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#Peter Parker x Stark! OC

Summary:When people hear ‘Maya Stark’ everyone would think about the perfect, smart. good looking, rich, student body president of Midtown High.Nobody but her childhood friend Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man and her new team of heroes. Ava, Sam, Danny, and Luke AKA  white tiger, Nova, Iron fist, and Power Man knows about her secret of being Queen’s very own Mistress, soon to be ULTIMATE Mistress

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3   Part 4


Originally posted by zacksfairest

{Peter’s POV}

“Leap, forward leap. Flip!” Batroc laughed as I raced after him up the building with my spider-cycle. “C'est bon. C'est magnifique.”

“Your suckatude knows no bounds, Batroc.” I said as I slinged a web on his foot as I tried to slow him down but instead he managed to pull me off my Spider-cycle and make me hit places as he leaped around like a giant frog. Soon I was face flat on the back of a billboard as Baltroc got away.


Batroc the Leaper. So off the radar, SHIELD doesn’t have a real file on him. What’s to know? He’s French. He leaps.

Another thing you guys must be wondering,Where the heck is Maya? Well, She’s at home getting work done early.

Why? You’ll see later


“And zee bug goes splat.” Baltroc taunted. “But where is zee witch?”

{At Stark Household}

Maya sneezed as she suddenly felt ticked off. She stopped typing her report.

 "I feel like somebody just called me a witch…?“ Maya shivered slightly as she went back to typing. "Probably just my imagination.”

{Back with Spiderman}

“Taunting me is one thing, Baltroc” I said as I got down. “But calling names on my favorite partner is a whole nother level of wrong” I felt irritation, mixed with confusion. Why was I having such a strong reaction to this? Maya’s been called a witch plenty of times, but I never felt this overprotective. I quickly pounced on him as he was about to getaway.

“Spider-Man. Nick Fury says get back to SHIELD HQ for training.” I hung upside down next to White Tiger.

“Just because he’s the director of SHIELD doesn’t mean he can boss me around. Besides, Fury would be the first to say going solo on B-listers like Batroc is good training. Don’t be so official, White Tiger.” I said as I got on my feet and began walking. “When life gives you Batroc, make French toast.” Baltroc then kicked my face hard, sending me flying as he got up with a laugh.

“A boot in the face!” White Tiger tried to pounce on Baltroc with her claws but he moved away just in time as he bumped me hard, hitting the billboard playing J. Jameson.

“Way to go it alone,” I said annoyed as I sat there, a bit stuck.

“Get lazy and even the lame ones can splatter you. That’s what training’s for.” White Tiger said mockingly. “That and mastering new tools like electric claws.” White Tiger bloated as she activated her electric claws. I managed to get out of the billboard as Baltoc chased white Tiger. I quickly made a giant web as White tiger clawed a water plant as Baltoc hit the web and slinged far, defeating him.

“Is Spider-Man and Mistress a student at Midtown High? - Recently it was attacked” J.Jameson said before Baltoc hit the billboard making it explode.

“Where does he get that stuff?” I asked myself before White Tiger and I made our way back to S.H.I.E.L.D.

***{Maya’s POV} ***

I sighed as I closed my laptop. Finally finished my essay reports, school check-ins, and tomorrow night’s homework while also making sure I have free time tonight to catch that Sci-Fi movie with Danny.


Why am I getting things done early? You may ask. 

Well, today is my annual every 19th of a month, a training session with the great powerful Sorcerer, Dr.Strange. 

My training with him is once a month since he’s always busy, and he is special because since I’m a sorceress I can learn to be better with my mind and magic with a great Sorcerer like Dr.Strange.


I yawned as I fell on my bed. Man, I’m tired.


I was at school in my student office since I got here really early to check up on everything and leave a detailed schedule on what the Vice President, Gwen Stacy. I checked the time. 7:59. I gasped and quickly gathered my things as I quickly made my way to the cafeteria. I seemed to have made it just in time as I saw Danny saved me a seat next to him and Ava. I gratefully thanked him as I sat down to listen to Principal Coulson.

“all city campuses run on high alert. Report any suspicious persons immediately.” Coulson said as Peter dashed in here.

“I think I see one now” Flash joked at Peter as I frowned before smiling at Peter as he made his way to the seat next to Ava.

“Pretty good show with Batroc ze Leaper, huh, Ava?” Peter asked nudging her as she seemed unamused.

“Lapse training, and late for school? Good show, Parker” Peter sighed as he sat on the opposite side with Harry and MJ.

“Hey, Pete. They’re saying Spidey goes to the school. Girls love heroes, so help me spread the rumor it’s me, huh?” Harry slyly said.

“It probably is you, Harry. Who else could afford all those webs he squirts all over everything?” MJ stated.

“How could he be spiderman when you were both there at Harry’s party at the same time Spider-Man arrived? Harry can’t be in two places, can he? Plus he could just be having a sponsor.” I inputted.

“Maya’s got a point, And Spider-man doesn’t squirt, he shoots,” Peter said demonstrating it “And I don’t think it’s a good idea for anyone to pose as him right now.” He added on before Flash pushed him off his seat, sitting in his place.

“Speaking of squirts” Flash mockingly said as Peter got up and frowned at Flash.

“Thompson, Parker, pay attention” Principal Coulson snapped as I looked over at the man next to Coulson. Almost no hair, white strap around his head. Skinny yet muscular figure. And, his aura seemed off. It doesn’t give off a normal aura, but instead a darker one. He’s harboring evil intentions, but what is it? “Your gym teacher, Mr.Molskin will be out due to a freak accident after last night’s game. Mr. Jager will be your substitute until further notice.” I wonder how freaky.

“I look forward to the challenge of unlocking your …hidden talents,” Mr.Jager said with an accent as he looked at our group specifically as if searching us for something. I eyed him suspiciously, not trusting him at all now. I felt my magic senses go off as I saw him lock eyes with me.

‘bad intentions are being harbored, Stark’

Peter and I’s senses are sorta different in a way. His only alerts him of danger that is seconds away from occurring, mines comes with a voice that tells me something that hints me towards potential danger.


Awkward phrasing or veiled threat? You be the judge.

The answer is pretty obvious



We were in the gym now, we were arranging the teams in dodgeball when one of the Office helpers came in and gave Mr.Jager a pass, he didn’t seem so happy. I wonder why? He grudgingly made his way towards me and gave me the pass with a frown.

“Go, Miss Stark” I took the pass as I packed my things, while also stealing glances at Mr.Jagar. Why is he so upset about me leaving early?

“Annual Magic session?” Peter whispered as he handed me my phone-which I lent him earlier since his was dead.

“Yeah. Doctor Strange may be patient, but he doesn’t like being kept waiting, besides I learn a lot from him since he’s the only other person I know that shares practically the exact same abilities as I do” I whispered back as I placed my shoulder bag on. 

“Text me later, you know what time I get off training”

“I hate gym without you, Maya”

“One a month Peter, Once a month. I’ll make it up to you”

“Tonight?”“Got plans with Danny, Tomorrow night?”

“What are you two doing?”

“We’re going to watch a Sci-fi movie”

“Oh, Okay”

“Got to go, remember. Text me later” Peter nodded as I left the room, Feeling Mr.Jagar’s deep stare as I left.By the time I made it to the office, I saw Doctor Strange sitting there waiting, in his casual clothes. I grinned as I made my way there.“Mr.Strange,” I said with a grin. He looked up with a small smile.

“Let’s get going, shall we? Maya” I nodded as we made our way to a dark alley. “You remember the group transportation spell from our last lesson, don’t you?”

“I’ve been practicing a lot”

“Did you torture your father?” Dr. Strange chuckled as I nervously chuckled, remembering how annoyed and irritated dad was by the number of times I had purposefully accidentally teleported him all over the Avengers Tower whenever I practiced.


“Why don’t we put the spell into use? Teleport us in our usual spot in the forest clearing in the Amazon.” I nodded as I focused my mind on that location.

“Cali mon ta rēn fooloo belaga.” I chanted the spell. I opened my eyes to see we were in our clearing…except I was on the grass and Doctor Strange was in the lake soaking…oops? I helped Doctor Strange out mumbling sorry a lot of times as he brushed it off as he snapped his fingers drying himself quickly.

“Except for that misfortune of me being in the lake, you seem to have successfully brought us here” I grinned as he waved his hand as we were soon in our cloaks. “Since your strongest point is your mind, we’ll start with meditating to sharpen your focus and to get you relaxed. I can sense you’ve been stressed recently.” I sighed as I sat down with my legs crossed as Dr.Strange did the same.

“Yes. With school going haywire, New team, and stark internship. I do have a lot on my plate”

“Seems your a very well relied on person”

“it’s an honor and a curse”

“You know the drill” I nodded as I took a breath in and closed my eyes. I focused on clearing my mind. I felt my body go light as I took slow breaths. I focused my mind on my breathing. I sensed Doctor Strange was doing the same. “Free your mind of worries,” Doctor Strange said in a low, calming tone. “Let go of any doubts or regrets” I sighed in relaxation.

***{Peter’s POV}***

20 minutes in and I already miss Maya a bunch. We played dodgeball and I allowed myself to get hit in the face by a ball I could have easily dodged but I didn’t, for the sake of my identity. Even though I got snarky responses from Ava, Maya not only gave me snarky responses about how I shouldn’t be getting myself hurt to hide my identity and just dodge simple things like that, she would also secretly place her hand on mines to use a bit of her magic to make the pain go away when nobody is noticing us, which makes getting slammed by a dodgeball in the face by Flash Thompson all worth it.

“I’m looking for finalists for the citywide athletic achievement contest. I want to see everything you’ve got in this obstacle course. Push yourselves to the limit. Don’t give me less than 110 percent.” I never even knew those things existed! Couch Jager walked down the line us students had stood in. He made us all look him in the eye which was pretty creepy.

“You could learn a thing from him,” Ava said as she glanced at me from her spot next to me in line.

“How to creep people out?” I asked as I glanced back at her oddly.

“Mr.Thompson!” Couch Jager yelled as he turned around. “Go!”

“I’ll show you how it’s done,” Flash said cockily. “And make sure to record it people, I want Maya to see this!” I rolled my eyes. Maya wouldn’t be interested in him even if he walked through fire. Flash ran through the obstacle course only stumbling a bit before falling face flat in front of the couch, not bad for a rookie. “Good, huh, coach? - Am I in?” Flash asked excitedly as Couch Jager turned his back.

“Okay, next one up.” He yelled. “Go! Ayala, next.” Ava went through the course with her swiftness through being white Tiger. “Rand, next!” Danny went through with ease with incredible balance. “Osborn, next!” Harry went through the course stumbling and tripping, obviously not meant for these kinds of stuff. “Cage! Go!” Luke went through the course before getting stuck in the tire instead of going through it.

“Can we get some man-sized tires up in here people? Seriously.” He said annoyed.

“Mr.Parker, your last” Couch Jager said in a deep tone as they finally got Luke out of the tire.


How sweet would it be to show them all what I can really do? Move on to the citywide championships?


“You can begin anytime today.” Couch Jager said, pulling me out of my daydreams. “The course doesn’t run itself, Mr.Parker.” I purposely made myself fail as I pretended to struggle climbing the wall before falling down, fake of course. Man I wish Maya was here to take the pain away. Couch Jager grunted as I got up and went up to the others. “I’ll see three of you tomorrow” He said to us. “Rand, Osborn, Thompson. The rest of you, anemic.”

“Tomorrow? Saturday?” Danny exclaimed as Couch Jager walked off.

“Did I stutter?”

“Danny, Flash, and Harry? Harry? I aced that thing.” Ava complained. “Why am I not a finalist? Because I’m a girl?”

“Are you the only person on Earth who sees school on a Saturday as a good thing?” I asked.

“Maya and Fury were right. You are too soft” Ava said. “You know, I say we show Mr.Jager who can do what. You and I are going to come back tomorrow anyway, list or no list and run that course again. You know what, I’ll even bring Maya along to do it too” By this point the others already walked off.

“If I’m late, you can start without me. Finish too. I’m beat. I have tomorrow set aside for sleep and a movie marathon with Maya by night ” I yawned out. “Doesn’t that Jager creep you out?” I said as we looked at him doing Jumping Jacks facing the wall.

“I work with a guy whose feet stick to walls. No one creeps me out.” Ava said before she walked off. I stared at Couch Jager stretching suspiciously before walking off myself.


I was having an amazing dream of J. Johnson proclaiming every day to be Spiderman Day with me sitting on Iron Man and Thor’s shoulders as the crowd cheered my name with confetti everywhere before my phone began to rang waking me up as I groaned. I picked up my phone to see Ava calling.

“Hello? Peter, have you heard from Harry?” Ava asked, “It’s noon, and no one’s come out from the gym yet.”

“I’m not late for training,” I said as I rubbed my eyes.

“Something’s wrong. We can’t get into school. The fence is electrified.” I heard Maya’s voice. “I’m almost certain it has to do with Jager”

“It’s Saturday. Why are you-Did you say the school’s electrified?” I said as I bolted up from my bed as I went to get my Spider-man suit.

“Get here now!” the girls yelled as they hung up before I smirked and got there quick in my Spider-man suit as I stood next to Ava.

“That quick for you?” I smugly said as Ava had to take a double look as Maya sighed. “Yeah, I’m that good”

{Maya’s POV}

Ava and I quickly changed into our own hero selves as I levitated myself over the gate as the other two leaped over.

“Something’s up.” White Tiger said. “We should call Coulson.” White Tiger began to call on her com wrist before Spidey interrupted.

“No.” He said stopping her. “We should go solo on this!” We raised our eyebrows at him as he began to explain himself. “Eh, you know, together, the three of us. We can handle this.” Spidey placed his hand on her shoulder before she glared at him with a warning look as he soon let go before we looked at the school. “SHIELD added security to protect the school from well, for us. Probably just a misfire.”

“Or Jager took them captives” I inputted as I glared at the school. “My senses gave off a warning when I looked into his eyes the other day.”

“Yeah, maybe but, who electrifies a fence and leaves the door unlocked?” Spidey said as he opened the door as we moved in the dark hallways.

“Dark, creepy, dank.” White Tiger complained as she stepped in a puddle.

“I told you not to come to school on a Saturday” Spidey said.

“Hello? Is anyone there? Help!” We got serious as we ran towards the source. “Help! Can anyone hear me? Oh, I sure could use a hand. I’ve got myself in quite a pickle here.” The Janitor said as we stopped to see him pinned to the wall by a robotic arm, the security system. “Oh, if Irving Forbush could see me now.” He gushed.

“Hang tight, Janitor Guy. We’ll get you out” Spidey began to pull on the arm as I sighed. I focused my mind on levitating the arm off.

“Movere.” I ordered the robotic arm as my eyes began to glow purple as I moved the robotic arm from the Janitor giving him time to move out before I let go of the arm as did Spidey as it clammed itself back in the wall. Spidey walked back to us as he wiped his hands.

“Mucho malfunction security system.” He said as the Janitor took out a handkerchief to wipe his forehead before we heard a click

.“Don’t move” White Tiger said as we froze in place.

“Oh my,” the Janitor said still a bit shaken from the robotic arm, he moved a bit before he fell down a pit as we quickly went around the pit as we heard a thud, guessing he had a rough landing. “Wow, there’s a lot of wax build-up down here.” Guessing he’s fine. The pit closed on us as we stood up.

“Who built the security? Dr. Doom?” Spidey questioned before we began searching around. Once we passed Coulson’s office White Tiger snapped.

“I’m calling Coulson” She attempted to call him as I noticed something green shining from his office as I looked through the window to see him.

“No phone needed,” I said as Spidey took a glance behind me. “He’s already here”

“On a Saturday? Agent Coulson?” White Tiger questioned as she walked up to the door. Spidey slowly opened the door.

“Don’t come into my office” Coulson said before we opened the door to see him upside down, hanging on top of his desk with nothing but a white men’s tank top and his underwear.

“I can see why he wanted to be alone.” Spidey jokes. “Nice tighty whities.” I cringed as I looked somewhere else. Seeing my dad in his underwear is one thing, seeing my principal in them is a whole nother story.

“The whole school is rigged,” Coulson informed us. “Taskmaster corrupted the SHIELD security tech.”

“Who?” White Tiger asked.

“Assassin. Hates me. Hates Fury”

“We have to contact Fury” White Tiger exclaimed as she tried to but seemed to fail.

“You can’t. He jammed the frequencies.” Coulson said. “You shouldn’t have come to school today.”

“Told you.” Spidey mocked as I slightly sent a shock at him as he began to rub his arm. “Oww! Maya!” Should’ve watched his mouth. If there was one thing us Starks hate, it’s being proven we’re wrong.

“Work on getting yourselves out of here, and then find Fury. Don’t waste time on me, and definitely don’t go after Taskmaster alone.” Coulson commanded. “He’s a combat chameleon. Do you understand?”

“Wait,” Spidey said. “He was bitten by a radioactive chameleon?”

“Not everyone is bitten by a radioactive living thing to gain powers,” I said as I sweatdropped before we all heard a yell as I soon recognized it as,

“That’s Harry!” Spidey exclaimed. “I remember that scream from slasher movie night at camp Maya and I went to a summer ago! Let’s go!” Before I can object the two ran off as I sighed and ran as well.

“If Taskmaster sees you do it, he can do it. Fight him once, he’s as good as you, you hear me?” Coulson yelled as Harry yelled again. Bet a million the two didn’t hear him as well as I heard his warning.

“What did Coulson just say?” White Tiger asked as I caught up with them as we turned a corner.

“I don’t know. I couldn’t hear him.” Spidey said confirming my statement. I should tell them, but I’d rather make things interesting and see how long it takes before they realize it themselves. My senses began to go off as did Spidey’s.

“My senses! Get down!” I yelled as we slid down as rockets went past us quick before we began running again.

“If Flash and Harry are here at least they’ve got Danny to protect them,” Spidey said as one of the two hallways were closing.

“I’ll take this way! You guys check the other!” I yelled as I slid under the closing gate as they did the same in the other. I had a feeling Danny would have to separate from them to really fight, he might need backup. “O me ducere ad Rand” I muttered as I soon began to sense Danny’s aura nearby as I followed the arrow I conjured. By the time I made it to him, I seem to have been too late as I saw Danny unconscious. “Danny!” I gasped as the wall behind me shut as well leaving the two of us trapped. I kneeled down as I placed his head on my lap as I checked him out.


AND NO! Not the way you perverted readers. I’m 16 and Danny’s just a friend I care a lot for, okay?________________________________________________________________________________

I saw how beaten up he looked as he kept groaning in pain. Taskmaster must’ve used all his moves on him, and let me tell you this, his moves are NOT ones that are little pain. His injuries are really major but there’s no blood and it seems like his pulses are still there. Even healing this would take a bit of my core magic…but it’s for the sake of Danny, right? He’s done a lot to hold us all together. It’s my turn to return his generosity. I took a deep breath as I lifted my hands to hover above him as I closed my eyes.

“Curare patiens, nunc autem poena inops dolor, maneant modo poena, et non reverta!” I chanted as I felt a glow surround me and Danny. “Curare patiens, nunc autem poena inops dolor, maneant modo poena, et non reverta!” I kept chanting as I slowly healed Danny. Curare patiens, nunc autem poena inops dolor, maneant modo poena, et non reverta!“ Danny began to wake up as I soon noticed and stopped chanting as I felt faint a bit.

"Maya?” He said with a husky tone, which strangely made me flush slightly.Maybe it was just me being exhausted. I smiled as I soon collapsed as he- now fully recovered- caught me. “Maya!” I felt him remove my mask and placed down the hood of my cloak as he kept yelling my name.

“I’m weak, but I’m not deaf” I joked as Danny sighed.

“You didn’t have to exert yourself in that way, You had me worried”

“Don’t ugh, worry. I used less than Venom and since this is the second time since last week, I think I’ll not faint as much.” I saw the lights go back on and doors open.

“Guess Taskmaster was taken care of”

“We missed the fun” I chuckled breathlessly.

“Can you still change back to your average clothes? I think I hear sirens”

“Can you help me up?” Danny nodded with a small blush as he placed my arm over his shoulder as his other arm supported my back as he wrapped it behind my waist. "Should I wrap my leg to cover up I’m just magically exhausted?“

"Probably” Danny joked as he slightly chuckled.


“No one in this school is cool enough to be Spidey or that cool chick Mistress, so forget that rumor. “ Flash excitedly said to a newscast. "That said, I totally helped Spider-Man save the dump. I had no clue where Mistress was but I bet you I helped her out too,” We all including Coulson watched from afar as Flash and Harry get interviewed. I had my leg wrapped up with a bandage from the Nurse’s office which conveniently was where we were trapped in as I let Danny support me.

“Flash Thompson finally did me a favor.” Peter joked.

“Taskmaster never even suspected Peter Parker was Spider-Man and since Maya was absent, Mistress wasn’t suspected either,” Ava said. “Your creativity was just as strategic as my training.” She praised Peter. “More even.”

“Really?” Peter raised his eyebrow a bit confused from the sudden praise.

“Going solo paid off, okay?”

“ There’s still one thing I don’t get at all,” Peter said as he turned to Coulson. “The tight briefs. Really?”

“I swim,” Coulson said sternly as he turned his head.

“Leave the man’s underwear alone, Pete, or he’ll get short with you.” Ava joked as we all laughed while Coulson walked away having quite enough jokes from us.


Does SHIELD have some kind of mind wiper, because I really need that image out of my head.

Don’t need to tell me twice. I’ll be in SHIELD’s laboratory creating a memory potion if you need me.







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BUMMER SUMMER || peter parker; ch three

read ch two here


an; heya, happy friday. :)

**italics indicates flashback**

warnings; mentions of battle wounds (i.e. blood/scars/etc), future smut, mature language, fluff, angst, both peter and oc are 18+!!

word count; 2.6k+


edie’s pov

pulling up to the compound is nerve-wracking, to say the least. this place is the home of so many valuable items and pieces of technology. to be put in charge of those things is something i don’t take lightly. i just hope to make tony proud.

we pull into the underground garage and he helps me take my bags out of the backseat. he goes to pick up my weapons bag and stumbles when he lifts it.

“oh- damn. this thing is heavy. what do you have in here? rocks?” he questions with a chuckle to throw me off the obvious fact he’s struggling. i grab the bag from him and sling it around my shoulder with ease.

“it’s just all of my knives, a few throwing stars, my suit, some-” i begin to say but he cuts me off.

“okay okay, stop that. it was rhetorical. get in the building.” he leads me to the fingerprint password protected door. “give me your thumb.” he demands.

i stretch my hand out to him as he grabs my thumb and presses it against the touchscreen pad that was next to the door. after touching a few buttons and scanning my thumb, he continues, “there ya go. you now have access to almost every room in the compound. don’t be stupid with it.” he pointes a finger at me playfully.

with that i nod and follow him into the compound and up the stairs that take us to the main level. he gives me a quick tour of the place and makes a point to remind me of all the things i’m not allowed to touch.

finally, we stop in front of a cream-colored door and he turns around to face me.

“here’s your room. do with it what you want,” he says with a smile and steps out of my way. i open the door to a completely white room with white walls and bedspread and curtains and-

“i figured i’d leave you a blank slate so that you could…i don’t know, be creative?” he explains, “okay, see ya. i’ll give you a holler when the kid gets here.”

peter’s pov

aunt may had just finished hugging me to death when i hear a honk from the street below us. i squirm away from her arms and grab her hands.

“may, i gotta go now. i’ll see you soon.” i say with a sad smile, knowing she’ll be miserable wondering if i’m okay every second of the day. she nods at me and mouthes ‘i love you’ as i slip out the apartment door.

happy sits in the car, anxious to get going as i scramble to get everything in the trunk. i slam it shut and make my way to the passenger seat. as soon as i grab the handle, the door locks and happy gave me a stern look as he rolls the window down to speak.

“no way, in the back,” he says as he nods to the back seat with his head. i try to argue but he’s already rolling the window back up. i groan while hopping into the back seat and put my headphones in before resting my head against the window.


once we reach the compound, happy parks the car and begins to make his way to the door, leaving me to get all my bags. he tells me to hurry up with a small smile on his face, which tells me he’s just messing with me.

he still makes me carry it all myself though.

i practically trip in the doorway and all my things fall to the ground. mr. stark appears in front of me with a smug look and his arms behind his back.

“glad you could make it, parker. don’t worry about the bags, happy will get them,” he says as he turns and begins walking away. i notice happy out of the corner of my eye and stick my tongue out at him teasingly. he gives me a dirty look.

mr. stark pulls me out of my antics as he clears his throat. i whirl around to look at him and offer a sheepish smile.

“okay, kid. let’s get down to business,” he says but before he can continue, i rush to speak, unable to contain myself anymore.

“where should i sleep? do you even want me to sleep? considering i have to be alert to take out the bad guys? hey, can i bring my friend ned over some time? or could i get a dog? it’s probably gonna get a little lonely here.” i spew out with one big breath.

mr. stark gives me a weird stare before a look of realization crosses his face. “oh. oh. i didn’t tell you, did i?” he asks as if he’s surprised he let this information slip his mind. i cock my head at him as a sign to continue.

“you’re not doing this alone. i recruited someone else to stay here too,” he says with a serious face. my own face falls at his words. of course he didn’t trust me enough to leave me here alone. he probably got some old person friend to keep an eye on me and tell me what to do. i have to admit though, the idea of not having to be here for three months all by myself is kinda nice.

“hey now, don’t jump to conclusions. it’s not some old person.” he continues on with a smirk. i swear he can read minds. i walk over to the couch and throw myself onto it face first. “in fact, i think you might like her. wolfie, come on in.” he calls through the room.

my ears perk at the sound of my best friend’s nickname, but immediately push it aside when i remember she left for that summer camp this morning. and she also isn’t the type of person tony stark would ask to protect his compound. i don’t even think he knows who she is.

soft footsteps make their way into the living room, along with an off-key voice singing the spiderman theme song. i raise my head off the couch to catch a glance at the owner of the poor singing voice.

“spiderman, spiderman, does what ever a spid- peter?”

oh shit.


edie’s pov.

hell no. no part of my body is willing to accept what i am witnessing in front of me. not only am i pissed off that i’ve never been told about this not-so-little secret—the one that means my best friend is the spiderman- but this bitch decided to lie to me about this whole entire summer, thinking he could just 'go on vacation.’

“what the heck, edie?” peter yells as he flings himself up from the couch. “this isn’t summer camp! what are you doing here?” he asks while flailing his arms in the air.

his angry face is a shock to me. i’ve never seen my best friend get so worked up about anything before. it takes me a second before i can regain my composure. and then i just get mad.

“me? what are you doing here, parker?” i shout back at him with the same amount of energy and annoyance. i take a few steps into the room and towards him before a hand is placed on my shoulder.

“okay, yeah, i know that look. why don’t you stop right there, kid.” tony says as he steps in between peter and i.

“sorry, mr. stark.” i say in complete unison with another voice. my head snaps back to peter and my mouth falls open in disbelief.

“hey, hey, hey, he was talking to me.” i say with a pointed finger at peter’s chest.

“no. no, no. he calls me kid.” he replies with a pout.

tony rolls his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose, “you’re both children, especially at this very moment. there, are you happy?”

peter and i look at each other with fire in our eyes. his expression falters for a second before he regains his anger. i try to search for what the other emotion was, but can’t find anything behind his stern gaze.

“let’s just take a seat, okay? how about that?” tony continues and leads us to the couch.

i plop myself onto the couch with a huff and cross my arms over my chest. peter sits down on the complete opposite end, mirroring my expression. tony takes a seat on the coffee table in front of us.

“i really thought you guys would be more excited, seeing as you are best friends.” tony says with a smirk.

peter looks at me and back at tony, “wait you knew that we know each other?” he says and straightens his posture a little bit.

“clearly you guys don’t know each other as well as you thought.” tony snickers, “listen, you’re both here for a reason. hash it out and come find me later.”

with that he stands up, gives us each a pat on the head and strolls off to who knows where.

peter and i both watch him walk away, focusing on mr. stark’s retreating frame for as long as we can before it turns weird. i slowly shift my head to face forward, too stubborn to make the first move. and of course, peter being the good guy he is, begins to talk.

“what’s going on, e?” he asks softly. i keep my gaze forward and fiddle with my fingers. he turns his body to face mine and waits for an answer.

this was all just a big clusterfuck. i’m furious with peter. for lying and for feeling like he can’t tell me something so important to him. but i’m one to talk, i guess. how can i be mad when i’ve done the exact same thing to him?

i’m pulled out of my thoughts when peter’s finger pokes me on the side of my face. i swat his hand away and force myself to look at him.

“i’m sorry.” i whisper.

peter softens at that and returns my gesture, “me too.”

after a few seconds, i continue, “who knew my best friend was the amazing spiderman?” i say with a small chuckle. he gives me a smile and shrugs his shoulders.

“i guess i am pretty amazing.” he gloats. we both laugh and then return to silence.

i know he’s going to ask about me and what capabilities i have that make me worthy of being here. to be honest, i’ve always been confident in my abilities, until now. we all know why peter is here. he has heightened reflexes and healing. he can shoot actual webs from his fancy wrist bands and scale buildings and swing from place to place.

i, however, can do none of those superhuman things. i’m just good at throwing sharp objects. but if that’s enough for tony stark to take me under his wing then i guess i have nothing to worry about. right?

i decide to answer the question looming over his head and stand up from the couch. i stick out my hand for him to take and gesture for him to get up.

“wanna see some of my tricks?” i chirp. he smiles and takes my hand.

but before we can go anywhere, i grab his arm and flip his body over my head, making him slap the ground hard with his back. he lands with a grunt and looks up at me with shock. i double over with laughter and poke fun at the flustered boy.

“i’m sorry, i’m sorry. let me help you up.” i choke out between laughs and grab his outstretched hand. with one heave i pull him up onto his feet with ease, which seemed to surprise him more.

“you’re…weirdly strong,” he comments with an uneasy look on his face. i just shrug and turn to go grab my goodie bag from my room.


peter’s pov.

i find myself standing in the training room, practicing my dodges and agility as i wait for edie to come back with her things. i’m trying to keep my head clear and thoughts open.

i have to admit, all of this is just a tad overwhelming. figuring out i’m not going to be here alone, and the person i’m going to be spending my summer with is my best friend— who is badass enough to flip me over her shoulder? i mean, i knew she was great, but this is, well, unexpected.

as far as the lies go, there’s nothing i can do about that. i’m calling it all even at this point.

footsteps enter the room and stop abruptly. “why are you wearing your suit?” a voice sounds off behind me.

i flip around and stare at edie, who is dressed in workout clothes. i glance down at myself and shrug playfully.

“it’s the first time you get to see spiderman and know who’s underneath the mask.” i say as i do a princess twirl in front of her. “where’s your fancy getup?”

she huffs and drops a bag onto the ground with a loud thud. with curiosity taking over my thoughts, i walk over to her and poke around at her bag.

“hey, what’s in here-? ow!” i exclaim as i rub the back of my head. “why’d you do that?”

“i’ll put my suit on if you stop trying to touch my stuff.” edie responds as she tries to hide a smile.

i flop onto my back and nod, albeit a little defeated. she rustles around in her bag before leaving the room.

i stare at the ceiling, sprawled out across the floor. i can’t help but smile to myself at the thought of this summer. staying in the avengers compound with edie is something i could have never thought up myself. yet here we are, feeling all happy and cheesy like a bad movie.

“okay, parker. let’s do this.”

i push myself to my feet and almost choke when i see edie standing in front of me. the suit she has on is completely black and slim-fitting and she looks good. i can only dream that that’s how i look in my suit. like that, but yanno, manly.

then it dawns on me. i’ve seen a girl in this suit before. the other night, with those three guys. and she kicked their assess. i have to admit, i’m even more proud to call her my best friend after seeing that.

“so you’re the knife girl, huh?” i tease. she mocks me with a laugh and in an instant, she’s pulling two knives out of her waistband and chucks one at me with no hesitation.

i shoot a web up to the rafters in the ceiling and swing out of the way of her attack.

“ha ha. missed me, missed me, now you gotta ki- woah!” i try to tease her but she’s already flinging her second knife at me. with a last-minute dodge, i turn around to see the knife an inch from my head.

“if i wanted to hit you, i would have.” edie taunts with a smirk.

i smile at the girl on the ground below me, thankful she can’t see my giddy face underneath the mask. i hop down to her level and cross my arms, “so you obviously don’t like 'knife girl’. do you even have a cool superhero name, wolfie?”

she seems to be stuck in thought for a moment before answering me with a shrug, “i’m sure i can come up with something better than spiderman.”

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author’s note: based on a dream i had. also, this is a year ago’s work. please mind that 😅.

wc: 900+

warnings: if pregnancy is one, there’s that. just fluff, really.

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Originally posted by tomandharrisongifs

Private beaches had its advantages. With no concern of the outside world and its drawbacks. Which in turn was the reason why you were slightly enjoying yourself under the shade looking over everyone, your close friends and family, sipping water occasionally. The primrose sand under your feet, eyelids fluttering closed as you breathe in the briny aroma. It all felt surreal.

You broke out of your blissful trance and absent-mindedly put your hands on your growing belly when your eyes roamed over the beach for the sole person you were here for in the first place: the successful career, these friends here whom have inspired delight, pleasure and admiration in everything within you, and an alluring British of a boyfriend: Tom. And there he was.

His back facing everyone and gazing towards the far-off horizon, Tom was there standing where the tide was arriving and passing, and his feet were ankle length in the water. Behind, the hues of the sun were ablaze and softened into the sky and ocean like a gorgeous painting. Although you couldn’t see his handsome visage, his soft, caramel hair was blowing in the warm breeze, his toned back was on show and his broad shoulders indicated his sturdy physique. And oh, there was more, and you knew you could go on about him all day if you had to.

You finally decided to stand up and steadily make your way towards him. And as you reached him, you waited for a brief period standing there behind him. Then let your hand brush his shoulder and when you did this, he did not shudder, but he relaxed into your touch. A touch he couldn’t find in another. He knew it was you. 

His head turned to look at you and when you were completely in his view, he beamed brightly, showing his perfect pearly whites. The next moment you know, his hand brought you swiftly in front of him. Being slightly shorter by a few inches had its advantages; he could rest his head on your shoulder easily. You were at peace when he was at peace and it was these moments that you cherished the most. Just the two of you.

And you both stood there watching the sunset, the brilliance forever promised at dusk, for what seemed like hours but was actually a few minutes. You both breathed the ocean carried air, listening to the waves that almost formed a lullaby in your ears. Soon after, you got back into reality when Tom’s hands moved from your hips to the front of your belly, caressing it lovingly. Actions like these is what made tears form in your eyes, but you blinked them away, desperately not wanting to spoil this endearing moment with him. But you purely blamed your hormones, anyway.

My love of my life is carrying our child. How more special can you be to me?he spoke but only quiet enough for you to hear, even though everybody else was involved in their own thing. Yet those words made you grin widely.

You turned your head sideways to see his face just a small distance away from yours to meet his piercing gaze that was in the direction to your eyes. His eyes were a wonderful colour and they pierced right into your soul, reminding you briefly of the chocolate brown diamond on the ring that sat snugly on your finger. An odd colour at first but stunning is the only word to describe it - especially when it was combined with a rose gold setting. It gave off a very warm and feminine aura. Perfect for you.

And, hence, you reply, with the same affection, "I love that is your child I’m having.” Your neck muscles loosen, head falling back into his shoulder. He’s still staring at your figure, arms perfectly wound around your hips keeping you in place and you continue, “I wanna thank you for always loving me. I never will truly love anyone like I love you.”

You opened your eyes to see him mirroring your smile, twice as wide, back at you.

Could life get better? It possibly could. You didn’t know. But rest assured, you did know that if you were with Tom, you could do anything imaginable. Because he meant the world to you and you, to him. Your heart longs for him and he is what your mind needs. You would do anything for him, and he would perhaps do twice as much for you. 

He knows he would be lost without you and no doubt, you would be too. You’re never going to let him go. Ever. Since you had never found a place where you felt like you belonged, until he took you in his arms like this. And you’re forever grateful. For sure. And for everything he has done for you. And what he has given you. 

And his baby.

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Blurb Requests 


“The news… never lies.”

“Right. And I don’t have a 67% in physics class.”

Peter Parker:

Peter Parker x Reader x Original Characters

I will write any genre: angst, fluff, smut, or even a request within a series.

Tom Holland:

Tom Holland x Reader x Original Characters

I will write any genre: angst, fluff, smut, or even a request within a series. 

MCU Related Characters and Actors:  

Actor/Character x Reader x Original Characters 

Angst, fluff, smut, or even a request within a series. 

(I will add more people/characters to the list with differing requests. And don’t be shy, please PLEASE send stuff in :))

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summary:  mj seems to think the summer trip to europe is exactly what you need to forget the events of the snap and the death of tony stark. only, peter parker doesn’t seem to know your real identity and trying to tell him you know he’s spider-man becomes a mess and a half.

a/n: hi i’m not dead!!!!!!

warnings: swearing and some violence. 

ps my taglist was taken from this. here’s the series masterlist


You would argue that one of the worst things on this trip was when you woke up the next day with an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. You couldn’t figure out the exact reason until Mr. Harrington announced that the travel agency booked an extension to Prague, and your fears were confirmed when you recognized the driver.

You had seen him in Fury’s hideout and wanted to curse whoever put you in this situation when you couldn’t put yourself. Reluctantly, you put your suitcase in the bottom of the van and sulked in your seat, two rows in front of Peter.

“This is so cool,” you heard Brad tell Ned. “I didn’t think Mr. Dell and Mr. Harrington could’ve pulled this off.” Ned only shrugged and watched as Brad took a seat, opting to sit far away from the jock.

Peter made his way to the back and was a little disheartened when he noticed MJ take a seat up front.

The long car ride through the Italian landscape gave you a lot of time to think about the events that had unfolded last night. Why was it that Fury had trusted Peter over you? You didn’t mind working with Peter nor would you have minded working alone, but you couldn’t fathom why, with your skills and assets, Fury would leave you hanging dry. He knew you were coming on this trip after all.

Even though Tony has thought the decision to take you under his wing was his, it was Fury who approved the order. He had asked Natasha specifically to look out for you and have you train under her, knowing well that her tender side came out when children were involved. Fury had asked Steve to keep an eye out for you and despite having reservations, Steve couldn’t help but feel his heart melting the minute he saw your watering eyes when you two first met.

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For the people who sent me requests and I didn’t answer, I’m sorry! I hope your okey with it, because some requests are diffucult for me or I don’t have any ideas for this requests I’m very sorry I hope your not dissappointed with me!

If you want you can send me more requests but maybe easier for me? 😅

I hope you understand me!💖

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see you again

summary where tony stark sends peter and his daughter off for college

character name: alaya stark



TONY STARK COULD STILL REMEMBER THE VERY MOMENT HIS DAUGHTER WAS BORN. The billionaire had arrived home from a mission with the Avengers just in time, rushing into the hospital ward as Pepper Potts had started to push. He was speechless, not being able to do much except hold his wife’s hand, and whisper words of encouragement while wishing that it would all be over shortly — and it was.

Alaya Maria Stark was born just before the clock struck midnight, coming into the world with a head of soft curls and strong lungs. The little girl was a ball of happiness, lighting up their world like the sun that they revolved around. And despite how close Pepper was with her daughter, nothing could match the bond of Tony and Alaya. It was them against the world.

“Tony, have you seen Alaya? She isn’t in her crib—"

Pepper paused as she stepped into the lab, her frantic facial expression instantly softening. Tony Stark was gently swaying in the middle of his work room, eyes closed as he planted a kiss to the head of his bundle of joy. Little Alaya rested comfortably, snoring away without a care in the world — and when she was in her fathers arms, she didn’t have one.

“Tony?” the new mother asked, trying to stay as quiet as possible to not startle the youngest one. He turned around at the sound, and smiled at his wife who’d just woken from her much needed nap.

Pepper made her way over to the pair, and lovingly pressed a kiss to the head of their new baby girl. She then glanced up at Tony, only to find his eyes watering, “Honey, what’s wrong?”

“I just love her,” Tony muttered, tearful eyes not wavering from his little girl. Alaya sighed in her sleep, pink cheeks puffing up in the cutest possible way, “I love her so much.”

And his love from there only grew. Alaya got older, no matter how much Tony wanted to freeze time and capture every possible moment, and before he’d realized, it was time to drop his daughter off for college. His little girl was going off into the world, and he just had to let her go.

Tony still wasn’t sure if it was the best or worst idea to allow Peter to stay in the campus apartment with Alaya. He’d pulled some strings to avoid having the teens living in a dorm for their freshman year, not feeling too comfortable knowing that someone could have so much access to the two Avengers. And Tony knew that Peter would take care of his daughter — but that’s what scared him the most.

It was blatantly obvious that Peter has a crush on the youngest Stark, and vice versa. They were both shy, never seemed to act on it, but Tony knew they had a strong connection and was fearful as to what them being in apartment together for a long period of time would do. Pepper, however, had been the one to reassure him by saying ‘she’s growing up Tony, and Alaya is smart enough to make her own decisions; so we need to be there so support her.’

Well it was easier said than done.

Tony stood in the middle of their modest campus apartment, setting the last box onto the wood floor. It had been a long day for everyone, Alaya insisting that they move their belongings into their new place by hand instead of hiring people to do it for them. She wanted to hold onto every last moment she had with her family. Tony sighed at the thought.

“That’s the last it,” Peter announced, as he stepped into the apartment, Alaya only a step behind. The two teens eyed Tony, watching as he stood silently, staring at the view over the city. Peter could sense that the father and daughter needed to have a moment, so he came up with an excuse, “I’m gonna go say goodbye to Aunt May.”

Alaya nodded in his direction with a small smile, and waited until the boy left the room before heading over to her dad. She nudged his arm lightly, pulling the man out of his thoughts, “What’s on your mind, dad? You’ve been uncharacteristically quiet all day.”

Tony sighed, shoving both hands into his pants pockets to resist hugging Alaya — because he knew he’d never want to let go, “I’m just thinking, honey. About how proud me and your mother are of all that you have accomplished and everything you will accomplish. We really are going to miss having you around the tower.”

The teenager pursed her lips, feeling a smile tug on her lips. She knew that her father wasn’t one for emotional talks, but she always appreciated hearing what he had to say. Underneath the snarky, sarcastic exterior, he had plenty of wisdom to share with his daughter. “You’re acting like I’m moving away forever, dad. It’s only four years—”

Alaya paused, her heart skipping a beat as the meaning of her words began to settle in. Everything had been so rushed the past few months that it never truly dawned on her that she was moving away from her family. Pepper, Tony, The Avengers? She felt like her heart was going to burst. No more early morning trainings with Aunt Nat, or perfectly round pancakes for breakfast from Steve. No more late night talks with Bucky, sarcastic comments from Sam, or teasing from Thor. No more spending hours in the lab with her father, both Stark minds coming together to create things truly beyond the human imagination. No more nothing. Just classes, and studying, and Peter.

At least the Peter part didn’t sound so bad.

Tony frowned, resting a hand on the teenagers’ shoulder while wondering why she’d abruptly stopped speaking. “Alaya, honey?“

The Stark didn’t speak, but instead launched herself into the arms of her father. The arms that have carried her since the moment she was born, protecting her from the horrors of reality. Alaya let out a quite sob into Tony’s chest, causing the man to tighten his grip, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m going to miss you so much, dad,” she cries, her words muffled by the fabric of his expensive button up top but Tony understood perfectly. He felt tears begin to grow in his own eyes, despite trying to blink them away.

Tony raked his mind for the right words. He rested his wrinkly cheek along the top of his daughters curls, taking a deep breath to calm himself, “I’m going to miss you too, baby. And just remember that me, your mother and everyone else will always be one phone call away. I mean it. But I always want you to have fun, Laya. You’ve always been such a good kid, and I want you to enjoy the next few years of your life — but not too much. I’m not ready to be a grandpa yet.”

Alaya couldn’t help but let out a laugh. She tried to stop her bottom lip from quivering as the tears were absorbed into Tony’s shirt, willing herself to calm down as well. “Are you going to try and invent anything that was deemed scientifically impossible without me?”

“Of course not. I’ll put it on hold until you come home for break,” he assured, knowing how important their projects were to her. Tony pulled away from the hug, enough to plant a gently kiss on her forehead. He let his lips linger a bit longer than usual, “I need to get going, sweetheart. I don’t think your neighbors are to happy with me since I landed a quinjet on the roof.”

Alaya laughed, pulling her dad in for another tight hug. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, old man.”

“Well that won’t be difficult, considering you’re a splitting image of myself.”

“Touché,” Alaya grinned as Tony playfully ruffled her hair, something he used to always do when she was a little girl, “I’ll see you soon, dad.”

“You better, or else I’m coming back here and kicking some ass,” Tony insisted, walking over to the door as Alaya trailer behind. He stopped in the doorway, casting a glance over the bare apartment once more before landing on his daughter, who stood before him with red, puffy eyes. “I love you 3000, kid.”

“I love you too.”

okay i kinda liked this lol

i might turn this into a mini series 🤪

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an; heya friends. this is a story i actually began writing last year (yoinks) and im pretty determined to finish it now that we’re all stuck inside for who knows how long. thanks covid-19. since i began this last year, before i was well versed in the world of tumblr fics- this story does follow an oc of mine. but i’m pretty sure all my future works will be y/n’s. if oc’s bother you i completely understand. but thanks for reading if you’re interested!

summary; edie (ee-dee) wolfe (wulf) can throw knives. peter parker can shoot webs. the two are tasked with watching the avengers compound for the summer while everyone is out kicking bad guy ass.

“do you even have a cool superhero name, wolfie?”

“im sure i can come up with something better than spiderman.”

warnings; mentions of battle wounds (i.e. blood/scars/etc.), future smut, mature language, fluff, angst, peter and oc are 18+!!


chapter one

chapter two

chapter three

chapter four (coming 4.10.20)

chapter five (coming 4.17.20)

chapter six (coming 4.24.20)

chapter seven (coming 5.1.20)

chapter eight (coming 5.8.20)

chapter nine (coming 5.15.20)

chapter ten (coming 5.22.20)

more chapters to be written, updates may come sooner if i get the vibe that things are moving too slow.

tag list?? message me.

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BUMMER SUMMER || peter parker; ch. one


an; heya friends. this is a story i actually began writing last year (yoinks) and im pretty determined to finish it now that we’re all stuck inside for who knows how long. thanks covid-19. since i began this last year, before i was well versed in the world of tumblr fics- this story does follow an oc of mine. but i’m pretty sure all my future works will be y/n’s. if oc’s bother you i completely understand. but thanks for reading if you’re interested!

**italics indicates flashback**

summary; edie (ee-dee) wolfe (wulf) can throw knives. peter parker can shoot webs. the two are tasked with watching the avengers compound for the summer while everyone is out kicking bad guy ass.

“do you even have a cool superhero name, wolfie?”

“i’m sure i can come up with something better than spiderman.”

warnings: mentions of battle wounds (i.e. blood/scars/etc), future smut, mature language, both peter and oc are 18+!!

word count; 2.5k+


edie’s pov

i grab another chip from the half-empty bag laying next to me on the floor and shove it into my mouth. my other hand is scrolling through my instagram feed, only liking pictures of dogs and the occasional selfie of someone i follow.

the school day is over and i just got home, i immediately start stripping to my underwear and a big t-shirt. pants are for being around people, and i need some alone time.

today was weird. i’m quickly nearing the last week of my senior year and today i received some summer bummer last minute news from my friend, peter.

“hey, e.” peter says while wringing his hands in front of him. i turn away from my open locker and look at him with a smile.

“what’s popping, parker?” i ask as i close my locker and lean against it. he smiles weakly and shuffles in his place. i raise an eyebrow at him and fold my arms in front of me, awaiting an answer.

he clears his throat and looks at me with an unreadable glint in his eyes. “aunt may, uh, said we’re going on vacation this summer.” he says with a straight tone. my eyes brighten with interest.

“where to? somewhere with a beach, i hope,” i say with a chuckle. he lets out a quick breath and drops his hands to his sides. he looks around the crowded hallway and pulls his lower lip into his mouth. i stop a smile from creeping at the side of my mouth. before he could say anything else, our mutual friend ned comes up from behind peter and grabs his shoulder playfully, making him jump a little.

“what’s up, guys?” he asks with a huge ned leeds smile on his face. i let out a short laugh at peter’s reaction and answer our friend, “hmm, we’re just talking about parker’s vacation this summer. i’m betting it’s a luxurious beach getaway.” i say with a wink in peter’s direction.

peter lowers his eyes to the ground and tenses up. ned groans and rolls his eyes. “you mean the one that requires him to be gone all summer long?”

i furrow my brows and look at peter as his suddenly sad eyes snap up to meet mine.

so yeah. our best friend is leaving us for the entire summer. all plans are thrown out the window and stepped on by the thousands of people who walk the streets of new york. after that stupid news, my day just kinda went downhill. i was looking forward to spending my summer nights with the usual group of friends- staying up til four in the morning, watching movies, and making the most of our last summer together.

i shove another couple chips into my mouth as a knock sounds at my door. i grant entrance with a full mouth and my mom peeks her head in. “edie, did you leave your brother at school again?” she asks with disapproving eyes.

i pull myself onto my elbows and swallow my food, “he was running behind! i told him to be out at two o'clock on the dot.” i huff out at my mother, “he’s fine taking the bus.” my mom frowns slightly at me and looks over my semi-messy room.

“you’re lucky the school year is almost over,” she says while still observing my room, “you should probably clean up in here. and put some pants on.” i look at her blankly and flop back down on the floor with a sigh, focussing my eyes on the ceiling.

she cleared her throat and continued, “edie, do it.”

i peer at her in my peripherals and mumble a snarky response. she chooses to ignore it as she closes my door and yells an ‘i love you’ through it before walking away.

“yeah, yeah, love you too,” i grumble under my breath. there goes my mom, trying her best.

at that moment my phone chimes and displays a text from the one and only peter parker. i pick it up and read the message.

'can i come over? feel like we need to talk’

i open the chat and stare at the words for a moment before replying with a simple 'okay’ and pushing myself off of the floor to begin picking up the clothes scattered across my room. i pick up my favorite hoodie and bring it up to my nose, immediately pulling away in disgust and tossing it into the hamper. perhaps my mother was right.

i continue this process until my hardwood floors are fairly clear and visible. spotting a lone sock under my bed, i bend down to pick it up.

before i can straighten back up, my door flies open and i hear a loud “SHIT” before it slams shut again. i whip my head up, hitting it on the end of my bed frame in the process. i throw the sock across the room, completely missing the hamper and cradling my head in one hand. ouch.

i walk over to my door and pull it open slowly, carefully peering my aching head out to look both ways down the hall. after concluding that nobody was there, i begin to close it before something catches my eye. peter stands there, pacing back and forth at the end of the hallway and rubbing the back of his neck with one hand, mumbling to himself. i clear my throat to get his attention. he whips around and stops in his tracks.

“are you lost?” i ask with a soft smirk. he shakes his head slightly and takes a step towards me, “i’m here,” he rushes out with his arms spread in presentation, albeit a little awkwardly and takes a step backward, regaining the distance between us.

“i see that,” i laugh, “let me put pants on real quick.”

i leave the door open as i grab a pair of leggings and pull them up over my legs, only stumbling a few times as i hurry. walking back over to the door, i watch as peter stares at his feet and plays with his fingers.

“you coming?” i ask. he nods and slowly walks over to me. i turn on my heel and fling myself on my bed. peter enters my room, tosses his bag to the side and hesitantly takes a seat in my desk chair, looking anywhere but me. i open my mouth to say something but peter cuts me off.

“ishouldhaveknockedimsorry.” he rushes out in one breath. i quirk an eyebrow at him and he takes that as a cue to explain. “i didn’t knock. so i saw you in your… panties.” he says, defeated.

i bite down hard on my lip to stifle a laugh as i sit up in my bed. peter and i have known each other for years, i could care less if he saw me in my underwear, but to play with him, i look him the eyes and fake a serious face, “first of all, the word 'panties’ is off limits. that’s a big no-no,” i say as i shake my finger at him, “secondly, peter, who cares?”

he lets out a sigh of relief and relaxes in his seat. he smiles, “well that’s good to hear, panties make me uncomfortable.” it was silent for a few seconds before he processes what he said and stutters to fix it, “i-i mean the w-word 'panties’ not a-actual panties. ah shit…” he trails off.

teasing him, i add on, “oh of course, 'panty-dropper-parker’ could never be afraid of some measly scraps of lacey fabric.” he rolls his eyes and genuinely smiles for the first time all day.

a comfortable silence falls over us as we lounge in my room. i know he came here to talk about summer, but to me, there was nothing to talk about. he’s leaving and i’m staying here. as much as it sucks, i can’t do a damn thing about it.

he speaks up first, “a-aunt may is really excited about the vacation. i guess we’re going to a few different places, making it kinda like a road trip.” i smile weakly and nod my head, deciding not to say anything. he takes this as a cue to keep talking.

“if i could take you i would, e.” he says with a sad smile.

i sigh and wipe the disappointed expression off my face, “sounds like a good time, parker. make sure you bring me back something special.” i say with a wink.

peter laughs and nods his head in agreement.

this is going to be a long summer.


i’m back to laying on my floor after peter leaves. this time i just stare at the ceiling and try to distract myself from the impending doom of the summer. rolling my head to the side, i catch sight of my black suit peeking out of the closet. my eyes widen and i spring to my feet to grab it off the floor.

“shit, shit, shit,” i scold myself as i wad it up in preparation to throw it back into my closet, my only thoughts are hoping and praying that peter didn’t see it. i stop before i throw it and stare at the stretchy fabric of the completely black suit. i haven’t gone out in a few days, making me yearn for the feeling of the suit on my body. with no hesitation, i strip down and pull the one-piece up my legs and hips, threading my arms into the sleeves and pressing the button on my right wrist that makes it fit perfectly to my skin. i follow that by tugging on my black boots that come halfway up my shins.

i rummage through the duffle bag i keep under my bed and grab my set of knives. i put one in each boot and slide the rest into the utility belt that i clip around my waist. with a quick look in the mirror, i pull the hood over my head with a smirk and open my window to climb down the fire escape.

peter’s pov

it’s not easy lying to my best friend. but with great power comes great responsibility, or whatever. i hop down the remaining steps of edie’s apartment building and walk over to the nearest alleyway, away from the public eye.

tossing my backpack to the ground, i unzip it and pull out my suit before stripping down and climbing into it. with a touch of the button on my chest, it shrinks to fit me and i pull my mask down over my head.

a few days ago, mr. stark asked me to stay at the avenger’s compound upstate this summer while everyone else went to do crazy superhero stuff.

“okay, kid. nows your time to shine.” tony says with a serious look on his face. we’re on the roof of a random building and it was nearing sunset. i straighten my posture and nod at him sternly.

“yes, mr. stark. whatever you need, sir, i’m ready.”

not letting his serious face falter, he continues, “i’m taking the gang away for the summer, figure we need some bonding time. cap and i still aren’t on great terms.” he lets his eyes drop during the last few words, but regains his focus quickly.

a smile crosses my face as i try to speak, but he cuts me off, “no, no, no. before you get your hopes up- you’re staying here.”

my face falls at his words. just when i think i’m going to be able to actually do something, i’m left in the dust feeling like a little kid. mr. stark notices my change in mood and grips my shoulder, “come on, kid. don’t get pouty yet. we’ll be gone, so you need to be here. at the compound…kinda like a bodyguard.”

i perk up at him, excited that he saw me fit enough to protect that building and everything in it. “you got it, mr. stark.”

as excited as i was, i knew that i would have to come up with a damn good plan to convince my friends why i would be gone all summer. so, that’s where i came up with a vacation. i told aunt may that mr. stark asked me to stay with him at the compound for my internship, which wasn’t a full lie. everything was worked out.

i’ve been out for a few hours- helping old ladies cross the street and responding to any cry of help in earshot. taking a quick break, i pop down on top of a building with my feet dangling over the edge, eating a churro that someone had given me for catching some guy trying to steal their cash register.

my ears perk up at the sound of metal clashing onto the ground. i stuff the rest of the churro into my mouth and follow the noise.

in the alleyway below, there’s a female silhouette, surrounded by three men. their voices are low and hushed, enough for me to have to turn on my enhanced hearing to make out what they are saying.

“listen, fellas, why don’t you just go on home and take this as a warning.” the female silhouette stands with her arms in front of her, as if ready to fight if necessary. the men just chuckle at her and move in closer, mumbling crude phrases that would surely make aunt may slap me upside the head if she ever heard me say them.

with that, i take it upon myself to jump down and land in between both parties, facing the group of men.

“how’s it going, guys?” i say playfully before shooting a web at the man in the middle, he flies back onto the ground and sticks there. i turn towards the girl, whose face is shadowed by her hood, and ask with a small smile, “need some help, m’lady?”

she scoffs at me and takes a step forward, kicking one of the remaining two men in the face, who was coming at me from behind. she brings her hands to her waist to reveal two throwing knives. with impressive ease, she chucks one at the last man, pinning his foot to the ground and he lets out a guttural scream. the man she kicked in the face is coming back around with a fist up into the air, ready to throw in a good hit.

i lunge forward to grab him, but before i can, she grabs his hand and knees him in the groin. “ouch,” i grumble to myself, feeling the bad guys pain. the girl turns on her heel towards me, and holds the other knife in front of my face as she breathes heavily with a grim look in her eyes. this is way too close for comfort. i swallow thickly and take a step back, “guess you don’t need help after all, i’ll be on my way now.” i rush out and extend my arm to shoot a web to the top of the building where i came from.

once i’m up there, i sneak a look back down into the alleyway and watch the three men scurry off. i shift my eyes and find the mysterious girl staring back at me. all i can see is the small smile on her face as she turns and runs the other way.

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bad side| harley keener


foster care had been the bulk of hayley st martin’s life, going from home to home, family to family, each one unable to care for someone like her. then hayley decided that she would find her birth mother, the only person in the world who would want her. she got as far as brooklyn before she was caught and returned, but not to her old foster family, but to a group home called Maria’s Home for Wayward Children, a home supported by Tony Stark himself. hayley has remained largely uninvolved in the home, often closing up whenever the younger children tried to speak to her. then stark’s pseudo son came to visit, and every time he came, he’d always talk to her as if he wanted to know her for herself. as if he actually cared.

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A/N: the a n g s t in this damnnnnn . so this is another oc (oops) but there’s like a cameo-surprise thing at the end ? anyways this is filthayyyyy . (my dumbass accidentally deleted it lmao but its back up yay) 

Summary: Russian meets American. Throw some vodka into the  mix. What could go wrong? 
Pairing: Peter Parker x Female!OC
Warnings: Smut, underage drinking
Word Count: Approx. 5k

The bus ride was normal.

Flash was throwing snide remark after snide remark, Ned and Betty were curled up in the back row like the tooth-rotting romantics they were, and MJ was situated in the middle row, leant up against the window as she devoured yet another massive book this trip.

Harry was flirting with some French exchange student who unfortunately didn’t know of his antics because no one had yet to tell her, and the other students were occupied on their phones, listening to music and talking amongst themselves.

Peter, for one, had been particularly bored. His friends were off doing their own things, and the only person he could’ve really hung out with was MJ, but when he approached her with his endearing lopsided smile and unruly natural curls, blue and grey flannel and all; she did not hesitate to give him the finger. She didn’t even take her eyes off of her book.

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synopsis:  Eliza Brooks, an eighteen-year-old Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and friend to Tony Stark is given a mission after Tony’s death: Attend Midtown Tech and keep an eye on Peter Parker. With the use of her mysterious powers, Eliza had never slipped up on her assignment. That is until Peter’s life is in danger, and she has to save him. The cost of her exposing her identity could very nearly mean the end of her mission, and the ending of her chance to become an Avenger.

word count: 2.1 k (4.6 in total)

a/n:  Hi everyone! Here’s the second chapter to this little novella. Reblogs, likes, and comments are always appreciated <3 Hope you enjoy!

warnings: none

*if you prefer, you can read this on my ao3 instead of here

On his way to lunch, Peter caught a pale-faced Eliza talking to MJ. She looked sick, and MJ stroked her back, giving the blonde a hug before making her way down the other hall. Peter watched MJ leave, feeling his heart pound in his chest before walking up to Eliza. Her face had no color; even her eyes were not as vibrant as before. Without glowing, they were an icy, striking blue. Now they seemed like pale blue paint, baked from a blazing sun. “You alright?” Peter said, his voice a little squeaky. He played with his backpack strap. 

Eliza cleared her throat, “Uh, yeah. Stomach ache.”

Peter nodded, and they made their way to the cafeteria, ignoring looks from most people. Eliza wasn’t popular, but she definitely was not as lame as Peter considered himself. Their classmates weren’t used to seeing Peter without Ned, alone, a girl. Eliza had great style too, which she couldn’t be made fun of for. She left her hair to cascade down her back, an effortless beauty. Her style somewhat resembled a skater’s style, combined with jewelry.  The dark palette of her clothing left for earrings and necklaces to make great statements.

Eliza tugged on the sleeves of her black sweater, “I’m going to Pepper’s tonight for dinner. Happy’s gonna be there. You could come with me, and we could ask Happy if I could stay.”

Peter proceeded to grab food onto his lunch tray, following Eliza down the line, “Yeah. But you don’t think it’d be weird if I just showed up without being invited to your dinner?”

“What’s the problem? Happy likes you, and so do the Starks,” It felt strange to hear that coming out of Eli’s mouth when she only referred to two people, “I mean, my aunt did it. She visited me on my fourth birthday, barely called and then showed up when I was thirteen to hang out with me and my parents for a night.” Eliza didn’t seem to take that seriously, and meant it as a joke, which left Peter to laugh an uncomfortable feeling off.

This also made him think about Eliza’s home. She wasn’t from New York, and she was living by herself, probably somewhere paid for by SHIELD. But where were her parents? From the sound of it, her other family members didn’t seem to be around. Peter didn’t ask, because he knew how it felt to get asked about your parents. He’d wait for her to tell him. Maybe they were just divorced, or Eliza didn’t live with them, for all he knew. 

By the time the two of them reached their lunch table, a little more color returned to Eliza’s cheeks. “Okay, so here’s the plan,” Eliza stated, turning her head to see if anyone was listening, “I’ll ring the doorbell. Happy will answer, most likely, and at that point I’ll pull you next to me, and Happy will have no choice but to bring you inside too.”

Peter nodded from across the table, and at this point, MJ and Ned came to sit next to them. Peter could feel his heart racing as MJ took a seat next to Eliza. Ned placed his phone on the table, showing Peter a picture as he sat down. It was a Lego Star Wars set, one Peter had never seen before. “Seven thousand pieces, collectors edition. You in?” Eliza and MJ narrowed their eyes at the same time. It creeped Peter out.

He laughed nervously, looking back and forth between the girls and Ned, “Not tonight.” Then he whispered to Ned, “But on the weekend for sure.” Ned nodded, and Eliza giggled.

“Man, you two are such nerds.” Eliza began to bite into an apple.

“More of losers,” MJ took a book out of her bag, “I remind them pretty much every day.”

Eliza nodded her head, “Justified.” Her smile made Peter feel a lot better than he had a moment ago, when she looked like she was going to be sick.

The sun had begun to set, giving the lake a orange glow, but the pretty view didn’t settle Peter’s stomach. He finally had someone he could talk to about being a superhero, and now Fury would take her away if they failed tonight.

Peter hid on the edge of the Stark’s porch while Eliza rang the doorbell. She looked fine, until a voice echoed from inside the lakehouse, “Pepper, there are two people at the front door,” Friday’s voice made the hairs on Peter’s neck stand on edge, “One, female, aged eighteen. Running facial recognition… Eliza Brooks. Another, male, aged sixteen. Running facial recognition… Peter Parker.” 

“Well, that blew our cover. Get up and come over here, Peter.” Eliza groaned, and shuffled her boots. She looked nice, Peter thought, with black combat boots, a black skirt and a long-sleeved, green top. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, which made Peter notice faint scars on her neck, like claw marks, just not as big. As if they were scratched into her skin. Human nails.

The door opened, and Happy stood, dumbfounded as he looked between Eliza and Peter. “Um, what happened here?” Happy asked, “You shouldn’t know her.” Happy looked at Peter.

“Happy, um, I failed. But I brought Peter here, because I don’t want to go back to Chicago,” Eliza wrung her hands, and looked up at him, “Please help me figure something out.” Peter watched the interaction as if he wasn’t there, and Happy’s eyes glazed over. With one glance at Peter, he opened the door. Peter thought maybe there was something back in Chicago that Eliza didn’t want to return to. Her voice made it seem that way.

“Hey, Happy.” Peter felt like curling into his jacket and hiding.

Happy lifted his eyebrows, and said blankly,“Pete.” The two of them walked inside, and Peter could hear a pounding on the floors of the house.

“Eli!” Before he could comprehend what happened, Eliza scooped up a ball of red, gold, and pink into her arms, which elicited a giggle from Morgan, as he now recognized her. Peter had only met her a few times, but every time he saw her, it felt like a piece of Tony was with him. 

Eliza’s blonde ponytail swished behind her as she lifted the Iron Man mask from Morgan’s head. “What are you doing wearing this? You know how your Mom doesn’t like you playing in the shed!”

Morgan’s happy face was adorned with messy brown hair, “I know. Don’t tell her!” Morgan put a finger to her lips, giggling in Eli’s arms. Happy closed the door, as Pepper walked through into the living room, where they all stood awkwardly.

“Oh, um, hi Peter. I didn’t know you were coming.” Pepper’s eyes widened in realization, “How did you know Eliza?”

“It’s my fault, Pepper. I dragged him here. It’s a long story.” 

“Great to see you, Ma’am.” Peter didn’t know what else to say.

Pepper nodded, “Let me get an extra plate.” And stepped back into the kitchen, unsurprised. It seemed like not much could shock Pepper these days. Eliza put Morgan down, who ran into the kitchen, pink tutu and all.

Peter watched as Eliza placed the Iron Man mask on the coffee table of the living room, and Happy led the two of them to the kitchen, where a chicken dinner sat on the table. “So Eliza, could you explain to us what happened?” Happy sat down at the table, and Peter took a seat opposite of him. Eliza shuffled next to Peter, and looked down at her plate, then back up again.

“Everything was going fine yesterday, and I gave you your report. After I went into the city to watch Peter, I followed him inside a bank, where he stopped a bank heist-”

“And this is where you shot the two men? And caused the police to arrive after you left?” Happy interjected.

Peter saw Eliza look around the room to see if Morgan was there. She wasn’t in sight. “Yes. Both in the leg. I did it because they were ready to knock Peter out. I didn’t know why, out of all places, he’d get beaten in a bank by some regular thieves.”

Peter looked at Eli, “Ouch. That was mean.”

“Sorry.” Eliza continued, “But I had to protect him any way I could, like Tony asked.” Pepper hadn’t said a word until now, but she took her seat at the head of the table with a sigh.

Peter added to Eliza’s story, “The only way I knew she was there was because I could sense her, and I grabbed her arm.”

“Sense her?” Pepper asked.

“I have a fifth sense, but it doesn’t really matter. I think something about Eliza’s presence made it messed up, like all I could feel was her. It was sort of like shock waves.” Eliza’s face paled at this, like how she did after their history class today. Peter wondered if he said something wrong. Happy had a similar look on his face. 

Eli cleared her throat, “Yeah. So he grabbed my arm, and then my eyes apparently started to glow. That’s what Peter said.”

Peter added again, “It only happened one time before. I don’t think anyone else noticed, but she walked into my math class. I take senior level math, so Eliza was in it too.”

“Okay, get to the point.” Happy folded his hands on the table. Peter wondered why Happy didn’t care about Eliza’s eyes. It was almost like he already knew, or had experienced it before.

“Okay. So I figured out who she was because of her eyes, and now we’re here because Eli doesn’t want to leave, and I don’t want her to either.” Peter felt a little nervous after saying the last part of that. 

Happy groaned, “Okay. I can talk to Fury-”

“No, I will.” Pepper interjected, as she began to put chicken on Peter’s plate, “Tony set up Eliza’s mission, so I can make Fury help her keep it, or give another. I know that this could jeopardize her chance to become a SHIELD Agent, or Avenger, considering your powers.”

“How?” Peter and Eliza asked in unison.

“Well, I can make threats too, you know. I own Stark Industries, until Morgan is old enough and takes over,” Pepper moved to Eliza’s plate. The dark kitchen, lit only by one light above the table made her seem menacing, “All I need to say if Fury doesn’t let up is that I can make sure SHIELD never gets to use another iron suit again.” Pepper didn’t smile once, and just spoke as if it was a fact.

Peter’s eyes widened, “Wow, that’s-”

“Badass.” Eliza finished. 

“Morgan! Come in the kitchen, it’s time for dinner.” She turned her gaze back to the three of them, and grinned.

After dinner, Pepper paced in the hallway next to the staircase for what seemed like hours to Peter. Eliza’s knee bounced up and down, while the two of them sat on the couch, doing a puzzle with Morgan. “Peter, are you an Avenger?” Morgan asked from across the coffee table. It was completely dark outside, but Aunt May knew that Peter wouldn’t be back until late.

“Yeah, I guess,” Peter replied.

“Good. Because I am too.” Morgan continued with her puzzle, trying desperately to push a piece into one that wasn’t its match.

 Eliza laughed. “Am I one, too? I know you run the Avengers, Morgan.”

“Of course, Eli! You are probably the number one Avenger.”

“Hey!” Peter felt slightly offended.

Morgan shrugged, “Sorry, Peter.”

Pepper and Happy walked into the living room, and nodded towards the kitchen, away from Morgan. The four of them stood by the doorway, and Pepper stated, “Fury said you can stay, on one condition. You have to prove to him you can complete a mission successfully.”

Eliza quirked her eyebrows. “And what’s the mission?”

“This weekend, you two have to go to SHIELD HQ and you’ll get on a plane. You’re going to Portugal, and there’s a group of people you need to spy on that are a threat to SHIELD. Fury said that he would explain more of the details when you get there. If you succeed, you can stay in New York, finish school, and resume your training. Fury said no more, except that, if you fail, you’re going back home, and you’ve lost your chance at becoming an Agent.”

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I just wanted to say thank you to whoever reads this. This fic has a special place in my heart as I began to write it not long after I lost someone very close to me. It’s been a tough time, but writing through Jes has begun to let me heal.

*Not my gif

Song: You Will Be Remembered by Alter Bridge

Pairing: Platonic!Peter Parker x Platonic!OC!Jes Stark

Warnings: Grief is a heavy theme, and also it’s Endgame compliant

Words: 1371


I wrote these words to tell you all the things I should’ve said so long ago
So long ago
Know that I am grateful I will not forget or let your memory go
No, I won’t
I’ve waited way too long
Way too long

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Ok soooooo…. i was thinking of making a series where the reader/oc (i haven’t decided yet) is the female version of darwin from the marvel comics. If you don’t know who Darwin is… let me explain: Darwin can adapt. So y’all probably know avout Darwin’s theory if evolution and all that so imagine it happening instantaneously rather than on a generational level. If you need to swim- boom gills. If you need to climb a mountain: boom claws. You get the drift. I was wondering it it sounds like a good idea.

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Love, Me: Prologue


Pairings: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Warnings: Alcoholism, death, bad coping mechanisms

Words: 1,200

A/N: It’s hereee!!! I’m excited! This part is relatively short, but it’ll be longer next time, I promise. As for the Moodboard, I’m still working on it. Can’t find a good combination of pictures😅

Edit: After a few hours, I finally got the Moodboard done!!! I hope y'all like it❤️


“Uhm, hi. I’m Peter. Peter Parker.” Shakily, he holds out his hand for you to shake. He seems nervous, and he is. I mean, you would be too if you met the daughter of Tony Stark. Well, that is, if you’re not already the daughter of Tony Stark.

Smirking at the boy who— you can tell— is buzzing with excitement, you hold out your hand as well. Shaking his hand, you introduced yourself, but he beat you to it.

“I-uh, I know who you are actually. Mr. Stark told me about you a-and I hear about you in the internet. Y-Y/N Stark, right?” You hum in agreement, laughing slightly when he realized that he was still holding your hand and retracted it.

You decided to ignore his blushing cheeks entirely though, for his sake.

“Peter Parker, you’re that Spider guy, right?” Still, you retain that classic Stark smirk on your face. Proud of yourself for making him blush a little more.

“It’s Spider-Man” looking down as he mumbles.

“Well Spidey, I can tell you’re an interesting guy. Dad told me you had some prototypes for your suit you want help with?”

He looks up and his face lights up at your comment, looking a bit relieved that you didn’t point out his awkwardness. “Uh, y-yeah I do. C-Can we go use your lab or something? I-if you d-don’t mind I m-mean. If y-you even have a la—” giggling, you cut of his rambling.

“Yup! I do have a lab, and yes, we can use it.”

Just as you’re about to take him to your lab, your dad enters. Smiling when he sees that you’ve already introduced yourselves to each other.

“Ah! I see you’ve met my daughter, Underoos. How’re you getting along so far?”

“W-We’re good, M-mr. Stark.”

“Yeah, I was just about to take him to my lab too check out the prototypes.”

His smile widens at the thought of his two favorite kids getting along. Especially at the thought of you, finally having a friend your age.

“Well Peter, I need to talk to my daughter for a bit. Just go straight ahead and to your left, you’ll see her lab. You can’t miss it. Friday will unlock it for you,”

“O-kay. Th-thanks Mr. Stark.”

“No problem, kid.”

While Peter walks away, stands beside you and leans closer. “How do you like him so far?”

Grinning, you shrug.

“To be honest, he’s great. I think he’s cute.”

Those are the times you treasure most. You wish it could’ve stayed like that. Before all of it happened.

The stones, the snap, then the war. Those five years you lost that you can never get back. The time you could’ve spent with your father before he ultimately sacrificed himself for the good of the universe.

Everyone feels like they’re waking up from a deep sleep. Like they’re being pulled out from the void, mostly because they practically are.

It isn’t long until Strange told everyone what is actually happening, and why they need to get to the compound— or at least, what’s left of it.

After he told everyone how long it’s been, that’s where the panic struck. You got this weird feeling in your gut that something bad is about to happen.

And you were right. Because now, you’re standing in front of your very injured father. Pleading— begging— for him to pull through.

“H-hey, dad? I-it’s me, Y-Y/N. I’m back, you did it. You saved us. I—” You can’t take it anymore as your legs turn to jelly and you fall down, hugging your dad before it’s too late. Telling him how much you love him, how you always will, like your life depended on it, because it probably does. “I l—love you, dad. Please don’t go” you hug him tighter, somehow trying to keep him alive.

“Hey, m-mr. Stark? Y-You did I-it. We won. We won mr. Stark” You don’t think your heart could possibly break even more, until you see Peter. Hands holding Tony’s chest plate, crying just like you. Each and every person that’s there, has their heart breaking for the two kids in front of them.

Tony doesn’t say a word. Even when Pepper talked to him. You all but hear him say, “Hey Pep.” and flash one last small smile before his arc reactor shut off and he drifted off to sleep.

You weren’t usually like this. You never wanted to be like this, but after all the nightmares and the panic attacks, you didn’t know what to do.

So, you turned to alcohol. Trying to numb yourself as everybody else talk to each other while grieving. You were always the one to cheer them up. You never wanted to look weak in front of them, so you decide to suffer alone.

You don’t want to be a burden to anyone.

Right now, in your room, you look at the pictures of you and your dad, as well as the ones with Steve and Natasha in them.

You clutch onto the frame with the picture of you and your dad in it, walking towards your desk and chugging down a bottle of red wine. Yes, you’re hurting, but you don’t want anyone to see that. They’re hurting as well. Especially Peter.

Peter. God, you miss Peter. Your father’s death has caused a big wedge in your relationship, but luckily, you know you both will be able to go through this. You just need to talk to him.

Putting the bottle and the picture frame down, you grab a towel and prepare to go to the bathroom. You miss the times when Peter would have to tackle you so you could stay in bed with him.

You’ve texted him, and he’s texted you.

But it’s not the same.

No routine I love you’s or good morning’s anymore. Just plain texts to see how each other’s doing. You haven’t seen each other for a while since your father’s death, but you know it’s alright.

You just have to open up to them. To the remaining Avengers, and Peter. You need to be better for them, because you can’t let yourself push them away.

Tony wouldn’t want you to do that. Natasha or Steve wouldn’t either.

So, with all the strength you could muster up, you message Peter before entering the bathroom.

N/N😘❤️: Hey Pete. I want to talk to you about something. Wanna meet up later around 8:00 at my room?

Pacing around the room, you try to calm yourself down while waiting for a reply.

But ultimately, you decide to clean your room. Hiding the bottles and sobering yourself up before taking a shower and brushing your teeth.

The warm water immediately calming your nerves and brushing your teeth, ridding you of your alcoholic smell.

Even though you’re eventually going to tell Peter about this, you don’t want him to see you messed up.

As you get out of the shower, you hear your phone ring, notifying you of a text message.

Spidey🕷️💕: But Ned and I are going to MJ’s to hang out. Maybe next time? Really Sorry.

N/N😘❤️: It’s fine. I’ll just tell you next time. Have fun :)


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