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#Party till late or bed by 8
sunalma · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
-> oikawa, hinata, tendou, daichi, suna, akaashi 
(after high school obviously so i guess timeskip! for all of them ?)
Tumblr media
• probably the happiest out of all the boys because the fact that you proposed to live with him gives him the certainty that you really are in love (and he wasn’t sure until now 🥺)
• moving took forever because you both had a lot of stuff, so you spent a few days living in the middle of half-empty packing boxes
• he has a scented candle addiction and he loves going candle shopping with you because he wants to make sure you’ll like the smells that will fill your apartment for the next months
• his favorite are the ones with autumnal scents like sandalwood, apple or pine
• if you’re ever invited to a party at someone’s house, forget spending the night there because oikawa refuses to sleep anywhere else than in your new apartment
• constantly humming songs or commercials music, which is pretty useful to always know which room he’s in
• like tanaka, he’s a huge victim of advertising and will order thousands of gadgets online (they all turn out to be pretty cool actually)
• he’s super nice to your neighbors just to hear about the gossip and spill all the tea to you when he gets back home
• you guys have already spent entire evenings badmouthing your neighbor up above who has an affair with the mother on the 6th floor
• he will dance with you around the living room, and i mean ballroom dance
• he cherishes your evening skincare routine with all his heart, both for the skin benefits and for the time he gets to spend with you
• and finally, oikawa loves decorating your apartment for different holidays because it's a good way to realize that time goes by but that you're still here with him
• i pray that you guys have a ground floor apartment, or else your poor downstairs neighbor will have to endure hinata’s constant jumping around
• he has a huge volleyball plastic cups collection because he always buys one at the merch stands after every match (they almost takes up an entire drawer)
• when you guys bake, you B A K E. you have already spent entire days in the kitchen and it was honestly so entertaining that you never wanted it to end
• obviously the kitchen is a mess afterwards but i feel like shōyō’s a mop enthusiast and doesn’t mind cleaning at all
• natsu loves spending time in her brother’s apartment (and lowkey really misses him at home)
• he got really emotional the first time he realized that you guys smelled the same now that you lived together
• he has already picked up the phone saying “hinata and y/n’s residence, how can i help you ?”
• there was a power outage one night but it turned out to be a really fun experience so you kept the lights off even when the power went back
• also, he NEVER closes the fridge door
• and he’s terrified of being robbed so he panics at the slightest noise in the apartment, especially at night
• since you guys are still young, you’re not rolling in money yet (wait till the msby pays start to come...) so expect many diy afternoons (why buy a shelf when you can make it ?)
• obviously you often go for walks because can you imagine hinata spending an entire day indoors ? i can’t
• tendou owns a ferret. that’s it, that’s the hc.
• CHAOTIC DECORATION (i’m talking poor quality memes randomly pinned to the wall)
• you guys have a little game going on where one of you has to hide a toy (found in a cereal box) around the apartment and wait for the other to find it. each day spent looking for the toy = 1 point for the other (you’re at 8, he’s at 13)
• he frequently moves furnitures just because he feels like it, and he’s super proud of the result every time
• does he make you taste every chocolate he makes ? absolutely he does
• you guys bought a globe just to make it spin and stop it with your finger to find ideas for future vacations (even though you know that you don’t have enough money yet, it doesn’t hurt to dream a little bit)
• he makes up the best stories to help you fall asleep after a nightmare, sometimes they’re so entertaining that you stay awake just to hear the end
• if it’s not stories then you guys talk about conspiracy theories until late at night, and he’s awfully convincing
• he bought a microphone and wakes you up with the reverb effect on if you oversleep
• a bug infiltrated the apartment and scared you ? no worries, tendou will befriend it and release it outside (or mercilessly stomp on it, depends on his mood)
• don’t get me wrong, he LOVES your apartment but he doesn’t want to fall into a routine and needs a little thrill every once in a while, so you guys often stay out until very late and only come back home when you’re this 🤏🏼 close to fall asleep
• when apartment hunting, one of his main criteria was a balcony. and you got one !
• on hot summer evenings, you guys put a mattress on the balcony and just lay there, enjoying the cool air. it has happened a few times that you fell asleep outside only to be woken up by the sunlight at 6am
• in his opinion, living with you is more than just living in the same place, he thinks of it as some kind of commitment to take care of you, and he does it with greatest pleasure
• therefore he has a lot of attentive gestures like running a bath for you when you’re stressed
• daichi washing the dishes with his sleeves rolled up, thank me later
• every morning, it takes him a few seconds to remember you’re living together, and he’ll whisper a little “nice” before getting out of bed
• you guys have a penny jar and hope it’ll help pay for a weekend/vacations together 🥺
• nothing would make him happier than you accompanying him on his morning runs (you can take a bike, he doesn’t mind)
• he absolutely loves it when it storms outside because it makes your apartment ten times more enjoyable, he could lay in bed listening to the rain for hours
• you thought living with daichi would mean living somewhere that smelled like him, but you were pleasantly surprised to see that you apartment actually has a unique smell, just the smell of home really
• oh and, the man can cook good and healthy food : what more could anybody want ?
• alright so hear me out : your apartment is south-facing and sometimes sunlight seeps in through the windows right into his green eyes, the view is breathtaking
• he owns the thickest pairs of socks because he can’t stand having cold feet, especially in the winter
• you guys own a few skateboards and sometimes skate inside when your downstairs neighbor isn’t there (and sometimes also when he is)
• he is ALWAYS sitting on furnitures that are not made to be sat on. counter, sink, dresser, you name it. and he really likes to watch you go about your day while just sitting there, enjoying the view
• ok so suna isn’t the best of cooks but i feel like there are one or two dishes that he masters to perfection
• but apart from these it’s mostly takeout tbh
• you have a window seat from which you have a pretty good view of the street (your guilty pleasure is to laugh together at kids falling)
• he’s definitely not a handyman so if something ever breaks down or needs to be fixed he’ll just look at you like “well shit”
• so you’ll try to learn with youtube tutorials called “how to fix a washing machine with zero tools”
• also, you watch movies or tv shows together almost every night, so you can have entire conversations only made of quotes/references to them (it drives everyone crazy because nobody understands)
• the amount of plans you have cancelled just to stay in bed together is astronomical, the only thing he won’t postpone is volleyball
• at first he was constantly overthinking this whole situation and persuading himself that you felt forced to live with him. but now he’s more confident and likes to believe that you’re really happy with him (spoiler : you are)
• akaashi wants to paint stuff on your walls so bad. but he has enough common sense not to do it if it’s a rental. on the other hand, if you’re the owners, then prepare to be blown away
• WOODEN WALL BOOKSHELVES and he’s read every book, to him and to you
• definitely light academia vibes, his taste is immaculate
• he doesn’t mind a little bit of mess and stuff lying around, he thinks it gives life to the apartment
• sweet boy needs to study to get his degree so it’s pretty frequent that you spend evenings studying together on the coffee table, just enjoying each others’ company
• your apartment smells like coffee in the morning and tea in the evening (black tea to be precise)
• let me tell you that his wardrobe is a blessing. putting on your boyfriends’ clothes is usually good for hanging around the house, but akaashi’s clothes are nice enough to go to a fancy restaurant in them
• if you fall asleep on the couch he will carry you to the bedroom AND remove your makeup if you wear any
• he’s an early riser and will always do his best to make you something for breakfast, even if he’s running late for school
• he does this very cute thing where he gets super close to his computer screen if he’s watching something interesting, but you scold him if he does that without his glasses on
• please cook with him and teach him how to make your favorite dishes, he’s just so willing to learn from you
• if you ever hum a song near him then he’ll have it stuck in his head all day and you’ll hear him sing it hours later in the bathroom
Tumblr media
if i die single, akaashi’s to blame.
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vinnieswife · 6 months ago
Can you do one where vinnie gets jealous over y/n and then punished her but goes to rough and y/n has to use a safe word and vinnie feels bad afterwards- <3
Please I want Vinnie to punish me for being a brat😎
Vinnie Hacker x reader
Words: 3982
Warnings: spanking, daddy kink ofc, smut, dom!Vinnie x sub!reader, face fucking, mouth spitting, choking!Kink,rough sex in general.
Another morning at the Hype House, Thomas had decided to have a party with the Sway house, despite the fact that Bryce and he did not get along very well, the situation between the two of them had improved a lot, now they were shaking hands and could have a normal conversation not like before they hit each other.
The party would be at night and in this case it would be at the Sway House not at the Hype House like the last times, Bryce promised to behave and not do anything crazy at the party, Vinnie and you would go together with which you would only take a car ( akka Vinnie's car)
It was still 7 o'clock and the party would be at 8 o'clock with which you started to get ready, you got into the shower while Vinnie was talking with Thomas and Michael about any stupidity of theirs, when you finished you wrapped the towel around your body drying it, Then you put on a set of black lingerie that Vinnie had given you last week, debuting it next to a tight black dress, which perfectly marked the correct places on your body, making the fabric conform to your shape, when you were about to apply mascara on your long lashes Vinnie opened the door.
"Hey Y / n have you seen my- wow" he stared at you in the mirror reflection, his eyes roaming you up and down repeatedly, blinking in amazement.
"Hell, you're Gorgeous, I-I..., god"
You turned around looking at him smiling, "Thanks Vin, you don't look bad either"
He supported you on the bathroom sink, your butt against the marble surface, he placed his arms on either side of you, slowly approaching you, making the difference in height noticeable, Vinnie grabbed your chin with his index finger and thumb, forcing you to maintain eye contact with him.
"Hey" he says in a whisper.
“Hi” you answer back smiling, his hand flying to your waist.
“What if we skip the party and stay here in my room doing some ... wild activities? Huh? How does that sound love? "
"As much as I enjoy that ... wild activities I actually want to go to that party, I miss my girls"
“Oh cmon you see them another day, please?” He begs hiding his face in the crock of your neck, leaving some kisses there.
“Vin, we are going to be late” you say grabbing his cheeks, pulling him close to leave a soft kiss on his red lips.
“I just do this because I love you” he kisses you back but with more passion.
“I love you too Vin”
You both got into the car, the trip was not very long, about 15 minutes at most, Vinnie's hand was always on your thigh, given gentle caresses and light squeezes, when Vinnie arrived, he parked the car, along with all the expensive cars of the other guests, Vinnie got out first and walked around the car to open the door for you.
"Oh, such a gentleman"
"Only for you madam" you giggle grabbing his arm to hold him close, "are you nervous?" "No whaaatt? Pufff no "
"Oh god, yes you are" "just a little"
"It's all of our friends you don't need to be nervous, everything it's going to be okay, I promise" "okay" "good" he smiles and starts walking with again to the inside of the house.
~time skip 1 hour~
You started to feel really needy, so you go to Vinnie asking him to go to a bathroom and do something, but, to your surprise he said no, you stood there with a surprised face asking him why,he just shrug his shoulders and keep talking with the people around.
When “into it by Chase Atlantic” began to sound, you took Vinnie to the dance floor, bringing him closer to you,he followed you, it started like an innocent dance, everything was perfect, and there your plan was put into motion, when the song reached the chorus you get closer to him a lot more, sliding your hands down his chest, taking them over the fabric that covered his abs, hooking your fingers in his belt, “what do you thing you are doing huh?” He grabs your hands turning you around, to have a beautiful sight of your butt, grabbing your hips hardly he puts your butt against his covered cock, moving his hips a little just to make you more flustered, “Vin pleas-“ “no” you turn around to look at him in the eyes. Then you feel how he looses his touch on you, just walking away, not before giving a good squeeze to your ass, making you moan in his neck.
He goes to talk with Bryce and Noah again, so you just search for Ness,Maddy and Nai (NAILEA MY LOVE)
“Omg hiii Y/n” all of them say to you
“Hey gurrllsss, how are y’all been?”
The girls start to compliment you con lo cual tú también hiciste lo mismo con ellas.
“Hey Y/n that dude on the bar table is staring at you” Ness tells you
“Huh? Who?” “The one with the red shirt”
You looked again noticing how the dude still have his eyes on you, you smile politely at him and he smiles back at you.
Your head starts to think in a way to make Vinnie fuck you senseless or at least to give you a little time of pleasure, you smirk at your idea, Nailea look at you knowing what do you think “Y/n if you do that, you are not going to walk in a week” she says.
“God Nai that’s exactly what I want, but he has just been teasing me all the party” you say with a sigh.
Ness and Maddy hype you up to do it and Nai just start laughing.
You start walking to the guy in the bar table,he smiles at you again, you two start talking a little and you discover his name was Zach, and he was an old Bryce’s friend, you two were talking about likeness when you noticed Vinnie’s gaze on you, giving the dude death looks, he takes his phone and send you a text.
-What do you think you are doing pup?
•Just talking with a friend? Why?
You give him a inocent look and he looks back at you clenching his jaw.
-Don play with fire if you don’t wanna get burn princess.
•Maybe I want to get burn.
You put your phone into your pocket and go back talking with Zach,then you think, -what if I just flirt with him to see Vinnie’s reaction?- so you did it, you start to touch his arm, knowing how Vinnie hates when you do that to someone who it isn’t him. You lean a little to get close to Zach’s ear whispering something when your phone buzz again.
“Oh, I’m sorry give me a sec”
You looked at your texts noticing a message from Vinnie.
-You better stop doing what you are doing pup, or I’m going to make you.
You ignored the text and keep the flirting with the guy, he grabs your waist pulling you closer to him, and you smile at him, feeling Vinnie’s intense look in you, your phone buzz again.
-come here. Now.
-You know what? I’m coming to you.
Then you feel a hand on your waist,grabbing you pulling you close to a toned chest, oh lord,you know you messed this.
“Sorry for the interruption dude but my girlfriend is a little too friendly when she’s drunk, I’m sorry again”
When the dude grabs Vinnie’s wrist “I saw her first dude, don’t play the -she’s my girlfriend- with me”
“Excuse me? Oh god you are going to-“ “hey let’s go home okay? Vin, please” he looks at you, and with that look you know he is mad,really mad, you have been acting like a brat all day, talking back, teasing him, flirting with others to make him jealous.
“Leave us alone, right sweetheart?” The dude asks
“No, he’s my boyfriend and I just use you to make him jealous so, no”
Vinnie grabs your wrist roughly but not to hard to hurt you, he makes signs to Thomas and scream a “we’re leaving” with a smirk on his face.
You both got into te car, the ride was silence until Vinnie puts his hand on your thigh again, you look at him opening your mouth to ask him for forgiveness when he cuts you off “ don’t you dare to try to explain it, I know perfectly what you were doing, and when we get home I’m going to fuck the shit out of you, got it? I’m going to edge you for hours, tide your wrists to the headboard, spank you ‘till you cry, then I’m going to eat you out and overstimulate you ‘till you can’t cum anymore,and even there I will fuck you senseless, because you are going to take everything I will give you, got it?”
“Yes I got it” you say with a whispers
“You got it who?”
“Yes I got it daddy”
When you arrived at the Hype House, it was empty since everyone was at the party and because of how they were they would not arrive until dawn, with which Vinnie had all night to make you pay for what you had done, and that was not very pleasant for you. As soon as you enter the door Vinnie guide you to his room, entering it, he blocked the door and hit you against the door,
"If you act like a whore, you'll get treated like one"
He began to kiss you roughly, his kisses descended rapidly towards your neck, marking your hot skin with his lips, from time to time he left a small bite at the base of your neck, descending towards your clavicle, leaving hickeys in the area.
"Jump" he said in your demanding tone.
You obeyed and jumped, wrapping your legs around his waist, his hands traveled to your butt, giving it a good grip as he kissed you again in a desperate and demanding way, his tongue entered your mouth without warning, dancing with your tongue, at a slow speed, both of your lips red from the intensity of the kiss.
He sat on the edge of the bed, untying his belt, your eyes widened, you stared at the belt. "Come here" you swallowed and approached staying in front of him, he got up from the bed, taking your wrists, wrapping the belt around your wrists in such a way that it was hooked.
He sat back on the bed, motioning for you to get into his lap.
You looked at his hands, and as his rings were still on each finger, you waited a few seconds praying that he would remove the rings, but that moment never came, this time he would leave them on, which would be more painful.
You lay on his legs, your butt between his thighs and your body on the bed.
His hands caressed your butt on the fabric of the dress, he lifted the dress up to your hips, leaving you exposed, he hooked his fingers in the waistband of your thong, lowering it, passing it over your legs letting it fall on the floor.
"You act like a brat all night ..."
"I don't act like a brat-" he leaves a hard smack on your ass cheek making you whimper.
"Are you talking back little slut?" He asks in a fake innocent tone.
"No daddy"
"That's what I thought" he start caressing your butt cheeks.
And then he laid the first smack into your left cheek "o-one" you let out a whimper. He laids another one into your right cheek, you moan and he leaves another smack "I said count" he said in a rougher tone "Two and three, I'm sorr-" another smack "f-uck, four" at this point tears fall from your eyes, falling into the sheets. The smacks laid on your butt in a fast pace, "cmon baby three more" "th-three?" "Do you want them to be five?" "N-no!" "Then count!" "Thirte-en" the cries leaving your mouth between sobs, "Did that hurt puppy? Good, it's supposed to", "f-four-te-en" you say in a whisper, and the smack "five teen!" You scream because the last one was harder than the others.
The three smacks laid on you butt making you moan and scream at the pain in your butt, Vinnie caress your cheeks covered in his handprints.
"You are such a good slut for me, don't you?" I have smirks caressing your back.
"Stand up" he helps you to get up, his hands grabbing your waist, his hands travel to your back, grabbing the zipper of the dress and tugging it down, he slid the straps of the dress down your shoulders, letting the piece of fabric fell to the ground remaining on your ankles, you stepped outside the fabric, you were completely exposed to it, the only garment that covered your body was your bra.
You whimper in response, he could feel the arousal between you legs, but he never been this helpless to relieve the pressure. You squirmed, your hips bucking in desesperation. Vinnie chuckled, gently brushing the hair out of your face, “that’s what I thought”.
“Please, please...”
“Please?” Vinnie mocked, making you start to sob in frustration.
“You know you have to do better that that”
You gasped “Daddy, put your hands on me.Touch me,or fuck me I don’t care”. Tears run down your face.
“Please just use me”
“Touch me please, I can’t take it anymore...”
Your legs were spread open by Vinnie’s hands, your hands chained to the headboard with his belt.
Vinnie had done anything but tease you, touching your thighs lightly, brushing his hand against your nipples or pinching them.
“And what if I don’t?...”
He softened a bit with the tears.
“Good” he murmured, positioning himself between your legs.
At the simple touch of his hand on your heat, your entire body convulsed with pleasure. Vinnie smirked “Now, that wasn’t to difficult, was it?”
The moment when you were about to cum. Your eyes roll back , your shoulder pushed off of the bed as you tremble and shiver in Vinnie’s arms. A high pitched whine resounding in the room before you started mumbling and begging for Vinnie to touch you again. And he just smirks, the thrusts with his fingers stopped as he smiles devilishly and kisses you.
“Dad-ddy please, more” you mumble pulling the belt.
“What baby? You want more? You are begging for me so well. But are not allowed to come,not now. You can cum only when I say it okay baby?” He said with a fake caring tone.
He grabbed you by the hips, getting you out of bed, placing you on his lap, his hand slowly lowered over your abdomen, his fingers brushing your hips, he put his hand in your pussy,cupping it, his fingers quickly found your clit, playing with it lightly, just making pressure, making you moan with pleasure, then he start fingering you while you are sitting on his lap, you started feeling so embarrassed, you just hide your face in the crook of Vinnie's neck. He eventually grabs your jaw roughly and he makes you look at him, telling you to hold eye contact or else you won't get to cum "open your eyes and look at me whore"
His fingers start pumping in a fast pace making your head fall backwards,you bite your lip to not make a sound, he curls his fingers to reach that spot inside of you.
"Stay nice and quiet, if I hear a moan slip I'll fuck your throat raw, understood?"
The pace goes faster again, you try so hard to contain your moans and whimpers,little tears running down your face, he brings up his hand cleaning and drying your cheeks with his thumb,"oh cmon slut you can moan now"
You let out loud moans as your walls clench around Vinnie's fingers,he grabs your throat kissing you roughly while you moan in his mouth, this one is your first orgasm because Vinnie denied all the ones before,then he pulls you close to whisper in your ear "shut up and take it princess, do it for daddy" you nod your head biting your lip again, has he goes rougher, leaving kisses and more hickeys on your neck, you try harder to be quiet until you can't take it and you moan his name and cum all over his fingers.
He starts laughing at how pathetic you are, groaning in your ear "good fucking girl" he grabs you putting you into the bed laying on your back, he kisses your lips, biting harder at your lower lip making you moan, his kisses traveled down again, leaving more hikers on your breasts and abdomen, his lips leaving ghost touches on your skin.
His mouth reach your hips making they way down to your clit, he starts playing with the little bud, kissing it softly before biting it, making you scream in pleasure.
"Oh god Daddy please" you whimper.
His tongue start moving in a fast pace between your folds, playing around your hole, his tongue moving in and out at a torturing slowly pace, his tongue giving your hole little strokes, he goes up again at your clit, sucking on it harshly.
You started to feel the tight sensation in your stomach, getting more closer to your release Vinnie's tongue doesn't slow down for a second, in fact it just speed up 'till you cum all over his mouth and chin, you expect him to stop,but he shoves his fingers into your hole and attaches his mouth to your clit, sucking on it harshly, making you scream again, "Thank me" he growls, pushing his fingers further into your hole. "Thank me for the orgasm I just let you have" you moan loudly, shaking with the force of Vinnie's fingers moving in and out. "Fuck, tha-ank you"
Vinnie smirks at you and you cry out as you feel his fingers twist and his tongue drops down to play with your clit in slow motions.
It was so much pleasure for you to handle, you start to move back from Vinnie's mouth, just to hear a groan from his throat and to feel his hands grabbing your thighs harder to pull your pussy closer to him. "No,no,no. Get back here I'm not done with you "
He goes back at pumping his fingers inside of you all the overstimulation making your chest raise up and down at a erratic pace, your orgasm start to build up again, your moans loud and your hand gripping at the sheets, your third orgasm explodes, "Aww, look the poor thing accidentally came" this time Vinnie stops, cleaning your mess with his tongue, lapping every drop of your cum.
"You taste fantastic slut, now get on your knees"
You make up from the bed, your legs feeling numb for the hard orgasms, you gent on your knees, your hands moving to take off his trousers, sliding them down to his ankles, then your hands reach his underwear, caressing him through the fabric of his boxers. "Take them off" you slide them down his ankles too, his cock already hard pressing against his lower abdomen, leaking with pre-cum, you grab it with your hand, liking the pre-cum in his tip, making him groan in pleasure, you take him in your mouth, but Vinnie has other plans for you, he grabs your hair pushing himself deeper into your throat making you gag, he start at a fast pace, making you gag every-time he hits the back you your throat, you separated from his cock, breathing hard, "vinnie" you said with a ragged breath, he put his cock back in your mouth, "shut up and take it" he proceeds to fuck your mouth again. "Aah just like that, taking all my cock like the slut you are" he groans, tears start running down your face, Vinnie grabs your hair tightly making you moan against his cock, you allow your cheeks to make force on his cock, "aah shit, I'm going to cum" his seed explodes in your mouth, you swallowed all of it, some of his cum falls to your chin so you grab it with your finger pulling it back in your mouth.
"Get up" he grabs your hand to help you to stand up, he makes his way with you to the bed, again, he grabs you and puts you into the bed, laying on your back, he approaches you, positioning himself on top of you, he doesn't waist time, pulling his cock inside of you, you moan, again tears running down your face for the overstimulation you where receiving, Vinnie's strokes are deep and hard, making your head spin, the line between pain and pleasure was invisible now, the pain in your legs was more than the pleasure, you try to push Vinnie out of you, but he grabs your wrists pinning them to the bed, "V-Vinnie..."
He just moans in you neck, 'till you start moving to much, you want him to stop, you need him to stop, so you just scream it.
"Book!, Vinnie book!"
He stops instantly, pulling out of you,grabbing your face, strolling your cheeks. "Oh lord Y/n I'm so sorry, I shouldn't push you that far, I'm so sorry love"
"It's okay, I say it because I don't feel pleasure anymore"
"Shh, love you don't have to say sorry, if you ever want me to stop just say it and I will stop"
"Cmon let's get cleaned okay?" You hummed a “Mhm” agains his shoulder "I'm so sorry baby" he whispers against your hair.
He gets up, leaving you in bed,the puts the sheets over your body, he puts his boxers, and walk to the bathroom, the las time you heard was the water running into the bathtub.
While you where sleeping in the bed Vinnie prepares a bath, with warm water to help your sore body, some slow music,a red bathbomb making the water look red, a couple of candles on the sink and bubbles, a lot of bubbles.
He makes sure everything was perfect for you, the goes to the dorm again, caressing you cheek waking you up. "Hey love" "Hey" you say in a sleepy tone, "let's get you cleaned up, how does that sound?"
"Mhmm perfect" he kiss your forehead and carry you in bridal style to the bath tub, both of you get inside the warm water, Vinnie grabs a sponge and puts some soap in it, massaging your shoulders and washing your arms, chest and back, when he finish he cleans the soap with water, giving little kisses on your shoulders and nape. "I'm so sorry..." he mumbles against your back "I'm truly sorry, I would never hurt you in that way, and I'm sorry that a make you say the safe word" "Vin I promise that it's okay, when I say the word you stopped and help me, you take care of me and give me all your attention, I promise that it's okay" you smile at him, leaning back on his chest,moving head to look at him,he looks back at you making eye contact, "I love you so much Y/n" "I love you too Vin" he leans down and give you a little kiss on your forehead, another on your left cheek and the last one on your lips,that one a little longer than the others.
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velvetcardiganbucky · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
VelvetCardiganBucky’s Recommendations 2021: Week 11 | March 7th – March 13th
Welcome to week 11 of my recommendations, if you would like to be featured on a future list, I follow the hashtag #VelvetCardiganBucky, message me, tag me in your future works, or reblog this post and link to your story, one-shot, Masterlist, writing challenge, etc.
Be aware some if not most stories and writers on this list are meant to be consumed by an audience of those 18+. My blog is also an 18+ blog.
🚀Enter my To Infinity Writing Challenge, in celebration of 500 followers.☄️
✨Page breaks are made @firefly-graphics✨
🗓Weeks 12 & 13 may be combined into one list as my best friend is coming to visit and spend a week with me in the city at my Aunt’s.
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Stuff I Posted This Week:
Run To You a Bucky Barnes Mafia!AU Playlist » Mafia Boss!Bucky hires the Reader to be his Bodyguard. Based off the story Run To You by @bestofbucky
Maybe 107 Isn’t So Bad » Bucky Barnes x Reader — It’s Bucky’s birthday and the gangs all here to throw him a party but the thing is he’s just not that into it. That is till the reader gives him his birthday gift.
WandaVision a Playlist » Vision had taught her that grief was love preserving, and in turn she taught him she created him with her sadness & hope & love.
Tumblr media
Charles Blackwood
cattivo fino all'osso. by @nsfwsebbie » Dark!Step Dad!Charles Blackwood x Innocent!Step Daughter!Reader — He’s bad to the bone, sick as a dog. But he knows that you like him a lot. | I don’t have much to say about this but the smut in this just left me speechless.
Tumblr media
Lee Bodecker
(Mini) Series:
When I’m Down On My Knees, You’re How I Pray by @sweeterthanthis » Lee Bodecker x Reader — Lee wasn’t your type. Married men were not your type. Yet something about that asshole made your knees weak, and your pussy flutter. | I have a weakness for harsh Lee, and Lau made it happen with this. The smut in this, is just perfect and part two is on the way.
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes
Love Is Like A Warm Cookie by @rhubarb-barnes » Bucky Barnes x Reader — Reader take a few slips but with Bucky and some warm freshly baked cookies, you know it will all be okay. | It’s so fluffy and it leaves you craving some cookies.
Leather Jacket by @mymoonagedaydream » Biker!Bucky Barnes x Reader — Your genius business idea seemed to have attracted the wrong sort of people to your brother’s bar- at first. | Somewhat fluffy and a dash a smut, I loved it!
Untitled Biker!Bucky Birthday by @angrythingstarlight » Biker!Bucky Barnes x Reader — Your biker neighbor invites you over for his birthday party. Just you and him. | I will gladly celebrate Biker!Bucky’s birthday this way any day.
(Mini) Series:
To Have & To Hold by @slyyywriting » Bucky Barnes x Mob Boss!Reader — Bucky is trying his best to provide and care for his daughter who just entered first grade. Everything was alright until she asks why everyone else seems to have a mom except for her. You’re just a plain mob boss who wants to turn a new leaf. Challenges arise when the world refuses to let you take a softer, non-violent route. A little girl helps you navigate a compromise. | This story was adorable, it has a little bit of everything including fluff, angst, & just a dash of smut.
Crossfire by @cherienymphe » dark!biker!Bucky x Reader & dark!Steve Rogers x Reader — You and your new husband Steve move back to his hometown. It is here that his past catches up with him, and you both pay the price. | I would simply describe this story as purely perfection, angsty, dark, and smutty.
*Cobra Snake Necktie by @moteldwelling » biker!bucky x nurse!reader — bucky barnes is a magnet for danger, bad karma, and pretty woman. a motorcycle crash lands him in reader’s ER, and it looks like he might have just found himself a new game of high-stakes chase. only question is, who really is the blue eyed vagabond, and what could he possibly be hiding? | this story has a little bit of everything you could want in a story; angst, fluff, smut and action. It’s honestly perfect and it pulled on my heartstrings quite a bit as I read it but I would read it again, and again.
Run To You 🪙 Part 9 by @bestofbucky » Mob Boss!Bucky Barnes x Reader — Mob boss Bucky Barnes hires you to be his bodyguard. | Jenny continues so blow our minds with the emotions she brings through the reader as the story continues. If you haven’t read this story, I highly recommend reading this while keeping tissues by your side or just a glass of water and a snack. Thank me later.
Tumblr media
Paper Skin by @river-soul » Dark Alpha!Stucky x Omega!Reader — Happy with your behind-the-scenes job as an analyst for SHIELD, you’re surprised when Maria Hill asks for your help with an undercover sting operation involving Steve and Bucky. You learn too late the group you’re trying to steal information from isn’t the only danger. [A/B/O dynamics, noncon and explicit sexual content, 18+] | I spent majority of this wanting to beat the boys off with a wooden stick but they are possessive of her in a hot sort of way. By the end honestly you are left thinking the temperature in the room has gone up a few degrees.
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers
So Listen, I Need a Favor by @mashep23 » Steve Rogers x Reader (Past Brock Rumlow x Reader mentioned) — College!AU. In an impulsive attempt to avoid your ex-boyfriend, you enlist the help of a handsome innocent bystander. | This is so fluffy and cute, it made me wish I had Steve to hide and protect me from my ex-boyfriend.
*Somnus by @sweeterthanthis » Nomad!Steve Rogers x Reader — On the rare occasion that you have him in your bed, you savor every last minute. Even while he sleeps. | It’s going to have to be the connection between the reader and Steve does it for me in this one. That leaves me breathless, along with how Lau ended it. It’s just perfect.
(Mini) Series:
Balls Deep by @ozarkthedog » Steve Rogers x Reader • Part 1: Daydreaming • Part 2: Learning Curve — Steve confronts you about “The Marble". | Poor reader, will never be able to live this down I feel, but it’s a laughable situation that I thoroughly enjoyed. The smut was so good!
It’s been a long, long time ☕️ Prologue by @mostly-marvel-musings » Steve Rogers x Peggy, Steve Rogers x Reader (eventually) — Steve Rogers – a man who has lost too much finds himself blending into the crowd in attempts to forget his past but revisits familiar places and spends days sketching his heart out. A rainy evening leads him to take shelter in your coffee shop. Is having meaningful conversations over endless cups of coffee with a stranger the key to unlocking a heart that’s lost the will to love? | This has only just started and the prologue has hit me and the feels. I can honestly say I’m so excited for this mini-series. Thank you hun for entering my writing challenge and writing this for it!
Dark Commander 🖤 Part 8 🖤 Part 9 🖤 Part 10 » by @jtargaryen18 » Hydra Supreme aka Commander Steve Rogers x Civilian Reader — Immediately following the Battle of New York in May 2012, the world is about to learn that Hydra is very much alive, a parasite that’s infiltrated both SHIELD and the US Govt. The world is about to meet the Hydra Supreme… Will the Avengers be able to stop Hydra before it’s too late? Will they be able to stop its Dark Commander? | @jtargaryen18 version of Hydra!Steve continues to give me chills and I love it so much. I loved catching up and looking forward to seeing what happens to the reader next.
Tumblr media
Andy Barber
Ten Minute Recess by @whisperlullaby » Andy Barber x Reader — You are a court room reporter and you cannot stop fanticizing about Andy. | Short and Smutty, just like you need it sometimes.
Tumblr media
Ari Levinson
(Mini) Series:
Possessiveness by @stargazingfangirl18 » Ari Levinson x Female!Reader — You didn’t even want a new client, let alone this new client, but he wants you. He wants you bad. | This is a long one but such a good one. Let me just say that Ari Levinson can get possessive like this of me any day, to an extent. Read the Sequel Parley.
Tumblr media
Clark Kent
His Sun, Your World by @angrythingstarlight » dark!Clark Kent x Reader — An unexpected opportunity to escape the man of steel goes awry. | Sometimes you read something that gives you chills, and this is that something.
Tumblr media
Double Fun!!! by @thegetawaywriter » Steve Rogers x Female Reader x Andy Barber — If you had the chance to have a threesome with your boyfriends friend wouldn’t you, especially Andy Barber? | Have a bucket of ice cold water on standby when you finish this, because this one is coming in hot!
A Different Kind of Love by @river-soul » Alpha!Andy x Omega!Reader x Beta!Jake — Happily bonded to your Beta Jake Jensen, you both realize you’re missing the security and love that only an Alpha can bring. When Jake meets Andy Barber he knows he’s found just what you both need, now he just needs to convince you. [A/B/O dynamics, explicit sex (m and f receiving) and use of handcuffs, 18+] | A pair you never knew you needed that once you have it you love it! This is so hot you are going to need a cool after reading, trust me.
(Mini) Series:
Parley sequels to To Have & To Hold & Possessiveness by @stargazingfangirl18 » Andy Barber x Fem!Reader; Ari Levinson x (Different) Fem!Reader — Andy and Ari meet to discuss business and enjoy the progression of their respective relationships in between. | Let me just say the interaction between the all Chris characters (there’s a surprise Chris in this) is just great and I’m hoping for an interaction between the readers, where they just compliment each other, completely oblivious that they look alike. I would for sure read it again and I probably am going to.
Two’s A Company by @navybrat817 » Bucky Barnes x Reader x Chris Beck — It’s selfish to want both Bucky and Beck…or is it? | Don’t mind me as I smile like an idiot in the corner hoping for a porn filled sequel to this lovely one-shot.
Fiery Friends 🔥 Part 2 by @wanderinglunarnights » Johnny Storm x OFC!Sophia Jones — Johnny invites his best friend Sophia to stay with him in his penthouse during quarantine | Sometimes you just need to read a quarantine story, and even though this is just starting, I have a feeling this is going to be a good one.
*When originally posted I didn’t have @stargazingfangirl18 account linked with her stories. I don’t know how that happened but, I caught it within the hour of posting.*
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worminstuff · 7 months ago
random obscure headcanons for the boys we all miss most- the tbott family.
warnings: pure family content. (there’s no tws)
word count: i don’t know i’m not even putting my auto caps on.
oh father phil, how we have missed you.
this man folds his socks.
drinks black coffee, but when wilburs making iced coffees and stuff, he always asks for one.
when techno was about 9 and said he wanted to learn how to ride a bike finally, phil was ecstatic. he was super excited but since techno is techno, he didn’t need phil’s help at all really. phil watched like a soccer mom while 9 year old techno taught himself how to ride a bike.
phil h a t e s mustard. tommy puts it in his burger when he’s not looking.
phil gets very worried when his kids get quiet. besides techno. but the other three- he gets reaalllll worried.
he once ate an entire apple, core and all, to prove a point to tommy. 4 year old tommy. he cried.
phil then acted pregnant for a week saying he was gonna have an apple baby. tommy hates apples now.
phil did feel bad after he realized what trauma he caused-
phil tries to give techno dating advice for y/n but techno always brings up the “but you’re single. and you’ve been single-“ every time. phil then mocks him like a child. techno finds it hilarious. (which is secretly why phil does it)
wil to the bur
he smokes cigarettes because they help him calm down, and he thinks the smell is actually nice.
he sleeps with like 8 blankets on his bed.
when he and techno where much younger, he used to sleep in technos bed with him. phil thought it was because techno had a nightmare or something but wilbur or techno never told him it was cause wilbur gets lonely at night.
wilbur = party animal
wilbur brought y/n to her first party, and it was bonkers. he has polaroids of them from that night that he keeps in his wallet.
wilbur takes tommy on “brother days” where they go on adventures and tommy picks where they go. wilburs favorite was when they played hide and seek in a target. he surprisingly didn’t loose tommy.
wilbur bakes when he’s stressed. that’s why tommy always has cookies in his school lunch bags.
when wilbur wanted to move out, y/n offered her house since no one really lives there but her parents still payed for it. and he was still close to home but with the independency he wanted. he didn’t take her up on it until a month after she offered.
wilbur doesn’t enjoy receiving gifts as much as he prefers to give.
wilbur got into a college near by, but tommy didn’t understand that it ment he would be staying home for school so he freaked. wilbur actually ended up spending the night in his room after explaining he wasn’t leaving his little bro.
wilbur did shit his pants in a park out of fear one time. he was 4. phil has a picture of him crying on the car ride home with no pants on and clean underwear. it’s in both their wallets.
satan spaw- tommy.
tommy had separation anxiety as a baby.
tommys favorite person is y/n because she’s the only mother ish figure he ever had growing up, and that resonated with him more than he could understand.
one time when tommy was about 8 he snuck over to y/n’s house because she wasn’t staying at theirs and he was scared something was gonna happen to her. he scared the shit out of her but she let him stay the night and brought him back early so phil wasn’t scared.
tommy bit a dog once.
tommy once tried to slap a bug out of tubbos hand and “accidentally” slapped him across the face. tubbo then ate an apple i front of him.
tommy cried.
tommys first girlfriends name was elle, she was a sweety. funnily enough tho, when she came over to hangout with tommy she met techno. apparently, she was quite fond of techno. the relationship was short.
tommy hates lady bugs.
tommy had velcro shoes till he was 10.
when tommy got much much older, he gave y/n a similar ring to the one he swallowed as a christmas present. she cried, which made him cry, and then phil cried, and then techno and wilbur laughed at them all.
tommy actually gave y/n a mother’s day card as a joke when he was like 17 but y/n cried and he gave her a big hug and she told him how proud of him she was and how lucky she felt to be a very loose version of a mom/big sister to him.
pink hair boy
y/n once told him he smelled bad and he didn’t talk to her for 48 hours.
techno and y/n started staying at her house once phil allowed them when they turned 18 and techno loved bonk (y/ns cat)
him and the cat were besties. bonk would sit on his shoulders.
techno holds y/ns pinky sometimes when he’s doing something but wants to sorta hold her hand.
techno likes to help y/n pick outfits, not in a controlling you can’t wear this cause to much skin, he just likes to make her try on a bunch of things.
techno had 3 favorite hoodies, one is one of phil’s old ones, one is from will, and the last he bought himself but tommy wears it often.
techno bakes with wilbur late at night sometimes.
technos fondest memory as a child was when y/n made him a book. it was a story about a rabbit, and he still has it on his bookcase.
after will graduated college and moved out of y/ns house and the sleepy house fully and got his own, techno and y/n actually moved in to her house.
they decorated it, and even painted it new. y/n was really greatful he let her stay in her childhood home.
but techno didn’t tell her it was because he was scared of moving away from tommy, and the treehouse too. he never wanted to not be able to have moments with her in the treehouse.
techno and bo became amazing friends and even ended up going to the same college. it was a community college but- yk-
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andilovetowrite · 5 months ago
Punch to the Heart (Part 1)
Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: After repeatedly blowing you off on plans, events and trips, you have finally had enough. But Peter soon regrets it as he sees the harsh reality of almost losing his best friend.
Based on a request you can find here!
Warnings- Crying and a bit of flinching. This is probably my most angsty fic yet, with sprinkles of fluff here and there :)
Here is my Masterlist in case you wanna find more of my work :)
Part 2
Tumblr media
“No, I can’t make it.”
“Sorry, I gotta hang out with MJ.”
“Oh, MJ wants to go out for the evening.”
“Of course I can’t come for movie night, MJ and I are going on a date.”
“Hey Pete, I got the snacks here, come on in”, you said, excited to be spending time with your best friend for the first time in weeks.
“Uh, so I can’t stay for movie night. I gotta pick up MJ and we are heading to her house for the night.”
As he said that, you could feel your heart sinking, stomach curling. Peter never used to bail on your plans, let alone not come to movie nights. Before he started dating MJ and fought Mysterio, you two were inseparable. Always joined at the hip. Whether it was Spiderman duties or simple day to day things, you two would always do it together. Through thick and thin.
That was your motto. You and Peter made it when you were young. But perhaps, you could get through thick and thin, but not through MJ…
“What do you mean? We have been planning this for more than a month. Or well, I have”, you said bitterly, rolling your eyes.
“Well, can’t we just reschedule or something. MJ wants me there tonight.”
You scoffed, looking down. “Peter, I’m your best friend and we haven’t hung out in a month. Can’t you just postpone your plans with MJ?”
He sighed, looking annoyed. “Okay, I can’t just bail on MJ!”
“But you have no problem turning me down every time….”
Peter chuckled humourlessly, running his hand through his hair. “But she is my GIRLFRIEND Y/N!”
“So that’s just an excuse now?” you asked, taking a step back when he yelled.
“Look, it’s not my fault that I want to spend time with my girlfriend. So stop always trying to get attention, and for gods sakes, stop being so fucking clingy!” Peter shouted, throwing his arm back. You stood still, stunned. Tears started welling up in your eyes as you looked down. You wanted to say something, a backhand comment, something to redeem your dignity, but all you let out was a choked sob. Suddenly, Peter looked up, recognition on his face as he reached out to you. But just as he was going to touch you, you flinched, stepping further away from him.
Hurt burst through his face when he saw what you were doing. “Y/N, I didn’t mean-”
“Just go, Peter. You already know how to…” you whispered, arms wrapping around your frame. You felt a fresh batch of tears forming, but you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing it. So you turned around, grabbed the door handle, and turned to see him, heartbreaking in two as you saw the flowers he had held behind his back for MJ.
“I’ll stop being a clingy best friend. Hell, I’ll just stop being a best friend.” And with that, you walked in, shutting the door behind you before crumbling to the ground. The smell of fresh sandwiches was in the air, the kind from Delmar. You knew Peter liked them, so you had gone and bought some for your movie night. But now, the sight of them made you curl up as you cried softly into your arms.
A part of you hoped Peter would come back, knock on the window and say that he had dumped MJ and was ready to spend time with you. Alas, life doesn’t always go the way you hoped it would, since, within minutes, you heard the familiar WHAP of his web. That was the first night in years that you cried yourself to sleep….
“Ugh”, you mumbled as your eyes tried to adjust to the bright yellow light streaming in through the window. “Mom, close it!”
“Nope, you have to get up! This pity party of yours has been going on for too long. You’ve stayed in bed the entire weekend. You have to go to school today!” Your mom stood up, yanking your cover out of your bed. She sighed, looking at your bedridden head and dark circles. “How late did you stay up till?”
You sighed, leaving the warm embrace of your bed. “Just till one”
Your mom clasped your shoulder, pulling you up gently. “Okay I don’t know what happened, but I have a plate of bacon and egg on the table. Go have a shower and then get some breakfast.” She ruffled your hair. “A full stomach makes a happy person” She winked at you before walking out of your room.
You pulled yourself out of bed and into the bathroom, shedding your clothes. Stepping under the war water, you let your worries flow away with the mascara marks that were stuck on your face. Running your fingers through your tangled hair, you promised yourself Peter wouldn’t see you break down today. Drying off, you walked out of the room, dressed in some of your comfortable clothes. Quickly eating your breakfast, you left for school, wanting to get there before everyone else arrived. You ran up the stairs, going straight to the library. You didn’t have a busy day, actually, you had only 2 classes today but quite a bit of work to do… Since you had something else to do on the weekend.
Tossing your books down, you grabbed a chair, getting your notebook out to start writing. Time passed as you did your work, your hand aching but you didn’t care. For some reason, you couldn’t immerse yourself in you studies.
As if on cue, your “reason” walked through the door, heading straight for your table. You acted as if you couldn’t see him, staring down at your scribbles. Hearing his feet get closer, you tense up, breathing heavily.
“Your heartbeat is getting faster, so it’s kinda useless trying to avoid me…”, Peter said, towering over you. Furrowing your eyebrows, you glared up at him, not saying a word, worried about what might come out of your mouth. Peter sighed, sitting down. You looked at him warily. He didn’t say anything else, just continued to stay quiet and stare at his lap.
Okay, you thought, starting to pack up your things, If he doesn’t want to talk, then neither should I.
You stood up, an as if Peter saw you for the first time, he reached out grabbing your wrist, making you flinch back. “Sorry”, he muttered, retracting his arm. “Sorry”, he said again, looking you in the eye. “I’m sorry. I know I haven’t been spending time with you, and blowing you off everytime. I just- uh, MJ is my first girlfriend. Ever. And I just don’t want to screw this up.”
You scoffed at his words, looking away. “So you would rather screw up a friendship of 8 years than say no to your girlfriend of two months?”
Peter shook his head, trying to find the right words. “I-I don’t want to stop spending time with you just because MJ is now part of my life. Plus, I miss our movie nights…”
You contemplated it, staring at Peter’s soft puppy eyes he was giving you.
“Okay, fine. It’s okay, I know I can be clingy sometimes, and I’m sorry-”
“You’re not clingy! At all. I’m sorry I said that.”, Peter said hurriedly.
“I just don’t want to lose my best friend Pete. Even when we went to Europe you ignored me. And I know it was because of Beck, but after that, it was always MJ this or MJ that!”
Peter hung his head down, not responding. You sighed again, staring at him. “It’s fine Peter. Let’s just try and make time, alright?”
Peter nodded, smiling hesitantly at you before opening his arms. Smiling back at him, you hugged him, feeling the warmth of his body for the first time in days. You felt him nuzzle his head into your neck, his warm breath hitting your skin, leaving a tingling sensation. Without even thinking about it, you whispered softly into his shirt. “I love you Peter Parker.” As soon as the words left your mouth, you tensed up, but Peter didn’t respond. You relaxed, as he probably didn’t hear it.
You could’ve stayed with Peter for hours, but then his phone started ringing loudly, He let go, sheepishly smiling at the annoyed librarian. Looking at his screen, you saw a picture of his and MJ, with her kissing his cheek, way too close to his mouth. Turning away, you tried to concentrate on anything else but Peter’s voice as he picked up the phone, words of love and admiration flowing out.
Hearing what MJ was saying, you leaned closer. “Where are you Peter? It’s been 15 min.”
Peter didn’t say anything for a moment, looking back at you, which made you look away. “I’m just doing something. I’ll be right there…”
He turned around to you, giving you a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “I gotta go. I’ll see you later though, right?”
Nodding at him, you pulled your books out again, and watched him walk out quickly, a bounce in his step. You hoped you would see him later, that he would keep his promise of spending time with you, that he would stand up to MJ and tell her that he wanted to hang out with you. But for the second time in a few days, you were wrong. So bloody wrong. And this broken promise would definitely be a punch to the heart…
Ooh, I really liked this one! Anyway, thank you for reading this, and the next part will be out later this week, possibly on Friday or Saturday. If you want to be tagged in the next part of the following fics, please just respond to this one telling me that. Until next time👋👋
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srbachchan · 5 months ago
DAY 4815
Jalsa, Mumbai                  May 4/5,  2021                  Tue/Wed  2:34 AM
... the lamentations for the loss of the text that was written and then disappeared last night , has been lost too .. they were in reference to years and thoughts of the years gone by .. of times and some remembrances in , as one of my readers of the Blog  put it, in kgb mode .. secretive , non understandable , like most secret services of all nations .. 🤣
If they come back to me in that refrain I shall reconsider .. else they go down with me .. some matters and minds should .. their relevance shall be naught .. for they hold hands with them that either have left , or were never interested in the first place .. they could have had value for the self .. but that would be a most selfish exercise .. un exercice égoïste .. eine egoistische Übung .. تمرين أناني  tamriyn 'anani .. эгоистичное упражнение .. 
... but the mind is a relentless tortoise winding its limitations of speed and destination in its sincerity .. unlike the hare .. determined to nose the tape .. and for some peculiar reason the refer to the previous strikes in the silence of the early morn now .. as the slightest of vibrations on the shutters behind , alert you to the cctv .. they be blank, but not the desire .. ehh hrhh .. not desire .. such a vacant word .. supposed to say it all but never does .. maybe it does for others , maybe not .. but there .. 
.. so in the last we were at -
“Leave it , leave it mrB .. you behave like those fact formative early years of self independence when the evening parties were spent in ‘bring your bottle, bring your girl’ and sit aside and debate .. the ‘adda’ of the times which exists in its maturity to date .. and those that resented the thought minds of mere talk for the sake of talk would sneer and snigger , as they danced to the …
GONE .. again .. an entire page of writing as I posted a picture ..
Shall  not remember to write again .. it is so damaging .. to destroy and steal my process and think  .. TUMBLr .. 😡”
yes .. those that resented the thought minds of mere talk for the sake of talk would sneer and snigger, as they danced to the .. 👆🏾 .. 👇🏿
strains of the popular at the time Pat the Boone, Cliffy baby , and often the holding the traditional waist and hands in ballroom fashion would be freed by the ‘rock of the jailhouse ‘ in the ‘lis Presl shakin all over his blue suede shoes .. Bobby the Darin the sweetheart of the school and the Humperdinck .. maturing on with great swoons and screams to the mop headed at HDN .. the ‘night so hard’ .. and the yaay ya of loves me yayaya .. till the sudden surprise of the wood in Norway .. the Norwegian .. the indian instrument , the haridwaar, the meditational spell of bearded gurus who swore to walk on water and sank at Juhu beaches .. to submarines painted ‘yellow’ .. and the livings of the evenings in the raj infested cultural left overs still predominant to make the burra sahib and the burra din existence in the prominence of the blue decorated  Park by the street of a million jams on one .. sundays at trincasjam, pam crain and the Louis Banks of the Fox that was Blue .. mocambo not the ‘gambo’, ??? moulin rouge ..  and the solo drum hours of the drummer  .. as you ended up in the high end hoteliere Grand and drove back intoxicated with the first era feel of INDEPENDent SELF .. drove walked taxied or trammed to the million residences changed due paucity and capacity of the earning - the clac of the tons with 8 the high gates of the friendly family at Tolly , the chowrings shared with the other in adjoining , and closer to the new rd the Pore of the A .. the NEW of the pore  ending up the pgied  highest towered , peering at the late night highlights of the neighbourhood .. in gasping views , through parted curtains .. 
Left .. left it ..
So .. thoughts and time devoted to the wants and needs for the others .. in distress and in saviour mode for help .. something collected , some on the way , some delivered , some in operation .. BUT ..
.. lots to be done .. 
.. this we give in the times of trouble .. the 3rd .. the 3rd wave be in preparedness already and there is the planning in the city at least of the eventuality in the coming few months ..
.. each nano second come the suggestions and research and opinions and statistics of the fraternity , and nothing remains authentic for more than a nano second for the reverse or the opposite come about immediately ridiculing the first .. belief and follow is shattered .. is the T and FB and insta follow the true follow , or manufactured .. every theory has a theory to a theory of another .. 
.. never has there been uninterested doubt of one from the other .. believe one and the disbelieve comes hammering through .. say one and unsay the other in immediacy .. 
SO .. hehe  .. (I use the SO with so much dignity and respect) .. ok away .. simplify the narration mrB .. 
RIGHT .. that sound alright ?
RIGHT .. in these conditions then I share thought with the Ef each day .. DAY .. speak to them as one .. as one that sits before me in isolation .. I see them before me .. at my writing location .. up late , up from days work , up after leaving household or office and read .. my rubbish that I pour out .. 
BUT .. if I were to ask of a job duty .. a service to be rendered .. naaah .. service and job are wrong .. if I shared and asked for it to be shared further .. would you .. ?
Haha .. I see many hands raised .. screaming all at once  “of course .. how can you ever think we would not .. I mean how can you even ask such a question ..” 
etc., etc., etc ... 
So I shall ask you .. to .. to .. 
 Forget it ..
Good  night .. 
surprisingly I felt sleepy by 8 pm and went to sleep in my tracks .. got up by 11 .. and now after the repeats of the postponed IPL , am just not wanting to get back to bed .. 
.. there shall be consternation and scoldings and high voices .. and expressed, exasperated dismay  .. which I shall of course bear with shielded smile .. but they be right as do you in the many here  .. 
.. you know the distraction is not the rarity of slumber .. its slumber itself .. it has different manifestations now .. a dimension that cannot be explained .. 
earlier it was hit the pillow and the dreams or the sleep went on the ON mode immediately .. 
NOW .. there is a process, which if not followed pesters the life out of you .. what to think of when the pillow be hit so as to induce the sleep .. that ladies and gentlemen of the jury takes about the time you normally need for the completion of the hours for rest .. so in the end you actually never sleep sleep as such .. you comprehend .. ?
no .. you did not .. OK .. 
Fine .. 
GN .. thats good night .. said in all sincerity .. but may it be known that for some its too late to express it and for some that wait it shall be a limited night .. and for me the goodness just leaped out of the window ..
O heavens the morning bird chirps now begin .. its 3:41 a of the M .. soon it shall be 4 .. then 5 .. thats like morning ..
so ..
Good Morning ALL ..
Tumblr media
Amitabh Bachchan
Tumblr media
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wizkiddx · 7 months ago
Blurb req- Tom and the reader on a private jet hungover? just pure fluff?
fluffy requests are well and truly open ( bcos I adored writing this ahah) and let me know what u think , I am deff not a writer so any feedback or tips would be v appreciated :))
summary: tomhollandxactress!reader - a wrap party followed by an early morning flight and a grumpy Harry, what could possibly go wrong?
warning: mentions of alcohol and sickness
The remorse. The regret. It only made the pounding in your head even worse. Why those two 1.5 litre bottle of Bacardi had been brought out was beyond you. Why the you six of you had then decided to empty said bottle was even more of a mystery. It wasn’t like any of you had needed it, you’d all been more than ‘merry’ prior to the cheap rum and coke. 
Hence the state of you, Tom and Harry as well as your manager Davey and Tom’s team of Rachel and Andrew. All having made very little effort with your appearance - joggers and hoodies all round, with you and Rachel also sporting sunglasses because you were simply smarter than the boys. Thankfully, this wasn’t a big trip that fans knew about, this was you and Tom moving location under cover  - the studios didnt want anybody to know that either of you made a feature in this film, so everything was under the cover of darkness. Which to be honest you were not complaining about. However, you were complaining about the fact the flight had been scheduled to leave at 7 am the night after your wrap party though.
The two of you had just wrapped your most recent and most ambitious movie to date - hence the massive celebrations last night for just surviving and getting it done. It had been the most intense 3 months of your life, there had been times you’d cry for hours on end, times you just wanted to quit fully knowing you’d never be hired again for leaving a multimillion dollar company in the lurch.But you all, somehow, had survived. So celebrations were in order of course but perhaps not as far as you all managed last night?
Your whole convey appeared to have travelled to the airfield in absolute silence, no one particularly fancied hearing anyone else’s voice- which to be honest seemed quite fair. You’d ridden in a car with Tom and Harry, with you resting your head on Tom’s broad shoulder - which had obviously made Harry gag, rolling his eyes. Bless Harry, really he was the only reason you and Tom had got together, after getting sick of the mutual pining he’d been forced to live with during the previous 2 projects you’d worked on together. But now, having had to put up with the two of you being so ridiculously loved up for the past 3 months - understandably a bit of distance from you and his brother was overdue. 
One of the flight attendants busied themselves loading your luggage, whilst the pilot asked you and Tom for a photo. Of course, you weren’t going to say no however you did have to cringe at how rough you both looked. His teenage daughter certainly would be less excited to see that her Dad hadn’t met Tom Holland and Y/n Y/l/n. Instead he’d met the zombified, undead and rougher frauds. Still you smiled as much as you could, wincing when you removed the glasses and the early morning sun pierced your restricted pupils. God it wasn’t your day. 
The guy didn’t seem to mind though, excitedly hurrying off onto the plane to settle in the rest of you - leaving just you and Tom outside on the tarmac. 
“Poor guy, we look like shit.” You murmured while taking a step closer to lean slightly into his side. 
“Speak for yourself love.’Tom snickered into the top of your head, after pulling you completely into his chest. This wasn’t normally allowed, your relationship still wasn’t public and both of you intended on keeping it private for as long as possible. But you were in an otherwise empty field in the middle of nowhere (somewhere in Georgia) before 8 am. It was actually quite nice to feel your boyfriends arms round you in the outside world, especially when you felt this shit. After a few moments you pulled away, arching back at Tom’s pouty face as you motioned it was time to get on the plane. 
“’S too late you know.” Your brows furrowed at his half formed sentence, facial expression only demanding him to explain more. “They all have already taken the good seats… Harry basically sprinted on so he can hog the bed thing.” In response it was your turn to pout, groaning as you fell back into his chest again. Yes, this was a complete first world issue, a private jet paid completely by your bosses was not something a lot would moan about. Truly you were grateful for everything you had in life, but with the worst hangover of your life when the opportunity of lying down for 6 hours instead of being stuck in a chair had manifested itself… well of course you felt robbed by your almost brother Harry. 
Chuckling at your reaction, he gave you an extra squeeze before leading the both of you up the stairs to the cabin. Sure enough Harry had completely and totally claimed the longer couch at the far end of the plane, lying on his stomach with his face hidden in the crook of his elbow. Rolling your eyes at the predictable situation, you didn’t miss Davey laughing at your sorry state - nmaking you throw daggers at him in your eyes. 
Davey was your second father, the relationship between the two of you far transcended any professional working one. Which is why the two of you acting like this was very much a norm and not rude at all. He had also got the next best seat in the corner with the most leg room which he clearly loved to show off. 
Unsurprisingly then you and Tom ended up squashed into the corner with your legs crumpled up together in the small space floor space. The brunette opposite you didn’t seem to mind so much but that was because he had an adaptational advantage. He could sleep anywhere and everywhere , whenever he wanted. On set if he was tired? Just take a ten minute power nap on the floor. Bored of a long car journey? Just conk out against the window. It absolutely infuriated you, as no matter how hard and how exhausted you were - it was rare you could get any further than a light doze. Even before the two go you got together, having a best mate that could skip all the boring bits and was immune to jet lag… you can see how that makes you want to punch him square in the face.
After a short safety talk from the pilot and flight attendant, the plane whirred into life and you were up in the air. Although in your current state, it would be reasonable to assume the beauty of flying had somewhat rubbed off - you were certain it never would. No matter how many flights you took across country ,and in fact continents, for work; you’d never get sick of watching the view below you. It was perfect and breathtaking and took your mind off the pounding in the back of your head for the first 20 minutes.
Until the need for sleep took over as either you need to be unconcious or you were going to vomit - which you really didn’t want to do at 40,000 feet in a tin box. Trying to rearrange your limbs to get comfier you accidentally knocked Tom’s leg rather forcefully, causing him to jump half out his seat, heavy eyes blinking quickly as he tried to get his baring as to what was attacking him - quickly answered by your guilty look. 
“You okay love?” His voice was slurred, sounding almost sleep drunk - but perhaps was just actually still a little drunk. You’d only headed to bead last night at 4 am and had to be up at 6 - which isnt very long for your poor kidneys to try and process the stupid amount of alcohol you’d both  happily been chugging the night before.
“Feel shitty and cant sleep.” You weren’t in the mood to white lie - honestly some sympathy from your beautiful boyfriend seemed like a dream at the moment. Tom’s idea was better though.
“C’mere then.” His arms outstretched, you immediately jumped into his lap - the two of you shifting about to get comfortable till you were sat side on to him, your bum and back leaning against the arm rest of the chair with your legs going over his thighs and pressing against the wall of the plane. Pulling you closer to his chest, Tom took a deep breath as he pressed his chin against the crown of your head; your face now nested into his chest. 
Nothing needed to be said as the two of you melted into each others bodies, the slow and deepening breathing enough to prove to each other you were both incredibly contented in that moment. More than that you felt safe- you’d admitted to Tom some weeks ago that you had never ever slept better than when he was beside you. Yeh it was cringey but sometimes that’s allowed right? 
… well not to Harry. Because as the plane was about to begin it’s descent, the pilot had tasked Harry (who had slept off the worst of the hangover and had spent the last 30 minutes of the flight scoffing at how adorable the two of you looked fast asleep together) - even after Rach had scalded him and had taken a photo of the two of you on her phone. 
Causing Harry to ,ever subtly, wake the two of you up by throwing his half empty water bottle over your heads. 
Safe to say, Harry very nearly didn’t leave that jet alive.
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levok · 9 days ago
Sorry to bother but can you help me solve the one mysterie around young royals? I am talking about how Wilhelm (and Simon) had so much time the night they slept together. First Wilhelm goes partying with August on a week day?? Before school?? Then he, high af, drives to the football field with the bus?? Calls Simon, Simon brings him to school walking? taking the bus again? (if yes why is the bus driving in the middle of the night?) Then both of them fall asleep in wille's bed, they wake up when the sun already has risen, then they have sex and August films it. After that it seems like they stayed in bed for a while. And then Wille gets breakfast and eventually they go to class together . Like When? How is that even possible?
Okay let’s take it from the top. Unless Bjärstad is a total fictional town, it’s located near Linköping. We know we’re in the beginning of December, because Lucia is on dec 13th. That means the sun goes down around 15.00 and rises again around 08.30, which gives us a pretty big time gap to work with.
The party probably didn’t start until after dinner, so earliest around 19.00. We don’t know how long Wille lasted, but he was very on board with the alcohol and pills, so he mighty have already dodged the party after a couple of hours.
We don’t know how far away the football field is, but let’s presume no more than a couple of kilometers. I highly doubt he took the bus in that condition. So let’s say he walked for an hour or so. So maybe Simon reached him around 01 - the streets seem pretty empty. Then they walked back. Let’s give wille a little more time, his condition taken into consideration. So they are back at Hillerska around 03 and goes to sleep.
There class has to start pretty late considering the sun is on the edge of rising when August films them, maybe around 8 o’clock.
I don’t think they sleep for that long afterwards, since the sun is still pretty low with the lighting coming through the window, maybe till 9 o’clock. I would guess their class doesn’t start before 10 that day everything taking into consideration, which also make it not totally ridiculous to party on a school night.
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Gift exchange
It’s Christmas Eve, and you’ve forgotten about your Christmas company party. Even worse you forgot to get a gift for the “not so secret Santa” - your company’s tradition. Wanna top it? Make it even worse? No problem. The person you were supposed to get a gift for? Your crush. Defsoul - the most talented, kindest and hottest person alive. What are you going to do now?
Tumblr media
pairing: Lim Jaebeom (Defsoul) x reader
genre: smut, fluff, Jaebeom is a producer, Y/N is a manager
warnings: smut: daddy kink, light choking, ass play; foul language (please don’t read it if you’re not old enough)
words: 4989
A/N: TFW you try to write a GOT7 reaction, and you end up with one-shot. I know I’m kinda late with whole christmas theme but i wrote it last night and figured out I could post it anyway.
You barely got to shut your eyes before your alarm tore you up from your dreams. It was nine in the morning, and you went to sleep at six AM because of your work. You groaned as you shuffled in bed cursing your job, three hours of sleep was not enough for anyone. Being manager of K-pop girl group was hard enough but being the manager in December when there was award show after award show and festivals - that was a nightmare. To other people December was equal to Christmas, gifts, parties, New Year's Eve but to you, it was synonymous with constant state of tiredness, your biggest wish right now was to spent Christmas break alone, just you and your bed. You sighed as you dragged yourself to shower. Girls had only slept for 5 hours, and you felt bad for them — not only were they invited to each award show that existed they also just have had a comeback. You could see how exhausted they were and yet your superiors still pushed for them to go to some stupid TV show on Christmas Eve. You got yourself ready and went to pick them up and get them to set.
The recording went smoothly, and you were already daydreaming about coming home early and passing out on your bed. It was six PM already, but you still had to drive girls home and step into the office for a bit. You sighed you'd be home eight PM at best - well it was still better than coming home at two or three AM. You were about to go and thank everyone for their hard work when your phone vibrated. It was your best friend and coworker.
"Hey Inha. What's up?"
"I wanted to check if you remember about the company party tonight."
You hit your forehead and groaned.
"OMG! You forgot! Have you bought a gift at least?"
"No..." you whined. You wanted to die. You had so much work lately that you've absolutely forgotten about that party — it was for staff only and each year you'd drew lots to pick the person you were supposed to give a gift to. It wasn't even secret Santa your boss simply came to conclusion that gift exchange would help out with forming friendships...
"Girl... Do you at least remember who you drew?"
Of course you remembered. How could you not. This was your lucky year, you got Defsoul the hottest, kindest and most talented person working for your label. You had a small crush on him since that day he gave up his coffee for you. You were falling asleep standing while girls were recording their vocals, and he chuckled at you before telling you to sit by him and drink some coffee. It probably meant nothing to him but that was one of the most stressful weeks in your life, and you weren't sleeping at all during that time — ITZY were about to make a debut, and you couldn't stop worrying over it. You remember how touched you were by this simple gesture, after all no one ever gave you coffee, usually you were the one getting it for other people. His looks certainly didn't help with your hopeless crush. He was H O T and not even simply hot, more like "I-look-like-an-idol" hot. He had a black mullet, piercing under his eye, he also had his nose and ears pierced to make matters worse for you he also had most hypnotizing almost feline-like eyes. Honestly you wondered why didn't he become an idol with a face and talent like that. After that one time, he would buy you a coffee whenever he had seen you and you two became somewhat close - you'd swing over his studio when girls had to train and talk about everything and nothing. He told you about his cats, his favorite restaurants, his passion for taking pictures and well you mostly told him about your job since you basically didn't have any private life - it really felt pathetic. He even took your photo once - telling you that the picture would help him later when he would be looking for inspiration (it is a mystery till this day how you haven't fainted that evening). One day you were waiting for girls to finish up their dance practice and fell asleep on one of the benches — it was difficult day for you since you haven't slept for twenty hours already (you had to fight off some crazy sasaengs and didn’t sleep whole night keeping an eye on their dorm — some would say you were overdoing it, but to you members of ITZY were like your little sisters). You woke up in his studio on his couch. He carried you there while you were asleep and tucked you in, covering you with his jacket. You were extremely embarrassed, apologetic and thankful at the same time. He chuckled at you before saying that it was okay and forced you to promise that you'd oversleep to work the very next day. Inha claimed he had a crush on you since he never treated her with the same kindness or anyone really. But you knew better, he was a good colleague. A good, extraordinarily attractive colleague you wanted to kiss and lick and...
"Hello? Earth to Y/N??" your friend snapped you from your thoughts.
"I have to go Inha! Thank you for reminding me! Love you!" You checked the time, there was no way you'd manage to drive girls back, buy a gift, get ready for a party and do all that without being late. You sighed you will have to improvise. You drove off girls and came back rushing straight to your apartment. The party started at 10 PM and you had to shower, somehow fix your sleep-deprived face and figure out how you're going to apologize to Def... You were home a few minutes before 8 rushing into your bedroom - at least you knew what you were going to wear. That would be the most expensive, or more like the only expensive piece of clothing you had — a birthday gift from girls. It was an oversized tuxedo jacket from Alexander Wang and you haven't worn it yet. You tried it on, it had quite deep cleavage, and exposed a lot of your legs, but you figured it would be ok for tonight. You smoothed out black velvety material before stepping out of it. You still had to shower and do your makeup. An hour later you were looking at yourself in the mirror — the mask Inha got you really helped out with bags under your eyes. You did good with makeup as well: it was soft brownish smoky eye, orange toned lipstick and some shimmers here and there — you actually looked healthy and well rested (a true Christmas miracle really). You looked even better after getting in your outfit — Ryunjin was right, the tuxedo like dress fitted your vibe. You even wore some black heels which didn't often happen since you always chose comfort over looks when at work.  
Fortunately you got to the party on time even though you couldn't catch a taxi for twenty minutes or so. People inside were already mingling and drinking, and you decided to grab something to drink before looking for Def. You located a small table with champagne in the corner of the room. You downed two glasses as quick as you got there, and were already grabbing a third one when a voice spoke up startling you so much you jumped a little.
"Rough day?" Defsoul was standing next to you, whiskey in his hand, smirking at you. You immediately blushed and gawked at him. He was so handsome it was simply unfair. This man clearly woke up today and chose violence. He was wearing a silky black shirt — and it was quite unbuttoned, so you had a chance of seeing his broad chest (you were currently having a heart attack), and slacks he also styled his hair so that his forehead was exposed with one defiant streak of hair falling onto his brow bone. You wanted to groan. You fucked up — this could've been your chance to get him to like you more...
"Y/N? Are you alright?" he was genuinely concerned, and here you were, basically salivating and staring at him like a starved, nasty man. That was so embarrassing. You cleared your throat and looked away.
"Yeah, sorry. I'm just really tired today..." He smiled at you warmly, and you wanted to punch yourself for not getting him something, anything.
"That's great!" You gave him a confused look, and he bit his lip nervously while scratching the back of his head. He was so cute you could kiss him. Well to be fair you felt like you could kiss him any time. Why...why did you have to forget that bloody gift...
"I mean it's not great that you're tired... It's just… ah, shit I suck at this. Here." He handed you a plastic card, and you read it absolutely puzzled. Lifetime pass for coffee with Jaebeom — it also had a cute chibi character that looked just like Def, except it had some cat ears.
"Now you can get coffee whenever you want. I mean I know you can have it whenever you want anyway, I just thought that maybe you'd like someone to get it with... I mean get it for you… It's ok if you don't like it really, oh by the way I'm Jaebeom, I don't know if I already told you my real name or not…" he was rambling, and you were screaming inside your head. That was so cute. So kind. You wanted to hug him and kiss him so badly. "Ah, shit. I really do suck at this." he said more to himself than to you. You finally looked at him and grinned.
"I love it." you said and his eyes turned into big orbs before light pink colored his cheeks.
"You do?"
"I do. It's a perfect gift." you smiled, your heart swelled with happiness. You could technically go on a date with him whenever you felt like with this handy piece of plastic. That is if he wouldn't start to hate you in the next few minutes for forgetting his present.
"I'm glad." he grinned and it took your breath away. How come he was so perfect? You got even more nervous looking at the gift from him.
"Ah... I was your not so secret Santa as well…" you started.
"Really? So what did you get me?" he was genuinely interested, and you wanted to go back in time and kill yourself for forgetting about this party. You looked up. His eyes were gleaming with curiosity — you were fucked.
"It's me! I'm your gift!" you joked and looked down to cover your nervousness. You were about to say that it was just a stupid joke and apologize before he spoke up.
"I love it." his voice was deeper than normally, and you looked up shocked by it. He was checking you out, his hungry eyes traveling up and down. You've never seen him like that. You could feel warmth spreading on your cheeks under his intense stare, a tight knot forming somewhere near your core in excitement.
"Y-you do?" your voice faltered, and he chuckled while moving closer to you. He smelled musky with a hint of citrus. Your legs were about to collapse under you.
"I do." he hummed he was so close you could feel the warmth radiating from him. His hand brushed against yours as he bent down to reach your ear. You were sure your skin was burning where he touched you. "So, tell me Y/N, when can I unwrap you?" his tone was dark and dangerous and when he straightened up you've seen this gleam in his eyes as he smirked. Your legs felt like made from putty and you'd collapse if his hand weren't already wrapped around your waist. You couldn't believe it was happening. Your heart was beating so hard it was about to spring off your chest — you were wondering if he could hear it. You certainly could even though blood ringed in your ears. You felt your throat going dry and your panties getting moist.
"Def…" you started weakly. Shocked by your own voice — it sounded so needy.
"Call me Jaebeom.." he purred. "Would you like to go to my place? I don't think I can wait any longer to enjoy my gift…" You quavered from excitement, his voice was laced with a promise of sleepless night.
"Yes, let's go." you said and he smiled at you. You were sure you lost any oxygen you still had in your lungs at that moment. His hand left your waist, and you wanted to catch it and wrap yourself with it again. Instead, he grabbed your hand and interlocked your fingers with his, smiling at you sweetly before he led you outside. You couldn't focus on anything else, but his fingers wrapped around yours. His hand was warm, and he held you firmly, his skin soft and delicate. You managed to quickly catch a taxi and through whole drive Jaebeom's hand lazily travelled up and down your thigh. His gentle fingers sending sparks to your core every time he brushed the inside of your leg. You glanced at him, eyes filled with desire — he shivered, and it made you feel a different kind of excitement — you didn't know that you had this kind of effect on him. You got out of the taxi and his hand was instantly on yours, he was almost dragging you skipping every other step as he rushed upstairs to his apartment. He opened the door and let you in. Immediately three cats came in and brushed against your legs. You smiled softly.
"They like you.." Jaebeom murmured against your neck while taking off your coat for you, you gasped at the feeling, and he released low chuckle before he started planting soft kisses against your neck — each time his lips touched your skin your muscles clenched with anticipation. You couldn't wait any longer. You turned around and looked at him, his eyes were glued to your lips and excitement bubbled somewhere below your stomach.
"I waited so long for this..." he started but never got to finish as your lips were on his in a second. Even his lips felt like cotton, and you sighed against him when he kissed you back. He was clearly enjoying slow kisses. You grew impatient once again and licked his lower lip, he gave you access you asked for, and your tongue brushed against his hungrily. You could already feel how wet you were, arousal making your panties stick to you painfully. Jaebeom's hand travelled around your back dropping dangerously low now and then but never grabbing you — you really wanted him to hold you and take you roughly. Once again you grew impatient this night. You took his lower lip in between your teeth, you bit it hard and moaned. That seemed to make him lose his cool, he let out a growl that travelled straight to your core.
"Bad girl..." he said before he turned you around and pushed you against the wall so that your back was facing him. His tongue already on your earlobe, you sighed and shivered when he licked it and let out breaths against wet, sensitive skin. "I wanted to take it slowly, but you're so eager, so impatient…" he was purring into your ear, and you were aching down there more and more with each syllable.
"Jaebeom..." you moaned as you pressed your ass against him. He sucked some breath in when you pushed down against his hard length, his body working on its own accord, one hand already on your hips pressing you harder when the other one cupped your breast. This is not how he envisioned tonight, he thought that he'd at best confess his feelings not have you here crumbling in his hands while moaning his name. Your hips bucked against his by itself as soon as you felt how hard he was. His hand grabbed your clothed breast, and you regretted wearing anything. You wanted to feel him against you naked skin not through layers of clothing.
"Jaebeom-ah..." you moaned his name again, and he rewarded you with sucking on your neck — it was painful yet pleasant, and you almost forgot what you wanted to say before he licked the fresh mark and kissed it. "Didn't you say you wanted to unwrap me?" You said in weak voice still affected by his mouth on your neck. He laughed against your skin, and you thought that's how paradise would sound like.
"You really are impatient... do you want me to fuck you so bad?" he asked rubbing into you, his dick almost in pain from the friction.
"Yes...please..." you panted out, and he let out some animalistic sound upon hearing how needy you were. He made you face him and unbuttoned your tuxedo-like-dress before he tossed it somewhere behind him. You shivered under his stare. He pulled you into him and his hands immediately travelled to your ass, grabbing it and lifting you up without effort. He began kissing your jaw, neck, collarbones, and you tilted your head, so he could have better access. He carried you to his bedroom and laid you down carefully on the mattress before he took a step back. His sheets smelled just like him, and you sighed in pleasure, sinking deeply into his fragrance. He bit his lip seeing you in his bed, wearing nothing but lacy underwear. However, you didn't want just lay and wait, you got up and reached out to his own shirt undoing the buttons hastily, but he didn't let you, he was in control. He held your hands and pushed you back on bed. You bounced and your hair created a sort of crown, spreading around your face — it emphasized your features even more, and Jaebeom felt as if he was making love to some kind of goddess. Your lips, eyes, hair, body everything was perfect. He wanted to taste you already.
"You need to ask me nicely." He smirked at you and you pouted a bit before a mischievous gleam appeared in your eyes. You let one of the straps fall from your shoulder and gave him an innocent look before taking off the other one as well. Just one move and Jaebeom would see your torso naked. He bit his lip unintentionally, when you pushed your breast closer while also moaning.
"Pleeeaaase... undress already and fuck me... daddy." He groaned - you'd be the end of him. He quickly tore any clothes that were on him leaving only his boxers on, and you stared him down hungrily. Saying he was beautiful was and understatement. He was perfect. His skin was light and smooth, it gleamed in the moonlight that illuminated the room through a small window located right above the headboard. It was still dim, but you could clearly see the outline of muscles on his stomach, and a tempting v line, waiting for you to be licked on his abdomen.
"Take off your bra." he ordered and you obediently followed. His eyes devoured your glistening breasts, two darker beads already hard and inviting him in. He licked his thumb and brushed it against your nipple watching intently for your reaction. You didn't disappoint him as you arched your back hungry for his touch. He took another one into his mouth, his tongue making circles around it for what felt like forever. The sound of his wet licks and your quickened breath feeling the silence of the room. You squeezed your legs looking for any kind of release, it didn't help much. Your core was aching and since you could only wait for him to bring you pleasure you closed your eyes and focused only on the sole path of his tongue. It was almost like a torture and Jaebeom seemed to enjoy it greatly, lazy licks, circles around your nipples, blowing cold air on them to hear your whines. And so when he finally sucked on your swollen nipple you moaned his name so loudly his neighbors could hear you. His dick twitched in his boxers. He couldn't wait for much long either, you were the most beautiful person he ever saw, and you were squirming under him, waiting for him to fuck you. He was honestly shocked he didn't take you against that wall in his hall when you pushed your ass against him. He smirked at you, he haven’t even fucked you yet and you were already having this kind of expression. His lips travelled from your breast lower and lower before his face hovered above your panties, hot breath on your wet, clothed pussy sending you almost over the edge. You looked down at him, his eyes were full of lust. He was so beautiful you felt like it was just a dream, not reality. When he pressed his nose against your wet folds you moaned again. He inhaled it a few times as if it was the most ravishing smell in the world.
"You smell so good I might go crazy." He actually was going crazy as his cock let out a bit of pre-cum only upon him smelling your pussy.
"Daddy... please..." you pleaded looking him in the eyes, he couldn't take it any longer. In one swift move he tore the panties off you, they were soaked, and he sniffed them one last time before throwing them out.  He took off his own underwear, and knelt between your legs his cock in his hand already.
"You're so wet for me. Such a good girl, I'm going to fuck you so good." he purred out, and you could go off his words only. He put on condom quickly and teased your entrance before sliding into you slowly. He was watching your face intently as he didn't want to cause you pain.
"Just don't move for a second, you're so big I need to get used to the stretch." It was painful a and pleasant at the same time - the way he filled you up. He didn't buck his hips as you asked, instead he kissed your lips, your jaw, neck, and you kissed him back with passion. Soon he started rocking into you and you moaned into his mouth.
"Harder." you managed to say between the panting and kissing. He straightened up and increased the tempo, sweat building on his forehead.
"Harder..." you said and his hand went to your throat while he almost crushed into you. He choked you lightly, and you felt the orgasm building already.
"Daddy... harder..."
"You dirty girl. On all fours." You obediently followed his order and soon he was fucking you doggy style, his hand spanking you lightly. "You like that? You like when daddy takes you hard?" His voice was so low you shivered under him.
"Yes, daddy." you moaned out when his huge dick filled you with each thrust.
"You're so dirty and good to your daddy. I will reward you and play with your other hole." Before you could say anything he spat on your ass and his finger danced around the other entrance. Just that was enough for you to see white. Your toes curled and your head went back, you screamed his name like it was the only thing keeping you alive, and you could feel how he twitched inside you when you clenched around him in orgasm spasm.
"Y/N, ah... I'm cumming, I'm…" he said through gritted teeth while pounding into you. You both reached your highs and fell onto the bed. He discarded the condom and started kissing your back lazily.
"Do you want to shower together?" he asked.
"Yes, but I don't think I have enough energy to go for another round…" you said while turning his way. He was looking at you lovingly, his expression completely fucked out. He was beautiful, the most handsome you've ever seen him actually. You sighed when his fingers brushed off hair from your face in sweet gesture.
"That's ok, I'll just shower you and we can go to sleep." You nodded, and he took your hand and guided you to his bathroom. He switched on the shower and pulled you under the water when it was warm already. He was so delicate with you, soaping your body, shampooing your head. You smiled at him warmly, and he chuckled.
"You're really cute." he said with a smile after making and weird shapes out of your shampooed hair.
"Stop it, I'll blush." you said while getting under the water, he was quickly spooning you, kissing your back almost with devotion.
"Good, you're even cuter when you blush."
You both towelled yourself dry and Jaebeom even brushed your hair for you before pulling you back to bed. You cuddled your face into his chest and he closed his arms around you. You didn't know if it was one-night stand only, but you'd worry about your possibly broken heart in the morning since his scent was already inviting you to the dreamworld.
You woke up to some rumbling. You opened your eyes and shot up, fear washing over you — that wasn't your bedroom. Memories of last night came next, and you fell back to the sheets squealing quietly into his pillow. That's when the realization hit you. What if it was just one-night stand, and you were rolling around his bed happily in love like an idiot? You sighed but before you could do anything, the man in question came to the bedroom smiling at you warmly.
"You finally woke up sleepyhead." He sat next to you and bend down to kiss your cheek. You looked down. "What's wrong? Have I done something?" He looked concerned.
"I.. no." You said sitting up, and he raised his brow on you. Ugh, he was looking great wearing a plain gray hoodie. You sighed.
"Was that one just for one night? If it was a one-night stand tell me now before I do something stupid."
"One-night stand?" He looked at you offended. "One-night stand?! Do you even know for how long I've been crushing on you? It was few years of my desperate attempts to ask you out, buying you coffee, looking for you constantly. Hell, I even made Yugyeom exchange the stupid lottery draw with me, so that I could give you that card. I actually thought that would helped me out with asking you out. One-night stand?! Jesus, Y/N, he made me basically his slave for a day, and you're asking me if it's one-night stand?" He was angry, and you looked at him shocked, you have never seen him like that. "Do you want this to be one-night stand?!" he raised his voice again.
"No!" you answered him immediately.
"No?! Great, then you can... wait you said no?" He cleared his throat, and you could actually see him smiling like an idiot before he cleared it again. "Well… good because I made us lunch already, and it would go to waste otherwise." He tried to act cool. You giggled at him and pushed him down before sitting on top of him.
"You're cute." You said and he blushed looking away.
"I'm not."
"Yes you are. You are the cutest actually." He groaned in response getting even more red, and you giggled once again. It was the first time you got him to blush so much, usually it was just light pink appearing on the apples of his cheeks. You kissed his face leaving pecks all over it, he chuckled before speaking again.
"I don't want this to be one-night stand. I like you I was actually planning on asking you out yesterday."
"You were?"
"I was. So would like to go out with me?" he wiggled his brows at you and you grinned before nodding.
"Mmm. I'd love to." you answered and he pulled you for a lazy kiss.
"Come, I prepared some food for you. It's hardly festive, but it's something"
"I'm sure it's great. I just need to put something on myself first."
"You can have my hoodie and sweats." he said while looking through his cabinet. "Here." He handed you clothes and blushed once again mumbling that he will wait for you in the kitchen. He got embarrassed — that was just too cute.
You slipped in his clothes, his smell wrapping around you. You got out of the bedroom only to be greeted by three cats purring and brushing against your legs. You smiled and petted them, scratching them on their chins. Jaebeom was just standing and staring at you, still not believing his luck. You were wearing his blouse, it was hanging on you like a dress basically and his heart ached at this picture. You looked up and grinned.
"They like me!"
"I'm pretty sure they're going to like you more than they like me." He chuckled. "Now come, let's eat."
You nodded and entered his kitchen, there was kimchi jjigae and rice prepared for both of you. You smiled and sat down already salivating because of the delicious smell.
"Merry Christmas Y/N." He said looking up from his dish.
"Merry Christmas Jaebeom." You smiled at him lovingly. "So what did Yugyeom made you do?"
"Don't even ask." He said and you giggled. Let's just say you didn't get to spend the Christmas break alone in the bed like you wished.
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kannra21 · 5 months ago
Sniperhaul fanfic
ˡᵐᵃᵒ ᶦ ᶜᵃⁿ'ᵗ ᵇᵉˡᶦᵉᵛᵉ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ᶦ'ᵐ ᵈᵒᶦⁿᵍ ᵗʰᶦˢ
Tumblr media
Overhoe finally broke out of Tartarus after a very long time. However, he couldn't have done it without the help of a certain villain mistress. 😏 Who's she and why did she choose to help this terrible (x2) man? Find out bellow.
characters: overhaul (chisaki kai) x sniper lady
word count: 3k
warnings: angst, past memories, handless overhaul, hurt, comfort, gangs, yakuza, just girl taking care of her mans
notes: I'd like to thank the person responsible for proofreading this work bc I'm supposed to keep their identity a secret. 😎 Thank you once again! And of course, the manga and characters belong to Kohei Horikoshi. @meefal you were excited to see the final product so here you go, hope you like it. 🖤
Overhaul couldn't remember how long he'd been there, he'd lost count weeks ago. The only thing he knew was that he was in "Tartarus", a prison located 5km off the coast of the Mainland. It may function like a conventional prison, but in reality, those who're deemed a severe threat toward the safety of the nation were locked up and monitored closely, regardless of whether their sentence has been decided on yet. The facility was divided into 6 levels, where the potential threat level of criminals was deemed "higher" the further underground you go. It's a prison where, once you enter, there's no chance of leaving.
He sat there in his cell, B10 being the lowest level in solitary confinement. It was too cold for his head to function and too dark for his eyes to see, with the small window above the prison doors being his only source of light. There was also an opening where prisoners received their meals, but considering that he lost his hands, the guards could easily enter without worrying too much for their well-being. They'd leave whatever they offered that day and give him a disgusted look before locking the doors after themselves. He couldn't see his reflection nor touch his face, he probably looked like crap by now. His skin was itching and he felt disoriented from all the germs occupying this space, it's been a while since he's gone out for some fresh air. 
He was practically Quirkless and yet they locked him out in the worst, most dreadful place the isolation block had to offer. He couldn't even feed himself properly, he couldn't do anything by himself whatsoever. But there was only one thing left to him; he spent days and days thinking about pops, Chrono, yakuza and everything he could have if it weren't for those stupid heroes-- no, if it weren't for his plan that so grandiosely failed. It made him feel miserable, desperate even, and with grief soon followed acceptance. It was all his fault, and he needed to live with this burden for the rest of his life. Because of him, pops is still handicapped to the bed somewhere, wherever the heroes might have taken him. 
He stood up and started beating the cell with his leg, curing his frustrations. He didn't know why he was doing it, it was irrational and he's hurting himself unnecessarily, but for some reason it made him feel lighter. At least he could transfer some of his inner pain to the outside world. Other criminals laughed at his patheticness, especially since they knew why the guards were allowed to enter his cell. They shouted that it was impossible to escape, but he wasn't trying to. He knew that it was useless a long time ago. 
Midnight came and all the prisoners mostly fell asleep. Overhaul, however, couldn't sleep a wink. Because of the dark room he spent most of his days in, he lost his sense of time so he was pacing around, deep in thought. He couldn't dream of anything nice anyways. 
"Can't fall asleep either?" a feminine voice could be heard from the other side. Wait. They allowed women here? What could she have possibly done to deserve such punishment? 
He leaned his back on the doors and slid down to the floor, trying to find the right words.
"Yes." he sighed, enthusiasm lacking in his voice "But it's not like I need you to talk about my problems." 
"Hm, whatever. Go beat your head against the bars. Fall unconscious, loser."
The man snorted, which might as well be his first time he ever did that. 
"Well, this certainly sounds effective. It's not like I have anything to lose anyways." 
"Hey." the tone of her voice was earnest, and it aroused further questions in his jumbled up head. 
"We're going to get out of here." 
Is she being serious now? "Really? Because as far as I know, we're locked out here for good. We don't even know the severity of our sentences. They can do whatever they want with us."
"Not quite. You know that they're being supervised by 'The Hearts and Mind' party offshoots. They can’t do a thing to us as long as they have their heads to the pikes." 
This might be true, but he didn't believe in anything the government's been telling them lately. It's only a matter of time before they switch their plans and play by their own rules, because stabbing people in the back was the only thing they've ever been good at. 
"How did you end up here?" 
Oh the long-awaited question. She wondered when he'd ask. 
"It's not like I need you to talk about my problems."
He smiled, he liked this vicious side of hers. But he also realized that she could be nice as well because if that wasn't the case, she wouldn't spread promises of the escape. At least that's what he thought. 
"Sorry about that." 
"It's okay. We've all been here for a very long time, now weren't we? We lose our cool and act like total assholes."
"Direct and straight to the point I see." his deadpan voice could be heard from the other side of the bars. 
"'Been raised this way, for the better or worse." it didn't sound like she was bragging, yet it felt like she was just talking about herself, honest and confident, to cover up what she felt was wrong. The incoming topic which she'd rather avoid. 
The villainess didn't want to open up about her past, so she just answered his question. 
"I killed people beyond counting, following AFO's orders. He always wished to become the world's greatest demon lord and thus promised us enormous change in the hero society. So in order to achieve that, he needed his underlings. And that's how I ended up here."
"You were loyal till the end."
"You know what they say; there can be no progress nor achievement without certain sacrifice."
Wise beyond her years and just as sad. He wondered how her face looked like, how the world's been treating her. 
"I had my own sacrifices as well."
"Do you regret them?"
"I do." 
Now it was her turn to snort "Really? And I thought that people situated this low couldn't have regrets. You remember what they said about us. 'Beasts in human clothing', 'Simply dreadful beings'." 
He felt insulted, maybe the things she said were true but it's not like he was anything similar to these pigs he shared the same air with, unfortunately.
"I regret hurting the person important to me. The old man who once took me in when I was very young. He was the infamous boss of Shie Hassaikai." 
Something clicked in her, it's such a small world they're living in, "Yakuza? I know you guys. We used to trade with you back in the days."
"Todou Gang?" 
"You said it."
"But... you were a force to be reckoned with. One day you just collapsed and not a single trace could be found. According to certain sources, there was no way anyone could determine the exact cause of your downfall. So what happened?" 
"I killed them all." 
"AFO told me to kill them to prove my loyalty to him and, of course, to make sure that there was no one I could turn to other than himself." 
For some questionable reasons, and he didn't dare to admit that it was empathy he felt towards a random stranger and a former gang member he shared some history with, Overhaul wanted to fill the silence that lingered between them. Perhaps, because he felt guilty for making her reveal more than what she initially intended. 
"I used pops' niece, a 6-year-old girl who had an extraordinary Quirk; it allowed her to rewind a person's body back to a certain state. That means she could put a body back to before it was injured or before the person even developed a Quirk. With that, I wanted to create a Quirk-erasing drug to get rid of the Quirk society altogether and to make sure that yakuza could rise once again. I cut her skin every day to take blood samples and to test her regenerative abilities. However, pops didn't approve of it, so I handicapped him to the bed and planned on waking him up the moment I realized my plan, to make him proud of the achievement. Unfortunately, it didn't play out as I wanted and I never reached him."
The silence followed and the woman wore a disheartening smile on her face. It's not the answer she expected, she didn't ask for another sad story from another messed up person she's met in her life. But the intentions were pure and for her, it was good enough. 
"We both fought for something only to lose it all, huh?" she laughed, but it was prominent in her tone that it was bittersweet. 
"At least you're brought here in one piece." 
"At least you can still revive your parent."
Were they comforting each other? Were they jealous of each other? Were they wallowing in self-pity? They couldn't tell. The only thing they certainly could was the embarrassment they felt from the moment they realized that some of the prisoners were eavesdropping and making fun of their vulnerabilities. See? That's what they hated the most about opening up about themselves; they were worried about their feelings being perceived as a joke. The only way to protect themselves was to rise up the walls and never let anyone get closer, except they didn't regret exchanging a word or two, as long as it was the two of them. 
The next day, 8:34PM Mainland-side entrance, the guardians of 'The Bronze Gate' announced a code red security lockdown. Panic and shouting could be heard from across the hall and the security alarm announced the potential danger. 
"Close any and all passageways on each floor. All workers are to enforce strict measures to maintain order."
"The surveillance system is down! It seems like we've been hit by some sort of EMP attack!"
Static waves were spreading around the metal frames and the prison doors of the isolation block unlocked. Overhaul could hear the commotion outside and the villains leaving their cells in a hurry, but as much as he tried, he couldn't push the heavy doors open.
"3 seconds until we're back online- wait... What the... With the system down we can't monitor the inside!"
"Nice, 3 seconds be damned." he beat the door with his legs, pushed the surface with his shoulders, leaned all of his weight on the godforsaken thing just so it could finally open. Nothing. It seems like he lost a couple of pounds during his stay here. He couldn't believe his eyes, this couldn't be happening to him. After all this time of patient waiting and hoping to meet pops once again, it turns out he'd be the only one still trapped and all because he didn't have any hands. He panicked, he really couldn't decide on what to do next. But then he remembered-
"Go beat your head against the bars, loser."
That's it! This might be his only chance to escape! He didn't have much time left though, he could hear the shooting nearby so he definitely needed to hurry.
"The system won't come back on!! The ones in solitary confinement are breaking out!! Inside!"
"Control unit's on site!! Execute lockdown in the isolation block!"
"Follow procedure! If even one of them steps a foot outside their cell-"
"Fire!! Open fire!!"
Muscular threw whatever he could find in this messed up place back at them, excitement prominent in his big smile "You ain't gonna kill me with those puny toys! So how about you show me the exit already?!" 
Other villains were joining him, still overwhelmed by the sudden freedom they've been given "Dammit... After all that time..."
"Meat..." Moonfish mumbled as he cut his opponents with his blade-like teeth. 
The villain lady joined them in the run, still carefully examining her surroundings in case they were tricked into something, "The system isn't responding to my Quirk. 'Guess Tartarus really is falling." 
As she was running down the corridor, she could hear beating noises coming from one of the doors. It sounded dull so the person must have been using their head. 
"Eh, don't tell me the idiot actually listened to my advice. He must be desperate." 
She came to the doors and turned the circular lock in a hurry. She really didn't want to stay in this place any longer, but she couldn't leave him behind either. It's not like she could use him for anything since he was basically handless and Quirkless so why was she doing it? She didn't have an answer. Maybe it was their talk from the other day, maybe because they were both gang members with a history, maybe because of her regrets and her wish to do something right for once. Or maybe because she was just this kind. Nah, this couldn't be it, she never did anything in her life that didn't require a certain purpose. She cast her heart aside a long time ago and did what was necessary for the accomplishment of the mission. It would be weird if she suddenly started using her heart again, now wouldn't it? She was AFO's personal assassin, there was simply no way. 
He came out of the room with eyes wide in puzzlement. He was finally free and ready to find pops so he could possibly revive him and try to fix things as much as he could.
They looked at each other for the first time. They never said it aloud, godforbid, but they liked the other's eyes. And perhaps the eyes were a window to a person's soul, their broken souls, tormented by the life's temptations. They were still so young, probably in their twenties, and yet they looked older at the same time. Maybe because of the seriousness in their faces, their stronger stance, the way they defied their fate. They were destined to fall apart, no one would argue with it, but circumstances drove them to take action and rise from the bottomless chasm. And now they had each other. 
"We need to get out of here," she stated and pulled him by the sleeve that hung loosely from his shoulder. They escaped Tartarus and raided a small shop near the coast to change clothes and to mingle into the public unnoticed. She quickly picked out a dress and threw herself at work while Overhaul was still standing by the shop display, looking out for the potential intruders.
He couldn't erase the thought of this being some sort of a really weird first date; the girl coming out of the stall and the guy examining her looks. He shook his head, he never had this kind of thoughts in his entire life. He needed to pull himself together. 
The bob-hair came out and adjusted the ammo on her utility belt. He looked at her from the corner and she was stunning; intimidating with a tad bit of femininity in design. He stood there and watched how good it fit her curvy form. The thoughts wandering in his head sounded so wrong, terribly wrong. He needed to bring himself to stop. 
"Oh right, I almost forgot." she took a shirt off the shelf and came to him, showing him the garment in her hands "You need a little help, right?" 
"Sure.'' his voice was small and he stood still while she undid his buttons. Maybe from the outside he looked completely calm, but from the inside he was a complete mess. He looked at her face and wondered if she knew, the kind of effect she's having on him. She raised her head and he looked to the side, there's no way he could look her in the eyes at this point. He hoped she didn't notice. 
"You like this one, don't you?" she asked, filling the awkward silence. 
"Looks don't matter, the most important thing is to change and avoid getting caught." She looked annoyed. Great. He wanted to shove his head though the wall. Wait… Why was he thinking that? 
"I choose the clothes I like. It makes me feel better in my skin."
"You look good in it."
She looked at him surprised and he quickly corrected himself "the dress looks good."
"Sure." she trailed off and put the new shirt over his shoulders. She could feel his muscles tensing. This was probably because of the cool air, she assured herself. 
"Why did you break me out of Tartarus? It's not like I could be of any use to you." 
She buttoned up his shirt and fixed the wrinkled parts on the garment, hand accidentally brushing over the left side of his chest, feeling his heartbeat.
Well... that was a surprise.
"I thought that maybe you could be of some use to the demon lord. Not Quirk-wise, but you may offer a valuable set of information. Something that the demon lord would appreciate greatly." she could feel it slowing down and her heart dropped just as much.
"But also because I... liked you."
He looked at her incredulously and she smiled. She pinched him to bring him out of the trance and he complained. "Don't be awkward, say something."
"I like you too... I, this is my first time I ever said this to anyone. It's weird."
She slapped him gently on the shoulder and he reached to take it but, yea, no hands.
"What the hell?"
"You're the one who's weird. But I guess that I like you this way." she stood on her toes and kissed his cheek "Ew, you should definitely shave though. No doubt about it."
The former yakuza boss swore; he'll never understand women. But for some reason he couldn't deny that he was particularly drawn to this one. He wondered if pops would approve of her.
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kishillaa · 2 months ago
SSM21 Day 24: Fairytale
"I really don't think I should go, Ino." Sakura, sprawling on her bed, before her was her revision book she more often than not study at when she's not busy running around the hospital for her seemingly never ending shift.
Ino is sitting on the chair of her study, wearing a camisole and short pants. Her baby blue eyes are thick with pleading emotion, "You don't have to be there long. Just until you have to go for your shift. You know I need you there. And plus, you have to go out once in a while. Till when are you planning to only stay indoor during your free time, which is rarely I might add."
"This isn't a fairytale for me to be leisurely go around and enjoy parties, Ino. I would really like the comfort of our home. My room." She said, gesturing to her room.
Ino crossed her hands over her chest and look pointedly at her bestfriend, "This isn't about a fairytale or not. You've gotta get out of this confined place once in a while. What comfort are you looking for over your books?"
Sakura push her book away a little and turn around to look at her bestfriend slash housemate. She and Ino has been bestfriends since kindergarten, while she pursue her study in medical school, Ino went on to take a major on psychology, and when she finished her study, she decided that modelling is her thing.
She's tried to be at every of her show for support but lately, she noticed that Ino has something up her sleeve. After her show that Sakura attend, she will introduce a fine young man and ditch her with him.
Sakura sighs, it might be a huge coincident that there's always a guy to introduce. Tonight though, she really couldn't go. She has a midnight shift, which started at 11. Ino's show starts at 8 and end around midnight. She has to prepare to work at least an hour prior so she could be there on time.
Mentally do the math, she thought maybe she can go home early, 9 something or 10 maybe. So she heaves another defeated sigh as Ino squeals, running towards her wardrobe to retrieve a dress for Sakura to wear.
3 hours later, Sakura found herself seated on a fancy chair facing the stage for a fashion show. It was a party like fashion show, where the show will be held during a formal dinner party.
Ino was flawless and beautiful as always, walking on the stage, styling her modelling dress and poses for pictures.
"That was great, Ino!" She exclaimed as her bestfriend approached her, "I don't understand why you were so nervous. You were perfect earlier, like you always did."
Ino giggles as she spoke, "Thanks, Sakura. But Mikoto Uchiha is my idol. To modelling her own collection she designed herself is an honor, and I was afraid I messed it up. You know how I am when I got nervous."
Sakura put her hand on Ino's shoulder in reassuring manner, "You worried for nothing, then."
Ino beamed at her, "You're the best! Anyway, I met this guy before I came here. His name is Sai and he asked if I want a drink. Do you mind if I–" She pause to smile sheepishly at her pink haired bestfriend.
Sakura rolls her eyes. Well, at least she isn't trying to hook her up with someone, "Alright, I need to head home soon, anyway."
Ino scoffs and shakes her pointing finger in Sakura's face, "Live up a little, will you? It's still early, why don't you court a few beautiful men here before you go back to that dreaded real life of yours. I'll suggest you live this great and amazing fairytale just for a moment." Ino walks away with one hand raises up for a goodbye.
Sakura lets out a snort at her bestfriend. "Fairytale my ass." She murmurs and glances at her wrist watch which she didn't often wear because of her job and decide that she'll kill a little of her time here before make her way home.
As she put the elegant cup on the tip of her mouth, her eyes caught a sight of a man, looking rather ravishingly good, standing, leaning against the wall, away from other people. His eyes train upon his iPhone, and as if sensing her eyeing him from afar, he lifts up his head and their eyes met.
Sakura feels like her breath stuck in her throat as she stares at that man's eyes himself, so devilishly handsome. She almost satisfy as his eyes moves to roam over her body – thank Ino for styling her in this pretty long dress that hug her body perfectly – and grateful that he looks up at her with a look that only meant he's interested.
Without further ado, Sakura place the glass in her hold on the table, rise herself up her seat and slowly, walk over his direction.
As she reaches him, she stopped a few steps away. Sakura tilted her head to the side. "Want a company?" And to that, ladies and gentlemen, Sakura hope the ground swallow her whole. What a lame thing to say for a good looking guy.
She almost stunt when the devil himself look amused before he nodded, "Sure."
Sakura grins up at him and move to stand beside him, leaning together against the wall as she cross her hands over her chest, "This kind of thing aren't really my forte." She told.
"That makes the two of us." She heard him mutters.
She looks at him, "Why come here then?"
"Mikoto is my mother."
Sakura's eyes almost bulged from its socket, "Mikoto? Like Mikoto Uchiha, the one hosting this party and designed those dresses?"
The guy, the handsome handsome guy lift up one eyebrow, "Yes. In fact, I wonder why you didn't recognise me yet."
Sakura chuckles lightly, "I'm sorry, Mr. Uchiha. But I don't know anything about you, or your mother, or your family. I heard my bestfriend talked about it, but never really care to know more. I came because she was one of your mother's model."
From her peripheral view, she saw him nodded, "I'm Sasuke, by the way." He said, as if detest the way she addressed him as Mr. Uchiha.
Sakura turns her body to face him, and pull out her hand, "Sakura. Sakura Haruno."
Her smiles, wide, bright and beautiful display before him and Sasuke couldn't help but hold her delicate hand in his, firmly shake it once, "It's a pleasure meeting you, Sasuke–kun." She was hesitant, as she add the honorific.
"The pleasure is all mine, Sakura."
Her name that roll out of his mouth molded through his tongue makes Sakura's heart skip a beat. Never has she ever heard her name sounded so sinfully good.
They didn't spoke after that, watching over people dancing through the ball room with the slow dance song. "You know," Sasuke heard Sakura spoke, gaining his attention to look over her, "I don't usually do this, but let's dance."
She thought he's going to decline her right away, but didn't startle when his hand is offered before her. Smiling up at him, Sakura slid her hand over his. He grips it with such gentleness and he leads them to the dance floor.
As they dance follow the tune of the song, he spoke. "You're not bad."
Sakura lets out a shy giggle and murmurs her thanks before she responded, "I was a cheerleader back in high school."
"I see."
"How about you? Do you do any sport?"
"I was in football team."
"That makes sense. What do you do now?"
He has the amused smile on his face that makes Sakura tilted her head to the side, "What?"
"You really don't know me."
"Should I?"
There is a light rise and fall of his shoulder, "I guess you don't really have to. My father own a law firm. I worked under him?"
"A lawyer then?"
A nod, "How about you?"
"Guess." She said, cheekily grins at him.
He do a once over at Sakura before he said, "A model."
That makes her snort, "Thank you for finding me that appealing. But no, I am not."
"A hint?"
"That will be too easy."
"Alright, I'll guess randomly. A teacher?"
A head shake from Sakura.
"Another lawyer?"
She chuckles, "I was interested in that when I was in school, but I found it too intense."
"A no then. I really think you'd make a nice model."
"I'm not really interested in those. I'm a residence in Konoha Hospital."
A surprise raised eyebrow, "A doctor. Surgeon?"
"Right." Sakura turn the hand that's over his neck to look at her watch. She sighs when it shows its a little over 10.
"In fact, I need to go now. My shift starts in an hour."
"Really?" That was definitely a disappointment in his tone.
Sakura let our a giggle and poke her finger on his chest, "I have a day off two days from now. Around seven in the evening at The Yakiniku?"
Sasuke lift an eyebrow teasingly, "Is it a date?"
"It's definitely a date. I need to go now. See you in two days." She pat a hand on his chest, and walk away.
That man, that beautiful, handsome and angelic face man, is probably the closest fairytale she has ever indulged herself in.
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lillian-nator · 12 months ago
I haveth returned to redeem myself: Tommy is anxious abt Phil being mad at him for sneaking out again, but he decides to text techno bc he and Tubbo needs picked up and they're very cold, Techno, realising he prob should be mad but not being mad after seeing Tommy and Tubbo just waiting for him and laughing and joking instead he just sighs and asks what stupid things Dream did at the party once they get in the car (blackmail purposes obviously) and just settles for seeing Tommy light up and tell him how Dream fell down the stairs, at least his brother is having fun, techno says to himself - 💙 (Tommy totally got made to clean technos room as thanks for not ratting him out)
Blue, you are my lord and savior. I have to answer your other ask after this - I don’t give you enough credit Blue. 
SO, Tommy keeps sneaking out because he can. He has only been caught two times. The one time he was high. And the time Techno caught him. 
All three of his brothers couldn’t imagine how much Tommy sneaks out, and then helps Tubbo out of his own window - I mean, Tommy probably learned how to pick locks at one point just because he can. They would never know that in the night, most of the time, Tommy is out and about, exploring abandoned buildings or chilling throughout the town. 
One of Tommy’s favorite activities to do when out at night is house hopping. It’s something that Punz came up with, where, usually Dream, sneaks out of their house, and then sneaks into somebody else’s. Then those two people sneak into another person’s house, and then the three of them go to the next. Everyone has to text the ‘gang’ to see who is awake and down for the game first, but it usually ends up with a good 7 - 9 kids just sneaking around at night, laughing their heads off when Ponk gets stuck in his window again. They end up stealing snacks from each respective house, and then going to chill in Dream’s house, because he has a soundproof room. 
Sometimes they bring scooters and skateboards too, which is always fun. George always seems to have a few spare scooters around for people who need them, and Tommy borrows Dream’s extra skateboard - a skill he picked up very fast with the help of Karl. 
We’re getting off topic here, the night that Tommy called Techno, he was at another one of Dream’s infamous parties. 
How Technoblade and Wilbur got cut out of the loop when the entire Senior and Junior class was invited to this party is unknown - but Tommy damn well knows that he asked Dream to keep it away from his brother’s circles. It wasn’t only him that would be affected, but Tubbo too since Eret is one of Wilbur’s closest friends. Hell, if either of his brothers caught wind of the party, Purpled probably wouldn’t be able to make it. Technoblade has his ways. 
So, it was very late at night. Maybe 2 or 3 - or maybe even 4 in the morning. It was cold. So fucking cold outside. Cold enough that he knew that he wouldn’t make it trying to walk all the way home. 
Purpled had already gone home, his house only down the block, but Tommy and Tubbo were stuck waiting outside. 
Tommy knew that Dream would let them stay the night. He knew that. George and Karl were sure to stay over. He thought he saw Quackity passed out on the couch next to Punz - and Tommy wasn’t sure, but he thought he saw SapNap sleeping in Dream’s room when he headed out the door. 
It’s not that Tommy didn’t have a place to stay. It’s that if he stayed here, he would have to admit to Phil, Wilbur, and Techno that he snuck out. And Tubbo, who was in a similar situation to him, would have to admit that he was sneaking out to his brother, Eret. 
Tommy did know one person who he could call - who was definitely sober enough to drive, unlike the teens in Dream’s living room - that might not tell on him, and who was the only person he knew that would be up this late in the morning. 
And honestly, a maybe, in that moment, was enough for Tommy to call. 
When Technoblade first received a call from Tommy, he was confused. 
Techno was sat in his bed, computer on his lap, deep in his English Essay, when Tommy called him. Confused, he picked up, what could Tommy want that he couldn’t have come two doors down for? 
“Techno?” Tommy asked and shuddered. There were cars behind him. 
“Where are you Toms?” Techno grunted, he knew for sure that Tommy was not in his bedroom. “Did you get stuck the roof again?” 
“Yeah.” Tommy laughed, sounding drunk off of his tiredness, but Techno knew that Tommy wouldn’t be able to speak if he was actually drunk, he was there the one time Tommy drank. “About that.” 
“You snuck out again didn’t you.” Techno groaned, why couldn’t Tommy just do what he was asked for once?
“You know me so well Technoblade!” Tommy cheered his tone dripping with sarcasm. “We are at Dreams. He had a big party - woo hoo. Can you come pick us up?” 
“Who is us?” Techno asked, intrigued, but slowly getting out of his bed.
“Me and Tubs. It’s cold Techno, can you please come pick us up?” He could hear the desperation in the blonde’s voice. 
“Yeah.” Techno sighed. “I’ll be there in 5.” 
Driving there was a debate. Techno was arguing whether or not he should tell Phil. On one hand, his 15-year-old brother was consistently sneaking out until ungodly hours of the morning, to go to parties and other stupid shit. Shit that should probably be stopped by Phil. On the other hand it was great blackmail material and -  
He looked out his window, to see the two boys on the stairs. Laughing their asses off. A fond smile played on his lips as Tommy seemingly doubled over in laughter, rolling on the ground. 
“Tommy get out of the grass, you’re gonna stain your fucking jeans.” Techno snorted  at the boys. 
They both eagerly looked up, and Techno could see how visibly cold they were. Their noses and cheeks red, their shoulders shivering, and their breath visible.
“Hurry up, get in. We can get some coffee or something to warm you guys up.” 
Tommy and Tubbo both hurriedly climbing into the backseat, sitting close for more warmth. Techno threw them both a hoodie that he grabbed on his way out of the house. 
“Tubbo I want that back on Monday at school.” 
Tubbo rushidly put it on, speaking faster with every breath. “Thank you Techno. Could you just drop me off though, I need time to get back in before Eret notices.” 
“Yeah sure Tubs. We’ll get there in a minute.” 
The trio continued the drive in silence, Techno not being one to start the conversation, and Tommy and Tubbo trying to warm themselves up. 
Techno stopped the car a block away from Tubbo’s house, knowing that the car lights would bring suspicion to Eret who may or may not be awake at this time of night. 
“Thank you so much Techno! I’ll be sure to give you the hoodie back on Monday.” Tubbo exclaimed. 
“You got it Tubbo.” Techno smiled in the boy’s direction. 
As soon as Tubbo shut the car door, Techno could hear shuffling as Tommy climbed over the bar, sitting himself in the passengers seat next to Techno. 
Tommy’s eyes were slightly closed, he could tell how tired the boy was. I mean, Techno had no way of knowing how many times a week this boy regularly skipped sleeping. Sleep deprivation would crush him sooner or later. His blonde hair was a mess, sticking up in multiple directions out of the hoodie that was two-sizes too big on him. 
It dawned on Techno that it was Wilbur’s hoodie.
“You wanna get some coffee? Maybe a snack?” Techno offered, putting his hand on the shift, and turning around the car to back out of the street. 
He watched Tommy’s eyes light up at the sound of food, and a warm drink. 
The blonde hummed, “Yes please.” 
It was odd, really, For Techno to see this kind of contentment on his brothers face. It was always rushed excitement, or some sort of anger. Recently, Tommy had been really good at keeping his emotion in check - keeping his face calm when he was angry, or staying quieter when he was excited. 
Techno guesses that it’s just a part of Tommy growing up. 
Something that he is not willing to admit is happening. Not yet. 
But still, it was strange to see the smile cross his brothers face without thought, the blonde subconsciously snuggling closer into the hoodie. 
Techno sighed, a smile finding a place on his own face, “Did you have fun?” 
Tommy’s eyes lit up, shy smile forming into a wide grin. “You should’ve seen it Techno it was so fun. You should’ve seen Dream - he was a fucking mess. Wait till you hear the stories, he fell down his own stairs. Twice!” 
A fond smile still playing on his lips as he pulled into the Dunkin’ Donuts Drive Through. 
On one hand, his 15-year-old brother was sneaking out, going with people he shouldn’t be with, to places he shouldn’t be, sacrificing the sleep that he desperately needs at his age. On the other, his little brother was happy. Really, really happy. 
“Okay.” Techno decided, cutting Tommy off. “I won’t tell Phil, or Wilbur.” 
“Wait really?” Tommy asked skeptically. 
“Yeah.” He ruffled Tommy’s hair. 
“Cool.” Tommy decided. Techno moved up a spot in the Drive Through. 
“But,” Techno grinned, “You have to clean my room.” 
Tommy sighed, his mouth becoming a firm line. “Okay.” 
“Okay?” Techno asked. 
“Yeah,” His mouth forming a shy smile again, “Deal.” 
With that Tommy stuck out his pink finger - something that he hadn’t done since he was 8 years old. 
Techno blinked, then locked his finger with the blue-eyed teen. 
Maybe the old Tommy wasn’t gone just yet. 
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itsanerdlife · 8 months ago
Tangled Love 23/30
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader // Clint Barton x Reader
Warning:  Okay,  I can’t say without giving a lot of the plot away. Soooo there is  a  mild moment of taking drunk advantage. But no details. This is my   typical warnings, but listing them off will give a lot away.
You and Peter spent the last two years in a confusing Friends with Benefits stage.
When things get complicated and out of hand. You try to cut the strings, only Peter isn’t willing to walk away that easy.
Specially when you find comfort in the arms of someone else.
But that’s the least complicated part of it all. When everything is up in the air, who is left standing there for you?
Peter or Clint?
Tag List Is Open!!!
Tumblr media
You woke sometime during the late night. Instead of falling back to sleep, you spiraled into full blown panic and doubt. How were you supposed to do this alone? How was this fucking happening?
Slipping out, you steal a hoodie and leave Clint asleep in bed. You get to the bottom of the stairs, looking both ways, finding nobody you hurry for the front door. You manage to get the door open and slip out without anyone stumbling upon you. Getting into a SUV, you manage to get in and after a moment buckled in.
You hit the brakes and put the SUV in park, getting unbuckled. Shutting the car off you slip out. With one arm in the sling, and a person growing inside you, you stand outside the mansion. The door opens, and Jean is standing there.
“Y/N?” She watches you.
You rush at her, wrapping your arm around her, tears running down your cheeks. She hugs you, confused.
“Are you in a sling?” She asks.
“What happened?” She brushes your hair back.
“Mission accident. Now I’m pregnant.” You mutter into her shoulder.
“You left out a lot of that story. Come on, we clearly need to talk.” She leads you into the mansion.
“Why are you here so early?” Rogue rubs her eyes standing on the landing of the stairs.
“Be nice, she’s going through something.” Jean warns her.
“Are you in a sling?” She blinks.
“And knocked up.” You sigh.
“Hold on, what?” Rogue stumbles after the two of you.
“Sit down, maybe start from the beginning.” Jean sits with you on the couch in the sitting room.
“I’m dating Clint Barton. Not just dating, I’m in love with him.” You pick at your thumb nail.
“So he’s the father?” Jean wonders.
“Um…” you wince.
“It’s Peter’s?” Rogue lifts a brow.
“Well…” You clear your throat.
“Oh my god.” Rogue sits up straight staring at you.
“What?” Jean looks between the two of you.
You and Rogue staring at one another. Your brow pulls in, nose crinkles up, mouth pulling down.
“You don’t know who the father is.” She gasps.
“Oh.” Jean’s eyes get wide.
“I’m six weeks along.” You chew your bottom lip.
“Peter the weekend of the party.” Rogue nods.
“Clint and I sort of, well, that week.” You stare down at your sling.
“Do they know?” Jean asks, tucking a strand of hair back.
“Clint was with me when I found out. Thanks to this thing.” You glare at your arm.
“How did he take it?” Rogue wonders.
“Not sure. He was pretty quiet.”
“You told Peter?” She asks.
“That went a little different.” You nod.
“What happened?”
“Oh Peter has a new girlfriend, her name is MJ. I met her.” You nod. “She’s a red head.” You add.
“Yikes.” Rogue whispers.
“So I went to tell him about this baby. He at first thought I was rubbing mine and Clint’s joy in his face. Till I explained he might be the father.” You heave an annoyed sigh. “Than he told me he doesn’t want this baby. He’s happy with MJ. Oh, and it’s not his problem I was a whore.” You nod.
“Who’s a whore?” The gruff voice cuts in. Each of your freeze up, looking at the door. Logan is standing there. “What happened to her?” He points at you.
“Mission accident.” The three of you reply in mild panic.
“Who are you calling a whore?” He looks between the three of you.
“Actually,” Jean swallows.
“Ahh,” you clear your throat.
“Someone called her a whore.” Rogue jerks her thumb as you.
“Why?” He growls.
“Logan.” Jean warns him. “Don’t get mad.” She spoke in a calm tone.
“Why would I be mad?” He cuts his eyes at her.
“Well,” she looks to you.
“I’m pregnant.” You admit.
He goes ridged.
“And she doesn’t know who the dad is.” Rogue snorts.
You and Jean both look over at her.
“The fuck?”
“Rogue.” Jean whispers.
“What? It’s true. Peter called her a whore.” She adds.
Logan hasn’t moved. You weren’t sure he blinked even.
“Logan?” Jean tries.
“Girls, go to your rooms.” He points towards the stairs.
“Go.” He orders.
“I don’t even live here.” You point out.
“Go to your sisters room.” He barks.
“How the hell are you knocked up and I’m in trouble?” Rogue huffs, both of you getting up off the couch, you wiggle past Logan. He glares hard at you. Once you’re away from the door you both hear it.
“Pregnant! I knew sending her there was a bad idea Jean!” Logan’s voice booms after you.
“Send her?! Logan, she choose to go! She’s an adult.” Jean yells back.
“Great, mom and dad are fighting.” You sigh.
“See what happens when you come home?” She throws over her shoulder at you.
As you reach the stairs the front door to the mansion, bangs open. Rogue’s arm comes out, thrown across you in a protective manner. Bucky and Clint stumble in, practically tripping over each other. Your head tips, confused.
“Look your possible baby daddy.” Rogue looks at you, arm still out.
“You know he wouldn’t hurt her, right?” Bucky eyes her arm in front of you.
“Well the other one wasn’t very nice.” Rogue shrugs, dropping her arm.
“You!” Logan’s voice booms, startling the four of you.
“Look it’s her dad.” Clint looks at Bucky with wide eyes.
“Logan stop.” Jean tries as he storms towards Clint.
“Dad!” You and Rogue yell at him.
Bucky steps in front of Clint.
“I can’t let that happen.” Bucky explains.
Logan only glares.
“He’s human, Logan. You’d kill him.” Bucky reminds him.
“I thought,” Logan looks over at you “bird?”
“No, just no, dad.” You shake your head.
“Logan, Angel is more bird than Clint.” Jean sighs.
“Not bird?” He looks back at you.
“No. Technically though he is like, you know, a slight mutant.” You offer.
“How?” Logan squints.
“He’s born with an altered mind; he has accuracy enhancement.” You explain.
“The fuck is that?” Rogue’s nose crinkles.
“He can’t miss. He always hits the target, even without looking, and no matter what he uses as a weapon.” You look from her to Logan.
“And you’re knocked up.” Logan grumbles.
“You know I didn’t see that backfiring, but wow.” You nod.
“It doesn’t matter.” Jean speaks up. “He loves your daughter, so shut up and stop growling at people.” She orders.
Rogue whispers the sound of a whip cracking. You slap your hand over your mouth to stop the laugh.
“Sweets,” Clint pushes Bucky out of the way, “I get why you ran out. I do, but I get a say in this too.”
“They might not,” you sigh
“Doesn’t matter, that baby is mine too. No matter whatever DNA it has.” He shrugs. “You weren’t raised by your bio parents. Mine sucked, I was raised by the circus.” He adds. Your dad’s head tips slowly. Rogue shrugs. “Mine or Peter’s, it’s still mine. Because you’re mine. I’m in this, with you, for all of it. I told you, we’ll make it through this.”
“Clint,” your hand runs through your hair.
“Y/N, I waited for years. I have loved you for years. I literally loved you while another man had you. You really think, what a baby is going to run me off? I don’t know how many times I have to say it, but I’m not Peter.” He shrugs.
“I might like him.” Logan shrugs, looking at Jean who is grinning.
“I told you, this thing is serious. So, I’m ready, if you are.”
You glance at Rogue.
“We were raised by them. We’re fucked up, but pretty great.” She shrugs.
“You’re not wrong.” You admit. “Wait how did you two know I was here?” You look at them.
“I’ve told you before, I know you.” Clint smirks.
“Yeah, yeah you do.” You smile, nodding.
“Besides, you’re knocked up and injured, we figured you wouldn’t get far.” Bucky shrugs.
There’s a growling coming from Logan.
“Stop that.” Jean swats him in the chest.
“Can we just talk at home?” You sigh, looking at Clint.
“Well I planned to, till this morning I woke up alone.” He gives you a pointed look.
“Spiraled into a panic and needed to tell my family.” You admit.
“I would have helped.” He points out.
“Fair enough.” You admit. “Take me home. Before Logan does something none of us can fix.” You hurry towards them, pushing Clint back, away from your dad.
“We’re not done, Y/N.” Logan growls.
“Another day.” You call back.
“Sorry about the announcement, here.” Bucky waves, leaving with the two of you.
“Call you later.” You call at Jean and Rogue.
“We’re also going to talk about you up and leaving, injured and pregnant.” Clint whispers close to your ear.
“Bossy.” You mutter back at him.
“Specially when it comes to the woman carrying my baby.” He winks at you.
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Valentine’s Day
words: 2868 universe: human au characters: virgil, roman, patton; mentions of remus, logan, janus pairings: romantic prinxiety, platonic moxiety, platonic DLAMPR, implied background romantic logicality warnings: none i can think of, just fluff on fluff on fluff a/n: happy late valentines day, everyone! i wanted to have this done on actual valentine’s day but executive dysfunction said no thank you. this fic is dedicated to my amazing girlfriend @katlikethesword. i still can’t believe how lucky i am to be your datemate, and i love you with all my heart. this is my first time writing a prinxiety fic this long, so i hope you like it <3
Virgil had never liked Valentine’s Day. As he often said, it was just another commercial holiday created for big corporations to take advantage of people’s relationships in order to make even more money. It was the same with holidays like Christmas and Halloween, but Valentine’s Day had always stood out to him as the worst of them all. He sometimes wondered if, deep down, he disliked this day in particular because he’d never had someone to spend it with.
That is, he didn’t, until he met Roman.
Virgil never would have guessed he’d fall for someone like Roman. The two had met through the internet, after joining a small Discord server for those who shared an interest in Steven Universe. The two held a sort of rivalry between them at first, arguing almost constantly to the point where the others would grow nervous when they noticed both of them online at once. They didn’t dislike one another, per se, but the fact that their opinions clashed a majority of the time led to conflict more often than not.
After some time— and convincing by the others— the two of them begrudgingly started to get along. Their arguments went from heated debates to playful bouts of banter. Virgil found himself growing fond of his eccentric friend, and began to see him as less annoying and self-absorbed. He instead grew to appreciate his sense of humor, and his eagerness to stand up for his beliefs, and his unrelenting loyalty to those he cared about.
Over time, Virgil’s feelings blossomed into something more than just platonic and he felt himself falling. It had terrified him at first— after all, he’d never had feelings like this toward anyone before. He finally came to terms with it after one fateful night, when a voice call lasted so long that the two of them had ended up falling asleep. After that, there was no turning back. After what felt like forever— in reality, a week— he finally opened up about his feelings, and somehow, by some miracle, Roman reciprocated them.
As a result, the two of them were now in a romantic relationship together. Virgil felt himself fall more and more in love every day. It was the simple things that made him special. Roman often sent him messages containing words of adoration and devotion, and he tagged his boyfriend in Tumblr posts that reminded him of their relationship, or of Virgil in general. Virgil had been hesitant to admit that he was in love with Roman, but he did so eventually. He couldn’t imagine loving anyone else.
Not everything was this easy, though. Roman lived thousands of miles away, too far to come and visit unless he was travelling with his family, which was unlikely considering how unappealing his home state was as a vacation spot and how unlikely it was for his parents to plan a trip there. All they could do was pine hopelessly as they waited until they could finally see one another. It wasn’t uncommon for Virgil to lose himself in daydreams of the day they could finally see each other, when they could finally hold each other, when they could finally be together. Roman sometimes joked that he’d expect the pining to die down when they got together, only for it to double once they actually did, and Virgil couldn’t help but agree. It was hard being so far from the person he cared about. All he wanted was to see his love, to be by his side, to be in his arms, even if only for a little while. Was that really too much to ask?
When he woke up on February 14, the first thing Virgil did was grab his phone and open Discord to message Roman. When he did, he’d been expecting his boyfriend to have sent him something, anything, but there was nothing. Maybe he’s not awake yet. He hoped that was it. gerard-gay: hey. happy valentine’s day. i miss you. After he sent it, Virgil lay back down, pulling the covers over himself and closing his eyes again. He stayed like that for a few minutes before stumbling out of bed and changing out of his pajamas. He wasted little time in changing into a purple t-shirt, his favorite hoodie, and a pair of dark gray sweatpants. With that done, he headed into the bathroom. He splashed water on his face, then dried it before taking out his makeup kit. He decided to go for a simple look today, complete with the black eyeshadow on his lower lid that he often wore. Satisfied, he left the bathroom and headed into the kitchen.
The first thing he noticed was that his parents weren’t sitting on the couch like they usually were. Panic surged through him as his eyes flitted around the room, looking for some kind of clue. His gaze fell on a bright pink sticky note on the counter. He came over to it and read it. We had to go pick something up. We’ll be home around 1pm. Love you! ~Mom and Dad Virgil sighed in relief. They hadn’t abandoned him after all. They could have told me beforehand, though. He glanced at the clock on the microwave. 8:49. Damnit, I got up too early. At least he had the house to himself for a while.
He made himself a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal, got out his daily pills, and headed into the living room and set everything on the coffee table. He sat on the couch and turned on the TV, switching it to Netflix and putting on The Office. It wasn’t his favorite show, but it was better than eating in silence. As he ate his cereal, Virgil checked his notifications again. Nothing. He can’t still be asleep, can he? Even on the weekends, Roman was usually awake at around this time. He wasn’t ignoring him, was he?
Virgil soon finished his breakfast and grabbed a blanket from the back of the couch, swaddling it around himself. He stayed there for a while, occasionally having to venture out of his cozy cocoon to ensure Netflix that he was, in fact, still watching. As he watched, he kept an eye on his phone for any indication that Roman was alive and hadn’t grown bored of him.
Soon, he felt his phone buzz, and he nearly dropped it as he opened Discord to check the notification. To his disappointment, it wasn’t from Roman. It was instead from Patton, one of their mutual friends. happypappypatton: Happy palentine’s day!
Virgil couldn’t help but chuckle. gerard-gay: happy palentine’s day pat
happypappypatton: How’s your day so far?
gerard-gay: could be better
happypappypatton: Oh no! Why? Did something happen?
gerard-gay: nothing happened gerard-gay: just kinda worried about roman
happypappypatton: Is he okay?
gerard-gay: idk gerard-gay: i messaged him earlier but he didn’t respond
happypappypatton: Oh no, I’m so sorry!
gerard-gay: it’s okay gerard-gay: at least my parents aren’t home gerard-gay: so i get the house to myself😎
happypappypatton: Can I call you and keep you company?
gerard-gay: nah that’s okay gerard-gay: i don’t wanna take time out of your day
happypappypatton: You’re not happypappypatton: Nobody should be alone on Valentine’s day happypappypatton: Pleeeeease??? I want to talk to you!
gerard-gay: okay
happypappypatton: Yay!!
Virgil laughed to himself as he clicked the phone icon. It didn’t even finish ringing once before Patton picked up.
“Hi Vee!”
“Hey, Pat.”
“How’ve you been?”
“In the ten seconds since you last talked to me?” He laughed. “Exactly the same.”
Patton giggled. “Good point.”
“What about you?”
“I’m doing great! You know I love Valentine’s day.”
“I know you do. You and your roommate are having that Palentine’s party this year, right?”
“I wish I could come,” Virgil half-joked.
“I know, I wish you could too. Just hang in there, we’ve only got a year and a half ‘till you graduate.”
“Yeah, I know. I’m counting the days.”
“Me too,” Patton agreed with a soft laugh. “Has Roman gotten back to you yet?”
“That’s really weird. I would have thought he’d have sent you a page-long message about how much he loves you and misses you.”
“I know, I thought so too.” He sighed. “Do you think he’s sick of me?”
“No, absolutely not. You know how much Roman cares about you. Besides, even if he didn’t, he wouldn’t just ignore your messages.”
“Yeah, I guess. It would be pretty out of character for him to just ghost me.”
“Ghost you? But it’s not Halloween, it’s Valentine’s Day!”
Virgil groaned. “You couldn’t not make a dad joke, huh?”
“Sorry,” he giggled. “But you gotta admit, that was kinda funny.”
“Meh. It wasn’t your worst work.”
Patton laughed.
“Yeah, anyway…”
The two of them were quiet for a moment. “What about the others?” asked Virgil. “Have you talked to ‘em today?”
“Mhm! I DMed everyone earlier. I’m actually talking to ‘em right now.”
“Oh, cool. Are you…” he hesitated before finishing, “talking to Roman?”
“No, he’s the only one who hasn’t said anything. So on the off-chance he’s actually ignoring you, he’s ignoring me too.”
“Has anyone else said anything?”
“Nope. It’s weird, I asked them if they’d talked to him today after you told me he hadn’t been responding, and they all said no.”
“Even Remus?”
“Uh-huh. Apparently he hasn’t even seen him today.”
Virgil started bouncing his leg anxiously. “Okay, now I’m getting kinda scared. Do you think something happened to him?”
“I dunno. Maybe? But Remus would’ve said something about it, right?”
“Yeah, I’d think so.”
“Let’s change the subject,” Patton suggested. “I don’t wanna make you more anxious about this than you already are.”
“Thanks, Pat. How are the others? What are they up to?”
“They’re doing pretty good! Remus is working on a writing project, Janus is playing Stardew Valley, and Logan’s procrastinating on his schoolwork by scrolling Tumblr. Don’t worry, I already scolded him for it.”
Virgil laughed, the mention of Logan reminding him of something. “Ooh, speaking of Logan, are you gonna tell him today?”
“No, not today.”
Virgil was genuinely shocked. “Really? Why not?”
“C’mon, you know him. He sees Valentine’s Day as an excuse for big companies to make a boatload of money.”
“So? I think that too. What does that have to do with you not telling him?”
“It wouldn’t mean anything to tell him today. I don’t even know if I’m ready to tell him yet or not. Besides, he’s got a lot on his plate today, Valentine’s day or not.”
“I get that. Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so pushy. You tell him when you know you’re ready.”
“Thanks, Vee. You didn’t sound pushy, though. I definitely know how frustrating it can be when your friend’s been pining after someone for months on end but they still refuse to do anything about it.“
Virgil laughed. “Okay, okay, I get it. I’ll stop complaining.”
“I’m not saying you have to. I did my fair share of complaining when y—” Patton stopped abruptly, and Virgil heard a faint voice coming from the other end. “Okay, just gimme a second,” Patton called out, clearly talking to someone else. “I’m so sorry, Vee, I gotta go. Emile promised a couple friends we’d meet them for lunch today and it completely slipped my mind.”
“That’s okay,” Virgil reassured him. “You go have fun, Pat. I’ll be fine by myself.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m sure. If I get really lonely I can always talk to the others.”
“Okay. Tell me if Roman gets back to you, ‘kay?”
“I will. I’ll talk to ya later.”
“Bye! Love you!”
“Love you too.” Virgil hung up the phone and got up, grabbing his dirty dishes and taking them into the kitchen to wash them. Once he finished, he glanced over at the clock, which read 10:37. Only about two and a half hours until Mom and Dad get home, he thought as he put the dishes away. He left the kitchen, checking his phone again as he headed toward his bedroom. Once again, Roman still hadn’t said anything. He’s definitely awake by now. Had he been right? Had something happened to him? He forced the thought away. He couldn’t let that bother him. Why was it so important, anyway? Today was just another day.
He reached his room and sat down at his desk, turning on his laptop and putting on his headphones. He then opened Spotify and put on the playlist he’d made for Roman the day after they’d gotten together, before switching over to Tumblr and scrolling through his dashboard. He could probably do the exact same thing in the living room, but he preferred the cozier, more familiar atmosphere of his bedroom. Peanut, his cat, climbed up onto his lap and curled up into a ball. Virgil smiled to himself and reached one hand down to scratch him behind the ear. Peanut purred, and Virgil’s smile widened.
He stayed there for a few hours, seeing what everyone on Tumblr was up to today. Every so often, he switched to Discord to see if Roman had replied to him yet, but no such luck. He did his best to ignore his growing worry, focusing instead on the computer in front of him and the cat on his lap. He could be busy today, he reminded himself. His world doesn’t revolve around you.
Soon enough, he heard the familiar rumble of the garage door, followed by the ca-CHUNK of the front door and the clip-clop-clip-clop of his parents’ footsteps. Virgil gently moved Peanut off his lap, which the pale ginger tabby didn’t seem to mind much. “I’m gonna go say hi to Mom and Dad,” he told the cat. “You can come if ya want.” Peanut meowed in response, which made Virgil laugh. He knew his cat couldn’t understand him, but he still found it wildly amusing when he acted as if he did. He crouched down to pat his head a few times before leaving his bedroom and going into the living room. He smiled at his parents when he saw them. “Hey,” he greeted, giving a sort of half-wave.
“Hey, honey,” his mom greeted with a smile.
“Happy Valentine’s Day!” added his dad.
“Yeah, you too.” He came over and hugged his parents.
“Have you eaten yet?” his dad wanted to know.
“I did,” he reassured him. “I had a bowl of cereal.”
This satisfied him. “Good.”
“What’ve you been up to?” asked his mom.
“Not much. I had breakfast, called Patton and then went to hang out with Peanut and scroll Tumblr for a bit. What about you guys? What exactly were you picking up?” He glanced around in search of a box or some kind of indication of a possible answer but found none.
“Actually,” answered his mom. “It was something for you.”
Virgil hadn’t expected that. “Oh! I-uh, cool. Thanks.”
“Don’t thank us yet,” his dad told him with a laugh. “Go and see, it’s in the garage.”
“Okay.” He went into the laundry room, where the door to the garage was, with no idea what he was going to find in there. His parents rarely got him big presents, and when they did it was either for his birthday or for Christmas. He had no idea what to expect. He reached the door, turned the handle, and flicked on the lights.
Standing there was a teenage boy with a broad smile. He wore a red hoodie and a pair of ripped blue jeans, and his white sneakers were dirty and worn. Around his neck was a necklace with a gold-colored charm shaped like a crown. He spoke, his voice sounding to Virgil like the most beautiful of songs. “Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.”
“ROMAN!” Virgil barreled into him, nearly knocking him over as he threw his arms around him. “Oh my God, you’re actually here. Like, right here. In my garage. How did you even manage to do this?”
“I have my ways.”
Virgil pulled back a little to smirk at him. “You’re just as insufferable in real life as you are online, huh?”
“Well, I’m afraid you’re stuck with me and my insufferableness.”
“Unfortunately.” Virgil gave him a lopsided grin as an indication that he was joking, and an adoring smile crossed his boyfriend’s face. “Is this why you haven’t answered my message?”
“I can’t believe you’re actually here. You actually are here, right? This isn’t some practical joke?”
“It’s not a joke. I wouldn’t do that to you. Well, maybe I would, but not on a day like today. Not on Valentine’s Day.”
The two were quiet for a few moments, just taking in one another’s presence. Virgil was pretty confident that he would willingly stay here forever if he could.
“Well, now that you’re here, what do you want to do first?” Virgil asked, finally breaking the silence.
Roman gave Virgil the playful smirk he’d only ever imagined before. “I think I have an idea.” He rested a hand on his cheek and leaned in, and Virgil felt his heart soar as he and Roman shared their long-awaited first kiss.
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boston-bakedbeans · 2 months ago
The Art Of Falling In Love Again — Chapter 6: It Smells Like Home
Tumblr media
jean kirstein x reader
chapter index | previous | next
Tumblr media
contents: jean loving spaghetti, french words that make my head spin, mentions of jean x armin, jean x hitch (past), eren x reader (past), cheating, parental issues, mentions and discussion of familial death, mentions of a mass shooting, depictions of nausea, shirtless Jean, childhood issues, mentions of underage drinking, implications of substance abuse
word count: 10.5k
A/n: this chapter took me so long omg. i suck at writing holidays but this chapter is really important. I drug my real life experiences out for this so y’all better like it lmao. And now, (almost ;)) everything between you and eren has been revealed. Like always, thank you @6oldie for beta-reading again. This fic could not go on if it wasn’t for you. Please enjoy <3
Tumblr media
The next two weeks were spent cramming for finals before the break, and working shifts that felt as if they dragged  on for an eternity. The restaurant was slammed pack, due to so many people flooding into town for the holidays. Work was just another aspect of this time of year that you disliked.
Jean’s schedule was filled to the brim with practice, tests, and even more practice. He only had a handful of games before they went on break, but he was so thankful that he didn’t have anything sports-related on thanksgiving, so that going home actually worked out for him.
With your combined schedules, you barely saw each other. You only got a glimpse of the man in passing; usually in the late afternoon when you would come back from class to get ready for work, while he was getting ready for practice.
It was around 8:20 at night when you came stumbling into the dorm room. Jean was already inside, standing by his bed and scrolling through his phone. His hair was still damp from the shower, and although he was fully dressed, he had his towel hung around his neck.
“You look chipper.” He commented.
“I’m just relieved.” You let out a sigh as you flopped onto your couch. “I just dropped off my last paper for Professor Smith’s class. I had been putting it off for so long, it was a pain in my ass.”
“Yeah, you hate English, I remember.” He said, running a hand through his hair as he began folding the crumbled up laundry that laid on his bed.
“Also—can we talk about how weird it was seeing him at that party.” You chuckled thinking about the coincidence. “I never thought a guy like him would be in a fraternity.”
“I have a feeling he probably gets that a lot.” He quietly chuckled.
“So, I brought food home from work.” You barely finished your sentence before he was joining you on the couch with a cheesy grin on his face.
“Thank fucking God. I love you so much.” He gave you a quick kiss on the top of your head before grabbing a container of food; the entire action as a whole earned a laugh from you. “Like seriously, I’m starving. I went running this morning and I’ve been at practice since 3. I’m literally running off of a protein shake.”
“Then eat up.” You laughed, grabbing the clicker to turn something on.
The following weekend was spent packing and preparing for your drive up to his mom’s. Thanksgiving was on Monday, so you were leaving Sunday afternoon. You were planning to stay till about Tuesday or Wednesday, so you didn’t need to pack all that much stuff, but you wanted to make sure that you had everything so you didn’t need to drive over 40 minutes back down to campus just to grab something.
“Hey, do you remember if I already got together a snack bag for the trip?” You called out to Jean, who was in the bathroom collecting all of his toiletries.
“If you did, it’d be by the door.” He answered.
“Oh I found it, it was under my jacket.”
It had been like this all day. The majority of your bag had been packed, but it still felt like you had quite a lot to do before you could leave. And the worst part was that you were only 30 minutes away from your target time of leaving.
But on the other hand, yesterday was even worse.
You’d promise yourself you’d start packing, and then you’d find yourself procrastinating with something else. And once you finally did start packing, you’d be busy for like 10 minutes, before you were sitting on the couch scrolling through your phone or getting caught up watching something.
Before you knew it, it was 11 o’clock at night, and you hadn’t even packed half of the stuff you were supposed to.
It was safe to say that you had never been good at managing your time. You usually let that kinda stuff to your brother.
About half an hour past the original time you planned to leave, the two of you started to load your bags into the backseat of his truck.
The drive was a little over 40 minutes, so it wasn’t like it was unbearable. You were able to drive with the windows down, while you blasted music on the highway. You alternate between his and your Spotify playlists.
His mom lived in a nice little gated community on the east side of the city, and you made sure to turn the music down when he stopped to put the gate code in.
Within minutes, you arrived at a small, two-story home. His mother’s car was parked in the garage, so he easily pulled into the driveway to park.
A small woman stood at the threshold of the house, waiting eagerly to meet you.
You helped Jean grab the bags from the backseat and then he insisted on carrying both of them to the front door.
“Hello chérie.” The French rolled off of the woman’s tongue as she pulled you into a loose hug.
“Hi, Mrs. Kirstein.” You greeted me.
“Please, call me Lynette.” She said as she pulled away from you.
Her accent wasn’t thick per say, but you could tell that it was there.
“I’m so happy I can finally meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you.” She smiled.
If you were looking, you would’ve been able to see Jean tense up as his mother revealed the fact that he had talked to her about you before. But instead, you just gave him a slightly confused look, asking him ‘what did she just call me?’ You knew it wasn’t anything bad, you were just curious.
‘Darling’. He mouthed, before taking a step in front of you, to greet his mother.
“Hello Maman.” He slightly bent down to pull her into a hug, his head resting on her shoulder as she welcomed his presence.
His tall build was a sharp contrast to the small woman. She barely stood at 5’5”, whereas he was pushing 6’3”.
“Bonsoir bébé garçon.” She smiled as her arms slightly squeezed around him.
“Now,” She began to speak as she pulled away from her son. “Go take their bags up to their room for them.” She softly pushed against his lower back, ushering up towards the stairs.
“Okay, I’m going.” He chuckled as he grabbed your bag from you, carrying each of your duffle bags, with his left hand.
He nodded his head towards the stairwell, muttering ‘follow me’ as he went. As asked, you followed closely behind him.
After making your way up the flight of stairs, and down the hall, you reached, what you assumed to be, your room for the time being. Jean opened the door, and you made your way inside.
“So, this is the guest bedroom.” He explained as he set the bags down on the trunk that rested in front of the large bed. “And, the place you’ll be staying this weekend.”
“This is a guest room?” Your eyes slightly widened; it’s what you expected it to be when Jean started leading you to it, but still. “It’s beautiful.”
It really was. The walls were painted a deep navy blue. A plush bed pushed against the middle of the wall, a grey trunk resting in front of the footboard. The bed had to be at least queen size, and it was covered with a large, white comforter that looked as fluffy as a cloud. A small blanket that matched the wall’s color, was draped over the edge of the bed. A slim window rested in the corner, to your right. A chair sitting in front of it, and a small bookshelf to the right of that. But what really caught your attention were the two extra doors inside of the room.
A sleek, white door stood at the far corner of the room—a few feet away to the left of the bed. And another identical door, in the other corner, in front of the bed. You figured these to be a door to the closet, and a door to the bathroom.
“Yeah, Maman always made sure that this room stayed nice. Even if no one was staying in it.” He chuckled.
He saw how a wave of confusion washed over you, at the French that slipped into his sentence.
“Oh—Maman means mom in French.” He informed you.
“Ahh, I figured.” You nodded.
“Sorry for all the French.” He laughed slightly. “It tends to slip in when I’m around my mom.”
“It’s no problem, honestly. It’s nice hearing you guys talk in something other than English. Even if I can’t understand it.” You snickered, Jean only nodding in response.
“Well, get settled. This is where you’re staying for the next couple of days.”
“I’m looking forward to it.”
You really were too. For the first time in years, you were going to spend a holiday with a family family—a real family. You were gonna get the home cooked meals, instead of the rotisserie chicken that Historia picked up from Sam’s club.
“You want to see my room?” He asked. “It’s the same as when I was teenager.”
“A glimpse into 15 year old Jean Kirstein?” You smiled widely. “Count me in.”
“Here,” His hand latched onto your wrist, as he started pulling you towards the door. “It’s right down the hall.”
You let him drag you out of the room. His room was only about 20 feet away from yours. A hallway, and a bathroom was the only thing that separated your rooms.
As the door opened, you were met with light beige walls that were covered in posters.
“I don’t know what I was expecting,” You commented as you entered the room. “But this is it.”
A medium sized bed sat adjacent to the wall, in the left corner of the room. A dresser resting against the wall in front of the bed, and TV mounted above it. Led light strips lined the ceiling. A decent sized closet to the right of you, once you walked inside.
“Yeah, this is where I lived for about ten years.” He said, his body leaning against the door frame.
“It’s nice, very you.” You emphasized the last word.
“Should I be offended?” He quirked an eyebrow, a light chuckle escaping his lips.
“No, no I don’t mean it in a bad way.” Your smile widened.
Before trying to explain how you did mean it, your eyes lingered to his dresser.
“Is that a fucking,” You were laughing before you could finish the sentence, your eyes locking onto a small toy set.
“Yes,” he chuckled, following you towards his dresser. “That is a lego star wars set. I had an entire Star War themed party when I was a kid and I just never had the heart to give these away.”
“‘S cute. The whole sentimental thing.” You murmured.
You turned your head and you found something else that caught your eye. You focused on the framed pictures that sat on the far end of the dresser top. Your fingers wrapped around the thin wooden frame and you lifted it a few inches closer to you.
Your eyes scanned the photo, and you realized it was a picture of Jean’s basketball team during high school. It didn’t take long for you to find the brunette. He stood almost directly in the back row, one of the taller ones out of the bunch. A closed mouth smile spread over his lips.
You set the picture down, and moved on to the next frame. You saw another team photo, but you only skimmed over it, before finding a solo photo of Jean.
He looked much older in this one. He didn’t look too awful different from how he looked now, his hair was noticeably shorter though. This time, a wide smile was present on his face. He held the ball in his right hand, his hand looked—big, when you stared at it.
“You look cute here.” The words slipped off your tongue quickly, but you didn’t think much of it.  You didn’t mean it in a romantic way. But still, Jean felt himself heating up at your statement.
He turned his head into the doorway slightly, trying to hide his reddened cheeks. “Thanks.” An airy, and slightly embarrassed chuckle left his lips.
“How old were you in this?” You asked.
He wasn’t sure which one you were talking about, so he made his way towards you to see. He grabbed the frame from you, and he subconsciously pressed his front against you in the process.
“Oh,” He smiled as he laid his eyes on the photo, he hadn’t seen it in so long. “This was my Senior year photo. I still remember taking it. I was so excited that day, but once I took it, it kinda dawned on me how it was the last one I’d take during high school.”
Once he realized how close he was to you, his eyes widened, and he took a large step back from you. Although, you didn’t notice how his front was almost pressed against your back. You had just been intently listening to his voice, as he told you about his Senior picture day.
“Who are all these people?” You asked, settling down on his bed, and hooking your fingers under the un-taped side of the photo.
A multitude of photos were taped to the wall next to Jean’s bed. He let out a deep breath as he followed you towards it.
“My friends.” His voice sounded strange as spoke, as if it was melancholic.
“That sounded sad. Why would you be sad if they were your friends?”
“Well, it’s just that.” He said as he took a seat next to you. “The key word is ‘were’. People who were my friends, but then went off to a different college, and left me here. People who were my friends, but turned into dicks. Wagner and Jeager.” He mumbled the last part of his words, so you couldn’t hear properly.
“Tell me about ‘em—your friends.”
The request brought a smile to his face. He was more than happy to tell you about the people he used to call his friends.
“This is Mina.” He pointed to a girl in one of the photos. She had black hair that was pulled back into pigtails. She widely smiled as she flashed a peace sign, and Jean held the camera.
“She was always sweet to anyone she encountered. I’m pretty sure she and Annie had a fling at one point or another.” He chuckled, motioning to the blonde in another photo.
His hand moved over to a Polaroid on the wall. In this one, he was with a girl. She was around his age, maybe a bit younger. She had light, ashy hair that was cut into a short bob, paired with some blunt bangs. She smiled as she leaned her head on Jean’s shoulder. He looked pretty happy as well.
Next to this picture, was another Polaroid. It was obviously from the same day, seeing as it didn’t look all that different from the one next to it. The only difference was that the girl was pressing a kiss to his cheek.
“This is Hitch. My ex-girlfriend.”
“Oh? Are we finally getting into Jean’s love life?” You teased.
“Yeah, I guess.” He laughed. “I was with her for almost the entirety of senior year, until about...February I wanna say. It wasn’t a messy breakup, we just both decided that the relationship wasn’t like it used to be. Plus she was going somewhere out of state for college.” He explained.
“I love it when people have mutual breakups. It’s clean, simple.” It was something that you hadn’t really been fortunate enough to find in your past relationships.
“Yeah, you’re right. We stayed friends after that too, and it wasn’t like there was any tension between us, or anything.” He smiled.
He then moved on to a different photo. This time, it was him along with two other people. He was in the middle, with his arms draped over the other two’s shoulders. A blonde to his left and a brunette to his right.
“Where do I start with these two?” He disappointedly shook his head as he looked at the photo. “We used to be pretty close, even though he would never admit it.” He mumbled, referring to the boy on his right.
You couldn’t put your finger on it, but they both looked incredibly familiar. As if you had seen them more times than you could count. Yet, you didn’t know why and it was driving you insane.
“The three of us go a while back. Those two have known each other practically since birth, but I met Eren in sixth grade, on our middle school basketball team. We all got kinda close, but I would never be as close to either of them as they were to each other.”
“He and I,” He started, gaze traveling to the blonde. “We were in the ‘talking stage’ for a bit. It would’ve turned into something—it should’ve. But they were so close to each other, that it was like he didn’t even want to be that close to me. If I’m being honest, I guess it scared me in a way.”
“I’m sorry.” You simply said, not sure what else you could’ve.
“Yeah, it’s fine. We were just kids back then, it probably wouldn’t have worked out anyways. God, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen Armin.”
All of the sudden it clicked. It went over your head when he said ‘Eren’, but as soon as he said the second name, everything made perfect sense.
It was Armin in the picture. Fucking Armin Arlert, and Eren Jaeger.
“Oh my God, Armin and Eren.” Your eyes widened as you stared at the photo on the drywall.
“Yeah—wait, you know them?”
“Boy do I ever.” You scoffed. “But they both look so different here.” You mumbled to yourself, caught off-guard by the contrast of their looks compared to how they looked the last time you had seen them.
In the picture, Armin’s hair was so much longer than it is now, whereas in contrast, Eren’s was so much shorter. Just the way Eren looked back then, seeming as if he actually gave a damn about anything. It was nothing you had ever seen before.
Before you could explain anything, Jean’s mom called up to you. Calling you down, to inform you that dinner was ready.
“I’ll tell you the story, after dinner.” You promised him as you both headed down the stairs.
Lynette had made spaghetti, with homemade sauce. The smell of the food filled the home and you felt as if you were in heaven as soon as you landed on the first floor. Bowls had been filled and were already set on the table; paired with a napkin and utensils to the right of the bowl.
“This looks great Lynette, thank you.” You thanked her as you sat down.
“I’m glad you think so. This is Jean’s favorite meal, so I try to make it when he comes down.” She explained.
“Spaghetti’s your favorite meal, huh? I’ll keep that in mind.” You grinned.
“Okay,” Her voice was loud as she walked towards the table. “We’re all adults here, a little wine over dinner can’t hurt anyone, right?”
“I agree with that statement.” Jean nodded, a smile spread over his lips.
Now both their eyes were to you, Lynette wanted to make sure that you were okay with drinking.
“I mean, who would I be to deprive the people of what they want?” You laughed.
She sat down, and poured the wine into your glasses. After saying a quick ‘thank you for the food’, you dug into the meal.
The food was delicious. Way better than you expected. But then again—it may just be because you hadn't had a home cooked meal in years.
“And honey,” Lynette started. “Sorry for all the French going on. I don't want to seem rude—I don’t mean to, it just slips in sometimes.”
“Oh, no worries.” You waived the topic off, seeing as you found no problem with it. “It honestly doesn’t bother me. It’s beautiful to hear you and Jean speaking French.”
“Well, Jean can be your human translator.” She joked. “Seeing as he likes listening better than speaking.”
The comment made both you and Jean laugh. It was true, he much rather would listen to a French conversation, rather than participate.
“He’s just like his father in that way.” A warm smile appeared on her face, and she softly rubbed Jean’s hand with her own.
You could see the way Jean’s eyes saddened. You knew he didn’t have much time with his dad, so that was more than likely why. You figured that it would be smart to change the subject.
“So what brought you guys here?” Of course you already knew the answer, but you figured it would be a good topic to change to.
She told you about how her husband passed away, and she had family in the city, just as Jean had told you a few months prior. Then the conversation switched to you, when she asked about her family. You gave her the same thing you told everyone, that you moved out of state for college, rather than get  into how you left the day after your graduation.
After about an hour, you had all finished your bowls.
“Well Lynette,” You pushed your chair out, and stood up. “This has been great, but I think I’m gonna go out for a smoke. Is there anything I can do to help clean u—”
“No, no, no.” She rid the idea from your mind as she swiped your empty bowl away from you. “You’re our guest, you don’t need to do any cleanup.”
“Well thank you Lynette, tonight was wonderful.” You said as you grabbed your coat off the rack, before turning your attention to Jean. “Care to join me?”
He gave you a nod before telling his mom that he was going with you. You stood at the front of his garage, lighting your cigarette while you waited for him to grab his jacket upstairs and join you.
He closed the garage door behind you, and you began to walk down the street. You didn't have a destination while you were walking, just aimlessly passing through the neighborhood until you finished the cigarette.
“Your mom’s really nice. I can tell how close you are.” What you really wanted to say was how you would kill to have a relationship like that with your own mother, but that was better left unsaid.
“Yeah, we’ve grown close over the years. It’s just been her and I through everything.”
“I’m sorry about your dad.” You were hesitant to say this, but you wanted him to know that he always had a place to vent with you. “I really am.”
“I know.” He softly smiled. “It’s just, my mom always talks about him, and she compares me to him, but it always hurts because I know I’ll never get to meet the guy.” His smile dropped, before he changed the conversation. “But how do you know Eren and Armin? You have me interested.”
“Jesus, those two.” You shook your head a bit as all of the memories came back; both the good and the bad. “So, I met Eren at work one day and I can’t even remember how it started, but uh, he and I were together for a little while.”
“When was that? I wasn’t close to him after senior year, but I don’t really remember him having an actual girlfriend—” He mumbled until you cut him off.
“Freshman year of college. We were...19, I wanna say?” You couldn’t help but laugh at how young you were, yet how willing you were to get serious. “God, I was so dumb back then.”
“Shit, sounds about right. I wasn’t really talking to him at all then. How long did you guys stay together?”
“Almost two years.” You answered, a cloud of smoke escaping your lips as you let the cigarette fall to your side.
“Jesus Christ, two years with him?”
“Young kids make bad choices. That’s all I can say.”
“Go ahead, keep going. What happened next?” He asked. “You got me hooked.”
“Okay so, we were together for awhile, he proposed to me—“
“Proposed?” He repeated your words with wide eyes. “You guys were engaged*?”
“Regrettably so.” You dryly chuckled. “After about a year of us being official, he proposed. Me being the dumbass I was years ago, accepted it. I was head over heels in love with him at the time, so it seemed like the best choice.” You explained. “We got a place together, everything was going great. Until, I found out that he had been cheating on me. Probably the entire time too, I still really don’t know.”
Jean felt his heart drop as the words escaped your mouths. He never understood cheaters, that in of itself, just didn’t make sense to him.
“God, I’m so sorry.”
This relationship happened going on two years ago, so you had pretty much healed and moved on from it. Although, it will always be one of those things that hurts you; even if you won’t admit it.
“Yeah me too.” You simply said. “But that wasn’t the only thing. He was kind of a prick the entire time we were together.”
“Sounds like Eren. How’d you find out?” He asked, but quickly corrected himself. “If you don’t mind me asking, that is.”
“He uh, it’s actually kind of funny.” A humorless chuckle escaped your lips as you began to speak. “He tried to hook up with Historia.”
“No way.” Jean couldn’t believe he would cheat on you in the first place, let alone with your best friend’s girlfriend.
“Yeah. Of course she didn’t let it happen, and told me as soon as she could.”
“Hey, I need to tell you something.” Historia’s tone was different than usual, but you couldn’t figure out why.
“Yeah, what’s up?”
“It’’s about Eren.” She sheepishly said.
“What about him?” You were genuinely starting to get worried, you wondered if something had happened to him.
“Last night he...I found him drunk at the bar and I offered to walk home with him to make sure that he didn’t do anything dumb. We were talking, I was being nice to him like usual, and one thing led to another and,” She took a deep breath before continuing. “And he basically asked if I wanted to hook up with him.”
Your eyes widened at her words. You couldn't believe it. You didn’t even think Eren was capable of something like that. But you knew that there was no way Historia was lying to you, she wasn’t that kind of person.
You felt your heart rate rise as tears threatened to spill out. You needed to get out of there as soon as possible.
“Thanks for letting me know...I uh, I gotta go.” You quickly walked away in the other direction, leaving before she could say anything to stop you.
You heard the faintest noise of her calling after you, but the ringing in your ears and blurry eyesight prevented you from doing anything about it.
You decided you needed to deal with this now, because the more time you gave it, the easier it would be for Eren to find a way to get you to forgive him. And as much as you wanted to do just that—forgive him and move on, you knew that you couldn’t. You had too much respect for you to pull that shit. You had too much respect for yourself, to let your relationship turn into your parents’.
You quickly walked to your car, and started driving to your shared apartment. On the drive, tears threatened to stream down your face, but you insisted on not letting yourself cry until you hash everything out between you and Eren.
When you went to unlock the door, you couldn’t hear him inside, but you knew he was there; his fucking brand new red Corvette Stingray was parked in it’s usual spot. Your hand shook as you struggled to unlock the door. After what felt like ages, you were able to open the door.
“Hey babe, you’re home early—” Eren greeted you from the couch, abruptly stopping once he saw the state you were in. “Are you okay, baby?”
“I don’t know Eren, am I?”
“The hell’s wrong with you?” He spit, tossing his phone on the cushion and standing up.
“You fucking tell me. Where were you last night, Eren?”
“At the bar with my teammates—why do you even need to fucking know? What’s this about?”
“Who were you with last night after you left the bar?”
He started to get an idea of what this was about. About what you had found out.
“Baby—” He tried to place his hand on your arm, but you quickly backed away.
“Don’t fucking touch me.”
“Baby, whatever you’re mad about, I can explain-”
“Explain what, Eren? How you tried to hook up with Historia last night? How are you gonna explain that?”
His eyes widened as you brought up last night. He had nothing to say as a rebuttal.
“What, you didn’t expect me to find out about that? About how you tried to get with my best friend’s girlfriend?!” You shouted at him.
“Babe, you don’t understand—”
“Then make me! Make me understand Eren. What could you possibly say, to make this all make sense?”
“I was drunk, I didn’t know what I was doing—” He rambled on and on, using every excuse that he could think of.
“Really Eren? I’ve been drunk around a shit ton of guys before. I didn’t try to sleep with a single one of them.”
He gritted his teeth before answering. He knew that he had nothing to defend himself. So, he turned to manipulation.
“Well honestly, it wasn’t even my fault. You’re always gone, what did you expect?”
You started to laugh out of pure exasperation. “You’re kidding me, right? That’s what you’re turning this into? I work so hard just to make sure I have a place to live and you’re saying this is my fault? I’m sorry that I don’t have all of my school paid for and I have to actually make something of myself! I was gonna fucking quit school so that I could spend more time with you.”
Your eyes stared into his own, you expected him to say something in response. An apology, a valid explanation, just something. But it never came.
“God, I can’t even look at you.” You snapped your gaze away, the thought of him with other people made you sick to your stomach.
You pulled the engagement ring off your finger, and held it out in front of him. “Get out.”
“I said get out.” You shouted. “And don’t fucking call me that anymore.”
“But I still love you—” That was a lie too, you knew that. You were starting to question if he ever loved you.
“Maybe that’s the problem then.” You tilted your head up to look at him one last time. “Just take the ring and leave.”
He thought for a moment, and then snatched the ring from your hand. “Whatever.” He mumbled as he grabbed his clothes and headed towards the door.
“Send Armin over here later to get your stuff, I don’t want to see you around here again.” You stated.
As soon as you heard the door shut, you brought your hand up to your mouth and began to sob. You pushed your back against the door and leaned your head against the wood, starting to cry uncontrollably.
“So yeah, that’s my Eren story.”
“I’m really sorry, you should’ve never had to gone through that.” He repeated, making sure you knew that he was sincere.
“It’s okay. I’ve moved on.” You explained with a smile.
“Well, I’’m glad you aren’t with him anymore. Because even though there was a specific reason you guys broke up, he was a dick nonetheless.”
“You’re right, you’re right.” You lightly chuckled to yourself. “He looked really different in the photo of you guys. His hair was so short and he just seemed different.”
“Yeah, well he was. He was a lot different before everything happened—a lot happier too.”
“What uh, what happened?” You asked, your confusion increasing as he spoke.
“You don’t know?” He arched an eyebrow, looking at you as if you were crazy.
“I feel incredibly dumb saying this, but no I don’t.”
“His...Eren’s parents died.”
“Well yeah, but he was only 13 and it didn’t affect him much...right?”
“Oh God,” Jean seemed horrified at the words you spoke. “I had been hearing stories about that floating around campus but...he really did lie to you the entire time you guys were together, didn’t he?”
“I’m guessing so, based on how you’re reacting. What happened?”
“Here,” He leaned down and took a seat on the sidewalk, patting the pavement next to him and motioning for you to copy his movements. “You might want to sit down for this one.”
You did as he suggested, and sat down next to him on the sidewalk.
“So what do you know about his parents’ death?”
“That they died in a car accident when he was thirteen. That’s all he told me.” You explained.
“God,” He shook his head out of sheer disappointment. “Well, they didn’t die in a car accident, and it didn’t happen when he was 13. Do you uh, do you remember the shooting that happened here, a couple of years back?”
“Yeah of course, I remember hearing about it on the news that night.”
“Well uh, he was there that night with his parents and...and they ended up getting caught in the crossfire.” He explained, not knowing of another way besides being blunt.
“Oh my God.” You were speechless at his words, you had never expected that for a moment. “But wait...that was a couple of years ago. That means that he was—”
“18.” He cut you off before you could finish your sentence. “He was 18 when they died. And it affected him a lot more than he led on.”
“I—I couldn’t even imagine that, oh my God.” You whispered, still in shock over the new information.
“It’s a lot to process, I know.”
Before you knew it, your head turned fuzzy and you felt a pit forming in your stomach. A wave of nausea washed over you. You started to wonder if you ever really even knew him.
You squeezed your eyes shut as you slightly shook your head. “I uh, I don’t feel too well right now. D’you mind if we head back?”
“Yeah, of course. Here, let me help you up.” He quickly stood up and held his hand out for you to take.
“Thanks.” You partially stuttered, your brain had been thrown for a loop and it felt as if it was short circuiting.
The walk home was quiet. You were doing a lot of thinking. About Eren, about your relationship, you started wondering just how many lies he really had told you.
“I’m sorry about tonight.” You apologized as you neared his front door.
“No, please, don’t be.”
“But I am, it just—it really shocked me, you know?” You explained. You think you know a person after being with them for almost 2 years.
“I completely understand, don’t worry about it.”
You followed Jean inside, and you made your way into your bedroom. It kind of surprised you how much the news affected you. Maybe you weren’t as over him as you thought you were.
You contemplated a lot of things in the shower. You honestly spent most of it thinking over you relationship with Eren, rather than actually showering. There’s a lot of pain associated with Eren, even if you elect to ignore it and pretend that it doesn’t affect you.
It took you longer than it usually would to get dressed, you were still kind of walking around in a haze. You cracked your knuckles and shook your head as you tried to shake off the thoughts about Eren.
Before you headed to bed, you made your way across the hall.
Knock knock
“Come in.” Jean’s voice was muffled by the door as he responded.
When you walked in, he was folding some clothes and putting them on his dresser. He was clad in his basketball shorts, paired with a towel thrown around his neck.
You could tell that he was slightly surprised when he saw the door open. He had guessed that you were so shaken up that you went to bed as soon as you could.
“Hey.” He quietly greeted you.
“Hey.” You repeated back to him. “I’m uh, about to go to bed, but I just wanted to say thank you.”
“What for?”
“Letting me know about Eren. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known.” You explained.
“Of course. You deserve to know the truth .”
“Thank you nonetheless Jean.” You slightly smiled.
“Again, of course.”
Part of you wanted to go to bed, and part of you wanted to stay in there with him. You weren’t sure why exactly, but you didn’t want to go back to the guest bedroom. You also didn’t know why you couldn’t stop staring at him.
He didn’t see you thank God, but you couldn’t bring yourself to look away. Maybe it was because he was shirtless and the fact that you had a direct view of his abs. But even if that wasn’t the only reason—it only helped.
It was yet another one of those things that you found attractive; not because it was Jean, but just because it was attractive in general. There wasn’t a shred inside of you that found him attractive. It was just that there were certain aspects of him that were. The things he did could be potentially construed as attractive.
“Well uh,” You finally broke your gaze away from his chest and towards his ceiling. “I should head back to my room.”
“Okay, I’ll let you go then. Sweet dreams.” He smiled.
“Same to you.”
You made your way back to your room, and quickly got underneath the covers of your bed. The bed was soft and extremely comfortable, but for some reason, you weren’t tired anymore. Maybe it was because your mind was running a mile a minute, maybe it was that you were still so stuck on Eren, it was probably a lot of things honestly.
After about an hour of not sleeping, you grabbed your phone.
You: Jean, you up? 1:36 am
Jean: yes, but please tell me this isn’t what I think it is 1:37 am
You: fuck you lmao but can I come in there so we can watch tv? Can’t sleep :/ 1:37 am
Jean: you should be nicer to someone whose room you want to rent for the night :( 1:37 am
Jean: but sounds good just be quiet coming across the hall, mom’s a light sleeper 1:37 am
You: see you in a second 1:37 am
You shuffled out of bed and quietly tip-toed out into the hall. You felt like a child as you quietly opened his bedroom door.
When you opened the door, there he was. One leg was under the covers, the other was on top of them. He was still only wearing shorts and no shirt.
“Hey man, I told you this wasn’t a booty call, you can keep your clothes on.” You teased as you closed the door behind you.
“Ha—ha, very funny.” He playfully rolled his eyes. “I sleep like this dipshit. Come sit.” He patted the area of the bed next to you.
“What do you wanna watch tonight?” You asked as you settled into the bed.
“Up to you.” He handed you the remote to his tv.
You ended up drifting off to sleep shortly after the movie started. You weren’t why you were all of the sudden able to sleep, but you had an idea. Your entire life you had always had a hard time sleeping in a new place. Whether it be at hotels, trips, or even when you moved into a new home. Being with Jean and watching a movie, allowed you to feel a sense of normality.
Jean couldn’t help but smile to himself as he watched you sleep. Your eyes were fluttered shut and you were snuggled up against his side. Your head pressed against his bare chest and your legs were starting to tangle with his.
After he turned the movie off and set the remote back on his nightstand, he felt you press into his side even more. He was reluctant in doing so, but he couldn’t help but wrap his arm around your waist; pulling you even closer to him.
He felt his heart jump as you set your hand on his chest. With your head curled into the side of his chest, you set your hand almost directly over his heart. If you were awake, you’d probably be able to hear how fast it was beating.
The next morning, he woke you up at around 10 in the morning. You didn’t get up without a lot of resistance first. Complaining about how, ‘you’re too tired’ and how ‘you don’t have work today’. Alas, you begrudgingly made your way down the hall and back into your room; tiredly grabbing your things from your bag.
You met Jean in the bathroom, with your bag of toiletries. You grabbed your toothbrush, toothpaste, and face wash out of the bag, and set it on the small counter.
“Hey can you tie my hair back for me?” You asked, squeezing the toothpaste and handing him your hair tie.
“Yeah, here—come closer.” You backed up a bit, but apparently not close enough.
“Closer.” He set his hand on your hip and pulled you closer to him, until you made contact with his body. Anything from the night prior about being too close to you, seemed to disappear from his mind in the moment.
You can’t deny the electricity that shot through your veins when you felt his hand press into your ribs. They were warm and big, perfect for the things you didn’t want to admit that you thought about.
He was gentle as he pulled your hair back, weaving his fingers through the strands to avoid knots. He wrapped the elastic about three times before backing up and telling you that he was done.
“How’d you get so good at this?” You chuckled. “You’re better than me at this point.”
“The girls in our group always needed someone to do it and I ended up being the guy. I’m also surprisingly good at braiding too.”
“Ah, I might have to test that someday.” You smiled as you put some of your face wash on the tip of your fingers.
After you finished washing your face, Jean grabbed something from inside his shower.
“‘Scuse me.” He mumbled, letting you move before grabbing something from the vanity drawer.
You watched intently as he used mini-hair combs to push his hair back. He was precise in his movements, separating the front of his hair into two sections, and pinning them down with the items. He noticed your staring when he finished.
“What?” He looked at you with confused and wondering eyes.
“Nothin’. You’re cute is all.” He felt himself heating up at your compliment, but he was glad you didn’t notice. “Every guy I know, couldn’t give a shit about hygiene.”
“Not this one, nope.” He chuckled. “Question, why’d you come in here to do this?” He asked, alluding to the fact that you had a guest bathroom.
“Real answer?” You arched an eyebrow, and he gave a nod in response. “The bathroom was so nice and I didn’t want to mess it up.”
He started laughing hysterically as soon as you admitted it. You started brushing your teeth in an attempt to run away from the conversation.
“You know—”
“Don’t even say anything.” You mumbled through the toothbrush. “It just looked so perfect, I couldn’t do anything.”
No matter what your reasoning was, he still found it hilarious. Laughing his ass off all the way into his bedroom.
“So what, you’re just gonna make fun of me and leave?” You called out, spitting into the sink and rinsing it down.
“Maybe.” You heard him answer through the doors.
You playfully rolled your eyes and returned to your room. You changed into your outfit for the day and waited for Jean at the stair landing. When you went downstairs, you were met with a table that was set with breakfast
“Perfect timing. I made you guys some breakfast. It's not much because I don’t want to ruin your appetite for tonight, but it’s something.” She explained.
“Thanks ma’.” He leaned down to kiss the top of her head, before taking a seat at the table.
“Thank you Mrs. Kirstein.” You nodded.
“Of course, and please, call me Lynette.” She urged you.
The rest of the day kind of came and went. You spent most of it on the couch with Jean, staring at him while he watched the football game. Finding it hilarious whenever he got worked up about it.
You were helping Jean and his mom cook dinner, when a phone call from your brother pulled you away from the kitchen.
“Hello?” You answered, your phone nudged in between your head and your shoulder while you finished drying your hands.
“Happy Thanksgiving.” He gleefully responded.
“Happy Thanksgiving Ter’.” You slightly chuckled. “You seem like you’re in a good mood.”
“And you don’t seem like you're in a shit one.”
“Surprisingly, I’m not. Being here with Jean and his mom has been really nice. She’s good with him—with me. She’s like a real mother.” You had half a mind to add on ‘unlike ours’ to that sentence, but you figured it’d be best to leave it alone.
“It’s nice being with people other than them for the holidays. Didn’t figure that one out till Ambrose and I spent one together.”
“You guys are really happy together, aren’t you?”
“Yeah, yeah we are. She really completes me, you know?”
“Not really, but I could imagine.” You simply said, still not being fortunate enough to experience something like that.
You were truly happy for him. After all the shit he’s gone through in life, getting to be with his one true love is the least God—or whoever’s out there, could do for him. After so long of hating relationships, being that your only personal experiences were your parents’ and your own with Eren, seeing him and his girlfriend being so happy together really started to make you wonder.
Maybe you could find someone like that one day.
“So, is today going good?” He asked.
“It is. I’ve just been watching games with Jean and helping Lynette in the kitchen, but it’s been nice.
“I’m glad you’re enjoying today, for once.”
“Yeah, I am too.”
You were surprised honestly. Holidays were never something you enjoyed. Whether it was being drug out of the house for a ‘family getaway’ or just staying inside with your parents all day. Moral of the story, it was a big shock to both you and your brother, that Thanksgiving could actually be enjoyable for you.
After a few more minutes of talking, your brother let you go, explaining that he had to help finish dinner. When you got off the phone, Jean and Lynette had finished preparing everything, and all the food was safely in the oven.
While you were waiting for the food to cook, you and Jean migrated to the couch. You spent your remaining time watching the football game with him. While Lynette was pulling the turkey out of the oven, the doorbell rang.
Jean’s eyes lit up at the sound and he was pulling you towards the door, before you could even question what was happening. When he opened the door, there was a woman standing outside. She couldn’t have been much older than Lynette, only two, maybe three years, and she looked exactly like his mom.
He pulled her into a hug and scrambled to introduce her, once he backed away.
“This is my Aunt Liz.” He introduced you to her, adding, ‘She’s my roommate’ for clarification.
“It’s very nice to meet you.” She smiled. Her accent was a bit thicker than Lynette’s and you could tell that French was her native language, although it was still plenty easy to understand her.
“Pleasure’s all mine.” You nodded.
Before anything else could be said, Lynette was joining the conversation.
“Come inside, come inside.” She ushered her sister into the house after giving her a hug.
“Sorry I’m so late, I just got done dropping Eli off with his dad.” She explained as she followed you all into the kitchen.
“No you’re right on time actually. The turkey just finished cooking.”
The dinner ran smoothly. You hadn’t had a meal like that in years. And you don't think you’ve ever had a meal that was that enjoyable. The taste of the food on top of the company made the night amazing. You never thought that Thanksgiving at Jean’s would ever go this good.
After dinner, you and Jean helped Lynette clean up, and said goodbye to Liz. Once you said goodnight to his mom, you resigned upstairs for the night. You both got your showers and met back in his room.
“So, d’you have fun tonight?” He asked once you got settled in his room. You took the bed and he sat idly in his desk chair.
“Surprisingly, I did.” You nodded, a small smile on your lips.
“No, no like that.” You couldn’t help but chuckle. “I just…like I said, I’m not the kind of person who enjoys the holiday season.”
“I understand that. I kinda felt that way all growing up. I guess I just learned to accept what I had and move on. But you don’t have to do that.” He was quick to say, scared that what he said came off as insensitive or just rude in general. “Everyone deals with shit differently.”
“You’re fine, Jean. I get what you mean.” You waved off the subject.
But still, he wasn’t wrong to think that way. You’ve spent a lot of your adult years blaming yourself for not being able to move on with life. Even now, there’s a part of you that thinks you shouldn’t let your past hold you back like this.
Your eyes scanned the room, looking for anything eye-catching, before speaking up.
“I’m trying to see if I can do any snooping around in your room, but everything seems so innocent.” You chuckled. “It’s not fair.”
He couldn’t help but laugh at your statement. “Well, I do have something you might be interested in.”
“Oh? Color me intrigued.”
“It’s buried in my closet,” He mumbled as he got out of his seat. “So give me a second.”
After digging through the shelves in his closet, he returned with a small shoe box. There was a shit ton of signatures written on the lid, along with a few dollar-store quality stickers. It had been painted blue and the phrase ‘Jean’s Glory Days’ was written on the cardboard in bold letters.
“Jean’s glory days, huh?” You teased.
“Please, don’t remind me. For some reason, 18 year old me thought it was a good idea.” He rolled his eyes as he joined you on the edge of his bed.
“Then what am I? Your ‘post-glory’ roommate?”
“Shut the hell up and open the box.” He laughed.
“Okay, okay.” You mumbled in mock defense as you pulled the lid off and set it on the bed.
The first item that you pulled out, what a small piece of tattered paper. It was a folded up piece of paper, stained in tears. ‘Dear Jean’ was written in cursive. But before you could examine the note any further, Jean snatched it out of your hand.
“Let’s not read that.” He mumbled, shoving it in the pocket of his basketball shorts. “Sorry, let’s just…let’s just move on.”
“Don’t apologize, you’re fine.” You gave him a soft smile as you set your hand on his knee, trying your best to let him know that it was okay.
You had never seen him get that protective over anything. You knew it could’ve only been from one person.
The next thing you grabbed was a Polaroid. It was a group photo filled with all the people you had seen in the photos on Jean’s wall. Jean, Mina, Annie, Hitch, Armin, and of course—Eren.
“This is cute.” You murmured.
“Yeah, that was a fun day. We all went out after the homecoming game.”
You continued to pull out item after item, each and everything seemed more interesting than the last. You found countless basketball photos of his, he always looked so much older as the photos progressed.
Soon enough, you had emptied out practically the whole box, and his bed was a fucking mess. A large poster board from his senior night was on his pillow, along with a shit tone of other small things.
The last thing you found was a cd. ‘Don’t forget about us <3’ was written in purple sharpie on the non-readable side.
“What’s this?”
“I’m not sure actually.” He cocked his head to the side, he looked puzzled as he tried to decipher what they could be. “Let’s find out.”
He grabbed his laptop off of the desk while you fit everything back into the box, and set it on the carper below you. He set up the device and loaded the disks into the tray.
When the video started up, all you could see was a very scary close-up of Jean’s face while he tried to get the camera to work.
“Is this thing working?” His voice wasn’t as deep as it was now, both of you heard that and Jean visually cringed at the sound.
Once he fiddled with it enough, he pulled it away from his face and began to speak again. Now, you could see that Hitch was with him. They were walking, more people following behind them. Mountains were in the background and they seemed to be at a park of some sorts.
“Okay, let’s try this again.” Jean sighed, eliciting a giggle from the girl next to him. “Today was our last day of high school.”
Everyone behind him was cheering and hollering at his statement, they seemed more than elated to be rid of the place.
“I’m with Hitch, Mina, Annie, Armin, and Eren.” He explained, turning around and pointing the camera towards his friends.
Everyone either waved or said something to the camera, everyone except Eren, that is.
“Say hi dumbass.” He demanded.
“No.” Eren grumbled, kicking a small rock towards the man.
“Whatever, little prick.” He said under his breath, bringing himself back into focus.
The video was about 8 minutes long and it consisted of all of them being dumb, little shits, Eren and Jean arguing, the group attempting to play a three on three game of basketball, and then getting food.
You watched it like it was a movie, your eyes wouldn’t leave the screen and your mouth wouldn’t open unless it was to say something related to the film in front of you.
“That was cute as shit.” You said, clicking pause on the video once it started to replay.
“Well, I’m glad you think so. We filmed it as a last hurrah before college.”
“Eren was a bit of a downer though.” You mused.
“He always was that year.”
“So tell me more about adolescent Jean, I wanna hear more about him.” You said, electing to not get into any conversation that involves Eren as a topic.
“Okay, well let’s see. I don’t know, I kinda had what people would think of like, the classic American life? I was like the popular kid at school,” He practically snorted at the words. “As terrible as that sounds. I mean, I was a starter on my high school basketball team. Not the captain though. That spot was for Eren.”
“Yeah, yeah he told me about that. Seemed quite proud of it too.” You chuckled.
“What about you? What were your adolescent years like?” He wondered.
“Oh, that…that’s a little less happy. Honestly, it’d be quite depressing in contrast to what you just shared.” You did your best to make your words seem light-hearted, trying to make the situation less dire than it actually was.
“Okay, well my childhood wasn’t as good as I made it sound.” He admitted. “It definitely wasn’t as bad as others—”
“It doesn’t matter what other people went through, it matters what you went through and how it affected you.” You said.
You always hated it when people tried to invalidate trauma by saying that others had it worse. It had happened to you more times than you cared for, so you got quite snappy when things like that were said.
“Thanks.” He softly smiled. He looked for the right words to say, but they wouldn’t come out.
He took a deep breath before getting into it.
“Well, my childhood was looking up to empty bleachers because my mom was working all the time. It was studying alone in a dark kitchen at night, looking up answers online instead of asking for my mom’s help. And it was surviving off of top ramen and microwave meals because my mom was never home in time for dinner.”
“For a few years, I resented her for it, even though it was completely out of control. But I love her, and I’d do anything for her. And it wasn’t like we had good moments. She taught me how to drive, she took me to every practice I couldn’t get a ride to, she taught me how to cook later down the road, and even though she couldn’t eat dinner with me, she did her best. By the time she got back from work, I was already passed out. But in the morning, I’d always have breakfast waiting for me. And it never failed to have a matching handwritten post-it note attached.”
Once you realized he was done talking, you spoke up. “I’m sorry you had to go through that Jean.”
“‘S okay, I’m past it now.” He nodded, a silent thank you for your condolences. “Your turn?”
“My childhood was uh, it was getting drunk and high more often than not. It was screaming matches between my parents and I, and locking myself in my room to get away from the noise. It was my dad leaving the house after every minor inconvenience, and my mom being too afraid to stop him. My childhood was rocky to say the least.”
“What about the good stuff? Any good memories?” He tried to change the subject, an attempt to lift the mood a bit.
You were happy he didn’t want to hear any more about your parents. You guys were getting close, a lot closer than you had expected to, but still, some things you just aren’t ready to open up about. Not to him, or anyone for that matter.
“No, not really. At least, not with my parents. But my brother, we had a lot of fun times.”
“Tell me about those then.” He thought it could do you some good to think about the not-so-terrible parts of your youth.
“Well, we would climb on top of his beat down van, and watch the stars together. He’d always take me to get food after we fought with our parents.” You couldn’t help but smile at the memories, they were ones you truly cherished. “He was a great brother—still is. Only reason I’m here right now.” You didn’t mean for it to sound so depressing, but it was the truth.
“How old were you when you started drinking and shit? If you don’t mind me asking.” He quickly said, careful not to overstep his boundaries.
“Well, I was about 12 years old when I took a hit off one of these for the first time.” You explained, showcasing the vape that rested between your fingers. “I think I was 13 when I bought my first one. I was right around 14 when I got drunk for the first time, and I smoked a cigarette not too long after that.” And with that, he got the answer to his question. “Sounds pretty shitty I know. ‘m not exactly the poster child for stable habits.”
“No, don’t worry, you don’t have to feel embarrassed or ashamed around me.”
A quiet “thanks,” left your lips before you began to redirect the question. “What about you?”
“I started drinking when I was about...16? Sophomore year of high school I think. I smoked a lot in junior year, but that shit didn’t last too awful long. I’m an athlete, so I gotta keep my body in shape, you know?” He quietly laughed.
“Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between ‘frat boy athletes who drink and smoke as if they're getting paid’, and ‘athletes who actually care about the shit that they put into their body’.” He couldn’t help but laugh at your statement, silently agreeing as he nodded his head. “Eren was definitely the latter.”
You stayed up for about an hour, watching TV and listening to music, before you retired into your own room. Today was good, you knew that. You had a great time with him and his family, but for some reason, you felt off. Honestly, talking about your past—as slight as it may be, always throws you off a bit.
The next day was good, you and Jean went shopping for Lynette that morning. She gave you a list and you made sure to check everything off, before returning home. You left later that night. Embarking on your drive home, after you sat down for an early dinner.
Jean’s home was so much different than yours. Just the atmosphere was, let alone the people. It was warm and inviting there; not cold and closed off, like the home you grew up in. You really liked being there with Jean, a lot more than you expected.
But even so, you were a little relieved to be back in your own space. Who knows, maybe this won’t be a one time thing. Maybe for once, you’ll actually have someone to spend the holidays with.
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kamakadhalan · 7 months ago
One night stand with my Ex girlfriend (part 1)
This story is about how i had a one night stand with my Ex gf. Her name is D. I have to hide a full name due to some reason. D and me were good friends from school days. They were time we flirted and eventually we ended up being together for about 3 years. Then she cheated me with another friend of mine and we broke up. The times we when we together we had great sex as we were only 18 that time. We had sex in many places from my parents room till the balcony of and hotel under the moonlight. D was always horny and eveready to fuck. Let me describe her abit. She is 5ft7 with a great body. Her boobs were not very big and not very small just the right size. She had an Ass to die for. She always dress up and keep her self fit. She was a kind bitch in school. But when we left school. She told me that she really liked me and wanted to have a steady relationship. But a bitch is always a bitch. She cheated on me after 3 years. Lucky i also had a fling with a malay girl. I didn't feel bad when D cheated me. Let get to the story. After we broke up i did not keep in touch with D. As i saw seeing another girl for nearly 6-7 years. But we too broke up due to some reason. After i broke up with my girlfriend i opened up my own FB as my previous girlfriend was very possessive she never allowed me to have one. When i had my on FB i added D whom was also seeing someone at that time. We the used chat and we were both now 29 years old . D still maintained her figure . We eventually met up for lunch one day. When i saw D After long time i was so horny thinking of how i can fuck her again. After the luch meet. We started texting each other more often and hanging on the phone i used to tease her about how we were in the past. She will also tease me. And the day finally arrived the day i fucked her like a crazy bull. It was one of my friends birthday i was out drinking. As i was drinking .D texted me and asked what i was doing i told i am out drinking we a couple of friends. She told me that she was out drinking too with her friends. As my friend was a girl and she could not stay out late night. I had to send my friend back by 11 pm. The night was still young me so i decided to text D. She replied me in 10mins saying that she is also leaving the party as it was kind a boring ladies night out. As they were drinking only wine. I know that D loves beer and wine is not for her. I called her up and asked her. This was the conversation
Me: Hei
D: Hei wasssup.
Me: So how was the party.
D: nahhh bored. Who wants to party with wine. Wine is for those to dont want to get high and party.
Me: hahaha yeah you are a beer person never a wine lover.
D: wow you do remember that.
Me: ofcourse i do. And i still remember your favorite beer.
D always liked tiger beer and as for the finishing she will go with stout saying that it makes her horny and she can fuck all night long
Me : So ur going back home now
D : yeah what to do. Ngt much so tought of just going back home and having some of my dads beers. What about you. Where to after sending your friend. Did you manage to fuck or got a BJ from her hahahaha. Knowing how you can sweet talk girls.haha
Me: Hei whr gt. No lah. This girls is good friend of mine.
D: yeah i was your friend too. But ended up you fucked me doggystyle on my 18th bday at the carpark. Hahah. So i thought maybe thats what is going to happen
Me: hahhaha that one was because you wanted to feel my big dick after you saw me taking shower at your house after all the setup i did for your 18bday. Remember you told me that fuck was to thank me hahaha. Anyways. I heading back home to. Will text you once i am back home.
After about 10mins D msged me.
D: shit there is no fucking beer at home. My dad as finished up everything. Whr are you back home already.
Me. Hei. Wassup. Omg pity you. Me still around Sunway. Just got some beers and thought of going to the lake side and chilling. The sky is clear with star will be nice to chill out there.
D: that's nice beer and stars.
Then I had an idea. I asked D would she like to join me.
Me: hei what about you join me for a couple of beer. Maybe we can catch some stories that we missed out.
After about 20minutes she Msged me again.
D: hi sorry was looking for beers around the house. Dam nothing left. Hmmm sound like good idea too. Where are you now.
Me: I am at the lake near by holiday villa hotel.
D: I am not sure of the place
Me: no worries you come to McDonald's in ss15 I will fetch you from there..
D: that's great thank you. I will text you as I am reaching.
Me: roger that
After about 15to20mins i got a text from D.
D:Hey I will be there in 2mins.
Me: OK. I am already there look out for my car at the back of McDonald's there is a parking here for you as well.
After 2 mins. I a heard a honk sound and it was D. She looked stunning in a black tube dress. I had a hard on. But I cover it. She was too fast to notice and gave me a cheecky smile and gave me a hug friendly hug.
Me. Hallo how you.
D: I am good. Sexy as always. Hahah
Me. Yeah you look hot. If you were my gf now I would banged you at the back of car. Hahhaa
D :yeah right. But to bad we can't do that now. So what's the plan are going to stand here all night long.
Me: haha. Nope . You park your car here and hop into mine. We will go grab some more beers and head towards the lake.
D: okdokie
I drove to nearest 711 and grabbed some tiger beers and also some stout. I had my own plans now. Which is to fuck D no matter what.
Me: hei here are the beers. I bought ur favorite tiger and stout.
D: that's so nice of you.
Then I drove towards the lake and parked the car under a tree. And I offered D the beers. I bought about 10cans each. After a about 8 cans each D start to open up few thing to me.
D: hei you know what it's really nice meeting you after a long time.. Lately things have been very stressful for me. And today after seeing u I feel a bit better.
Me: oh OK. Hmmm maybe you can share with me what is that making u stress. Like old time sake. You know you can share anything with me.
D : Hmmm it's actually 2 things has been running in my mind lately. First it's about my BF. I can't last long on Bed and every time we drink. He can't even fuck for 3mins. He cums and just sleep of. I never had an orgasm for a long time. The last think when we had sex on the pool table at your friends house.
Me: I are serious. That's like what 7-8 years back.
D: anyways that's my karma actually. The second things was. I always felt guilty for betraying you back then. I am really sorry about that. Just that I got so horny and gave the guy a Blow job. That was also because he was telling me that you were banging my other friend. I got angry and did it to revenge. The bastard lie to me on that.
ME: OMG. It was only a blow job. Do you know that we went around telling that he fucked you in my car and also in my room. That's why I was so pissed and didn't want to see or talk to you.
D: Dam bastard. But I shouldn't have don't that.
Me: aiksss it's OK. Just forget about it. . It's just that we cant get back together as everyone know what happened. If not at least you know we can consider something.
D: yeah true also. It's not going to work out. Hey get me another can of tiger. And let's bottom Up this one.
Then we bottoms up the last can. After awhile D hugged me and started sobbing. I told her not to think about the past and gave a kiss on the forehead and told her that let be friends like how we were last time. I know that I need to fuck her this time as friend and not committ in anything with her. As she was also already seeing someone at the moment.
D: OK then let's cheers for our reunion. Oh shit we ran out of beers. Dam I need more beers. I want to get drunk with you buddy.
Me: hmm yeah me too. The beers is noti enough. But there is one problem here. It's already going to be 1 am. Just a matter of time the police will patrol this area. Hmm let's say we head to a club they will close in an hour. What about we party till morning.
D: how would that be.
Me : you know we can just a near by budget hotel or something the get our self freshne up and start drinking again.
D: yeah that's awesome idea lets go. .
So I went and booked a budget Hotel near by. And also grabbed more beers and this time I bought only stout. Because that will make D horny and I will last longer. Usually if I drink I can last about a hour+ and D really enjoys that. And we checked into the room. The room had a mattress without a bed frame. More like and Japanese concept. I was think this is the right bad to bang her hard... We started our 2nd drinking sessions. After a few beers we were both getting high and was having a fun time talking and catching up on all the old stories. After awhile we finished up all the beers and we had a light meal. . I could see that D was already restless and horny. But I played along with her
Me : hei it's already 3am. I am going to take shower and hit the bed. In the morning we will go have breakfast and I will send you to your car.
D: Hahaha OK OK. Make sure you don't walk out naked OK.
Me: as if you have not seen it.
D : haha long time ready LA. I scared then I can't control my self. Hahahaha
Me : ya right. Teasing me is it. U are in the room alone I can just bang you right now. Don't play2 OK. Hahaha
I went in and took my shower. The bathroom door was just the sliding type and you cant lock it. So I purposely let the door abit open and wanted to show D my 8inches dick that she missed all this years.
After having my shower I came out with the towel and told D that I accidentally wet my pants and I can't wear it now so I will be with me towel. She said no worries and told me that it's her turn to take a shower. As I thought she did the same things I did by not closing the door and making clothes wet. She then came out with the towel wrapped around her. Dam she looked dam hot. With water dripping down her tighs. I wanted to just pull her and fuck her so badly. But I told my self that it's just a matter of time ur going to get that pussy . Just hold on abit.
D: hei you know Wat my clothes got wet too. I think I will end up being in towel as well.
Me: hhahaha. Yeah I think the shower head is to strong that's why our clothes got wet. Anyways I you sleep on the mattress and i will just sleep at this side. Just pass me the blanket. I don't want you to see my boner in the morning. Hahahaha
D:Hei why do you want to sleep at the side. We both can sleep on the bed. Not that we have not done that. Just one thing keep ur hands to your self. Hahahaha
Me: hahaha very funny LA. OK then like you said not that we never did this before. Hahahah
So I wished her good nite slept facing the other side of D. After a few mins. D told me that..
D:Hei you know what my towel is so wet. Can you give me yours and you can use ur pillow to cover your big boy. I can't sleep with this wet towel.
Me: ahh . OMG OK. I will give you my towel but you have to turn the other side and sleep.
I then hand over my towel. But my towel was also wet. D had no choice to sleep naked as well.
D: oh goshh. Your towel is wet to. How am I going to use this.
Me: I think we have no choice to out the towels away. With the air-con so fucking Cold and wet towels. We will freeze to death the morning... Hahahah. Don't worry I will turn the other side and not look at you..
D: hey I don't mind you looking at me with my panty and bra. But my bra is wet too. So I took it out. So make sure you don't turn this side. Hahaha..
Me: hahhah OK OK I will not. You also don't look here OK. I having a hard on and it's rock hard. I had to remove my underwear because it's wet too. Hahahah anyways good nite. Sweet dreams
D: omg why are you having a hard on. Ahhahaha why I so sexy ah. Ok ok i wont see. Good nite and wet dreams. Hahahah
After awhile I plan to make my first move. I knew that D was really horny and waiting for me to make the move. But I had different plans. I wanted her to make the move. It's just a matter of time before she jumps on my hard dick and ride me like a horse.. I move slept straight and my Dick was poiting out like a Flag pole. 8inches of think meat that can make any woman beg for more.. In less then 2 mins I heard D saying something
D: OMG. Is that ur dick. Omg it definitely bigger now then last time. Dam what do you do to make it grow. Ahhaha
Me: hahaha nothing much I just regular massage and keep my little brother strong. Hahaahah
D:Hahahaha but seriously it looks dam big. Hey if you don't mind can I have a look at it ah. Just a fast one.
Me: hahahah hmmm OK. But after that I want to see your boob's. Hehehe
D:hmmm OK. Not that it's the first time right.. Hahahah
D slowly carried the blanket and saw. She was shocked for a moment and the way she was looking at my duck I knew she never had one for a long time. And it was my turn to see her boob's. She was covering her boob's with both her hands slowly move then. And there it's was the boob's that I have sucking and fucking a few years ago as now grown round with brown pointed nipples. For a moment we were both looking at each others. And suddenly D came near me and planted a kiss in my lips.. I knew this was the moment. I pulled her towards me and started kissing . Our tounges were rolling into eachother. We kissed for about 5mins. Then I started licking her neck. D was always weak on that spot. While kiss her neck my hand were playing with her nipples. Suddenly her nipples got hard. I knew that I am going to bang her hard. I slowly started playing with both her nipples and went down to started sucking on the like hungry baby feeding on the mother milk. D started giving out slow moan. aahhhhh ahhhhh yeah baby. Ahhh ahhhh ahhhh bite me baby suck me hard. Then slowly my hand were running all over her body. And I was playing with my tounge on her navels now. She started giving out loader moans. Ohhh Baby i love it.. Ahhhhh ahhhhh so nice baby. Yeah lick my body. Ahhhhh ahhhh. As I was going further down to her pussycat D stopped me and said. Pls don't put ur tounge today. As i just finished my period. It's not advisable for you to put ur tounge there. But let suck the big dick of yours and she the came ontop of me and started kissing me again slowly she ran her tounge all over my chest and slowly going down to my pole. Then grab my pole and started teasing and stroking it slowly. I was in heaven by this time. She then slowly played with my balls with her tounge and started licking my shaft like a little girl licking a lollipop . I took a cigarette and light it up. And told her to continue licking till I smoke. This is what I used to do back then when ever she gives me a blow job. She then told me anything for this big boy. And asked me are you ready for the best BJ you were about to get. I told her yes go ahead and suck it bitch. She the took my whole dick in her mouth fully and started sucking like a porn star . She gave me the best sloppy blow job ever. After awhile I told her it's time for me to fuck you. So get on me and ride me baby... To be continued
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nerdycanible1 · 7 months ago
Lin's Broken Heart
⚠️Note⚠️:This is my interpretation of what had happened between Suyin and Lin. I want you to know that this will have mentions of suicide. So please do not read it.
Summary: Lin Beifong grew up in a chaotic household. She believes she's not good enough and is hurting but doesn't understand why. This is a story of her time growing with Toph and Suyin. Please note that this is a sad story. ÒwÒ please don't hate me qwq.
Words: 2,740 words 14,375 characters
((Sorry for the spelling errors.))
⚠️Read at your own risk⚠️
As strong, and amazing Lin Beifong was, she was still human. She still had nightmares, she has trouble sleeping and there are times she doesn't eat.
Lin was a woman that was always meant to be strong, to be powerful and to never show weakness. People think she's so powerful they believe words won't hurt or or nothing can break her.
But what they didn't know was that Lin has always suffered from depression. At a young age, she was happy at times and other times she wasn't.
It started when she began to realize that her uncle Sokka wasn't her dad. She noticed all the kids in school had a mother and a father.
She remembered the kids gushing about their father's and felt like there was something wrong with her. People teased her and often said hurtful things just because she didn't have a dad.
She remembered her mother always brushing the topic off as if it were no big deal. Told her that her father was just some poor smuck that wasn't ready. It may not have been a huge thing for Toph but it was for Lin.
Anything to do with father's, she began to resent. She even stopped calling Sokka dad and started calling him uncle.
The second incident was when she couldn't grasp metalbending. She was so stressed and tired. Her mom spent a whole week calling her weak, telling her that she got it just after a couple of hours.
Soon 3 weeks passed and Lin still didn't bend the metal. Her mother walked away pissed. Lin stood in the court yard with huge tears in her eyes and sniffled. The 8 year old could only handle so much.
At the end of the month Toph deemed her training over. She patted her shoulder and sighed. "Not everyone is meant to bend metal kid." And with that Toph walked quietly into the house ready to give up teaching Lin.
Lin whimpered and collapsed to her knees. Night after night she prayed to the spirits, and had asked them for help. Asked them to have her mom be proud of her. And here she was with her mothers back to her.
Lin was 9 years old when she began to bend and her uncle Sokka took her out to go eat. Toph said she had a case to go over and only said "Congrats kid."
Lin felt numb and just sad. She held her uncle Sokka and tried to keep her smile on for him. After all, who would want to care for a whimpy child.
When Su began to show signs of being an Earthbender, Toph immediately called off work and said it was important. Toph spent quality time with Suyin and began to show her how to bend.
Lin only watched from her training on how her mother applauded Suyin and lifted her up saying how proud she was. Lin couldn't help but think Toph had another child because Lin was incompetent.
Suyin was 6 and a half years old when she began to metalbend. She remembered Toph dropping everything just to see Suyin herself. Lin was teasing her sister saying she couldn't metalbend till she was older and here they were with a prodigal sister that bent metal on her first try.
She watched as Toph threw a party and celebrated with everyone and how Suyin was able to metalbend. Lin didn't go to the celebration. Instead, Tenzin took her out to meet the bisons. Oogi seemed rather protective of Lin and took a liking to her.
Lin couldn't complain much about her childhood. She had a home, food on her table, a nice bed and even a great education. Everytime she felt sad or angry her mother told her that some kids had less. That some kids would happily take her place.
It wasn't what Lin needed to hear, it was just another reminder that Suyin was basically a replacement for her.
She never told anyone her thoughts. Never told anyone on how much she was suffering because she thought she was being irrational. There were times she cried herself to sleep, there were times she didn't eat her food. And there were times she had nightmares but never told anyone.
Lin was just a little girl suffering because she didn't know what she deserved. Lin had always felt guilty for crying too much, she knew it was impractical to cry because she was sad.
People often wondered why she cried when she was angry and wondered why she always got into fights. After her mother stopped coming to her school about her having another fight, Lin knew she needed to change.
Lin being the way she was expected to change over night. She made sure she did everything in school, stayed away from bullies and even began to take extra classes.
She went from being one of the worst students in her school to one of the top testers. If she couldn't be good at metal bending then she could be better at academics.
Tenzin saw how sad Lin was and every time he brought it up, Lin would fight him. Every time Kya tried to bring it up Lin would snap at her. And every time Bumi brought it up Lin stayed quiet.
They of course saw the difference between the sisters. How they fought constantly. How they were both different people. They kissed the care free Lin. They missed her so kuch that they even kidnapped Lin just so they can hang out.
By the time Lin was 16 she was young to be moved up to a high grade so she could graduate early. She showed her grades to her mother, told her the good news and all Toph said was "That's great Lin. Can you you make you and your sisters dinner tonight?"
Lin knew she was being pretty but she was jealous of her younger sister. She was able to make friends easily, was able to fight and managed a B average. That is until her sister began to skip school.
Lin began to notice the change, how her sister would give her snide remarks or how she would start trying on makeup. Whenever Lin brought it up to her mother, her mother would say "I didn't even go to school."
Lin began to set a curfew for her sister to be home. It work for only a few weeks before her sister didn't even listen to her. Since Toph never backed her up Suyin began to say that no one was the boss of her.
Lin tried many times to tell her mother that Su was sneaking around with guys that were years older. Told her that it was dangerous for her to be out in the dark of night.
Toph always said, "Well she's a big girl, she can fight." Or "So what? Not like she would care anyways." Or "Tenzin's older than you and yet you're dating him. And don't act like you're miss pure, you snuck out to Airtemple Island."
No matter how hard she tried to get it through her mothers head, Toph didn't listen and neither did Su.
Lin would stay up for hours and hours only to have Suyin come back late.
Suyin was 15 when she first came home intoxicated. Lin was so worried for her only to have her sister stumbled through the door with a help of two boys that were clearly older than 18.
Lin made them scram and sat with her sister helping her sickness. It was around 5 in the morning Suyin had come, and Lin had a long two days at work and now she was up and taking care of her sick sister.
She sat in the living room in the dark. She had a bottle of her mothers stash in her hand and she drinking it down. Suyin was throwing her life away and Toph didn't care.
She sat there in the dark wondering if her mother even cared. By the time Lin had woken up it was noon. She sat up with a groan and slowly got off the couch.
"And how many boys did you beat?" Toph asked as she and Suyin cooked breakfast.
Suyin giggled. "5. I drank half a bottle of vodka before they quit."
Toph gasped and laughed. "Well you sure are your mothers daughter." She grinned. "Don't tell your sister that you can drink more than her." She whispered.
Lin watched them before she sat the bottle down and headed to her room. It was enough to see that her mother had yet let Suyin do whatever she wanted.
She laid in bed not even changing and just laid against her wall. There was a knock on her door. "Breakfast is made Lin." She called out.
Lin didn't answer and just held her pillow as silent tears streamed down her cheeks. "Come on you slept in all day. You should be awake." She yelled.
Lin continued to ignore her. "Just let her pout. Now come on tell me what else had happened."
Suyin stared at her sisters door and frowned gently. She was wondering if it was her mom that helped her through her bad hang over or if it was Lin.
By the end of the night Lin had her window opened. She listened to the city sounds and just looked at the twinkling lights. She took a drag of her cigarette and just released it.
A small gasp was heard and Lin turned to look over to see Suyin. "I... didn't know you... smoked."
Lin rolled her eyes and put it out. "What does it matter. None of you guys know anything." Lin muttered as she stood up.she walked over to her closet and grabbed a bag and began to fill it.
Suyin frowned at the attitude and crossed her arms. "And what's that supposed to mean?"
Lin waved her off and began to look through her clothes. "Nothing. What do you want? Do you need me to cook or something?"
Suyin shook her head and frowned. "I just... I came to say thank you." She mumbled.
Lin raised a brow and looked at her. "For what?" She asked as she grabbed a pair of clothing.
"For taking care of me last night. I wanted to... say I was sorry for coming home that late." She mumbled as she waited for Lin to lash out at her.
Lin looked at her and looked away. "Well it sure saved you from a hangover."
Suyin blinked in surprise from the lack of yelling or Lin's attitude. She was relieved but then upset at the same time. "Are you okay? You... don't seem like yourself?"
Lin grabbed another cigarette and lit it up feeling a bit anxious. "I'm fine. Nothing to worry about." She took a drag and leaned against the wall.
"You don't seem okay. Is there anything I can do?" Suyin was genuinely worried about her sister. All their lives they kept each other at a distance but that didn't mean she didn't care for her sister. There were times they slept together and times Lin would laugh with her. They uses to be so close.
Lin looked at her and gave a smile with no emotion. "I'll stop." She finally spoke. "I'll stop the nagging. I won't wait up for you anymore." Lin swallowed roughly and closed her eyes.
"I can't do it anymore. You don't listen to me and mom doesn't seem to care." Lin laughed softly and shook her head. "Do what you want Su." She finished her cigarette and grabbed her bag. Tossing in some of her sleeping medication and other pills Suyin didn't know Lin took.
Suyin watched her sister shocked. She hasn't seen look this emotionless before. All the times she's seen her, she was agitated, mad or even smiling. This wasn't the Lin she knew.
"Lin?" She asked hopeless. "Where are you going?" She asked noticing the bag.
Lin walked past her and stopped at her door. She stopped and placed her favourite bracelet on Su's arm. "Hopefully to finally get some sleep." She kissed her her head and hugged her. "A long sleep, I'm tired."
Su hugged her back but couldn't shake the feeling at the back of her head. Why... did this feel like a goodbye? "You're going to come back right?" Su asked shaken up, tears already forming in her eyes.
Lin smiled and ksised her forehead and nodded. "Don't worry about it. I just need sleep." Was all she said. She ruffled her hair. "Goodnight Su." And with that Lin began to head out.
Lin stopped at her mother room to see her sleeping. Lin smiled and placed two pieces of wood down. Each a carving Lin made of herself and Su. "Night mom." Lin whispered.
Suyin watched her exit the house, Lin seemed oddly quiet. She looked at the house once more before she smiled and closed the door. "Goodbye." Lin whispered.
"HOW COULD YOU!!?" Suyin screamed. Tears were gliding down her cheeks as Suyin began to try and hit Lin. "I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!" Loud high pitched wails left Su's mouth as she tried to attack her sister.
Toph held Suyin back as she was at a loss for words. A hard lump was in her throat and she didn't say anything.
Lin laid in the hospital bed still feeling numb. Tears streamed down her face as she stared at her family blankly. Flashes of that night replayed in her head and she grit her teeth.
"Why would you do it!! You promised you'd come back!" Suyin said as she was finally getting tired. Suyin yelled at her for over and an hour and her mom had yet said anything. Suyin soon fell to the floor as she held her hands to the floor as she just cried.
Lin released a small sob as she covered her face. "I just wanted sleep." She said with a shaky breath. "I just wanted to sleep." She whimpered.
Toph stood there feeling her younger daughter tremble and cry her heart out and listened to her oldest daughter cry in pain. How did she not notice this? Her daughters heart has been broken for a very long time. How could she not have noticed?
Toph lifted up her daughter slowly and rubbed Suyin's trembling back. "I uhh..." Toph swallowed roughly. "I'm sorry kiddo. I really am." And with that she left the room to bring Suyin home.
It was a couple weeks when Lin was let out of the hospital. She was given some medication and of course wine for hysteria. Lin was to excersize every day, be put on a healthy diet and to drink 3 glasses of wine at night.
Lin was sitting in her room as Kya came over to help clean out Lin's room and help her move to air temple island. Suyin had yet to talk to Lin, Toph didn't seem to come out of her room till Lin was passed out. And whenever they were in the same room everyone was walking on eggshells around her.
Tenzin rubbed Lin's back and kissed her temple. "Let's go Lin." Tenzin coddled. Ever since the incident it was like everyone was afraid to say anything or touch Lin.
Lin sipped her wine quietly as she stared out at the city. She swore to everyone that she was fine when in reality she was dying inside. She knew now that everyone hated her even more so she promised that she would stay alive.
Not just for the sake of your family but the city. In the hospital Lin saw many different people. Some homeless, others single parents, soem kids. They were all different and then the same. They all needed help. Lin's problems weren't even a fraction of the peoples. And here she was, with a family that loved her, a beautiful home, a paying job.
She promised she would take care of the city. If not for herself. Then for the people. She swallowed roughly her wine and stood up feeling woozy. Lin wasn't one for alcohol and having to drink it every day was rather intense.
She slowly wobbled to her bed and sunk into it with a sigh. She had to get better for the city. She promised herself that.
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hazbinhotelcanon · 11 months ago
Cherri Bomb (bombingbichbabe) Instagram images
I’m looking for missing info from the Cherri Bomb (bombingbichbabe) account deleted around Sept 25, please contact me with links/screenshots/info if you have:
Screenshots or transcripts of missing Instagram captions & in character replies on Cherri Bomb’s posts and from her account to other posts.
Pictures from Angel’s account that include Cherri (apparently they were deleted too??)
Info on the date/time the last few posts were made (approximate is fine!! even just a range of dates is helpful!)
I’m trying to recreate the deleted posts as completely as possible!! I’ve found 18 images. Google’s last cache of the Insta before it went down said she had 18 posts, so I probably got them all.
Below are all 18 images from the deleted bombingbichbabe insta account.
Tumblr media
11 July 2020 - #1
Coming in to crash the party!!
Tumblr media
12 July 2020 - #2
Ah hell. Forgot to set my damn alarm.
Tumblr media
12 July 2020 - #3
Spotted one of these damn eggs in my turf! As if I’d let them run around as if they owned the place! Wait till I see you again, old man~💥🍒💣
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
17 July 2020 - #4
Heading over to Angie’s place. Heard he’s had one hell of a night, so got him this gift basket made by yours truly! 🍒❤️ @Angie_fluffy_bootz
@angie_fluffy_bootz: SHIT, YOU AIN'T GOTTA, FUCK🍒💓
@bombingbichbabe: @angie_fluffy_bootz Too late, babe!! ❤️😘 On my way over!
Tumblr media
21 July 2020 - #5
Saw this damn thing in the city, so about to blow it sky high! Rest in pieces! 🧨🐀
@daddy_hoothoot: Oh I like her
@bombingbichbabe: @daddy_hoothoot Thanks! you ain’t bad yourself, your highness~!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
23 July 2020 - #6
About to go out to the club later! Got this killer outfit, feeling pretty hot! ❤️🧨
Tumblr media
23 July 2020 - #7
Well look who I ran into at the club tonight! Now it’s a fukin party!! @angie_fluffy_bootz ❤️💄🍒
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
29 July 2020 - #8
Trying out the place @angie_fluffy_bootz suggested! Not bad! Also got some company with me~❤️🐷
Tumblr media
4 August 2020 - #9
Feeling hella hot today so thought I should take a pic~ 🍒💥
Tumblr media
9 August 2020 - #10
Heading out tonight~ 😘🍒💣
@angie_fluffy_bootz: Lookin badass as ever!! 🍒
@bombingbichbabe: @angie_fluffy_bootz Aw~ thanks, Angie! ❤️😘
Tumblr media
9 August 2020 - #11
Went to visit @angie_fluffy_bootz and this little guy just sleeping on the bed. Precious baby 🐷❤️
@angie_fluffy_bootz: Sleeping beauty🍒🐷❤️
@bombingbichbabe: @angie_fluffy_bootz He sure is 🐷❤️
Tumblr media
18 August 2020 - #12
Bored as hell, so figured I can watch some movies on Voxflix tonight! Hopefully I can find something decent on here.
Tumblr media
22 August 2020 - #13
Went to go try this coffee shop I keep hearing so much about. Not bad but not good either. 🍒
Tumblr media
22 August 2020 - #14
Snuck into this place to visit my favorite babe @angie_fluffy_bootz !! 🍒💄😘🐷
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
22 August 2020 - #15
Had an awesome day, but time for some beauty sleep~ one last selfie for the night!🍒💣
Tumblr media
between Aug 22 & Aug 25? - #16
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Between Aug 22 & Aug 25? - #17
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Between Aug 22 & Aug 25? - #18
(Haven’t found the caption to this one yet)
On top of the fact that all Cherri’s posts are gone, so are her contributions to conversations she was part of. Here’s a random screenshot of Husk’s reply to a now-missing comment from her that I think was on one of his posts, but so far I haven’t found more:
Tumblr media
(I think they were talking about suspenders?)
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accioadhdmeds · 8 months ago
Flesh // D.M. X Reader
Tumblr media
Okay so like no one asked for this but I’m feeling it haha . Based on the song Flesh by Simon Curtis because it’s a jam. Also not my Gif
Draco Malfoy x Reader
Warnings: Smut? Dirty talk, chocking, Dom!Draco, unprotected sex, Just filth man
Words: dude I can barley count so like a lot.
- I’m putting a smut with a question mark because I’m writing the warning before writing the fan fiction. I have also never written smut in my life so go easy.
- I also hate proof reading because I hate reading my own writing so take that as you will.
Sitting down at the table during dinner was pretty uneventful, you tried to mostly keep to yourself as most of Slytherin tended to avoid you. In their eyes you were too nice to be in their house. You always made more friends with the other houses than you did your own. Mostly because you don’t like the stuck up nature that Slytherin represented.
You tried to ignore the chatter about the upcoming party that was happening in your own common room, while sticking your nose in your potions book. Shape had told you guys about an upcoming exam happening on the following Monday that you were not prepared for. While trying to study you over heard Pansy exclaiming to Draco about how they better do spin the bottle because it was the best while everyone is drunk. You rolled your eyes at the comment knowing that Pansy only wanted to play In hopes that she would be able to snog Draco. You saw his shake his head as a sign of rejection at the idea. And you let out a a sigh knowing you didn’t have to hear about the snogging session the morning after by all the students.
Dinner was winding to an end and you were still trying to study for the exam. Hearing everyone start to leave the great hall you shut your book and started to pack away your materials. You stood up and shoved another roll into your pocked making sure to have something to eat in your dorm while studying. Once walking out of the great hall you saw a group of your house members huddled around trying to make plans about that night. While walking by you heard the Goyle got an upperclassmen to get some Firewhisky. Scoffing, you knew you wernt going to be able to study with the racket that was about to happen in only 2 hours.
Once I’m your room, you flopped on the bed hoping that maybe you were going to be able to sleep tonight. Shaking your head you knew it was a long shot; with how all of the Slytherin parties went. Pushing yourself out of the bed you went to go take a shower hoping that this would all be a fever dream. You stood under the hot water relishing the fact this was gonna be the last time you got peace and quite for the next 8 hours. Stepping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around yourself as you made your way into your dorm. You exited the bathroom and heard voices of Daphne and some unknown male having a conversation. Not wanting to inturrupt you tried to crack the door and listen in.
“I know your sister is going to be there, but no I don’t want to be around her all night”. The male voice said seeming slight distraught,
“ i know, I know, but our parents want you two to get to know eachother better”. You heard Daphne’s voice say with some concern, at this point you knew this was not a conversation you wanted to be apart of or hear. Doing the next logical thing your short circuited brain could do, you tossed the door open as loud as possible. Although while forgetting you were just in a towel after the shower.
Hearing the loud squeal of the door both Daphne amd and the male shot their heads towards the sound. Once looking at them you saw a blonde headed figure you knew all too well, Draco Malfoy. Standing there with your hair dripping you looked between both of them while hoping they didn’t realize you were listening to their conversation. You looked between the two of them and just stood there unable to move your feet with anxiety.
Daphne let out a sigh and looked over at Draco, motioning toward you as a sign to leave. Draco looked apprehensive at first then locked eyes with you. You tried to stare at him, but his icy grey eyes made you flinch and look away at the intensity of them. But what you didn’t miss is eyes making their way up your calves towards the rest of your body thst was covered in a towel. You inwordly shuddered at the thought of him trying to undress you with his eyes.
Draco then scoffed and turned his heal to leave the room. Shutting the door with a slight slam, you let out a breath you didn’t know you were even holding. Daphne looked at you quizzically wondering why you walked out in a towel.
“I didn’t know anyone was even here”. You answered before she could even speak. She shrugged her shoulders taking the lie. You started to change into your pajamas when Daphne looked at you again with a raise of her eyebrow.
“You’re not wearing pajamas to the party are you, Y/N ?” She asked while looking you up and down. You figured under her intense gaze.
“No, I don’t plan on going, I wanted to study for Snape’s test on Monday”. You said matter of factly. She shook her head laughing at your studiousness.
“ No, come one Y/N, you have to go you haven’t been to a single party since the beginning of the term”.
You dropped your shoulders knowing she was right. It had been a while since you decided to cut lose ajd enjoy your time as school, even if it was people you didn’t particularly enjoy.
“ Alright Daphne, just because you put it so elegantly”. You said with a shake of your head.
“Great, I have the perfect dress you can wear, I guarantee the guys will be drooling over you”. She said with a light laugh knowing you were nervous. You just shoot your head accepting defeat because she wasn’t going to give up.
She handed you a short black dress, you grabbed of the hanger and saw the there was a plunge back, you sighed knowing that there was no way you could wear a bra with it. But to appease her you went to try it on in the bathroom. Stepping into the bathroom you got a tinge of nerves because you wernt the type to wear this type of dress.
Slipping it on you looked at yourself in the mirror surprised at how well it fit your figure. It had a slight Vneck showing some cleavage, while it billowed out at your waist like a skater skirt would. Turing around you saw the deep plunge reached your lower back leaving it exposed. There were thick straps on your shoulders making you feel a little more comfortable than a spaghetti strap would. You decided to go out and show Daphne.
Once walking out of the bathroom she looked at you and gasped.
“ I swear that looks better on you than it did me when I bought it”. She said with enthusiasm in her voice. You slightly blushed at the complement and locked eyes with the ground hoping she didn’t notice .
“Now, let’s get your hair and makeup done before it gets too late “. She said wirh a clap of her hands while taking towards you.
About 20 minutes later you had your hair done in slight beach waves with a brown Smokey eye and light face makeup. Daphne squealed in excitement saying how great you look. You nodded your head hoping she didn’t notice your hesitance. Once she got ready she grabbed your arm and dragged you out of the dorm.
Walking out you couldn’t help but feel nervous seeing all of the people in the common room with the drinks in their hand while dancing to the music that jumped through the radio. You glanced around hoping you’d seem someone you knew, but sadly it seems to be mostly Slytherin at the party. While looking around you spotted Astoria in the corner hanging off of Draco trying to get his attention. That’s not surprising you muttered under your breath figuring out that’s what Daphne and Draco were talking about earlier. Glancing back towards them you saw Draco trying to shrig her advances off, laughing to yourself yourself, you went to the drink table hoping that some Firewhisky would help soothe your nerves.
One drink turned into two, then five and before you knew it you were on the dance floor feeling better than you have in a while. Swaying your hips with Daphne having fun with whatever muggle song came on the radio. Then you heard it, the bass thumped through you as the sound of a fast heart beat came on. You knew this song, very well in fact. Hearing the intro you let your body take over.
It’s not the way into my heart
Into my head
Into none of the above
Hearing the first part of the lyrics sparked something in you. This is your guilty pleasure song, the one you listen to alone and no one else knows about. Smirking to yourself you rolled your body to the beat hoping that the crowd of people would keep you hidden for any wandering eyes.
This is just my way of releasing the feelings Deep inside of me
The spark of black that I seem to love
Too drunk to care you moved your hips and back In a way that screamed sexual. What you didn’t realize is that you had a pair of eyes watching you. Continuing to dance you turned around and locked eyes with with him.
Draco Malfoy
Man if you didn’t have a crush before, you certainly did now. The way his gaze rolled over you like he was claiming you as his with with his piercing eyes. With some liquid courage you smirked at him and gestured your finger to him as a ‘come here’.
We can get a little crazy, just for fun
Just for free
Don’t even try to hold back just
Let go
He smirked at you and started to saunter over to the middle of the dance floor where to were. He still wore the same cocky grin on his face that you tried to ignore oh so bad during lectures. You smiled internally knowing that you might have a slight effect of the platinum blonde that was now standing in front of you.
Without a out a second thought you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him close. To your surprise he allowed it and put his hands on your hips, while smirking at your slightly flustered stare at his actions.
Turn me up and take me over till I’m done
Till I’m free
You got me feelin that I’m ready to blow
Knowing you have the upper hand you leaned in close to him, noses brushing while singing the lyrics. You almost missed the way he but his lip while his pupils blew wide. You trailed your hands down his chest and grabbed his waist pulling him closer while still singing.
Push up to my body sink your teeth into my flesh
Get undressed
Ta- taste the flesh
Rolling your body onto him you felt him tighten his grip on your waist. Smirking you glanced up at his eyes. Seeing him already looking down at you made yoi stomach tie in knots. You wondered if teasing him was a good idea. Before you could answer your own inner monologue he grabbed your hand and led you off the dance floor.
Before you knew it your back was pressed flush on his door inside his room. Hands on either side of your face trapping you in. You glanced up at him with eyes wide not knowing that it would lead to this. He looked down, eyes blown with lust.
“Do you realize what you’ve been doing to me all night”. He asked looking down at your smaller stature with a slight grin on his face.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”. You said feigning inoccents while fluttering your eyelids at him.
“ Don’t try to play coy with me Y/L/N, you knew exactly what you were doing out there.” He said with his voice barely above a whisper in your ear. You shuddered at his hot breath and felt him smirk at the reaction. You glanced up and locked eyes with him, this was a state you have never seen him in, pupils blown wide, ragged breaths, and you saw his jaw clenched like he was trying to control himself. You had to admit it was pretty hot.
You got a wave of confidence and grabbed his white button down and pulled him closer to you. And smiled internally at the sound of surprise that came from him.
“Amd what if I am playing coy Malfoy, what are you going to do about it.” You said while smirking at his intake of breath.
“How about I show you love”: he said with his regain of confidence. Grabbing you by the waist and pulling you onto him, he started to walk over to his bed. Throwing you down he hovered above you. You whined in want while looking up at him. He tore his gaze away from your eyes and dragged them down your body, seeing your black dress ride up your thighs he groaned to himself.
Before you knew it his hands were on your bare thighs and trailing up the skirt of your dress. Yoiu groaned at the sudden contact.
“Tell me you want this as much as I do princess” he said glancing at your face. You nodded quickly as a response to him. He shook his head needing words.
“ I need you to tell me darling, with your words”. He said in a low voice. The sound send shivers down your spine.
“Yes, Draco please”. You said while wiggling your hips where his hands now resided under your skirt he smirked up at you and brought his left hand up to your neck. Wrapping around it all you could feel was his cold rings. Gasping at sensation he leaned over you millimeters away from you lips.
“Now, are you gonna be a good girl and do as I say? Or am I going to have to punish you?”. He said with a mischievous glint in his eyes. You clenched your thighs together at his words knowing you wanted more, but didn’t want to disobey him.
“I’ll be good, please draco, I’ll be good” you said in a whimper. This seemed to please him because his lips were on yours in an instant. Fireworks , that’s all you felt. It was like your body was igniting in fire. It sent goosebumps up your legs to your arms, you could’ve came right there In all honestly. No guy you had ever been with made you feel like this all because of a kiss. He pulled away and started to trace down your neck. Grabbing a fist full of hair when he found your sweet spot right below your ear, you tugged. Hearing him groan sent a whole new sensation in between your legs, fuck.
He grabbed your hips roughly and pulled your towards the edge of the bed. Pulling his face down to your heat, your groaned at the sight of him smirking in between your legs. And with the flick of his wrist your panties off before you could blink. He looked up at you as to ask permission one more time, you gave him a slight nod of your head to get him to continue. Before you knew it there was his mouth on your clit.
Throwing your head back and moaning loudly, your grabbed his hair to try to stabilize yourself. You could feel him smirk on you as he circled his index finger toward your opening. Thrusting your hips towards him and whining, he took that as a sign to put it in. Slowly pumping a finger he continued his assault on your clit.
“Draco, please more”. You said bucking your hips for more stimulation. He obliged and put another finger in while curling it finding that oh so good spot. Once you felt him hit it you tugged at his hair and threw your head back almost seeing stars. Merlin, how was he so good at this, it’s like he knew your body better than you did. You were getting close you could feel it, the coil in your stomach tightening almost ready for release, then it stopped. You gasped and looked up at him in irritation. His lower jaw slightly glistening from your arousal. He just smirked at you and climbed over you you.
“Only good girls get to cum Y/N” he said while sadistically looking down at you.
“I don’t think you’ve been too good teasing me like that all night.”
You whined at his voice and grabbed at his shit starting to unbutton, once unbuttoned you pushed it off of him and threw it onto the floor. Before you knew it he flipped you into your stomach and started to unzip your dress agonizingly slow. Once the zipper rested at the bottom he flipped you back over and started to slowly pull it down your shoulders to your hips. His eyes raking in every exposed piece of skin as he slid the dress down.
“Merlin you’re beautiful.” He said quietly and yanked the rest of your dress of your hips. Starting at your navel he kissed up while groping your chest firmly in one hand. He reached your lips and brought you into a passionate kiss. Biting your lower lip he asked for permission. Allowing access you opened your mouth letting his tongue roam. The kiss so intense you didnt realize he already had his pants and underwear off. He grabbed your hands and pushed them above your head with one hand holding them there.
Adjusting himself he started gliding along your heat, you groaned in response as he collected your arousal and started to push in. Starting slowly he inched in letting you adjust as he went. Feeling the fullness you gasped and tilted your head back. Once fully seated Draco started to kiss you neck giving you a second to get used to it. Once feeling comfortable you squeezed your legs letting him know he could move.
Starting slowly he pulled out and went slowly for the first minute, then you started to buck your hips and he lost it. Setting a vigorous pace before you knew it. Once hand holding your arms above your head and the other settling into your neck feeling his cold rings again.
“You like that darling,” he said with a sharp snap of his hips hitting the spot inside yoh that made you utter his name like prayer on your lips. All you could do is nod and moan at his words as he had his way with you. He finally released his grip off your hands and brought it to his lips. Coating his thumb In his mouth he brought it down to your clit again. Rubbing figure eights in it, you started to see stars.
Before you knew it you were coming while moaning his name loudly like it was the only word you knew. After a few strokes his hips stuttered as he reached his high as well while moaning your name. He pulled out and gave your cheek a kiss.
“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that” Draco said with a slightly smile. Oh raised your eyebrow at him In question. And before you could reply he threw one of his shirts into your face making you laugh.
“So I take that as I’m not leaving tonight?” You ask sliding it on.
“Oh no love , you think I’m even remotely done with you . “ he said looking at you over his shoulder winking. You clenched your things in anticipation.
By Merlin it was going to be a long night.
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