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#Passover Recipes
rjeddystone · a month ago
Passover Indian Chicken Curry
When my bowels start to underappreciate all the matzos I’ve been eating, I make curry. Matzos is good on the side for dipping or you can serve this over mashed potatoes, since naan is out of the picture during Passover. 
Disclaimer: I didn’t invent this recipe. I just modified a curry recipe I found online a year ago (linked below). The original includes dairy, but most schools of kosher I know don’t mix meat and milk. (But you can make this vegetarian too!) Instead, I use coconut milk or another substitute. I also add cinnamon and habanero.
400~700g chicken or meat of choice (or vegetables, if preferred)
2 cups chopped potatoes (optional*)
2 Tbsp of canola oil, for cooking
2 medium onions, finely minced
4 cloves garlic, minced (or 3 tsp powder)
3 tsp ginger, grated (or 2~3 tsp powder)
1 Tbsp curry powder
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp tumeric powder
1 tsp coriander seed powder
1 tsp cayenne or chili powder
1 dash habanero powder (optional)
1 dash cinnamon powder (optional)
1 Tbsp water (mix spices in, then add)
1 or 2 bay leaves (called “laurel” in Japan)
1 can (450g) plain diced tomatoes, pureed practically to a sauce
1 cup milk-substitute (coconut, almond, etc.)
1 Tbsp coriander leaf, dry (or a fresh sprig)
1 tsp garam masala powder
1 Tbsp lemon juice (optional)
Sauté the chicken in 1 Tbsp of oil first, or cook it in a separate pan.**
In the pot, sauté the onions in the other Tbsp oil until clear, then stir in the ginger and garlic until the smell wafts to your liking.
Add the curry, cumin, turmeric, coriander powder, chili powder, and habanero with the water and stir in thoroughly.
Add the tomatoes and coconut milk and stir, then add the chicken back in.* Add the bay leaf.
Simmer on low covered for about 20 or 30 minutes, especially if you’re including potatoes. The longer it simmers the more tender the chicken gets. Stir frequently. Add a Tbsp of water if it gets too thick.
Stir in the coriander leaf and garam marsala within the last 10 minutes of cooking. 
 Remove the bay leaf and add the lemon juice just before serving.
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*After a couple tries, I prefer to serve this over potatoes instead of cooking the potatoes in the curry, because there’s so little water to cook them so it has to simmer for over half an hour.
**If you’re trying to save yourself a pot washing, a big enough pot can cook the onions along with the chicken, just cook the chicken first. I’ve found it’s easier to cook them separately.
Original Recipe: Indian Chicken Curry (Murgh Kari) on AllRecipes
[Edit: My partner pointed out to me that some schools of kosher forbid Fenugreek during Passover as kitniyot. Be sure to check your curry powder to make sure it doesn’t have Fenugreek if this is the case. You can make a fenugreek-free curry powder with this FoodNetwork recipe here.]
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rjeddystone · a month ago
More Passover Recipes: Mochi Potato Nuggets
I can’t take credit for this one since I originally got it from a Japanese website called Delish Kitch and then adjusted it for Passover. It makes a good side dish or just a nice snack. 
The Japanese yam starch is especially crucial because it acts like egg whites, gluing the potato dough together. The nuggets are crispy on the outside but stretchy and chewy on the inside. So much Passover food depends on eggs, so it’s nice to have this as a low-cholesterol option. Not to mention it lets you avoid corn starch if that’s part of your Pesach restrictions. 
Makes 8 patties
50g dried mashed potato flakes, plain*
210mL hot water
75g Japanese yam starch, powdered
1/4 cup milk or milk substitute
1/2 tsp salt, and pepper to taste
Fillings of choice (tuna, veggies, cheese, etc., 4 or 5g per piece)
Oil for cooking, about 2 Tbsp per batch
Mix the ingredients together with a fork or spatula until it forms a ball with a claylike consistency. I’ve found order doesn’t matter. If the ball is too sticky to handle, add more potato flakes.
Divide the ball into 8 pieces. You can do this by weight or just cut the ball into quarters and cut those quarters in half.
Roll each portion into a ball and flatten it into a patty in your palm. 
At this point add the filling if desired, roll the edges up around it carefully until you can seal the filling inside a ball. Then roll and flatten it again.
Heat the oil in a small frying pan on medium heat. Add 3 or 4 patties at a time. Cook 3 minutes on each side or until they start to brown (up to 5 minutes). If the patties brown too fast, turn down the heat. 
Serve with ketchup or other Passover-safe topping.
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*You can also use 250g of prepared mashed potatoes in place of flakes and water if you don’t have instant. It’s a great way to use leftovers.
(I think this could also make an interesting soft latkes recipe for Hanukkah, but we’ll see.)
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crowshapedvoid · a month ago
Happy Passover Y’all!!
I’m keeping Passover while at my vaguely Christian boarding school wish me luck 😑😭
To celebrate, here’s a recipe of my favorite dessert for Passover
(that I won’t get to make this year bc I’m at boarding school)
Lots of matzot
1 cup Brown Sugar
1 stick (1/2 cup) of butter (unsalted)
1/4 teaspoon of salt (maybe more but don’t overdo it)
Bag of chocolate chips
To start out, you can preheat your oven to 350 °F, but I don’t personally don’t bother because the exact temperature doesn’t matter as long as it’s sufficiently hot and I don’t like it when the kitchen is hot
Get a lipped baking tray. One of these motherfuckers:
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[Image id: A photo of a metal lipped baking tray against a white background. It’s like a normal baking tray but the edges are raised so that liquid can’t escape. End Image ID]
Line the tray/trays (you will probably need two) with parchment paper. Then line the tray with matzot. The big squares work great for this. Don’t be afraid to break them up to cover the entire tray but try to have them as whole as possible.
Put the butter in a pan over the stove. Turn it up to high heat so the butter melts. Add the brown sugar and salt. Make sure to move the mixture around so it doesn’t burn. When the mixture is one thing, turn off the heat. Congrats, you now have a form of homemade caramel!
Pour your caramel over the the matzot on the tray and make sure to cover the matzot completely. Put this in the heated up oven for five minutes.
Pull the tray out and sprinkle your bag of chocolate chips over the tray and put it back in the over for five minutes. Once you pull it out for a second time, use a spatula to spread the chocolate chips into a layer of chocolate. Freeze for at least an hour.
Once it is frozen, use a sharp knife to cut it into squares (like you would with brownies) and enjoy!!
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ameliathefatcat · a month ago
This is my favorite brownie recipe and it’s kosher for Passover
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simmerandsauce · a month ago
Braised Brisket With Fennel and Shallots
Braised brisket with fennel and shallots is a fantastic, prep-ahead dish you should be making right now.
Brisket is a cut of beef not everyone knows about, but should. And Jews love it. This is my braised brisket with fennel and shallots, and it’s a great, easy dish I make during the week, but that’s also elegant enough for a holiday dinner. Braised brisket is a popular dish in Ashkenazic Jewish cuisine and has been eaten for special occasions, such as Passover, since the 1700s. And, if you’re…
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eretzyisrael · a month ago
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Looking for Passover dessert recipes that are amazing…who knows, you might want to make them year round? 
How does Ricotta Lemon Almond Cake, 5 Ingredient Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies and Matzah Toffee with Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Pecans sound??
Check out the recipes: Here
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020755 · a month ago
Chicken Marbella--perfect for Passover
Chicken Marbella–perfect for Passover
This recipe is my “go to” chicken. I’ve made it almost every Passover since I found it. The original recipe is from the”Silver Palate” cookbook. It was many winters ago that I first had it at my friend Susan’s house for the first time.  It has been a staple on my holiday table ever since. Not to say that it is not a recipe for every other day of the year and week, because it’s perfect for…
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the-jooze · 7 months ago
Matzah: $19
Kvass: $13
Bread (can probably try with matzoh): $4
Raisin: $3
Sugar: $3
Yeast (yes I know, unkosher): $3
Butterbeer the kvass: $16
Cloves: $8
Cinnamon: have
Ginger: have
Eggs: $2
So the kosher for Pesach version would be difficult. Because it would need to be bready but not yeasted. BUT you could actually try using cultured yogurt in lieu of a live yeast!
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ask-jumblr · a year ago
Does anyone have favorite kosher for Passover recipes that are gluten free and can be made in a microwave? or general kosher gluten free microwave recipes that you love? It is the only cooking device I have while isolating . . . I'm feeling limited, not super creative, and generally in need of help. Thank you, Jumblr, for any advice you have.
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