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People bashing women for exuding confidence in their sexuality is a no go for me. Do you have any idea how much shit we had to work through to feel sexy & confident in our skin? To demand what we want & need from our lovers & feel empowered by it? Embrace your beautiful, amazing selves ladies. You answer to nobody but your own soul.~B.M. 💜🖤

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Body framed with arms outstretched, wrists roped, and roughly bound.

From tiny mouth, and pretty lips, you utter not a sound.

I paint with words, a canvas stretched, laid bare, upon the ground.

- Michael Faudet, The Muse

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6 Reasons to Pursue Entrepreneurship in Retirement

6 Reasons to Pursue Entrepreneurship in Retirement

Plus: Ideas for how to get started.

Entrepreneur’s New Year’s Guide
Let the business resources in our guide inspire you and help you achieve your goals in 2021.

22, 2021

6 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

If sitting around just isn’t your thing, then retirement is the perfect time to live out the dreams you may have put on hold. Simply filling…


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I will seduce you like F. Scott Fitzgerald but I’ll fuck you like Hemingway.

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Rule No.1

Fuck her so good so she gets wet the next day just thinking about it 💝

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I’m writing this here because I want to put it out in the universe. I don’t have any followers - and that’s fine (good even, for my fear). I’m just working on finding my passion, in terms of what I want to do with my life. Not only do I want to find out and get specific on what it is that I want to do, I want to know why I want to do it - you need an intrinsic motivation if you’re ever going to love something and stick it out - and how I’m planning to do it, because doing something without a way of doing it properly or a red thread so to say, is incredibly messy and unaligned. So yes, here I am putting this out into the universe.

I am passionate about making an impact in the world, specifically in terms of inequality. I want to help end suffering, and I want to work towards systemic inequality. Because our mindset and views will never change if structures in society keep allowing, and more so even encouraging, our mindsets to persist. Systemic change within inequality. I’m also passionate about organisation and planning - I think it makes life easier, and I think i’m better at it than most people. I’m passionate about teaching and public speaking. I enjoy putting elaborate and complex concepts into words, in the easiest and simplest way, so that even a 10 year old can understand. They’re smarter than we give them credit for anyway. I’m also passionate about discourse, the power of language and communication. Not in the way that I’m amazing at it, but in the way that it holds great power over us and I think digging into that more could unravel a lot of systemic inequality. Lastly, I’m passionate about writing. There’s something concrete, decisive and beautiful about writing - especially that connection to readers.. you know when you’re reading a book and actually forget that you’re reading because you’re so immersed into it? Yes, that. It’s beautiful. So that’s all the things that I think I’m passionate about - maybe more will come up. Maybe not. Either way, it looks like more than enough to work with.

Some of these are things to work towards, some of these are tools and ways to work towards things. In my career - I study Development and International Relations right now - I want to work towards ending systemic inequality. I want to get more businesses and the corporate sector to notice and care about civil society and about individuals, and for it to be about more than money. I think everyone wants more in life than money - of course we want money but that’s because we equate it to survival, and eventually when you have enough money, you start looking for fulfilment.

The reason that I want to work with systemic inequality is because I’ve grown up seeing it. I grew up in India, and I saw a lot of poor people, and I saw a lot of people that I (in my childish biased mind) equated to being poor simply because they had darker skin. The injustice of being discriminated against just because you were born black, poor, a woman, transgender, etc., is unbelievable. These are all structures that we created, and we continue to hold on to them and feeding our biasses in a never ending stream of confirmation biases. I feel very passionately about this because I could have so easily been born to a poorer family, with a dark skin tone or been struggling with my sexuality. I believe that because of my privilege, I owe it to all the people struggling to fight to them. It’s not okay that just because of the geographic location or family they are born into is basis for discrimination. That’s why I want to work with inequality.

How? I’m not quite sure. I could do public sector (government), private sector (companies) or civil society (international organisations). Policy change from government can change systemic inequality. Involvement from businesses can have an impact. International organisations can have an impact. In any of these, I could find a position that has to do with organising, teaching, public speaking and writing. This is the part that I need to research more. I’m interested in figuring out how companies could have an impact on inequality - because that would be well paid. But I really have to look more into it. 

And what? I’m not sure what part of inequality I want to work with. Gender? Race? Class? Sexuality? Religion? Intersectionality? Awareness? Policy change? There’s so much to consider. I think I have to start by learning more and more, and spreading awareness as I go along - and then have to build up to a career that can spark tangible change. But awareness is a good first place to start.

That’s what I’ve got for my passion as of now. I hope my 0 viewers enjoy this, and I hope this feels as refreshing to clarifying to read as I felt writing it. Thank you.

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“If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

Marilyn Monroe

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A good meal, a good talk, a good fuck—what better way to pass the day? - Henry Miller

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Please allow me to introduce the proper way to enjoy your morning coffee…🖤💜☕💋

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