’t risk this happening again.

Jaune: She would never do that on purpose!

Ironwood: You saw the same footage that I did. Neon was down on the ground and Nora broke her hip. The only reason I’m not arresting her is because she’s never done anything like this before. At this point, it just seems like a case of battle fatigue.

Ren: *pulling Nora close* We umm… We will make sure to keep Nora out of further trouble.

Ironwood: That’s all I ask.

Ruby: *walking into the dorm as Ironwood leaves* Nora?

Nora: *looking up to Ruby, smiling weakly* Ruby….

Ruby: *walking over and hugging Nora* I know that wasnt you.

Nora: I’m glad you trust me.

Pyrrha: We should give those two some privacy.

Jaune: *nodding and walking out of the dorm with Ren*

Nora: I.. I thought I saw Neon attack… I dont understand what happened.

Ruby: I know. And it’s okay. We’ll figure out what’s going on.

Nora: *nodding* Thank you…

Ruby: *smiling and pulling out the toy Nora had won her earlier* I think you could use this for now.

Nora: *smiling softly* Stay with me a while longer?

Ruby: *cuddling Nora* Anything for you.

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Initially it takes Aurea and Axel a bit to actually open their eyes but while they are fresh out and just cooing lil beans, they get attached to their parents.

They have really good scent and pick up immediately on Jack and Najla’s and they get upset if seperated from their parents for too long.

Once they reach being able to crawl, they will leave their crib or pen and hunt their parents down. As babies, they figure out how to scale walls and stick to the cieling like mom.

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Jack doesn’t leave Najla’s side the entire time she’s pregnant. You literally have to pry him away from her and even then, poor fella will be an anxiety filled mess till he is next to her again.

After giving birth, Najla takes a solid week or so of being bedridden to recover. She is still a mighty small gal in this AU so having two healthy sized babies takes a lot outta her.

Tbh it frightens Jack a lot because she is so weak and tired that farmboy is reminded of how fragile she actually is under all that lupine badassness.

She comforts him and tells him she’s fine and gives him little smooches as he nuzzles up to her because she knows her farmboy is worried.

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