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Harley: Two broooos! Chilling in a hot tub!! Five feet apart `cause they’re not gay!

Peter: You’re my boyfriend


Peter: And you’re sitting in my lap right now


Peter: Literally everything you said was inaccurate

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Of course! So Please Stay is a sequel to one of my previous drabbles that showed an estranged Tony and Peter trying to make amends, and I really wanted to explore their story more in this new request! This story shows Tony as he tries to look after his sick son, and how they grow closer through this experience. Here’s a little snippet below:

“Come on kid, you’ll feel a lot better if you have something to eat,” he said gently.

After muffling a groan into the cushions, Peter forced himself up once more and coughed harshly into his sweater with a grimace. Some old instinct inside of Tony urged him to step in and help, but he doubted his son would appreciate the support. He’d made it fairly clear at the beginning that he didn’t need Tony’s help -that he had done just fine for the fifteen years they had been separated- and Tony didn’t want to push his luck with their already tremulous relationship.

But despite his worries, Peter was nothing but grateful as Tony offered him the tray, smirking slightly at the little spider emblem imprinted on his medication before slowly working his way through dinner.

(Sorry I can’t show more, I still have a bit more to write hah) Thanks so much for the ask and I hope you have a great day!

WIP Title Game!


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I don’t often, ever, make rec posts of my own, but I read something last night that I just loved and I think some of you guys might like it, too.

It’s called Rescue by longforgottenhymn

What can I say, it’s an amazing fix it fic with a beautiful ending. It’s the story of Peter and Morgan and Steve being trapped in the forties and maybe saving Tony too. I laughed and cried. And the plot was so well done. It’s a time travel fic, and those can be hard to do, but it was done so well. And it includes Morgan in the journey, which I loved. It’s all done so well though. It just brought me so much joy. Please go check it out. It deserves so many more kudos.

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Thanks for sending this in! I’m not a huge fan of the whole ‘asking for permission’ bc it seems outdated to me so I changed it a wee bit, hope you still like it!

Warnings: Like 1 swearword I think? Only fluff :)

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Tom Holland as Peter Parker in the snow is something very personal to me

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Please Stay is actually the sequel to one of my drabbles which featured Tony and Peter in an estranged father son relationship trying to make amends, and I had so much fun with that story that I wanted to continue it for another request I received! In this one, Tony shows up at Peter’s apartment to help care for him while he’s sick, and even though Peter is reluctant to take his help, his poor condition ends up drawing to two closer together than ever before! Here’s a snippet from the beginning:

“You didn’t have to come here.”

Tony lifted a brow incredulously as he took in his son’s deathly pale skin and ruffled, sweaty hair, tugging the edge of the blanket wrapped tightly over the boy’s shoulders as he said “I beg to differ. And so does your Aunt, so no point fighting.”

Letting out a huff that quickly divulged into a cough, Peter turned away from the door and trudged back to the couch like a zombie, groaning miserably as he fell onto the cushions. Tony took his resigned nature as a welcome and stepped inside with his bag of goods: medicine, soup and the complete box set of The Office that Peter insisted he buy last month. It had been their first attempt at bonding outside of time in the lab, and even though Peter was still cautious and sat on the furthest end of the couch to him, the laughter that would bubble out of his chest now and then sent Tony’s heart soaring.

He liked it when Peter laughed, and smiled, and was happy. It was a sight he feared he would never be lucky enough to see when he’d first met with Peter at that coffee shop almost three months ago, pouring out his heart to the teen who stared at him with a stone cold expression as his father tried to mend the broken remains of their relationship. It had been painful, those first few weeks. But finally it seemed like they were getting on track, and Tony would take the fact that Peter hadn’t kicked him out yet as another sign of progress.

I’m having a lot of fun just writing this one casually, and I hope you guys will enjoy it just as much! Thanks so much for the ask and I hope you have a great day!

WIP Title Game!


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Tony: How are you feeling?

Peter: I am an iPhone without a case. I’m worth a lot and have a lot of good functions, but I could just shatter randomly

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Doctor Strange #179 - “The Wonderous World of Dr. Strange (1969)

written by Stan Lee
art by Steve Ditko

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AHH yes I’m so excited for all of these!

So If You’re my Enemy, Why Do You Still Call for Me is the third instalment in my Villain Irondad AU, and deals with the aftermath of their escape from Hydra and how their relationship works now they’re back in the real world. I’m really excited about this one, and here’s a little snippet from the beginning!

It took the man a moment to realise that Peter was awake, but when he glanced up casually from the tablet in his hand only to meet the boy’s foggy, brown eyes, his entire face warmed into a smile. “Hey Bug…” he whispered, setting the device aside and leaning closer to the edge of his bed. “You in any pain?”

Peter could only blink sluggishly in reply, his mouth and his mind refusing to connect.

The Merchant breathed out a laugh and gently pulled the covers back up to his neck, saying teasingly “Nothing to say huh? Now that’s gotta be a first for you Spiderling.”

This time Peter managed to tug his lips up into a lazy smile, squeezing the man’s fingers that were still wrapped around his own. Slowly, his gaze began to drift away from his former cell mate to take in his new surroundings, so different from the piercing white labs or harsh shadowed cell he was familiar with. His first instinct was to panic. Was to dismiss it all as a hopeful mirage.

But then he felt Mr Stark’s thumb rub against his palm and the worry melted away. Because if Mr Stark was here, then he must be safe, right?

Chapter 3 of Return to Me is turning out to be quite a difficult chapter to write, so I thank you all for being patient with me as I work on it! Here’s another little snippet:

“We’ll have to be quick once the car starts,” Mr Stark said as he cast an apprehensive glance back at the house. “If I could hear that damn engine from up there, there’s no doubt he will too.”

“Don’t worry, he’s asleep. He’ll be out of it till dawn at the very least,” Peter was quick to assure, though he could still hear Mr Stark’s heartbeat thrumming nervously in his chest.

“I’ll just hit the gas ASAP to be sure, better safe than sorry-”

You? Oh no, no, you can’t drive like this,” Peter almost scowled as they hobbled towards the Ranger parked haphazardly before them, forcing the man to stop when he reached for the driver’s side door. At the resistance Mr Stark quirked a brow at the teen in confusion, but Peter’s resolve was set, and he tried his best to hold a glare that he was sure was failing miserably.

But if he couldn’t convince him with his eyes, then he would do it with his words.

“Mr Stark, you can hardly walk let along drive,” Peter explained as he gestured towards their current standing position. “The last thing your ankle needs is more pressure than it already has.”

“And who do you suggest would -I don’t know- drive the car then kid?” Mr Stark replied with a sarcasm that Peter was slowly growing accustomed to.

“I’ll drive.”

A Family Built on Spiderwebs is the working title for my Enhanced!Mutant Peter AU where Peter was experimented on by his parents as a child and given a whole list of spidery traits such as venomous fangs, biological webs, pitch black eyes, purring, and periodical moults. As if that wasn’t difficult enough though, Peter also has enough genetic differences to be classified as a mutant, and must where a shock collar like all the other registered mutants across the world so they can’t be a threat to “regular” people.

It’s going to be a really fun series of exploring Peter’s powers and giving him the encouragement and love he so desperately needs in a world that seems to despise him. It’s also a great journey for Tony too as he comes to realise the discrimination his intern faces on a daily basis and works to fix the corrupt system!

I don’t have anything written for it yet, but a scene I can’t wait to bring to life is the moment Tony first sees Peter without his contacts or mouth guard, which Peter uses to look more human when out in public. It’s going to be so soft, I’m telling ya!

Thanks so much for the ask, this was so much fun! Hope you have a great day!

WIP Title Game!


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Hiya, sweetheart! For you, I’ll always write smth💗💗 I got this other prompt and I thought you might like it☺️☺️ @starkerplusstrange

Paralyzed Little Peter fic! I love the idea of little peter whump for some reason. And his daddies have to help him walk around. And peter gets mad and frustrated that he can’t do it himself.

Daddies Stephen and Tony, +18 Little Peter, Littles are Known, post stroke, healing and recovery, partial paralysis, fluff, comfort


Peter gets to sleep in, as usual, but it has not been like that for very long. Just six months ago, Peter would have been up bright and early with his Daddies. However, everything changed when Peter suffered a stroke. It had been a rare side effect of a medication he had been on, and the stroke had left his body partially paralysed from the waist down.

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Anon asked for alpha Peter and omega Tony for a baby announcement. Thank you to the wonderful @vaguekiwi for motivating me and sharing her thoughts on the story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, anon.

“Tony, Tony? Are you up? It’s 7:30am already, you have a meeting with Miss Potts in forty minutes. Tony?”

Soft hands curl into already silver hair, scratching at the strands in an attempt to wake him up gently. Butterfly kisses on a cold nape, a ridiculously hot nose nuzzling everywhere. Peter knows scenting the billionaire is basically the only way one can ensure a calm morning.

Not today. And not for the next few months either.

He loves his husband, appreciates the nearly romantic demeanor, he does. But “unless you have a cup of coffee for me, there is no way in hell i am gonna leave this bed. your child has kept me up with nausea the entire night. I wanna hurl my guts out more than that time Rhodes found Dad’s liquor cabinet. please, tell me you have coffee.”

“…” Tony is severely displeased by the fact he can read Peter like a book even with half his mind shut off because fine, he’s right and dammit all.

“I want that weird drink you make. The one with milk, cinnamon and chunks of brownie. And French toast with waffles. No jam, not too much butter, as much sugar as possible. Now, go before I scream at you for having the only dick that could get a hormone fucked forty something omega pregnant. ”

The kid scrambles from bed, practically face plants with all the covers tangling long legs and yup, this is the person that the universe designated as his soulmate. Because Tony Stark can never have a partner with a reasonable, normal amount of enthusiasm, stamina and a sense of balance.

That sounds like he’s ungrateful, he’s not. But it turns out being three months pregnant gives him plenty of perspective to peer at life in a whole new way that does not include caffeine, alcohol or sex.

Would he kill and die for this amazing human being that makes Tony’s heart race no matter the day, that inspires him to be a better version of himself? Yes, no questions asked. No hesitation and no regret.

Would he clobber Peter for doing the impossible and technically causing Tony incredible discomfort on a daily basis thanks to what his doctors can only assume is a superhuman baby he already loves and adores more than life itself? Also yes.

Things aren’t mutually exclusive in this household.

Pep, bless her, has yet to find out about their future mini Parker so there’s been no respite on the whole ‘running a multi billion dollar industry ’ thing. And yeah, while it’s not exactly easy, he can focus on other things and not fall into a panicky state of mind — because him? A father? Of a super baby? Tony Stark, infamous playboy with a hedonistic streak, a dad?

Just thinking along those lines makes shame and self doubt slither over a metallic plate. Working, dealing with innovative scientists, crafting the new world of tomorrow, guaranteeing the safety of their planet, shapeshifting into a role model, a mentor (for the interns and school kids he visits, not Peter, of course, thank God they left that dynamic ages ago), loyal friend, reluctant errand boy (fuck the assholes in charge of the Accords), great husband, good man, it all distracts a fearful child from thinking, what if I turn into Howard?

“I couldn’t find brownies, so cookies it is! Aunt May had a few boxes sent in when I told her work was keeping you on your feet all the time. Said it’d be a good idea to snack along the day in case you—” Peter freezes, tenses with a not-so-narrow back held ramrod straight. Oh, his husband brought him breakfast in bed.

How could he ever think to clobber such a nice, wonderful—

“Your scent is odd.”

“Yeah, well fuck you too then.”

Five seconds of silence.

“I’m bringing you one cup of coffee and the hormone pills.”

“ Yup, that’s a great idea. ”


Tony’s mumbo jumbo with self loathing is firmly put on the back burner after inhaling a delicious breakfast and chugging that one glorious cup of coffee. Until they go to the bathroom and he sees himself in the mirror.

“We gotta tell them.”

“You said you wanted to wait a while before saying anything.”

Peter strips, ducks into the warm shower, lets out a pleased little sigh and Tony wants to rip his fingernails off. Is it bad, having sex while pregnant? No! The doctors, every single one of them, said it’s a perfectly normal thing to do. It’d be bad if they didn’t have sex because Tony, thanks to his crazy hormone production, needs the extra attention for his body to understand this is a happy process that shouldn’t include sad pheromones or stressed out moments. Will Peter put him out of his misery and allow a quickie in the mornings? No.

“Take more than five minutes in that shower and I’m joining you.”

Listen, he grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, Tony wasn’t immune to peer pressure. Did he cave and eventually do so many squat competitions with Rhodey his butt turned into a duck’s butt? There’s no evidence, he’s made sure, but yes. And Starks have always turned out to be beautiful, doesn’t matter your gender or age. Finding a companion for the night has never been a problem for anyone in his family tree.

That, and his work as Iron Man has kept him — well, not ripped like Cap, certainly not as lean and (God help him) athletic as Peter, but fit. Sturdy. Firm. Solid. (Peter once muttered the words 'daddy-like’ in regards to his body and he nearly choked on water.)

The passage of time has made him a bit slower, dusted once black hair with, as his husband says, stardust and the corners of his eyes now show how much time Tony spends laughing or frowning. All in all, he looks fucking spectacular for his age and experience as a villain-punching-bag. Thing is, he has a belly. A bump. A curve where it was once, well. Less curvy. Is it a problem for Peter? Nope, as acknowledged every time his alpha tackles him if he so much as looks oddly in the mirror. Is it a problem for him? He’ll get back to you on that.

The point is, there’s a belly when just a few months ago there wasn’t such a pronounced belly. It’s great, of course. Proof their child is growing steadily and Tony’s body is adjusting to it accordingly. A small part of him, the omega part he actually lets live, is fascinated and proud. He’s doing that, Tony’s the one growing a human being, creating life out of nothing in his own body. That child, although not the only physical embodiment of their relationship, is a result of his love for Peter. Of how much his husband loves him. They love each other so much they’re gonna start another family together. That chokes him up a bit, reminds him how grateful he is for Peter and for the other Avengers. If they hadn’t been so accepting of his status, would he have ever considered going through with this?

Anyway, he’s not gonna start sobbing this early in the morning when there’s no alcohol involved. It’s fantastic seeing his child develop, good, warm and fuzzy feelings, yada yada yada, it’s also not very easy to hide. And Tony…Tony wanted to hide it from his family because.

Because Peter hasn’t been the only partner in all his life that has wondered about a future with a white picket fence. Because when he was Peter’s age, in his goddamn prime, a doctor, ten doctors, all the doctors told him the same thing, smashed his dream into a million pieces. Tony was nearly infertile. There was a one in a million chances of him getting pregnant. If he did, they couldn’t be sure his body would be able to maintain two hearts. And then the cave happened.

So yeah. It happened to his cousins, his aunt, a few uncles, his grandmother. Tony would do a baby announcement, but only the second that baby was outside of him and safely in his arms. Now there are still several months left and nothing certain. But time is a bitch and beginning to show the world, maybe those extra pounds aren’t from eating the Parker’s amazing breakfasts.

“Tony, you know I don’t wanna risk-” Losing control of my strength. They’ve been together long enough that Tony can see quite clearly between the lines.

“Hurting us, yeah, I know, I understand. I’m getting too wide, we’re gonna have to tell them or Natasha will take one look at me and whoops, impromptu announcement from someone else. It’s a miracle she was out on those missions when we found out.” Thank God for renegade troops.

He’s still looking at himself in the mirror when Peter comes out, barely dries up and slides behind him. His husband is slightly taller now, can easily hook a curved jaw on Tony’s shoulder to peer at the image they make. Contrasts, he supposes, have always enthralled Tony. The study of light and shadow. Variations of the same basic components. Where his body is aging, showing signs of wear and tear, Peter’s is evolving into something beautiful, majestic. Silver hair, chestnut brown. Scarred canvas, silky smooth and sunkissed skin. Soft, fragile curves, chiseled lines that deserve to be revered more than Michelangelo’s David. But their eyes, their eyes are equally tired.

“We can tell them if you want, have dinner together and just, just say it. Like that -”

“No. It’s our kid, we’re not gonna act like it’s ripping off a band aid. This is special, unique. Dinner is good. Fantastic, actually. Wait for dessert, and announce it. “ Peter comes ever closer, wraps arms that could carry the world around him and how did he get so lucky?

They’ve lied to each other in the past. Mostly in the beginning, when they were too worried about hurting their new relationship to show their desires and wants. Tony didn’t explain the Training Wheels Protocol. Peter tried to fight high level crime on his own. Things got hard to understand, like being in the right place at the wrong time. Puzzle pieces that didn’t quite fit together, an extra inch of space prohibiting them from seeing all the possibilities that the truth could bring. They were walking the same path, just in parallel lines that never crossed.

But then he’d been rejected, thrown away and able to realize how fucking stupid it was to let Peter go when being near the kid, it felt like finally breathing after residing in the deep end of a pool for a thousand years. So Tony ran after him one day, crashed into his AP English class, half assed an excuse for the baffled teacher, yanked Peter out of the room and proceeded to have the best make out session of his life with his back against the kid’s locker. And now they don’t lie, ever.

Which is why it’s so hard to accept Peter’s, “You’re beautiful, Tony. The handsomest man I’ve ever seen in my life. I loved you before, I love you now, I’ll love you forever, Anthony Stark. You carrying our kid doesn’t change that, how could it, Tony? It’s going to be ok. The three of us will be ok and I won’t stop thanking whoever decided I’d get to marry my wet dream.”

Scorching kisses trace his pulse point slowly, sharp nails start dragging against a too thin shirt, but it’s the fact that Peter hasn’t looked away from him, is confidently holding his gaze through the glass, that makes Tony shudder and stop breathing.

The bathroom is flooded with pheromones, cinnamon and honey assaulting an unprepared billionaire, and he’ll die if they stay like this, can’t function properly, brain switching gears, trying valiantly to remember baseball stats, past wounds, May’s cooking because Peter’s gonna wreck his sanity if those hands keep winding down, if those lips don’t stop unraveling him like a Christmas present.

“If I’d known you’d get this handsy and romantic, I would have complained about how I look earlier.“ It’s a gasp, half murmur, half plea as Peter grins at him shamelessly. “I know it’s rude and wrong and sexist, but I like comforting my omega, acting like a stereotypical alpha. Makes me feel like I’m doing my job of making you happy. “

He quirks an eyebrow, is glad Peter can be comfortable enough to take the reins every once in a while. “You’re telling me that assuring me I’m still drop dead gorgeous, “ his husband snorts, nips at Tony’s shoulder for that quip, “ makes you horny because you feel like an alpha comforting, and I quote, ‘your omega’? “

Peter reverts back to the shy teenager who could barely ask a girl out to the homecoming dance, ducks his head into Tony’s neck with a blush quickly spreading over damp skin. “Well, I’ve got news for you, sweetheart. Your wet dream also thoroughly enjoys it so you better break tradition and have sex with me to remind me I’m the hottest man you’ve ever seen. ”

He’s actually serious about this, his self esteem hasn’t exactly been, you know, the best and Tony’s mood always improves significantly after playing around in bed with Peter. Besides, it’s a sign of trust. Peter won’t hurt him or their child, will be able to hold back his strength. He always does.

Listen, it’s not exactly moral, but he has more than enough problems to go ahead and analyze his attraction and dependency on Peter while pregnant.

“So, I can distract you from your bad thoughts by acting sort of possessive and taking you to bed? “ Oh, he adores when his husband is afraid of showing a new side of himself and asks for permission ever so sweetly.

“Babe, if you don’t, I’ll kick you out of the apartment. Give me possessive Peter Parker any day you want, like I’m gonna complain about a gorgeous, brilliant twenty something year old all over me. Now what’s it gonna be, alpha dear, bathroom or bedroom? I wouldn’t mind the tile but, oh God, I forgot you could pick me up.” Tony clings to broad shoulders, can’t help but laugh because aren’t they a pair?


After having what he’s sure was the best sex of his life, Tony stumbles out of the bedroom with torn clothes, a dazed look in his eyes and several bruises blossoming around his neck. Peter’s halfway out the doorway when Tony whistles, makes sure all their family is paying attention, blurts out, “Peter and I are having a kid. I’m pregnant, woohoo, it’s great, it’s amazing, save your congratulations for later. We’ll do a proper thing soon, if anyone interrupts and they’re not dying, I’ll kill you myself. See you in a few hours, “ and yanks him back in while Friday activates Sock on the Doorknob Protocol.

Rhodey and Nat clink glasses while waiting on the others to pay up on their bets regarding Tony and Peter’s odd behavior.


Later, much later, like, two days later, they have a proper dinner with their family in the tower. There are balloons and streamers, cake and ice cream, warm hugs and gentle cheek kisses, subtle tears and full on weeping (Happy had to borrow a box of Kleenex), pictures and videos and a pile of gifts taller than Tony.

The most important thing, though, is that the A.I recorded the reaction after Clint asked about baby names. He’s grateful they went to the doctor before tonight. The visit revealed a treasure Tony thought he’d never have. Now it’s time to reveal it to their pack.

His husband snuggles up to him, is so ecstatic the whole dining room smells like cinnamon and honey, like joyous love he’ll never get enough of. Tony grins at him, curls their hands together and repeats the same thing over and over again in his head.

It’ll be ok. They’ll be ok. If the universe keeps giving Tony the greatest gifts he could ever want, maybe it’s time he stopped looking at the horse’s mouth. That’s how it goes, right? Right.

He turns to look at Peter, loves him so much it aches, feels tiny feet pressing against his stomach. Guesses he’s not the only one smitten with this incredible human being.

“We were thinking Marie,” Peter smiles at him, eyes lit up and lovely.

Tony is never going to forget this moment, this warmth in his chest.

“And Benjamin Parker-Stark.”

Their family loses their shit and both Friday and Karen have ample proof.

(@puppypeter look, omega tones! @tonystarkisaslut thank you so much for allowing me to use the prompt board! I am still accepting prompts! Although I can’t guarantee getting them ready within a few days, I’ll try to finish them on the one week mark depending on how long the fic is!)

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