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symphxia 2 days ago
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Raining cats and dogs 馃導
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Pepa, about Isabela and Mirabel: They've been fighting since they woke up.
Abuela Alma: Good! I'm glad they're back into a little healthy competition.
Julieta: They鈥檙e trying to drown each other in the river as we speak, Mam谩.
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glitternightingale a day ago
Do you know any encanto blogs that only post about encanto?
"Only" is pretty extreme (even I post about different stuff sometimes), but here are a couple blogs you might like/already know:
@waitingonavision ; @acewithapaintbrush ; @seanettlles ; @sketchnwhatevr ; @arctictea ; @encantoisawesome ; @incorrectmadrigalfamilyquotes ; @randomratthoughts ; @rats0ut ; @omgcheez ; @cheetee ; @encantomybeloved ; @aeoneri ; @pensandpizza ; @naoko-world ; @mmollymercury ; @nurkeinwort ; @actualhecc ; @usedtobeguest123 ; @daliceus ; @kinschi ; @captaincravatthecapricious ; @usedtobeguest123 ; @breannaaiedail ; @brunoisagoodboy ; @sokkas-first-fangirl ; @luisaenjoyer ; @melelooo ; @encanto-hcs ; @youtellingthisstoryorami ; @becstuffs
Phew, I hope it's not annoying that I tagged you all and if it is, please just ignore this--
Feel free to add!
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youtellingthisstoryorami 2 days ago
Hi! I think your art is beautiful and I just love your style. If you鈥檙e taking requests, I鈥檇 really love to see the ending from this prompt I wrote here, where F茅lix is holding out his hand and asking Pepa to dance while she has rainbows over her head: https://foreveranevilregal.tumblr.com/post/680363501587398656/triplets-f%C3%A9lix-youre-in-love-with-her-maybe thank you!
Thank you so much!!! that's so sweet, and here you go!
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encantoisawesome 2 days ago
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2 sisters hugging their brother
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corasparasol a day ago
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pepa madrigal snow globe :)
bonus gif:
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cheesy-cryptid a day ago
Okay but now I'm imagining the second set of triplets misbehaving with the first set not knowing what to do. That's when Eva and Alma come in ending it instantly. When the original trips ask how they did that, the two women are like "It's basically you guys all over again"
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Anon that is so true. You could only imagine how chaotic the household would be since the baby triplets seem like absolute duplicates of the OG triplets HAHAHAHAH
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iwannabecamiloshovel a day ago
Y/n: For self defense reasons, I'm going to pretend to be a burglar and you guys have to act wisely.
Julieta, Bruno, & Pepa: Okay.
Y/n: If you don't want to die, give me all your money.
Pepa: Bold of you to assume I have money.
Bruno: Bold of you to assume I don't want to die.
Julieta: Bold of you to assume I can die.
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fishsoupsaltiness a day ago
Since I鈥檝e heard too many people say that Pepa is mean or even abusive towards Mirabel, I think it鈥檚 time to turn聽to the聽canon and look at all of their scenes in the movie.聽Let 鈥檚 see what we get:
(This is going to be a long聽post, so, please, bear with me)
Starting with the intro - we see a drawing of Pepa in the background behind little Mirabel (interestingly, not all the family members made it to the wall - some were missing (from Pepa鈥檚 side) - but Pepa聽 definitely was there). Then, years later - Mirabel has a rainbow embroidered on her skirt for her Pepa. (It鈥檚 also worth noting that she chose a rainbow specifically to represent Pepa 鈥 something that appears when she鈥檚 happy. This might indicate that Mirabel views her tia positively 鈥 as a cheerful woman);
Welcome to the Family Madrigal 鈥 first, I think we can all agree that Mirabel is an expressive person 鈥 whenever she鈥檚 annoyed or displeased - you can read it all from her face. This is important because whenever Mirabel mentions Pepa and her gift in the song, she鈥檚 smiling and looking proud. Even when the 鈥榯emperature gets weird鈥 she doesn鈥檛 look bothered in the slightest, which indicates that Mirabel is very familiar with all of her tia鈥檚 moods and she doesn鈥檛 mind.
The same can be said about the next scene where Pepa stresses about Antonio鈥檚 gift ceremony 鈥 even after nearly getting knocked over by her wind, Mirabel鈥檚 chill; it is only Isabela whom she鈥檚 annoyed with.
After Abuela points out Pepa鈥檚 cloud and Pepa snaps at her and leaves, we can see Mirabel sort of look after her way worryingly (though, to be fair, she could鈥檝e been upset about what Abuela said to her).
The scene where the warm colors family is talking to Antonio - Mirabel鈥檚 watching them with so much warmth in her eyes.
When Mirabel is walking Antonio to his doors, yes, Pepa and Felix are initially surprised, but we can see them smiling later on, meaning that they鈥檙e not upset with this and don鈥檛 mind at all.
Waiting for the Miracle 鈥 Pepa is one of the few family members Mirabel mentions. Again, once she does, there鈥檚 admiration on her face.
After Mirabel announces that Casita鈥檚 falling apart鈥 okay, Pepa clearly doesn鈥檛 believe her, none of the adults do 鈥 but she doesn鈥檛 hold it against her either. No one accuses her of trying to ruin Antonio鈥檚 night. Pepa probably has the same opinion as Julieta 鈥 this night is very hard for her, therefore Mirabel鈥檚, idk, confused?
The breakfast scene 鈥 people tend to bring this scene up as to why Pepa鈥檚 horrible towards Mirabel or whatever, but consider this - if she really was abusive, do you really think that Mirabel would dare to steal her seat in the first place? Sis snatched her seat as if she鈥檚 nothing, and the fact that she pretended as if she hadn鈥檛 done anything just demonstrates how comfortable and safe Mirabel feels around Pepa as she doesn鈥檛 expect her to get petty over things like this.聽 And really - Pepa literally thunders for 1 second and then moves on.
When Abuela scolds Mirabel for talking with Luisa, Pepa looks at her worryingly (though, to be fair, she could be described as 鈥榓nnoyed鈥 as well. maybe she still wasn鈥檛 over the stolen seat lol)
The bit before We Don鈥檛 Talk About Bruno 鈥 after Pepa enters Mirabel鈥檚 room, thundering, she immediately apologizes 鈥 she didn鈥檛 want to bring the cloud with her and she didn鈥檛 want to scare her niece.聽
Mirabel is close enough to ask Pepa about Bruno, aka the topic no one wants to discuss. More so, she keeps pestering her about it, even after she sees how bothered Pepa gets.
WDTAB 鈥 Mirabel appears to be listening attentively to Pepa鈥檚 story. She can be seen nodding her head a few times, which means she takes her tios鈥 words seriously.
The dinner scene 鈥 when Pepa hears that Mirabel found Bruno鈥檚 vision, she鈥檚 shocked. She passes this info to Julieta with a concerned look on her face.
(controversial opinion) Pepa鈥檚 鈥榳hat did you do?鈥 after the dinner scene was actually a valid question. Dolores had just announced that Mirabel would 鈥榙estroy the magic鈥, and Mirabel鈥檚 been acting weird all day 鈥 I don鈥檛 know why so many people view this as something hostile when, in reality, it seemed like a concerned and genuine 鈥榳hat is happening, what did you do?鈥 Like, Pepa didn鈥檛 stop to cuss her out or anything, it was just a remark as she passed by.
When Mirabel says 鈥淚 love this family. We all love this family.鈥 鈥 I think it鈥檚 safe to assume that she doesn鈥檛 exclude Pepa.
When Mirabel is trying to save the Candle, we can see Pepa in the background, trying to get to her as well. Later, she yells to Mirabel to leave the Candle and get out.
In All of you, Mirabel once again addresses Pepa specifically, as she briefly takes her hand when Pepa passes by. They both smile at each other warmly.
鈥淲e see how bright you burn.鈥 Pepa鈥檚 clearly moved and proud of her sobrina in this scene.
When Pepa dances under the cloud with Felix, Mirabel looks at her happily - she鈥檚 glad that Pepa can finally express her emotions freely.
And that鈥檚 it for their scenes. I think I covered聽them all. Now, remember that Madrigals are a very close-knit family, they live together and Pepa had literally been there to help raise Mirabel. They love each other and are happy for each other, and, from what I get, there鈥檚 no scene in the movie that could back up the claim that they聽have bad relationship.
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parmsnik 2 days ago
I saw this meme online so I did it lmao
And I wanted to add 30 tags to a post lmao
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encantolover a day ago
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Dude, it's not about Bruno anymore.
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toaverse a day ago
Because of her gift, Pepa has probably been struck by lightning multiple times
That might actually be correct鈥
Oh gosh鈥 :(
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Bruno: I've been involved in a number of cults, both as a leader and a follower. You have more fun as a follower but make more money as a leader.
Pepa: What the fuck.
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ducky-is-dead-inside 2 days ago
Uhh hi I don't know if your requests are still open if not thats ok but I was wondering if you could write about the madrigal family adopting child y/n and how they would react to the reader calling (any of your pick)them mom,dad ect.. you don't have to do this if your uncomfortable with it just want to ask. But anyways hope you are having a great day or night and love your writing btw!(srry for my bad typing!)
Mami: Pepa x Fem Reader (platonic)
Summary: You finally call Pepa, Mami after being her daughter for a few years...
Genre: Fluff!
Notes: I'm sorry this took so long! My motivation to write is still there, it has just died down a bit.
Warnings: happy tears from Pepa, really angsty backstory because I can't write pure sugar like this,
You sat up straight in your bed, a cool sweat running down your face. It was another nightmare from before. Before the Madrigals, namely Pepa and F茅lix, had taken you in. Dolores had heard what was happening to you at your house and told her family. They came to your home, and whisked you away and now, you were a Madrigal.
You had a gift and everything. You could teleport, which made your new older brother Camilo very interested in doing stuff with you. Namely, pranks and stealing food and playing jokes on people.
Even though you were young when the Madrigals saved you, you still had scars, mental and physical, from when you lived with your father. He would come home drunk and irritated which did not bode well for you.
Your nightmares brought you back to those years that you tried so desperately to block out. You wiped the sweat from your face and sat on the edge of your bed. You teleported into the bathroom and splashed some water in your face.
"You're alright. You're not there anymore. You have a family that cares about you now."
Your words to yourself helped, but they couldn't drive away the ever-persistent thoughts in your head.
But what if they don't? What if they just barely tolerate me and took out of pity? Do they even do that or are they just waiting for me to move out?
You heard a knock at the door and a familiar voice.
"Y/N? Are you alright in there? I heard the sink going and you're the only other one awake?"
It was Pepa. You could tell from the water seeping under the door and into the bathroom that she was drizzling.
"Yeah, Pepi. I'm alright. I just had a nightmare."
Your voice was shaky and you were honestly on the verge of tears at this point. With the combination of your nightmare and Pepa coming to check on you, it was too much.
"Another one? That's the third one this week. Are you sure you're alright, mija?"
You broke down and opened the door to see Pepa in her nightgown, her braided, red hair wet from the cloud over her head. She took one look at your face and immediately pulled you into a hug. You hugged her back, not caring about the drizzling cloud that hung over your heads. Your head fit into the crook of her neck and you sobbed into her shoulder until you were able to speak coherent sentences.
"I'm sorry, Mami. I didn't mean to wake you up. I got your dress all wet too."
You mumbled quietly, and for a moment of shocked silence, you thought Pepa didn't hear you. She grabbed you by the shoulders and locked eyes with you.
"Did you just call me Mami?"
There were tears in Pepa's eyes and you immediately went to apologize.
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have-"
Pepa pulled you into an even tighter hug.
"I've been wanting you to call me that for years. Oh, and don't worry about the dress. It was wet anyway."
You could hear the small, lilting laugh in her voice.
"You're not mad?"
"Why in the world would I be mad, mija?"
"I'm not Dolores, Camilo, or Antonio. I don't belong here."
"Of course you do. You are my mija, even if you are of different blood. I still love you just as much as I love them."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Taglist: @dai-tsukki-desu , @hiroyuki27 , @alexaizawa , @roxiekamishxro , @katethecraziest , @merymikey , @kailoveswom3n , @bxbykayla , @strange-person16
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trendyshadowqueen 7 hours ago
Julieta: Yesterday I overheard Bruno saying 鈥淎re you sure this is a good idea?鈥 and Pepa replying 鈥淭rust me,鈥 and I have never moved from one room to another so fast in my life.
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sokkas-first-fangirl 2 days ago
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鈥淵ou鈥檙e going to catch your death!鈥 she shrieked, three seconds from stomping over there and dragging him back inside like a sack of potatoes. (A very small, easily carried sack of potatoes at that.)
鈥淛uli will heal me!鈥 Bruno tilted his head back; arms thrown out he spun in a circle, laughing. He suddenly seemed so much younger. 鈥淧epi, it鈥檚 raining!鈥
It hit her like lightning, no pun intended.
He sounded so awed, so happy. It was a downright storm and Bruno looked like he鈥檇 never seen anything so wonderful in his life.
She remembered how he鈥檇 frozen when they were rebuilding, staring up at the sky as the rain came down.
Ten years, she thought and tears suddenly filled her eyes, blurring her vision even more than the rain. Her cloud appeared and her emotions added to the storm.
Ten years, it鈥檚 been ten years since he felt the rain like this.
A study in Bruno, Pepa and the rain.
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waitingonavision 13 hours ago
Description: Also known as the Pancita-verse - with stories focused on Bruno's physical, mental, and emotional recovery.
Status: ongoing;聽contents so far:聽鈥淧ancita鈥 and 鈥淐omfortable Truths鈥
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spinnzi a day ago
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another quick lil doodle
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iwannabecamiloshovel 2 days ago
Julieta: You were stabbed. Do you remember anything?
Bruno: Only the ambulance ride to the hospital.
Julieta: That wasn't an ambulance, I drove you.
Bruno: But I heard a siren.
Julieta: That was Person D.
Pepa: Sorry, I got nervous.
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dragoneyes618 2 days ago
Many of the Madrigals鈥 gifts were traits they had anyway. So the miracle enhanced it.
Julieta would have loved and had a talent for cooking anyway. So the miracle gave her the gift of healing people with the food she cooked.
Luisa would have been unusually big and strong anyway. So the miracle made her really strong, able to lift donkeys and wagons and even move buildings.
Antonio already loved animals. So the miracle allowed him to communicate with them.
This wouldn鈥檛 really have worked for Pepa or Bruno, though.
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