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#Park Jisung

Playing With Feelings - Part One - Jisung

Park Jisung x Reader

Warnings: The tiniest bit of cursing, mentions of alcohol, but that’s it

Summary: Y/N is a high school student, top notch grades and on her way to get a college scholarship. Jisung on the other hand, was the exact opposite. He was the popular school bad boy that every girl wanted to date, and every boy wanted to be best friends with. He was never on his best behavior, his grades weren’t the best, and he never cared about anything or anyone. Except for one specific person, Y/N, but unlike all the other girls in the school, Y/N wasn’t about to waste her smarts chasing around some boy that everyone else was completely head over heels for. They had met through his best friend, Mark, but Jisung in Y/N’s eyes was just some childish boy. Jisungs feelings for Y/N were a bit overwhelming at times, but he didn’t just throw them away like he did with any other crusher had, the other girls were different, Y/N was different. One night, when Johnny, Y/N’s best friend, begs her to go to a small party with them, Y/N says yes to the event, and she is paired Jisung in a game of 7 Minutes in Heaven. After that night with Jisung, things have never been the sam, and that just messed with Y/N’s feelings, and since that event, of feels as if gravity is working against her will to bring her and Jisung together, for good.


Jisung - Himself

Y/N - Reader

The Dreamies (including Mark) - Jisung’s group of friends + Basketball team (Jisung is also in the basketball team)

Mark - Jisung’s Best Friend

Johnny - Y/N’s Best Friend

Foreign Swaggers (Johnny, Mark, and Jaehyun) + Doyoung, Jungwoo, and Taeil - Y/N’s group of friends

Haechan - Y/N’s Younger brother

Taeyong - Y/N’s Ex-Boyfriend

Ten - U.S. History Teacher

Xiaojun, Hendery, Yangyang - Other friends in Y/N’s other friends in other classes

Yuta - English Teacher

Kun - Math Teacher

Tagging: @nana005 @hhjoong , and if you would like to be added to the tag list, just dm me🙂


I sat in my English class, writing down every single thing that Mr. Nakamoto had written on the whiteboard into my paper with all of my other neatly written notes from that class. Once I had finished writing everything down, I admired my work, each letter was written with care and gentleness you could say. My phone went off in the small pocket in the front of my bag, but I just ignored it like I always do, not wanting to interrupt the class and getting in trouble with my English teacher, Yuta, which I have a very good Student-Teacher relationship with.

The class began to grow boring though, Mr. Nakamoto just going over things I already had perfectly memorized in my head. Counting down the minutes to seconds as the last bit of class came, and then finally, the bell rang. I got up quickly to Yuta’s surprise and began getting together my things. Yuta walked over to my desk.

”In a rush Miss Y/N?” Yuta said while smiling a bit

”No, er, well kind of” I said, not wanting to lie to my favorite teacher

”And why is that? Yuta asked

”Going over things I already know just is very boring and no fun whenever I could be learning other things” I said, still putting my things away neatly in my bag

”Oh so the class is only about you and not making sure that the rest of the students understanding what ever the fu-” Yuta said, cutting himself off when he caught himself about to say a bad word, while laughing

”What ever the heck they’re doing” He corrected himself, still smiling

”Oh, was Yuta, or I’m sorry, Mr. Nakamoto about to say a bad word, I think he was. Just wait until the principal hears about this” I tease, giggling a bit

”Princess, you wouldn’t do that now would you? Especially to your favorite teacher, yeah I don’t think so” Yuta said as he placed a hand on your waist

”Oh and now your touching students inappropriately” I said smirking

Yuta just laughed a bit and turned around back to his desk to sit down

”Have a nice day L/N” Yuta said smiling

“Bye Yuta!” I said happily waving at him as I walked out of his classroom

Okay maybe mine and Mr. Nakamoto’s relationship wasn’t exactly a ’Student-Teacher Relationship”, but we were still close, a little too close tor a teacher and a student to be. I mean, he was my favorite class, why not become a little too close friends with him, right?

I got to my U.S.History class earlier than everyone, so began to take out the things that I needed for for that class. I placed everything neatly on the desk and just sat there waiting. Ten, the U.S. History teacher, looked over to me smiling.

”I see your early” Ten says

I nod and smile “Yup. How has your day been so far, Chittaphon” I say in a teasing tone

”Pretty good actually, but I’ve told you before, it’s Ten” The man says as he rolled his eyes from his desk

”Fine Leechaiyapornkul, what ever you say” I say, sitting back in my seat, smirking at Ten

Ten sighs ”I won’t hesitate to give you detention if I have to L/N” He says smirking back at me

”I don’t think that will be necessary Mr. Leechaiyapornkul” I say, still smirking in my seat

”Y/N L/N I will go over there and-” Ten was cut off by a few other students walking into the class.

He glared at me playfully as a smile made its way onto his lips. I giggled and sat straight, ready to start the class.

~Time Skip~

Class just ended and I was gathering my things when I heard my phone go off in my bag again, this time deciding to check it. I pulled out my phone and seen that it was just Johnny texting me

Johnny💛Suhcks: hey, wanna come to with me to a party babe? 😉

I giggled a bit at his text, I was used to Johnny’s flirting, obviously it was just in a playful and as a friend, we’ll except for that one time that me and him made out in front of all most our whole homeroom class in the eighth grade, but that was the only ’not in a friends kind of way’ thing me and him ever did.

Y/n-ssi💛: What kind of party?

Johnny💛Suhcks: Just with a sea of my friends

Y/n-ssi💛: Who exactly will be there?

Johnny💛Suhcks: Me, Jaehyun, Mark and the rest of the basketball team, Doyoung, Jungwoo, Taeil, Xiaojun, Hendery, Yangyang, and Taeyong

My heart skips a beat when Johnny says the name Taeyong, the one who took my first of everything, my boyfriend, my first date, my first kiss, my first love most importantly. Not that I’m mad about it, it just hurts to think that he didn’t think the relationship would work out, and told me that he was losing the feelings that brought him into the relationship, so he broke up with me. At least we’re still friends, that’s how it started, from friends to more. I mean you couldn’t hate him, he still was attractive, and he was still a nice person, the least you could do is not delete his number and at least have a small conversation with him every now and then.

Johnny💛Suhcks: oh and Haechan too

Why the heck was Haechan going to a party, that would be filled with Seniors., and to make it worse, there would be alcohol?

I was about to type out another message before I felt someone tap my shoulder, it was Ten.

”L/n, class is over, the classroom is already empty”

I look around, realizing that there is nobody else in the classroom

Who ever you were texting can wait two seconds for you to get your things and get to your next class” Ten says as he walks back to his desk

”Oh, sorry. Bye Chittaphon!” I say as I rush through the door with my bag over my shoulder

Ten just sighed and laughed a bit at my nonexistent maturity, which I had claimed I had.

~Time Skip~

I got to my small apartment and threw my bag over on the floor of my tiny bedroom and plopped down on my bed. I looked at my phone, Johnny’s text messages still floating on the screen. I began typing out a message back to him on the small keyboard in the phone screen.

Y/n-ssi💛: Hey Johnny, I cant go to that party

Johnny💛Suhcks: Why not?

Y/n-ssi💛: I have to study for a test in Kun’s class tomorrow

Johnny💛Suhcks: Do you always have to study? Come out and have some fun!

Y/n-ssi💛: You know we have a big test tomorrow, you should be studying too, not getting drunk at a party filled with a bunch of other drunk high school students.

Johnny💛Suhcks: C'mon Y/n, go out for a change, do something exciting!

Y/n-ssi💛: I’ll think about it okay

Johnny💛Suhcks: Don’t think for to long, the party starts at 7

I stared at our texts, I’ll think about it okay, why did I tell him that? I looked over to my stack of math books that was going to use to study. I decide to text Jaehyun about it.

Y/n-ah: Jaehyun, are you going to the party tonight?

Jaehyunie: Yeah, are you going?

Y/n-ah: I don’t know, I was thinking about it, Johnny is begging me to go

Jaehyunie: Come on, it will be fun, and do you remember the last time you had fun, and that doesn’t count studying Y/n

Y/n-ah: If I do go what would I even wear??

Jaehyunie: Just wear something simple, it’s not a fucking grand ball Y/n

Y/n-ah: Okay fine, I’ll go, but if it’s to much in the first ten minutes, then I’m out, deal?

Jaehyunie: Fine, deal.

I reread my text with Jaehyun, I just told him I would go to this party. What is my problem? I begin typing out another text, Never mind, I don’t think I can go, but backspace it. I just stare at the text, reading it over and over again. I turn off my phone and toss it on my bed, knowing that there is no getting out of it now, and go to my closet to look for an out for the evening.

I picked out an outfit and pulled each clothing item over my body. I quickly looked at myself in the mirror then checked the time on my phone, 6:47 it read. My eyes widen, I send a quick text to Johnny explaining that I will be going to the party, grab my bag with everything I’ll need, and dash out the door. As I’m running out, my phone vibrates in the pocket of my jacket, i pull it out to reveal a text from Johnny,

Johnny💛Suhcks: K, I was just getting ready to leave my house, want me to pick you up?

As I read the text, I realize I don’t know the location of the party, and it would just be a lot easier if Johnny just picked me up

Y/n-ssi: Yeah, you know the address right? Cause I’ll just be waiting outside.

Johnny💛Suhcks: Yeah, be there in 10

I turn off my phone and head outside of the apartment building I live in and wait there. A few minutes later, Johnny’s car pulls up with Jaehyun in the passenger seat next to him. His car pulls to a stop and I open the door to the backseat.

"Whoooooo, Y/n’s going to party for the first time!” Johnny yells out loud sticking his head out of the window

I push his head back “Shut up Johnny”

’“Okay well get in cause we’re gonna party!” Jaehyun says just as loud as Johnny

“If you guys don’t shut up I won’t go” I say, stomping my foot like a little girl

“Fine fine, now get in” Johnny says with excitement clear in his voice

This is the first thing I’ve posted on here so please give me feedback and tell me what I could improve, thank you!!

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Renjun: Do you ever use craft glue but you keep smelling the thing you used the glue on cause the glue smells good.
Jaemin: Renjun, I'm going to need you to stop huffing glue.
Jisung: I want to huff glue.
Chenle: Me too.
Haechan: Yeah, Renjun share your glue.
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‘Books and Glasses’ pt1

- pairing; park jisung x fem!reader

- genres; student!au, fluff, friends to lovers

- word count; 3.47k

- an: This took way too long to complete. Actually it’s not really complete, because the scene I had for this hasn’t happened yet, so I’m going to put it in a part two.

The library was peaceful, and your favourite place to unwind after classes were over. Especially after you had to listen to a certain Mark Lee for an hour and a half. Reading in a reserved booth, you went over your notes for your next mid-semester exam, a coffee beside you on the table. That peace was cut by a familiar sing-song voice coming from the door to your booth

“Noona~ what are you doing?” That honey-like voice belonged to no other than Park Jisung; a darling first-year who you had agreed to tutor last semester, and who now had become more of a friend than just your student. Shifting over to the side to accompany the 18-year-old, you moved your books over.

“Jisung-ah, I’m studying~ I’ve got exams at the end of the month,” You smiled, leaning over to readjust his slipping glasses, which had him frozen for a moment, watching you with a curious expression in his eyes. Gathering his composure, he scrunched his nose as you ruffled his brunette locks, giggling as he fixed his hair.

“Ah~! Study hard Noona! You’ll do really well, I know it! You always do~” He cheered quietly, an optimistic hum in his voice. You were his only Noona in the third year, and he often stuck by your side when you had the free time to spend with him and his friends. Checking the time, you gasped under your breath, putting your books away and standing up, taking the younger male by the hand as you took him out of the library with you. You’d promised your dongsaeng that you’d both get desserts after school was over, but you’d all but forgotten entirely when your literature professor gave your class that all-important exam reminder.

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  • ok so here’s the deal
  • it’s easy to make Mark laugh
  • meaning it’s like 1000000% easier for you to make him laugh
  • because the second you let out a laugh or smile with your dimples on show
  • he literally cannot stop himself from letting out his adorable high pitched giggle at the sight of them
  • he probably points them out to any of the members around him too
  • hits them to get their attention and points towards you
  • he just wants everyone to see how cute you are
  • ‘dude look, look. are you looking? they’re so cute!!!’
  • along with his giggle
  • his own dimples also pop out
  • making you baby him and squish/poke his cheeks
  • which makes you both laugh while the members mark slapped watch
  • but it’s the cutest sight to see the two of you smiling at each other both your dimples on display for the world to see

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a/n: thank you so much for requesting from the dialogue prompts anon !! jisung is such a soft boy so those two you picked for him make me so :(( 💘 

15 ▸ “can we cuddle?”

16 ▸ “i’ve been waiting for you to ask me for my sweater since forever, so i’m giving up on waiting and making you take it.”


your boyfriend wasn’t one to usually initiate displays of affection, but there were times where even park jisung would be at his limit if he wasn’t getting the attention he wanted.

you were studying diligently for your midterm that was tomorrow afternoon, but your boyfriend was deprived of you. of course, you let him come over, but he spent the next few hours playing games on his phone while you had your nose buried in your textbook. this wasn’t anything out of the normal for the two of you, but jisung was feeling a little needier. 

he was pondering over how to get you to notice him when he noticed you shivering. goosebumps prickled your upper arms and you cupped your palms over them while your attention stayed fixed to your textbook. 

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feel free to send me some requests if you guys have any :)

i only write for skz maknae line (hyunjin jisung felix seungmin and jeongjn) & nct dream (7dream), but i’m considering on writing for the rest of nct’s 99, 00 and 01 liners…so it’s lucas, xiaojun, hendery, yangyanh, shotaro and sungchan; but i’m not very familiar with them, so that’s why i’m a bit unsure, but i definitely do not mind writing for them :D

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Coffee Thief ||


Twenty Two || escaping

previousmain.m • next

synopsis: busy with the editing of your videos, you unknowingly took someone else’s order, not thinking it wasn’t yours. It only hit you when you took a sip of the extremely bitter coffee and realized it wasn’t yours. You talked to the barista, only to be approached by someone who called you a coffee thief after seeing his order in your grasp.

pairing: photographer!na jaemin x youtuber!fem reader

genre: fluff, crack, angst in some chapters, social media au, neighbors au, neighbors to lovers

warnings: swearing, a lot of teasing, childish arguments, inappropriate in some chapters

Updates: Monday/Wednesday/Friday- 6:00 (UTC+03:00)

If you want to be on the taglist, just send me an ask or a dm!
@valntynelisa @cloudychannieee @yuuuumiiin @colpen @mxrcayong @celinine @lokideadontheinside @jaemshyuck @jaeshatshop @neogotmyapplejuice
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tw: ouija board, calling of spirits and swearing.


“I don’t think this a good idea” you say as the wind blows a little causing a shiver to run down your back as well as the seven lit candles that flicker. Your hands shake as you hold on to the circular magnifying glass.

“It’s fine, it’s not even real” Renjun urges you on, pushing your arms closer to the board. You’re hesitant still. It’s not like you believe in it but it’s definitely something you’d rather be safe than sorry with.

“No I agree with y/n, I don’t think we should do this” Mark voices his concern from behind Jaemin, only one eye open because even though fear pulsed through him, this was something he had to see. Even though fear made every nerve in your body ignite,  you still wanted to do this. Maybe you were drunk on adrenaline or just curious, you placed the small glass down on the board and asked it a question.

“Spirits are you here?” An eerie silence fell upon the group, the only sound being small muffled sounds of Mark praying to God. Then a screech as your hands flew across the board against your will.

“Yes” Jeno read out as he gulped down the lump of fear audible in his voice as it shakes slightly. “You did that on purpose right y/n”

You were stunned, a strong pressure on your arms holding them down still, you couldn’t move. You prayed it was only fear keeping you hostage but then your arms moved again. “It’s not me I swear” you cried out and Jaemin rushed to aid you and soon followed by Jeno, trying to lift your arms off the board but they wouldn’t budge. Your arms moved fast only stopping a few seconds on the same letters repeatedly.

“ R E N” Chenle read out as Jisung peered over his shoulder “J U … ” everyone at this point already knew what it was spelling out and you could feel him shaking beside you, holding his breathe slightly as he anticipated the last letter. Your arms moved one again so fast you swear it could’ve snapped, and then it haluted, the magnifying glass hovering over “N” chenle hesitantly said.

“Renjun” a whisper came from behind him and he jumps and screams rip through the air coming from the direction of Jisung and Mark.

“Oh for fuck sake, Lee Haechan” Renjun cries out as he holds his chest trying to keep his heart from leaping out. Again there’s silence and everyone around the board goes pale as fear runs through your bodies again.

“R-Renjun” Mark stutters as his voice shakes clearly encased in fear. “Um Haechan’s not here anymore” and then Renjun remembers Lee Donghyuck passed away 2 months ago but then who is that behind him.

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