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#Personal rambles

This just in: Plavi has been released from dealing with bureaucracy consisting of 20kg of paperwork.

Will the paper shredder at home survive destroying all that paperwork? No, most definitely not. It has already overheated and it’s half-broken now.

Tune in next week since that’s how much it will take me to destroy it all.

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Good morning to everyone except for the kid who had an order for 305 parts and did not count them.

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I’ve been avoiding writing a paper but I can’t any longer 😭 time to get cracking on it ><

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Someone at my work said I was off my rockers and literally fucking yeah damien & itll happen again

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Dont judge me by my big fucking forehead please I beg of you

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What’s your biggest achievement?? Mine is when I discovered that someone plagerized the eminem fanfic i wrote on Wattpad in 2013

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A verified alligator page followed me on Twitter it’s OVER for you bitches

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Crazy cuz if it wasn’t for my vibrator I would have actually died

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Thought I’d be a bad bitch w millions instead I’m just a sad bitch w bad credit

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Work: chaotic & under staffed

Family: toxic & alcoholics

Friends: nonexistent

Me: lol so when does this trial run end

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My mom was a bitch to me growing up & that’s why I’m like this lol

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Really offended that I’m not rich and famous @ this point in my life tbh

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Do you ever have A Man describe you to your face like a 2 dimensional Female Woman in a Male Novel and you’re just standing there like:

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19. favorite musical artist?


28. what are you listening to rn?

woo by rihanna coincidentally

36. what is your zodiac sign?

leo! (leo sun + virgo moon + gemini rising)

ask me anything

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3. favorite season?


6. favorite tv show at the moment?

all american :D

22. what are a few things on your bucket list?

learn how to do a backflip is pretty up there ngl but other than that probably to meet rihanna the loml

ask me anything

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1. top 3 favorite songs at the moment?

when you down by lil tecca wit polo g ft. lil durk, silent nite by tink, and smile by juice wrld ft. the weeknd

23. do you have/want any tattoos?

yes! i have one on my left arm rn, my next one booked for late april is gonna be on my left side, and then i have nine other ones planned teehee

39. what’s the last thing you watched on netflix?

demon slayer :D

ask me anything

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Comparing my family timeline to the Duggar-Caldwells just cause we always seem to be so close in events and I just wanna see how close

Unfortunately I cannot put a read more since I am on mobile rn, so feel free to scroll by this!! I just want to have it on my blog so I can come back to it in the future.


Me: March 25th 2017

J&K: May 26th 2017


Me: November 17th 2018

J&K: September 8th 2017

Baby 1

Me: March 22th 2018

J&K: June 8th 2018

Baby 2

Me: September 13th 2019

J&K: November 2th 2019

Baby 3

Me: July ? 2021

J&K: February 19th 2021

My husband and I want a fourth kid, and we all know they will be having one if nothing prevents them, so I wonder just how far “ahead” they will be with baby 4 considering they jumped ahead with baby 3.

Basically I feel like when they announce 4, I’ll be trying for 4 but we will see😂😂 (and then I’m done)

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Weirdest part of P5S so far for me is recognizing the layouts of Sapporo and Dotonbori/Sotenbori from the Yakuza games lol

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Ok, was anybody going to tell me that the franchise Little Big Planet had a cute little character named Newton Pud voiced by Hugh Laurie,

or was I just supposed to find out by myself??


Originally posted by littlebigplanetians

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