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#Peter parker

Synopsis: AU where you find the items your soulmate loses.

Part One - Will you meet your soulmate at college?

Part Two: Syncing - You and Peter bond, but he seems to be holding something back.

Part Three: And Yet - Peter invites you to May’s engagement party. Sparks are flying, and it’s not due to fireworks.

Part Four: Let’s Not Be Friends - Peter makes a confession you’re not expecting.

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Sypnosis: This fic was previously written using my oc, Juliette Rogers. Before the snap, in the heat of the moment, Peter confessed his love for y/n. When the two were brought back though, they agreed that they both needed time to adapt to everything that had happened. 8 months later the class take a trip to Europe, and Peter is ready for their break to end.

Part One - Peter comes up with a plan to win Y/N back

Part Two - Peter’s plan comes to a halt when a monster attacks Venice

Part Three - Fury hijacks Peter’s trip while Y/N is left questioning his feelings.

Part Four - Y/N’s had enough of Peter’s secrecy. The class arrive in Prague.

Part Five - Y/N discovers the truth and the pair realise Quentin Beck is a fraud.

Part Six -  Quentin Beck sets his sights on London as the Europe trip comes to an end. Peter only has a few hours to save Europe and tell Y/N how he feels.

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Marvel vs (Xenomorph) Aliens variant covers part 1 

1st pic = Spider-Man encounters a Xenomorph alien (variant cover of Amazing Spider-Man v5 #56)

2nd pic = Black Panther vs Xenomorph (variant cover of Avengers v8 #41)

3rd pic = Black Cat makes the Xenomorph Queen angry by breaking into the lair of eggs (variant cover of Black Cat v2 #2)

4th pic = Black Widow vs Xenomorph (variant cover of Black Widow v8 #5)

5th pic = Captain America vs Xenomorph alien (variant cover of Captain America v9 #27) 

6th pic = Carol Danvers and Chewie the Flerken Cat try to sneak past through the corridor where the Xenomorph is above them. (variant cover of Captain Marvel v10 #25)

7th pic = Daredevil’s radar sense goes off when he feels the Xenomorph near him. (variant cover of Daredevil v6 #26)

8th pic = Fantastic Four vs the Xenomorph in a homage cover to the classic 1st issue (variant cover of Fantastic Four v6 #28)

9th pic = Rocket Raccoon and Groot vs the Xenomorph Queen (variant cover of Guardians of the Galaxy v6 #10)

10th pic = Hulk vs Xenomorph alien (variant cover of Immortal Hulk #43)

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Whumptober 2020 - Day 24

i’m still hoping for daredevil in spiderman 3


Prompt: Sensory Deprivation
Fandom: Daredevil, Marvel
Character(s): Matt Murdock, Peter Parker
Words: 383
tw: explosion-induced deafness

Matt couldn’t hear.

There was- there was an explosion of some sort. He’d heard the all-too-familiar hiss of an explosive dangerously close to Peter, and had rushed to push him away. He was on his back and relatively uninjured but…

Matt couldn’t hear a thing, apart from his blood pounding around his skull.

He began to panic. He couldn’t remember if there were more goons around, and for all he knew they could be pointing a gun at his head. Without his hearing, he was weak. He was defenseless. He wouldn’t be able to get up, let alone escape. He-

Without warning he was pulled up into a sitting position and his shoulders were shaken repeatedly.

He thinks he was speaking, or at least making some sort of sound in protest, but he had no way of telling.

Matt began to hyperventilate.

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A commission for @paranormalmoonlight5 and @pumpkin-spidey who wanted a reverse-ish Little Mermaid AU ft. Mer!Peter and Prince!Wade. I prefer my mer’s to be man eating and vicious, but I settled for sappy sweet, over the top dramatic, and soulmate-y this time around! 

Applicable warnings: Wade almost drowns, there is mentions of eating people (honestly what do you expect from my mermaids?) and an attempt at nekkidness. 

PART TWO (Coming Soon!) 


Three months the Prince had been gone from his home.

It was a sea journey of ten days to visit a neighboring territory with the intent of striking an alliance and quieting the murmurs of unrest and war between the people. The negotiations had stretched weeks, fruitless and ultimately pointless, going round and round with the same arguments and senseless disagreements, neither side willing to budge but both demanding the other yield. 

War had crept closer with every disjointed summit, despair had tinged the last of the conditions and pleas and when all was said and done, the Prince was returning home having failed to secure a truce, and needing to ready his men for the coming conflict. 

King Thomas would not be pleased, but Wade didn’t care much about his father’s wishes. The younger Prince Francis should have been sent to find a truce, it was well known that Wade was a warrior not a politician, a fighter not a peace seeker, a Prince better suited to life outside the castle walls than one spent inside with finery and fawning dignitaries and the search for a husband or wife to sit beside him on the throne. 

But the King’s wishes couldn’t be ignored, so for three months Wade had given up his swords and armor to sit through negotiations and wagers for peace. Three months of endless banal pleasantries and asinine small talk, suffering the attentions of ladies-and-men in waiting who vied for his attention, for his bed, for his desire. Put upon manners to impress strangers and politely but firmly worded rejections of whispered offers. 

Insufferable, all of it.

Wade wanted nothing to do with court affairs that were laughter and kisses at dusk, then anger and drama at dawn. The Prince had no one waiting at home for him, nor a lover at one of the oft visited ports, and Wade considered himself lucky to be missing the trouble

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I hope you’re doing better, love :’)

  • peter is a soft boi
  • We all know this
  • But like when you get sick
  • :(((
  • He’s extra soft
  • He buys you your favorite flavor of cough drop/throat lozenge
  • And he makes sure that you’ve got a bottle of cough syrup or just cold medicine that you’ll actually like
  • So that you don’t resist taking it
  • Honestly you do resist taking it because it tastes like butt it’s fun to see Peter get all panicky like bUtWhAtiFyOuDiE
  • You don’t tease him too much tho because I have a feeling that that boi cries easily
  • I would not be surprised if you refused to take your syrup and he was like pLz nO and just burst into tears kandjakf
  • But the cuddles
  • oh
  • the cuddles
  • They’re always perfect
  • But when you’re sick they just hit different
  • Peter wraps you up in blankets and holds you like a lil baby
  • Prob kisses your nose or some stupidly cute bs like that
  • definitely rubs your back when you fall asleep
  • If you’re throwing up he’ll sit by the toilet with you and rub your back and bring you water and help you rinse out your mouth
  • 100% panics when you throw up tho is like :o that’s not good
  • Teases you about your raspy voice but then feels bad and apologizes 64769028685396 times
  • the kind of man to make you soup
  • homemade
  • And like
  • it’s better than canned
  • May gave him the recipe lmao
  • But like three meals a day you will be having this
  • So
  • I hope you like soup

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Previous Chapter Ten: For the Great Good Part Two

Hi All. Thank you for reading. This is for prompt ten of whumptober: Internal Bleeding and blood loss.

References to suicide.

Chapter Eleven: Where in the World is Peter? 


People were talking around him. They were the type of murmurs you could never hear the exact wording no matter how hard you concentrated. His head lay heavy on the pillow, sunk into the dent worn in it by time. He found the same experience with his limbs. They were all but useless at his side besides the small twitch in the ring finger of his left hand.

Time held no meaning in that state of immobility and exhaustion dragged him back to sleep whenever consciousness creeped back in. Inside the immobile body his cells worked to heal and repair the damage from the attack and fall, though his mind remained unaware. Hours or weeks could have passed, and in some ways they did but Peter wasn’t aware to the consequences of this yet.

He woke up to the sound of voices again. Shaking from the effort, he cracked an eye open. There was a young nurse sitting on a stool near the door. She was on some talking into type of boxed hospital phone. Her intonation rose and fell as skimmed through some paperwork on a clipboard. Peter closed his eyes and panted while trying to ignore the trembling in his neck. He slept again.

Waking moments were more prevalent from then on. He noticed someone was always stationed in his room no matter the time of day. Some stayed in the chair by the door while others came in and watched TV. They sat in the chair beside him and though he would fall asleep, it this strange state of sickness seem less lonely.

The doctor came sparingly but they made sure to give a progress report when they did. “Low urine output still. Give him more fluids” The doctor said much to Peter’s embarrassment. His palms were clammy against the bedsheets but his arms wouldn’t respond to his attempts to move. His mind wanted to claim health, that he was fine and could go back, but his body knew what his mind wouldn’t acknowledge: Peter was hurt and it was taking too long to heal. His heart was beating fast but his pulse pressure remained low. He wasn’t just tired but had full exhaustion and fatigue in his muscles.

Sometimes he pretended they were talking about somebody else so he didn’t have to be embarrassed. Like he wasn’t invisible and they weren’t talking around him. Other times he couldn’t follow the updates from the people. He’d get lost in the numbers and vocabulary, the twisting sentences that almost seemed like they contradicted themselves. A headache formed and he would block out the sounds instead of trying to wake up. Still, Peter slept on.

When he opened his eyes without strain and forethought, it was night. He stared at the moon from his spot on the bed. It hung low and thick in his window. The yellow and dark watercolors of the face casting a strange tint across the room and the blankets covering him. The face stared right back at him all dark eyes and long mouths. Did the man in the moon pity him or was he laughing?

Peter took a mental stock of himself. He tensed his muscles pushing them to see how they functioned after no use. He was breathing hard from his exploration, his legs twitching and restless. With slow, measured movements Peter pushed himself to sit, though his stomach muscles protested the whole way. Hunched over and catching his breath, Peter thought about his next options.

The memories of how he came to be in the hospital were gone, but he knew he had to get out. The more time spent here, the easier it was for the men to come back. They would fine him eventually and such public exposure would work against him. Peter almost caved against the onset of his plans and fell back onto the bed, but he held firm. Rhodey and Tony’s faces appeared before him like apparitions in a ghost story. Their transparent expressions yelling at him to run as invisible enemies attacked them. A branch in the tree outside moved with the wind, disturbing the shadows in his room, and they were gone. He would find a way out for them.

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by Anonymous

this will be deleted in a few hours / if anyone comments the fanfic so it doesn’t clog the tag up because it’s a desperate search for a fic

its been bothering me for so long

Words: 278, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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I slept for five hours. I am tired. But I made a new mb!


Gracie gave me her stamp of approval and my brain said, ah, validation; you may sleep well now.

Little Ben is Aunt May’s kid and you’re dead wrong if you think Peter B Parker doesn’t know all his classmates and teachers. And if he pays some attention to Mr Stark while the man is on a shopping spree at the local craft store Pete works at, well, that’s just because the new resident of apartment 42B is a very protective cousin interested in what Ben will learn in school. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he’s as smitten as a kitten with the teacher and holy shit, they’re neighbours.

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read it on the AO3 at

by Anonymous

this will be deleted in a few hours / if anyone comments the fanfic so it doesn’t clog the tag up because it’s a desperate search for a fic

its been bothering me for so long

Words: 278, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
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