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#Penny Polendina

While the story is clearly staying in Atlas and Mantle at least a little while longer and this is very early for speculation, I’m predicting that Penny will go with the main cast when they leave Atlas and Mantle.

The reason for this is fairly simple. Penny is a maiden now. And a maiden’s duty is not to any specific kingdom, it’s to all of Remnant. To fulfil her duty as the winter maiden, Penny will go where she is needed most. As it happens, this puts her on exactly the same path as RWBY and co.

Penny may have been out of the story for three volumes, but now that she’s back she’s here to stay.

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Jacques: *storming over to Weiss* What is the meaning of this?!

Weiss: *slow dancing with Penny* I’m dancing.

Jacques: You were supposed to be here with Henry! Now how are we going to get the Marigolds to merge their company with ours?!

Weiss: *shrugging* Dont know. Dont care.

Jacques: *grabbing Weiss’s shoulder to pull her away* You will come with-

Ruby: *stepping between Jacques and Weiss, glaring* You dont get to touch her like that.

Penny: *pulling away from Weiss to help protect her*

Weiss: *smiling a bit as she watched Penny and Ruby* Father, I’m here with my girlfriends. I’m not interested in dating whatever boy you think will bring us money.

Jacques: *glaring at the three before composing himself* Is that right? Well then, make sure your… toys… stay out of my way. Or I might have to deal with them myself.

Weiss: *sighing as Jacques walked off* Sorry about that. I didnt realize he’d-

Ruby: *hugging Weiss* That’s fine. We’re here to protect you no matter what.

Penny: *joining into the hug, picking Weiss and Ruby up off the ground* We always protect our friends .

Weiss: Thank you.

Ruby: Now, what did you mean by girlfriends?

Weiss: *kissing Ruby’s cheek* I want you and Penny to be my girlfriends. That’s what all of this was about.

Ruby: *blushing, getting flustered*

Penny: *giggling and kissing Weiss back* Then girlfriends it is. Although, is it… normal for someone to have two girlfriends?

Weiss: No, but… I dont care. I love you both and could never choose between you.

Ruby: Yang might have some words about this…

Penny: Then we talk to her together. She’ll have to understand.

Weiss: I know she will. But for now… *pulling away a bit* why dont the three of us enjoy a night out? I know just the right place for us to go to in Mantle for a quick bite.

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Ruby: *sighing and walking around the fairgrounds* This… sucks…

???: Ruby? What are you doing here?

Ruby: *smiling a bit* Oh, Penny. How are you?

Penny: Shouldn’t you be resting?

Ruby: I’m feeling fine now.

Penny: *nodding* That… was a big secret you were holding.

Ruby: *hesitating for a moment* You remember?

Penny: I do.

Ruby: But everyone who saw doesnt remember…

Penny: I… I’m not like normal girls…

Ruby: *pulling Penny to her* You’re like me, arent you?

Penny: Kinda. Not exactly like you but sorta-

Ruby: *smiling and pulling Penny* We can show them you’re an angel and then we can prove-

Penny: Ruby… I’m not… I’m not an angel.

Ruby: *hesitating for a moment* Then how do you….?

Penny: *sighing for a moment and moving her shirt to show her elbow joint* I’m… an android.

Ruby: *nodding slowly* That… that makes a lot more sense than you being an angel.

Penny: I’m sorry I’m not what you thought.

Ruby: …since you’re an android, that means you can record things, right?

Penny: *slightly confused* Yes but-

Ruby: *dragging Penny off with her semblance* Then you can still help me!

Penny: *getting dragged off* W-wait! Ruby! Slow down! I’m going to miss my fight!

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