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#Penelope Garcia

My Love and I Chapter 3

Summary: Y/N had been in love with Spencer Reid for years, but what she didn’t know was that he loved her too. Will their past traumas separate them, or will they fight through it and end up together?

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Word Count: 786


Originally posted by heartsloving

The two of you walked up to the door together.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Goldman, I’m Dr. Spencer Reid, and this is SSA Y/N Y/L/N, we’re with the FBI and we would like to talk to you about your sons death if you don’t mind”

“Oh yes, come right in” Mrs. Goldman said

You all headed to the living room and sat down on the couch where her husband was reading a book.

“So how long have you known about your sons sexuality?” You asked

Mr. Goldman scoffed and his wife gave him a dirty look.

“As long as I can remember, he has always been very open with us” Mrs. Goldman replied

Spencer then asked, “And sir, how was your relationship with your son?”

“Not good, I never agreed with his…lifestyle” He responded, sitting his book down

You and Spencer gave each other a concerned look. You talked for a few more minutes, then thanked them and headed to the police department.

When you arrived Morgan and Emily were pulling up. You waited for them so you could walk in together and share your discoveries, which were eerily similar.

When you entered the building you saw JJ and Rossi sitting at the table with Hotch. You all shared what you discovered, that all of the dads were disapproving of their sons sexuality.

You all talked for a while, and you shared your theory on the dating websites. Morgan called Garcia and she said she had been looking through social networking sites, and hadn’t found anything yet, but would let you know when she did. It was then time to deliver the profile.

Hotch started, “We’re looking for a white man in his late 40s to early 50s”

“This man most likely has a son who is around the age of all the victims and who is also gay” Rossi jumped in

“This man would have either lost his wife or divorced her when his son was fairly young, and you will probably find some or multiple forms of abuse from him against his son as he grew up” You added

You finished giving the profile and answering any questions, but were quickly cut off by the captain informing everyone that another body had been found.

The whole team headed to the crime scene. It was at a different bar, but other than that everything looked the same.

Hotch sent you and Morgan to ask around if anyone saw anything, and lucky for you two teenagers had.

There was a couple sitting in a car just around the corner drinking some coffee and talking, they said they saw a man pull up in a dark blue van and place the body next to the bar. It was dark so they didn’t see much but they said it was an older man with grey hair who was about 6 feet tall. This didn’t give you much, but it was better than nothing. You returned to the team and told them what the couple told you. Hotch asked if they could provide details for a sketch, but you told him that they couldn’t see him very well, so a sketch wouldn’t be possible.

Once you got back to the station you got a call from Garcia.

“So listen up I was looking through social media profiles and Y/N the theory about the dating websites you told me the other day, you were right. I’ve been looking through messages and it looks like they all talked to a Ronald White. I searched this name and I didn’t find a lot, so it’s probably an alias”

Spencer then jumped in, “You guys Ronald White is the main character in an Irish book from the 18th century, it’s a classic, but the only people that would read that kind of book would probably be an English teacher or someone who’s really into literature”

As Spencer was saying that Garcia was looking into English teachers from the nearby schools. There were only 3 schools around there and only 1 English teacher matched the description and profile. His name was Gary Johnson, and before you knew it the team was on their way to his house.

When you entered he was sitting on the couch, and he didn’t seem very surprised that the FBI just barged into his house. He said that he’d been waiting for you to catch him and that it took you guys long enough. He didn’t put up much of a fight and Morgan got him in handcuffs pretty easily. You took him back to the station, said your goodbyes, and headed to the jet. On the way home you sat next to Spencer and ended up falling asleep on his shoulder. Soon enough he was waking you up telling you that the jet just landed back at Quantico.

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“And out of the darkness came the hands that reach thro’ nature, moulding men.” -Alfred Lord Tennyson
gifing every single episode of criminal minds: 5x23 “Our Darkest Hour”
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AN: In honor of my mother’s birthday, have an update :D 

AN: After watching the show, I noticed that Hotch is fairly open outside of work, he’s not as serious and he smiles more. Also, JJ doesn’t leave, she will be promoted when it’s time.

AN: Want to see the outfits mentioned in this chapter, click on the link in my bio to go to pinterest and see the board!


Originally posted by tommyshelbcy

You’re eight months along, feel like a bit of a beached whale, and you’re no closer to having a name for your baby. Aaron assures you that everything is going to be fine. However, he does this while cursing out a crib he’s trying to put together … so you don’t feel very reassured. You are however entertained. 

You sit there for hours munching on snacks while Aaron puts together the crib, and the changing table/ dresser. “Maybe you should call Morgan?” 

Aaron looks back at you, a small smile on his lips, “I can do this.” 

You snuggle further into the couch, and watch. A moment later Jack comes out, and climbs onto the couch with you. He situates himself between the back of the couch and you, “What’s daddy doing?” 

“He is putting your sister’s bed together.” 

He giggles, “It doesn’t look like a bed.” 

You bite your lip and tickle him, “Why don’t you go get a book, and we can read to your dad while he works.” 

Jack scrambles over the back of the couch to go get the book. When you turn back to Aaron he’s staring at you. 

“Something on my face?” 


“Then what’s up?”

He smiles and leaves his tools behind to go to you. He cages you in with his arms, and presses his lips to yours. You thread your fingers through his hair, and you’re a little breathless when he pulls back. He cups your face, and his thumb swipes over your bottom lip, “I just think you may be the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.” 

“Sweet talker.” 

“I mean it.” 

He kind of settles on top of you, “Let’s go on a date tonight.” 

Your brow furrows, “Seriously?” 

“We haven’t gone out, just us in a while. I’ve been traveling for work so much, and when the baby comes we won’t have many opportunities for a while.” 

You pause, “You finish the crib, and we can go out.” 


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the bau as abba songs

slipping through my fingers- spencer

dancing queen- luke

voulez-vous- derek

the winner takes it all- emily

gimme! gimme! gimme!- penelope

lay all your love on me- hotch

super trouper- matt

chiquitita- jj

mamma mia- tara

when all is said and done- rossi

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Alright making a whole new post for this. So for my au I’m using dnd classes as a sort of building block for the magic system and gave the main group (plus Luke cause I love him) classes. If yall have any questions or wanna learn more please just send me an ask! I love answering questions about aus

List time!!!

Spencer Reid - Sorcerer - Draconic Bloodline (silver but using blue scales cause damage type) (this is for plot purposes i totally think he would be a wizard)

Derek Morgan - Fighter - Rune Knight

Penelope Garcia - Druid - Circle of Dreams (she doesnt fight but she does heal)

Emily Prentiss - [past - Warlock - Hexblade] Rogue - Inquisitor (lauren reynolds is dead :))))

JJ - Bard - College of Whispers

Aaron Hotchner - Paladin - Oath of the Watchers

David Rossi - Ranger - Monster Slayer Conclave (he was the hardest to give a class omfg)

Luke Alvez - Barbarian - Path of the Storm Herald (rage is him wanting to protect tho (esp penny))

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can not even begin to unpack my feelings about this im very gay and brain go brrrrrrrrrrrr

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I’m starting to think watching Criminal Minds from the start was a mistake… I cried my eyes out today because of season 5 :,)

going to finish it anyways


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bau x reductress headlines because these are so funny  

(pt. 2 w the other characters will be posted very soon i just couldnt fit it all in one post bc tumblr is hellbent on stifling my creativity smh)

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Morgan, in the hospital after breaking his arm
Where's Emily?
Who do you think gave you the new arm?
Morgan, on a lot of pain meds
Garcia, glaring at Rossi
He's just kidding, she's in the bathroom
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Originally posted by mjxlnir

Derek Morgan x Reader

Words: 2474

Summary: Having been dating for a while, you finally feel comfortable enough to introduce your boyfriend to your daughter, Angelica. Derek takes on the role better than you could have imagined and you start to feel like a family. Then one day, Angelica disappears from a friend’s house and your ex husband starts making demands. 

Notes: Hey look it’s another one shot that got turned into a mini series. Whoops. Anyway, Derek Morgan, like Reid, holds a very special place in my heart and I hope you guys enjoy. Let me know what you think!

More Criminal Minds: HERE


You swirled the wine around in your glass, blowing out a long sigh before checking your watch. You’d been sitting there for about twenty minutes, deflecting glances from the waiter and reading the menu over and over again. You were about to call when you felt a pair of hands on your shoulders, the contact nearly making you jump out of your chair. You whirled around, heart pounding and breathing heavy. You sighed with relief when a familiar charming smile greeted you. 

“Jesus, Derek, you’re lucky I didn’t pepper-spray you.” You groused, feeling your body gradually calm down. He pressed a quick kiss to your lips. 

“Sorry, baby, I got caught up at work.” 

“Uhuh.” You coyly turned your head away, pretending to ignore him. He ran his hands up and down your arms, giving you goosebumps. 

“I’ll make it up to you…” He coaxed, his breath hot against the skin of your neck. Damn, he was impossible to be mad at. 

“You’d better.” You surrendered to another kiss before he sat down across from you. 

While you kept up your usual cool and collected appearance, on the inside you were sweating like a pig. Tonight was the night. Usually, on nights like tonight, you would get either dumped or ghosted. Most of the time it was both. But you had a feeling, a desperate hope, that Derek was different. 

“Earth to Y/N.” Derek laughed. You hadn’t realized that you had spaced off. He reached across the table and put his hand on yours. “Where’s your head at, sweetheart?” 

“I, uh,” You laughed nervously, “I was thinking we could go back to my place after this.” The biggest smirk spread across his face. 

“That’s what you’re getting antsy about?” He chuckled, shaking his head. The waiter came back with the check and, though he offered, you took this one. 

“You paid for the last date.” You reasoned, though you also didn’t want him to shell out for dinner if he was going to run off later. 

“Independent woman, I get it.” He teased. He knew that something was off about tonight. You kept looking at your watch, fingers tapping on the table anxiously, and now your eyes kept darting from the check to his face. 

Once the check was taken care of, you both headed back out to the parking lot. Derek took your hand and stopped suddenly, pulling you into his arms. He lifted your chin so that you were looking into his eyes. You looked pretty freaked out about something and it was worrying him. 

“Okay, sweetheart, what’s going on?” 

“What do you mean? Everything’s fine.” You couldn’t even convince yourself, let alone a behavioral profiler. You took a breath and let the tension built up in your shoulders fall. “Okay, there’s something I haven’t been telling you about me and when we go back to my place, you’re going to understand.” His eyes widened. 

“Don’t tell me you’re married.” 

“No!” You exclaimed. “Well, not anymore. My ex and I split a long time ago.” 

“I’m confused. You were married?” You nodded, looking down shamefully. Derek put a hand on your cheek. “Baby, you could have told me that.” You let out a frustrated sigh. 

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Emily’s contact’s on her phone:

Wifey 👭💞

Hotchy 😐😘

My fav tech girl 💻💕

Papa Rossi 🍝🍷

Boy Wonder 💼📚

Man Chocolate 🍫😎

Mom 😑

Clyde 🙄

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